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  1. Blind Item: Moving In Moving Out
  2. Shouting Match with Cops Under Review by Miami PD While Lil Pump Parties | TMZ
  3. Quincy Jones Says We All Knew About R. Kelly and Jussie's Career is Ruined | TMZ
  4. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Both Kate Hudson And Nick Jonas Separately Covering “Shallow”
  5. Blind Item: Ryan Murphy Has Announced His Next Series For Netflix
  6. Blind Item: The 39th Annual Razzie Award Winners Are Here!
  7. Blind Item: Khloé Kardashian Is Allegedly “In Contention” To Be The Next “Bachelorette”
  8. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  9. R. Kelly Fears There's No Way Can He Get a Fair Trial, Jerry Springer Disagrees
  10. 'The Punisher' Star Jason R. Moore Not as Mad as Eminem About Cancelation | TMZ
  11. Rosanna Arquette Calls Out The Oscars For Being Behind The Times
  12. Alfonso Cuaron Weighs In On His Chances to Win at the Oscars
  13. Blind Item: Oscars Open Post: Hosted By Pippi “Pip” Close
  14. Blind Item: Ben Affleck And Lindsay Shookus Were Spotted Together Again
  15. Blind Item: In Case You Care, This Is What Jennifer Lawrence’s Engagement Ring Looks Like
  16. Blind Item: The Kardashians Deny That Khloe Is In Talks To Be The Next Bachelorette
  17. Blind Item: And The Razzie For The Most Extra Speech Goes To Lady Gaga’s Oscar Speech
  18. Blind Item: Olivia Colman Gives Good Speech
  19. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  20. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  21. 'Jeopardy!' Champ Austin Rogers Fires Back at All-Stars Format Haters | TMZ
  22. Blind Item: R. Kelly Is Still In Jail Because He Can’t Afford Bail, And Michael Aventatti Says There’s Another Tape
  23. Blind Item: Duchess Meghan May Sue The Mail On Sunday For Publishing Her Letter To Thomas Markle
  24. Blind Item: Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Kendall Jenner Could Win An Oscar
  25. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  26. Giada De Laurentiis Is A Bangin' Hot Chef | TMZ TV
  27. Offset & Cardi Celebrate At Offset's New Album Release Party! | TMZ TV
  28. Blind Item: Shaking Backstage
  29. Blind Item: New Face Is Old Face
  30. Blind Item: Actor Rejects Scanty
  31. Blind Item: The Hot Introductions
  32. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  33. R. Kelly Swarmed As He Leaves McDonald's After Posting Bail | TMZ
  34. Jason Biggs Says Tara Reid is Wrong, I Love The Stiffler! | TMZ
  35. Blind Item: Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian (Finally) Have A Child Custody Agreement
  36. Blind Item: Janet Jackson Is Doing A Las Vegas Residency
  37. Blind Item: Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, And Bob Kraft All Shared A Jet After The Oscars
  38. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  39. Liam Hemsworth Is Quite The Jokster | TMZ TV
  40. Tom Brady Gives A Warm Hug To Robert Kraft Amidst Allegations | TMZ TV
  41. Blind Item: He Stepped Back
  42. Blind Item: The Wavering Actor
  43. Blind Item: Secret Money Meetings
  44. Blind Item: They Always Booked Two Rooms
  45. Blind Item: Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 38 – Farewell To CooGa
  46. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  47. Michael Cohen Arrives at Capitol to Speak Before Congress About Trump | TMZ
  48. Blind Item: Drake Continues His Spending Spree With A New Car Valued At $1.4 Million
  49. Blind Item: Taylor Kinney Got Shady Over Lady Gaga On Social Media
  50. Blind Item: Shit That Doesn’t Make Sense: A “90210 ” Revival Without The Queen Brenda Walsh
  51. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  52. Cara Delevingne Has Dropped $25,000 On Postmates Since 2014 | TMZ TV
  53. Rep Stacey Plaskett Says Her Eye Roll at Rep Jordan Was Show of Contempt
  54. Blind Item: The Second Contract
  55. Blind Item: Watch Me Walk
  56. Blind Item: Mad And Glad About Revival
  57. Blind Item: The Wanderer And The Pill
  58. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  59. Jamie Kennedy Boots Hecklers, Lectures Crowd, Then Walks Out | TMZ
  60. Blind Item: The Property Brothers Made Half A BILLION Dollars Last Year
  61. Blind Item: Martha Stewart’s Getting Into The Weed Business
  62. Blind Item: Ariana Grande And Big Sean Were Seen Together
  63. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  64. Sherri Shepherd Pretends To Be Octavia Spencer To Get VIP Treatment | TMZ TV
  65. Steve O Gets Attacked By Vegans For Eating Fish | TMZ TV
  66. Blind Item: Jealous And Lonely
  67. Blind Item: Singer Is Cycling Back
  68. Blind Item: A Couple Of Weeks
  69. Blind Item: Four Bottles At A Time
  70. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  71. Kylie Jenner Accuses Travis Scott of Cheating, Out Without Him Thurs. Night | TMZ
  72. Blind Item: The “Sunset Boulevard” Movie Starring Glenn Close Is A Go
  73. Blind Item: Johnny Depp Is Suing Amber Heard For $500 Million, Calls Her Claims Of Domestic Abuse “A Hoax”
  74. Blind Item: Ian McKellen Thinks Kevin Spacey And Bryan Singer Were Abusive Creeps Because They Were Closeted
  75. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  76. Lou Diamond Phillips Is The Cat Man! | TMZ TV
  77. Mark Wahlberg Caught Sneaking Up On Street Performer In Hollywood | TMZ TV
  78. Blind Item: Trading Hoochie For Monica
  79. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  80. Blind Item: Johnny Depp Is Suing Amber Heard For $50 Million, Calls Her Claims Of Domestic Abuse “A Hoax”
  81. Blind Item: “Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry Responded To John Oliver Calling Him A Fake-Ass
  82. Blind Item: Stevie Nicks On Her Vault Of Shawls, Her Flip Phone, And Dire Wolf Fantasies
  83. Blind Item: Elisabeth Moss Might Replace Johnny Depp As The Star Of “Invisible Man”
  84. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By The Starbucks Cat Paw Cup That People In China Are Brawling Over
  85. Danielle Staub's Ex Suggests She's Getting Remarried Already for Money | TMZ
  86. Blind Item: Party Went From Swanky To Gross
  87. Blind Item: A Sparkly And Romantic Gift
  88. Offset's Baby Mama Shya L'amour Says Cardi B Helped Him Become Better Man | TMZ
  89. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  90. Blind Item: Simon Pegg Got Skinny Ripped For A Movie
  91. Blind Item: Steven Spielberg Is On A Campaign To Ban Netflix Movies From Being Oscar-Eligible
  92. Blind Item: BBC Radio 2 Dropped Michael Jackson’s Music Ahead Of “Leaving Neverland”
  93. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Grace Jones Shutting Down Zendaya’s Tommy Hilfiger Show
  94. Travis Scott Back on the Road, Gives Kiley Jenner Loving Shout Out
  95. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  96. Blind Item: Roseanne Barr Returns To Slam #MeToo Accusers
  97. Blind Item: Travis Scott Is Really Trying To Sell His “Cheating Scandal” With Kylie Jenner
  98. Anthony Anderson Says Roseanne 'Needs Help' After Her #MeToo Criticism | TMZ
  99. Blind Item: The Momo Sculpture Has Been Put Down
  100. Blind Item: Tamron Hall Is Pregnant
  101. Blind Item: Who Is February’s Hot Slut Of The Month?
  102. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  103. 2 Chainz Gets Help From LeBron For His New Album | TMZ TV
  104. Brooklyn Nets Accused of Jacking Coogi Design for Biggie Tribute | TMZ TV
  105. Blind Item: He Secretly Fathered A Son With His Mistress
  106. Blind Item: The Poacher And The Pop Star
  107. Blind Item: Super Intimate Dinner Date
  108. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  109. Blind Item: Donald Trump Served Fast Food To College Champions…. Again.
  110. Blind Item: Corey Feldman Spoke Out Against “Leaving Neverland”
  111. Bebe Rexha Makes Up with Her Dad Over a One-on-One Dinner | TMZ
  112. D.L. Hughley Says Society Gave Michael Jackson a Pass Because of His Talent | TMZ
  113. Blind Item: Daddy Spears Is Now Britney’s Sole Conservator
  114. Blind Item: Halle Berry Probably Got A Big New Back Tattoo
  115. Blind Item: The Actual Ariana Grande Latte Is Here (Kinda)
  116. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  117. Rep. Tlaib Says Rep. Omar Isn't Anti-Semitic, Questions Pelosi's Resolution
  118. Chris Martin Has A Normal Person Birthday Party | TMZ TV
  119. Blind Item: Buzz About A New Relationship
  120. Blind Item: Fake Love Turns Into Real Job
  121. Blind Item: Don’t Leap To Conclusions About His Experience
  122. Blind Item: Manipulators Not Interested In The Truth
  123. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  124. Blind Item: Demi Lovato And Her Designer Boyfriend Have Broken Up
  125. Michael Avenatti Doesn't Believe R. Kelly's Tears | TMZ
  126. Lil Jon says Pepsi Ad's Brought New Onslaught of 'Okay' | TMZ
  127. Blind Item: The “Mad About You” Revival Isn’t Good Enough For NBC
  128. Blind Item: Paris Jackson Hasn’t Seen “Leaving Neverland” But Is Sure Her Dad Was Innocent
  129. Blind Item: The “Maleficent” Sequel Got A Title And Will Be Out Later This Year
  130. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  131. Neymar Hits Carnival With Smokin' Hot Brazilian Singer Anitta | TMZ TV
  132. Funny Guy Thomas Lennon Is Always On His A Game | TMZ TV
  133. Blind Item: Not Funny Or Distinguished
  134. Blind Item: The Same Dude
  135. Blind Item: She Lets Him Steamroll Her
  136. Blind Item: Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 39 – Trapped In A Bad Acting Class
  137. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  138. Blind Item: R. Kelly Is Back In Jail Over Unpaid Child Support, And There’s Another Sexual Assault Accuser
  139. Blind Item: Taylor Swift’s Stalker Broke Into Her House Again
  140. Blind Item: Several Radio Stations Are Cutting Ties With Michael Jackson Because Of “Leaving Neverland”
  141. Blind Item: Lucille Ball Reportedly Did Poppers To Ease Chest Pains
  142. Blind Item: In Case You Missed It, The $500 Barbie Purse From A French Fashion House
  143. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  144. Bam Margera Rips Into Manager After Showing Up Late To Comedy Set
  145. Roseanne Continues Bashing #MeToo Women | TMZ TV
  146. Blind Item: Plowing New Furrows
  147. Blind Item: They Gave Pizza The Boot
  148. Blind Item: The Healthy Fakes
  149. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  150. Blind Item: Another Fight Over Crab Legs Went Down In NYC
  151. Blind Item: Corey Feldman Changed His Mind, Is Now Speaking Out Against Michael Jackson
  152. Blind Item: Dozens Of Hospital Workers May Have Been Fired For Reading Jussie Smollett’s Medical Chart
  153. Brian Littrell Shoots Down Joey Fatone, Backstreet-*NSYNC Ain't Happening | TMZ
  154. Blind Item: Nick Jonas Reveals How He Really Felt About All Of His Weddings On New Episode Of “Carpool Karaoke”
  155. Blind Item: Victoria Beckham Is Apparently Jealous Of David Beckham’s Friendship With Helena Christensen
  156. Blind Item: Petty, Thy Name Is Billionaire Harry Macklowe
  157. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  158. Tristan Thompson's Mystery Chick Revealed! | TMZ TV
  159. Queen Elizabeth Shares Her First Instagram Post on Royal Family Account | TMZ TV
  160. Blind Item: Slider Versus The Pop Star
  161. Blind Item: Room For Improvement
  162. Blind Item: Of Primary Concern
  163. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  164. Blind Item: Alfonso Ribeiro Dropped His Lawsuit Against “Fortnite” About The Carlton Dance
  165. Blind Item: Kathy Griffin Says Losing Anderson Cooper As A Friend “Still Hurts”
  166. Blind Item: Jennie Garth Tells Fans To Pipe Down After She Didn’t Post About Luke Perry On Social Media
  167. Blind Item: Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Are Trying To Make It Work
  168. Blind Item: Lindsay Shookus Doesn’t Drink Booze Around Ben Affleck, Prefers To Load Him Up With Caffeine
  169. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By This Bartender “Accidentally” Wrecking This Champagne Tower
  170. YBN Almighty Jay Gets Stomped in NYC Street Fight | TMZ
  171. DJ Mustard & YG Discuss R. Kelly & Michael Jackson, YG Says Racism's Afoot | TMZ
  172. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  173. Blind Item: JLo And A-Rod Are Engaged
  174. Blind Item: R. Kelly’s Out Of Jail Because Someone Paid His Child Support For Him
  175. Blind Item: Goopy Spoofed GOOP On “Saturday Night Live”
  176. Paralyzed Man Adam Gorlitsky Looking to Make History at L.A. Marathon | TMZ
  177. Blind Item: Quavo From Migos Claims He Bought A Tiger, And People Are Pissed
  178. Blind Item: Diane Von Furstenberg On The Time She Hooked Up With Richard Gere
  179. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By This Kangaroo Punching A Paraglider
  180. Third R. Kelly Sex Tape Surfaces, So Claims Gloria Allred
  181. Gloria Allred Answers Questions About Third R. Kelly Sextape
  182. Blind Item: Duchess Meghan’s Aide Is Leaving Her After The Royal Baby Is Born
  183. Blind Item: Jose Canseco Tells A-Rod To Stop Being A Piece Shit And Quit Cheating On JLo
  184. Blind Item: Justin Bieber Needs You To Pray For Him
  185. Blind Item: Nicki Minaj Pissed Off Fans After Cancelling Another Show
  186. Drake Drops Michael Jackson Song from UK Tour in Wake of 'Leaving Neverland' | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY
  187. Cowboys Star Has No Regret On His Decision To Quit The NFL Over Marijuana Policy | TMZ TV
  188. Blind Item: Pete Davidson Talked About His Age Difference With Kate Beckinsale On “Saturday Night Live”
  189. Blind Item: Drake Removed A Song From His Setlist Which Included A Michael Jackson Sample
  190. Blind Item: Kimye Arrived Late To Chance The Rapper’s Wedding, Had To Watch From The Nosebleed Section
  191. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  192. Armie Hammer The New Batman?! | TMZ TV
  193. Bam Margera Goes Crazy & Rips Into Wife | TMZ TV
  194. Blind Item: He Was Crying And Begging
  195. Blind Item: How She Disarmed Him
  196. Blind Item: While The Sun Shines
  197. Blind Item: JLo Reportedly Doesn’t Believe That A-Rod Is Cheating On Her
  198. Blind Item: Angelina Jolie Brought The Kids To The “Dumbo” Premiere
  199. Blind Item: R. Kelly Says His “Spirit” Made Him Do That Gayle King Interview
  200. Blind Item: Idris Elba Once Again Addressed The James Bond Rumors With The Hollywood Reporter
  201. Khloe Kardashian Shows Off In A Full Fishnet Bodysuit | TMZ TV
  202. Swae Lee Wants To Find True Love Like Chance The Rapper | TMZ TV
  203. Blind Item: Bubbles Is Broke But Alive And Living At A Florida Ape Sanctuary
  204. Blind Item: Conor McGregor Was Arrested For Beating Up Somebody’s Phone
  205. Blind Item: William H. Macy’s Choice Of Words May Have Kept Him From Getting Charged Unlike Felicity Huffman
  206. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  207. J. Lo & A-Rod Are Engaged! | TMZ TV
  208. NY Knicks Owner Confront Fan Who Tells Him To Sell The Team | TMZ TV
  209. Blind Item: Her Husband Thinks She Is Stupid
  210. Blind Item: She Was Used By Two Famous Nut Jobs
  211. Blind Item: Felicity Huffman Is Out On $250,000 Bail, And Lori Loughlin Will Turn Herself In Today (UPDATE)
  212. Blind Item: Judge Judy Will Finally Be Honored With A Lifetime Achievement Emmy
  213. Blind Item: Jose Canseco’s Ex-Wife Denies Ever Sleeping With Alex Rodriguez (But Alex Rodriquez’s Ex May Think Otherwise)
  214. Blind Item: Amy Schumer And Lena Dunham Bonded Over Everyone Hating On Them
  215. John Stamos, Jodie Sweetin's Reaction to Lori Loughlin Indictment | TMZ
  216. R. Kelly Arrives at Court, Trying to Get Child Support Reduced | TMZ
  217. Blind Item: Ann Coulter On Harvard Boy
  218. Blind Item: Varsity Blues Billionaire
  219. Blind Item: February’s Hot Slut Of The Month Is….
  220. Blind Item: Nick Jonas Bought Priyanka Chopra A Maybach
  221. Blind Item: Nicki Minaj Called Her Sex Offender Boyfriend Her “Husband”
  222. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  223. J Lo's Ex Casper Smart Hits Beach with Hot Chick | TMZ TV
  224. Jay Leno Reveals His Number One Car | TMZ TV
  225. Blind Item: Olivia And The Bad Boy
  226. Blind Item: Joe Giudice Of “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Is Out Of Prison… And Is Now In ICE Detention
  227. Blind Item: Olivia Jade Was On The Yacht Of*A Top USC Official When Her Parents Were Indicted
  228. Blind Item: Ben Affleck Loves His Giant Phoenix Back Tattoo
  229. Blind Item: Jussie Smollett Pleaded Not Guilty To 16 Felony Charges
  230. Conor McGregor Phone Stomping Incident Caught On Video | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY
  231. Meek Mill Honored in Court | TMZ
  232. Blind Item: Packing Lemons
  233. Blind Item: Ciara Says Abstaining From Sex Before Marriage Took Lots Of Prayer
  234. Blind Item: Miranda Kerr Is Going To Make Her Son Pay For His Own Car
  235. Blind Item: Prince Hot Ginge And Prince William Have Officially Split Their Houses*
  236. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  237. 'Star Wars' Star Wows The TMZ Tour | TMZ TV
  238. Ciara & Russell Wilson Have A Family Dance Party By The Beach | TMZ TV
  239. Blind Item: Bad Boy Banders
  240. Blind Item: Firing Delay
  241. Blind Item: She Is Also In It To Win It
  242. Blind Item: “Fuller House” Drops Lori Loughlin As Her Daughters Drop Out Of USC*
  243. Blind Item: Nicki Minaj’s Registered Sex Offender Boyfriend Pleaded Guilty To Driving On A Suspended License
  244. Blind Item: Rosario Dawson Confirms That She And Cory Booker Are Together And In Loooove
  245. Blind Item: Kat Von D Is Not A Nazi Or An Anti-Vaxxer, So Says Kat Von D
  246. Lori Loughlin Dropped by 'Fuller House' and Hallmark | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY
  247. Meek Mill Weekend Is Official In Philly | TMZ TV
  248. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By The Reboot Of “Black Swan”
  249. Blind Item: Soulja Boy Has Been Arrested…Again
  250. Blind Item: Sam Smith Says He Got Liposuction At 12