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Cock Tease
With Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, blowjob, voy
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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We had been family friends for several years, and were as close as any two neighbors could possibly be, comfortable enough to freely roam in each other's yards and houses as we please.

In fact our children often played with one another and attended the same school, while the wives were the best of friends who regularly walked in the evenings and frequently shopped together.

Nonetheless, this story isn't about our long standing relationship with the Holt family, but more about their stunning sexpot daughter who I'd had the opportunity to watch grow up from a shy awkward tomboy into a sexy, mouth-watering teenager.

Olivia Holt had always been the sweetest girl growing up, but a change of friends and her pursuit in acting had slowly morphed her into something else.

She was now constantly in trouble, sneaking around and lying to her parents, and doing all manner of things you only hoped your own kid would never do. Moreover, Olivia was a Grade-A cock tease, and to her folks chagrin she constantly flirted with most if not all of the men in the street.

Fortunately for me, the teen starlet spent the better half of the summer in our backyard pool, and I don't mind admitting that I had memorized every morsel inch of that sinful young body.

Barely Seventeen, she was petite and slender and had been bestowed with two of the prettiest little tits I had ever seen, which appeared to be at a constantly state of arousal.

Standing at just 5'1, the petite actress was mature beyond her years and had a firm slender belly and a tight little ass. Everything about her was just adorable.

It was the early days of summer and I had finished work unexpectedly. As I arrived home and got out of my truck, I found her standing there helping herself to a soda from the refrigerator in our garage.

"Oh. Hey Mr. Plinkett." Olivia beamed, as she stood there dripping wet from the pool.

"Well hello to you too, young lady." I replied, trying my best not to stare at her bikini clad body.

"I hope you don't mind." she grinned as she waved the can of soda in her hand.

"Of course not sweetheart. You know you're more than welcome to whatever's in the fridge."

As I grabbed some things from the back of my truck, it was only now that I noticed just how skimpy her bikini really was. Moreover, is seemed that the material itself was transparent in nature, allowing me to clearly make out her tiny pink erect nipples and newly obtained belly-ring.

"A belly-ring Olivia, really?" I remarked while studying her flawlessly lean body.

"Huh? Oh. Yeah. Do you like it?" she chirped as she briefly posed for my benefit, and gently pinched the gold trinket between her thumb and forefinger.

"Dad would kill me if he ever found out." she smiled. "But lucky for me he's hardly ever home."

"Yeah. I bet he would." I stated, as I watched her gently twist and tweak the belly ring while she inadvertently flexed her sculptured mid section.

"Oh! By the way." she said, breaking me out of my reverie. "Mom wanted to know if you could come over later and check out my computer."


"Yep. It's running real slow again."

"Just let me get settled in and I can be over in a few minutes."

"Great! You can come around back." she suggested. "No one's home until later so I have the entire place to myself."

"Lucky you." I grinned. "Don't get into too much trouble over there."

"You know me." she beamed.

With that said I watched her saunter off as I unloaded my stuff from the truck and went inside. There I checked my email and helped myself to a beer before I dressed down and headed over to the Holt residence with my PC-repair kit in hand.

Truth be told it wasn't the first time I had fixed her computer. In fact I had helped set it up in her bedroom several months earlier, and in recent weeks had helped clean out her system of malware.

It seemed Olivia did not have the sense to clear out her history logs, so I was a little surprised to see just how much time a teenager could spend visiting chat rooms and surfing various porn sites around the globe.

The girl definitely had a healthy appetite for smut, and wasn't ashamed to admit it. A few weeks earlier Olivia and her friends had apparently caught the YouTube bug and had started posting a few comical videos of themselves.

Right there in her "Documents" folder I found several gigabits worth of videos of them "performing" together. The ladies apparently liked to dress up in skimpy little outfits and dance around half naked in front of her camera.

In fact they had filled up her machine with so much random footage that she had convinced her mom into buying her an external hard drive, which naturally I was conned into formatting.

I let myself into the backyard and prepared to knock on the back sliding door when I glanced across the way and found Olivia lying there in her yard, completely topless.

She simply lay there with her headphones and sunglasses on, apparently unaware of my presents as my eyes grew to the size of sauces.

"Jesus." I gasped, as I realized just what I was seeing.

Her young teenage breasts lay plump and exposed with two tiny pink nipples standing firm and proud. Her tits looked utterly succulent and tender, and featured two faint tan lines which created a white triangle on each, her sexy little nips slightly off center.

