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Swing Voter 3
With Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, drunk, exh, finger
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/27627/289842276265729.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/289842276265729) http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/27627/1e103f276265744.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/1e103f276265744) http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/27627/10057f276265751.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/10057f276265751)

I couldn't remember the last time I was that nervous. The anticipation was literally killing me as I showed up to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Carolina and wandered around the large stadium waiting for Natalie Portman to call and let me know where she wanted to hook up.

Using the special IDs she had provided, I made my way up to the second level and was immediately taken aback by the famous faces. There I immediately recognized Alexis Bledel, Kerry Washington, and Ashley Judd to name just a few, and was interrupted by my phone to hear Natalie's sweet voice.

To my surprise Portman sounded pissed and explained that she was still stranded in New York and wouldn't make it out there till midnight.

"What do you mean?" I snapped back. "Are you joking right now?"

"It's a work thing babe." She claimed. "They made us stay back to shoot some additional scenes and its screwed up my travel arrangements."

I was now confused as to what to do and actually considered leaving the event all together when Natalie insisted that I stay and enjoy myself.

"No. Don't leave! You have to stay." she insisted. "Like I said I'm still showing up...but it won't be till much, much later."

"Err. Nat. I don't even know anyone here."

"C'mon. You'll be fine." she argued. "You still have my VIP passes with you right?"

She then suggested that I hook up with some of her famous friends and insisted that she'd call around and take care of it.

"Just have a drink and enjoy yourself okay?" she urged. "And I'll get someone to come find you and take you up to my seat."

A few minutes later I took her advice and was helping myself to a stiff drink or two when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and I turned around and found myself staring back at the familiar face of Scarlett Johansson.

"Whoa. No fucking way." I remarked as Scarlett frowned at my reaction.

"Well hello to you too." she quipped in her raspy tone.

"Sorry." I apologized. "That didn't come out right. I just can't believe Natalie called you?"

"Let's just say she and I came to an understanding." ScaJo claimed, before she invited me to follow her up to the VIP section of the stadium which was apparently off limits to the general public.

Johansson and I then conversed as we walked and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't notice all the looks and stares she got as we made our way up to the luxury sky box.

"Wait. The two of you came to an understanding?" I repeated. "You mean you lied?"

"Yep." she answered honestly, as we wandered out onto the main area of the packed stadium where the atmosphere was absolutely electric.

Once upstairs Scarlett escorted me all the way over to the very last suite and pointed to my seat before she introduced me to the other ladies who would be sharing the private box for the evening. I was then taken aback to meet actresses Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria, who both appeared to be dressed to the nines and looked absolutely radiant.

While Johansson was soon rushed away to give one of the keynote speeches, I immediately mingled with the sexy Latina's and we instantly hit it off. In fact Eva and I appeared to be kindred spirits as she seemed to have a very dirty mind and a warped sense of humor, just like me.

At one point Eva added. "Here you go Jess. I finally found you that perfect man."

"Yeah right." Alba replied before taking a long swig from her drink. "Stop trying to set me up!"

While she stepped away to interact with her husband I conferred with Longoria.

"Err. Isn't she married?"

The onetime "Desperate Housewives" star laughed at my assumption and told me that it was more a marriage of convenience, and that Alba wore the pants in their relationship.

In fact as we enjoyed a little gossip back and forth, she pointed across the room where I saw Alba's husband Cash Warren clutching their baby daughter and playing house while his wife flirted with campaign fundraisers.

"Wow. I never realized that."

"I know right." Eva giggled. "More power to her. She deserves it."

"Besides." She added. "I know what Jess likes. I've known her long enough to know that she likes a guy who takes charge. Even if she won't admit it."

"You make her sound like she's submissive or something?"

Eva simply grinned.

"If you only knew." The striking actress giggled. "Alba's more kinky than you know."

The TV star then admitted that she had set Alba up on several dates in the past, but nothing had come from it. It seemed Jessica definitely liked the idea of one night stands, but also enjoyed playing mom at home with her kids and cuckold husband.

"What about you?" I boldly quizzed, putting Eva on the spot. "What's your story?"


"Are you like Alba?" I added. "Or do you like to party?"

"I get mine." Eva grinned seductively. "Trust me. I get mine, and then some."

"Yeah. I bet you do too." I replied while admiring that tight body underneath her stunning blue dress.

She really was one of the most stunning, most captivating women at the DNC and considering the company we currently took that was saying something.

"You're with Natalie right?" She stated a moment later, bringing me back down to earth.

