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Studio Sluts
With Victoria Justice
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, blowjob, oral, anal
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

http://thumbnails31.imagebam.com/20397/f5bead203965972.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/f5bead203965972) http://thumbnails85.imagebam.com/20397/7e2324203965982.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/7e2324203965982) http://thumbnails22.imagebam.com/20397/190377203965988.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/190377203965988)

With most of my family heavily involved in show business, I loitered around several film and television studios in Hollywood including such shows as "iCarly" and "Victorious."

It was there that I befriended most of the cast and crew, and like every other red blooded male in America I had a huge crush on one particular starlet, Victoria Justice.

But as luck would have it, it was in fact her co-star Daniella Monet who was apparently infatuated with me, especially with our folks being so close and her history of babysitting my kid brother over the years.

Naturally my intentions towards Victoria did not go unnoticed by Daniella, which made her somewhat jealous. Things definitely got interesting around the set whenever I'd visit.

One day, the Victorious girls had a day off from shooting and Daniella and I convinced the ladies to join us for some lunch and shopping. So, I bundled the girls up into my Escalade and we headed out to Malibu for the afternoon, where we enjoyed some seafood and shopping and had a fantastic time.

As expected, Victoria wasted little time openly flirting with me, which only infuriated Daniella. In fact I think it was one of the main reasons she did it, if only to get a rise out of her.

Nevertheless, Monet had her own motives and took every other opportunity she could to flirt as well, waiting for the right moment when we were alone (gas station etc) to ask me if I had any plans for the weekend, and if I'd be interested in visiting her while she babysat for some of our family and friends in the neighborhood.

"C'mon." she teased. "—what else have you got to do? We could have a great time together...get a pizza, watch some movies, have some fun."

It was a funny dynamic to say the least, as I was clearly pursuing Victoria, while Daniella was evidently pursuing me...with Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande merely sitting back and snickering among themselves to the crazy spectacle.

It was during our trip to a clothing warehouse in Calabasas that the ladies went on inside while I looked for a place to park.

Naturally, Daniella offered to stay back and keep me company, and when we finally made our way into the store we found the girls trying on various clothes in the dressing room area, and didn't realize that we could hear their conversation.

"Seriously, Vee." Liz remarked. "What's the story between you and Rob?"

"What?" she scoffed. "Nothing. Why? What do you mean?"

"So then what's with all the flirting today? You know he really likes you, right?"

"Yeah well, I'm not looking for anything right now." Justice claimed while looking herself over in the mirror.

"But I don't think he knows that," Ariana added. "Not from the way you constantly flirt and string him along."

"Meh. I don't care." Victoria shrugged. "He's downright delusional if he thinks something will ever happen between us."

Hearing these comments, I literally froze in silence and glared back at Daniella who genuinely seemed mortified.

In an instant, Monet jumped into action and pulled back the curtain to berate her friends and call Victoria a bitch, while I stormed off out of the store and climbed into my car and sped off.

After all the trouble I had gone to, I thought. After driving them around all day and paying for lunch, drinks, and even cigarettes in Elizabeth's case. I was absolutely livid.

With my ego slightly bruised, I left the ladies stranded out in the middle of nowhere but I didn't give it a second's thought considering how catty they appeared to be. They really were a bunch of ungrateful little whores.

Over the next few hours Victoria called my phone a number of times but I refused to answer.

Feeling guilty, she then proceeded to leave several messages claiming that the entire incident was taken out of context and that she felt extremely guilty.

"Please call me back." She said on one of the messages. "I'd hate to lose you as a friend."

Nevertheless, despite her sob story I suspected that her apology had more to do with job security than crushing my ego as she now feared that I might say something to the producers of the show, and make her life a living hell. Not that I would ever resort to such drastic measures.

Instead, I spent the rest of the afternoon just driving around Hollywood and doing some blow before I finally went home to find the entire house empty, leaving me all alone to feel sorry for myself.

Amusingly, I soon heard the front door downstairs only to find Daniella standing before me.

Without missing a beat she explained that she was in fact spending the night right next door while babysitting for the Peterson's, who were apparently away for the whole weekend and insisted that I join her.

