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Test Drive
With Jennifer Hawkins
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, blowjob, oral, voy, reluc
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

http://thumbnails55.imagebam.com/20071/f8e1eb200707507.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/f8e1eb200707507) http://thumbnails39.imagebam.com/20071/c769e9200707356.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c769e9200707356) http://thumbnails63.imagebam.com/19727/22e67e197260942.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/22e67e197260942)

I guess you could say that my entire professional life hinged on the success or failure of the evening that night, since I'd been tasked with supervising a highly publicized Audi unveiling in Sydney.

The guest list itself was quite daunting to say the least with several high profile celebrities flying in from around the globe to attend the start-studded event. Fortunately for me everything seemed to go off without a hitch...that was until I noticed an incredibly striking blonde standing off to the side enjoying a drink.

Standing at well over 6-foot-tall, the leggy model was stylishly clad in sexy black pumps and a purple themed band-aid style dress, which showed off her long legs and magnificent curves.

She was just about the most captivating creature I had ever seen, and feeling bold I wandered over and introduced myself only to be surprised to learn that the woman in question was none other than onetime Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

Jen and I hit it off almost immediately and I was actually surprised by how sweet and flirtatious she appeared to be.

In fact we got on so well that we soon found ourselves laughing and chatting for an entire hour, during which time we both drank at least three glasses of champagne each.

"Wow." she commented while admiring one of the Audi R8's. "It's just so beautiful to look at."

Little did she know I was thinking the exact same thing about her.

"Yup. She's pretty much flawless." I remarked while quietly referring to her long sleek legs. "...one of a kind."

To my amusement Jen seemed to catch on quickly and giggled at the compliment.

"God. What I would give to slide into the driver's seat and take her out for a spin." she added between drinks.

Unfortunately for me my brain wasn't exactly thinking logically and before I knew what I was saying I was offering her that exact opportunity—allowing her to take the backup vehicle which was parked downstairs for a quick spin around the block.

"Bull crap." she snapped. "Are you serious?"

To prove my point I flashed her the limited edition key-ring which caused the onetime Miss Australia to openly fawned.

"Oh-God. Even the medallion looks incredible." she gasped. "Can we really do it?"

Not more than five minutes later I found myself seated behind the driver's seat and waited for Jen to slip away from the other guests so she could join me downstairs.

Whatever doubts I might have had about quickly dissipated when she finally emerged from the lobby and appeared to be clutching something in her hand.

"Check it out." she giggled while raising a bottle of Don Perignon. "Look what I found. Figured I'd bring some company."

As Jen climbed into the passenger seat and buckled herself up I suddenly buried my foot—causing the V-10 engine to roar to life and launch us from the curb at break-neck speeds.

For her part Jen simply squealed out loud with glee as I navigated a few of the deserted streets and steered the quarter million dollar supercar over the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

As thrilling as this was I still found myself gasping under my breath when I looked over and suddenly realized just how short her dress was, which now revealed most if not all of her long smooth legs.

To her credit Jen knew full well I was perving at her legs but she did nothing to hide them. Not that she could even if she wanted to.
By the time we arrived to the opposite side of the bridge Jen was beaming from ear to ear.

"ohmigod. Can I drive?" she drooled.

Considering how good she looked I found it hard to refuse her.

With that said I looked for a place to park by the side of the highway and we quickly swapped positions. To say she was excited to drive would be an understatement. Amusingly enough Jen stopped to take her heels off and handed them to me.

When we finally got going again we stopped at the traffic lights waiting to head back into town when another car pulled up along side and Jen and I both thought the same thing and laughed.

"Don't even think about it." I told her knowing that she wanted to race.

"Oh come on. Please?" she pouted. "Pretty please? Let me race him just a little."

I rolled my eyes and nodded. Truth be told considering the way she looked at that moment in time she could have asked me for just about anything and I would have gave it to her.

A moment later my heart sank as the light flashed green and Hawkins floored the pedal.

We literally blasted from the line at such ferocity that the G-forces alone slammed me back into my seat before Jen slammed the gearbox into second gear and we proceeded to race the other sports car across the iconic bridge.

