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  1. Coronavirus: How many more people are dying? - BBC News
  2. Vera Lynn dies at 103
  3. College dream fulfilled for student lost to COVID
  4. Schumer: 'I cried tears of joy' on DACA decision
  5. Solar Eclipse | Fiery doughnut illuminates Australia skies [2013]
  6. Naval drill | Iran blows up targets with cruise missiles
  7. Rayshard Brooks killing | Officer faces possible life sentence or death penalty
  8. Coronavirus in the US: Infection rate hit Record High in 6 States - BBC News
  9. Rayshard Brooks shooting: US policeman faces murder charge - BBC News
  10. Arizona DACA recipients applaud Supreme Court ruling
  11. Bus from "Into the Wild" Removed by air in Alaska
  12. Today in History for June 19th
  13. US cops save baby who stopped breathing during protest
  14. US skips UNHRC debate on ‘systematic’ racism and police brutality in America
  15. #PollyBites | Is Penny Lane racist?
  16. Britain’s wartime sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn dies aged 103 - BBC News
  17. Govt abandons NHS contact tracing app - BBC News
  18. Dominic Raab “taking the knee” comments heavily criticised - BBC News
  19. ShowBiz Minute: Holm, Eilish, Franklin
  20. Police guarding NYC Columbus statues
  21. Confederate obelisk removed from Georgia square
  22. Protesters burn XI effigy after India’s clashes with China
  23. More flak for French cops, this time for abusive checks of ethnic minors
  24. Putin | WWII allies must unite to face world crisis together
  25. Excess deaths: How many are dying from coronavirus? - BBC News
  26. Funerals held for Indian soldiers killed in China Ladakh clash
  27. South Africa’s battle to protect women against violence - BBC News
  28. Dave Franco's 'perfect' drive-in movie premiere
  29. Begun in the South, Juneteenth also on West Coast
  30. Barber offers free haircuts in Lima's hillsides
  31. George Galloway | The Sheriff Who Burned Down the Courthouse
  32. Freedom Day | Juneteenth rally in Washington DC [STREAMED LIVE]
  33. ‘Under Israeli occupation I can't breathe’ | Palestinians protest West Bank annexation
  34. All children back in school by September in England pledges government - BBC News
  35. More economic gloom as UK borrowing hits record levels - BBC News
  36. Russian spy chief says America is “trying to rule the world” - BBC News
  37. Today in History for June 20th
  38. DC protesters topple statue of Confederate general
  39. What has Greta Thunberg been doing in lockdown? - BBC News
  40. Media cries COVID danger as Trump to go ahead with Tulsa rally
  41. China-India border dispute dates back to the British Empire era
  42. Florida reports record daily rise in COVID-19 cases as locals dodge rules
  43. Surviving Sex Trafficking [Full Documentary] - BBC News
  44. Activists topple & BURN statue of Confederate Gen. in DC
  45. US cop stays calm as angry BLM protesters blow smoke in his face & give him the finger
  46. COVID vs CASH | The Pandemic's Economic Toll | SophieCo. Visionaries
  47. The New Zealand porn ad designed to protect children - BBC News
  48. Three people killed in Reading park stabbings - BBC News
  49. Government hints at relaxing 2 metre distancing rule - BBC News
  50. AP Top Stories June 20 P
  51. Ignoring warnings, Trump presses ahead with rally
  52. Protests begin peacefully outside Trump rally
  53. Shaolin-style | Monks pierce glass panes with needles
  54. The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 53
  55. FIRST Lenin statue unveiled in West Germany following legal battle
  56. Reading stabbings: Police declare the three killings a terror incident - BBC News
  57. Donald Trump: Poor turnout for Tulsa election rally - BBC News
  58. America trying to 'rule the world', says Russian spy chief - BBC News
  59. Gordon Ramsay 'up for anything' on 'Uncharted'
  60. One dead, 11 wounded in Minnesota shooting
  61. Today in History for June 22nd
  62. #PollyBites | BLM March in London
  63. Reading stabbings terror suspect known to MI5 - BBC News
  64. 2 metre rule likely to be replaced with other safety measures in July - BBC News
  65. After Coronavirus: young adults rethink their futures - BBC News
  66. ShowBiz Minute: Hughley; Johnson; Cobain
  67. NYPD suspended after 'apparent chokehold'
  68. MD ICU workers upset public ignoring pandemic
  69. US vs UN human rights council in the wake of killing of George Floyd
  70. International Yoga Day | ITBP personnel in Ladakh at 18 000 ft
  71. Celebrating V-Day | Skydiver unravels massive flag over Moscow region
  72. UK PM Boris Johnson 'appalled and sickened' by Reading attack - BBC News
  73. Today in History for June 23rd
  74. Seeking reform, Black GOP Senator weighs racism
  75. Myrtle Beach packed despite virus threat
  76. Age of Reparations | Big companies denounce racism at home but not exploitation abroad
  77. Black Lives Matter | The Problem with Robert E. Lee
  78. 'Memory Road' | The faces behind World War 2 & the Great Victory
  79. Coronavirus claims more American lives than First World War - BBC News
  80. Deaf and blind people say they’ve been forgotten during pandemic - BBC News
  81. Spain welcomes back British tourists despite Foreign Office warnings - BBC News
  82. Masked woman caught deliberately coughing on 1yo baby
  83. Journalism on the ropes? | Truth is harder to find in age of BLM agenda
  84. Hug it out | Russian would-be robber talked out of it by cashier
  85. Ethiopian maids dumped outside Beirut embassy - BBC News
  86. Inside Wuhan: Life after coronavirus lockdown - BBC News
  87. Coronavirus: How to fly during a pandemic - BBC News
  88. Trump to issue Exec. Order to protect monuments
  89. China lanza satélite para completar su versión de GPS
  90. Protesters try to pull down Jackson statue in DC
  91. Ukrainegate 2.0? Biden's past conduct questioned yet again
  92. Today in History for June 24th
  93. Medical oxygen a luxury in much of the world
  94. Trump rails against Dems, Biden during Ariz. rally
  95. Donald Trump calls anti-racism protesters “vandals” and “anarchists” - BBC News
  96. Table football and UEFA European Championship chances with Hungarian FM
  97. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland adjust lockdown rules - BBC News
  98. Major easing of lockdown in England with pubs and restaurants opening - BBC News
  99. Virus deaths in Latin America race past 100,000 - BBC News
  100. Russia holds Victory Day parade in shadow of virus - BBC News
  101. Who could be Joe Biden's running mate? - BBC News
  102. Inside Terminator | RT reporter rides Russia’s beast of an armored vehicle
  103. Noisy Car Protest | Hundreds of New Yorkers gather to protest against De Blasio
  104. Historical controversies | Past is being rewritten for political gains
  105. Bear Grylls brought to tears by 'World's Toughest Race'
  106. Sen. Harris: Listen to young Black, Latino voters
  107. ShowBiz Minute: Jeremy, Cosby, Kimmel.
  108. Fitness and leisure industry demands end to lockdown restrictions - BBC News
  109. UK police accused of targeting black men with tasers - BBC News
  110. Trial of revolutionary new vaccine for coronavirus begins in London - BBC News
  111. Severe flooding in Serbia blocks roads, causes major damage.
  112. What’s next for ‘CHOP’? | Protesters march through Seattle as the movement begins to wind down
  113. ID Please! | UK pubs will register customers to TRACK THEM in case of infection
  114. VT tattoo artist covers hateful skin art for free
  115. Slavery advocate’s statue removed in Charleston
  116. Today in History for June 25th
  117. Preventing a plague: Fighting Kenya's locusts - BBC News
  118. Coronavirus: What is a second wave? And when will we see it? - BBC News
  119. Infection rates continue to rise in India and Latin America - BBC News
  120. New York activists camp out to demand $1bn police cut
  121. Russian constitution change | ‘It’s more like a ratification than a referendum’ – Mary Dejevsky
  122. Well, that isn’t fun! A huge wall of dust towers above Torreón, Mexico
  123. Trump aide: 'We will not shut the economy down'
  124. House Democrats push toward policing vote
  125. Preocupa a expertos en Indonesia aumento de personas con COVID-19 a más de 50.000
  126. Protester: Seattle autonomous zone 'so fractured'
  127. US Republican Senator opposes DC statehood law
  128. Today in History for June 26th
  129. Here we go again | South Korea and China brace for a second wave of COVID-19
  130. Ecuador protests | Crisis and corona – a combo nobody wants
  131. Why does Russia’s 1993 constitution need to be changed? Bruno Drweski responds
  132. Labour leader sacks former leadership rival over claims of antisemitism - BBC News
  133. What happened on the India-China border? - BBC News
  134. UK plastic for “recycling” dumped and burned in Turkey - BBC News
  135. Liverpool fans flock to Anfield to celebrate Premier League title - BBC News
  136. UK Prime Minister 'deeply saddened' by Glasgow news - BBC News
  137. 'Three people stabbed to death' in Glasgow city centre - BBC News
  138. A proxy play out, or a 'legal' theft? - Galloway on BoE Venezuelan gold seizure
  139. Iran explosion | Massive blast rocks gas storage facility near military & research site
  140. Putin holds video conference with Macron [REFEED]
  141. Lil Yachty on new album, inclusion and trust issues
  142. Florida virus cases rise at near-record rate
  143. Astronaut loses mirror, newest space junk
  144. Mother of murdered sisters accuses police of dehumanising her children - BBC News
  145. US crisis deepens with 40,000 coronavirus cases in one day - BBC News
  146. Millions of children face starvation in Yemen warns United Nations - BBC News
  147. Skin whitening products under fire, companies need to rename or pull [DEBATE]
  148. 40%+ of Europeans feel EU proven 'irrelevant' during pandemic- Poll
  149. Kosovo President Thaci indicted for alleged war crimes
  150. Facebook to flag posts that break its rules
  151. Golden State Killer docuseries delves into rapes, murders, life of sleuth author
  152. Louis York on why playing the Opry was a ‘pinnacle’
  153. Designer of 'I Love NY' logo, dies at 91
  154. Trump met with protest as he arrives at golf club
  155. Miss. debates Confederate symbol on state flag
  156. Refugees’ Lives Matter | Hundreds march condemning refugee eviction, Greece
  157. Environmental group XR stages Robin Hood-style food giveaway
  158. Why the French are deleting contact-tracing app StopCovid?
  159. Left accuses Facebook of not censoring enough, right of censoring too much
  160. Coronavirus health claims that won't go away - BBC News
  161. Rush to book summer breaks in Europe after deal to lift travel restrictions - BBC News
  162. AP Top Stories June 27 5P
  163. Protesters in Aurora, demand justice for McClain
  164. Mothers march for Black lives in Boston
  165. Many Europeans think the US has NOT so effective healthcare system - survey
  166. Educating the Future | Post-COVID-19 Schooling & Learning Opportunities | SophieCo. Visionaries
  167. Utah Wildfire | Fireworks spark MASSIVE bushfire, evacuations
  168. Today in History for June 28th
  169. London in the Shadow of a Virus - BBC News
  170. From coronavirus doctor to Mr Gay World - BBC News
  171. The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 54
  172. Locust invasion! Swarm descends upon India's tech hub
  173. BLM leader: America is an 'experiment' ready for 'change'
  174. Tear gas flies as WILD 'ProjectX' party erupts into chaos in Paris
  175. UK's top civil servant stepping down after reports of tensions - BBC News
  176. Spain prepares for tourists but masks will be compulsory - BBC News
  177. Anger in India over deaths of father and son in police custody - BBC News
  178. Today in History for June 29th
  179. Images of Black people dying spur racial trauma
  180. China forces birth control to suppress minorities
  181. Shooting at Seattle CHOP protest area leaves 1 dead
  182. Inundaciones dejan al menos 12 muertos en suroeste de China
  183. 23 muertos por ataques en Afganistán
  184. 'Disappointing' results | Macron's party suffers in delayed local elections amid low turnout
  185. Moment of stock exchange attack caught on CCTV, Pakistan
  186. Covid-19 death toll passes 500,000 worldwide - BBC News
  187. French ex-PM found guilty over wife's 'fake job' - BBC News
  188. World marks 50 years of Pride - despite Covid-19 - BBC News
  189. Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over killing of Soleimani - report
  190. Boeing 737 Max takes off for certification testing
  191. Fire kills 1, ruins 40 homes in Calif. desert town
  192. Lives Lost: Doctor's musical passion led to love
  193. National Anthems are racists? Why some want new national tunes.
  194. 'We need to fix the system' - George Floyd's uncle speaks to the public ahead of pre-trail hearing
  195. Lockdown tightened in Leicester as coronavirus cases surge - BBC News
  196. Fines for parents who refuse to send children to school being considered - BBC News
  197. UK has worst coronavirus death rate among similar countries - BBC News
  198. China aprueba la ley de seguridad para Hong Kong
  199. Buenos Aires y cinturón urbano vuelven a cuarentena estricta
  200. Homeowner pointed gun because he was 'terrified'
  201. 'Nightmare vote' | Republicans cry foul over potential 'mail-in ballots' fraud
  202. 'Stop Bolsonaro' | Mounting COVID-19 deaths prompt nationwide protests
  203. Wayne Dupree Show | Will removing 'Stars & Bars' ease race tension across America?
  204. Coronavirus: Infections worldwide top 10 million - BBC News
  205. Coronavirus: Spain's Alhambra Palace reopens to visitors - BBC News
  206. Israel annexation: What is the West Bank? - BBC News
  207. Death Cafes help ease grief in time of coronavirus
  208. Police in Georgia sued for taking down wrong man
  209. Hollowed out public health system faces more cuts
  210. Protesters demand justice for 13yo girl who was gang raped by 7 soldiers
  211. Is the Moderna and NIH Partnership 'Rotten To The Core'?
  212. Last day of constitutional amendments vote in Russia
  213. Leicester lockdown has caused “confusion and alarm” say critics - BBC News
  214. Covid survivors may face life-long brain injuries - BBC News
  215. China condemned over new Hong Kong security laws - BBC News
  216. Ambientalistas protestan contra plan alemán por carbón
  217. Seattle police clear 'occupied' area, make arrests
  218. DC cautious amid virus as feds ready July 4th
  219. Arizona cops use DRONES to arrest BLM protesters
  220. At point-blank range | BLM rioter shoots at driver in Utah
  221. Fact-checking? What's that? RT banned in Latvia over 'link' to EU-blacklisted news chief
  222. Russians vote on Putin's reforms to constitution - BBC News
  223. Coronavirus: Six months that changed our world - BBC News
  224. To Italy with Love: Postcards from a Covid-America - BBC News
  225. White House is central to DC July 4th celebrations
  226. Houston hospitals criticized for ICU reporting
  227. Residents want Selma bridge named for local leader
  228. Easing lockdown “highly irresponsible” warns UK government adviser - BBC News
  229. Thousands of job losses as UK government accused of “sitting on sidelines” - BBC News
  230. US buys most supplies of key coronavirus drug - BBC News
  231. Constitution amendments are ‘an attempt to stabilize the Russian state’ - Martin Summers
  232. Breaking: Ghislane Maxwell Arrested by FBI! Is She The Center of The Entire Epstein Case?
  233. The rise and fall of the CHOP empire
  234. US DOJ: Would like Prince Andrew to talk Epstein
  235. New Jersey casinos reopen amid pandemic
  236. NIH 'optimistic' COVID-19 vaccine by end of 2020
  237. Coronavirus: US Buys nearly all of Covid-19 drug remdesivir - BBC News
  238. Russia reforms: Will Putin rule Russia forever? - BBC News
  239. 'This is most informative interview I've done all day' - BBC News
  240. Not really surprising | Police clear out Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ed’ zone
  241. Plastic waste is not just in the ocean | Family rescues bear with tub on head
  242. Moment Hong Kong police officer allegedly stabbed
  243. Zuckerburg hits back at Facebook boycott - BBC News
  244. Jeffrey Epstein ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell charged in US - BBC News
  245. Hong Kong: US passes sanctions as nations condemn new law - BBC News
  246. LAPD funding slashed by $150M, reducing officers
  247. Today in History for July 3rd
  248. Texas governor issues mask order to fight COVID-19
  249. Coronavirus: Protest, rally or eating out - Where is riskier? - BBC News
  250. ‘Let us work!’ | Texans take to the streets as America calls time on bars