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  1. Cheryl Tweedy-Cole Biography
  2. Drugging Cheryl Cole
  3. Cheryl's Got the X-Factor
  4. Girls Aloud Falling In Love
  5. Trick 'n' Treatin' - A Michael Giovanni Tale, Starring Cheryl Cole
  6. Living The Dream - Chapter 14 - Grand Openings - Cheryl Tweedy & Danielle Lloyd *No Sex*
  7. "The Ice Queen" with Cheryl Tweedy and Kimberley Walsh
  8. "Best Fucking Friends" with Cheryl Tweedy and Girls Aloud
  9. Cheryl Tweedy and Sarah Harding - With a little help from my friend
  10. "How to Make it in America" with Cheryl Cole
  11. Girls Aloud Knickers Tales