"What?" I whined, causing Eva to giggled. "Does the entire fucking world know about us or something?"

"Well. News travels fast here." she giggled. "That and the fact that Scarlett has a big mouth."

"What did she tell you?"

"Pretty much everything."


"Pretty much." She grinned evilly.

"Well in that case. I guess you could say that Natalie and I are together."

Eva then leaned forward and whispered.

"Too bad."


"Because I was going to say that if you ever get sick of playing house with Portman, give me a call."

With that said she then took the olive from my glass and sucked it into her mouth while flashing me a playful wink.

All flirting aside, I then watched as Olivia Wilde entered our sky box and came over to say hello, having apparently remembered me from a few nights earlier with Portman in New York.

"Hey stranger." She smiled. "Take a look. You're friend is about to go up."

I followed Olivia's eye line and realized she was referring to the stage where we watched Scarlett Johansson saunter out towards the podium and begin her ten minute speech. All things considered I thought she did a wonderful job, despite the fact that she was clearly nervous as hell.

With her public duties out of the way, Scarlett soon returned to our private suite on the third floor and claimed that she now wanted to get tanked.

"I really need a drink." She claimed. "I haven't been this keyed up in ages."

We took this opportunity to share a beer together before she asked me where I was staying after the convention.

"I honestly have no idea." I told her. "I guess I'm leaving those details to Natalie, if and when she get here."

"But what if she's delayed again?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well then you're guess is as good as mine."

http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/21072/8124e3210712233.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/8124e3210712233) http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/21072/9b8f0c210712323.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/9b8f0c210712323) http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/21072/705db6210712336.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/705db6210712336)

Scarlett then claimed that if Natalie didn't show up by midnight that I was more than welcome to join her and her friends in a hotel suit down the street. At first I assumed she was just being sweet and offering me a place to sleep (to take the sofa) but then I was floored by her next comment.

"Besides. I never sleep alone." She confessed between swigs. "I just can't catch a wink unless I feel a warm body beside me."

"Interesting." I replied. "Doesn't that make your life a little complicated?"

It was just about the most polite way I could call her a whore without getting a sharp slap to the face. To my amusement she either didn't catch the reference or just didn't care.

"Not at all." She smiled. "If anything it makes it more fun."

Stunned into silence I now began to wonder just what the night had in store for me as it appeared that I now had a backup plan if and when Portman was a no show. This was now promising to be an incredible evening, and I started to question just what had stopped me from being a registered Democrat in the first place.

Meanwhile the stadium grew louder with each passing address, and by the time Biden finally hit the stage the place was ecstatic and the drinks were flowing freely.

In fact I couldn't remember being so drunk in all my life (which is saying something) and snickered to myself as I quickly noticed just how utterly drunk most if not all the ladies in our skybox were. This was definitely proving to be the best luxury suite in the stadium. The entire ordeal was just one huge spectacle and a reason to get shit-faced.

It was during this time that I noticed the way Eva and Alba kept looking at me from across the room as they conversed among themselves and seemed to be scheming something. Truth be told I was so drunk at that point I didn't really care what they were plotting and just hoped that whatever it was somehow involved more alcohol.

At one point Eva stepped away to greet some friends while Alba stood there sipping her drink and glaring at me seductively. I could hardly believe my luck as it seemed another opportunity presented itself and I began to wonder just what on earth I was going to do.

Hmm. Scarlett vs. Alba vs. Eva? What to do, I pondered. Did I really have this much pull?

I suppose my relationship with Natalie had a lot to do with it, and made me a hot commodity among the A-listers at the convention. That and the fact that Scarlett had been singing my praises up and down the stadium all week, claiming that I was a "good guy" and more importantly a great lay.

Our little tryst in New York was apparently one of the worst kept secrets at the DNC and now explained some of the looks I was getting from the opposite sex. Minutes later Scarlett announced that she had to go downstairs for a few minutes to do a little press and invited me to stay and enjoy the show.

I don't mind admitting I was a little taken aback when she openly kissed me on the lips with an open mouth.

"Talk to you later." She smiled before sauntering off into the distance.

As I stood there trying my best not to stare at her glorious round behind I could see various people gossiping about what they had just witnessed, or at least that's the impression I had.

Nevertheless I was soon accompanied by Eva and Alba who wasted little time feeding me shots of OP Rum. With her husband sitting just a few feet away, the ladies and I enjoyed several strong beverages together as the excitement in the stadium rose to crescendo.