The gorgeous little nymph had flashed me a number of times over the years, mostly granting me a quick peek down her blouse or a brief look up her skirt at her panties, but this was way beyond anything else.

I simply stood there drooling all over myself for what seemed like an eternity before I finally realized what I was doing. As I finally came to my sense, I intentionally wandered into the path of her sun, causing her to whine and look up.

The topless starlet faked surprise and quickly covered herself up with her hands.

"Oh. Hey. Mister Plinkett." she blushed brightly. "Sorry. I was just."


"Yeah." she grinned. "I wasn't expecting you to come over so quickly."

I tried my best not to stare at her luscious chest as she covered her breasts with her hands and rose to feet. It was only now as she stood that I realized that her bikini bottoms has been pulled up high into her cheeks essentially turning them into the thong variety.

"Err. Where's your bikini top?"

"Oh. Um. I left it inside." she claimed.

Wow. I thought. What a nerve. Especially since she knew I was coming over.

Grabbing her towel, Olivia snatched her cell phone from the floor and asked me to follow her upstairs. It wasn't like I didn't know where her computer was but I followed her nonetheless.

I'd been in and out of their house for several years, and been taking care of her computer issues since she was old enough to use a keyboard. Inside I tried my best not to stare at her incredible butt as we made our way up the stairs and it wiggled in front of me.

It was there that I detected the unmistakable scent of cocoa-nut oil, and realized that Olivia had literally bathed her entire body in the stuff.

Her long slender legs seemed coated in the substance, and made her already alluring body appear absolutely captivating. My mouth watered as soon as we arrived to her bedroom where I quickly took a seat at her computer desk, if only to hide my mounting erection.

I gave her PC a quick scan and as expected it seemed Olivia had gotten it infected with a virus again. If I didn't know any better I could swear someone was messing with her settings and causing the issues intentionally.

"Every time I use the internet." she explained. "I get lots of these stupid pop-up windows. They just never seem to stop."

"Like I said before, that's what you get when you visit those shady sites every day. Like those porn tube sites?"

Olivia simply giggled. "Yeah-Yeah. Whatever."

As I looked over her machine, she now stood directly behind me leaning over my shoulder and pointing to the screen. The sexy little nymph was still topless at this point, as I swallowed hard and realized that her left breast was now rubbing against my shoulder.

Needless to say I was now sporting a painful erection and trying to distract my mind from the fact that her pencil eraser-like nipple was brushing against my skin. Ignoring the obvious, I loaded some software to scan her computer some more and paused for a moment to catch my breath.

"Err. I'm going to run this program to find out what we have on here." I told her. "And see if I can clean it up that way."

"Thanks. Thank you so much." she exclaimed before she leaned over and kissed me sweetly on the cheek.

A moment later I looked up into the mirror above the computer desk only to see Olivia wander off towards her wardrobe.

I actually felt relieved for a minute as I assumed she was finally going to put on some clothes, but instead she took my breath away as she casually reached down and without a care in the world proceeded to peel her bikini bottoms down her legs.

"Holy shit." I panicked.

"Hmm. I better take these off before I get my carpet all wet." she remarked, while standing in the corner of the room naked as the day she was born.

I simply watched dumbfounded as my neighbors sexy daughter now stood there naked in her room drying herself off with a towel. In fact I was so shocked by this action that I found it hard to breath much less find the right words to complain.

As a result my hands trembled uncontrollably and I pressed the button that started the scan again. Almost immediately a threat notification popped up, getting her attention.

Once again Olivia moved to stand directly behind me and this time leaned into me as she glared at the small screen. I actually thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest as I felt her hovering close behind and realized that she was totally and completely naked.

"Yep." I confirmed with a shaky voice. "Two viruses already. This will probably take a while."

I could now feel her bare breasts brush against my shoulders again, and the mere notion alone thrilled me to no end.

I don't know if it was real or just my imagination playing tricks on me, but at that precise moment I'm almost positive I could smell the strong musky scent of sex in the air.

Either my mind was running away with me, or her pussy was noticeably excited. Either way, as I turned my head to look her over Olivia leaned forward and our faces were now just a few inches apart. So close in fact that I could feel her breath on my lips.

"So, um. I think that's about it." I stammered softly. "You can take it from here right?"

