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"Unforgettable Pair"
With Olivia Holt and Kelli Berglund

Disclaimer: This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are under age or easily offended stop reading now.

http://thumbnails101.imagebam.com/21848/5e9450218478693.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/5e9450218478693) http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/21848/f0ae41218478702.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/f0ae41218478702) http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/21848/1d6143218478709.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/1d6143218478709)

It had now been almost an hour since I had arrived at the hotel and there was still no sign of when the two young stars would be ready to leave. I stood outside the room making sure there were no crazy fans lurking the halls, and that no one bothered the two young ladies.

I had been in the celebrity security business for a while now and not once had I had to protect such young celebs. Up until now I had worked for big names; some of which had thousands of fans waiting for them just outside the hotel but today it was a couple of girls that seemed like your average teens.

I took another look at my watch and realized that yet another half hour had passed.

"Are you ready?" I shouted as I tapped on the door.

"One more second" one of teens responded.

I leaned back against the wall next to the door as I told myself to keep calm and not get impatient with the clients. I mean this was a piece of cake It didn't involve taking care of musicians too drunk or high to even know where they were or having to deal with crazy fans but instead it was taking a couple of girls to a small meet and greet at the local mall.

"That's when I told him no deal and pushed him out the door" the blonde laughed as she and her friend exited the hotel room.

"He deserves it and now you're single and ready to mingle" the brunette joked.

"Did you really just say that?" the blonde rubbed her index fingers and shook her head in shame.

The young blonde was about to continue when my presence was noticed ending their private conversation.

"Hi" the brunette greeted "I'm Kelli and she is..."

"Olivia" the blonde jumped in "nice to meet you."

The teen pulled my hand and shook it so fast I thought it was going to rip off.

"Nice to meet you both, I'm Nick and I'll be escorting you to your event" I returned when I was released from Olivia's grip.

"Good" the blonde beamed.

I looked at Kelli who was holding in a laugh then back at Olivia.

"Shall we go?" I gestured for them to walk ahead.

Holding hands the teens made their way to the elevator while I followed behind keeping an eye out for any possible danger. We made it out of the hotel with no problems at all and there the valet had the car ready for us.

The ride was short as the mall was only 15 minutes away and the roads where empty. I drove in silence while the girls chatted up a storm talking mostly of boys and how tired of them they both were. I laughed to myself as it was apparent these girls wanted to act older than they were.

When we arrived at the mall event organizers quickly escorted us to the store where the girls would meet their fans. To my surprise there was a rather long line that went out the door and past various other stores.

The teen girls did a final touch up to their wardrobe and then waved as they stepped out for the fans to admire them. The crowd mostly made up of tweens and a few suspicious men went wild when the actresses ran out with great enthusiasm.

One by one the people stepped up to the young celebs to get an autograph and a picture to remember what to them was the greatest day of their lives but just like that the moment was over. There I learned, thanks to one of the fans, that both girls had a show on Disney. Olivia was on "Kickin' It" while Kelli starred on "Lab Rats" information that I would likely forget.

The day was simple and not too demanding except for when the older men came up. They were way too enthusiastic to see these girls and when it was time to take a picture their hands attempted to wonder where they shouldn't, but that is why I was there. With a loud clearing of my throat I would get their attention and then using my stare I would make them scared enough they would practically run away. There were the exceptions that challenged just how far I would take it in front of all the young kids there but they too chickened out before it got too serious. I would receive a "thank you" from each actress and then the signing continued.

After almost three hours the teens greeted their last fans but there was still a large crowd that was waiting for a second round of pictures. One of the workers stepped up to Olivia and whispered something to which the blonde nodded and grabbed Kelli to walk around the table that had been set up for the autographs. They then did the usual speech that I had heard a million times before of how happy both were to meet everyone and the excitement that they felt for being in town; the crowd like always loved it and cheered.

The starlets said good-bye a good ten times before they actually left the crowd and walked to the back of the store to leave. As soon as the girls step foot out of the back exit a large group of kids and even adults were waiting for them and it seemed they weren't going to leave until they got what they wanted. Knowing what was coming next I tapped Kelli on the shoulder and signaled her to start walking then did the same to Olivia.

"Run" I ordered the teens that did as they were told.

