View Full Version : Three-Way Hall Pass: with Alison Brie and Emmy Rossum

05-25-2012, 10:20 PM
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrities: Alison Brie, Emmy Rossum
Warnings: MFF, Con, Threesome, Oral, Fingering

Disclaimer: This story is fake and created for entertainment purposes only.

I didn't think it was possible to get any luckier in these last three months. After all, I was already pushing my good fortune thanks to Alison Brie.

I pushed it by actually meeting the gorgeous, irresistible star of "Community" and "Mad Men" three months ago. Then I really pushed it by getting lucky enough to sleep with her not long after. I really should have been struck down by lightning when we actually saw each other again afterwards, then kept seeing each other. By the time we actually started dating, I should have been swallowed whole by the jaws of Hell after my deal with the devil got called in.

And it really should have killed me when the topic of a threesome came up. Yet since I wasn't the one who brought it up, I got spared somehow.

After watching the movie "Hall Pass" one night, me and Alison somehow got to talking about what we might do – and who we'd do it with – if we had consequence free time off from our budding relationship. I wasn't comfortable with answering, since I already had my dream girl and I told her so. That got her flattered enough to go more all out than usual during sex that night – but it also got her more interested in the hall pass topic afterwards.

Alison seemed to think it would be best to get any 'Hall Pass' fantasies out of the way early in the relationship. I had to wonder if she was having doubts about us if she was thinking that way, yet she said it was the exact opposite.

She was a sexually adventurous woman, which mixed and clashed with her sweet, bubbly persona that she perfected on TV and in interviews. But that mix of being really sweet and approachable, yet sexy and seductive, is what drew me to Alison on TV and in real life as well. She could switch from innocent little girl to sultry siren at the drop of a hat – and she could do just about anything else with that body as well. With all that, I wasn't exactly looking to go anywhere.

Although Alison did trust me and herself, she figured we were in a good enough place that we could try something like a three-way, get it out of the way early and then fully settle for each other from then on in. I just had to pick the girl, celebrity or not, and she'd try to make it happen.

I didn't have to pick someone right away, so that wasn't my goal when we went to an industry party a week later. As her plus one, and as someone trying not to embarrass himself in front of the other TV stars there, I had other priorities on my mind. Trying not to get hard in public over Alison's tight, cleavage and curve flattering purple dress was also a concern as well.

But I got distracted from that, as much as I could, by geeking out over meeting my other favorite TV figures. Alison did let me walk around by myself as she caught up with some friends, so I must have been safe enough to behave on my own.

I didn't get lost and I didn't embarrass myself, so all was going well. Eventually I wanted to catch up to Alison, however, so I started walking around to look for her. Yet when I did find her, for a minute I thought she was talking to a double.

I shook that off after a second, since Emmy Rossum was wearing a light blue dress instead of a purple one like Alison's, and her hair was wavier too. However, it wasn't exactly crazy to mistake the "Shameless" and "Phantom of the Opera" star/singer in other ways. As I went over to the two actresses, that became even clearer.

Emmy's eyes were brown and not blue, but they were just as wide, deep, slightly doeish and quite easy to get thoroughly lost in, like Alison's. She had the same kind of wide, lovely smile as well and the same striking, smooth looking pale skin, while her chest had its own impressive outline and cleavage as well. I couldn't help but note that I had seen both these women naked as well – although I saw Alison nude up close and personal, and Emmy nude in "Shameless" sex scenes.

But even just on TV, Emmy's nude form was quite impressive to me. By that measure, seeing it up close and personal...

"Hey, quit checking us out and get over here!" Alison called out with a smirk, which snapped me out of it and made me actually walk towards them. I briefly worried if saying "checking us out" had made either of them suspicious, yet Alison still had a smile on as she introduced me to a smiling Emmy.

"I didn't know you two knew each other," I questioned Alison.

"Well, we just see each other once in a while at parties like this. We gossip, talk about our shows, that sort of thing," Alison clarified.

"And does that gossip include new boyfriends, I'm afraid to ask?" I couldn't help but check.

"Not that graphically until now," Emmy chimed in, then reassured me she was kidding after I got a little red. She promised that Alison spoke very highly of me, with smut-free details, which both settled me down and turned me just the littlest bit on.

However, I gradually got more turned on as I talked with both Alison and Emmy for a few more minutes. They weren't doppelgangers, but talking to Emmy and discreetly checking her out was almost the same as with Alison. They were both gorgeous brunettes with insanely beautiful eyes, perfect smiles, creamy, soft pale skin – or at least that how I imagined Emmy's – impressive tits, flawless figures and striking voices that would sound amazing in the throes of passion.

Beyond that, they were just both cool and charming and sweet people. They straddled the line between comedy and drama on TV, sang in their spare time – although only Emmy sang in an Andrew Lloyd Webber production – and showed a fair amount of skin, although Emmy was allowed to show a lot more on Showtime.

Alison could be deceptively sweet at times, as part of her appeal, and Emmy seemed to be the exact same way. I could tell there was something naughty beneath that sweet, seemingly innocent face, just like my girlfriend. Plus, since Emmy was reminiscent of Alison, it would only make sense to choose her and make it a little easier to be with someone else.

That settled it, albeit just as Emmy prepared to take her leave and talk to other guests. Before I knew it, she was saying goodbye, shaking my hand and patting me on the upper arm. After that startled me for a moment, I shook it off and took Alison aside. "That's her," I finally whispered while pointing to Emmy.

