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  1. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By These Kittens Doing What You’ll Probably Be Doing Tonight
  2. Balthazar Getty Says He Won't See Movie About Father's Kidnapping, 'All the Money in the World'
  3. Anthony Anderson On The TMZ Celebrity Tour | TMZ TV
  4. Blind Item: Some Of Kylie Jenner’s Fans Think She May Have Already Spawned
  5. Blind Item: Tamar Braxton’s Estranged Husband Was Arrested For Spousal Abuse On Christmas
  6. Blind Item: The Time Zac Efron And Michael Jackson Cried Together On The Phone
  7. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  8. Blind Item: Hot Slut Of The Day!
  9. Blind Item: Happy New Year From Mimi’s Hot Tea
  10. Drake, Bella Hadid Celebrate Dave Chappelle's New Year's Eve Concert
  11. Dave Chappelle Gets Support from Comedians Over Kevin Spacey Joke
  12. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  13. Blind Item: Happy New Year From Mimi’s Hot Tea
  14. Blind Item: Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour Is Gaining The Reputation Of Being A Stanky Flop
  15. Blind Item: Dave Chappelle Used His Latest Netflix Special To Defend Louis C.K.
  16. Blind Item: Amber Heard And Elon Musk Took Their “Non-Relationship” To Chile
  17. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  18. Coolio Wants White People to Learn from 'Gangsta's Paradise' Jeopardy Mistake | TMZ
  19. Laura Dern Spotted Kissing NBA Star Baron Davis | TMZ TV
  20. Blind Item: Floppy And Oldie
  21. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  22. Mark Wahlberg On The TMZ Celebrity Tour | TMZ TV
  23. Taco Night at J Lo’s! | TMZ TV
  24. Blind Item: Meryl Streep Pulled The “Pot Calling Kettle Black” Card On Melania And Ivanka Trump
  25. Blind Item: Jesse Williams Claims His Wife Kept His Kids From Him At Christmas
  26. Blind Item: Who Is December’s Hot Slut Of The Month?
  27. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  28. The New Bachelor Contestants All Look Alike! | TMZ TV
  29. Elizabeth Warren Has Warning for Trump On Owning Aviation Safety Record | TMZ
  30. Blind Item: Photo Blind Item 27
  31. Blind Item: Cat Fight Swipe
  32. Blind Item: Her Two Costars
  33. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  34. JLo Is In Better Shape Than Her Hubby! | TMZ TV
  35. Offset & Cardi B Compare Her Engagement Ring to Paris Hilton's
  36. Blind Item: The Owner Of Coachella Is Still Donating To Anti-LGBTQ Politicians
  37. Blind Item: Demi Moore And Nick Jonas Might Be Doing It
  38. Blind Item: Taylor Swift Is Still Fighting Over The Rights To The Lyrics Of “Shake It Off”
  39. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  40. Michael B. Jordan Escaped From NYC Before Bomb Cyclone | TMZ
  41. UFC Star Calls Out Conor McGregor! | TMZ TV
  42. Blind Item: Jewelry Deal
  43. Blind Item: Rearrange The Seating
  44. Blind Item: The Man Date Mandate
  45. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  46. College Football Star Wears His Loss On His Sleeve | TMZ TV
  47. Jake Paul Drops N-Word In Freestyle Rap | TMZ
  48. Blind Item: Several Women Have Accused Ben Vereen Of Sexually Assaulting Them In 2015, And He Doesn’t Deny It
  49. Blind Item: Serena Williams Isn’t Competing In The Australian Open This Year
  50. Blind Item: Robin Roberts Is 2017’s Final Hot Slut Of The Month!
  51. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  52. Danielle Bregoli Dishing Out Advice For Logan Paul? | TMZ BUZZ
  53. Ciara- Hot And Half Naked Pics! | TMZ TV
  54. Blind Item: Ex Business
  55. Blind Item: Bail Him Out
  56. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  57. Paris Hilton and Cardi B Are Sporting Similar Engagement Rings! | TMZ TV