The three of us ran like there was no tomorrow but the mob was still close behind and it was obvious they weren't giving up too easily. In between screaming from the fans I gave direction of where to head as we ran through a labyrinth of stores. We made a right turn at a clothing store and out the large automatic glass doors; there in the first parking spot was the car.

I took out the keys and pressed the button that unlocked the doors. I had been following the girls but now I ran ahead to open the door and allow the teens to jump in. I closed it quickly and ran around to the driver's side and got in making sure I locked the car once I was inside. I looked out the window and to my amazement the crowd had grown on the way. I put the key in the ignition and backed out of the spot before peeling out of the parking lot leaving the mob of fans behind.

"That was crazy" Kelli panted as she tried to catch her breath

"It was" I added looking back at the teens through the rear view mirror.

"Thank you so much. You saved us" Olivia commented as she laughed about the entire thing.

"That's what I'm here for" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, but I still feel like we owe you" the blonde continued.

"I know. Why don't we take you out for dinner?" Kelli suggested.

"That won't be necessary, just doing my job" I looked back to see that Kelli was now practically sitting on top of Olivia.

"Come on, please go" Olivia insisted "besides we haven't eaten anything and you're still on the clock mister"

I looked at my watch and noticed that it had already been ten minutes past my paid time, but dinner sounded great since all I had been offered at the event was a bag of chips and a water. The starlets cheered when I agreed but asked to stop at the hotel first so they could change since they felt too gross after the running.

We drove back to the hotel and this time the car was quiet with the girls whispering to each other and covering their mouth so I could read their lips.

A few minutes later we were walking into the room and I was invited to sit. The room was actually bigger than I had first thought with a large living room, a huge TV, a pool table in one corner, a fully equipped kitchen and a great view of the city.

"Wait here and watch TV while we go change. We won't take long" Kelli said as she pulled her friend to the other room behind a sliding door that separated the bedroom from the rest of the place.

As I sat there I began having seconds thoughts, not really sure why as it was just dinner and nothing more. There was a feeling in my gut that told me I should have just said no thank you, dropped of the girls and left. Yet I didn't want to be rude now by agreeing to go and then leaving.

So I waited and waited until I heard the sliding door open and out stepped both teens. I got up on my feet and turned to Olivia and Kelli only to be surprised by the attire the girls chose. They definitely were dressed to impress.

http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/21848/387704218477603.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/387704218477603) http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/21848/a6ddb6218477613.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/a6ddb6218477613) http://thumbnails106.imagebam.com/21848/3db394218477619.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/3db394218477619)

Olivia wore a black strapless dress that seemed to be painted on and ended just below the curvature of her lower back while displaying a perfect pair of legs. Her blonde locks cascaded over her shoulders like a golden waterfall. Meanwhile Kelli went with a white lace dress with off the shoulder sleeves that ended mid-thigh and hugged her body nicely. Like Olivia her hair descended over her shoulders.

I was speechless as both girls looked amazing making it hard to believe they were so young.

"You're going out like that?" was the first thing that came out.

"Yes. Why, don't you think we look good?" Kelli twirled to model her clothes.

"You do it's just that those dresses seem a few sizes too small."

"No they fit perfectly" Kelli again showed off her body.

"Look you're beautiful young girls and you want to give good impression but these..." I motioned my hand all over their bodies "...will only give guys the wrong idea."

"That's the whole point" Kelli answered again.

So this was just to get some attention.

"What would your parents say if they saw you like that?" my voice went up in tone.

"They would be disappointed that they daughters were dressed so provocatively."

"Well they're not here and besides they wouldn't care" Olivia stated.

"But...but..." I tried thinking of something that would change their mind but there was no winning with them.

"Look if you're not OK with what we're wearing then you can stay here" the blonde scorned as she walked towards the door.

"Stop right there" I said firmly.

Despite being off the clock it was still my duty to look after the teens so I blocked Olivia's way.

"I'm not letting you leave dressed like that" I stood my ground.

"Just move" Kelly joined her friend.

"Not until you take that off young lady" my voice had become stern and tough.

"Fine, you want me to take it off then I will" throwing her purse to the floor the blonde grabbed the bottom of her dress and lifted it.

The actress wiggled her body as she peeled the dress off.

"What are you doing?" I turned away at the sudden action

"Isn't this what you wanted" Kelli quipped before her friend could answer

I peeked through my fingers just as Olivia flung the dress and was left in just a black bra and a tiny matching thong.

