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  1. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  2. Tekashi69 Freaks Out on Tape After Music Video Shooting | TMZ
  3. Comedian Gives Props To NFL Star For Not Fighting A Woman | TMZ TV
  4. Blind Item: A Generous Guy On Vacation
  5. Kourtney K, Sofia Richie & Scott Disick Vacation Together in Mexico | TMZ
  6. Wayne Brady Goes Off on Everyone in Louis C.K.'s 2011 N-Word Convo | TMZ
  7. Blind Item: The Pretend Holiday Invitation
  8. Blind Item: “Flip Or Flop” Host Cristina El Moussa Married “Wheeler Dealers” Host Ant Anstead
  9. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By The Dangling Belgian Energy Drink Thief
  10. Blind Item: Here’s Chris Rock Enabling Louis CK And Ricky Gervais To Use The N-Word While Jerry Seinfeld Prays For Death
  11. Blind Item: Cardi B Is Probably Not Going To Join Maroon 5 During The Super Bowl Halftime Show
  12. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  13. Fake Blood-Pouring Trump Star Vandal Was PETA Worker Who's Been Fired | TMZ
  14. Offset Craps Out in Puerto Rico Without Cardi B | TMZ
  15. Jamie Foxx Dancing During His Holiday Party in Los Angeles | TMZ
  16. Blind Item: He Needs Her Hotness
  17. Blind Item: Christmas Eve Crumbs
  18. Blind Item: Kevin Spacey Got Charged With Felony Sexual Assault, And He Responded To Allegations In Character As Frank Underwood*
  19. Blind Item: Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Found A New Plot Line
  20. Blind Item: The Sexual Assault Case Against Asia Argento Hasn’t Gone Anywhere Yet
  21. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  22. Travis Scott Drops $450,000 For His Astroworld Set Design in Diamonds | TMZ
  23. Blind Item: Merry Christmas From The Curtsying Duchesses!
  24. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  25. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  26. Paris Hilton Doubles Down on Keeping $2 Mil Engagement Ring, Say It Was Free
  27. Blind Item: Three Reasons To Worry
  28. Blind Item: Two Gay Birds
  29. Blind Item: Sofia Vergara Wants Nick Loeb To Show Proof Of Residency In Louisiana For Their Frozen Embryo Case
  30. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By JLo Singing Her Rival’s Christmas Song
  31. Blind Item: Terrence Howard Got Engaged To An Ex-Wife Again
  32. Blind Item: Rita Ora And Andrew Garfield Made It Official By Walking Hand-In-Hand
  33. Dikembe Mutombo Sorrowful Over Loss of Child with Tumor But Vows to Keep Helping
  34. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  35. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  36. Blind Item: No Fairy Tale Ending For This Affair
  37. Blind Item: The Rolling Fight
  38. Travis Scott Is All About Business | TMZ TV
  39. Jeopardy Champ Jackie Fuchs Medical Emergency | TMZ TV
  40. Blind Item: The Gift Of Forgiveness
  41. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Adam Lambert’s Nightingale Voice Bringing The Glittery Tears Out Of Cher
  42. Blind Item: Dionne Warwick Is Headed To Trial For Tax Woes
  43. Blind Item: Kevin Spacey’s Accuser Recorded The Alleged Sexual Assault On Snapchat*
  44. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  45. Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Doused with Fake Blood | TMZ TV
  46. Parkland Leader David Hogg Enrolling at Harvard Next Fall | TMZ TV
  47. Blind Item: He Did A Stupid Thing Before The Wedding
  48. Blind Item: Creepy And Dangerous
  49. Michael B. Jordan Is Not Happy With Travis Scott | TMZ TV
  50. The Law Isn't Happy About Chris Brown's Monkey Business | TMZ TV
  51. Blind Item: Dog On Vacation
  52. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  53. Blind Item: Kanye West Got Kim Kardashian A $14 Million Condo For Christmas
  54. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Miss Congo Getting Crowned With Literal Fire After Winning The Miss Africa Pageant
  55. Blind Item: The Rock Got More Than Double What Emily Blunt Was Paid For “Jungle Cruise”
  56. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  57. Eddie Murphy Sorrounded By Family | TMZ TV
  58. Danielle Staub's Estranged Husband Marty Caffrey Says She Knew He Listed Their House
  59. Pete Davidson Chats Up a Poolside Hottie in Miami to Round Out 2018
  60. Blind Item: She Got Tired Of His Rules
  61. Blind Item: Kanye West Is Pissed At Drake (Again) Over Kim Kardashian
  62. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By The Giant Robot That Lady Gaga Rides In Her Vegas Residency
  63. Blind Item: Macaulay Culkin Is Legally Changing His Middle Name To Macaulay Culkin
  64. Blind Item: Bebe Rexha Called Out A Married Pro Football Player For Hitting On Her
  65. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  66. Sheryl Underwood Tells Kevin Spacey to Stop Ruining the Underwood Name
  67. Blind Item: Cardi B’s Publicist Threatened To Smack Down A Woman In The Sydney Airport
  68. Blind Item: Dame June Whitfield, Who Played Gran On “AbFab,” Has Died
  69. Blind Item: Demi Lovato And Her New Man Are Instagram Official
  70. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Grover Maybe Dropping An F-Bomb
  71. Rap Groupie Celina Powell Arrested, Bounty Hunter Hurls N-Word in Bust
  72. Blind Item: Abby Lee Miller Will Return To Terrorize Children On “Dance Moms”
  73. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  74. First Shaved Head Playboy Playmate Vendela Lindblom Jokes About Britney Spears
  75. Blind Item: Open New Year’s Eve Post: Hosted By The Queen Of Las Vegas Proving Why She’s The Queen Of Las Vegas
  76. Blind Item: Kevin Spacey Is Trying To Get Out Of Going To Court
  77. Blind Item: Wake And Bake Beauty
  78. Blind Item: Wedding Arrangement
  79. Blind Item: Ryan Phillippe And The Beggar
  80. Blind Item: Leaked Audio Of A Recent Louis C.K. Set Is Hopefully The Final Nail In His Coffin
  81. Blind Item: The Rock Bought His Mom A New House For Christmas
  82. Louis C.K. Sinking to the Bottom of the Barrel, Parkland Survivor Cameron Kasky Says
  83. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  84. Trey Songz Gets Handsy with Steve Harvey's Stepdaughter for NYE Show
  85. Comedian Alonzo Bodden Praises Tiffany Haddish's Handling of Bombed Set
  86. Blind Item: No Belly Laughs
  87. Blind Item: Sensitive To Nicknames
  88. Blind Item: Hot Sluts Of The Day!
  89. Blind Item: Happy New Year From Anderson Cooper Burning On The Inside From Tequila
  90. The Pointer Sisters' Bonnie Throws Up Onstage, Keeps Performing 'I'm So Excited' | TMZ
  91. David Spade Compares Tiffany Haddish's Stand-Up Set to Louis C.K.'s | TMZ
  92. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  93. Blind Item: Justin Bieber Showed Off His Latest Face Tattoo
  94. Blind Item: Not Distinguished
  95. Blind Item: He Is Cycling Again
  96. Ron Funches Doesn't Like Louis C.K. and Happy He's Getting Ripped For Parkland Jokes | TMZ
  97. Aubrey O'Day Booted from NYE Party She Hosted in 'Honor' of Donald Trump Jr | TMZ
  98. Blind Item: Shorter Short List
  99. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  100. Blind Item: Ricky Martin And Jwan Josef Are Daddies To A New Baby Girl
  101. Blind Item: Prince Hot Ginge Has Given Up Coffee, Booze, And Tea. How Is He Functioning?!
  102. Blind Item: Farewell, Captain
  103. Blind Item: Honorable Shoes
  104. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  105. Blind Item: Netflix Had To Tell People Not To Blindfold Themselves For The #BirdBoxChallenge
  106. Jessie James Decker Shares Nude Photo Of Eric Decker Looking Great in Retirement | TMZ TV
  107. WWE Legend Mean Gene Okerlund Passes Away at 76 | TMZ TV
  108. Blind Item: The Suave Wolf
  109. Blind Item: Piers Morgan Tried To Drag A Vegan Sausage Roll
  110. Blind Item: Who Is The Final Hot Slut Of The Month Of 2018?
  111. Blind Item: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Don’t Celebrate Their Anniversary
  112. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  113. Yung Joc Challenges Usher to Settle the Real King of Hair & Fleek Style | TMZ
  114. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West To Have Fourth Baby, Via Surrogate | TMZ TV
  115. Blind Item: Former “American Idol” Host Brian Dunkleman Drives For Uber And Dares You To Say Something
  116. Blind Item: John Legend Dragged R. Kelly In New Documentary While Other Famous People Stayed Out Of It
  117. Blind Item: Jeremy Meeks Has To Pay Child Support Out Of His Own Pocket
  118. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  119. Rapper Involved In Huge Street Brawl! | TMZ TV
  120. Olivia Newton-John Out for Lunch, Looking Healthy After Death Rumors | TMZ TV
  121. Blind Item: Daddy Wants Cash
  122. Blind Item: Luxurious Cheating
  123. Blind Item: Making Out In The Corner
  124. Blind Item: Undermining Awards Season
  125. Blind Item: Burger King’s All-You-Can-Eat Winner Says That The Prize Is B.S.
  126. Blind Item: A Fish Almost Cost Bethenny Frankel Her Life Again
  127. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  128. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Ally’s Real Life “A Star Is Born” Billboard
  129. Bon Jovi's David Bryan Grabs the Mic for 'Livin' On a Prayer' and Other Hits at Club
  130. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Leaves Club with Bloody Face After Alleged Ashtray Attack by Jen
  131. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  132. Billy Porter Sings 'Shallow' From 'A Star is Born' at Gold Meets Golden Event | TMZ
  133. Terrance Howard Says Kevin Hart's Homophobic Jokes Are All Part of Comedy | TMZ
  134. Blind Item: The Kendall Jenner Mystery Announcement
  135. Blind Item: And In “This Relationship Is Moving A Little Too Fast For Me” News…
  136. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Egg Roll Squirrel
  137. Blind Item: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Sold Their Pacific Palisades Compound To Adam Levine
  138. Blind Item: Pottermore Says That Wizards Used To Just Shit On The Floor At Hogwarts
  139. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  140. Blind Item: Don Lemon Criticized Kevin Hart And Ellen DeGeneres, So Kevin Said Some More Shit On Instagram
  141. Diane Warren Says Tlaib's Right, Impeach that Motherf***** Donald Trump!!!
  142. Blind Item: The Mystery Of The Golden Globes: The Hell Why Does Chrissy Metz Hate Alison Brie
  143. Blind Item: A Video From 2010 Of Drake Kissing And Fondling A 17-Year-Old Girl Has Surfaced
  144. Blind Item: Melissa Joan Hart Told Her Kids That She Doesn’t Know If Non-Jesus Believers Are Good People
  145. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Michael Keaton Giving You Silver Daddy Imperiousness On His “Dumbo” Poster
  146. Chrissy Metz Says She Did NOT Call Alison Brie a Bitch on Golden Globe Red Carpet
  147. Chrissy Metz Says She Did NOT Call Alison Brie a Bitch on Golden Globes Red Carpet | TMZ NEWSROOM TO
  148. Blind Item: Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Left A Party Together, So You Know What That Means!
  149. Blind Item: Christian Bale Pissed Off Dick Cheney’s Daughter After Thanking Satan For Inspiring His Performance In “Vice”
  150. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  151. Blind Item: Billy Porter Showed Everyone How It’s Done On The Golden Globes Red Carpet
  152. Danielle Bregoli Gets A Whole New Set Of Teeth! | TMZ TV
  153. It's A TMZ Newsroom Fitness Challenge! | TMZ TV
  154. Blind Item: A Wonderful Evening
  155. Blind Item: The Brothers Grimm
  156. Blind Item: Lean In
  157. Blind Item: Two Stops
  158. Blind Item: Chance The Rapper Clarified His Apology For Working With R. Kelly
  159. Blind Item: Costco Is Selling a 7-Pound Bucket Of Nutella
  160. Blind Item: Olivia de Havilland Legal Tussle With FX Is Done After The Supreme Court Refused To Hear Her Case
  161. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  162. R. Kelly's Alleged Sex Slaves Front Row and Cheering at 2016 Concert | TMZ
  163. Kim Kardashian's Inbox Flooded With Letters From Prisoners | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY
  164. Blind Item: Tommie Lee From “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Is Facing Over 50 Years In Prison For Child Abuse Charges
  165. Blind Item: Mariah Carey’s Legal Battle With Her Former Manager Has Been Settled Out Of Court
  166. Blind Item: Lindsay Lohan Pretty Much Denies Crashing Paris Hilton’s Night Out With Britney Spears
  167. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  168. Blind Item: Golden Globe Fight
  169. Blind Item: He Is Stressing Everyone Out
  170. Blind Item: Group Squabble Over TV Show
  171. Blind Item: Wedding Nip
  172. NFL Star Saquon Barkley Hands Out $100 Bills Outside Of Club | TMZ TV
  173. Brawl Breaks Out After Seahawks Vs Cowboys Game! | TMZ TV
  174. Blind Item: Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2018? Vote In Round One!
  175. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  176. Blind Item: Kevin Hart Apologized Again
  177. Blind Item: “The Haunting Of Sharon Tate” Starring Hilary Duff Looks Criminally Bad
  178. David Arquette Scalps Opponents Head After Winning NWA Wrestling Match | TMZ TV
  179. R. Kelly Under Criminal Investigation Thanks to 'Surviving R. Kelly' | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY
  180. Blind Item: Jeff Bezos Is Getting Divorce (PS He’s Worth A Reported $137 BILLION)
  181. Blind Item: The Possible “Celebrity Big Brother” Cast Includes Sean Spicer, Dina Lohan, And Caitlyn Jenner
  182. Blind Item: The Fiji Water Girl Is On Jamie Lee Curtis’ Shit List
  183. Blind Item: Lindsay Lohan Explained Her Jacked-Up Accent Again
  184. Kevin Spacey's Court Appearance Day Gets Even Worse | TMZ TV
  185. Ben Stiller Thinks His Daughter Is A Great Actress | TMZ TV
  186. Blind Item: More Than One Reason For Divorce
  187. Blind Item: Altered Marriage
  188. Blind Item: For Crying Out Loud
  189. Blind Item: Photo Blind Item 39
  190. Blind Item: Ashley Graham Says That The Key To A Happy Marriage Is To Bone All The Time*
  191. Blind Item: Jessa Duggar Is Pregnant With Her Third Baby
  192. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  193. Blind Item: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Don’t Do Hand-Me-Downs For Their Kids
  194. Ne-Yo Says R. Kelly Allegations Are Worse Than Michael Jackson's | TMZ
  195. R. Kelly Has Run-in with Cops During Birthday Party in Chicago Nightclub | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY
  196. Blind Item: PK Kemsley Of “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Is Having Major Money Woes
  197. Blind Item: Ariana Grande Is Hanging Out With Her Ex Ricky Alvarez
  198. Blind Item: There Will Be No Host For The Oscars This Year
