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  1. Taryn Manning Is Pissed About $200 SAG Awards Dress, 'I Want a Superstar Gown' | TMZ
  2. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  3. Blind Item: Russell Simmons Has Been Hit With A $5 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit
  4. Blind Item: Assault With A Flying Burrito: A Taco Bell Tale
  5. Blind Item: Vanity Fair’s Annual Hollywood Issue Is Here With Oprah, And 12 Other Exhausted-Looking Stars
  6. Paris Hilton Calling All the Wedding Shots, Fiance Chris Zylka Wants It That Way
  7. Blind Item: For Once And For All, The Mighty O Is Not Running For President (Or So She Says)
  8. Blind Item: Two More Women Are Accusing Nelly Of Sexual Assault
  9. Blind Item: Casey Affleck Isn’t Presenting Best Actress At The Oscars This Year. Hmm… I Wonder Why?
  10. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  11. Are Aliens Democrats Or Republicans? | TMZ TV
  12. Kim K Hot And Sandy On The Beach | TMZ TV
  13. Blind Item: His Busy Fingers
  14. Blind Item: Competition Show Romance
  15. Blind Item: Former Fling Is Stalking Dad
  16. Blind Item: Star Corners Drunk Girl
  17. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  18. Blind Item: Suki Waterhouse Denies She’s Getting With Darren Aronofsky
  19. Blind Item: Kirk Cameron Speaks For God When He Says Donald Trump Is Forgiven
  20. 'Storm Chasers' Cruise Rages On After Joel Taylor's Death and Drug Use Still Rampant | TMZ
  21. Tarantino And Leo DiCaprio Making A Charles Manson Movie? | TMZ TV
  22. Blind Item: Jesse Williams And Minka Kelly Have Reportedly Split Up
  23. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Reba As The Kween Colonel Of KFC
  24. Blind Item: Patti LuPone And Andrew Lloyd Webber “Bury The Hatchet.” World Peace Is Possible!
  25. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  26. Kylie Jenner's Baby Bump and Kris' Junk In The Trunk | TMZ BUZZ
  27. Meek Mill, Court Clerk Slipped Him Note Asking for Money During Probation Violation Hearing | TMZ
  28. Blind Item: Here Comes The List
  29. Blind Item: Why He Did Not Get An Oscar Nomination
  30. Blind Item: The Huge Payout
  31. Blind Item: Out Of Control And Unavailable
  32. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  33. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  34. Blind Item: Jennifer Hudson Says David Otunga Needs To Get A Job!
  35. 'Mighty Ducks' Actor Aaron Schwartz Wants in On TV Reboot
  36. Christina Aguilara's Wild Night Out In Hollywood | TMZ TV
  37. Blind Item: Awwww, What A Sweet Picture Of A Cool Dad Bonding With His Teenage Daughter. Oh, Wait….
  38. Blind Item: The Daily Mail Says That Melania Trump Has Been Staying In A Hotel
  39. Blind Item: Alley Mills Says That “The Wonder Years” Was Canceled Because Of Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Fred Savage
  40. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By The Moment When Tom Cruise Broke His Ankle
  41. NBA Star Denied Entry To Club! | TMZ TV
  42. Taryn Manning - Award Show Dress Meltdown | TMZ TV
  43. Erykah Badu's 'Hilter' Comments Spark Controversy With TMZ Staffers | TMZ TV
  44. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  45. Blind Item: Jay-Z Wants You To Know He And Beyonce Are Now Solid As A Rock
  46. Blind Item: Nicole Eggert Accused Scott Baio Accused Of Molesting Her When She Was 14
  47. Blind Item: Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Were Boo’d Up At Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Party Last Night
  48. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Rita Ora Giving You Intergalactic Bordello Madam