"I meant for you to put something else on...in the bedroom" I blindly pointed to the room.

"Then you should have been clearer" Olivia returned.

"Haha very funny" I said when I heard a zipper.

I decided to take a quick peek between my fingers and was dumbfounded to see Kelli doing as her friend and ditching the clothes. She took her arms out from the sleeves and placed them on her small breast. With a swift movement of her body the dress dropped to the ground pooling at her feet and leaving the brunette in nothing but a white lace booty shorts and a hand bra. Boy did they like to match their clothing.

These were definitely not like the girls from when I was a teen and I couldn't help but admire the young, slender, mouth-watering bodies. I knew it was wrong to have the sudden naughty thoughts that were on my mind but I had to admit that they looked amazing standing in just their underwear.

Kelli moved one hand near the other and removed it teasing me with a glimpse of her tanned nipple; I gasped inwardly.

"I'm going to change" Olivia exclaimed as she turned to leave.

My member was at full extent as the Blonde walked away and gave me a great view of her firm cheeks separated by only a thin piece of fabric. My hands where still at my face but nowhere near my eyes, instead they covered my open mouth.

"Do you want me to go change also or should I stay like this?" Kelli made an innocent face but her voice showed her true intentions.

I returned my attention to Kelli who was still covering her chest with one hand, her index finger tapping the side of her boob, while her other rested on her hip.

"You change and I'll wait outside" my voice cracked with every word.

"But how will we know what we are allowed to wear?" Olivia returned from the bedroom.

My heart raced when I saw that the teen actress was now topless, her pink nubs stiff and pointing at me.

"Cover up" again I turned away but my eyes kept their focus on Olivia.

"I will but I first I need to know which is of your approval" the young star held up two pieces of clothing that seemed too small to cover even half of her body.

My focus shifted quickly to the nubile body in front of me and its wondrous beauty. How I wanted to reach and have my way with both girls who were more than willing to allow it to happen. But I knew I couldn't do any of it no matter how much I yearn it and if they gave consent.

"This is it" I snapped "I'm leaving."

"Fine then leave" Kelli challenged, her hands left her chest revealing her pert breasts.

"I will" my threat not very believable as I stayed in place.

"You know I don't think you want to leave" Olivia chimed in.

The young beautiful blonde walked to me without a care even though she was practically naked in front of a man that could easily be her dad.

"Why...why do you think that?" I tried looking away but just couldn't.

"You know why" Kelli shocked me as she placed her hand on the bulge in my pants.

I was speechless, my heart almost jumped out my chest and my brain went into overdrive with thoughts of me and these two magnificent girls doing bad things. I instantly threw those wrong thoughts out of my mind. The blonde however made it difficult for me to think straight as she too cupped my growing erection.

"You shouldn't be doing this" I stated but I knew there was no way for me to resist.

"But we want to, don't you?" Olivia grinned.

"No! I don't want to!" my brain told me to say but my mouth made no attempts to do what it was being ordered. "Damn it feet MOVE!" I ordered in my head. Just then the last of any absolute doubt was knocked out of me.

Each girl took one of my hands with theirs and placed it on one of each chest bumps, the hard nipples stabbing my palms.

I took a deep breath and caved "Yes I do."

The young stars turned to each other and smiled before leaving me breathless as I watched them lean in and kiss. The underage actresses seemed quite comfortable making out and made it obvious it wasn't the first time they had done something like that before.

The temperature increased with each passing second, the girls kept up the passionate kiss without stopping to catch their breath. Their tongues went from mouth to mouth while their fingers tickled my package and I massaged the young firm breasts.

Kelli clamped down on Olivia's tongue and sucked on it like it was a cock, making both the teen and I moan.

"That's hot" I mumbled getting the attention of the teen celebs.

The blonde took the initiative and reached up and pull me down to her height allowing her to plant her lips on mine.

All the while Kelli unbuttoned my shirt and began kissing my neck and chest, I had no idea where the girls learned any of this but they knew exactly what they were doing. I felt a pair of hand fumbling with my belt but neither removed their lips from my body. I slithered my tongue into Olivia's mouth to explore practically counting her teeth one by one.

I ended my kiss with Olivia, her pearly whites clinging to my bottom lip, and gave her friend a turn. My tongue invaded the brunette's mouth instantly and just like she did with Olivia the young teen sucked on it. She sucked hard leaving the organ dry before I return the gesture and tasted hers.