  199. Blind Item: Lady Gaga Finally Issued A Statement Regarding R. Kelly
  200. Blind Item: Tim Tebow Is Going To Marry His Miss Universe Girlfriend
  201. Blind Item: Rami Malek Isn’t Pissed Nicole Kidman Ignored Him At The Golden Globes
  202. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  203. Blind Item: Gwyneth Paltrow Brought Chris Martin Along To Her Honeymoon To Brad Falchuk
  204. Boxing Star Shoots His Shot At Selena Gomez! | TMZ TV
  205. DJ Khaled Has The Cutest Workout Ever With His Son | TMZ TV
  206. Blind Item: The Formerly Clean Cut Pop Star
  207. Blind Item: Preliminary James Bond
  208. Blind Item: Three And Three Timing
  209. Grandmaster Flash Says R. Kelly's His Friend but He's Done Playing His Music | TMZ
  210. R. Kelly Riddled with Panic Attacks Before and After Lifetime's 'Surviving' | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY
  211. Blind Item: Wendy Williams Is Taking More Time Off From Her Show
  212. Blind Item: Someone Stole Money From Aretha Franklin Before She Died
  213. Blind Item: Jeff Bezos May Have A Big Dick, And He Denies Cheating Again
  214. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  215. Blind Item: Singer And Trouble
  216. Blind Item: The Smartest Guy
  217. Blind Item: No Room For Crying
  218. Macaulay Culkin Has An Interesting NEW Middle Name | TMZ TV
  219. Chris Pratt Is Getting Rid Of His Dad Bod! | TMZ TV
  220. Blind Item: Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2018? Vote In Round Two!
  221. Blind Item: Gwyneth Paltrow Got Sprayed For Not Knowing The Lyrics Of An Ariana Grande Song
  222. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  223. Blind Item: Christina Aguilera Is Glad Lady Gaga Is Zapping Away The R. Kelly Version Of “Do What U Want”
  224. Tekashi 6ix9ine's Baby Mama Says Rapper's Made Zero Contact with Family
  225. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  226. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  227. Blind Item: Megyn Kelly And NBC Finally Settled, And She’s Getting All Her Money
  228. Blind Item: Logan Paul Got The Shit And Attention He Was Looking For By Proclaiming He’s Going Gay For A Month
  229. Jimmy Fallon Takes 'Tonight Show' to Puerto Rico to Aid in Relief Effort | TMZ
  230. Blind Item: Tom Sizemore Got Arrested Again
  231. Blind Item: Tom Hardy Has Reportedly Named His New Kid After Forrest Gump
  232. Blind Item: Billy Bush Will Probably Soon Return To TV On The One Network That Still Likes Him
  233. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By James McAvoy Talking About Shaving His Balls In Front Of His Grandparents
  234. North West Dines at Fancy Restaurant with Aunt Kourtney Kardashian | TMZ
  235. 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Amara La Negra Unloads on R. Kelly, Says He Belongs in Jail | TMZ
  236. Blind Item: Kanye Pulled Out Of Coachella Because They Wouldn’t Build Him A Giant Dome
  237. Blind Item: Richard Madden Is Single Now
  238. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  239. Blind Item: Piers Morgan Has Been Accused Of Faking His Recent Hospital Stay
  240. Blind Item: Louis C.K. Allegedly Gave An STD To Fraudster Restaurateur Sarma Melngailis
  241. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By This High School Teacher Trying To Beat Off A Dildo With A Broom
  242. French Montana Says R. Kelly Has a Right to Enjoy His Legacy | TMZ
  243. Alex Honnold Who Climbed El Capitan without Rope Says He Didn't Think About Death | TMZ
  244. DJ Paul Says R. Kelly's Music Legacy Won't Be Tarnished by Sex Abuse Scandal | TMZ
  245. Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are Engaged, Anna Faris Approves | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY
  246. Blind Item: Pete Davidson Is Clearing Up Those Big Dick Size Rumors
  247. Blind Item: The Real “Celebrity Big Brother” Cast Has Been Announced
  248. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  249. Blind Item: Travis Scott Asked The NFL To Make A Donation In Exchange For Doing The Super Bowl Halftime Show
  250. Blind Item: Photo Blind Item 40