"You know you really pissed everyone off today." Daniella claimed. "When you left us stranded out there in the middle of nowhere."

"Well you seemed to have made your way home in time to make it to the Peterson's?" I quipped.

Daniella shrugged and remarked that she herself wasn't really upset about the entire ordeal but that Liz and Ariana were absolutely furious, especially since it had all been caused by something Victoria had said. I then tried to explain myself but Monet claimed to understand.

"No, trust me. I know." she assured me. "It's not really fun when the person you like totally ignores your feelings, huh?"

She was clearly referring to our situation, so I didn't argue. With nothing else to do, I decided to take Daniella up on her offer and joined her over to the neighbors house.

There I watched her put the kids to bed before we sat around the pool and helped ourselves to some beer and some weed (joint). I had to admit, it was during this time that I really started to notice just how sweet and attractive she actually was.

I guess standing in a room with her other co-stars did make her seem "average" at best, but once out of the shadows of her pretty co-stars I could see just how incredibly sexy Danni was.

On top of everything else, Daniella appeared to be fun and open minded and soon suggested that we fool around and jump into the pool and have some fun.

While I was initially against the idea, this quickly changed when I watched her nonchalantly peel her shirt over her head to reveal a sexy two piece bikini, which left little to the imagination and barely managed to encase her large natural breasts.

"Holy shit." I thought to myself. "Where the fuck did that body just come from?"

"What's a matter?" She smiled smugly as she took a minute to take off all her jewelry and then peeled her sweat pants down her legs to reveal a thong bikini.

"Are you gonna sit there drooling all night?" she teased. "—or are you gonna join me?"

With that said she then dived into the pool as I tried to pick my tongue up off the floor.

Not one to back down from a dare, I soon stripped down to my boxer briefs and joined her in the heated pool where we grappled and frolicked around for several minutes before it got dark out and we finally climbed out and headed inside.

There Daniella insisted that I follow her upstairs and I watched her lead me into the master bedroom, and a very lavish private bathroom. I then watched with glee as the busty actress fired up the marble shower/steam room and invited me to join her, insisting that I wash her back.

"C'mon. Give me a hand." she offered.

Still drunk and high from our earlier entertainment, we both snickered under the spray of water and leisurely ran our hands all over each other's bodies, building up an impressive lather.

It was there that I finally tugged at the long string of her bikini top, half expecting her to object but she didn't.

Instead she just glare up at me expectantly as I pulled it away from her remarkable body and marveled at the sight of her large round tits and incredibly erect nipples.

With her succulent round tits now completely exposed to me, we continued to explore each other's bodies more sensually and soon lost our sense of humor and now stared into each other's eyes as we groped and fondled and undressed each other gradually.

At one point my cock was so hard that it took extra effort for her to pull my pants down, but when she did she sighed with surprise at the sheer size of my erection.

"Oh. Wow." she grinned widely as she pulled my pants all the way down my legs.

To my amusement, the starlet was in fact so captivated by my length that she stayed kneeling on her feet before me and gently grasped me in her hand, stroking my hardness with her fingers while licking her full lips.

"Hmm. Should I?" she teased, as she gingerly leaned forward and brushed the very tip of her wet tongue against my bell-end.

"Oh." I let out. "Should you what?"

"Should I put it in my mouth?"

"Just do it already." I moaned with frustration, to which she simply beamed.

Her fist seemed to tighten around me during this time, which only made me throb even more.

"Make me do it." she then said, surprising me.

"—excuse me?"

"Tell me what you want me to do."

I responded to this comment by placing my hand on the back of her head and abruptly jammed her hot mouth with fresh cock meat.

To my delight, Daniella moaned and happily accepted my meat stick and I was pleasantly surprised by her cock-sucking ability. In fact she was so good at sucking dick that I soon found myself bucking my hips against her pretty face and announcing my impending orgasm.

To her credit, the TV harlot did not flinch and continued to suck my dick devotedly as I shot my hot creamy load into the back of her narrow throat, choking her briefly before she continued to swallow.

Impressed by her enthusiasm, I picked her up by her arm and dragged her out to the large family bed where I proceeded to fuck her where she lay, both us of still dripping wet from the shower.

