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  1. Wheelchair dance tips for new bride - BBC News
  2. Same recipe, new marketing: Toblerone slammed for ‘Islamization’ as chocolate becomes halal
  3. Su-27 and Su-30 jets redeployed in Crimea, Russia
  4. Aftermath of deadly tsunami in Indonesia: 200+ dead, dozens missing
  5. Kashmir's violent year - BBC News
  6. 'Volcano tsunami' hits Indonesia - BBC News
  7. ‘We're sick of the rising prices’: Hundreds of ‘Yellow Vests’ protest high living costs in Israel
  8. Drone footage: Tsunami leaves Indonesia coastal areas devastated, death toll rises to 235
  9. University apology for ‘blonde girl’ Danish traditional song sparks DEBATE
  10. Police officer draws gun at Paris protest - BBC News
  11. Indonesia tsunami kills hundreds after Krakatau eruption - BBC News
  12. Today in History for December 23rd
  13. Today in History for December 22nd
  14. AP Top Stories Dec. 23 P
  15. Happy Holidays from RT... and GRU?
  16. 17-year war: US to halve its troops in Afghanistan… or is it evacuating?
  17. ‘McCarthyism on steroids’: Scottish MP demands Sputnik journos’ assets to be seized
  18. What's Christmas like with 11 kids? - BBC News
  19. Hot movies for 2019
  20. Finding Stan and Ollie
  21. ShowBiz Minute: Trainor, Ryan, Box Office
  22. Petrified remains of horses unearthed near Pompeii in ancient villa
  23. Volcano erupts hours after tsunami killed 100s, injured 1000+ in Indonesia
  24. Yellow Vests protesters chase away Paris cops after tense standoff
  25. Small plane crashes on a Florida beach; 4 injured
  26. AP Top Stories Dec. 24 P
  27. Tom Holland: Working for Marvel better than winning an Oscar
  28. Fake News of 2018: Fact checkers retracting their fact checks & so much more
  29. Footage shows scale of disaster after deadly tsunami hits Indonesia
  30. Mount Etna has 'flank eruption' - BBC News
  31. The secret world of teenagers hacking Fortnite - BBC News
  32. Priest learns to sign to make sermons inclusive - BBC News
  33. Children call President, First Lady for Christmas
  34. AP Top Stories December 25 A
  35. Raiders play possible final game in Coliseum
  36. Name & shame: The Times prints private info of Sputnik staff over 'stooge' claims
  37. Russian lawmaker's kids go on vacation... using money donated to charity
  38. Putin meets with Federal Assembly leaders in Moscow
  39. ‘Having a penis and competing as a woman is not fair’: Tennis legend inflames transgender fury
  40. Trump touts wall, and shutdown to troops
  41. Charity buys and erases past-due medical debt
  42. Indonesia tsunami death toll tops 400
  43. Christmas getaway: Santa's rogue reindeer goes to space
  44. Russia’s Avangard hypersonic glider final test launch
  45. 'Winners' & 'losers' of 2018 as seen by Lionel
  46. The bears bringing joy to Paris - BBC News
  47. Pope Francis urges peace in Christmas message - BBC News
  48. The Muslim church caretakers - BBC News
  49. Second Guatemalan child dies in US custody
  50. 1 dead after small airplane crash in South Dakota
  51. Get Up and Touchdown: Women’s American football in Russia (RT Documentary)
  52. Cheeky water shrew demands food from Russian fishermen
  53. The saga of CDU's struggles: Angela Merkel's successor faces many ahead
  54. Federal employee: 'We just want to do our jobs'
  55. Trump makes suprise trip to Iraq
  56. AP Top Stories December 26 P
  57. Ceremony held to reconnect N and S Korea - BBC News
  58. Just another day in NY: 1 cop fights off drunk mob
  59. 800k dead & 'insufficient evidence'? France drops probe of attack that sparked Rwanda genocide
  60. Brexit In: Build-up to most talked about political event in British history
  61. Mount Etna: Aerial footage shows damage from Italy quakes - BBC News
  62. Why I chose parkour over Olympic dreams - BBC News
  63. AP Timeline: 2018 was a big year for legal pot
  64. Sex abuse crisis threatens Pope's legacy
  65. A historic moment: North and South Korean officials link railroads across border
  66. Stunning sundog captivates Russian city's locals (TIMELAPSE)
