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  1. What are the US mid-term elections and why do they matter? - BBC News
  2. Pompeo Goes to Turkey to discuss Khashoggi case
  3. Hugh Jackman's birthday snooze
  4. ShowBiz Minute: West, Roseanne, Royals
  5. Crimea Attack: Device filled with shrapnel exploded in local college
  6. Crimea School Attack: Armored vehicles and military at the scene
  7. Putin expected to comment on Crimea attack during presser with Egyptian leader in Sochi
  8. Should Canada's pot convicts get amnesty? - BBC News
  9. Kerch blast: Crimea college 'bomb' kills 10 - BBC News
  10. AP Top Stories 17 P
  11. Mysterious paralyzing illness found in 22 states
  12. Sheriff: Missing Wisc. girl’s parents were shot
  13. Russian & Egyptian air troopers practise a coordinated attack against an enemy
  14. Raging floods rip down a bridge near Austin, Texas
  15. It's been a mad week for Khabib Nurmagomedov
  16. Yemen air strike: The school that's lost 42 children - BBC News
  17. On CMT Artist of the Year red carpet, stars talk women in country music
  18. Facebook to fight fake news in election war room
  19. Today in History for October 18th
  20. CCTV: Kerch attack suspect buying bullets days before tragedy (EXCLUSIVE)
  21. Crimea in Mourning: Kerch college shooting leaves 21 killed, up to 70 injured
  22. Putin attends Valdai Club plenary session in Sochi
  23. The little lion cub raised by a dog- BBC News
  24. What's Killing America's White Men? BBC News
  25. Jamal Khashoggi disappearance: Last column published - BBC News
  26. Trump: 'Certainly looks' as Saudi writer is dead
  27. Metal balls escape truck, roll down Seattle street
  28. Volunteers search for missing Wisconsin girl
  29. 'Gravy train is finished': Italian city denies subsidized school meals to children of migrants
  30. Keiser Report: China’s Tiny Chip? Or anti-China Plan? (E1294)
  31. Africa still struggling against hegemonism, we find support from Russia & China – Uganda’s president
  32. Banksy reveals shredding stunt practice - BBC News
  33. US Secretary of State statement on Jamal Khashoggi disappearance - BBC News
  34. Flooding puts pressure on Texas dams
  35. Stars look stunning on the amfAR red carpet
  36. 'The Little Drummer Girl' cast talk TV watching habits
  37. Facebook removes preacher’s video in which he compares Jews to termites, but Twitter doesn't
  38. New Samizdat, a news aggregator with a difference
  39. Crimea school massacre: How the killer carried out lethal attack
  40. Take a tour of U2's ground-breaking stage - BBC News
  41. Meet Europe's new koala clan - BBC News
  42. Gender debate: Women from both sides feel silenced - BBC News
  43. Baby Trump balloon turns heads in Los Angeles
  44. Massachusetts transgender rights in jeapordy
  45. 'What They Had' resonates with anyone affected by Alzheimer's
  46. ‘Second chance’: Paraguayan animal rescue worker builds handmade wheelchairs for pets
  47. 'I don't even know what the UN does': Nikki Naley admits lack or experience in leaked comments
  48. US-bound migrant caravan prepared to begin crossing from Guatemala to Mexico
  49. The Venezuelans making a new life in Brazil - BBC News
  50. Anna Faris recalls awkward teen years: 'I wasn’t even cool enough to be unpopular'
  51. RBRM: 'We want to be on stage together'
  52. Today in History for October 20th
  53. Saudis admit missing journalist Khashoggi died in accidental ‘fistfight’ inside consulate
  54. IDF uses live fire & tear gas on Gaza border protest, many injured
  55. 'Absent due to illness': Belgian police officers protest over pension reform and staffing issues
  56. Why some women don't back 'self-identifying' - BBC News
  57. Trans vlogger on life as a woman - BBC News
  58. Jamal Khashoggi case: Saudi Arabia says journalist killed in fight - BBC News
  59. Afghan voters cast ballot in Helmand province
  60. London protesters call for new Brexit referendum
  61. Today in History for October 21st
  62. #ICYMI: Jamal Khashoggi: One very awkward ‘death’ for the geopolitical hypocrites
  63. Over half million anti-Brexiteers march for second referendum vote
  64. US-bound migrants stranded at Guatemala-Mexico border
  65. ‘Not everything was looted’: British Museum faces backlash over defense of collection’s origins
  66. 'Hardly any migrants’ kindergarten ad brings wrong kind of publicity
  67. ‘Simply crazy’: What do you think of Trump’s vow to withdraw from US-Russia nuclear treaty?
  68. 'I spent 10 years as a sex slave' - BBC News
  69. Rarely seen red jellyfish spotted in deep water - BBC News
  70. Tori Kelly debuts as gospel artist on Dove Awards
  71. AP Top Stories October 21 P
  72. 18 dead in Taiwan train crash
  73. Aftermath of train derailment in Taiwan (AERIAL FOOTAGE)
  74. Not lovin' it: French town stands firm in its 'war' against McDonald's
  75. RAW: Stranded resident rescued via helicopter from flooded town in Spain
  76. Biggest lottery jackpot ever in US up for grabs
  77. AP Top Stories October 22 A
  78. ShowBiz Minute: Rush, Louis-Dreyfus, US Box Office
  79. ‘Modern exorcist’ vs witches & sorcerers... and it's all about Kavanaugh
  80. 'Fracking Three' released as judge slams original ruling as 'manifestly excessive'
  81. CCTV: Jamal Khashoggi’s final day alive
  82. Dark disappearances: How Saudi critics keep going missing - BBC News
  83. Giant cave hall found down sinkhole - BBC News
  84. What Mercury can teach us about Earth - BBC News
  85. NYPD pulls body cameras after unit catches fire
  86. Billion dollar lottery sparks dreams of riches
  87. Obama rallying in Vegas with Dems in tight races
  88. ‘Ugly, black b******’: Passenger launches racist rant at woman on Ryanair flight
  89. Fleeing poverty and violence: Thousands of migrants from Honduras journey to Mexico
  90. US-led airstrikes targeting ISIS kill dozens of civillians in Syria, Damascus calls for UN probe
  91. The man who can't stop painting - BBC News
  92. Girl walks into class on prosthetic leg - BBC News
  93. Erdogan: Try Khashoggi suspects in Turkish courts
  94. ShowBiz Minute: Benetton, Reigns, Schumer
  95. Crikey! Irwin family continue Steve’s legacy with new show
  96. John Bolton and US ambassador Huntsman visit WWII memorial in Moscow
  97. 'Entire world is now watching!': Tommy Robison calls for 'revolution' before entering the court
  98. 'Ticking bomb inside my body': Man sues US army over chemical exposure
  99. Trump and the facts about the migrant caravan - BBC News
  100. Turkish president Erdogan: Khashoggi murder 'planned days in advance' - BBC News
  101. Erdogan: 'Where is Jamal Khashoggi's body?' - BBC News
  102. Trump blasts Saudi operation, waits for more facts
  103. US eyes revoking visas after Kashoggi killing
  104. Volunteers search fields for Missing Wis. teen
  105. Someone's pushing people reeeally hard to vote for the Democrats in the next midterms
  106. John Bolton meets Putin during his visit to Moscow
  107. John Bolton holds press conference after two-day Russia visit
  108. Rita Ora heading "I will not be deleted" campaign - BBC News
  109. Bolton says Russia's nuclear treaty warnings 'overheated' - BBC News
  110. Jolie seeks support for Venezuelan refugees
  111. AP Top Stories October 24 A
  112. ShowBiz Minute; Rush, Jolie, Markle
  113. ‘Has the eagle eaten all the olives?’: Putin jokes with Bolton during meeting in Moscow
  114. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Realists
  115. 'Kiss his f**king feet': Three teens arrested after threatening child with a gun
  116. Trump: Khashoggi the 'worst cover-up ever' - BBC News
  117. Meghan's message of female empowerment in Fiji - BBC News
  118. China's hidden camps - BBC News
  119. Actress and activist Alyssa Milano found power in admitting ‘she doesn’t balance it all’
  120. Jenifer Lewis, Tiffany Haddish, Lena Waithe and Tarana Burke discuss finding their power as women
  121. Why the world’s biggest lottery*jackpot*wasn’t
  122. 'Risk of new nuclear build-ups is obvious' - Dan Smith on US pulling out of INF
  123. Mailbomb blitz: Suspicious packages with explosives sent to Obama, Clintons, CNN & others
  124. Saudis are not US friends, it’s a transactional relationship – John Kiriakou
  125. 'Explosive device' sent to Clintons and Obama - BBC News
  126. Khashoggi murder: Crown prince vows to punish 'culprits' - BBC News
  127. Ask America: We want to tell your stories - BBC News
  128. ShowBiz Minute: Timberlake, Miranda, Ruffalo
  129. AP Top Stories October 25 2018
  130. Biden, DeNiro targeted by explosive devices
  131. Violence erupts at Bosnian-Croatian border between migrants and police
  132. ‘Don’t let Syrians down’: Red Cross official on despair and destruction in Ghouta
  133. NATO starts the biggest drills since the end of the Cold War
  134. Donald Trump: 'Stop endless hostility' - BBC News
  135. New York Police investigate a suspicious package - BBC News
  136. The one where Ross 'didn't steal beer' - BBC News
  137. Climber Alex Honnold's 'Free Solo' lessons
  138. 'Free Solo' star and director share ambition, angst
  139. Holder: bomb threat won't affect his public life
  140. Enormous smoke clouds tower over Italy's Alps
  141. Streets drown, bridge collapses as deadly flash flood hits Southern Russia
  142. NY Times article alleges Trump’s old phone listened by Russia and China
  143. CNCO wins big at Latin American Music Awards
  144. ShowBiz Minute: O'Connor, Markle, Beauty
  145. AP Top Stories October 26 A
  146. 'My tribal marks are my trademark' - BBC News
  147. Italy rules out changing budget plan despite Brussels’ threats
  148. CrossTalk: Powered by Bolton
  149. Palestinians continue protesting along Gaza border with Israel
  150. How not to spend your money - BBC News
  151. My Indian Life: Live in Delhi - BBC News
  152. Trump: "These terrorising acts are despicable and have no place in our country" - BBC News
  153. Iraq and Syria: After Islamic State? [Full Documentary] - BBC News
  154. Russia’s FSB busts ISIS cell planning terrorist acts in Moscow
  155. Suspect in custody over wave of mail bombs targeting Democrats
  156. Road to hope: Settlement looms for Syria as world powers hold summit
  157. More suspicious mail targets Trump critics - BBC News
  158. Barbra Streisand still 'numb' over 2016 election
  159. Weighing Me Too movement's impact in Hollywood
  160. Trump attacks media after pipe bomb suspect arrest
  161. My Indian Life: India on ice - BBC News
  162. 'Headless chicken sea monster' - BBC News
  163. Keiser Report: Wall Street Destroys Another Retailer (1298)
  164. #ICYMI: Were Disney’s much-loved classics really influencing weak women and gropers?
  165. DOJ identifies mail bomb suspect as Cesar Sayoc, could face up to 48 years in jail
  166. Why do we change the clocks? - BBC News
  167. Carrey: Republican congress enabling ‘very dark times’
  168. Mattis: Khashoggi’s murder is threat to stability
  169. Today in History for October 27th
  170. Pittsburgh synagogue shooter detained, at least 10 people dead
  171. Calls for removal of WW1 ‘white man mural’ spark heated backlash in UK
  172. Polls find fewer westerners trust news about ‘Russian threat’
  173. Neighbor stunned by shooting at nearby synagogue
  174. Today in History for October 28th
  175. Trump calls synagogue shooting 'devastating'
  176. Thousands filled with grief at PA shooting vigil
  177. Neighbor: PA shooting suspect an 'average dude'
  178. Russia's Strizhi aerobatic team perform at air show over Kazan
  179. Sex and the Oil City: The dark side of North Dakota’s oil boom (RT Documentary)
  180. LIVE: Briefing on Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
  181. Trump: Synagogue shooting 'terrible' - BBC News
  182. Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: Suspect charged with murder - BBC News
  183. Leicester City owner 'on board crashed helicopter' - BBC News
  184. Mayor: 'Darkest day of Pittsburgh history'
  185. Pittsburgh Jewish resident reacts to shooting
  186. Synagogue shooting survivor recounts terror
  187. ‘People too easily offended’: US school cancels Aladdin play over alleged anti-Arab content
  188. Nestle sued for perpetuating child slavery overseas from headquarters in US
  189. Monsanto set up fake farmers' groups to promote its products - Greenpeace
  190. Mourners pay respects outside PA synagogue
  191. NYSE holds moment of silence for shooting victims
  192. McConaughey delivers turkey and bourbon to first responders
  193. Corporate hypocrisy: #MeToo-backing companies shield workers accused of sexual misconduct
  194. What are Americans' biggest fears?
  195. Women & children sent back to Fukushima fallout zone, isn't it too early?
  196. 'He made us champions, so he's a champion' - BBC News
  197. Brazil election: Jubilation and despair among rival supporters - BBC News
  198. Do we really need nuclear treaties? - BBC News
  199. Pentagon sending 5,200 troops to border
  200. AP Top Stories October 29 P
  201. Student dies after fight ends in gunfire in NC
  202. RAW: Aftermath of suicide bombing in Tunisian capital
  203. 2000-2018: Merkel to step down as party leader, won't seek new term as chancellor
  204. 75% of Venice submerged in water as high tide strikes historic city
  205. How Led Zeppelin was formed
  206. Trump targeting end to US birthright citizenship
  207. The story of Jimmy Page's legendary guitar, 'Excalibur'
  208. Blissful ignorance? 42% of Brits unaware of Yemen war despite arming Saudis
  209. GOP, DNC &...: Many in US see the need for 3rd political party
  210. Beached yachts & motorboats: Italian seaside town ravaged by storm
  211. Dad creates VR world to help daughter - BBC News
  212. Chowberry app prevents food waste in Nigeria - BBC News
  213. Japan’s Princess Ayako surrenders her royal title - BBC News
  214. Utah zoo debuts baby zebra
  215. Troops face limits on activity at US-Mexico border
  216. Abandoned mines hold danger and, for some, thrills
  217. Online hate speech: Who has the moral obligation to control media content? (DEBATE)
  218. Echoes of Rwanda: French human rights group calls for probe into 1994 Bisesero genocide
  219. ‘Redetermining bilateral relationships’: US allies call for WTO to review trade tariffs
  220. Who is George Soros? - BBC News
  221. ShowBiz Minute: West, Miller, Markle
  222. Last moments of Lion Air passengers on video
  223. Severe flooding causes Italy bridge collapse
  224. Not 'decimated' after all? ISIS kills 40 US-backed fighters during offensive in Syria
  225. Thousands of migrants currently stationed on way to US-Mexico border in southern Mexico
  226. Micro quakes hinder fracking firm's work, will rules be relaxed?
  227. Halloween: How did we fall in love with pumpkins? - BBC News
  228. The men having penis fillers to boost their self-esteem - BBC News
  229. Turkish Prosecutor: Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was Strangled - BBC News
  230. Country stars recognize female mentors
  231. Chris Janson is a harmonica fan
  232. Not so spooky Halloween for kids with special needs
  233. RAW: US accumulating troops at border with Mexico as Operation Faithful Patriot continues
  234. OSCE observers attend NATO's Trident Juncture drills
  235. ‘Not him’: Students rally against Brazil’s president-elect Bolsonaro
  236. AP Top Stories November 1 A
  237. Swinton comes clean about 'Suspiria' role
  238. ShowBiz Minute: Weinstein, Jackson, Macy's
  239. Day of the dead: Thousands gather in Mexico to celebrate annual holiday
  240. Lion Air plane crash: Divers retrieve black box from wreckage
  241. Future of cars is....Plastic?
  242. Jamal Khashoggi's impact on the war in Yemen - BBC News
  243. Paralysed men walk again with spinal implant - BBC News
  244. Lion Air crash: Plane 'black box' found by divers - BBC News
  245. US troops arrive in Arizona for border mission
  246. Shocking ad tweeted by Trump denounced as racist
  247. Trump Jr. campaigns for Arizona Republicans
  248. Bolton: US sanctions against Iran not meant to hurt American allies
  249. Ecuadorian protesters call on their president to revoke citizenship from Assange
  250. 'March of return': IDF claims it thought 3 killed Palestinian teens were terrorists