At this point any kind of common sense was long gone and my worries of the age were no more. The belt buckle hit my leg letting me know that the girls were that much closer to their objective. Separating from Kelli and taking my hands off their small breasts I wrapped my hand around the actresses' hips and threw them onto my shoulders making the girls shriek with excitement.

The teens weighed nothing allowing me to run into the bedroom where I threw them onto the king size bed and stripped to my birthday suit which was rather easy as they had done most of the work for me already. The girls opened their legs at the sight of my erection as they knew what was next and I tried to deal with the fact that this was going to happen.

From all the female celebrities I had been hired to protect, the last ones I would have ever imagined doing this with had been the two youngest ones.

I admired the scene in front of me, Disney stars Olivia Holt and Kelli Berglund lying on the bed with nothing on except their panties and with their legs spread wide.

"I can't believe we're doing this" Olivia exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm so excited" Kelli added as she fondled her chest.

"What about you, are you excited?" the blonde eyed me.

"You have no idea" I finally let my emotions show and smiled from ear to ear.

This confession made both girls happy and evidently quite excited as I noticed a small wet spot on Olivia's thong and it was growing fast. With that I knelt at the end of the bed and brought my face to the "Kickin' It" star's crotch and took in the sweet scent of her arousal before reaching up and slowly peeling the tiny piece of clothing off.

I began to drool at the young, tight, bright pink pussy that was in front of me and I couldn't help but get a taste. Almost in slow motion my tongue made first contact with the young wet cunt and savored the delicious taste of Olivia's juices. My fat tongue ran along the length of the sideways lips over and over again. Olivia let out low moans while Kelli now lifted her derriere off the mattress to slide the underwear down her slender legs to leave her completely nude.

"Mmmh that feels good" the blonde muttered.

The fit body moved around wildly as my tongue played with her sensitive clit. I was past horny, all I wanted now was to make the most of the situation and spend as much time as possible between the legs of the jailbait queens. I delved my tongue deeper inside the warm cunt making sure to not leave any spot untouched by my mouth muscle.

"Fuck you're better than Kelli" Olivia purred.

"Whatever" the brunette playfully snapped as she pulled on her friend's nipple.

My tongue swirled faster inside the actress lapping up all the liquid that seeped out from the warm love hole.

"He's fantastic" the blonde continued complementing.

Her body pushed hard against me trying to get more of my tongue inside her.

"You ha...have...to try...mmmh...him."

The thought of getting a turn at Kelli almost made me explode right there but I managed to control myself.

"Come Here" Kelli grabbed my head and forced it her way.

With one last long lick I left Olivia and moved over to the brunette who was anxiously waiting for me. Just like with her friend I took in the sweet scent before diving right in to feast on Kelli's wet hole. My tongue danced all around the folds and caressed the brunette's love button.

"Ooooh...yeah, definitely better than me" Kelli admitted.

"You two taste so fucking delicious" I muttered with a full mouth.

"Thank you" the teens said in unison.

I returned to the job at hand with great happiness took the tiny clit into my mouth causing the teen to melt. I held that little sex organ tightly between my lips and began to hum sending a wave of pure sexual electricity through Kelli's body as she held on to anything she could.

"OOOOOOOHHHHH" she let out as she pulled on my hair.

Not wanting her to cum just yet I took a break and kissed my way up the Disney actress' body, my hand replacing my tongue at her and Olivia's clam.

I gave tender little kisses to Kelli's shaved pubic mound slowly moving up to her flat tummy, licking her belly button and continuing upwards to stop at the stiff dark pebbles that topped her small breasts. I took the entire tit into my mouth biting, suckling and pulling on the hard nipple.

Meanwhile down between their legs my fingers worked on their engorged clits as I rapidly rubbed the sensitive area just enough to pleasure them but not too much that they would climax. I ran the wet digits along the soft, plump vaginal lips spreading the nectar all over before plunging both sets of digits into each of the girls' tight cunt. The room was filled with loud groans as my fingers sank into the warm abyss of the actresses' womanhood.

Olivia and Kelli looked even more beautiful with their scrunched up faces and mouths in an O shape that emitted sounds of pleasure. I stood between the stars, my fingers inside them, and my cock harder than it had ever been. I dug deep into them as if more treasure was to be found. Before removing my probing fingers I scraped their inner walls making sure the digits were drenched in girl water.