Amusingly enough it appeared that neither one of the drivers were very good at changing gears which allowed the R8 to pull away comfortably.

The supercar cried out in protest before third gear was selected, and the speedometer appeared to be possessed as it now raced past 60, 90, 130mph in next to no time at all.

As incredibly breathtaking as this was, I cringed as Jen gave the vehicle no mercy whatsoever and red-lined the engine to over 8,000rpm.

Fortunately for us the other car slowed down and we won the race comfortably, allowing Jen to ease up and return to a more appropriate speed.

"Holy shit. That was so much fun!" she giggled. "I want one."

"You better pull over and let me drive back to the party." I suggested but Jen was not having any part of it.

"Um. Can I ask you for a favor?" she countered as I noticed that she had ignoring the turn off back to our street.

"Err. Okay?"

"Do you mind if we quickly swing by my place for a minute." she stated. "Just so I can change outfits?"


"I've got champagne all over this dress." she claimed. "So I need to change."

Before I could answer we took the right lane and proceeded to head home which thankfully was just five minutes away.

It was just a few minutes later that we turned into her quite suburban street and as we approached her house I glanced at Jen and expected her to slow down but she didn't brake.

Instead I watched as she misjudged the angle of her own driveway and took the car straight over the concrete curb, slamming the underskirt of the vehicle against the solid cement stone and causing a loud crunch as the entire spoiler system was ripped in two.

"Fuck!" I shrieked before I pulled up the hand break and stopped her from going any further.

Right away the car came to a screeching halt and now dangled precariously over the stone ledge. We looked at each other with wide eyes before I instructed her to put it in reverse and back out slowly.

As expected the damage had already been done and as she backed out gently the carbon fiber was ripped further making my blood turn cold.

"Jesus." I hissed. "I am so dead. If we've damaged this car in any way...I am so dead right now."

"Oh-God. What just happened?" she replied as I opened the door and climbed out to assess the damage.

Jennifer seemed absolutely mortified over the affair and incredibly guilt ridden.

"Should we call someone?" she suggested as I sat on the curb trying to think of what to do next.

"Hey. Come on inside." she offered a minute later. "Don't sit out here. You'll catch a cold."

I had to laugh considering a sore throat or runny nose would be the least of my troubles.

Resigned to my fate I locked the car and followed her inside. Amusingly enough Jen's solution to all this was to pour me a double whiskey.

Hawkins and I then proceeded to wash down the elixir as I looked around her stylish home for the first time and commented on how nice it was, trying in vain to distract my mind over the colossal cluster-fuck the night had become.

"Aw. Thanks." she smiled. "I can't believe you're taking this so well."

It was only now that I noticed just how bloodshot her eyes were and how she could hardly stand straight without swaying a little in the nonexistent breeze.

"Honestly though." she added. "I feel so terrible right now. I can't even explain."

"Yes well you should." I joked, as the added alcohol definitely allowed us to speak our minds and laugh a little.

"I just wish I could do something to make it up to you." she commented while refilling her glass.

As expected my mind immediately went to a dirty place and I actually considered making a snide comment about a getting a blowjob for my troubles but then changed my mind at the last minute.

Things were already pretty tense, there was no reason to make things awkward too.

"Well anyways..." she remarked as she finished her third glass of liquor. "Let me just quickly change and then we can head off."

I simply shrugged as Jen stopped to look at me and seemed to contemplate something before she finally turned and wandered off down the hall, walking unsteadily on her feet as she proceeded to unzip her dress.

This allowed it to unravel from her shoulders and granted me an extraordinary view of her bare back and spine, just as she disappeared around the corner.

"Wow." I gasped inwardly as I realized that she had inadvertently treated me to a sexy little show.

In truth I had no idea if this was intentional or not but at that moment in time I didn't really care.

I now stood there motionless for the longest time trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was now inside Jennifer Hawkins humble abode, with her essentially naked in the very next room, naked and alone and very drunk.

That, combined with our current set of circumstances in which she was feeling extremely guilty about wrecking the car, caused my drunk evil mind to scheme.

"You know. I'll never get another opportunity like this again." I concluded. "It's now or never. If I do this, I do it right now."

Taking a deep breath, I finished my glass and slowly made my way down the long hallway and quietly glanced into her bedroom door only to find her standing there in nothing but a pair of black satin panties, while she casually perused her wardrobe trying to decide what to wear.

The vision before me was so incredible that I actually heard myself gasp in wonder which quickly alerted her of my presents.

"Geez!" she exclaimed, as she immediately placed her hands over her chest to conceal her naked breasts. "You scared me half to death."

I simply snickered at her reaction and now stood there staring at her from the door, dumbfounded by her natural beauty.

"What's wrong?" she asked as I simply stood there leering at her hungrily.

"You look um...absolutely amazing right now." I drunkenly murmured.

"What, half naked?" she quipped sarcastically. "Maybe I should go back to the party like this."

"Couldn't hurt." I chuckled. "Would at least take everyone's mind off the wrecked car."

Hawkins pouted at the memory of the accident before she returned her attention to her wardrobe, her hand still clutching her bare naked chest as she perused the clothing line.

Be it due to the traumatic incident or a simple case of liquid courage, but I took a deep breath and threw caution to the wind and spoke my mind.

"By the way." I said without thinking. "I think I know how you can make it up to me."

"Huh?" she replied without taking her eyes off her wardrobe. "How's that?"

"Well...you can start by taking your hands away from your chest."

Jennifer giggled nervously before she stopped to look at me, her eyes swimming in alcohol while trying to gauge if I was being serious or if it was just a simple case of the alcohol talking. In actuality it was a little of both.

"Oh you do, huh." she smiled.

"Sure. I think it's the least you can do, considering the trouble I'm in."

Despite my remarks, Jen simply giggled and didn't seemed convinced as she returned her attention back to her clothes.

But a moment later I immediately jumped into action and without warning marched over and placed my hand on the back of her head, both to deepen the kiss and stop her from getting away.

In an instant my lips were pressed against hers as I let my hand drop to her magnificent butt and gave it an appreciative squeeze.

"Mppphhhhfff...wait! What are you doing?" she finally objected between kisses, as she pulled back to catch her breath. "We can't do this."

"Sure we can." I quipped before kissing her again and urging her lips into action.

"Mpphfff...wait! You're drunk." she panted. "You don't know what you're doing right now."

I responded by kissing her once again, this time causing her to sigh into my mouth.

"Drunk?" I countered. "So are you. Besides, you owe me remember?"

"Yes. But..."

"You owe me big."

This time as I kissed her I made a note to grab her firmly by the butt and pushed her body hard against me. As expected Jennifer objected to this action but to my amusement she seemed to resist me less and less.

"Mmpppfff...wait!" she whimpered breathlessly. "We really shouldn't be doing this right now."

"Really, why not?" I maintained. "Who's going to stop us. Who's ever going to find out?"

Never one to concede defeat, I insistently kissed her again and this time made sure to grind my thigh between her legs, causing her to moan into my mouth as she humped me.

A minute later Jennifer broke our kiss and while I expected her to object once again I was instead taken aback by her next comment.

"Okay look. We can screw around...but no sex, agreed?" she panted. "I guess I at least owe you that."

With that said, I took this opportunity to kiss her throat and neck, reveling in the taste of her perfumed flesh before I kissed my way up to her ears and cheek and found her mouth again.

This time, Hawkins responded more willingly than before which immediately caused us both to moan aloud as she offered me her tongue and they wrestled against one another.

Fortunately for me the leggy blonde was way too drunk to resist much less object as I now had my seedy way with her and allowed my hands to now roam all around her magnificent body.

I guess you could say I was way more drunk than I presumed because despite my bravado I soon lost the strength in my legs and finally collapsed on the edge of her bed, amusing her.

"Fuck." I muttered out of breath, my head spinning. "I am so wasted right now."

"I told you." Jennifer giggled at my inebriated state as she wiped her mouth and claimed that she now had to reapply her makeup.