  58. Teresa Giudice: Your Mom’s Not a Prostitution Whore | TMZ TV
  59. Blind Item: Paris Hilton Has Hired 24-7 Security For That Engagement Ring She Probably Bought
  60. Blind Item: Jon Snow Got Bounced From An NYC Bar. Twice.
  61. Blind Item: Jerry Van Dyke Has Died
  62. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Courtney Act’s “Celebrity Big Brother” Wardrobe Malfunction
  63. Josh Brolin Reveals Location Scout for 'Sicario' was Kidnapped in Mexico
  64. Seal: An Expert In Cryptocurrency? | TMZ TV
  65. Hugh Jackman, Celebs and Olympians and Movie Stars Mingle with Olympians, Great
  66. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  67. Blind Item: Harvey Weinstein Is Being Sued For Something Other Than Sexual Assault
  68. Blind Item: Mariah Carey Declares That Brunch Is Over And Linner Is It, Dahlings!
  69. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Angelina Jolie Working “Depressed Prairie Librarian”
  70. Blind Item: Debra Messing Shit On E! To E! While Live On E!
  71. MLK Jr.'s Son Dexter King Forgives Newsweek For Casket Photo
  72. Evan Rachel Wood: You're No Monster for Not Wearing Black at Golden Globes
  73. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  74. Blind Item: The Women Who Didn’t Wear Black To The Golden Globes Explained Why*
  75. Blind Item: Gwyneth Paltrow Got Engaged
  76. Blind Item: Brad Pitt Bid $120,000 For A Date To Watch “Game Of Thrones” with Emilia Clarke
  77. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  78. Senator Marco Rubio Says Trump Would Beat Oprah in 2020 | TMZ
  79. Animaniacs Is Getting A Reboot! | TMZ TV
  80. Blind Item: Close Up 2
  81. Blind Item: Thirsty Avoids Angelina
  82. Blind Item: Husband Hogs Spotlight
  83. Blind Item: Wife Hogs Spotlight
  84. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  85. Michael B Jordon Escaped the Bomb Cyclone | TMZ TV
  86. Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and Josh Smith Honored for Hooking Up Kids with Gear, Cash
  87. Blind Item: Disney Defends Their Decision To Darken Some Extras For The Live-Action “Aladdin”
  88. Blind Item: Meghan Markle’s Rebel Messy Bun Spit All Over The Royal Beauty Rules
  89. Blind Item: Hugh Grant Is Quietly Forming His Own Child Army
  90. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  91. David Harbour On Losing 'Stranger Things' Dad Bod for 'Hellboy' | TMZ
  92. Paris Hilton Ditches Her Fiance?! | TMZ TV
  93. Blind Item: Handsome Solo
  94. Blind Item: Parents Pushing Older
  95. Blind Item: The Drive To The Beverly Hilton
  96. Blind Item: Come Into My Fitting Room
  97. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  98. Diana Ross Hits Up A Gay Club! | TMZ TV
  99. William Hung: 'American Idol' Without Bad Auditions Is a Bad Idea
  100. Blind Item: Rose McGowan Claims She’s Selling Her House To Pay Her Legal Bills
  101. Blind Item: Nothing Is More Soothing Than Celine Dion Calmly Talking To A Drunk Fan Who Dry Humped Her
  102. Blind Item: Corey Feldman Has Been Accused Of Sexual Battery
  103. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  104. Will Paris Hilton Invite Kim Kardashian To Her Wedding?! | TMZ TV
  105. Josh Brolin Isn't Scared Of Scary Film Locations | TMZ TV
  106. Blind Item: Divorce Change Of Heart
  107. Blind Item: Acting Couple At War
  108. Blind Item: The Wired
  109. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  110. 'L&HH: Miami' Star Young Hollywood Gets Death Threats After Amara La Negra Confrontation
  111. Tony Rock Thinks 'Black Panther' Movie is Big for the Black Community
  112. Blind Item: Black Widow Is Finally Getting Her Own Movie
  113. Blind Item: Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2017? Vote In Round One!
  114. Blind Item: There’s Nothing Going On Between Chris Hemsworth And Angelina Jolie
  115. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  116. Are Drake And Zoe Kravitz A Thing Again?! | TMZ TV
  117. A Wet Kardashian Trio | TMZ TV
  118. Blind Item: Keep An Eye Out For CBS Abuser
  119. Blind Item: Pass the Courvoisier
  120. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  121. Gaurdians Of The Galaxy Actor Doesn't Care For Awards | TMZ TV
  122. Killer Mike Likes Oprah Winfrey, But Picks Ohio Politician for President
  123. Blind Item: Chris Brown Could Face Criminal Charges For Having A Pet Monkey
  124. Blind Item: Harvey Weinstein Tried To Play The Broke Card In His Child Support Case
  125. Blind Item: Marky Mark’s Contract Had To Do With Him Getting Paid $1.5 Million For “All The Money In The World” Reshoots*
  126. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  127. The Backstreet Boys Are Getting OLD! | TMZ TV
  128. Kim K Gets GRILLED! | TMZ TV
  129. Blind Item: Waving Drunk
  130. Blind Item: Chill Not Chaos
  131. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  132. Love & Hip Hop Star Gets Death Threats! | TMZ TV
  133. Armie Hammer Is One Hot Dude | TMZ TV
  134. Blind Item: Rebecca Hall Is The Latest Actor To Vow Never To Work With Woody Allen Again
  135. Blind Item: Here’s Come The Speculation About Lena Dunham’s Ex And Lorde…
  136. Blind Item: In “I Believe That Children Are The Future” News, Teenagers Are Eating Tide Laundry Pods
  137. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By This Family’s Beautiful Family Photo Shoot Results
  138. Mark Wahlberg & Michelle Williams – NO Gender Pay Gap Issue | TMZ TV
  139. Oprah's Got Political Experience! | TMZ TV
  140. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  141. Blind Item: Katie Couric Finally Talked About About Matt Lauer’s Downfall
  142. Blind Item: Selena Gomez’s Mom Isn’t Feeling Her Reunion With Bieber
  143. Blind Item: Eliza Dushku Says That She Was Molested At Age 12 While Filming “True Lies”
  144. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By The Rooster That Greets His Human At The School Bus Everyday
  145. Nancy Grace Says if Allegations are True Harvey Weinstein Needs to Do Hard Prison Time
  146. Gabrielle Union Thinks Donald Trump's 'Shithole' Comment is Misdirected
  147. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  148. 'Blacklist' Star Harry Lennix Backs FBI, Mueller in Trump Investigation | TMZ
  149. Danielle Bregoli Claps Back at DJ Suede in Remix Lawsuit | TMZ
  150. Blind Item: “Modern Family” Will Likely End After Next Year’s Season 10
  151. Blind Item: Dennis Rodman Was Arrested For DUI This Weekend
  152. Blind Item: Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2017? Vote In Round Two!
  153. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  154. Seal Claps Back At His Haters! | TMZ TV
  155. Harrison Ford Is Flying Safely Again! | TMZ TV
  156. Blind Item: Photo Blind Item 28
  157. Blind Item: Producer Crossed The Line With Young Cast
  158. Rod Stewart Reacts to Cranberries Singer Dolores O'Riordan's Death | TMZ
  159. Marvel Celebration Cake Has Some Telling Spoilers On It | TMZ TV
  160. Blind Item: Kandi Burruss Denies That She Tried To Go Down On Kim Zolciak
  161. Blind Item: Don’t Worry, Woody Allen – Alec Baldwin Still Loves You
  162. Blind Item: January Jones Might Be Getting With One Of The Bachelors
  163. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  164. NFL Star Steps In Poop!!! | TMZ TV
  165. Kim & Kanye Want To Go To Paris Hilton's Wedding! | TMZ TV
  166. Blind Item: Raucous Man
  167. Blind Item: Female Directors Speak Out 1
  168. Blind Item: Female Directors Speak Out 2
  169. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  170. Harvey Levin Interviews A Random Celeb! | TMZ TV
  171. Gigi Hadid - All Over Zayn Malik's Chest! | TMZ TV
  172. Blind Item: One Of The Chainsmokers Got (Shocking!) Caught Cheating
  173. Blind Item: Dylan Farrow Wants To Bring Down Woody Allen
  174. Blind Item: The Kardashian-Wests Reportedly Turned Down Several Million-Dollar Offers For The First Pictures Of Their New Baby
  175. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  176. Aaron Rodgers And Danica Patrick Are Official-ly Dating! | TMZ TV
  177. Sir Patrick Stewart Is A Picky Man | TMZ TV
  178. Blind Item: NFL Quarterback In Gay Video
  179. Blind Item: No More Donald Trump
  180. Blind Item: Coping Poorly
  181. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  182. Blind Item: Kevin Spacey Is Being Investigated For A Third Sexual Assault In London
  183. Zayn Malik Busts Out Laughing at Pornhub's Birthday Tweet | TMZ
  184. Kim And Kanye Welcome Their Third Child!!! | TMZ TV
  185. Blind Item: Woody Allen Denies Dylan Farrow’s Allegations, Again
  186. Blind Item: James Franco Will Show Up At The SAG Awards This Sunday
  187. Blind Item: Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2017? Vote In Round Three!
  188. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  189. Rod Stewart Devastated Over Cranberries Singer's Death | TMZ TV
  190. Chrissy Teigen Dishes on Sophia the Robot! | TMZ TV
  191. Blind Item: Deal Before Disaster
  192. Blind Item: Grand Theft Auto
  193. Blind Item: Wicked Licker
  194. Blind Item: Serve Our Children
  195. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  196. Blind Item: Dennis Rodman Has Checked Into Rehab
  197. 'Moonlight' Star Jharrel Jerome Says 'Get Out' May Lose at Oscars Because of Trump | TMZ
  198. Eagles Fan Punches A Police Horse After Getting Thrown Out! | TMZ TV
  199. Blind Item: Mo’Nique Is Calling For A Netflix Boycott Based On Color And Gender Bias
  200. Blind Item: Michelle Williams Was Paid 8 Times Less Than Marky Mark, And Tracee Ellis Ross Is Also Getting Paid A Lot Less Than Her Male Co-Star*
  201. Blind Item: Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner Have Been Dismissed From Blac Chyna’s Lawsuit (For Now)
  202. Blind Item: Afternoon Crumbs
  203. Black Mirror Actor Says We're Not Alone In Our Solar System | TMZ TV
  204. Cardi B - Stripper Turned Rapper Turned Actor! | TMZ TV
  205. Blind Item: Pig House
  206. Blind Item: Unlucky With Female Costars
  207. Blind Item: Solo Girl Goes Begging
  208. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  209. Epic Rock Concert At The Roxy | TMZ TV
  210. Floyd Mayweather - The New Putin! | TMZ TV
  211. Blind Item: Tom Petty Died Of An Accidental Overdose
  212. Blind Item: Ed Sheeran Got Engaged To Someone Other Than Taylor Swift
  213. Blind Item: Chloe Sevigny Has “Probably” Joined The “Never Working With Woody Allen Again” Club
  214. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By A Gay Pool Party In 1945
  215. Tom Cruise – Another ‘M:I 6’ Stunt Goes Wrong! | TMZ TV
  216. Dave Chappelle And John Mayer Bro Night Out | TMZ TV
  217. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By A Gay Pool Party In 1945
  218. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  219. Dolph Lundgren Approves Of His Son | TMZ TV
  220. Sharon Osbourne Has Some Advice For James Franco | TMZ TV
  221. The Killers Kill A Fight In Their Crowd | TMZ TV
  222. Blind Item: Open Post: Hosted By Jamie Dornan’s Story About Faking Pubic Hair
  223. Blind Item: Justin Timberlake Thinks Las Vegas Residencies Are For Oldies
  224. Blind Item: Kathy Griffin Says She Wasn’t Welcome At The Women’s March This Year
  225. Blind Item: In “He Hadn’t Already?” News, Ewan McGregor Filed For Divorce
  226. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts
  227. Blind Item: Alison Brie Talked About Her Brother-In Law James Franco’s Situation On The SAG Awards Red Carpet
  228. Blind Item: Olivia Munn Assures Anna Faris And The World Via Instagram That She’s Not Boning Chris Pratt
  229. Steve O And New Fiancee Lux Wright Share Ring & Dream Wedding Details | TMZ
  230. John Legend Says Trump and Lots of Republicans a Bunch of Racists | TMZ
  231. Blind Item: The Kardashian-Jenners Sisters Ditched Pimp Mama Kris For Their “Family” Calvin Klein Shoot
  232. Blind Item: Aziz Ansari Was A No-Show At The SAG Awards
  233. Blind Item: Megyn Kelly Saw Her Opportunity To Get Her Shit Show Some Attention In The Most Petty Way Possible And Took It!
  234. Blind Item: Night Crumbs
  235. Vladimir Putin Goes Skinny Dipping | TMZ TV
  236. Pope Francis Saves A Horse Faller | TMZ TV
  237. Blind Item: Trump Having An Affair With Back Door Woman
  238. Blind Item: A Hairy Situation
  239. Blind Item: Affair Has Her In High Dudgeon
  240. Blind Item: In Between Marriages
  241. Blind Item: The 2018 Oscar Nominations Were Announced…. And None For You, James Franco!
  242. Blind Item: Ryan Reynolds And The “Deadpool” Writers Are Working On A Remake Of “Clue”
  243. Blind Item: Bill Cosby Made His Return To The Stage As His Sexual Assault Retrial Date Looms
  244. Ashanti's Ride Sideswipes Car, Mom Drives Off Before Exchanging Info | TMZ
  245. Keegan-Michael Key Hints at 'Key & Peele' Reunion | TMZ
  246. Blind Item: Birthday Sluts