"Oh my, don't stop" Kelli cried with Olivia.

Disobeying orders my fingers pulled out only to stuff the teen's mouths giving them a taste of each other. They happily slurped the treat from my hands commenting on how good it was.

""You taste so delicious" Olivia turned to look at her friend.

"Your pussy tastes like cotton candy" Kelli complimented back which I found weird but somewhat true.

Kelli finished off the last of her friend's residue when she looked at me with a perverse glint in her eye and simply said "Take me."

I suddenly stopped and thought of what was happening. All this time I had been lost in the beauty of the young naked girls that I had forgotten that they were just that, underage girls. I looked at Kelli and the confused expression she had as to why I was standing there doing nothing. Her hand sank down her petite body until it reached her hot center and with two fingers separated the meaty lips to show me her lovely pink hole.

"I thought you wanted this" Kelli could tell I was having second thoughts.

"Come on just do it" the young actress urged.

"Yeah, fuck her" Olivia added to the pressure.

There was no going back anymore even if I stopped now I had already gone too far so I might as well make the most of it. With a renewed determination I gave them a nod and cock in hand I crouched down so our private areas could meet. The tip made contact with the hot sex, I moaned at how tight it already felt, and with a small nudge I entered the naked young girl.

"Mmmmph" Kelli clasped the sheets while her friend did her best to comfort her as I stuffed more of my hardness into the brunette.

"Take that big dick Kels" the blonde encouraged her friend.

http://thumbnails101.imagebam.com/21848/56c5f8218477496.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/56c5f8218477496) http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/21848/9a3360218477500.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/9a3360218477500) http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/21848/868ce2218477507.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/868ce2218477507) http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/21848/09ed09218477517.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/09ed09218477517)

I held onto Kelli's small hips as I forced my way in and eased out of her extremely tight pussy. Not once in my life had I ever felt anything so amazing before. Of course due to how small she was I could only fit less than half of my length while I moved slowly making sure I enjoyed what was happening. I sliced into the teen adding speed as Olivia entertained herself by suckling on her BFF's tiny tits.

The blonde's long tongue flicked at the dark nub before taking it between her soft lips and stretching the hard nipple. I moved my hips in a circular motion while thrusting forward opening the small inner walls to accommodate the size of my manhood.

"Ooooh that feels good" Kelli yelped in attempts to hide some of the pain she was feeling.

"You like that you little slut?" I repeated the treatment.

"Yes...moOOOOHHHre" the brunette bellowed.

Kelli wrapped her legs around my waist tightly, forcefully impaling more of my stiffness into her young cunt. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as it got tighter the deeper I went inside the young star. I moved back out leaving only the tip inside before thrusting forward. The mushroom tip drilled at the deepest part Kelli allowing more of the shaft to enter the hot tunnel. Repeating this at a faster pace it took no time at all for the youngster's labium to meet the base of my pole.

The teen grunted at the invading cock that stretched her inside making her feel extreme pleasure.

I grabbed Olivia and placed her face down on top of Kelli who didn't mind having the blonde's body upon her causing another steamy kiss to ensue. It was Olivia doing most of the kissing as Kelli was busy getting her pussy stuffed. This made my blood boil and my hips to move at dangerous speed, aggressively pounding Kelli Berglund's young pussy.

"Yes, yes, YEEEESSSS!" the brunette screamed.

The uniform moans filled my ears and the sensation of the underage star getting penetrated by my rock hard cock made me want to finish, but I didn't want to not until I fucked the tiny blonde.

With a pop I took my hardness out of the sexy young brunette, which didn't make her happy, then held Olivia down and with my cock at the opening I decided to destroy this young pussy. With one long, fast thrust I stabbed as deep as I could into the lovely young star. Her blonde hair flung back as Olivia jolted her upper body with the sudden intrusion. She was even tighter than her best friend, if that was possible and the temperature inside her love canal would put any volcano to shame.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH" Olivia yelled at the top of her lungs while my facial expression caused Kelli to laugh.

I stopped letting the blonde calm down before continuing without warning. The screams returned but were quickly quieted by Kelli who clogged Olivia's mouth with her tongue. My hands kneaded the small butt while my hips rocked back and forth pushing the entire length into this underage goddess.

I closed my eyes, my mind concentrating on the extreme pleasure I was feeling when I felt something on my balls. I looked down to see Olivia's hand fondling Kelli's pussy.

This was really a sight to be seen. Two underage celebs making out, one getting her tight cunt stuffed with a huge cock while she fingered her friend's widened slit. Even I couldn't believe it yet.

Was this really happening? No, it was impossible I must be sitting in the car waiting for them to leave the event at the mall. I fell asleep and this was all just a tremendously amazing dream, but just then a loud scream brought me back to the unbelievable reality.

"YEEESSSSS" Kelli shattered uncontrollably.

Olivia had just fingered the brunette to an orgasm.

This was all too much but I kept going strong into the Blonde, ramming my member between the enlarged lips. I had little control and my cock slipped out a few times some of which penetrated Kelli instead of Olivia. My cock would be moved back to the blonde but again ended inside the brunette when it was thrusted forwards. I kept on moving, slicing into the teens until I was switching at every push between the two young cunts.

First Olivia felt the full force of my manhood then Kelli got the same meanwhile I was in heaven. I wanted this to last forever until I could fuck no more which with these two beauties could be a lifetime.

I pumped hard into them; the tightness was no longer a factor thanks to the glaze of liquid that my penis had gathered from both girls.

I entered Olivia completely taking an extra second to stay inside her before retreating and moving to Kelli but my aim was bad and my meat easily slid between the slender bodies of the girls. Their heirless womanhood rubbed against my cock grazing their love buttons and it kept going until it was sandwiched between their flat tummies.

I moved back pulling away my cock and again I grazed their engorged clits, receiving coos for the sensation. Getting an idea I did the same and once more I got unison moans. I continued like this slipping my hardness between the soft and tender skin of their torsos and each time the vocalization of the pleasure they were receiving grew.

Their bodies moved to grind their pussies against my sword while more of their skin became wet with something other than just transpiration. Kelli held Olivia while they kissed and the blonde roamed her friend's body paying the most attention to her chest.

"Don't stop" screeched Olivia as she was ready to climax, her juices draining onto my hardness.

I kept going faster and faster not stopping for anything not even when Kelli came for the second time.

"Holy mother of cum" the brunette let out while her juices covered my groin.

The vulgar sound of our bodies moving together was loud and the room reeked of sex but it was far from over as the underage teen orgasms got closer together and they followed one after the other.

I held onto Olivia's pale bottom making their bodies add pressure to my ready cock, her brown hole looking so inviting but I knew I shouldn't, at least not yet.

I couldn't take it anymore and just like that I had the greatest orgasm in my entire life.

The sticky goo streamed out of me to cover the teens in my mess. I took a hold of my manhood and although it was extremely slippery I managed to pump it until all of the seed was between the slutty young celebs. It was like a cookie with the white cream in the middle. Although I was empty and my manhood was simmering down my lower body moved on smearing them mixture of leftovers onto all our bodies.

Once my penis was entirely soft I moved back to admire the sight. Olivia was no longer on top of her friend but lying next to her both completely covered in my jizz. The blonde's hand traveled the brunette's body smearing the white substance all over while her tongue scooped some of the goo that had landed on Kelli's tummy. The brunette too got a handful of my slime by slurping up any that landed on her tits.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up and when I returned to the room the young girls were making out with cum coating their faces and a few strands dripping from their chins, it was something so extraordinary to witness.

"Mmmhmm" I cleared my throat to get their attention.

"I think I should get going" the guilt had returned and it was killing me.

The girls broke their kiss to look at me but it was obvious I was no longer of any importance to them.

"OK" Kelli answered indifferently.

I walked backwards toward the living room as to not miss anything that might occur. I gave a small wave and slowly turned in the direction of the door.

"Oh, Nick" Olivia called out.

"Yes" I ran back.

"We still owe you that dinner" the blonde gave a sly smile before her cum covered finger entered her mouth and was sucked clean.

I nodded like a bobble head in agreement before I finally exited the room. Now that was a pair I would definitely remember.

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superb work cheers.

11-14-2012, 10:49 AM
"...it was something so extraordinary to witness".

Even more extraordinary to read! Tremendous story, G.G. Although, I do wonder what these 2 little sexy teens had in plan for dessert for our friend, Nick. Perhaps a visit to their backdoor and a complimentary dual BJ? Hmm, Olivia is just getting started, ain't she? :m020: