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  1. Venezuela crisis: The moment troops crash through border - BBC News
  2. Vote counting underway in Kano, northern Nigeria
  3. Defense chief gets close look at US-Mexico border
  4. Today in History for February 24th
  5. Butina’s lawyer hopes she will be deported to Russia in ‘weeks’
  6. Guaido mounts humanitarian aid truck headed to Venezuela
  7. Maduro breaks relations with 'fascist government of Colombia'
  8. Stars reflect on awards season at last show before Oscars
  9. Where Childhood Died: Former Syrian child soldiers and their emotional scars (RT Documentary)
  10. Aero India: Female pilots showcase their skills at airshow
  11. Ties Severed: Tensions flare at Venezuela-Colombia border amid aid row
  12. Trump installs $50,000 golf simulator in the White House - BBC News
  13. Pablo Escobar's former home demolished in Colombia. - BBC News
  14. Thousands attend Tommy Robinson BBC demo - BBC News
  15. AP Top Stories February 24 P
  16. VA's Fairfax compares himself to lynching victims
  17. Russia rules out negotiating peace treaty with Japan on Tokyo's terms
  18. Thousands march in memory of Russian politician as investigation into 2015 murder continues
  19. Tensions escalating: Journalist wounded as speeding Venezuelan defectors ram crowd
  20. ShowBiz Minute: 'Green Book,' Oscar Winners, Oscar Fashion
  21. Brexit concerns London cab drivers
  22. Lady Gaga tops the Oscar fashion stakes
  23. Trump pushes no-nuke ultimatum ahead of second summit with Kim
  24. Okinawa votes against US base relocation… but who cares about referendums & democracy?
  25. 2018 was deadliest year for Afghan civilians in a decade - UN
  26. Harry and Meghan meet Moroccan schoolgirls - BBC News
  27. Is Netflix killing the cinema? - BBC News
  28. Venezuela crisis: Defectors fear for families - BBC News
  29. House Democrats slam Trump border declaration
  30. Residents describe moments before Texas jet crash
  31. N Korea's Kim arrives in Vietnam for talks with US
  32. What caused inflation in Venezuela & what are the US' plans – Roger Waters' take on the issue
  33. Vietnam deports Kim Jong-un impersonator ahead of US-North Korea summit
  34. Iran’s midget submarine launches cruise missile during naval drill in the nation’s southern waters
  35. What has really happened since Macpherson's report - BBC News
  36. Journalist: Equipment seized at Maduro interview
  37. Cohen arrives on Capitol Hill for closed testimony
  38. Trump arrives in Hanoi for second Kim summit
  39. Election manual: This is how people vote in US... at least for now
  40. 'Ice tsunami': Lake throws up ice on Canadian and US sides of Niagara Falls
  41. Meanwhile in France: Yellow Vests takes over… carousel!
  42. Afghan peace talks: What do Afghan women think?- BBC News
  43. India 'strikes Kashmir militants in Pakistani territory' - BBC News
  44. Brexit: May statement on future votes and Article 50 extension - BBC News
  45. Landfill searched for remains of missing woman
  46. House blocks Trump's emergency declaration
  47. Calif. AG: Immigration facilities lack oversight
  48. Jewish man enters an Arab village in Israel to spread joy, love & peace
  49. UN Security Council holds hearing on Venezuelan Crisis
  50. ShowBiz Minute: Gable, R Kelly, Porter
  51. Trump hails NKorea's economic potential
  52. More than meets the eye at 'Transformers' auction
  53. World’s fastest interpreter sprints to Kim Jong-un’s aid
  54. India-Pakistan conflict: 'Stakes are very high'
  55. 'We see outrageous attempts to artificially create pretext to military intervention in Venezuela'
  56. Pakistan-India: India confirms pilot missing and aircraft down - BBC News
  57. Trump and Kim to start Vietnam summit with dinner - BBC News
  58. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meet in Vietnam - BBC News
  59. Takeaways from Michael Cohen's testimony
  60. AP Debrief: New allegations from Cohen
  61. George Michael's art collection up for auction
  62. UK police found guilty of discrimination after rejecting white, heterosexual applicant
  63. 'Us sitting side by side - like watching a fantasy movie': Trump & Kim talk to the press in Hanoi
  64. Full Statement: Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen talks to the House of Representatives - BBC News
  65. Trump doesn't think Kim part of Warmbier's death
  66. Trump says Netanyahu has done 'great job'
  67. Cohen back on Capitol Hill for day 3 of testimony
  68. Russian Foreign Ministry news briefing
  69. Facebook whistleblower reveals use of 'deboosting' tools on platform
  70. Joint news conference on Kashmir by Indian Air Force and Army
  71. Trump: Terrible for Cohen hearing to take place during summit - BBC News
  72. India demands Pakistan release pilot as Kashmir crisis intensifies - BBC News
  73. Pakistan 'to free Indian pilot on Friday' - BBC News
  74. Video shows girl being thrown at Missouri day care
  75. AP Top Stories February 28 P
  76. Two California towns still cut off by flood water
  77. Censorship or 'Free' speech? Tommy Robinson's Facebook ban sparks debate
  78. India shows evidence of US-made missile being used by Pakistan to hit its jet
  79. Will much anticipated release of Mueller report reveal evidence of US-Russia collusion?
  80. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee running for president
  81. NKorea Kim tours Hanoi after summit breakdown
  82. ShowBiz Minute: Spielberg, Yo-Yo Ma, Elba
  83. 'Down with the dean!': Harvard professor under fire for decision to represent Harvey Weinstein
  84. CrossTalk on Trump-Kim Summit: No Agreement
  85. Maduro to move Venezuelan state oil firm's European HQ to Moscow
  86. Kashmir: How old it the fight? - BBC News
  87. Abhinandan: Crowds gather for Indian pilot's release - BBC News
  88. US offers $1m reward for Bin Laden's son - BBC News
  89. Shootout with police near school, suspect wounded
  90. Gary Clark Jr. confronts racism on 'This Land'
  91. Black man leads neo-Nazi group, vows to end it
  92. Israeli govt not interested in peace with Palestine – ex-Israeli domestic intel chief
  93. Satanists call forth the devil in celebration of 'Black Mass'
  94. 'Gesture of peace': Pakistan hands over captured Indian pilot to homeland
  95. Kashmir: captured Indian pilot, freed by Pakistan - BBC News
  96. Kashmir conflict: Pakistan foreign minister says war would be 'suicidal' - BBC News
  97. Today in History for March 2nd
  98. America's newest crew capsule launches into space
  99. Kate Beckinsale's 'intriguing' role
  100. US Senate suggests Confucius Institute teachers register as foreign agents
  101. Civilians killed as India & Pakistan exchange shelling on Kashmir border
  102. ‘Orchestrated’ v ‘They know more’: Youth movement on climate change sweeps Europe (DEBATE)
  103. Organ donation : How Keira's heart saved Max - BBC News
  104. Scores missing after Nigeria pipeline blast
  105. Trump rouses right with prediction of a big 2020 win
  106. Today in History for March 3rd
  107. Pakistani shell hit house in Kashmir’s Poonch, mother and 2 children killed
  108. Russia hosts winter Universiade: 3,000 athletes from 50 nations to compete in Krasnoyarsk
  109. Tear gas & water cannons: Yellow Vests clash with police in Nantes
  110. Drone footage: Ancient ‘Trap’ village survives high in the mountains of Dagestan
  111. RAW: Argentine boat fires at Chinese vessel for ‘illegally fishing’
  112. Spring starts… any day now: Massive car pile-ups in Moscow after heavy snow
  113. Botswana's Elephant Hunting Dilemma - BBC News
  114. 'I nearly drowned, now I dream of Olympic glory' - BBC News
  115. Hatch opened after SpaceX capsule docks at ISS
  116. AP Top Stories March 3 P
  117. CNN’s Bernie Sanders Q&A criticised over misleading audience identities
  118. Dionysus devotees march through Athens celebrating 'Phallephoria'
  119. Minor clashes erupt in Algeria as students protest Bouteflika's presidential bid
  120. My First Fashion Purchase: Rapace, Campbell, Allen
  121. Dierks Bentley curates Colorado music festival
  122. Oprah sits frow at Stella McCartney in Paris
  123. Elderly man saves granny from robber with just 2 swings of his cane
  124. Theresa May visits Salisbury on Skripal poisoning anniversary
  125. Like in ‘Green Book’ movie, Hollywood tends to water racism down – award-winning author
  126. Over 20 people dead as tornado hits Alabama - BBC News
  127. Inside the SpaceX Dragon capsule - BBC News
  128. 'Electrocuted' for being a Jehovah's Witness - BBC News
  129. Man arrested in fatal California blast
  130. Oakland teachers back in class after strike ends
  131. Widow grieves for husband killed in Ala. tornado
  132. French police forces pepper spray a man in a wheelchair
  133. Moment massive avalanche blocks Colorado road caught on dashcam
  134. US deploys THAAD missile defence system at Nevatim Airbase in Israel
  135. Juan Guaidó flies back to Venezuela amid arrest risk - BBC News
  136. Train Service between India and Pakistan restarted - BBC News
  137. The moment when Juan Guaidó joined the protest in Caracas - BBC News
  138. Americans' bodies recovered from Kenya crash
  139. Cruz, Monae, remember Lagerfeld
  140. Penelope Cruz walks in final Lagerfeld show
  141. Tornado aftermath in Alabama: Houses destroyed into debris as at least 23 dead, 'dozens' missing
  142. ‘Never has Europe been in such danger’: Macron calls for new ‘renaissance’ as Brexit looms
  143. British school suspends LGBT lessons after 80% of pupils kept home by parents ? report
  144. Rare India black leopard caught on film- BBC News
  145. Trudeau heckled at climate change address - BBC News
  146. Iraq's karate kids train in the snow - BBC News
  147. First Lady urges less gossip more addiction news
  148. California AG; No charges in police shooting
  149. Today in History for March 6th
  150. Machete boys of Congo (RT Documentary)
  151. Cohen on Capitol Hill for 4th day of testimony
  152. School bus crash injures at least 19 students
  153. Civilians leave last area held by IS militants
  154. Anyone up for some 3D-printed vegan 'beefsteaks'?
  155. MIT Mini Cheetah: Backflips & withstands kicks...while plotting revenge?
  156. 'Their country, their rules?': 600yo carnival in Belgium condemned as anti-Semitic
  157. Naked rollercoaster-riding record attempt - BBC News
  158. 'This isn't me!' R. Kelly denies abuse charges - BBC News
  159. How lost sisters survived in woodland - BBC News
  160. Pastor describes meeting tornado victims' families
  161. Analysis: US trade deficit jumps
  162. Today in History for March 7th
  163. Inside job? Jihadists infiltrate US-controlled Rukban camp, take hostages - Moscow
  164. Ex-Fla. officer guilty of slaying black motorist
  165. Trudeau: I take lessons from Cabinet scandal
  166. Bull market approaches 10-year anniversary
  167. Huawei v Washington: Chinese tech giant sues US govt
  168. Radio stations drop Michael Jackson’s music over sex abuse claims: Right decision or over the top?
  169. Behind the scenes: On The Touchline with Jose Mourinho (E1)
  170. Ebola in the DR Congo warzone - BBC News
  171. The teenage millionaire hacker - BBC News
  172. Donald Trump gets Apple boss's surname wrong - BBC News
  173. Holocaust survivor meets teens in swastika photo
  174. House passes resolution condemning bigotry
  175. Today in History for March 8th
  176. 'Let's keep this sh*t real': Activist disrupts Sacramento City Council meeting
  177. 2 members of EFF protest at a university campus in South Africa
  178. On The Touchline: Jose Mourinho praises Man Utd and Ajax coaches (EP 01)
  179. 'Super bloom' paints California deserts
  180. Dems flex power by taking aim at money in politics
  181. British PM issues dire warning about Brexit
  182. Trump's impeachment & anti-hate draft resolution: What keeps democrats awake at night?
  183. US? Not cool! British teenagers prefer other countries over 'Trump Slump' for holiday destination
  184. CrossTalk: Socialist Future?
  185. Baby animals soothed after mascara brush appeal - BBC News
  186. International Women's Day: What's left for feminists to fight? - BBC News
  187. Venezuela blackout: Power outage across the country - BBC News
  188. Last IS stronghold ravaged by bombing
  189. Millions participate in International Women's Day
  190. Alex Gibney's 'The Inventor' goes inside Theranos fraud
  191. 'Harming Italy’s global reputation': US concerned with Rome's plans to join China's new Silk Road
  192. Women's day marchers clash with police in Turkey
  193. Today in History for March 9th
  194. Syria war: Eight-year-old Mustafa's story of survival - BBC News
  195. Water cannons on standby as Yellow Vests protest enters its 17th week
  196. US creating international dictatorship – ex-President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  197. The Movement: Steve Bannon role in 2019 EU elections - BBC News
  198. Yellow Vest protest in Paris: Act XVII
  199. US R&B singer R Kelly released from jail
  200. AP Top Stories March 9 P
  201. Today in History for March 10th
  202. Songs & lost bikes: Yellow Vest protests enter 17th week
  203. ‘Dark money’ bill - 'Democrat’s flagrant attempt to hang onto their thin grasp on power'
  204. 157 killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash
  205. Protest turned violent: Yellow Vests tear gassed, injured in Lyon
  206. RAW: Venezuelans cross illegal pathways to reach Colombia
  207. Boeing 737 crashes in Ethiopia with 157 people on board
  208. Breaking into Huawei’s 5G tech castle - BBC News
  209. Ethiopian Airlines: 'No survivors' on crashed Boeing 737 - BBC News
  210. AP Top Stories March 10 P
  211. Another tape appears to show R. Kelly with girls
  212. Democrats choose Milwaukee for 2020 convention
  213. Ethiopian Airlines staff honors crash plane crew
  214. Drone video shows new staircase sculpture in NYC
  215. Intervention? Guaido can see only one solution for Venezuela
  216. MSM finally admit that Venezuela aid truck was torched by protesters
  217. Maduro calls the massive blackouts a 'macabre strategy' to create a level of despair in Venezuela
  218. Kim Jong-nam: Indonesian woman accused of murder freed- BBC News
  219. Saving lives in one of the world's most dangerous cities- BBC News
  220. Ethiopian Airlines: Flight recorders recovered from crash site - BBC News
  221. Today in History for March 12th
  222. MMA fighter Conor McGregor arrested in Florida
  223. Einstein letter featured in NY document auction
  224. Newspaper releases ‘new’ video of violence against prison inmates in Russia
  225. Handcuffed suspect spits on Denver cop & gets knocked out
  226. What is luck? Man narrowly escapes roof collapse in London
  227. Schiff: Pelosi 'absolutely right' on impeachment
  228. AP Exclusive: Dive mission begins in Indian Ocean
  229. Indian Ocean mission makes historic broadcast
  230. IRA claims responsibility for UK parcel bombs – police
  231. Israeli forces close Al-Aqsa Mosque amid increasing tensions with worshippers
  232. Israel’s politicians show voters the middle finger in provocative election posters
  233. Theresa May on Brexit Deal: We have secured what MPs asked for - BBC News
  234. Brexit amendment: Changes or compromise? - BBC News
  235. The women singing to drown out explosions - BBC News
  236. AP Top Stories March 12 P
  237. Plane crashes into Ohio home
  238. Felicity Huffman seen after court appearance
  239. MoD shows Russian Navy’s latest strategic submarines
  240. Topless gang raids store for booze in Argentina
  241. Israeli and Palestinian officials clash on-air over the situation in region
  242. Brexit: MPs reject Theresa May's deal - BBC News
  243. May: I profoundly regret MPs' decision - BBC News
  244. Corbyn: 'It is time for a general election' - BBC News
  245. US: Journalist murder rights abuse by Saudi Arabia
  246. Pence to Congress: Back Trump's border emergency
  247. Author not surprised by college bribery scandal
  248. Whistleblower faces jail over leak on Australian commando misconduct in Afghanistan
  249. Pakistan tests new homegrown ‘smart weapon’
  250. EU calls for unified strategy on ‘rival’ China before Beijing summit