  49. 'Baby Driver' Star Ansel Elgort Sings Karaoke for Friend's Birthday
  50. Waka Flocka Flame Hates Vegan Shame | TMZ TV
  51. Blind Item: Bruno Mars Took Home A Ton of 24K Gold-Plated Grammy Awards Last Night
  52. Blind Item: Blue Ivy Carter Clearly Runs The World And Keeps Her Parents In Check
  53. Blind Item: Kesha Was Joined By An All-Star Chorus At The Grammys To Perform “Praying”
  54. Blind Item: Lorde Was The Only Person Nominated For Album Of The Year Who Wasn’t Asked To Perform Solo
  55. Justin Bieber's a Little Worried for Alessia Cara After Grammy Win | TMZ
  56. Kylie Jenner: Push It! | TMZ TV
  57. Blind Item: Pregnancy Twist
  58. Blind Item: Jennifer Hudson Is Officially Playing Aretha Franklin In A Biopic
  59. Blind Item: Jack Antonoff Isn’t Dating Lorde, But He Might Be Dating A Blonde Model
  60. Blind Item: But Who Is Playing The Pivotal Role Of Lady Elaine Fairchilde?
  61. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  62. Shaq's Son Takes After The Big Fella! | TMZ TV
  63. Tommy Chong Has Some Advice For The New XFL! | TMZ TV
  64. Blind Item: Why This Musical Couple Broke Up
  65. Blind Item: A Cigar Story
  66. Blind Item: Helping With Her Musical Career
  67. Blind Item: Happy Last Birthday
  68. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  69. Blind Item: In Case You Need A Reminder That Diane Keaton Is Woody Allen’s Ride-Or-Die
  70. Blind Item: Melania Trump Reportedly “Blindsided” By Stormy Daniels Revelations And Is Making Herself Scarce
  71. Blind Item: Mark Salling From “Glee” Has Died From Apparent Suicide
  72. The XFL Is Back Baby! | TMZ TV
  73. Glee Star Mark Salling Dead of Apparent Suicide | TMZ News
  74. Blind Item: Demanding They Exclude Parts Of Her Life
  75. Blind Item: Joanna Gaines Isn’t Getting A $150K Appearance Fee For A Deposition
  76. Blind Item: A Boston Radio Station Host Pissed Off Tom Brady After Criticizing His Daughter
  77. Blind Item: Quincy Jones Has 22 Girlfriends Around The World, And Other Tidbits From His Wild GQ Interview
  78. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  79. Stormy Daniels Coming To The State Of The Union Address? | TMZ TV
  80. Instagram Booty Model Kicked Off Plane! | TMZ TV
  81. Blind Item: Dad Approves
  82. Blind Item: Kicking It In Private
  83. Blind Item: Not On The Traveling Team
  84. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  85. Blind Item: Stormy Daniels Denies She Had An Affair With Donald Trump, But Played Coy About Her Denial On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”
  86. Blind Item: Tom Hardy Finally Got The Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoo He Had To Get For Losing A Bet