I pounded her hairless clam in the missionary position before I pinned her shapely legs over my shoulders and slammed my balls into her butt, causing her to cry out in glee.

"Ugh! Yes!" she shrieked. "Fuck Yes!"

Ultimately I flipped her over onto her tummy and drew her hips back, taking her from behind and marveling at her singing voice as she cried ecstatically at the top of her lungs.

"Yes! Yes! Pull my hair!" she screamed. "Fuck me hard! Fuck the shit out of me!"

I was only too happily to oblige and pounded that thick meaty ass with all my strength.

The "Victorious" star and I enjoyed a few more positions on that bed before I finally pulled out and spewed my volcanic load all over her impressive tits, watching as she keenly cleaned them with her tongue.

I then collapsed beside her and drifted off to sleep, when I heard my phone ring just a few hours later and I glanced up at the time and realized it was just after 2am.

For a moment I was concerned, wondering if there had been an emergency, as who on earth would ring me at such a late hour. But instead I was surprised to hear the familiar voice of her co-star, Victoria Justice.

"Rob? Hello? Are you awake?" Victoria sobbed softly.


"Where are you? We need to talk."

"So, talk."

"No. I need to see you." she claimed. "Right now."

"Err, it's like two o'clock in the morning?"

"I don't care." I heard her wipe her face. "Can we meet? I need to see you right now."

It was only now during this conversation that I realized just how flawed and insecure Victoria really was.

It seemed everything I had heard about her was true, and that she just couldn't handle the thought of someone disliking her, even for a minute (or 12hours as it was in this case).

"Please," she begged. "I really have to see you. I won't stop calling you until you agree."

I had to admit, for a minute I actually felt smug and got a kick out of having one of Hollywood's hottest teenagers beg to see me. Against my better judgment, I agreed to meet with her before Victoria insisted that I swing by her place (her folks home) and pick her up.

"Okay. I'll be there in 15mins." I told her. "But if you're not out there, I'm leaving straight away."

"Absolutely." she replied enthusiastically. "I'll see you there."

Hanging up the phone, I glanced over at Daniella who was still soundly asleep and butt-ass naked, and I quietly snuck out of bed. Amusingly, my pants were so wet that I opted on driving without any underwear on and now arrived to Victoria's street address in just a pair of shorts and t-shirt.

I found her standing by the curb just a few houses down from her place, all alone in the middle of the night.

Seeing me pull up, she immediately climbed in and I turned the car around and headed up for the Hollywood Hills, where we could stop and talk for a few minutes in complete privacy.

Right away I was taken aback by her appearance as she was casually clad in just tight black leggings and a thick knee-length sweater, which I guess for that time of night was appropriate.

For the first time since I had known her she appeared not to be wearing any make up, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she still looked good. We drove in relative silence until I finally found a vacant spot near the Getty Center Museum, which overlooked most of greater Los Angeles.

Despite my innocent intentions, the location and time, and the fact that we were both sneaking around to see one another somehow made the entire encounter incredibly romantic. I switched off the car and put on the radio as I waited for her to tell me whatever it was she wanted to get off her chest.

Victoria quickly poured out her heart and claimed how misunderstood she was, and how everyone was out to get her.

While I initially rolled my eyes and questioned her as to how any of that had anything to do with me, and she explained how although she liked me she couldn't allow it to happen or afford to show it, apparently afraid of how people would judge her.

Victoria claimed that she was scared what others would say behind her back, and how they'd assume that she only got her success and the show for that matter by "banging" one of the producers sons.

I snickered at her "banging" comment as she went on, and still a little intoxicated from my earlier escapades with Daniella, I found myself staring at Victoria's luscious lips and wondering what they tasted like...when without warning I finally leaned over and just kissed her hard on the lips, if only to shut her up for a minute.

The starlet gasped mid-sentence and was clearly taken aback by my actions, but immediately reciprocated.

We kissed each other passionately for some time before things gradually intensified, and my hands found and fondled her breasts through her thick sweater while her hand dropped down into my lap and she massaged the menacing erection in my pants.

"Oh. Hmm. You've got a big dick." she remarked, making me laugh.

