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  1. Trump to North Korea: 'Your weapons are not making you safer' - BBC News
  2. Sting, Joel, more celebrate Elton John AIDS Foundation
  3. CMA Awards will try to 'unify' people after Vegas shooting
  4. Elton John 'remaining positive' about LBGTQ rights
  5. No Proof: Russia denies claims it swapped positive samples with negative ones
  6. The Stan Collymore Show: Football star Michael Owen on his 98 World Cup (teaser)
  7. More Soldiers: NATO to send 3,000 troops to Afghanistan as it increases global presence
  8. RAW: Pro-independence Catalans block motorway near France border
  9. 'Zero evidence' for claims Russia hacked DNC – NSA whistleblower
  10. Syria's liberation: Army recaptures last major ISIL stronghold
  11. We want our Brexit cash boost - NHS boss Simon Stevens - BBC News
  12. Spain FM Alfonso Dastis: Changes could allow referendums - BBC News
  13. My family's deadly escape from Raqqa - BBC News
  14. VP Pence Blames TX Shooting On Gunman, Air Force
  15. Sister-in-Law on Losing Family in TX Shooting
  16. Driverless Shuttle Debuts In Vegas
  17. Excess Of Power: Left Party accuses police of using combat weapons during G-20 protests
  18. Kevin Spacey: New allegations emerge - BBC News
  19. Why Trump keeps saying Indo-Pacific - BBC News
  20. Melania 'upstaged' by Korean pop star - BBC News
  21. US orders RT America to register as foreign agent by Monday
  22. Double Standards: US Navy sex-for-secrets scandal seen as fraud, whistleblowing as treason
  23. ShowBiz Minute: CMA Awards, Spacey, Crews
  24. Garcia Bernal dedicates movie to Latin kids in America
  25. CMA Awards highlighted by political, emotional moments
  26. WikiLeaks: CIA wrote code 'to impersonate' Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company
  27. 'Nuclear deal with Iran needs to be revised' - Macron
  28. Penny Mordaunt replaces Priti Patel in UK's cabinet reshuffle - BBC News
  29. Brexit: 'Lose-lose situation for both sides' - BBC News
  30. BBC News Channel turns 20: Some Funny Moments!
  31. Russia Twitter Trolls Deflected Trump Bad News
  32. Director: Messing misconduct accusations 'wrong'
  33. California Crews Clearing Wildfire Debris
  34. Tackling the toxic danger inside our cars - BBC News
  35. US State Dept spokesperson declines comment on Lebanon PM's status in Saudi Arabia
  36. RAW: Drone footage reveals Mosul devastation
  37. Richie: if you're not giving back, 'who are you?'
  38. Miguel and Nazanin Mandi wedding 'pushed back'
  39. Getting out of sticky situations, Paddington-style
  40. Arab ‘mafia’ infiltrates German state services – police union head
  41. Saudi Arabia and Iran accused each other of fuelling instability in Lebanon - BBC News
  42. Japan’s PM falls into a golf bunker - BBC News
  43. Car driver ‘deliberately’ rams into passers-by near Toulouse, injures 3
  44. 'To each his Faith, to everyone our law': Clashes erupt as protesters decry street prayers
  45. Russia scare: whistleblower & Sputnik radio host scrapped from EU panel
  46. Seahorses found living in River Thames in London - BBC News
  47. Brexit Negotiations: 'No new border within the UK' - BBC News
  48. Melania Trump visits military families in Alaska
  49. Gov. Scott Walker, Foxconn Sign Plant Agreement
  50. Analysis: Alabama’s Moore Won’t Quit Senate Race
  51. 'Trump and I agreed on UN-led political process needed for Syria’ – Putin at APEC
  52. ‘Syria future depends on ability to convince constituency’ – Analyst on US-Russia ‘Syria statement’
  53. Towns in ruins, bodies remain under rubble, children need aid – Iraqi MP on Mosul op aftermath
  54. Blue Planet II behind the scenes: The moment giant sharks attack crew submarine - BBC News
  55. Young Sudanese rediscovering the country's ancient history - BBC News
  56. At her American Cinematheque tribute, actress Amy Adams addresses the possibility of second chances
  57. Today in History for November 11th
  58. Trump Arrives in Hanoi Ahead of Meetings
  59. Louvre Abu Dhabi: Three things to know - BBC News
  60. AP Top Stories 11P
  61. Roy Moore Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations
  62. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Arrives in NYC
  63. Vietnam War Echo: US releases videos of secret weapons used in military ops
  64. 'US has bad habit of telling others what to do' - Former US diplomat
  65. RAW: Syrian Arab Army battles ISIS near Abu Kamal
  66. 'Iron man' flight sets first world record - BBC News
  67. US soccer: Will Americans ever care about football? - BBC News
  68. Iraq-Iran earthquake: Deadly tremor hits border region - BBC News
  69. Colombia seizes largest stash of cocaine ever - BBC News
  70. Catalan crisis: Spain's Rajoy vows to end 'separatist havoc' - BBC News
  71. Texans Visit Memorial for Church Victims
  72. Raw: Iraqi Forces Find Mass Graves
  73. AP Top Stories November 12 P
  74. The Alex Salmond Show: Former first minister of Scotland announces weekly news program with RT
  75. Anti-Islam agenda promoted from the top in US – former unofficial adviser to Obama
  76. Schwarzenegger on pollution: 'It's time we do better'
  77. Macron Visits Paris Attack Sites on 2nd Anniv.
  78. Geldof Returns Award to Protest Myanmar Leader
  79. Sanaa streets flooded with people protesting against Saudi-led blockade
  80. 'Give up your guns and ammunition' plea - BBC News
  81. Trump vs Duterte - who said what? - BBC News
  82. Iran-Iraq border earthquake is deadliest of 2017 - BBC News
  83. UK PM May calls Russia ‘chief threat’ amid abysmal domestic ratings
  84. Moment Iran-Iraq quake hits a Dam control room - BBC News
  85. NATO 2.0? France & Germany eye joint EU defense act
  86. US war costs 3 times higher than Pentagon estimates - report
  87. New Accuser Claims Sex Assault by Moore in '70s
  88. AP Top Stories Nov. 13 P
  89. AHA: Half of US Adults Have High Blood Pressure
  90. Can poo power solve India's toilet problem? - BBC News
  91. Iran-Iraq border earthquake: Death Toll Rises to 450 - BBC News
  92. Keiser Report: Africa, the 21st Century Crypto-powerhouse (e1149)
  93. Priest having nervous breakdown while baptizing a baby (DISTRUBING)
  94. Fall of Raqqa: The secret deal - BBC News
  95. Sam Smith: I know who I am now
  96. Ray Fisher steps into the spotlight
  97. Giant Panda Cub To Reunite With Parents in China
  98. Will cold war between Saudi Arabia & Iran become a full-scale military conflict?
  99. Rohingya crisis: 'Rape and murder' in the Village of Tula Toli - BBC News
  100. ‘US govt attacks freedom of speech by forcing RT to register as foreign agent’
  101. 'On a positive note': Famous Russian conductor leads concert at Washington National Cathedral
  102. Clampdown on press: RT America forced to register as 'foreign agent'
  103. Sir Mo Farah: 'Coming to Britain not Speaking any English to Knighthood' - BBC News
  104. AP Top Stories November 14 P
  105. Police Hunt Serial Killer As 4th Person Killed
  106. Timeline: Trump Campaign Contacts with Russia
  107. Tillerson Pledges $47M for Myanmar Refugees
  108. CrossTalk: Is RT a Foreign Agent?
  109. Pope gets Lambo: Donates car to rebuild Iraq's Christian region
  110. Saudi Arabia holding PM Hariri & family in ‘act of aggression’ – Lebanese president
  111. Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe 'under house arrest' after army takeover - BBC News
  112. Why do people still think the Earth is flat? - BBC News
  113. Zimbabwe army takeover: Latest Updates - BBC News
  114. Pope Gets Special-Edition Lamborghini
  115. Airbus Lands $49.5B Deal at Dubai Air Show
  116. 30-tonne whale found dead on Rio's Ipanema Beach
  117. Russian MPs pass foreign agent bill for media in ‘mirror response’ to US
  118. Hundreds of terrorists feared to have fled Raqqa on US watch
  119. Zimbabwe crisis: Who's the 'crocodile'? - BBC News
  120. Trump Has His Own Awkward Water Bottle Moment
  121. Police: Man in Video is Suspected Serial Killer
  122. Moore Attorney Tries to Discredit Accuser
  123. How making maps can save lives - BBC News
  124. Zimbabwe's opposition leader has called on President Mugabe to resign - BBC News
  125. Richard Carpenter: New Carpenters’ vinyl remasters boast audio quality of original releases -- but
  126. Original 'SNL' cast reunite for Television Academy Honors
  127. ShowBiz Minute: Becker, Etheridge, da Vinci
  128. 'They don't have water': Trump's 'bottle moment' goes viral
  129. WADA: Russian anti-doping agency remains 'non-compliant'
  130. Keiser Report: Business of #Russiagate (E1150)
  131. 'I was terrified' says Roy Moore accuser - BBC News
  132. AP Top Stories
  133. Labour Law Fury: Rallies held across France over Macron's reform
  134. Intelligence offer: IDF chief of staff says Israel ready to share intel on Iran with Saudis
  135. Resolution blocked: Russia vetoes U.S. draft resolution on Syria chemical probe renewal
  136. Mugabe: From war hero to president of Zimbabwe - BBC News
  137. TX Suspect Breaks Out Dance Moves Before Arrest
  138. 15 Convictions Tossed in Chicago Police Scandal
  139. Almost impossible to separate sport & politics – WADA president following ruling on RUSADA
  140. Massacre survivor: 'The soil is soaked with blood' - BBC News
  141. Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe makes first public appearance - BBC News
  142. Highest honour for military dog - BBC News
  143. But first, I dance: Suspect shows his moves before being arrested
  144. Suicidal mindset of terrorists requires total revamp of security schemes – fmr French intel boss
  145. ShowBiz Minute: Sizemore, Tambor, Streep
  146. Hammer unfazed by Woods' criticism of his latest movie
  147. Senators Hatch, Brown Trade Barbs in Tax Debate
  148. Gala opening of the VI St Petersburg International Cultural Forum (Streamed live)
  149. Turkey withdraws troops from Norway after Erdogan is listed as ‘enemy’ during NATO drills
  150. Chemical stalemate: Russia vetoes Japan-drafted plan to extend Syria chemical probe
  151. Aircraft and helicopter in mid-air crash in Waddesdon - BBC News
  152. AP Top Stories Nov. 17 P
  153. Sessions Jokes About Russian Meetings In Speech
  154. Wife of Moore Defiant, GOP Spars Over Candidacy
  155. EU cannot move without stable German govt – CDU member
  156. Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe 'Not Prepared to Break the Constitution by Leaving Office' - BBC News
  157. Saad Hariri, Lebanon PM, to return to Beirut 'in coming days' - BBC News
  158. legacy of Mafia boss Toto Riina - BBC News
  159. Stones, flares & gas bombs: Violent rallies mark anniversary of 1973 student revolt in Greece
  160. 'Making US more weather-ready nation': Rocket carrying Joint Polar Satellite System-1 lifts off
  161. AP Top Stories Nov. 18 P
  162. Detroit Priest Beatified by Catholic Church
  163. Keystone Pipeline Leaks 210K Gallons of Oil
  164. Restored Wonder: Palmyra revived in 3D thanks to 1,000s of drone images
  165. Who supports ISIS? Israel, Turkey, US, Qatar?
  166. Reform backlash: Anti-Macron protesters march on Elysee Palace
  167. Zimbabwe crisis: 'People sense Robert Mugabe is gone' - BBC News
  168. The dream of Egypt’s Tuthmosis IV in 360 Video - BBC News
  169. ‘No to slavery in Libya’: Teargas deployed as thousands rally in France
  170. Anti-Mugabe protests near president’s offices in full swing in Zimbabwe
  171. Keystone Pipeline shut off after 210,000 gallons of oil spilt into agricultural land in Dakota
  172. first Barbie with a hijab - BBC News
  173. Zimbabwe's ruling party sacks Robert Mugabe as leader - BBC News
  174. Today in History for November 20th
  175. Theo’s Journey: Transgender Teen's War With Body
  176. Slippery Battle for Patients Addicted to Opioids
  177. Zimbabwe's Mugabe to make announcement - BBC News
  178. Zimbabwe's Mugabe Full Speech: Mugabe vows to stay on - BBC News
  179. Scheduled Implosion Brings Down Georgia Dome
  180. Scaramucci: Still a Media Surrogate for Trump
  181. Victoria's Secret Show slays Shanghai
  182. Middle East Tensions: Iran faces accusations at Arab League emergency meeting
  183. The Great American Pilgrimage with Stephen Baldwin & Max Keiser (PROMO)
  184. Free Wheel Against Will: Drivers fail to descent slippery slope in Russia
  185. Germany's Merkel responds to coalition talks breakdown - BBC News
  186. President Steinmeier: Germany Faces Unprecedented situation - BBC News
  187. Mugabe 'let wife usurp power' - BBC News
  188. Melania Trump Welcomes WH Christmas Tree
  189. Arg. Navy: Sounds Didn't Come From Missing Sub
  190. Former President Bill Clinton Visits Puerto Rico
  191. Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find
  192. ‘Situation unseen in decades’: German president on failed coalition talks
  193. Sex Abuse Pervasive in Pakistan Islamic Schools
  194. Ferrell sets sights on 'Daddy's Home 9'
  195. ‘Russia recognizes important role Assad will play in ISIS defeat & future of Syria’ – expert
  196. ‘Google censorship of RT takes attention away from Middle East & Syria’ – analyst
  197. Mugabe Resigns: the moment the resignation letter was read at the Parliament - BBC News
  198. Mugabe 'resigns' : Joy in Zimbabwe's Capital Harare - BBC News
  199. Mugabe resigns: activist breaks down in tears of Joy - BBC News
  200. Austerity Mode: Protesters dump foodbank donations outside UK PM residence
  201. Diplo's "amazing situation" in Cuba