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  1. Anoushka Shankar: How to travel with a sitar
  2. Breastfeeding brings thousands together - BBC News
  3. Lombok earthquake: Moment the quake struck caught on camera - BBC News
  4. Lombok earthquake: Expert warns of strong aftershocks in Indonesia - BBC News
  5. ShowBiz Minute: Rae, Lovato, US Box Office
  6. Fahy: 'We're not flipping the script on men'
  7. Twitter blocks US conservative activist for quoting NYT editor’s racist tweets
  8. Going Solo: Trump reiterates plans to create new military space force
  9. A new migrant crisis is unfolding in Niger
  10. Hong Kong artist photographs city's tram system - BBC News
  11. My Indian Life with Kalki Koechlin - BBC News
  12. 11 Dead, 70 Wounded in Violent Chicago Weekend
  13. AP: Trump Changing Story 'Precarious Situation'
  14. Graham: Goal is Unite World Against Chinese Trade
  15. Iko Uwais kicks his way into Hollywood
  16. Winning it Big: does money really make us happier? - BBC News
  17. Winning it Big: Movie writer to a Movie Mogul - BBC News
  18. Jordan Peterson on the 'backlash against masculinity' - BBC News
  19. ShowBiz Minute: Lovato, Pink, Redford
  20. Urban song 'feels like vows' made to Kidman
  21. Return of the displaced: Syrian refugees seek to return home as war ends
  22. Novichok Saga: Chemical watchdog to visit Amesbury poisoning site, collect samples
  23. Oil prices jump as US sanctions targeting Iran begin to bite
  24. Gina Rodriguez confirms engagement
  25. Analysis: Elon Musk Drops Tesla Buyout Bombshell
  26. Reporter Details Dramatic Day in Manafort Trial
  27. ‘Never thought I’d end up there’: Woman gets 8yrs in jail for following husband into ISIS
  28. 'They look like letter boxes’: BoJo sparks racism accusations after article on Muslim women
  29. Winning it Big: lottery winner giving her winnings away - - BBC News
  30. Cocaine's unexpected economic impact - BBC News
  31. Face to face with 'IS captors' - BBC News
  32. 'Crazy Rich Asian' stars bring their fashion A-game
  33. AP Top Stories August 8 A
  34. ShowBiz Minute: XXXTentacion; Jolie Pitt; Rose
  35. Sanctions Crossfire: Firms face punishment by EU or US over new sanctions on Iran
  36. US Senate calls Julian Assange to testify on Russian 'meddling'
  37. Here's a recap why Assange's revelations have angered Washington
  38. How this 'cute couple' became social media stars - BBC News
  39. Inducing Labor Avoids Cesarean For Some Moms
  40. Reporter Details 'Damning' Manafort Testimony
  41. Raw: Accused Parkland Shooter Video Interview
  42. Zakharova holds weekly briefing in Moscow
  43. Keiser Report: Hierarchy of Needs (E1264)
  44. RAW: Israel launches airstrikes over Gaza
  45. The Brazilian criminals learning crochet in prison - BBC News
  46. Will US maternity leave ever catch up? - BBC News
  47. Medical hack poses pacemaker risk - BBC News
  48. AP Top Stories August 9 A
  49. ShowBiz Minute: Kidder; Oscars; Schwimmer
  50. Freya Ridings loves her tearful fans
  51. Army Games 2018: Kazakhstan, Belarus, China & Russia go through to tank biathlon final
  52. Multinational NATO drills continue in Georgia
  53. Syrian artists transform militant-built tunnels into sculpture galleries
  54. Why Pussy Riot crashed the World Cup final? - BBC News
  55. My Indian Life: Dancing to his own beat - BBC News
  56. How Nasa is trying to 'touch' the Sun - BBC News
  57. Judge Allows Release of Ohio Serial Killer
  58. DUI Arrest Video Of Woman Goes Viral
  59. Lawyer Set to be 1st Muslim Woman in Congress
  60. No 'Transformers' plans for Wahlberg
  61. Heard, Malek, Theron, more, support HFPA’s charity work
  62. Mixed celebrity reaction to 'popular film' Oscar category
  63. Heartbreaking stories of families who lost their loved ones to ISIS
  64. RAW: Moment Israeli air strikes hit Gaza
  65. Catalan leader: Political prisoners must be free tonight, we won’t negotiate release with Madrid
  66. he 11 year old girl who beat the skin colour bullies - BBC News
  67. Mudslide erupts in Swiss village - BBC News
  68. Imran Khan: Pakistani women's views on their incoming PM - BBC News
  69. Russian PM warns of ‘economic war’ over new US sanctions
  70. Real or Robot? French Twitter users get 'Russian bot' label
  71. Steely Relations: Trump doubles steel & aluminum tariffs on Turkey
  72. Madonna's legacy at 60
  73. Manafort Prosecutors Expect to Rest Case Monday
  74. New documentary celebrates Paul Walker
  75. Today in History for August 11th
  76. The Russians are coming… to hit Florida midterms, senator claims. Proof? What proof?
  77. Keiser Report: Can the system be unrigged? (E1265)
  78. Is Spain making a mistake receiving unprecedented number of migrants?
  79. South China Sea: 'Leave immediately and keep far off' - BBC News
  80. India's campaigning Miss World - BBC News
  81. Breathtaking stunts in Russian military aviation competition's closing ceremony
  82. '9/11 attack generated trend of targeting Sikhs': Religious minority sees increase in hate crime
  83. International Army Games conclude with fireworks display in closing ceremony
  84. Senegalese designer inspired by Michelle Obama
  85. Audio of Airline Employee Who Stole Plane
  86. Today in History for August 12th
  87. Wet Wedding: Couple marry despite flooded church as heavy rains batter Philippines
  88. ‘Discriminatory’: Arab Israelis protest ‘Jewish nation-state’ law
  89. 3, 2, 1... Moment Parker Solar Probe launched on mission to ‘touch the sun’
  90. Young, liberal and not talking Trump - BBC News
  91. Parker Solar Probe: Nasa launches mission to 'touch the Sun' - BBC News
  92. Stolen plane: Footage shows aerial stunts - BBC News
  93. Today in History for August 13th
  94. Easter Island people want return of their sacred statue, stolen by imperial Brits
  95. Not black enough? S. African party calls for banning whites and foreigners from becoming members
  96. ‘Law makes Israel officially chauvinistic state’ vs ‘Israel most vibrant democracy in Middle East'
  97. Normani praises Lovato's honesty
  98. ShowBiz Minute: Teen Choice, Elba, US Box Office
  99. Teen Choice stars celebrate inclusivity
  100. Pier collapses during Spanish music festival in Vigo, panic ensues
  101. 'We won't let Washington dictate to us with whom we can do business' - German economy minister
  102. Very secure system... not: 11yo can change US election outcome (and no, she’s NOT from Russia)
  103. In 360: Life on an Oil Rig- BBC News
  104. Boris Johnson burka row explained - BBC News
  105. Do pregnancy prevention apps work? - BBC News
  106. Legal Expert Breaks Down Omarosa Tape Recordings
  107. 13th Killing Linked to California Suspect
  108. Most secure room in White House? Omarosa releases ‘sacking’ tape from Situation Room
  109. 'Trump is unpredictable & untrustworthy': Iran's supreme leader rejects talks with US
  110. 106th anniversary: Stunning footage of Russia’s Air Force
  111. Seattle Airport Reviews, Increases Security
  112. 'This Is Us' new season starts 'with a bang'
  113. ShowBiz Minute: Beyonce, Young, Schreiber
  114. Hooray for 'Heathers'
  115. Fight Taliban or co-operate with ISIS? US seems to be unsure as Taliban at its strongest since 2001
  116. Over 25,000 Syrian refugees return home after terror defeat announced
  117. ‘Yemen is this generation’s Vietnam’ – analyst as US bomb pieces found at site of bus airstrike
  118. Westminster car crash: 'One of the Cyclists got up and started to chase the Car' - BBC News
  119. Westminster car crash: Aerial footage of the crash - BBC News
  120. Westminster car crash: Man arrested on suspicion of terror offences - BBC News
  121. World’s first HINDI-speaking humanoid robot, Rashmi
  122. Flash Floods Cause Severe Damage In Upstate NY
  123. Los Angeles 1st in US with Subway Body Scanners
  124. Video Shows Wildfire Raging in Montana
  125. 'Concrete was probably cracked, winds worsen it' – civil engineer on Genoa bridge collapse
  126. Italy bridge: Genoa motorway collapse kills at least 22 - BBC News
  127. Italy bridge: Moment of Genoa motorway collapse - BBC News
  128. New terms of censorship: Facebook bans news outlets critical of US establishment
  129. Ethan Hawke leaves 'dark material' behind
  130. ShowBiz Minute: Franklin, Pratt, Schreiber
  131. Jean-Michel Blais' unusual teenage music tastes
  132. Left 2.0: Wagenknecht launches ‘Stand Up’ movement against German establishment
  133. US democrats lose faith in capitalism, gain for socialism – poll
  134. Cannibeer? Canadian company invests in world’s first marijuana brewery
  135. Drug Dealing and 'County Lines' - BBC News
  136. The farmers using sewage to make saris - BBC News
  137. Can technology make you a better footballer? - BBC News
  138. Kittens gear up for Kitten Bowl VI
  139. Discovery of WWII Ship Revives Memories
  140. Analyst: Catholic Abuse Report a 'Wake Up Call"
  141. Which one will be your mechanical companion? World Robot Conference 2018 launches in Beijing
  142. Suspect in London Parliament car crash is UK citizen of Sudanese origin – media
  143. Okay for USA, 'sickening' for France? French society opposes girl in headscarf in Gap ad campaign
  144. CNN’s Cuomo sparks debate over ‘not all punches are equal’ claim regarding Antifa movement
  145. Smoke grenades & tear gas: Police disperse rioters at Bogota University
  146. Keiser Report: Health insurance policy masquerading as a country (E1267)
  147. A tour of Syria - with the Russian military - BBC News
  148. My Indian Life: A body of protest - BBC News
  149. 'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin Dead at 76
  150. Survivor: Vatican Needs Cohesive Voice
  151. Remains of Brother Finally Come Home From WWII
  152. Franklin's 'one-of-a-kind' legacy
  153. AP Top Stories August 17 A
  154. ShowBiz Minute: Franklin, R Kelly
  155. Afghanistan hit by 4 assults in 3 days: Military intel compund attacked in Kabul, 2 killed
  156. Apple of Discord: Turks smash their iPhones amid Ankara's economic spat with USA
  157. Challenging refueling: Russian heavy bomber Tu-160 refueled mid-air
  158. The cost of South Africa's gold rush - BBC News
  159. Genoa bridge: 'I was under the bridge when it collapsed' BBC News
  160. Harrisburg Bishop Offers Forgiveness Mass
  161. Kids music group Kidz Bop has a lot to celebrate
  162. AP Top Stories Aug. 17 P
  163. RAW: 'Great March of Return' escalates leaving 2 killed, at least 150 injured
  164. Dramatic rescue: Icelanders free beached bottlenose whale
  165. Pentagon employee lost his clearance after questioning contracts with FBI informant Halper
  166. Fishing for coins to survive in India - BBC News
  167. Madness of War with Sahar Zand - BBC News
  168. Fire Tornado Killed Firefighter, Report Says
  169. RZA and Snipes talk 'Cut Throat City'
  170. How Marilyn Monroe became Marilyn Monroe
  171. 20yrs since worst crisis hit Russian economy: Challenges, survival & revival
  172. Putin meets Merkel: What’s cooking?
  173. Underwater struggle: Chilean navy divers rescue whale trapped in fishing net
  174. India Floods: Rescue operation in Kerala flooding - BBC News
  175. Genoa Bridge Collapse Funeral: Why are some families staying away? BBC News
  176. Kofi Annan Death: Former UN chief dies at 80 - BBC News
  177. Aerials Of Firefighters Securing Genoa Bridge
  178. Mourners Attend State Funeral For Genoa Victims
  179. AP Top Stories August 18 P
  180. Possible Wolverines? US plans to revolutionize warfare through bio-enhanced soldiers
  181. Merkel and Putin meet for talks in Berlin: joint statements
  182. Like 'Salem witch trials': Butina treated 'inhumanly' in custody, starts crowd funding campaign
  183. Kofi Annan: Former UN chief and Nobel Peace Prize laureate - BBC News
  184. Denmark building border fence with Germany to protect... pigs
  185. RAW: Hajj pilgrims walk around the Kaaba in Mecca
  186. Police intervene as right-wing protesters face off with counter-demonstrators in Seattle
  187. Today in History for August 19th
  188. On Sunday, Catholics React to Abuse Report
  189. Bannon Warns Republicans Ahead of Elections
  190. Oops! Ukrainian Buk missile system runs into Kiev business center (STILLS)
  191. Want a ride on a Magical Cloud? Chinese inventor reveals unique flying scooter
  192. Rostec International festival of pyrotechnic art: Day 2
  193. Vanilla Thieves Of Madagascar (Full Documentary) - BBC News
  194. Nashville Police Seeking Two Homicide Suspects
  195. Biel celebrates 'wild' Emmy nomination
  196. Emmy designers show off their works
  197. Aftermath of shooting attack on US Embassy in Turkey
  198. Border chaos: Venezuelan migrants attacked, forced to flee back from Brazil
  199. UN Secretariat secretly prohibits agencies from restoring Syria's economy - Lavrov
  200. India floods: Amazing rescue video from Kerala - BBC News
  201. Venezuela crisis: Brazil deploys troops after migrant attacks - BBC News
  202. Bannon: Trump Needs A Maniacal Focus on Midterms
  203. AP Top Stories August 20 P
  204. Murder Charge for Man in Deaths of Wife, 2 Kids
  205. Bad product placement: Lockheed Martin faces backlash over 'amazing photos' Twitter campaign
  206. Taliban rejects ceasefire during Muslim holiday, ambushes buses and kidnaps passengers
  207. 'No deterrent to soldiers' shootings': Israel border guard's sentence doubled over killed teen
  208. What Americans get wrong about 911 - BBC News
  209. The prison in a 'state of crisis' - BBC News
  210. Emmy-season kicks off in LA
  211. Guy Pearce's supernatural offering
  212. ShowBiz Minute: MTV, Madonna, Argento
  213. Media shouts about Assad’s assault on ‘peaceful’ Idlib, fails to mention it’s under jihadist control
  214. Iran unveils 1st domestic fighter jet, Rouhani gets in cockpit
  215. Blasts heard as Afghan president gives speech
  216. NEW: CCTV shows Genoa bridge collapse - BBC News
  217. Hajj: 7 things you don't know about the Muslim Pilgrimage - BBC News
  218. Trump Calls Manafort Conviction 'A Disgrace'
  219. Immigrant Charged With Murder of Iowa Woman
  220. Child slaves exploited at hundreds of cannabis farms across London
  221. Washington freezes Russian assets in US... EU fears repercussions
  222. Microsoft: We 'stopped' cyber attack by Russian hackers! (P.S. here's our new product)
  223. Cohen Pleads Guilty to Campaign Finance Fraud