"Had I known about this I would have called you sooner." she jested, even though we both knew there was some truth to the comment.

I chuckled inwardly and made a mental note never to wear underwear again, as the lack of briefs made the impression that I was huge, when in reality I was average at best. To my amusement Victoria seemed utterly fascinated by the size of my cock and refused to take her hand off it the entire time we kissed and canoodled.

"You know, you can take your hand away from it now?" I teased.

"Nah-uh. Why would I do a thing like that?" she replied, as she then scraped her long nails along the bulge of my pants making me squirm and tremble.

"Hmm." she added. "I just love doing that to guys."

"What, tease them?" I quipped. "Yeah we know. You're the fucking queen of tease, Vee."

Unfortunately however, as playful as we were I soon felt wracked with guilt and decided to lay all my cards out on the table and told her about my night with Daniella, including the fact that I had slept with her just hours earlier.

To my surprise, Victoria didn't seem too upset by this and in fact claimed that it was the best thing to happen, mentioning something about it being the best "cover" for the two of us to screw around, if and when we decided to see each other on a more regular basis.

"Are you serious?" I snickered in disbelief. "Jesus, you Hollywood girls really are fucked up."

"You do want to see me again, don't you?" she asked with slight panic in her voice.

Like she really had to ask?

I responded to her question by pulling her over to me and kissing her hard on the lips again, and we soon got caught up in the moment and proceeded to make out even more fervently than before.

I guess the fact that it was all so forbidden and clandestine really seemed to turn us on, and I was soon taken aback as Victoria squeezed my cock firmly in her hands and seemed to take extra enjoyment out of playing with me (my penis).

"Did that little bitch (DM) get you as hard as you are right now?" She teased, her lips erotically smeared with saliva.

"God no." I lied, as Victoria then untied my sweats and deftly slipped her hand into my pants to make direct contact with my length.

I'm not sure what she was more surprised by, the fact that I wasn't wearing underwear or the mere heat from my cock as she touched it.

All the same, I squirmed with delight and then responded by sliding my own hands underneath her heavy sweater to caress her warm belly and reached up to finally fondle her breasts through her lycra top underneath.

We then stared into each other's eyes the entire time as we groped and fondled one another, both of us staring and watching for any and all reaction.

Even despite her lycra bra, I could clearly make out her hard nipples and gently teased and pinched them between my thumb and forefinger, before I finally reached under the elastic material to make direct contact with her flesh, making her purr as I brushed her a single nipple.

"Jesus." I moaned under my breath. "I've only wanted to do this for the longest time."

"And was it worth it?" she smiled. "Was I worth the wait?"


http://thumbnails63.imagebam.com/20397/b7f787203966066.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/b7f787203966066) http://thumbnails62.imagebam.com/20397/61d3d8203966086.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/61d3d8203966086) http://thumbnails22.imagebam.com/20397/607d10203966112.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/607d10203966112)

Over the next few weeks Daniella and I saw each other a few more times before we finally decided to make it official, and became an item. It seemed she didn't have the same reservations her sexy co-star appeared to have about dating someone in management, or the fact that I was much older than her.

Nonetheless, this didn't stop me from hooking up with Victoria each other night behind Daniella's back.

Still, as amazing as this scenario seemed to be I soon grew incredibly frustrated with Victoria's attitude as she refused to go all the way with me. Instead the most I got out of our late night encounters was a good hand job or an opportunity to finger her.

As for everything else, it seemed it was off limits.

This torturous episode lasted for a good two weeks before I finally complained and threatened to tell everyone about our arrangement, and Victoria responded by to this bluff by taking it up a notch, not by sucking my dick or offering sex but by merely allowing me to slip a single digit into her backdoor during one of our heated make-out sessions.

Having inadvertently slipped a single finger into her tight backdoor, I stopped to gauge her reaction and merely found her flashing me an innocent grin.

"Oh, you really are something else." I remarked. "You little tease."

"Err, you wanna take that thing out of my butt please?" she replied sarcastically.

"Babe, you couldn't make me do it if you tried."

With that said, we continued to make out fervently while I now twiddled her clit with my thumb and gently probed her tiny sphincter with my finger, watching as she squirmed with delight.