"What's your rush Mr. Plinkett." she said while flashing me that million dollar smile. "I told you that I had the entire place to myself."

"Well. I think I better go." I stuttered. "And give you some privacy. A moment to get dressed."

"Huh? No. Don't go." she replied. "What if something happens. Just wait around for a few extra minutes. Please?"

I took this opportunity to clear my throat and try to get all the lewd thoughts out in my head—but considering her current state of undress it was almost impossible.

"Err. I'd love to stay Olivia." I said as I reached for my USB drive. "But I've had a really long day. I just want to go home and relax with a beer before the kids get home."

Just as I finished that sentence another threat notification popped up, validating Olivia's claim that she needed me to stay and supervise the reboot.

"See. I told you."

Despite this I decided that it was time for me to leave in case I did or said something that I might regret. But as I attempted to get up from the seat, I felt Olivia place her hands on both of my shoulders to keep me at the desk.

"Oh no." she commented playfully.

"Olivia!" I quipped. "What are you doing?"

"Just relax Mr. Plinkett." she urged, as her hands now proceeded to massage my neck and shoulders. "Just wait an extra minute. Please."

"Sweetheart. We just talked about this."

"Here." she insisted. "I can help you relax. Just give me a chance."

I now sat there with a raging boner as my neighbors sexy (naked) daughter offered me a back rub.

To tell you the truth it was actually quite good, and I quickly found myself reveling in her touch before my conscience got the better of me and I decided to get up and leave.

"Wait. Seriously. This is wrong." I finally said, as I turned to face her again and snatched her slender wrists with my hands.

The look in her eyes was incredible. Her eyes were literally smoldering with lust—while her nipples were distractingly hard.

"C'mon." she purred seductively. "Just relax."

"Olivia. Stop."


Amusingly enough I actually got the sense that the more stern I was with her the more it turned her on.

I also realized just how dangerously inappropriate the entire situation was, and despite myself I stopped for a moment to openly gawk at her naked form and actually heard myself gasp in wonder.

I now noticed that not only was she totally naked before me, but she appeared to be completely shaved clean—not a single hair on her entire young body. This revelation more than any other took my breath away, and caused her to grin smugly to herself.

In all the years I had known her I had often wondered and fantasized if Olivia Holt was in fact neatly trimmed or completely shaved clean. But seeing it up close and in person was an entirely different thing all together. She was simply magnificent.

"What's wrong?" she remarked suggestively, knowing full well that I was reacting to her sight of her teen pussy. "Am I making you feel uncomfortable?"

Uncomfortable? That was an understatement. She was fucking naked, and apparently devoid of any hair whatsoever. The sexy little minx knew exactly what she was doing.

"Olivia. This is highly inappropriate." I objected. "Put some clothes on. What if your folks arrive home and see us like this?"

"Pff. Who cares." she shrugged. "Mom is out shopping on Rodeo Drive, while daddy is away at golf again. They don't care about what I do."

"Don't say that." I snapped, before I let go of her hands and attempted to leave.

The "Kickin it" star reluctantly backed away and smirked slyly to herself as I helped myself to yet another long eyeful of her exquisite frame. She really did have one of the most flawless young bodies I had ever seen.

Her skin was smooth and supple, and the pinkness of her sex was absolutely enthralling. I simply stood there quietly admiring the way her nipples now jutted out proudly, both of them begging for attention while she looked at me expectantly.

What a tease, I thought.

"Aw. You're no fun." she pouted.

"You know. You really shouldn't tease me like this." I told her, trying to control my raging libido. "I'm just a red blooded man like everyone else."

Despite my words my erection now stood out in front of me, obscenely tenting my shorts. Olivia smiled as she moved towards me, stopping only inches away from my face with those big brown eyes.

"I'm not teasing you Mr. Plinkett." she purred. "I'm begging you."

A moan escaped my lips as I felt her hand gently ease down and grasp my erect cock. This was all the permission she needed to lunge forward and press her lips against mine.

We kissed each other fervently, our tongues finding and wrestling against one another before she finally withdrew with a smug expression on her face. Apparently proud of herself.

"Mm. Is this for me?" she cooed softly, while playfully rolling her tongue over her top lip. "Huh?"

"Jesus." I groaned knowing that there was not much more of this that I could take.

"You know. I see the way you look at me." she remarked through a grin. "The way you stare at my body, my ass, and my legs."

I could barely breath much less defend myself.