It was in the midst of all this activity and ambiance that the lights in the place suddenly dimmed, leaving all the VIP boxes littered around the stadium to fall into relative darkness. I now found myself standing directly behind two of the sexiest starlets in the dark as we awaited the Commander-In-Chief and his highly anticipated speech.

As incredible as this moment was I heard myself gasp as Eva looked back and pulled me into her embrace, inviting me to place my hands around her, and Alba for that matter. I happily obliged and gave the two leading ladies a playful squeeze while they both squealed with excitement - ahead of the speech.

"OMG." Eva exclaimed over the deafening noise. "I'm so excited right now."

"I know right!" Alba agreed. "This is crazy! I've got total goose bumps right now."

I was then taken aback as I heard Eva snipe.

"Lucky for you you're not wearing any underwear tonight!" She giggled. "Otherwise you'd be creaming them right now!"

Jessica immediately blushed and playfully nudged her friend in the ribs before Eva realized I was standing close enough to hear her comment. But if I thought this would make Longoria conduct herself more appropriately, I was sorely mistaken as she then leaned over and admitted that it was okay since she too was not wearing any panties.

Hearing this confession I just about almost passed out behind them.

"Eva!" Alba drunkenly giggled.

"What? Who cares!" She quipped. "Ben's a big boy. I'm sure he can handle it. Right?"

I simply responded by giving her an acknowledged wink. In truth the mere notion alone turned me on to no end, but I bit my tongue as the lights rose and then dimmed yet again and we watched the President finally take to the stage.

As expected the entire place erupted into a deafening noise. In fact it was so packed at this point that it was standing room only in the entire stadium. I had never seen or heard anything like it before in my entire life, and could now see why the ladies were so excited.

Even the VIP booths were packed to capacity, but fortunately for us the ladies and I had our own private little area in the corner of the balcony, away from prying eyes. There I now stood directly behind both actresses as the entire stadium, and country for that matter waited with baited breath for his speech to begin.

Caught up in the moment I gently placed my hands on their hips and thanked them both for the terrific evening thus far and the great company.

"This is just incredible ladies. Thank you for this." I told them as I felt Eva sympathize and put her hand around mine and gesture for me to hold her closer as the speech began.

It was only now that I realized that with most of the venue still lit, our sky box was draped in total darkness - apparently done to stop camera's and prying eyes from staring up at the celebrities.

At one point Eva grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight with excitement as we listened to the president speak, and I could feel how sweaty and clammy her palms were as her fingers interlocked with mine and constantly fidgeted.

I was then surprised when Longoria seemed to forget herself for a moment and while still clutching my hand she slipped her own into a tiny veiled pocket in her dress. I suddenly began to harden as I realized my hand was resting directly over her smooth thigh and recalled her earlier comment about not wearing any underwear.

Without thinking I linked our fingers together inside that pocket and moved the tips of my digits to gently caress her body and felt her immediately respond. Every so often Eva would cheer and clap with excitement, but seemed to enjoy having my hand still nestled inside her dress pocket, rubbing against her leg and massaging her flesh through the satin material.

I then felt Alba lean back a little and innocently rest her head on my shoulder, apparently taken by Obama's words. But this wasn't what actually caught my attention. Instead it was the fact that I could feel her glorious round rump gently bump against my budding erection.

There was just no way on earth she couldn't feel my boner, and while I initially blushed to the contact and tried to ignore it, I felt her wiggle her hips some more and found myself glancing over to check if the others in the sky box could see what we were doing. Evidently, everyone including her husband were utterly mesmerized by the president and his inspiring speech.

As for me, I too was mesmerized but not with the dialogue but the incredibly soft, luscious butt which now "bumped" against my hard cock again and again. At this point my head was spinning while my body was throbbing with adrenaline.

This, combined with the alcohol seemed to cloud my judgment (and theirs apparently) and although I knew it was wrong I went with my gut instinct and actively moved my hips back against her, pressing my erection against Alba's glorious derriere.

Fortunately for me the ladies both applauded and cheered during the speech, allowing me to catch my breath. But not before Jessica seemed to snuggle up even more closely against me and now proceeded to grind her sweet ass more purposely.

Without thinking I took this opportunity to slide my hand from around her waist and allowed it to drift down and linger around her remarkable butt.

The "Sin City" actress didn't object to this action as I now held my breath and ever so gently squeezed and caressed her magnificent booty. In fact I was rewarded to this action with Alba grinding back against me even harder, almost spurring me on.