  67. Vertical forests popping up in Chinese concrete jungles
  68. Boeing sued for wrongful death in Lion Air crash
  69. AP Top Stories December 27 P
  70. Muslim poet fears China clampdown on minorities
  71. KKK-Khristmas?: ‘Ghost’ Xmas trees invade St Pete
  72. Russian hackers again? Transformer explosion illuminates New York City skyline in surreal neon blue
  73. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Q&A
  74. New York skyline turns blue - BBC News
  75. Why the King's Troop take over central London once a week - BBC News
  76. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie hints at move into politics - BBC News
  77. AP Top Stories December 28 A
  78. Jackman: 'You're going to spend time with the real me'
  79. ShowBiz Minute: Brown, Whitaker, Franklin
  80. RAW: Russian security service finishes 60-km-long fence on the Crimea-Ukraine border
  81. Fake Russian bot operation is linked to a firm that tracks... 'Fake Russian bots'
  82. A man and a tiger struck up an unusual friendship in Indonesia
  83. House fire kills three young siblings in Indiana
  84. Man surrenders in California police killing
  85. AP Top Stories December 28 P
  86. Bitcoin Babushkas: Cryptocurrency mining in Siberia - BBC News
  87. Yellow Vest protests held in Paris for 7th week in row
  88. Egypt anti-terror op: Police kill 40 suspected terrorists after deadly bus attack
  89. Former Macron adviser used diplomatic passport after dismissal - reports
  90. ‘Refugees have so much to teach us’- BBC News
  91. Questions the world asked Google in 2018 - BBC News
  92. Putin's team wins at 'Night Hockey League' match in festive game at the Kremlin
  93. US stock market unstable for months – Trump & machine traders get the blame
  94. NYT journalist met with anti-Republican campaigners three months before explosive article – report
  95. The man who takes animals to funerals - BBC News
  96. How to monitor billions of posts in more than 100 languages? Facebook has the answer
  97. The Instagrammer who wants to show a different side of Gaza - BBC News
  98. Skydiving Granny: Age is no barrier, when it comes to fulfilling your dreams!
  99. Five things to know about DR Congo elections - BBC News
  100. Underwater fun: Divers swim around New Year tree in Lake Baikal
  101. 'Simple Downplay' or 'Don't Demonize Muslims'? Swedish TV under fire over coverage of girls' murder
  102. Transparency blurring: US govt wants to curb the Freedom of Information Act
  103. AP Top Stories December 30 P
  104. Back Home: 30 children of allegedly ISIS parents return to Russia from Iraqi jail
  105. Designer babies: Chinese scientist kept under guard after baby gene-editing experiment
  106. New Year Celebrations: New Zealand welcomes in 2019 - BBC News
  107. New Year Celebrations: Australia welcomes in 2019 - BBC News
  108. New Year Celebrations: Japan and North Korea welcome in 2019 - BBC News
  109. Migrant Emergency: UK and France struggle to stem tide of immigrants using English Channel
  110. Crash kills three children near Washington, DC
  111. Auckland throws 2019's first big party
  112. AP Top Stories December 31 A
  113. New Year Celebrations: Hong Kong welcomes in 2019 - BBC News
  114. New Year Celebrations: Thailand welcomes in 2019- BBC News
  115. New Year celebrations: UAE welcomes in 2019 - BBC News
  116. 'Overwhelmingly white': Organizers cancel women's march in California over representation concerns
  117. Moscow is bathed in light as it gears up for New Year celebrations
  118. Putin's New Year Address 2019
  119. Fiancee charged with murder of missing Colo. woman
  120. AP Top Stories December 31 P
  121. Warren on 2020 bid: I'm in this fight all the way
  122. ‘I thought it was an earthquake’: Dozens still missing after deadly blast in Russia
  123. Dramatic moment baby pulled alive from under rubble after 35hrs in freezing cold in Magnitogorsk
  124. New Year 2019: London counts down to firework display - BBC News
  125. RAW: Deadly building collapse site in Magnitogorsk
  126. Suspect sought in death of 7-year-old Texas girl
  127. AP Top Stories January 1 A
  128. Aguilera rings in new year with old hits
  129. RAW: Minibus explodes in Russia's Magnitogorsk
  130. Infant rescued from collapsed building in Russia
  131. Hundreds at Coney Island Polar Bear plunge
  132. AP Top Stories January 1 P
  133. My First Award: John Cena
  134. Over 30 hours under rubble: Story behind the miracle rescue of 10-month old baby boy
  135. 'Betrayal of democracy': Outrage as London Eye 'turns' EU during NYE
  136. Train accident on Danish bridge kills six - BBC News
  137. Should the NHS pay for transgender fertility treatment? - BBC News
  138. The Floating Farms of Bangladesh - BBC News
  139. US seeks access to American held in Moscow
  140. FIREWORKS 360: New Year’s Eve celebrations in Berlin
  141. My First Award: Steve Carell
  142. Thousands vs 1 killed: Why did MSM notice Yemen bloodbath only after Khashoggi’s murder?
  143. Taiwan to China, China to US, US to China: Stop interfering
  144. Dirty parks & rubbish piles: No end in sight for Trump’s govt shutdown
  145. Government shutdown affects Yosemite park services
  146. Bus convoy paraded in Ga. to deter traffickers
  147. Lord & Taylor flagship locks its doors forever
  148. Keiser Report: Outrunning Debt in 2019 (E1327)
  149. Haunting drone footage captures extent of Magnitogorsk tragedy
  150. China Moon mission: Spacecraft is first to land on far side - BBC News
  151. Saudi jokes get Netflix comedy banned - BBC News
  152. Trump mocks India PM over Afghanistan library - BBC News
  153. Sucked into matrix of Trump TV: What 2018 was like for US mainstream media viewers
  154. China records historic first with moon landing
  155. My First Award: Hailee Steinfeld
  156. White House dismisses Democratic funding bills
  157. 'Russian soul': Magnitogorsk tragedy sees people come together as search operation concludes
  158. Abuse survivor: Archdiocese of Chicago didn't care
  159. Awe for Chinese moon feat in America's space city
  160. California, Nevada eye lower-than-normal snowpack
  161. 2018 was rough on America, but who actually made it so?
  162. Thousands flee Thai islands as Tropical Storm Pabuk hits resorts and villages
  163. Pelosi quotes Reagan in Speaker remarks - BBC News
  164. Russian rescuers pull baby from rubble - BBC News
  165. Five historic moments as new US Congress opens - BBC News
  166. Democrats put forward proposal to end shutdown despite near-certain veto
  167. TSA officer continues to report to work despite shutdown
  168. Sanders: Trump 'not backing off' on border security
  169. Furloughed IRS worker describes shutdown's impact on her life
  170. Massive cyber attack: Merkel among 100s of German politicians affected, media blames Russia
  171. US, Canada, Ireland & UK claim American accused of espionage is their citizen
  172. UK spends £200,000 of taxpayer money to protect hate preacher... after deporting him
  173. Thailand Pabuk: Tourist islands hit by storm - BBC News
  174. AP Top Stories January 4 P
  175. Furloughed federal contractor worries about income
  176. Patients share same-day triple transplant bond
  177. Trump threatens to declare state of emergency to secure wall funding
  178. Shooting at bowling alley in California: 3 dead, 4 injured (GRAPHIC)
  179. Sabarimala: Women who defied temple mobs 'have no fear' - BBC News
  180. Who is Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House? - BBC News
  181. Trump prepared to shut government for years - BBC News
  182. Citizen of the world: Ex-Marine detained in Russia on espionage charges holds multiple passports
  183. Today in History for January 5th
  184. Three dead in California bowling alley shooting
  185. Flawless grammar keeps 2 students away from jail after they were caught dealing cannabis
  186. LIVE: Fresh Yellow Vest protests held in Paris
  187. Ice and Snow festival dazzles tourists in China’s Harbin
  188. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'Congresswomen can dance too' - BBC News
  189. Talks resume as US govt shutdown continues
  190. Torrance police sergeant on California shooting
  191. Today in History for January 6th
  192. Theresa May on Brexit vote timing and her political future - BBC News
  193. No Fun in the Sun: If Sunlight could kill you, live to the full by night! (RT Documentary)
  194. Historic split sees Ukraine church granted independence from Russia
  195. Magnitogorsk tragedy: Candlelight vigil held to commemorate 39 victims
  196. Trump expects little headway on shutdown talks
  197. Police encounter highlights tense race relations
  198. Orthodox Christmas mass in Moscow
  199. Spanish teenagers don blackface and hand out gifts to children in parade
  200. AP Top Stories January 6 P
  201. Stars shimmer at the Golden Globes
  202. Annual CES show kicks off in Las Vegas this week
  203. First int'l extreme marathon race in Russia's Oymyakon at -52° Celsius!
  204. Brazil may host US base - Bolsonaro
  205. Putin invites Modi as main guest to major economic forum
  206. Roscosmos chief’s visit called off after US senators’ demands
  207. Samsung's new shape-shifting TVs revealed - BBC News
  208. Kevin Spacey in court on groping charge - BBC News
  209. In 360: Gorillas of the Congo - BBC News
  210. May seeking further assurances from EU on Brexit
  211. Spacey arrives at court for sex assault hearing
  212. Saudi woman seeking asylum leaves airport
  213. Ban on Muslim and Jewish slaughtering rituals causes outrage in Belgium
  214. Russian insect-agents? Cuba ‘sonic attack’ sound turns out to be insects chirping
  215. Fires light up night as 10,000 attend the fire festival in Germany's Pottenstein
  216. Trump plans border visit in 3rd week of shutdown
  217. CES chief: show strong despite govt. shutdown
  218. Today in History for January 8th
  219. German AfD MP brutally beaten in ‘politically-motivated attempted assassination’
  220. ‘Waste of time’: UK stages traffic jam for no-deal Brexit scenario
  221. Alabama meddling: Pro-dry Baptists join Russian bots in dem fakes club
  222. Why more female penguins are washing up dead - BBC News
  223. North Korea's Kim Jong-un takes train to China - BBC News
  224. Hands on with the smart plank of wood - BBC News
  225. My First Award: Rob Marshall
  226. 20 children injured in Chinese school attack
  227. Three killed as trains collide in South Africa
  228. Pro-gun activists protest against proposed gun-control measures in Pittsburgh
  229. US raising concerns over China's role in building infrastructure in Israel
  230. Grave of Abel: Syria's cultural heritage site open for visitors again
  231. Trump urges wall funding to solve border 'crisis'
  232. Democrats to Trump: 'End this shutdown now'
  233. Today in History for January 9th
  234. Footage of Nazanin's arrest emerges - BBC News
  235. From 'nation-state' to 'intl organization': US downgrades EU ambassador’s diplomatic status
  236. Was My Dad A Paedophile? - BBC News
  237. The robot that draws on walls - BBC News
  238. ‘Blood was running down my face’: AfD politician beaten in Germany speaks to RT
  239. Social exclusion leads to terrorism? Study reveals key factors contributing to radicalization
  240. British lawmaker responds after being called a 'Nazi' by protesters
  241. WH casts Rosenstein's departure as his own choice
  242. Coogan reacts to BAFTA nomination
  243. Today in History for January 10th
  244. Brazilian-American actress Camilla Belle loves to cook spontaneous meals
  245. Jorge Lendeborg Jr. hopes to emulate Will Smith, DiCaprio and Eastwood
  246. On the frontline with US troops fighting IS - BBC News
  247. Keiser Report: AOC 2024? (E1330)
  248. Huge sea lion attempts to steal fish from food truck
  249. Kuril Islands dispute: Russia summons Japanese ambassador
  250. #SaveRahaf: Saudi teen's successful online campaign - BBC News