"I see the way you undress me with your eyes. Even in front of your wife."

I was at a loss for words.

"Just admit it." she added. "We both know what you want."

"We do?"

Olivia nodded.

"You want to fuck me, don't you?"

Just hearing those words leave her sweet innocent mouth almost made me nut in my pants.

"I. Err. I. Um." I stammered at her accusation. "I have no idea what you're talking about Olivia."

"You don't huh?" she replied. "Are you wearing any underwear today?"

"What has that got to do with anything?" I quipped back.

As a matter of fact I wasn't, causing my cock to stand at full attention as the teen starlet continued to leisurely fondle my manly package through my shorts.

"Were you trying to show off or something?" she grinned again. "Trying to show off that big, hard cock of yours?"

"Olivia. I. Err."

"Hmm. You were huh. I bet it's nice and big." she added as I felt her squeeze the girth of my penis with her fingers.

At this point my head was spinning so fast I thought I was going to pass out. This couldn't possibly be real, I convinced myself. This was just too good to be true.

"Mm." Olivia smiled. "I bet it looks so hard and thick right now."

Dumbfounded by her actions, I instinctively recoiled only to have her follow me. Her hand never left my erection as I soon found myself pinned up against a wall.

"Mr. Plinkett. Can I ask you a question?" she asked rhetorically with her hand still caressing my length.

"Um. Okay?"

"Would you mind if I sucked your cock?"

I almost moaned at the comment. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. I'm going to suck your cock Mr. Plinkett." she said matter-of-factly. "And you're going to like it."

"I am?"

I had no doubt that I would, but the audacity of this girl was simply staggering. Who the hell did she think she was, my wife? Hell. My wife was never even this bold, even in her younger more wilder years.

"Yes. You're going to like it." she affirmed as she squeezed my cock for added effect. "And you're going to cum in my mouth."

"Oh. Sweet Jesus." I gasped at the mere notion, shutting my eyes as she worked those magic fingers over my shorts.

Judging from her skillful touch Holt had clearly done this sort of thing before, and I began to wonder just how many other boys and or men for that matter she had seduced in her short time in show business.

"Don't worry." she added sweetly. "I'm pretty good. Or so I've been told."

In an instant the sexy little crumpet was on her knees before me peeling my shorts down my leg and marveling directly at my manly package.

"Mm. Wow. I always knew it'd be big." she grinned as she gingerly slipped her dainty little fingers around the base and stroked it gently.

"Olivia." I tried to object. "This is getting way out of hand."

But I was immediately interrupted.

"So. Can I?" she asked seductively.

"Can you what?"

"Can I suck your big cock Mr. Plinkett?"

"Shit." I gasped again. "This is so wrong. On so many levels."

Being the consummate cock-tease that she was, the blonde vixen pouted up at me with her big puppy dog eyes and then rolled her tongue over her top lip.

"C'mon." she teased. "Don't you want to stick it in my mouth?"

God how I did. But there were simply no words to describe how conflicted I was.

At this point I was so damn hard I thought I was going to pass out. In fact pre-cum began to ooze from the tip of my cock, causing me to squirm and blush with shame. Noting this Olivia's eyes widened and she smiled.

"Yes." I finally confessed. "Damn you, yes. But we can't."

Holt seemed to ignore this last comment entirely.

"Yes. I can?" she repeated. "I can what Mr. Plinkett. I want to hear you say it."

"You can suck my dick Olivia. You can stick it in your mouth."

I then watched enthralled as she slowly pressed her soft lips against my skin flute, and finally licked her way from the bottom of my balls to the head of my prick, working her cold tongue around the ridge before she grabbed my staff and pointed me skyward, bending her face forward and slowing taking just the head into her hot little mouth.

"Mmm." she cooed softly, as she slowly wrapped her soft lips around it. "I just love sucking cock."

"Obviously." I moaned, as her tongue teased and tortured me, flicking and darting across my bulbous bell-end.

My cock looked so big inside her mouth that I soon found myself wondering how she managed to take it all in. The edges of her mouth were stretched, and this was just the head she was devouring.

Olivia carefully accepted more of my meaty pole, her tongue still active as it tickled the underside while her hand stroked the full extent of the shaft outside of her lips.

She now sucked half my length, as I was forced to bump against the back of her throat repeatedly, nudging her tonsils. To her credit she happily persisted, and opened her mouth and invited me to deep throat her.

"Oh. Fuck." I grunted breathlessly, as I watched her head bob up and down. "Jesus. Where did you learn that?"

Watching my hard meat disappear into her mouth was almost too much to bare. Hell. I had only attended her sweet sixteen birthday party just a few months earlier, and observed her innocently blow out the candles on her cake.

Now here she was, completely naked and on her knees taking all of me into her narrow little throat and doing a superb job no less.

Suddenly the vision of her folks flashed through my mind and caused me to panic. I just couldn't imagine facing her father, even if I did manage to get away with it somehow.

I began to wonder. What if the roles had been reversed and this was my daughter he was corrupting. Nevertheless. Any qualms I might have had were quickly dismissed when I felt her intentionally gag and choke over my rod—drenching it in warm saliva.

"Ugh. Shit." I grunted as I grasped the back of her blonde head and proceeded to fuck her hot, wet mouth.

"Mm. Mmpphhh!" she noised as I proceeded to use her mouth for my amusement.

"Oh. Good girl. Good Girl Olivia." I complimented her, as I FUCKED her face.

"Is that what you want huh?" I talked down at her. "To get your sweet little mouth FUCKED? Huh. You fucking little tease."

Olivia had obviously had a lot of experience with sucking dick but now for the first time seemed to panic slightly as her glared up at me with wide eyes—briefly frightened that she had bitten off a little too much than she could handle.

Thinking quickly she reached up and used her hands and mouth in unison and now slobbered all over my organ, making me forget about any and all reservations I might have had.

"Mm. Mm-Hmm." she mumbled up at me with a mouth full of cock. "More. I want more."

After a minute or so of slobbering all over me (and all down her neck and chest) Olivia suddenly stopped what she was doing and got up and directed me over to the bed.

In an instant I took off my shirt and laid back under her guidance—and her mouth was on me again, but now I could stroke her naked body and slip my hand between her legs.


"Fuck. Such a sexy little slut." I groaned inwardly, as I petted her pussy. "Such a sexy little cocksucker."

"Mm. I like that." she replied as I slid a single finger along her gleaming wet sex.

GOD DAMN she was wet. Sopping. Wet.

"Oh. Olivia." I gasped audibly. "That's right. Suck my thick fat cock sweetheart."

I gently smeared her juice all around her teen sex and finally plunged two fingers deep into her tight young cunt—causing her to gasp with surprise. Olivia pulled her mouth away to give out a profound moan.

"Oooooh. Mr. Plinkett. Yes." she groaned erotically, while tossing her head back and arching her spine.

This action caused her butt to stick out further and permit me more access to her sweet cunt.

"I can't believe this is happening." I remarked as I lay there naked on her teenage bed.

I now pumped two fingers back and forth and proceeded to finger-bang her while she sucked me keenly—her head bobbing up and down at a swift pace.

"Mm. We both know you want this." she whimpered. "I've wanted to suck your cock for the longest time."

"You have?"

I let my head fall back to the pillow as I felt her renew her efforts on my dick, and spit and slobber her warm saliva all over my shaft.

"Mm. You're not holding back on me are you?" she smiled a minute later. "Most guys I suck cum within a minute."

"Holding back?" I quipped. "Sweetheart. You're doing wonderfully. Keep it up!"

"Hmm. What's it going to take to make you cum Mr. Plinkett?" she grinned as she stroked me in her fist—her sweet young mouth smeared with spit.

"Just keep doing that and wait and see." I told her.

"Because I'm not going to let you put this thing inside me." Olivia added. "Until I get a mouth full of spunk."

"Holy fuck." I groaned.

More erotic words had never been spoken.

"Spunk? Inside your mouth?" I moaned at her comments as the mere notion made my cock twitch inside her hand.

"So how about it?" she grinned. "You think you're UP to it?"

I simply nodded as I felt her hot mouth envelope me again. It was just about the sloppiest, wetness blowjob I had ever had. So much so that a dark puddle of saliva now pooled around my butt on the bed.

"Whatever you say sweetheart." I agreed. "Whatever you want."

"You think you're up to fucking this young, tight pussy?" she taunted. "And trust me. I'm really tight."

Her explicitly charged words drove me insane, and before I could reply she was back at it again sucking and slurping noisily at my cock-flesh like a woman possessed.

Olivia was more accessible now, her saucy tight backside only about a foot away from my shoulders. She pushed her mouth deep and gently scraping her teeth against my skin while my hand now found and fondled her remarkable butt.