Unfortunately for her I was so riled up at that moment that as she turned to walk away I quickly reached out and grabbed her by the legs and pulled her to me, forcing her to stand between my knees.

"Whoa. C'mon now." she huffed through a smile. "I have to get dressed before we head back to the party."

I now sat on the edge of her bed with her hand on my shoulder, her other arm still concealing her pert breasts from my greedy eyes.

"Come on, Jen." I urged. "Let me see. I think it's the least you can do."

Hawkins reluctantly agreed and slowly took her hand away and placed it on my other shoulder, as I literally cooed and marveled at her glorious bare breasts.

"Oh wow." I remarked, as I placed my hands on her slender hips and proceeded to kiss the flat of her belly.

This of course caused her to squirm and giggle in my grasp, as my lips savored her soft flawless skin.

"Wait. Stop. That tickles." she giggled sweetly, as I wasted little time gliding my lips all around her hips and belly and then traveled northward.

"I could kiss every fucking inch of your body." I muttered under my breath, as her hands came up to grasp at my hair.

"Stop. Please." she resisted meekly. "We don't have time for this. The others will most probably be looking...ohhh...for us."

Despite her objections, I was almost certain that her body did not want me to stop as I now kissed and licked several tiny freckles on her abdomen and slowly trailed my tongue up and between the valley of her breasts.

Her hands seemed to stop resisting and instead now spurred me on as I quickly latched my mouth around one of her perky nipples and sucked it into my mouth, taking her breath away.

"Oh." she inhaled sharply, as any objections she might have had quickly melted away and now turned into gasps and moans of encouragement.

The sound of my suckling mouth now emanated throughout her bedroom as I literally feasted on her tits.

As expected, watching her squirm above me aroused me to no end and for a moment I thought I would blow my wad right then and there, especially as I watched her nipples respond accordingly and stiffen to my touch.

http://thumbnails54.imagebam.com/20071/dc102d200707837.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/dc102d200707837) http://thumbnails47.imagebam.com/20071/fa4c4a200707861.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/fa4c4a200707861)

Nevertheless, I stayed focus on the job at hand and let my hands fall around her hips where I copped a good feel of her peach-shaped butt while I sucked deeper on her right nipple and covered it in saliva, slurping it loudly into my mouth and causing her to moan.

"Oh. You're really good at that huh." she moaned a minute later, as I finally broke away to tease the undersides of her firm breast with the tip of my tongue.

"I could spend the next week just running my tongue all over your body, Jen." I told her, as I alternated between her right and left breast.

"Oh. We really shouldn't be doing this..." Jennifer whispered, as she reached up to brush her long hair out of the way. "Although...I do owe you, right?"

"Absolutely." I muttered as I feasted on her chest.

Noting this conflict inside her drunk mind, I grinned smugly to myself as it suddenly dawned on me that Jen was actually getting a kick out of it. Without warning I then tossed her onto her own bed and removed my shirt and pants.

"You know what." I quipped. "Time to collect. Come 'ere."

Jennifer moved slowly and cautiously but nevertheless complied. Snatching her by the wrist, I then directed her to the edge of the bed and invited her to grab my cock.

"Err. No sex remember?" she briefly ranted.

"Absolutely." I reassured her. "But we can still have some fun right?"

As I spoke, I fished out my erect cock which to my amusement made her eyes grow wide.

"Now come here. You owe me." I repeated, as I grabbed her hand and placed it on my erection and insisted that she stroke it a little.

The onetime Miss Universe did not resist and reluctantly complied before I finally placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed her face towards my cock, causing her lips to briefly brush against my dick.

To my delight, Jen seemed befuddled for a moment before I finally convinced her to kiss it softly.

"Go on. Yeah. God Yes." I let out a moment later when she ever so lightly brushed he lips against it.

"Again." I almost pleaded. "Do it again, Jen. Please."

The Myer spokeswoman then repeated the action before she finally slithered out her tongue and tentatively licked around the head of my cock.

I moaned audibly and grasped the back of her head, spurring her on as she slowly grew more and more confident and now swept her warm tongue down the length of my shaft and back up again, causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

Soon she licked my entire dick, but didn't stop there as she raised the head and dabbed her tongue against my balls. From there she licked all the way back up my shaft before reaching the tip and letting her lips finally engulf it.

She suckled the head and only occasionally put her tongue back on it. I could only respond in "oohs" and "ahhs" as I ran my fingers through her golden locks.

"Mm. That's it. Just like that." I encouraged her. "Put your tongue right there. Wrap your lips around the head. Now suck my cock, Jen."

Since Jennifer was proving to be so accommodating, I wanted to offer some payback and reached down to gently fondle her breasts as my cock remained trapped inside her hot mouth.

She now moaned around the head of my dick which drove me insane and only increased the pleasure, so I decided to take it up a notch and finally leaned over further and caressed the front of her panties which really seemed to fire her up.

I rubbed my fingers along the groove of her sex and quickly found and teased her clit through the fabric.

This caused her to moan even louder, before as I finally slipped my digits underneath the flimsy material and made direct contact with her sex, plunging them deep inside and filling her cunt with two fingers.

"Ugh." she let out breathlessly as I proceeded to slowly thrust my fingers in and out, trying to match the movements of her bobbing head.

"That's it." I groaned. "Suck my dick, Jen. Suck my hard cock while I play with your pretty little pussy."

Soon we were both going at it at a pretty frantic pace as I withdrew my fingers from her tight wet cunt and abruptly jammed them into her mouth, insisting that she taste them.

"Hmm. Taste that?" I smirked, as she moaned around my fingers and glared up at me expectantly.

I just couldn't believe how subservient she was. She just seemed so submissive and eager to please.

"Do you like that?" I asked her, as she simply nodded in the affirmative while she sat there with my slick fingers inside her mouth.

"Suck on them." I told her. "Twirl that tongue of yours around my fingers. I want you to really taste your pussy."

Jennifer happily obliged before I repeated the entire process and reached down to rub her cunt again before shoving them back into her waiting mouth.

"Put your spit on them." I insisted. "Put as much of your spit on my fingers as you can, Jen. I like that."

I now had the half naked model moaning softly around my digits before I withdrew them from her mouth and savored them for myself, tasting her pussy for the very first time and marveling at the texture.

"Fuck you taste good." I cooed. "Screw this, come 'ere."

Suddenly, I pushed her back onto the bed and without warning spread her legs wide.

I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs and without a moment to lose pulled her panties down her legs and proceeded to eat her world class pussy in great earnest.

Shocked at my enthusiasm, Jen could only moan and thrash about wildly on the bed, grinding her hips back and forth and rubbing her pristine mound against my chin.

"Oh. Oh God." she moaned. "Yes! Oh. Eat my pussy."

With pleasure, I thought. Caught up in the moment I then pinned her legs right back against her body and proceeded to plunge my tongue into her gleaming wet hole, taking her breath away as I stabbed her with it.

"Ohmigod. Yes." she muttered incoherently, as I essentially fucked her cunt with the length of my tongue.

"Jesus Jen." I hissed between thrusts. "You're so FUCKING wet right now. And you taste so damn good too."

The leggy model was simply at a loss for words as I manhandled her legs and literally devoured her precious little cunt.

I ultimately placed my mouth entirely around her pristine mound and gently eased two of my fingers into her gleaming wet sex and now admired the way her entire body proceeded to thrash about and buck wildly against my face.

"Oh. OMG. OMG." she chanted again and again as I sucked her clit into my mouth while probing her.

Feeling bold, I then slowly and carefully eased a third finger inside with the first two and now filled her sopping cunny with three digits, marveling at the way she now sobbed euphorically.

With my fingers nestled firmly inside, I focused my attention on her long slender legs and licked the inside of her thighs affectionately.

"Oh shit. Oh shit." she suddenly cried, as she appeared to tense up and tremble violently via an impromptu orgasm.

Without hesitation I bend down and utterly buried my tongue as deep inside her glistening honey pot as I possibly could and savored her essence, gulping down as much of her tangy nectar as I could find.

Jennifer's orgasmic cries now served as my soundtrack, as she continued to thrash about and flail around uncontrollably on the bed, urging me to stop eating her quivering pussy and pulling me up to face level with her.

"Please..." she purred erotically. "Enough. Enough. I can't take it. Just fuck me. Just fuck me, already."

As she spoke, she reached down between us and gently gripped my hard cock and pointed me directly towards her dripping sex, rubbing the head again at her slimy clam.

With one hand she pulled at my back, encouraging me to move inside of her.

I did as instructed, but as if in one last effort to tease, I pushed only a bit of my tip inside before pulling it back out. The sensation was unbearably good, and I hadn't even entered her yet. For her part, this drove her absolutely insane with lust.

"Ugh! No." she insisted in her drunken haze. "Do it. Please! Fuck me. Stick it inside."

With that said, I began to press into her and we both gasped into each other's faces as I buried my wick, inch by inch. I stopped briefly for her to adjust to my sizable cock, and pulled out just a tad, causing us both to hold our breath for the inevitable.

I finally made one final thrust, and our hips came together as we joined in a passionate kiss. The leggy icon now pawed at me madly, fidgeting at the intense pleasure I was giving her as we kissed.

I could have stayed locked together like that forever, but we both began to slowly rock against each other. We stayed pressed together as my cock slipped further and further inside, nestled snugly inside her impossibly tight cunt.

I began to lose focus on the kisses we had been sharing and was unable to do anything but grasp at her hips with one hand while using the other for support.

Jennifer now glared up at me, her brilliant blue eyes filled with lust as I proceeded to move in and out of her. Her moaning now increased as well and came between every other breath, a sound so sweet I thought it alone would make me cum.

We were moving as one, two bodies locked in a passionate embrace when she then wrapped her long legs around me, grabbing at me with her heels and pulling me in tight.

I continued to thrust in and out of her, as she pushed in perfect time back towards me, grinding her clit against me every chance she could.

Suddenly, Jennifer began to squeal and tense up again, grabbing at me with impressive strength as I kept moving in and out of her at a more rapid pace, her pussy pummeling my cock with its contractions as she came for the second time in as many minutes.

To my delight, her vaginal muscles seemed to finally relax and she proceeded to seep all over my cock as I continued to thrust into her, not wanting her to come down from her orgasm.

In truth I still couldn't believe what was happening. Not only was I having sex with one of the most beautiful and sexiest aussie celebs on earth, but I had just made her cum twice in quick succession.

Still, for all my bravado I knew that I was on the verge of cumming at any second, but my mind seemed determined to let me continue my enjoyment of this amazing woman before me.

It took all of several minutes for Jennifer to finally calm down from her impromptu orgasms before she pulled me tight against her again, her long lean limbs spread wide to accommodate me lying atop of her.

God she looked amazing just lying there spread like that, waiting to be filled.

"Don't move." she panted softly. "I can't handle anymore. I need a minute to catch my breath."

I stopped to observe her post-orgasmic glow and once again had time to marvel at my luck, and her extraordinary beauty.

"Sure, say when." I challenged, before wiping my brow and offering her a few slow short, measured strokes.

To my amusement, Jen moaned erotically to this action and flashed me the most erotic look yet.

She paused for a moment before she suddenly jumped into action, and as if encouraged by my dare she responded to my last comment with all the strength she could muster.

"Okay, when." she answered, before she flipped me over onto my back and swiftly straddled my hips without removing herself from our connection.

I could tell that she had preformed the task many times before and it got me wondering what else was she secretly capable of.

I could see from the look in her eyes that she was still sensitive from her two previous orgasms but after a few seconds she began to move her finely sculptured core in the most seductive manner.

I simply lay back and moaned in wonderment as Jen flexed and relaxed her abs, working me in and out of her sopping cunt like a piston around a camshaft.

"Oh. Fuck Yes." I let out, as her pussy now seemed to almost milk my cock.

She smiled as she watched my eyes roll into the back of my head, and now seemed more determined than ever to fuck my brains out.

I grasped her hips gently with both hands, feeling her body move and wriggle about before I moved them up her slender frame and fondled her pert breasts. I couldn't believe how hard her nipples appeared to be.

I cupped and squeezed her ample breasts with my fingers before she leaned into me, still moving her hips smoothly up and down my aching rod, her tight firm butt constantly bouncing up and down at a steady pace as though she was casually working out on some kind of elliptical machine at the gym.

"Fuck Yeah. Fuck Yeah." I muttered softly. "Take that cock. Don't stop. Keep riding it no matter what. That's it. That's it."

Jennifer simply smiled smugly to herself as she closed her eyes and concentrated on her work, riding me like a champ. I thrust up to meet her downward movements, our faces just inches apart before I caught her lips and we joined again in a lustful kiss.

To her credit, she still refused to slow down and rode my cock at a rapid pace even as we tongued each other. I have to say, that being used this way was an incredible turn on, and I soon felt myself approaching my orgasm but fought it away.

I just couldn't allow myself to give in to it just yet.

Jennifer on the other hand was now determined to get me off and without warning she leaned down and took my nipple into her mouth, biting it briefly before sucking my neck into her mouth and giving me a love bite.

"You're so fucking hard right now." she whispered into my ear, as she rode my cock like it was a simple piece of apparatus built for her pleasure alone.

With her lips now gently tugging at my ear, I knew my orgasm was coming and I could tell by the sounds she was making that hers was on the way too.

Jen finally pulled back and looked down at me, her stunning angelic face now contorting with blissful agony I picked up the pace and now pounded her pussy, the sound of skin flapping against skin filling the bedroom.

"Yes! Yes. Yes. Yes." she sobbed. "Don't fucking stop!"

At one point I looked down to watch my cock disappear inside her again and again.

This vision combined with the stimulation it caused was agonizing and I never wanted it to end. Each stroke brought me closer to my impending climax as I urged her to sit up straight on top of me and looked over her exquisite body one final time.

Jennifer Hawkins now glistened in sweat, her hair matted wet and her face flushed as she took my cock fervently.

Her breasts were heaving with each moan, as she now alternated between quick, fulfilling strokes to slow and pleasurable ones where we held our breath for an entire thrust.

I couldn't even begin to describe to you just how exquisite her pussy felt wrapped around my shaft.

Once again I reached up and pulled her down to me and we ground our sex against each other some more, feeling our bodies pressed together as our tongues danced drunk with lust, my cock now literally throbbing and just seconds away from release.

For the final few thrusts I looked deep into her eyes, wanting to memorize that exact moment for the rest of my life. Jennifer thrust her hips one final time, grunting loudly in my face as I gasped out loud.

In fact, I nearly blacked out as I began to shoot my hot creamy load deep inside her cookie. The soft spongy walls of her pussy immediately contracted around my pulsating rod as I pumped my gooey seed deep into her again and again.

I was clutching at any part of her I could with my hands, unable to breathe until my orgasm began to subside.

Meanwhile her long strong legs held me firmly in place as the entire world seemed to drift off into the distance and a wave of pure intensity washed over me.

Her tight gooey clam squeezed the last bit of semen out of my dick as we both held each other tight, speechless for who knows how long before I finally released my grip on her and she rolled off me in complete exhaustion.

"Fuck, well that was...interesting." I muttered out of breath, not really knowing what else to say.

Like her I was still extremely drunk, exhausted, and delirious at this point.

Jennifer simply lay there panting for several minutes before she finally spoke.

"Well that was...that was fun." she muttered softly to herself, before she mumbled something about needing a shower and she got up on shaky legs and slowly staggered towards the bathroom naked as the day she was born.

Funnily enough the car, my job, or anything else in my life for that matter didn't seem to concern me anymore as I watched her perfect body get up from the bed and disappear into the shower.

As far as I was concerned it had all been worth it, a fair trade.

06-22-2012, 02:51 AM
Thanks hearsz,

Yep, I think the original concept popped up in the chat back at the start of the year, maybe even late last year? So I've been working on and off on it for a few months, and figured if I didn't post it now it would never see the light of day like some of my other work.