It was just about the most superb caboose I had ever had the good fortune of fondling, as my other hand continued to lovingly stroke and caress Eva's silky smooth thigh.

My hands now trembled with excitement as I wondered just how they would react if they knew I was fondling them both. I wondered if this would make them change their mind, or make them less compliant knowing that I was feeling them both up at the exact same time.

There was so much at risk that it made my head swim. And yet the adrenaline alone compelled me to go further. I could hardly believe that I now had both stunning Latina's in each hand, both charged up by alcohol and the atmosphere of the crowd, and began to move my hands around more freely.

To my delight the ladies still refused to resist as I suddenly felt a wave of adrenaline shoot up my spine. In fact I felt so emboldened by this that I waited for the crowd to cheer loudly again before I withdrew my hands from around their bodies and without warning searched out and found the concealed slits in their dresses and plunged my hands inside to come in direct contact with their vulvas.

At first they both jumped with surprise but nevertheless did not resist or even attempt to pull my hand away. In fact the only one to actually react to this daring action in any way was Eva who simply smirked and placed her hand on top of mine, giving me all the permission I needed.

http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/21072/dcf60a210712214.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/dcf60a210712214) http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/21072/ee4d95210712273.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/ee4d95210712273) http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/21072/603059210712312.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/603059210712312)

It was an extraordinary moment for the three of us, as I'm sure they both assumed I only had the nerve to make such a bold action on one of them, and not both at the same time. Come to think of it I doubt they even suspected that the other knew what was going on, as they probably presumed I was now paying full attention to them and them alone.

Little did they know that I was in fact molesting the two of them together, at the exact same time. To my surprise, I quickly determined first hand (so to speak) that both ladies indeed were not wearing any panties. Furthermore, they both appeared to be completely devoid of any hair whatsoever, and were noticeably wet.

In fact I couldn't tell you which one of them was more excited, but it sure was fun trying to verify it. On further inspection, I simply couldn't tell you if it was the speech, the alcohol, or the way I stroked their kitties that made them both soaking wet.

Only that I didn't waste any time thinking about it and instead lovingly swiped my fingertips right across their vulva's, smearing their delicious juices all along their moist slits and explored them intimately as I went along.

As I closed my eyes, I could literally visualize their vagina's in my head. While both were very similar in touch and texture, I quickly determined that Eva had slightly pronounced lips which barely poked out from her tight body.

This revelation drove me crazy as I reflected on their ages, Eva's 37 to Alba's 31.

With that said I took the liberty of teasing and pulling on those slimy soft lips between my thumb and forefinger, pinching and caressing her delicate folds and watched as she inhaled sharply and squirmed to my touch.

While I started to wonder if this was all a dream, I soon got a reality check amidst the next round of applause when Longoria took this opportunity to lean back and whisper into my ear, in full ear shot of Alba.

"Are you enjoying yourself there?"

"Uh-Huh." Was all I dare say without taking my eyes off the stage, my hands still working the both of them at the same time.

Noting this Alba then turned her face slightly towards me and seemed surprised, even a little disappointed.

"What about you?" I asked her, while trying my best to keep my composure. "Have a good time?"

"I think you know the answer to that." Jessica replied, as I felt her grind her hips in a circular motion, urging me to play with her clit.

It was only now that Eva came to the realization that I was playing with them both, and while I expected her to be a little mad she instead just grinned and continued to watch the stage. This reaction seemed to reassure Alba who now opened her stance slightly and gave me all the permission I needed.

What was really extraordinary to me was, the entire time as the ladies and I interacted with each other, neither one of them resisted or even objected to the touching. I mean, here we were listening to the key note address, with my hands buried inside their dresses fingering and probing them in front of 15,000 screaming people. It was an absolutely surreal moment.

With their permission, I carefully continued to prod and probe the two actresses as the crowd went wild, and feeling bold I intentionally leaned forward slightly so as to plunge most if not all of my fingers deep inside each of them at the same time. This was greeted with a universal sigh, before Alba reached out to clutch the metal railing in front of her.

"Oh. Fuck." Jessica hissed through gritted teeth. "Not so deep."

This made Eva snicker to herself as her own body quickly betrayed her and she now trembled to my probing, and leaned back again me to whisper hotly in my ear.

"I can't believe you." She panted. "Scarlett was right. You're incredible."

"Thanks." I remarked, as I continued to manipulate them both. "You're not too bad yourself."

"Sweetheart. You keep that up and I'm not responsible for what happens to you later." Eva panted.