  87. Blind Item: Dakota Johnson Says She Probably Wasn’t Staring At Angelina Jolie At The Golden Globes
  88. Post Malone Claps Back At The Haterz! | TMZ TV
  89. Nicole Eggert Headed to L.A. to File Police Report Against Scott Baio | TMZ
  90. Blind Item: Athlete Playing Along With Fake Stories
  91. Blind Item: Ellen’s 60th Birthday Present: Finding Out What The Trumps Got The Obamas
  92. Blind Item: Dlisted’s Hot Slut Of 2017 Is….
  93. Blind Item: Taryn Manning Is Still Upset About Her $199 SAG Awards Dress
  94. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  95. Zac Efron Slays as Ted Bundy! | TMZ TV
  96. Thomas Rhett Fanboys Out Over Kendrick Lamar & Cardi B | TMZ TV
  97. Blind Item: Newbie Model Nicknames
  98. Blind Item: The Real Faux Real Plan
  99. Blind Item: Painting Over The Artist
  100. Blind Item: Jim Carrey Has Been Cleared Of All Lawsuits Filed By The Family Of His Deceased Ex
  101. Blind Item: Justin Timberlake Is Mad We All Thought “Man Of The Woods” Was A Country Album
  102. Blind Item: Sarah Jessica Parker Was “Heartbroken” Over The Mean Things Kim Cattrall Said About Her
  103. Blind Item: Kate Upton Accused Guess Co-Founder Paul Marciano Of Sexual Harassment
  104. Chris Pratt – Wrestling With Randy Freakin’ Couture!! | TMZ TV
  105. Quavo Pitches Atlanta for Amazon's HQ2 | TMZ
  106. Blind Item: Game Show Smack Down
  107. Blind Item: Lorde Took Out A Full-Page Newspaper Ad To Thank Her Fans After Her Grammy Loss
  108. Blind Item: Danielle Staub Got Engaged For The TWENTIETH TIME! (That We Know Of)
  109. Blind Item: E! Says They Found “Insufficient Evidence” Of Sexual Misconduct By Ryan Seacrest
  110. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  111. Nancy Kerrigan Hangs Out With Other Hated Ladies | TMZ TV
  112. George Lopez Makes A Drunken Promise Against Trump! | TMZ TV
  113. Blind Item: Pregnancy Swipe
  114. Blind Item: Demand His Lab Test Results
  115. Blind Item: You Can Be Replaced
  116. Blind Item: He Likes His Fun In Threes
  117. Blind Item: Selena Gomez Spent A Couple Of Weeks In Rehab Getting A Tune Up
  118. Blind Item: There Might Be An NSYNC Reunion During The Super Bowl Halftime Show After All
  119. Blind Item: Guess Co-Founder Paul Marciano Denied Kate Upton’s Sexual Harassment Claims About Him
  120. Blind Item: Elon Musk May Have Called It Quits On Secret Relationship With Amber Heard
  121. Quincy Jones – Claims to Have 22 GIRLFRIENDS!! | TMZ TV
  122. Alec Baldwin Is A Changed Man! | TMZ TV
  123. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Gina Lollobrigida Getting Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
  124. Blind Item: Julie Bowen From “Modern Family” And Her Husband Are Separating
  125. Blind Item: The Spice Girls Are Getting Back Together (No, Really)
  126. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  127. Heidi Klum Watches Model Take a Shower on Hollywood Blvd | TMZ
  128. Joe Jonas Is Losing His Abs Before His Wedding! | TMZ TV
  129. Blind Item: Reality Star Had A Shocking Pic On His Phone
  130. Blind Item: Groundhog Day Political Blind Item
  131. Blind Item: Wired Girl Gives Half
  132. Blind Item: Puppy Bowl Better Than Super Bowl
  133. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  134. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  135. Blind Item: Uma Thurman Finally Calmed Down Enough To Talk About Harvey Weinstein (And Quentin Tarantino)
  136. Blind Item: One Of “The Bachelor” Ladies Was Reported Missing By Her Mom While Filming The Show
  137. Cardi B's Sister Sticks Up For Her! | TMZ TV
  138. Blind Item: We Have An Early Nominee For Messiest Mug Shot Of 2018
  139. Blind Item: Logan Paul’s Parachute Failed To Open
  140. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By These Two Dudes Whaling The Tar Out Of Each Other (But There’s A Happy Ending)
  141. Justin Timberlake’s Bizarre Press Conference! | TMZ TV
  142. Stranger Things Star Already In Love? | TMZ TV
  143. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  144. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  145. Blind Item: Janet Jackson Made It Clear That She’s Not Performing At The Super Bowl Today
  146. Blind Item: A Florida Man Was Arrested For Planning To Kidnap Lana Del Ray
  147. Patriots Throw A Sausage Party!! | TMZ TV
  148. Dancing Streaker Alert! | TMZ TV
  149. Blind Item: Harvey Weinstein Is Reportedly Considering Legal Action Against Uma Thurman
  150. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Tina Fey And Rachel Dratch Taking The Piss Out Of Pats And Eagles Fans