"Right, that's Emmy, we just talked to her," Alison reminded me. "I don't have to cut you off already, right?" she asked while miming taking a drink.

"No, I mean... that's her," I stressed, hoping that stressing the last phrase would clue her in. Alison looked at me and then back to her, then seemed to get it.

"Oh, her!" she got herself to whisper, then paused and just asked, "Her?" to me. "You're sure?" she finished after I nodded.

"Yeah. I mean, you know each other already, so that breaks the ice. Maybe not that well enough for this, but I sense some... compatibility there," I theorized.

"Well, this isn't just for me. Do you see... compatibility with you and her?" Alison checked. I hoped there weren't any worries or jealousy hidden in that, although this whole thing was her idea. Nevertheless, I knew how to reassure her.

"I do. But I really think it'll only work with you there," I promised. "You two are gorgeous enough apart, but together..." I trailed off before making myself continue. "I won't ever need to act out another fantasy with someone else after that. It'll be all out of my system then. Probably out of yours too."

I couldn't speak to her fantasy system, or even to what mine would be like in the future. But I meant what I said – this one was hot enough that I didn't see myself needing another one. Alison seemed to be won over, as she concluded, "Well, you could have certainly chosen worse. You couldn't have chosen that much better, either." She seemed to be deep in thought, or at least pretended to be, before asking, "So how do we do this?"

We spent the next few minutes going over the logistics and a game plan, then headed off to put phase 1 in motion. After catching up to Emmy again, we offered to buy her a drink at the nearest bar, since I wanted to hear some behind the scenes stuff from her. That was true, and we figured she needed a little alcohol in her to proceed, so it was a win-win.

But if this was going to happen, Emmy could not actually be drunk – just slightly tipsy enough to agree to come to Alison's home with us. The rest we would handle from there without needing much more alcohol. For this stage, however, we just talked and drank a little bit, and went through enough banter to lay the groundwork for later. It was always fun bantering with Alison, but Emmy could hold her own as well, further convincing me that I made the right call.

After a couple drinks, me and Alison figured that we had all reached our limit, at least around here. We told Emmy that we didn't bring much more money, but that we could enjoy drinks for free at Alison's place. Fueled by the little buzz and by our fun conversation – or at least I presumed so – Emmy agreed to leave with us.

Since we limited our alcohol take, we could drive without risking too much trouble. However, Emmy obviously didn't know the way to Alison's, and we didn't want to risk that she couldn't drive that well, or that she'd get lost. So I offered to drive Emmy there in her car, while Alison took hers alone.

Before we parted, Alison whispered teasingly, "Don't start without me," which was a helpful reminder and an almost too erotic one.

But I got under control enough to head for Emmy's car without arousing – or attracting – or rising – or just provoking suspicion. Soon enough, I was driving it towards Alison's house with Emmy in the back seat, wondering if I needed to break the silence. This was my first one-on-one time with her, and although it was too soon to make a move, it might pay off to lay some more groundwork.

"You're a lucky guy," Emmy spoke up to break the silence for me. "You and Alison, you lucked out, pal."

"Oh yeah. Yeah, I really did," I answered truthfully – and the truth of that was even clearer tonight. "I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and it'll be a dream after all," I wound up admitting.

"Well, then cram in as much as you can before you wake up," Emmy offered with a chuckle, as I tried to think of clean thoughts about the word cram. "I would if I were you."

"I kind of would too," I assured. "I can't say we've been through a lot, but what we have has been great. And the stuff we plan to go through should be great too," I tried not to hint too strongly. "I really do want to go through everything I can with her. Even the stuff that doesn't have parties and sex."

"That stuff is still a good bonus," Emmy pointed out. "If it's just a bonus and not the main stuff, I guess it's even better. But it's still a great fucking bonus." I smiled at her true statement and chuckled at how she capped it off. "I'll bet it's even better for you with the likes of that, huh?" So Emmy was freely complimenting Alison's body. Interesting.

"It has its benefits. But I'm sure mine benefits her as well. You tried to make me think she told you that already," I recalled.

"Yeah, I get it, that's was a joke. Not entirely, though," Emmy teased. "She did tell me some things while you went to the bathroom. If she wasn't lying, then kudos to you too." Interesting again. I made myself go to the bathroom and jack off to get ready for later, while Alison was gossiping about my body/sex tricks to Emmy. Not a bad team effort.

Finally we made our way to Alison's, as she only had to wait for us for three minutes. Once we got in, we headed to the living room and relaxed for a bit on her couch. After getting comfortable and chatting for a few more minutes, Alison informed Emmy that there were drinks in the kitchen. She told her to make whatever she wanted for the three of us, and she agreed with no trouble.

After Emmy left, me and Alison took in how we were all alone right on schedule. "You know, Emmy reminded me that I'm a lucky man. I didn't have it in me to argue," I set up. Although we were supposed to be making out by now and we didn't have that much time to banter, I felt compelled to get that out there anyway.

"Well, I'm not in a fighting mood myself, either," Alison stated. And with that, the floodgates opened.

I wanted to do this all night anyway, whether Emmy was there or not, so I needed no more convincing to start kissing Alison hard. She responded in kind and snuggled right against me on the couch as our arms went around each other.

Our eyes closed by design, although I did really wish I could sneak a peek at her. To see her beautiful face both serene and sensual from our kissing, her delectable tits pressed against my chest, and her curvy body melting so sensually into mine. I could imagine it and feel it perfectly, so that helped make up for not looking at it too.

Yet we needed to have our eyes closed and to make a lot of groaning noises. Then when Emmy came back with the drinks, gasped and said, "Oh, um... you guys want a breather?" we could pretend like we didn't hear her.

We could pretend we were too caught up in each other and in our bodies to notice her – and it wasn't that far from the truth. We could pretend we were making each other so hot and wanton, just from kissing and touching and grinding – and that wasn't a complete lie either. And from all that, some naughty ideas might be implanted in Emmy's mind as well.

We heard Emmy call out for us, but for my part, I truly could barely hear her as I nibbled down to Alison's neck. I almost giggled into it as we kept acting like we didn't hear Emmy – but Alison's groans did really drown her out anyway. She sounded louder in order to let Emmy know how good I was at this, yet I didn't want her to completely pretend.

So I moved up and suckled deeply on her earlobe, moaned my appreciation right into her ear as I grasped her hair, then kissed and nibbled all the way down to her bare shoulder. Finally I let myself peek at Alison, and at her heaving, full pale breasts rising and falling next to me.

I then leaned over and pecked the exposed top of her right breast, then her exposed cleavage, then the exposed top of her left breast. And in the next split second, I cupped Alison's face and stared into her wide, beautiful, increasingly aroused blue eyes as I slid my tongue in her mouth.

But I made myself break away from Alison's eyes, as hard as that was – and as hard as other things were. At that, I pretended to finally notice Emmy, then backed away in pretend shock. Alison then gasped in pretend surprise on cue as well. "Jesus, fuck, Emmy! Little warning next time, all right?" Alison pretended to screech.

"I gave you plenty of warnings, you didn't listen!" Emmy pointed out, looking halfway embarrassed. And maybe something else. "You really didn't hear me?"

"I'm sorry, I just got... distracted. Understandable mistake," I stated while gesturing to Alison, who smirked a bit in response. I doubted all of that was scripted.

"I guess. But if you just wanted to go at it, why'd you invite me over?" Crap. Maybe Emmy was too much of a smart cookie to dupe. Maybe she did need to be a little drunker before we could get her into this. Yet she couldn't suspect what we were really up to now, so did we need to be worried?

But while I searched for excuses, Alison had one right of the bat. "You're right, we did get a little horny. We figured we'd get it out of the way while we were gone. Now that we have, we can pay attention to you. And these little refreshments we need right now," she finished as she took one of the drinks Emmy had in her hand. I took the one in the other hand – and strategically brushed my finger over one of hers – before Emmy paused a bit and went to get her own drinks.

Me and Alison shared a knowing smirk and clinked our glasses together, then took a drink as Emmy came back with hers. We took a few minutes to finish our drinks, occasionally glancing at Emmy and how she was glancing at us, just as we wanted her to. With that, we knew we were ready for phase 2.

"Okay, I'm going to need to clear some room before I drink again. I'll be right back, guys," Alison announced as she headed for the bathroom – or so she hinted at us.

Now that I was alone with Emmy again, I stared straight ahead and laid my hands on my jeans – just enough to give her an outline of my visible bulge. I refrained from looking at her for 10 seconds, then glanced discreetly and briefly saw she was checking it out. This made my cock throb a bit more, to say nothing of how it was still throbbing from that make out session.

Picturing how I might have a naked Alison and Emmy in front of me before long didn't help my erection calm down. But I did take my hands off my pants and tried to hide my bulge a bit more, before finally turning to Emmy.

"I'm sorry," I told her as she still seemed slightly flushed. "I shouldn't have gotten carried away like that while you were there. She just gets to me, you know?"

"Yeah, we did go over that earlier," Emmy recalled. Now it was time to make sure she didn't forget again.

"Right, it doesn't do it justice though. Must be something about those big deep eyes and what one glance can do to me. Or how perfect her smile is, or her skin is, or how the rest of her is just the total package. And not just the sexy parts, either," I corrected.

"She acts so sweet and bubbly and chipper, and she really is. But there's such an exciting, excited part hidden beneath that's up for anything. And someone like that, who's so sweet, doe eyed, brunette, perky, funny and just plain fucking sexy in one package... I kind of lose control sometimes. And I don't care where I am or who's there when it happens, as long as I show a girl like that what she does to me. It's a stupid quirk I have."

I didn't make that much eye contact with Emmy, since I didn't want to give all my arousal away – or that I was secretly talking about both her and Alison. I couldn't be too forward with that, since if she figured out that I was hitting on her and making another woman hot on purpose, it might be a turn off. It kind of was to me deep down, given that I was trying to sleep with another woman and my awesome girlfriend, even if she gave permission. But if Emmy was offended, she didn't say anything – and hardly looked offended either.

After letting the silence – and Emmy's stares – linger for a few more moments, I got up and announced, "I don't know what's taking her. I might as well see if she fell asleep on the bed or something. I'll be right back," I declared, taking one more look at Emmy before going upstairs.

I knew Alison wasn't going to the bathroom, so I headed right into the bedroom and shut the door almost all the way. Alison was sitting on the bed, then when I saw her, we actually shared a triumphant giggle before we made each other quiet down. "How long do we have until she gets here?" Alison whispered.

"We've got a few minutes, I think," I said. Yet although Emmy looked intrigued and the tiniest bit aroused by now, there was no guarantee she'd come in, see us getting hot and heavy and then get convinced to join in. Just in case, me and Alison needed to make out ourselves to get the ball rolling.