Meanwhile my relationship with Daniella was just as kinky, as she seemingly developed an addiction to sucking dick.

Not a single day went by when she wouldn't drop to her knees and offer me her mouth, and had even taken me downstairs on the set of "Victorious" to show me a private bathroom in the basement where we could screw around.

It got to the point where it became a daily ritual for us, were at exactly 4:30pm every day Daniella Monet would be on her knees draining my sword. All in all things were going great until that night in October when I was invited along to attend the "Victorious" after party dinner.

With Daniella and I celebrating our three month anniversary, she quickly got drunk and claimed that tonight she was finally going to fulfill one of my wildest fantasies and give up her backdoor. Little did she know that my actual dream was to take VJ's ass, but okay whatever.

Unfortunately for me she soon got blind drunk at the party so by the end of the night the girls and I had to literally carry her out to my car, before I was then instructed to give the ladies a ride home across town.

With Daniella passed out, Ariana and Liz joined her in the backseat while Victoria sat up in the front and played with the radio, herself a little buzzed on champagne (which was amusing since she hardly ever touched the stuff).

Meanwhile Liz took this opportunity to poke a jab at me and remarked something about me pulling over and leaving them stranded out in the middle of nowhere, recalling the time I had actually abandoned them.

Right away I couldn't help but grin inwardly as I recalled that nights events and how that was the very same evening Victoria and I had hooked up. Noting this, Victoria smiled slyly at me before she jumped to my defense.

"Ugh. Can't you get over yourself, Liz?" VJ snapped from the front seat. "That happened like 200 years ago or something. It's ancient history."

"No. I can't." Liz hissed back. "Why would he just leave us there all by ourselves? Especially since he only had issues with you."

"Look I'm sorry about that, okay?" I apologized. "I wasn't exactly thinking straight at the time."

Fortunately for me Liz and Ariana accepted my apology and before climbing out of the car they both pecked me sweetly on the side of the lip, with Liz pausing for a moment to press her lips long enough to leave a noticeable lipstick mark.

"There. That should give Daniella something to think about." Gillies joked.

"Hey, that's funny." Ariana chimed in. "Let me try."

With that said, the pint-sized starlet them leaned through the drivers side window and kissed me fully on the lips.

"Oh great. Look who's Mr. popular now." Victoria scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"Hey bitch." Elizabeth suddenly intervened. "Why do you get to kiss him goodnight but I don't?"

While I chuckled at the girls drunken demeanor, Liz suddenly grabbed me by the head with both hands and pressed her succulent lips against mine. I barely had time to respond as I felt her tongue slide into my mouth and search out my own.

"Ugh." Ariana whined behind her, pulling her off me. "Your such an attention whore, Liz."

"ARRGH!" Victoria finally seethed. "Can we go already?"

I reluctantly agreed, and then watched the girls wander off into Ariana's house and felt my cock stiffen at the sight of Elizabeth's long legs.

Having dropped the girls off at Ariana's place, I briefly checked on Daniella in the backseat before I started to drive VJ home.

To my amusement, Victoria was so drunk at this point that while she continued to chat to Miranda Cosgrove on her cell, she boldly reached over to place her hand on my thigh without even bothering to see if Daniella was awake.

I immediately flinched to the contact and glared over at my girlfriend before I looked at VJ who simply blew me a kiss and reached for my cock again.

"Victoria!" I mouthed. "WTF?"

"Can you hold on a second?" I heard her ask Miranda, before looking over her shoulder to check on Daniella and smiling.

"She's passed out." Justice remarked, before explaining to Cosgrove what she was talking about.

At this point my heart was pounding in my chest as I listened to her slur her speech and wondered just how much she was willing to divulge to Miranda.

Not to mention the fact that while she described the scene to her friend on the phone, her hand never stopped moving and now slowly crept to the front of my pants and massaged my erection. Noting just how "aroused" I was, Victoria finally ended her conversation.

"Err, can I call you back Miranda?"

A moment later Victoria finally hung up the phone and now gave me her full and undivided attention.

