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  1. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  2. Blind Item: We Are Now Living In A World Without Charlotte Rae In It
  3. Blind Item: Carrie Underwood Took Heat For Saying She’s Too Old To Be Having Hella Kids
  4. Blind Item: Cologne Ambassador Ansel Elgort Loves The Way The Subway Smells*
  5. Blind Item: Two Seniors*Escaped From Their Nursing Home To Go To A German Metal Festival
  6. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  7. Shiggy Warns Against Busting 'Kiki' Challenge Out of Moving Cars | TMZ
  8. Paris Hilton SHADES Lindsay Lohan | TMZ TV
  9. Blind Item: Her Baby Plans
  10. Blind Item: The Newsy Affairs
  11. Blind Item: Two Actors And Their Wives
  12. Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen Hit the High Seas! | TMZ TV
  13. Fat Joe Shoots Down Eric Benet's Take on Rap Music and White Supremacy
  14. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  15. Blind Item: A Full House Of Cash
  16. Blind Item: Kourtney Kardashian And Younes Bendjima Broke Up
  17. Blind Item: Mel B Has To Give Stephen Belafonte $20,000 A Month In Support*
  18. Blind Item: Kathleen Turner Is Here To Tell You How She Really Feels About Some Hollywood Shit*
  19. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  20. Justin Trudeau Having a Ball at Pride Parade in Vancouver | TMZ TV
  21. 'Bachelorette' Star Colton Underwood Weighs in on Who Should Be Next 'Bachelor'
  22. Blind Item: Hubby Found Her Diary
  23. Blind Item: The Wardrobe Fight
  24. Blind Item: Angry That Ratings Dive Was Avoidable
  25. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  26. The Rock Gets Heat For His Whale Photo! | TMZ TV
  27. Blind Item: Jerry O’Connell Is Sorry For The Name Of His Bravo Show
  28. Blind Item: The “Crazy Rich Asians” Premiere Brought Out A Whole Lot Of Expensive-Looking Glamour
  29. Blind Item: Chipotle Made A Bunch Of People In Ohio Sick
  30. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  31. Lil Pump Gets $70k Diamond Grills Delivery at LAX | TMZ
  32. DC Young Fly Bought His Momma A House! | TMZ TV
  33. Blind Item: Woe Is Me Girl
  34. Blind Item: Bethenny Says Costars Can’t Afford It
  35. Blind Item: Oral To An Actor
  36. Blind Item: Woof Rapper
  37. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  38. We Guessed The Bachelorette Winner Right! | TMZ TV
  39. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  40. 'The Meg' Star Page Kennedy Explains Why 'Popular' Oscars Are Needed | TMZ
  41. Logan Paul Wants To Fight UFC Stars! | TMZ TV
  42. Blind Item: The Married Actress And The Sauna
  43. Blind Item: Yappy And Floppy
  44. Blind Item: He Was An Impure Angel
  45. Blind Item: Avoiding The Rat
  46. Blind Item: Demi Lovato Canceled The Rest Of Her Tour
  47. Blind Item: Justin Bieber Explains That He Was Crying About His Upcoming Marriage
  48. Blind Item: K. Michelle Says Idris Elba Gave Her Great Head
  49. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  50. Couple Caught Banging In The Park! | TMZ TV
  51. Jennifer Lopez Is Ready To Be A Bride | TMZ TV
  52. Blind Item: Lil’ Kim Is Trying To Save Her House From Getting Foreclosed On
  53. Blind Item: Who Is July’s Hot Slut Of The Month?
  54. Blind Item: Money Is Reportedly Tight For Angelina Jolie Right Now*
  55. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  56. Kourtney Kardashian and Larsa Pippen Hit The Town and The Paparazzi? | TMZ TV
  57. Blind Item: Time With Hubby
  58. Blind Item: Actor Is A Nice Change Of Pace
  59. Blind Item: Try Every One At Least Once
  60. Lea Thompson: 'Back to the Future' Would've Won the 'Popular' Oscar | TMZ TV
  61. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  62. Space Force: The 6th Branch of The Military | TMZ TV
  63. Jeff Goldblum And His Huge.....Statue | TMZ TV
  64. Jennifer Lopez Get's Loud In Italy | TMZ TV
  65. Blind Item: Erika Christensen’s Second Child Was Delivered At Home By Her Husband
  66. Blind Item: Kanye Wants To Bang All Of His Wife’s Sisters, Was Offered A Porn Directorship
  67. Blind Item: John Mayer’s Home Was Robbed Of Up To $200,000 In Valuables
  68. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By How To Fold A Fitted Sheet
  69. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  70. Blind Item: Idris Elba Will Not Be The Next James Bond: Take 100
  71. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Former HSOTD Mark Kanemura Finally Performing With Carly Rae Jepsen!
  72. The Temptations Tell Harvey Levin To Keep His Day Job | TMZ
  73. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thinks Omarosa's New Book on Trump is Sad
  74. Blind Item: Ruby Rose Quit Twitter Because Of The Backlash Over Her Getting Cast As Batwoman*
  75. Blind Item: Here’s Omarosa’s Recording Of Her White House Firing
  76. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  77. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Sends Prayers to Gravely Ill Aretha Franklin | TMZ
  78. Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn's Son Says His Paren't Are Totally Normal | TMZ TV
  79. Blind Item: Her Weird Choice Of Dates
  80. Blind Item: Danger Actor Is Actually A Wimp
  81. Blind Item: Buns And Coats
  82. Blind Item: Older And Wiser
  83. Blind Item: Lena Dunham Felt The Need To Share The Baby Names She And Ex Jack Antonoff Liked
  84. Blind Item: Lil’ Kim Had A Few Things To Say About Her Beef With Nicki Minaj
  85. Blind Item: Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber Aren’t Rushing To The Alter
  86. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  87. Debra Tate Loves Margot Robbie's Portrayal of Murdered Sister Sharon
  88. Nick Cannon Says E-40 & Too Short Will Bring Authenticity to New Show
  89. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  90. Blind Item: Melanie Griffith Is Over Marriage
  91. Blind Item: The Trailer For Taraji P. Henson’s Gender-Flipped “What Men Want” Is Here
  92. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  93. Blind Item: The Glaring Reason For Her Body
  94. Blind Item: The Female Leonardo DiCaprio
  95. Blind Item: Sloppy Seconds Success
  96. Blind Item: Not So Super Marriage
  97. Khloe Kardashian & Kendall Jenner Double Date In Mexico! | TMZ TV
  98. Dru Hill's Smoke E. Digglera Breaks Down Sneaker Photoshop Fail | TMZ
  99. Blind Item: Safaree Samuels Claims Nicki Minaj Almost Killed Him During A Fight
  100. YG Wasn't Drunk, He Just Wanted a New Seat, According to Rapper Slim 400
  101. Jada Pinkett Smith's 72-Year-Old Bodybuilder Pal Calls Out Will Smith
  102. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  103. Blind Item: Here’s A Look At Priyanka Chopra’s Engagement Ring
  104. Blind Item: “Dr. Pimple Popper” Is Getting A Second Season
  105. Blind Item: Penn Jillette Says Donald Trump Said (Shocking!) “Racially Insensitive” Things On “Celebrity Apprentice”
  106. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  107. Blind Item: Her Smoke And Shoot Teacher
  108. Blind Item: Ten Pills
  109. Blind Item: She Wants To Punish Him
  110. Kris Jenner Says She Loves Kanye Despite Him Wanting to Smash Kim's Sisters
  111. It's A UFC Champ Showdown In The TMZ Newsroom! | TMZ TV
  112. Blind Item: Quiet Rejects Noisy
  113. 112 Members Slim & Mike Say Q and Daron Have Split from the Group | TMZ
  114. Aretha Franklin Dead At 76; The Last Time We Saw Her
  115. Blind Item: We Are Now Living In A World Without The Queen Of Soul (And Everything Else) Aretha Franklin*
  116. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  117. Blind Item: Ruth Wilson And Gayle King Kind Of Talked About What Happened On “The Affair”
  118. Blind Item: Pearl From “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Accuses RuPaul Of Breaking Her Spirit
  119. Blind Item: Vogue Is Done Hiring Models Younger Than 18*
  120. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  121. Aretha Franklin Dead at 76, Harvey Levin On Her Legacy | TMZ
  122. Omarosa Explains Why She Supported Trump in 2016 Despite Believing He Used N-Word | TMZ
  123. Blind Item: Cold And Lonely At The Top
  124. Blind Item: Channeling Aretha
  125. Blind Item: Let’s Play Doctor
  126. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By The Husky Who Thinks He’s A Motorcycle
  127. Blind Item: Ben Affleck Was Seen Having Dinner With A Woman Who Wasn’t Lindsay Shookus
  128. Blind Item: Who Hid The Hydrox? Hydrox Cookies Declares War On Rival Cookie Oreo
  129. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  130. Taylor Swift Gets Emotional About Sexual Assault Victims Being Believed | TMZ TV
  131. Denver Broncos Haze Rookies with Terrible Haircuts! | TMZ TV
  132. Blind Item: Parenting Is Hard
  133. Blind Item: Naturally Pretty
  134. Blind Item: Her New Family
  135. Aretha Franklin's Passing Is Bringing People Together | TMZ TV
  136. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  137. Blind Item: Liam Neeson To Play A Revenge-Seeking Snowplow Operator
  138. Blind Item: A “Sea Monster” Washed Up In Russia
  139. Blind Item: Sisqo Got Married
  140. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Former Werewolf And Current Thirst Trap Tyler Hoechlin
  141. Kobe Bryant Is Really Really RICH | TMZ TV
  142. 2 Chainz Brings a White Tiger in for Versace Mansion Wedding
  143. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  144. 'Bachelorette' Star Colton Underwood's Rescue Dog Arrives Home, Chows on Chicken
  145. Blind Item: Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend Got Officially Divorced
  146. Blind Item: Sarah Jessica Parker Shattered The Dreams Of A 14-Year-Old Aspiring Videographer
  147. Blind Item: Kevin Spacey’s New Movie Brought In Only $126 On Its Opening Day*
  148. Blind Item: Open Posted: Hosted By The Shark That Scared Mariah Carey
  149. Blac Chyna & Rob Have SERIOUS Baby Probs | TMZ TV
  150. Halsey Zips Up But Still Shows LOTS Of Skin | TMZ TV
  151. Backstreet Boys Fan Recounts Harrowing Tent Collapse Accident
  152. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  153. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By RiRi Avoiding The Hell Out Of The Bridal Bouquet*
  154. Blind Item: Pete Davidson Was Pulled Over And His Passenger Was Busted For Pot Possession
  155. Blind Item: Page Six Says*That Angelina Jolie Thinks Amal Clooney Is Copying Her
  156. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  157. April Ryan Slams Omarosa Saying She Used Ghostwriter| TMZ
  158. Angela Bassett Is A SEXY 60 Year Old | TMZ TV
  159. Blind Item: How This Talk Show Helps Guests Relax
  160. Blind Item: Photo Blind Item 36
  161. Blind Item: Watch This Rich Athlete Fake It
  162. Blind Item: Here’s Madonna’s MTV VMAs Tribute To Madonna (Featuring An Aretha Franklin Album She Listened To Once, Or Something)*
  163. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  164. Nicki Minaj Says She's the New Harriet Tubman Ahead of VMAs
  165. Wesley Snipes Gives His Best Aretha Flanklin Impersonation! | TMZ TV
  166. Blind Item: Madonna’s Self-Centered Aretha Franklin Tribute Wasn’t Supposed To Be A Tribute
  167. Blind Item: Danny Boyle Has Left “James Bond 25”
  168. Blind Item: Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan Visited George And Amal Clooney In Italy
  169. Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra Are Happily Engaged! | TMZ TV
  170. Asia Argento Sexual Assault Allegations Explained | Behind the Bar
  171. Blind Item: Tattoo Down There
  172. Blind Item: In The Rest Room
  173. Blind Item: Calling Out The Tricksters
  174. Blind Item: They Do Not Live Together
  175. Blind Item: Night Crumbs