I sat down next to her, just as the weight of this was really setting in. "Alison, thank you for this. If it goes like we planned, I promise I'll never think about another hall pass again. I mean, there's no way I could ever top this. Or this," I gestured right at Alison with the last this, adding some token sentimentality before we got to the dirty stuff. And as Alison gave her sweetest smile, then let it morph into her naughtiest, I knew I chose the right approach.

I celebrated by quickly putting her on her back, making her chuckle as I went back to work kissing her neck. This time I was allowed to do a bit more, however, so I went below her dress and started rubbing up Alison's inner thigh. I then placed my hand on her hip and started fingering the side of her panties, then started to pull them down.

Getting the message, Alison went under her dress and finished removing her panties herself, then draped them onto the bare skin of her chest. It complimented her cleavage fairly well, but I knew it would compliment her bare breasts even better. With that, I pulled down the top of her dress and finally let her cramped, ample flesh breathe.

I took her panties, found the wet spot and gave it a sniff and a lick, then rubbed it against the top of her left breast. After that, I wasted no more time devouring her perfect mound, while rubbing my hand and Alison's panties on her right breast. Alison moaned out her encouragement –and hopefully not just because we wanted to be loud enough for Emmy to hear. But as I bit Alison's left nipple and flicked it with my tongue, I felt confident I was doing my part – especially when she grinded against my erection.

I didn't want to be on the brink too soon before Emmy got here. Therefore, I went on to just fondle Alison's breasts and bury my face and tongue between them, slowly licking the area up and down. Yet for her part, Alison went right for the brass ring and placed her hand on my zipper. Within moments, she pulled my cock out and started stroking it, making me moan right into her chest and in turn making her moan and tighten her grip as well.

I was worried about possibly going off too soon, with all the buildup already and with Alison in general. But I did get her strategy. By now we wanted Emmy to be hot enough to sneak upstairs, overhear us, peek in here, see us and then want to join in. Having both of us with genitals exposed should have helped speed it along in theory.

We didn't even know if Emmy was at the door yet, or if she even would peek in. But if not, at least we'd have a hot one-on-one session to make up for it – yet we did want to give her time. Yet after another minute of hand jobs and titplay, I finally heard the bedroom door creek open a little.

Both of us now knew Emmy was spying on us from the door, but we didn't want her to know it yet. Once more, we sold the idea that we were too much into each other – and Alison was too hot for me – to even notice anyone there. "Ooh... so hard... so hot..." Alison acted out as she stroked my cock and even wiggled it around to give Emmy a better look. I then sold myself by thrusting into Alison's hand a few quick times.

We both either had our eyes closed or were burying them in each other's flesh, so we couldn't actually see Emmy. Finally, our last act was a series of deep slow, steamy kisses as we fondled each other's exposed bits. Doing this and knowing/suspecting that Emmy was watching made me impossibly hard – which was good for her and Alison. But as for me, I needed a break before the big show started.

So I finally opened my eyes, turned to the left and saw Emmy's paler than usual, more aroused than usual, and lovelier than usual face staring from the open door. I pretended to gasp in shock and backed off Alison, yet I didn't cover my cock up. Alison then let herself notice, gasped a token "Oh, God!" and sat up, but barely covered her breasts as well.

"God, sorry, sorry, sorry!" Emmy yelled while turning her head. But she didn't make a run for it, so that was promising.

"No, no, it's okay, it's our fault!" Alison excused. "Shouldn't have kept you waiting again!"

"Yeah..." Emmy still stayed outside the bedroom, but then opened the door and peeked again to see us still not covering up. She poorly tried to hide she was checking us out – well, mostly me out – and then commented, "You really can't keep your hands off him, can you?"

"Well, he can't keep them off me, so I'm just returning the favor," Alison noted. "I guess you could see why I'd do that. He has a gift, so I try to let him use it... and share it... as much as I can."

Emmy took that implication in, then looked back at me as I smiled a little bashfully. "Are... you going to pack that back up soon?" she asked.

"Do I have to? I certainly will if you want, and if she wants. If not..." I left hanging out there. I looked at Alison to give her one more chance to stop this, but she shook her head no. She also made sure Emmy saw it, giving her a sign of approval. With all the little shows we'd been putting on, all the innuendos and the little bit of buzz she had, there wasn't much more we could do to get Emmy on board.

Emmy stood in front of me while I still sat in bed, with my cock sticking out right for her. She bent down to look closer at it, giving me a good look down her dress and into her notable cleavage. I also got a great view of her big, entrancing brown eyes looking more turned on at the sight of my erection, which made me impossibly hard again. Once she looked back up at me, and once I reached over to touch the soft hair on the back of her head, we were both goners.

Emmy finally put a hand on my cock just as I pushed her head forward until her lips met mine. Yet we kissed slowly with our lips closed, trying to ride through the initial awkwardness of the situation – and block out that Alison was there. I distracted myself by stroking Emmy's silky brunette hair before moving my hand over to her amazingly soft skin and cheek. She was indeed as smooth and delicate and sweet as Alison – although I still needed to do more testing.

Soon our lips got more active and our tongues prepared to get into it, while I let my hand go from her face to her back. My other hand joined and helped find her zipper, then worked together to pull it down. Emmy took her hand off my cock and helped me to slide the dress off, so I broke the kiss to get a good look at the outcome.

Emmy stood straight up again and finished kicking the dress, leaving her in nothing but her panties. The rest of her pale, creamy flesh got my attention, however, from her slender legs, her nicely curved hips, her trim waist, and breasts that weren't far from being as full and round as Alison's. Combined with her own sweet/seductive smile on her face, I was really ready to go.