"Hmm. What have you got here?" she teased through bloodshot eyes, as she gently squeezed the head of my cock with her fingers.

I couldn't remember the last time I was so paranoid in all my life, and adjusted the rear-view mirror to point directing at my passed out girlfriend. I could barely concentrate on the road as Victoria now massaged the tent in pants and actually proceeded to unzip me as I drove.

Despite my objections, the sexy starlet slipped her hand inside and now made direct contact with my organ just as she had done many times before, only this time with Daniella in the backseat.

"Mm. You're really hard tonight." she whispered with a grin.

"You're unbelievable, you know that."

"Yeah. You've told me that before."

A few minutes later we arrived to her neighborhood and while I stopped at a red light, I watched Victoria unbuckle her belt and lean over and take my cock full into her mouth, taking my breath away.

In truth, I don't even think I could have stopped her if I wanted to as the sensation of her hot wet mouth almost made me cum instantaneously.

Instead, I simply alternated my eyes from the road and the rear-view mirror and used my spare hand to run my fingers through her long dark hair and helped bob her head up and down in my lap as she sucked my dick.

All in all it was a pretty sloppy effort, especially since she was drunk. But I didn't care, as I had been waiting for her to blow me from the first time I had laid eyes on her.

It was a side to her personality I had rarely seen, and I reminded myself to give her more alcohol in the future as it appeared to bring out her more slutty side.

In fact, Victoria was so mischievous and playful that she soon plunged two fingers inside her pants and snickered evilly to herself as she placed those same slick digits underneath my girlfriends nose.

"Here, bitch." she chuckled drunkenly. "This is how wet your boyfriend makes me feel."

"Jesus! What are you doing?"

At this point I thought I was going to lose control of the car and crash us all into a tree. I just couldn't believe the gall of this woman, and the lengths she'd go to once intoxicated.

Fortunately for us, we soon arrived outside Victoria's home where it suddenly began to rain heavily. We tried to wait it out a few minutes so she could go inside without getting drenched, but the rain never let up.

"Ugh. Do you really have to go?" VJ whined, flopping her head back against the seat. "I'm really not tired yet. I want to go out and party."

"Yeah, you look it." I snickered.

No matter what her mind said, it was her body that looked tired and lethargic. She looked as though she could fall down and pass out at any moment. Naturally, Victoria disagreed with my assessment and objected.

"What?" she exclaimed. "I'm not that drunk!"

I tried to calm her down.

"Look. I'll give you a call when I get home later, okay?"

"Nah. Screw that." she snapped back. "I want to go out!"

Once again I tried to tell her to keep her voice down so as not to wake up Daniella.

"—come on." The TV star then whined like a child. "Where are your balls?"

"Excuse me?"

"I want to have some fun." She playfully pouted. "Don't you want to have some fun with me tonight?"

I could tell that this was merely a case of the alcohol talking, as Victoria seemed to bounce around from one idea to the next, and finally claimed that she now just wanted me to come up to her bedroom to hang out for a few minutes.

In truth I had been waiting for this opportunity for three whole months, but now with my girlfriend lying passed out in the backseat it couldn't have come at a worse time.

While I began to explain to her how I couldn't leave the truck, Victoria threatened to shake Daniella up and tell her everything about our seedy arrangement.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I?" she smirked. "I don't care. I'll just tell her it was all your idea. Tell her about the way we screw around...the way you finger me?"

Thinking it through I finally relented and agreed to accompany Victoria up to her bedroom.

"And what exactly do we do with Daniella?" I asked, as Victoria seemed to genuinely forget that she was passed out in the backseat

"Ugh. Screw her." Was VJ's response. "Let her sleep here. It's like one-thirty in the morning, no one's going to disturb her here."

While I actually contemplated this, Victoria then added.

"But remember, inside you have to promise to be quiet." she claimed. "If my mom finds us in my room she'll skin us both alive."

"Great." I thought.

Against my better judgment, I left Daniella sleeping in the backseat of my Escalade and rushed across the front yard through the rain with Victoria, before we carefully tip-toed into the house and up the stairs.