  151. Blind Item: Kylie Jenner Announced The Birth Of Her Baby With An 11-Minute-Long Video
  152. Blind Item: Prince On A Wrinkly Ass Bed Sheet?! You Really Did It This Time, Timberlake!
  153. Cardi B Won't Perform at Super Bowl Until Kaepernick Gets Re-Hired
  154. Blind Item: The Super Bowl Commercials: Tide Rules, Scientology Drools
  155. Blind Item: A Really Drunk Kevin Hart Really Wanted To Get Up On Stage With The Eagles After The Super Bowl
  156. Blind Item: Two Trailers For “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Were Released
  157. Blind Item: John Stamos And His Wife Got Married And Robbed In The Same Weekend
  158. Never Before Seen Tonya Harding KO | The Hollywood Beatdown
  159. Kevin Hart's Super Bowl Near Miss, Dodges Train in Minneapolis | TMZ
  160. Blind Item: About Face On Relationship
  161. Blind Item: Corey Feldman Has Been Cleared In A Sexual Battery Investigation
  162. Blind Item: Who Is Our First Hot Slut Of The Month Of 2018?
  163. Blind Item: John Mahoney Has Died
  164. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  165. Tom Brady Kisses His Son On The Lips | TMZ TV
  166. Wing Eating Bowl Was Better Than The Super Bowl | TMZ TV
  167. Blind Item: The End Is Not Black And White
  168. Blind Item: She Did Not Break Anything
  169. Blind Item: Ice Princess Got Frozen Out
  170. Blind Item: Sarah Silverman And Michael Sheen Have Broken Up
  171. Blind Item: Henry Cavill Has Broken Up With His Girlfriend Lucy Cork
  172. Blind Item: Gary Oldman’s Third Ex-Wife Talked About How He Ruined Her Life And Attacked Her
  173. Blind Item: Taylor Swift Is Buying Up A Block In Tribeca
  174. Rep. Jackie Speier On Sexual Harassment Bill Changing Everything | TMZ
  175. Kylie Jenner Finally Reveals Her Baby! | TMZ TV
  176. Blind Item: Top NBA Baller Is Having An Affair
  177. Blind Item: Reese Witherspoon Escaped Abusive Relationship
  178. Blind Item: Kylie Jenner Announced The Name Of Her Baby, And Well, Stormy Daniels Better Call A Lawyer!
  179. Blind Item: Katy Perry Says “I Kissed A Girl” Would Probably Be A Different Song If She Wrote It Today
  180. Blind Item: There’s A Chance That The Original Fergie Will Not Be At Prince Hot Ginge’s Wedding
  181. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  182. Eagles Fan Eats Horse Poop!!! | TMZ TV
  183. Cardi Freezes Her B Off! | TMZ TV
  184. Blind Item: Cast Mates Fighting To Be The Highest Paid
  185. Blind Item: Rose McGowan Assaulted At 15 By Very Famous Director
  186. Blind Item: A Mountain Out Of A Molehill Of Beans
  187. Blind Item: Drake Ran Around Miami Giving Shit Away For His “God’s Plan” Music Video
  188. Blind Item: Diane Kruger Defended Quentin Tarantino
  189. Blind Item: The “Game Of Thrones” Guys Are Getting Their Own “Star Wars” Movies
  190. Blind Item: Reese Witherspoon Says Leaving An Emotionally Abusive Relationship Helped To Fulfill Her Destiny
  191. Kobe Bryant On “How To Get Away With Murder”?! | TMZ TV
  192. Al Pacino Approves Our Camera Guy's Impression Of Him! | TMZ TV
  193. Blind Item: The Paranoid Bride
  194. Blind Item: The Wrong Faux Boyfriend
  195. Blind Item: The Spice Girls May End Up Doing A Tour After All
  196. Blind Item: Everyone’s Working On A Charles Manson Movie Right Now
  197. Blind Item: Princess Mako And Her Fiancé Postponed Their Engagement Because They’re Not Ready For Marriage Yet
  198. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  199. Lance Bass – ‘NSYNC Will Definitely Reunite! | TMZ TV
  200. Country Singer Booty Doesn't Compare To Hip-Hop Booty | TMZ TV
  201. Blind Item: New Girl Friction
  202. Blind Item: Dating Prissy
  203. Blind Item: Not So Swift
  204. Blind Item: Gisele Bundchen Says She Didn’t Mean What She Said About Letting The Eagles Win
  205. Blind Item: Madonna Got Forked On Instagram
  206. Blind Item: Money Isn’t The Only Reason Why Posh Is Doing The Spice Girls Reunion
  207. Blind Item: Quentin Tarantino Issued An Apology To Roman Polanski’s Victim
  208. Ted Cruz Gives Nancy Pelosi Advice on Record-Long Marathon Speeches
  209. Oprah Confirms She's Not Running for President
  210. Blind Item: New Use For Phone Booth
  211. Blind Item: Angelina Jolie Spoke To John Kerry About International Women’s Day
  212. Blind Item: Karlie Kloss Hung Out With Taylor Swift’s Enemy Katy Perry
  213. Blind Item: Joaquin Phoenix Is Reportedly In Talks To Play The Joker In A Standalone Movie
  214. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  215. Iggy Says Give Up Your 'V' For Valentine's Day! | TMZ TV
  216. NFL Star's Advice On How Not To Get Robbed | TMZ TV
  217. Blind Item: I Could Have Told Her That
  218. Blind Item: The Cat’s Out Of The Bag
  219. Blind Item: Nice Guy Is Actually Vicious
  220. Blind Item: Brody Jenner Didn’t Know Kylie Jenner Was Pregnant
  221. Blind Item: Omarosa Came For Rudy Huxtable About Bill Cosby On “Celebrity Big Brother”
  222. Blind Item: Jennifer Garner Will Star In Lena Dunham’s Next HBO Show
  223. Blind Item: New Internet Theory Alert: Sam Smith And Adele Are The Same Person
  224. Drake Is The Ultimate Bandwagon | TMZ TV
  225. Logan Paul's YouTube Projects on Hold Following Troubling Stunts | TMZ
  226. Blind Item: Thirsty Not Ready To Be Number Two
  227. Blind Item: His Victims Will Be Over The Moon
  228. Blind Item: Logan Paul Is In Trouble With YouTube Again, This Time For Tasing Dead Rats
  229. Blind Item: January’s Hot Slut Of The Month Is….
  230. Blind Item: Andrew Garfield Talked About Sexy Time With A Dude. Again.
  231. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  232. It's A Stormi Affair | TMZ TV
  233. Gavin Rossdale Still Wants Gwen Stefani? | TMZ TV
  234. Blind Item: Flowers Or Fidelity
  235. Blind Item: Kittens At War
  236. Blind Item: If There Wasn’t Already A Final Nail In The “Sex And The City 3” Coffin…
  237. Blind Item: Joy Behar And Meghan McCain Got Into It On “The View”
  238. Blind Item: Dakota Johnson Had To Teach Jamie Dornan How To Take Her Underwear Off
  239. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Johnny Weir Giving Us Gaga
  240. Steve Aoki Is The First DJ To Do A Set In Zero Gravity | TMZ TV
  241. Uma Thurman Car Crash Video Resurfaces Possible Charges?
  242. Thank This Senator For Lobster Emojis | TMZ TV
  243. Miley Cyrus' Youngest Sister Throws Some Shade! | TMZ TV
  244. Blind Item: Don Your Mourning Veils, Idris Elba Got Engaged
  245. Blind Item: Rose McGowan Responded To The Suicide Of Her Former Manager
  246. Blind Item: Omarosa Left The “Celebrity Big Brother” House To Go To The Hospital
  247. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By The Pimple-Popping Pop It Pal
  248. YG Says Cardi B Will Get a Pass from the Crips During All Star Weekend
  249. 'Martin' Star Carl Anthony Payne's Down for Reboot, Talks Netflix
  250. Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Was Not Criticizing #MeToo Movement