I removed my own shirt so I could quickly embrace her and rub her bare skin against me. After a few seconds of kissing and grinding our upper bodies together, I fell on my back with Emmy on top of me. I ran my hands down her back and headed for her still covered ass, yet Emmy stopped me. "I gotta see more of it..." she briefly explained, which was enough for now.

I slid backwards so I was lying on the middle of the bed, giving Emmy room to climb up herself and then lie in front of me. I still had my pants and belt on, so I went to work getting those out of the way. I threw my belt away and Emmy helped me slide my pants off, leaving me naked while Emmy focused back on my cock.

I had to see this and take it all in, so my eyes never left Emmy as she positioned her face above my erection. Her hand then grasped the bottom of it and tugged the skin down, leaving my cock perfectly taut as she licked slowly up towards the top. She gave me a few more tentative licks on my head and then slid her tongue up to my slit, before dipping her lips over my head.

As she suckled my head gently, I willed myself not to throw my head back, so I could take in the sight of Emmy working my cock. I waited until her gorgeous eyes looked up at me before I felt safe to blink. But I had less restraint when she moaned on my member and glided her tongue underneath my head.

After taking a few deep breaths, I placed my hands on her cheeks and held on as she bobbed her head up and down. Finally she took her hand off me and went down to get the rest of me in her mouth, and I helped get her head all the way down. But I let go so Emmy could pop off and catch her breath, yet she recovered to say, "Yeah, I get it..." before returning to work.

As I kept staring at Emmy, I briefly registered seeing Alison pass by. I couldn't ignore her when she climbed onto the bed, got on her knees and sat on my right next to my face, though. I briefly felt awkward now that I saw her there, seeing another woman suck me off. But when it registered that Alison was now fully naked, with her pussy close to my face, I had other thoughts consume me.

From her position, I could at least try to eat her out or play with her pussy, although I couldn't give her my complete focus. Still, Alison wasn't deterred, as she took my hand, made me point my forefinger and then placed it right into my mouth.

I was confused, but when Emmy took a deep suckle on my cock, I involuntarily took a similarly deep one on my finger. I made it wet with my tongue and saliva, and after a few more seconds, Alison took it out with a pop and then put my wet finger right against her opening – which was already wet enough.

I had to turn my upper body to the right to get into a better position to finger Alison. Yet as long as I could look at that and look at Emmy blowing me, I would endure it. I didn't want Alison to sit on my face and block my view of Emmy, so this was my best case scenario.

I didn't mind turning away from Emmy and leaning over to lick Alison's pussy, though. I could still feel Emmy sucking me off, so it seemed she had turned her body sideways like I did. I grasped Alison's hips and let mine pump into Emmy's mouth a little while I thrust my tongue into Alison's opening. And after hearing Alison moan and Emmy muffle her moans on my cock, I let both my cock and tongue pump a little faster.

But this wasn't the most ideal position to multitask, so I soon laid on my back again and had to take my mouth off of Alison. Emmy still kept her mouth on me, yet we'd need to find another way to keep Alison busy. Again, I didn't want her to set her pussy over my face so I'd only see it and not Emmy.

However, Alison thought ahead to solve that.

She crawled over, turned her back to me, sat back on her knees and made sure my face was between them. By sitting in the reverse cowgirl position above me, I could better see Emmy when I wasn't gazing up at Alison's pussy. To test it, I looked up and made sure I could lick Alison just fine, then looked down to see Emmy licking me as well.

I reached up to grasp Alison's waist as I went to eat her out in earnest. "Comfy?" I asked right against her lips.

"Yes... oh, yeah," Alison called out. "You?"

"Not in a complaining mood," I teased as I lightly bit onto Alison's clit and made her grind herself over my face.

"Fuck, me neither..." she groaned, which reassured me in a few ways. Then she gazed at Emmy and checked, "You good?"

"Mmmhmm..." Emmy muttered onto me, then popped off my cock and spoke in English. "I get why you like this thing."

"I do. That's – fuck – why it doesn't bother me to share... oh yeah... because it's mine," Alison reminded in between her reactions to my tongue work. And she was right, it was all hers, despite Emmy borrowing it. "Speaking of which..." Alison continued before bending down and placing my cock in her mouth while Emmy was distracted.

This made it a little harder for me to eat her out while she was gobbling on me. Ultimately, she took her pussy off of my face and laid it on my left side. I was about to complain, yet Emmy chimed with, "Make room, okay?" and then placed her tongue at the bottom part of my shaft that Alison hadn't sucked in.

My hands flailed a bit until my left one landed on Alison's ass, so I gave it something to do by fingering her. But I almost gave a death grip after Alison suckled my cock, then went down to my balls as Emmy resumed swallowing my shaft. With both their mouths on me, I just let out a string of incoherent curses and just thoughtlessly moved my fingers all over Alison's clit.

I focused on trying to make Alison cum before she and Emmy made me cum, yet it would be tough. Especially now that I could see and feel both of them lick a side of my shaft, then thought I saw Alison trying to reach down to finger Emmy. It seemed we were all racing to make someone else cum, although I pegged Alison and Emmy as the early favorites to do it first.

"Fuck my mouth and my pussy..." Alison encouraged, so I instantly obeyed by fingering her deep and thrusting into her mouth once it got back on me. "Now her..." she said after popping off, then gave my cock a deep lick before Emmy went down on it and licked the same area.

My hips thrust up on instinct, as did my fingers, trying desperately to make Alison cum before I did. Or at least make her cum before I finished cumming. Yet when Emmy moaned extra hard on me, due to Alison's attempts to play with her and make her cum, that was just about it.

"I'm cum... I'm cumming...!" I struggled to finish, as my fingers pinched Alison's clit and the two brunette beauties kept my cock still for one last simultaneous lick. I forced myself to gaze into their hungry, even more erotic than usual eyes as a final trigger for myself – and I was indeed finally unleashed moments later.

My head sadly laid back on the pillow as I went, yet I felt one of them start to swallow my cum, then the other one took my cock and swallowed the rest. I kept trying to tug and pull at Alison's pussy to get her off, and I did feel her start to spasm as I was finishing up.

"Come on, cum for me..." I barely got out, and was soon rewarded for my plea. I let Alison cover my hand with juices, looking at her go since I didn't have the energy to look up at my cock yet. I rejuvenated a little from seeing her cum on me, and when she was done, I lifted my head again to see how much of my cum got on them.

A few stands of cum were indeed on both their cheeks. Yet after her orgasm ended, Alison was focused on putting her hand in between Emmy's knees. Emmy appeared to have a hand down there as well, but the extra effort was making a difference. "Fuck me, I'm going..." Emmy trailed off as she was the last of us to have our first orgasm.

Emmy dropped her head into my lap while going off on her hand and Alison's. A strand of cum on her cheek started to slide down and likely head for my lap, yet Alison wiped it off and suckled it down for herself. This made Emmy take notice as her orgasm ended, protesting, "Hey, no fair!"

To that effect, she put a finger on Alison's cheek and wiped my cum off to swallow it herself. Although I might have preferred for her to lick it off.

Speaking of which, I remembered I had some licking to do as well, taking my damp head off of Alison to start cleaning it up. Alison then looked over and squealed, "Shit, sorry, almost forgot about you!" To prove she didn't now, she took her hand off of Emmy's pussy and clearly had the wet hand headed in my direction.

I sat up and held my hand up, then bent down to suckle Emmy's cum off of Alison's fingers. I made sure to look at Emmy as I did it, putting on a show with my suckling and my tongue work. Despite looking a bit tired from her orgasm and oral work, she still gave me the best impressed, turned on glare she could – which was still plenty hot. And after licking off Emmy's cum, I got back to work licking Alison's juices off me for dessert.

Meanwhile, Alison wiped off the last bit of my cum off Emmy's face, but this time rubbed her wet finger on Emmy's lips. She eventually suckled it off, then wiped off the cum on Alison and let her lick that up as well.

Well, if I was worried about getting hard fast enough after that orgasm, I was less so now. They kept helping by leaning in to kiss each other afterwards.

In my right mind, I might have thought this was going a bit too far, and pushed the limits of being believable. This whole thing was doing that, yet having them make out after they swallowed and licked my cum from their faces was pushing it. I would have thought that, but their lips, tongues, moans, and the sight of their stunning faces pressed together blocked out my logic.

Emmy got onto her knees on the bed, and soon Alison and I sat in that position as well. They went back to kissing, while I tried to think of what to do next. I settled for putting my hands on the back of their heads as they kissed, playing with their hair as I leaned in to kiss Alison's cheek. I even kissed the part of her face that had my cum on it, before going down to her neck.

She moaned into Emmy's mouth and then I worked towards making Emmy moan by suckling her neck. They just kept making out while I nuzzled and rubbed my face against Emmy's porcelain skin. My hands slowly went down their hair to their backs as my mouth got to Emmy's ear, whispering, "Thanks," – but then Emmy broke from Alison before I could suckle on that ear.

"Don't thank me yet," she muttered as she took me back down onto the bed and laid besides me. "This isn't all, is it? You brought me here to fuck me, right?" she guessed. "You have that hot piece of ass over there and you still want to fuck me?"

"Well... only once," I promised, hoping she took it the right way.

"Well, I'm pretty sure it'll be a while till we can do that," Emmy answered, gesturing to my now flaccid cock. "So we're gonna have to keep busy for a while, won't we?"

"I've got nothing better to do," I informed her – crediting myself for not using ‘do' as a innuendo. Besides, my mouth had other things to do at the moment.

I laid Emmy down on her back, noting that her panties had been taken off while I wasn't looking. With her fully naked, flawless body laid out below me, I went to work on savoring it. I went back to making out with her while running my hands through every inch of Emmy's smooth flesh, until I stopped at her breasts.

While only slightly less full and ample as Alison's, Emmy's chest was still more than supple and tantalizing enough. I confirmed this by grabbing onto both breasts, stroking the undersides with my thumbs and switching back and forth between suckling each stiff nipple. Emmy's appreciative groans fueled me to nibble even deeper and harder, while bouncing her tits back and forth.

"Fuck, that's good..." Emmy assured in a sultrier tone than before. I grinned and moved down to lick the bottom of her breasts, looking up to see the growing arousal on her face. This made me keep looking as my tongue trailed down her body, kissing and nuzzling as much of her skin as possible. My hands glided up her body, over her breasts and slid across her face and hair before starting to go back down. By the time they arrived at her hips, my tongue was at Emmy's bellybutton and aiming to go lower.

I gripped her ass and placed my head in between her legs, getting my first up close look at her pussy – which was wet both from her first orgasm and from my current treatment. I already had a taste of Emmy earlier, but tasting directly from her pussy was quite different than tasting her on Alison's hand. And it had a more vocal effect on Emmy as well.

"Oh yeah... fuck it, come on," she practically cooed. I was getting hard enough again to fuck it indeed, yet my tongue still wanted to do some fucking of its own. My hands groped her ass tighter and helped shove her crotch right against my face, allowing me to lick her deeper.

But after getting as much of my tongue in as possible, and looking up to see Emmy throwing her head back in pleasure, I figured I was more than ready for the next/final step. "I think I'm ready to fuck you now. Are you?" I voiced into her opening.

"Oh, you'd better fuck me now..." Emmy responded. But first, I took one more deep lick to get as much of Emmy on my tongue as possible. With that, I climbed back up and kissed her so she could taste herself, which made her groan and attack my mouth harder. And it also helped to muffle her when I lined my cock up against her and started to push in.

Once I did, she nearly bit my tongue, so I slipped it out of her mouth and just let my lips hover over hers. But after I got myself in, grit my teeth from her tight, wet warmth and stopped to give us time to adjust, Emmy reached up and licked my lips before sliding her tongue into my mouth again.

"You like tasting yourself?" I asked when she pulled back out. "Sweet, isn't it?"

"Mmmhmm," Emmy filled me in, raising her hips up to take in more of me.

"I know," I got out before focusing on my words again. "Sweet... yummy, gorgeous, sexy... dirty," I punctuated by taking my first thrust into Emmy. "I know something about women like that."

"Clearly," Emmy gasped out and actually nodded her head to the right. This made me look over and notice Alison again, who was sitting to our right and was gently fingering herself to our action.

"Well, come on, I need something here!" Alison joked/demanded. Although this should have made it even more awkward to fuck Emmy in front of Alison, I was in no position to refute her. She let me have this, so I couldn't well say no to her tonight – or probably any other time soon.

Since I wanted this, I had to start savoring it while I could, lest Emmy make me go off too soon. That was a real possibility, as she wrapped her legs around me, met my hips thrust for thrust and let me bury my face back into her neck and hair. "Fuck me..." I voiced as I thrusted deeper into her.

"Shouldn't I tell you that?" Emmy asked in between gasps, which propelled me to look down on her again.

"Yes... tell me..." I halfway pleaded, placing my hands on her hips and holding on tight as I kept going.

"Okay... fuck me," Emmy ordered, her words and the look on her perfect face making my cock twitch. "Fuck me good and hard... just like you wanted. Make me cum like you wanted... fuck me and make this sweet, dirty girl cum…"

Well, if I didn't want it before – and I already fucking did – that put me over the edge. Hopefully not literally yet.

I risked it anyway by going faster and harder into Emmy, with my mouth nipping her neck and throat and my hands rubbing her hips and thighs. Even though both her and me were starting to groan hard, I could still hear Alison moaning as she rubbed herself in the background. Now having her watch was indeed getting me hotter, yet I needed Emmy to feel even more overcome.

My right hand suddenly grabbed Emmy's right ass cheek and started jiggling it, leaving my left to head for her filled pussy. But I couldn't leave both hands down there and keep thrusting as effectively. So I took my right one off her ass and put it on the back of her head, pushing our foreheads together as my left hand rubbed her clit.

Her lovely brown eyes nearly took up my whole vision, which was quite something at a time like this as they flushed from my attack. I tried to make my cock and fingers work in tune to thrust into her, yet it got a little erratic the tighter and wetter that Emmy got. Still, we both got erratic as we worked harder to get the other off down below, and I tried not to hold onto her hair too hard.

It also got to me hearing Emmy and Alison moan in tandem, so I broke away from Emmy's gaze to try and see Alison working on herself. She was going pretty good, which made me lock onto her gaze and get lost into her eyes as usual. Somehow, looking at Alison in this position and state made me fuck Emmy and rub her even harder. But I did finally break from Alison's eyes after Emmy clenched tighter onto me and moved her hips around.

"Getting there?" I asked almost out of breath, while still rubbing her pussy with my thumb and forefinger.

"Keep going and I will... fuck, just keep going," Emmy wished, and I had no reason to deny her. After another minute of fucking and stroking, I knew we were both close. I turned to Alison to see if she was almost done, but I saw she wasn't playing with herself anymore.

This threw me off a bit until Emmy slammed her hips harder into mine, which nearly made me cum then and there. But if it made me close, there was no doubt she'd be there in seconds, and she gyrated her hips fast enough to make it so.

"Oh, mother fuck!" Emmy added on. "Yeah, there it... God, take that cum!" she trailed off as she gave my cock one last squeeze and then started cumming all over it. I let out a slow hiss and tried to savor her losing it all over me, before I could do the same to her. But after several more moments, she seemed to be settling down.

"Are you done?" I heard Alison ask. Emmy laid her head down and closed her eyes, managing to nod yes. "Good, then it's my turn," Alison continued before getting back into my line of sight. "Come on, you've had your fun, now it's back to me."

"Wait, he doesn't get to cum in me?" Emmy revived herself enough to ask, beating me to the punch.

"You wouldn't have gotten to cum on him if it wasn't for me. So I think I get to be a little selfish now," Alison said seriously but somewhat teasingly. "And I want his cock to just explode in me."

"Yeah... if you want that, you might wanna stop talking like that until I'm out of her," I chipped in. Taking my advice, Alison just grabbed my wrist and helped me pull out of Emmy. I tried to share a slightly apologetic look with her before Alison took up my attention. However, once she smiled at me and pressed her bare body against mine, I felt a little less sorry for it.

I had to admit, after that little talk I wasn't close to cumming as much anymore. And clearly, Alison stopped fingering herself earlier to ensure a longer finish on her end. Still, I knew we'd have to go a little slow at first to stretch this out.

That was no problem for me, as I put Alison on her back and guided myself into her slowly and deliberately. She stared up at me, quite pleased and eager to finally get into the mix. And I was eager to have her there too, which I showed by palming her breasts with my left hand and her curved hip with my right.

Yet like a tractor beam, I was pulled to Alison's face instead of her naughty bits, seeing her look at me with both passion and gentle adoration. The mixture did things to parts of me other than my cock – things that might be a bit too soon to define. However, I knew I at least liked it a lot. Who wouldn't?

I laid right on top of Alison to fully feel her soft, sexy body fit below mine, with her full, gorgeous breasts rubbing against my chest, her unnaturally big, beautiful eyes fully focused on me, and her sweet/sensual smile shining brightly. As I kissed that smile and the lips that formed it, I let myself go just a little faster, but not overly so just yet. Alison made this happen for me, made herself get hot for me fucking another woman, and wanted me to herself for last – so I was going to make this go as long as I could.

But that got a little harder when I felt something wet on my ball sack. And it wasn't anything from Alison.

Although I couldn't see it, I could feel that Emmy had gotten behind me and started to play with my exposed balls as they thrust against Alison. She was jiggling them now, but soon got back to licking on them. And with her mouth suckling my balls and Alison's pussy suckling my cock, it was a sure fire way to speed up the ending.

"What the hell?" Alison spoke up over my shoulder. "No need to speed this up for us..." she trailed off when the twin sensations on my genitals made me thrust harder and more out of control. "Oh... okay..." Alison conceded as she started to grind up against me as well.

I felt Emmy give my balls a few more deep licks and then a few deep suckles, which made me lose all awareness with the rest of the world. Once I went even faster and harder into Alison, Emmy finally broke off after lathering up my balls once more and blowing on them.

But soon enough, Alison became my whole focus again, as I used my heightened hormones to get us both off one more time. We traded groans, grunts and the odd "Fuck me" while we got closer and closer.

"Do it, do it now..." Alison all but yelled out. "I want it... fuck me and let me have it..."

"You first... fuck, I want it... I want you..." I admitted. I wanted her, I wanted to feel a sexy actress come all over my cock again – and I wanted to fill this one to the brim with my own cum. And this time, no one got in my way.

Just in case, I worked to speed it up by placing my teeth on Alison's left nipple and biting semi-lightly. I took it off just to let Alison see me flick my tongue on the nipple, before opening my mouth wide and sucking down as much of her famous tit as I could. With a final bite on her breast and a deep suckle, I finally pulled off and screamed as Alison's moans, her even tighter pussy and her even wilder hips did their work.

"Fuck me, fuck, cum!" Alison called out. And the second I felt Alison cum onto me and yell in relief, I was set off in the blink of an eye.

With the little will I had left, I tried to force myself impossibly deeper into her as I coated her inner walls. My hands returned to her hips and grabbed onto her supple flesh, but I lost the energy to keep my head up. Once the first few hard spurts came out of me, I let my head fall next to Alison's cheek and hair as I rode out the rest of our releases. Yet at last, we were soon drained empty for the last time that night.

"Holy fuck..." I heard someone say – perhaps it was Emmy. I couldn't tell if Alison was able to talk, but if she was like me right now, it was probably unlikely.

Nevertheless, I tried to lift my arms up and attempted to place my right hand on some upper part of Alison. It landed on her right shoulder, while my left hand still searched for something to grab to. Finally I felt it being put onto a breast next to me – obviously Emmy's. I was still face down on the pillow, so I couldn't check with my eyes.

There was nothing left to say and we had done pretty much everything imaginable. So I moved back and let Alison remove herself from underneath me, before she laid back besides me. Her back was turned to me, leaving me to lay my head down behind her hair. That wasn't a bad compromise, leaving me to lie on my stomach while my right arm draped over Alison and my left hand could still fondle Emmy.

And that was that. I told Alison before this that I'd never need to do this again, since there'd be no way to top it. Not one single thing that happened afterwards changed my opinion. So I played with Emmy's breast and upper body, while fondling Alison and resting against her hair until the sensations lulled me into sleep. Since I wouldn't be doing something like that again, I savored as much as I could from it.

It must have been one of the things that did a number on me, since we all overslept and didn't have much energy to get up the next morning. Yet when Emmy saw what time it was, she quickly made herself get up and find her clothes, since she was late for something I couldn't make out.

However, she didn't have time to lament or regret what she did last night – and even asked for Alison to call her before kissing her and then me on the lips. Once she rushed out afterwards, it made the morning and last night feel more like a distant dream.

Well, I at least wanted to get back to dreaming it right then. Maybe I'd get enough sleep to do something about it with my girlfriend when we woke up next time.

But until then, we returned to sleep as if we didn't also have sex with someone else the previous night – for hopefully the last time for a while.

05-26-2012, 12:15 AM
Wow. That was so fucking hot!! :swoon: Awesome job 'Doc. What a great pairing.

05-26-2012, 12:47 AM
Thanks. The idea was technically inspired by chatting with you about them a week ago, so it's even more fitting to have you praise the results.

05-26-2012, 03:26 PM
Great read Doc! An epic pair as well... Well done indeed!