"Oh no?" I smirked, before looking back at Alba's husband to make sure that we were not being watched, but as expected everyone appeared oblivious to what we were doing (in the dark) on the balcony sky box.

"Are you sure you want me to stop?" I hissed back into Eva's ear, as I massaged their slimy lips in unison and plunged an extra digit inside them both.

For the first time since we had begun, the ladies moaned and looked at each other as I now impaled both beauties with two fingers, reveling in the feel of their hot bodies bumping and grinding and reacting to the intrusion.

"Ugh. Don't you dare." Eva purred.

"Yeah." Alba whimpered. "Don't stop. No matter what."

"God. You're both so fucking wet right now." I whispered hotly, which apparently turned them on immensely.

"Besides." Eva added. "I think Jess is closer than I am right now."

She was referring to her climax which was evident from the expression on her face.

As the excitement in the stadium once again began to build, the ladies now squirmed and fidgeted against my sopping wet fingers and were almost tempted to moan out loud and buck their hips hard against me.

It was during a brief break in the noise that Jessica let out an audible moan, causing me to panic and withdraw my fingers if only briefly from her poon only to have the ladies both sigh in frustration and object.

"Oh. Are you fucking kidding me right now?" I heard Eva whine under her breath, referring to her impending climax.

"Wanna taste?" I boldly offered, as she assumed I was talking about the fingers inside her cunt.

With a huge grin I reluctantly took the hand from between Alba's legs and slipped it into Eva's waiting mouth, watching as she blushed at the bold action. Even though we were veiled in shadow, there was something so erotic about her sucking my fingers into her mouth, especially considering we were standing on a balcony overlooking the entire stadium.

Without hesitation Longoria sucked the slick digits into her mouth as I leaned into her ear and whispered hotly.

"So how does Jessica taste?"

As if in on the joke, Alba grinned widely as Eva's eyes grew wide and she suddenly realized that she was in fact relishing her friends tangy essence. Blushing with shame, Jessica then tried to take this opportunity to break away from my grasp but I quickly slipped my hand back inside her dress and massaged her creamy minge.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"This is getting crazy." Alba panted, her brow sweating.

"Hey. I didn't hear you object earlier." I countered, as she went on.

"No I mean. If you keep that up you're going to make me cum."

"So, cum." Longoria quipped, as the president's speech now almost seemed trivial and was slowly wrapping up.

With that said I then pinned Alba back to her previous position between my body and the waist high concrete barrier of the balcony and returned to caressing her dripping wet sex.

It was at this point that I happened to glance to the side to make sure that we still had our privacy, but I suddenly gasped with panic as I realized Scarlett had returned to our booth to catch the final minutes of the speech and was now watching quietly through the corner of her eye.

I'm not quite sure just how long she had been standing there or just how much she had seen, but now there was little doubt to what the ladies and I were doing. At this point "The Avengers" star wasn't paying much attention to the stage show but instead was continually glancing over at me as I molested her friends, a sly grin on her face.

Although she couldn't say for certain just what my hands were doing, she could tell from the exasperated expressions on their faces that we were definitely screwing around. I took this opportunity to smile back at Scarlett and looked passed her to see that Jessica's hubby was still preoccupied with the speech like everyone else.

Noting this Scarlett shook her head and seemed bemused by my boldness, and couldn't stop glancing back for a second look. In truth, this only encouraged me further as Johansson silently watched me get two of her friends off at the exact same time, and now bit her bottom lip in apparent arousal.

This revelation spurred me on to no end and I waited for the crowd to scream with a standing ovation before I abruptly jammed three of my fingers all the way inside them both, burying those fuckers knuckle deep, and felt the girls finally explode and cum all over my hands.

"UGH! Shit." Eva hissed, as Alba too moaned out loud but was drowned out by the crowd below us.

Their bodies both tensed in my arms as they were racked with orgasms and shook violently before they quickly composed themselves.

"Great speech huh?" we heard one of the other VIP's remark as he joined us on the balcony.

Thinking quickly the ladies and I immediately parted from the corner and emerged from the shadows and joined the other guests as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

With my two hands now reeking of Eva/Alba cunt-juice, I was half tempted to smell and taste my fingers but thought better of it knowing that Scarlett was still watching and grinning widely.

Now I just hoped that no one would attempt to shake my hand as I quickly ducked out the exit and looked for the nearest bathroom to clean up before helping myself to another drink.

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Now that was epic mate! so... wheres part four where you get all four (Eva, Jess, ScarJo, and Portman) in the same room gangbanging the man? LOL