Fortunately for us the rain obscured any loud noises we might have made, and we finally made it into her bedroom. =

There, Victoria switched on a small bedside lamp and turned her heater on to full before she proceeded to take off her shirt and jeans and was soon left to stand in nothing more than her bra and panties, causing my eyes to go wide.

My god she had a phenomenal body, especially the way she currently looked with her long wet hair.

Her entire brown mane was dripping wet and her skin was cold to the touch as I watched her move around the small bedroom and go to the window to shut the blinds, and took this opportunity to pull her into a deep kiss.

Victoria literally melted in my arms and speared her wet tongue into my mouth, as I pawed at her bra and panties and peeled them from her teen body leaving her standing there as naked as the day she was born.

In an instant we moved in the direction of her bed where I pushed her onto the mattress and spread her legs wide, and kissed my way down her flawless young body.

Victoria merely moaned and withered about wildly on the bed, grinding her hips up into the air as I finally arrived to her teenage sex and hungrily licked her gleaming clam.

I nibbled at her clit while I used my free hand to play with her nipples, and she took my hand and sucked my finger into her mouth, encouraging me to go further.

"Ugh. Yes." she moaned erotically as I licked her pussy. "Rob. I want to suck your cock. Give it to me. Please?"

I waited for her to drool her spit all over my finger before I brought it down between her spread legs and gently dipped it against her tiny backdoor, causing her to sigh audibly.

I took this opportunity to noisily slurp her slippery cunt lips into my mouth and the combined stimulation seemed to have the desired effect.

Victoria bucked and thrashed about violently before she finally came, filling my mouth with her sweet tangy essence. While she initially moaned and enjoyed her climax, she then blushed and giggled softly and pulled me up to kiss her on the lips.

We kissed and shared her tangy juices for some time before I then lay down beside her in bed and watched her turn over and insist that we spoon and cuddle for a few minutes while we listened to the rain.

In our inebriated states, it didn't take long for us to both drift off to sleep, and I soon awoke to the sound of thunder an hour or so later.

As I awoke with a start, I quickly realized that we were both completely naked and still spooning each other on her small bed, the heat between us was incredible.

Without thinking, my body began to move on its own accord and I proceeded to grind my hips against her flawless teen butt, and soon felt her reciprocate. I now kissed my way all over her delicate neck and shoulder as we gradually began to hump one another before she finally glanced over to offer me her lips.

Victoria and I tongue kissed each other sensually as I slid my hand down her slender body and reached between her legs and twiddled her clit.

"Oh. Yes." she purred, before she opened her knees to accommodate my fingers and invited me to play with her.

The "Victorious" star was so wet at this point that my fingers effortlessly plunged inside her dripping wet cunt, where I impatiently jammed two of my fingers knuckle deep and proceeded to finger-fuck her on her very own bed.

She now turned over to lie on her back, her long smooth legs spread wide on the mattress as I explored her mouth with my tongue and her pussy with my fingers.

We continued this way for several minutes, my whole hand coated in her sweet nectar as I moved her body around, finding different positions for her to lie in while I fingered and probed her.

When I finally had her lying on her side with her back to me again, I withdrew my slick digits from her dripping sex and prepared to finally fuck her.

In truth it didn't actually take much convincing at this point as I felt her wiggle her butt back against me and almost dare me to take her. Grasping the end of my rod, I entered her slowly but surely and proceeded to stab her with deep, slow thrusts.

Victoria moved her hips in unison, and I felt her pussy constrict and cream all over the length of my sword. My god she was tight. It was just about the best piece of pussy I had ever fucked.

We screwed in this splendid position for some time before I picked up the pace and pounded into her more intently.

"Ungh! Ugh! Fuck me. Fuck me please!" she moaned, as my balls slapped loudly against her firm buttocks.

"Yeah? —You like getting fucked!" I moaned into her ear, as I held her tightly to me (spooning her).

"Oh. God. Yes." she muttered breathlessly. "Harder. Harder."

"—I'm gonna fuck you tonight until you scream Vee."

"Do it—" Victoria moaned. "Fuck me all night long."

Hearing this anguish from her, I finally pulled out and shot my hot slimy load all over her ass and pussy, the two of us both panting heavily as I plastered her crotch in goo.

We both lay there trying to catch our breath and ultimately fell back to sleep.

When I awoke a few hours later it was light out, and it appeared to have stopped raining. I immediately began to panic as I recalled leaving Daniella sleeping outside in the car.

However, Victoria awoke a minute later and just as I attempted to get up to leave she abruptly pushed me back onto the bed and quickly moved to straddle me. It was an impressive feat considering she had just woken up and I assume was suffering through a agonizing hangover.

Nevertheless, Victoria straddled my hips with her naked body and pinned my arms over my head, her pert natural breasts jiggling enticingly above my face.

"—and where do you think you're going?" she grinned seductively.

"I was just getting up to—"

"Don't even think about leaving me right now." she said while grinding her sex against me.

"Oh, no? And why not?"

"Don't you dare think about leaving this bedroom without fucking me again."

As she spoke, she reached down between us and guided my morning wood towards her dripping wet sex. We both moaned in unison as she wiggled her hips down and carefully impaled herself over me.

I barely had time to think straight before Victoria had me back inside her warm pussy again and proceeded to ride me enthusiastically. I simply lay back with a bemused expression on my face as Victoria Justice seemed intent of riding my cock until she came.

She moved her hips in a circular motion at first and appeared to do all the work, leaving me to simply lie there like some inadament object and watch in wonder as she took the full length of my rod like a champ.

I was actually impressed by her athleticism, as she used her stomach muscles to move her hips at a rapid pace and rode my cock up and down promptly. It was during this time that I gave out several involuntary moans as I seemed to strike a region of her pussy I hadn't reached before.

"Oh! Ugh. Yes." she panted out of breath. "You feel that? Oh. Feel that? Ohmigod."

"Ride that cock you little slut." I suddenly heard myself hiss.

And to my delight this seemed to really turn her on, and she turned in up a notch and increased the pace of her thrusting.

"Unnngh. Oh. Yeah?" She moaned as sweat poured from her face. "Like a slut? Yeah?"

"—do it Vee." I encouraged her. "Ride my fucking hard cock until you cum."

"Oh God."

Victoria responded to this by placing her hands on my chest and moving her hips in rapid succession. At this point just the head of my cock was embedded between her hot velvet walls as she moved up and down my bell-end at great speed.

Fed up by the incredible display, I finally took charge and flipped her over onto her back, startling her as I pinned her legs over my shoulders and pounded her teen cunt mercilessly.

The "Victorious" star simply cried out at the top of her lungs, shocking me by her frivolous behavior considering we were in her parent's house with her folks sleeping right next door to us.

While I continued to hammer away at her tight wet cunt, I tried to quiet her down with kisses but Victoria refused and simply grinned up at me before she explained that it was well past 7am, which meant that her mom and dad had already left for work leaving us with the entire place to ourselves.

With that said, I pulled my cock out of her hot teen pussy with a pop, and while she whined in disappointment I then watched her eyes grow wide as I rubbed the head against her twitching butt-hole and pushed in.

Victoria just about hit the roof, and shrieked out with surprise as I suddenly thrust forward and buried half my length inside her Puerto Rican ass.

I immediately proceeded to move my hips back and forth and fucked her steadily as she rubbed her clit to the action.

To my delight the TV star enjoyed the lewd (anal) action so much that she suddenly pushed me away from her and keenly turned over on all fours, inviting me to take her teen butt from behind.

"C'mon. Do it! Fuck me from behind." she insisted. "Fuck my ass Rob. Fuck my ass and pull my hair. Call me a slut!"

I happily obliged, and soon proceeded to bang that teen body of hers for all I was worth before I finally screamed at the top of my lungs and pulled out to shoot my creamy load all over her bare-naked butt and back, coating her splendid figure in hot ropes of spunk.

08-01-2012, 11:39 AM
Thanks guys,

Yep, I almost gave up writing about VJ all together, but fortunately for me my subconscious stepped in and I had this wild dream about her. Most of that is based off the dream, while some parts are taken from that series concept - like that car scene with VJ and DM.

08-02-2012, 04:09 AM
Great story. And looking at flibbertgibbet's pic, I would love to see an Elizabeth Gillies story. :happy2010: