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  2. "NOLA Dawn" with Olivia Holt
  3. "Unplugged" with Hailee Steinfeld
  4. "The Savoy" with Michelle Keegan
  5. "Uber Hot" with Hailee Steinfeld
  6. Clubbing with Chloe w/ Chloe Bennet
  7. "The Girl Next Door" with Jami-Lee Boyle
  8. Celebrating the Holidays at a Poolside Paradise w/ Hailee Steinfeld
  9. "Family Ties" with Olympia Valance
  10. New Years Masquerade w/ Vanessa Hudgens
  11. "Triple Presents" Jennie Kim, Rose Park, Lisa Monoban
  12. "Lucky Bastard 13" with Hailee Steinfeld & Victoria Justice
  13. One Night with Debby Ryan
  14. "Coffee Creamer" with Carlson Young
  15. "Some Giant's Blood in Him" with Olivia Holt
  16. 4 Disney Princesses and Me - Part 1 (Foreplay)
  17. "Friends for the Holidays" with Debby Ryan