"Jesus Christ." I moaned audibly. "This ass."

I couldn't believe how soft she felt. Her butt almost felt like warm velvet. It was while caressing her derriere that the teen star suddenly withdrew and glanced back at me with a huge grin on her face—her lips glistening with spit.

"Do you like my ass Mr. Plinkett?" she teased over her shoulder.

"Absolutely." I gasped. "Tight. Teen. Blonde ass. What's not to love."

"Are you ready to fuck this little slut?" she replied.

I almost grunted in response.

"Sure. Come sit that fine young ass over daddies cock baby."

"Mm. I like the sound of that." she beamed as I took the opportunity to carefully swipe my finger along her gleaming wet sex and brought them up to her mouth.

Olivia happily accepted my fingers and savored her essence before I returned my hand between her legs and tried to slip a finger inside but found it challenging. In fact she was so tight that I was afraid of hurting her.

Meanwhile Olivia grew increasingly animated, pounding her head up and down my steel rod while her hips proceeded to grind and undulate in different directions.

"Shit. Fuck. Shit." I muttered incoherently. "Jesus. I'm almost there. I'm almost...NNNGHH!"

I grunted loudly as the saucy little minx pulled her lips tight around my bell-end and braced herself—as I came in her mouth. To her credit she didn't miss a beat and continued to milk my tensing nuts as I filled her gob with hot slimy spunk.

The teenage seductress swallowed hard, licking me clean and bathing my cock with her warm tongue as I finally relaxed.

"Fark." I let out.

"Mm. Yummy." she purred contently. "That was so fucking hot!"

While Olivia gleefully grinned, my head was still spinning. I still couldn't believe Olivia Holt had just blown me in her bedroom, on her very own bed no less.

"That was fun Mr. Plinkett." she grinned while smacking her slimy lips together. "Well worth the wait don't you think?"

"Yeah. It was." I admitted. "Absolutely."

My cock now gleamed with semen and despite having just climaxed I was still somewhat hard which even surprised me.

"Hmm. Impressive." she grinned while eying my package. "Are you always like this. This hard?"

"Honestly." I panted. "Only around you Olivia. Only around you."

I didn't know what else to say as she then rolled over onto her hands and knees and thrust out her bare butt in the air.

With her ass up and her face down, it was just about the most spectacular thing I had ever seen—a totally naked teenage placed in the doggy-style position.

"Mother of God." I moaned to the breathtaking vision before me. "Olivia. What are you doing now?"

The teen starlet simply grinned. "I want you inside me."

I lay dumbfounded, as my neighbors wayward daughter then reached back and gently stroked her slimy vulva, shuddered, before inserting a single finger inside her pussy.

She was so worked up that she effortlessly dipped a second digit into her slippery hole and proceeded to probe her pussy for my benefit.

"Mm. Please. Mr. Plinkett." she moaned. "I need it. I need it bad."

As expected my cock was quickly hard again as Holt now masturbated in front me on the bed. She spread her knees further on the mattress and pushed her butt out again—rocking her hips back and forth.

"C'mon." she breathed. "Fuck me. Fuck me Mr. Plinkett. I need a cock."

"Jesus." I moaned at her wantonness.

"Are you going to give it to me or not?" she purred. "Or am I going to have to make some other guys dreams come true?"

I didn't need to be asked twice.

Without missing a beat I moved to kneel directly behind her and carefully placed the tip of my dick against her pretty little pussy as she withdrew her fingers and cupped my balls.

"Oh. I've been thinking about this for the longest time." she claimed as I leaned over to spit at her flawless ass and watched my drool trickle down across her bunghole.

Olivia giggled to the action as I slowly pressed the head of my cock against her plump lips.

"Mm. Yeah." she moaned over her shoulder. "Give me that big fat cock Bob."

"Yeah? Is that what you want Olivia?" I hissed back. "You want daddies big cock inside you?"

The "Girl vs. Monster" star spread her cheeks with her hands, offering me more access.

She then gasped as the head of my cock finally split her in two and slowly crammed its way between her pink folds and finally "popped" in. We both groaned with glee as my shaft finally impaled her tight little cunt-hole inch by inch.

"Oh. Mr. Plinkett." she growled in a deep, throaty tone as my cock filled her fully and my balls ultimately brushed against her clit.

"How's that baby?" I queried, as I gripped her sweet buttocks in each hand and gently moved my hips back and forth. "Happy? You little slut!"

"Ugh. So fucking good." she hissed back, burying her face into the mattress while her pristine ass swayed in the breeze.

"Please." she muttered between moans. "Fuck me nice and slow Mr. Plinkett. Slow and deep. I like it."

"I can do that for you princess." I told her. "I can give it to you any way you want."

As the two of us moaned and moved in unison a dirty thought crossed my mind and I encouraged her to speak more.

"Where's my cock right now Olivia?" I smirked. "Tell me baby-doll."

"Mm. Inside me." she purred. "You're inside my pussy Mr. Plinkett."

"Where sweetheart?"

"Inside my pussy."

"Where?" I repeated.

Olivia finally caught on.

"Mm. Inside my CUNT." she finally replied. "Your thick hard cock is inside my tight little cunt Mr. Plinkett."

"Yeah. That's my girl." I praised her. "Keep it up."

With that said I slowly pulled the entire length of my shaft all the way out—only to ease it back in and marvel at the way her tight little cunt stretched to accommodate me.

Olivia purred the whole time as her head lay tilted to one side so I could see her eyes roll into the back of her head as I slowly impaled her.

"Mm." she cooed loudly as I slowly drove into her cookie again and again, filling her completely.

At one point I drew back out and stopped to nestle just the tip of my cock against her pink pedals, driving her insane with lust and inviting her to take the initiative and grind her hips back against me.

She happily complied and I grinned sweetly to myself as I now watched her do all the work and fuck herself in earnest.

"That's it. Good girl." I encouraged her. "Pick up the pace a little. Take that hard cock inside."

"Oh. Mr. Plinkett." she moaned more freely. "Oh. Yes. You're so big!"

"Mm. Nice and slow." I muttered. "Take that big cock all the way inside."

"Ugh. Okay." she finally quipped. "We can go faster now. You can fuck me harder if you want?"

With that said I reach down and gripped her hips with both hands and increased the pace. Olivia now yelped audibly as I penetrated her sex to its full depths.

Judging from her behavior I suspect the teen starlet had never been fucked in such a direct, sensuous, manner. At this point I could feel every inch of her teen sex which was wrapped firmly around me like a custom made glove.

"Oh. Are you going to cum again Mr. Plinkett?" she rasped out of breath.

"God yes." I rumbled. "You're going to make me pop inside your pussy this time!"

"Oh. Yes. Fuck me!" she prompted. "Do it! Fuck me hard Mr. Plinkett."

"Yeah. Is that what you want sweetheart?" I barked back as I shifted into high gear.

"Fuck the shit out of me Bob!" she declared. "Make me cum all over that big cock!!"

I proceeded to pound her hard and fast, my balls slapping loudly against her clit as I pummeled her for all I was worth. I felt the beginnings of my orgasm rise as Olivia began to cry out.

"UGH! UGH! AHH FUCK!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as I mercilessly hammered into her delicious rump.

My pace at this point was blinding, my hips and cock a blur of motion as I fucked her furiously and preparing to fill her womb with hot sticky goo.

"OH SHIT! HERE IT COMES!!" I suddenly roared as I felt the first spurt of semen shoot out from the tip of my cock.

My body convulsed wildly as I erupted into blissful torture deep inside Olivia Holt's sweet little clam.

"YES!! Yes. Yes." she exclaimed and I filled her minge and then pulled out to shoot the rest of my sticky load all over her teen butt and back.

Gasping out of breath I finally slumped forward, my cock spent as my semen oozed out of her inflamed pussy.

"OMG. OMG. Mr. Plinkett." she panted breathlessly. "That was incredible."

"Olivia. Next time you want your computer fixed." I replied. "Make sure you have the whole house to yourself again."

"Absolutely." she smiled. "You can count on it."


10-27-2012, 11:56 PM
great story for a real rising star in the celeb babe world, cheers

11-13-2012, 06:36 PM
Why hello, Olivia!! :m137:

Enduring gratitude TPG for the sensational debut for the neophyte nymph into your harem of lusty ladies. A simple seduction and story has me now {paraphrasing TPG's Olivia Holt} "begging you" to pen another erotic encounter featuring Ms. Holt, ASAP!

11-28-2012, 06:31 AM
Now that's a damn good story. Don't know much about this little hottie but now I'm interested.