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Emma Fatale
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrities: Emma Stone
Codes: M/F, cons, BJ, cunnilingus, doggy style

I know I've already written about Emma Stone a bunch of times - but seeing her dressed in red in ads for the upcoming "Gangster Squad" forced me to do this. And she's announcing Oscar nominations in a few minutes, so the timing gets better.

http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/23127/820112231265764.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/820112231265764) http://thumbnails106.imagebam.com/23127/921e33231265828.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/921e33231265828)

As a crew member on "Gangster Squad" I had to navigate through a testosterone-laden set. But while the likes of Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte growled and shot up fake 1940's Los Angeles, it was the one young actress on set that had my attention.

Emma Stone was already one of Hollywood's most admired new stars by now. Indeed, it was all too easy for me to see why after just a week or two. There wasn't a trace of a diva in her – which shouldn't be a huge rarity for actresses her age, but that's getting off topic.

In any case, she got everyone to like her by being professional, easy going, funny and endlessly likable. She was willing to talk to anyone, including me a few times, and she wasn't intimidated by all the veteran co-stars. In any case, her "Zombieland" director Rueben Fleischer was in charge to help her, and she was romancing Gosling for the second time as well.

However, her big opening scene with Gosling wasn't filmed until the middle of production. By then, I knew what was involved, I knew my place on the set – and I knew that Emma would be playing this scene in a red dress.

Still, despite knowing what was coming, and despite my comfort around Emma up until now, it still blindsided me when I saw her come on set that day.

Emma was every bit the "woman in red" femme fatale of the 1940's noir genre. Her red hair was curled over her right shoulder, she had a long red sash around her neck, the red dress fit around her perfectly, and her right leg was exposed gorgeously. Clearly, red was her color all around, despite her blonde look for Spider-Man.

But that red colored figure had no business in my head – at least not compared to the red vision in front of me. While she was her usual chatty, dedicated, somewhat goofy self in getting ready for the scene, she was still sinfully sexy.

This isn't usually a phrase that most associate with Emma, however. There's no doubt that she's utterly gorgeous even without a fancy red dress, so there's no need to be delusional. But she's mostly best known for being funny, not for being a sex symbol. Even with that great smile, those beautiful green eyes, that rather lovely figure, and that often quite seductive voice of hers.

Still, Emma's most outwardly sexy work had been pretending to be a sexpot for laughs in "Easy A." But here, in her femme fatale garb, she was hotter than Hell – at least to me. And that was before they actually shot the scene and she got to act sexy with Gosling. By then, I made sure that no one could see me from the waist down, just in case.

Nevertheless, neither Emma nor anyone else noticed any….discomfort in me. The scene was shot without a hitch, and that brought an end to my work day. With that, I took a few extra looks at Emma before I headed off to get ready for home.

I'd just started walking out a while later, until I got another extra look at Emma walking alone nearby. With this extra chance to admire her, I kept my gaze on her – but I didn't run into any walls or trip over myself in the process, since I wasn't in some slapstick movie. Even when Emma noticed me, I didn't trip or stumble – at least not with my feet.

I didn't quite know what to say, or whether I needed to say something. Emma was coming up towards me, though, so I'd have to speak at some point. "Hey, heading out?" Emma asked, which bought me some time and helped me notice that she wasn't annoyed. She may have been dolled up and sexy, but she sounded as normal and genuine as ever.

"Oh, well, that was the original plan," I had the bright idea to answer. "Were you heading to change before I stopped you?" I had the even brighter/dumber idea to follow up with.

"Yeah, I guess you stopped me. But I wasn't going to change quite yet, so I stopped myself first. So I win," Emma quipped.

"Obviously," I conceded. "But I thought you were done for the day."

"I am, but…." Emma finally trailed off. "I've never had a costume like this before. I guess I wanted to enjoy it a while longer." Well, I could certainly relate to that – not in a creepy way. Hopefully not.

"So you're gonna go paint the town red?" I asked before I could stop myself. But I did roll my eyes a bit at my lack of originality, although it got a laugh from Emma.

"I probably can't leave the set with this. So I'll just start with my trailer and go from there," she responded. "Do you want to keep an eye on me?"

Now I really didn't know what to say, yet Emma spoke up and bought me time again. "I mean, this kind of painting works better with two people. And I'll have someone to take the fall if I do it wrong. For the movie's sake, you know," she excused.

That didn't give me enough time to process it right away. Eventually I asked, "Are you asking me…." but stopped before making a big mistake. I covered up my initial dumb train of thought by finishing, "To hang out with you in your trailer?"

"I can't go out to eat dinner in this. So eating snacks in my trailer with you will have to do," Emma reasoned. "But if you were really heading out…."

"No! I mean, uh, I didn't have any dinner dates myself. So I guess I can settle for you," I halfway saved.

"That's what I was going for with this, so thanks," Emma quipped, making a comical pose. Still, it didn't dilute all of the sexiness. But I stayed composed enough to follow her, get some food nearby, and head for her trailer.

I tried not to check Emma out when I walked behind her, or next to her. In the process, I tried to convince myself she didn't invite me over to….check me out. The rumors about her and Andrew Garfield had just started out, so I could sidestep that obstacle – if I wanted to. And if she wanted to fool around in that outfit, it would have to be with someone like Gosling and not me – right?

But it was me that Emma opened her trailer door for later on. It was me who came in and sat down at her table. It was me she shared snacks with and talked to, as normally as she talked to everyone else. And it was me who finally started to relax and enjoy talking to her, which seemed easy enough to do.

Since Emma was sitting down, it was harder to check her out, except when her lovely exposed leg moved around. Other than that, I was focused enough to just talk to her, trade stories from our past work, show off my movie knowledge, and relieve our "Gangster Squad" experiences.

When the topic got to today's shoot, Emma laughed and explained, "I was holding my breath the whole time. You know I've never had to act sexy like that, right? Not seriously, anyway."

"As far as I know. Unless there's steamy stuff they cut from the Spider-Man trailers," I played along.

"You know they have to save that stuff for the sequel," Emma answered. I briefly wondered if she was really kidding, then she went on with, "I'm just glad I got the walk right. Flirting with Ryan was nothing, that's in my comfort zone."

"Clearly. It would be for any other woman, from what I hear," I added, hoping that didn't sound jealous for some reason.

"Like I said, that's no problem," Emma repeated. "Getting that 40's femme fatale strut down, though? I rehearsed that all last night." She got up for effect and stated, "First it was too exaggerated, just to get it out of the way!"

To show what she meant, Emma strutted away from me, her hips swaying a bit more than too much. And yet despite being cartoonish, the strut still showed off that dress, her nice hips and her nicer ass. She then turned around and strutted back to me in the same way, which still showed off more than enough.

"Then I went too far the other way, like this!" Emma punctuated before walking away from me again. It was a regular walk with no added strut to it, yet that still didn't take away from the dress and Emma in general. She then showed me a few more struts that were either too much or too little, but the effort still almost made me cross my legs.

"But this seemed to work fine in the end," Emma finished, before strutting away like she did on the set today. She then turned around and leaned against her sink like she leaned against the fake bar on set, with her right leg out, her figure on display and a curious but sultry gaze from her face. Only now it was directed at me.

To top it off, Emma then went forward and stopped right in front of me. I was still sitting in my chair, frozen although I should have crossed my legs by now. Then it really got unfair when she spoke, in an even huskier, sexier tone than she used on set.

"You gonna buy me a drink, handsome?" she asked, and the combination of her voice, dress and pose made me nod yes without thinking.

I got snapped out of it when Emma laughed, then spoke normally. "Clearly practice made perfect," she commented.

"Uh huh," I muttered, trying to take that all in. I know she was being playful by messing with me. But for a brief second, I thought she was being more than that, which made it harder for me to recover.

That ironic phrase got crueler when Emma stated, "Did it make you hard, too?" At that, I finally moved to cross my legs, as if it would make any difference now.

"It's all right," Emma assured for some reason. "I'm not surprised, considering how you looked at me on set." Maybe she wasn't surprised, but she could be other things – both for very good and very ill.

"Really, that's what helped me settle down today," she further explained. "Ryan's paid to gawk at me. But getting that reaction from you….I mean, that's not something I'm used to."

"That's weird," I let escape, wondering where her odd observation was going.

"I'm not doubting how I normally look, don't get me wrong. And I'm not that hung up on this stuff anyway," Emma argued. "Still, I've got to admit, being seductive and sexy like this….I thought I was too typecast to do that on screen. And I don't usually do it off screen either, so this is extra new. But seeing you that….affected by me, there and here….I could get used to this."

I was getting anxious to get used to it as well. So I brushed aside the other sides to my anxiety and uncrossed my legs, then stood up so Emma would get a clearer view. "You should. You've got quite a bit of beginner's luck here," I informed, then briefly snapped out of it and wondered if I'd gone too far.

Of course, Emma had gone a little further already, and pushed it further by glancing down at my contained, but visible erection. "Look who's talking," she approved. "My dress and my….rehearsing made you show all that?"

"Well, it helped," I praised before added, "But don't sell yourself short. You're gorgeous and great enough to get that on your own."

"Am i?" Emma asked, but she didn't sound like she was doubting herself. In fact, she made her voice sultry again and asked, "Or rather, have I?"

Emma put her body right in front of mine, with the fabric of her dress nearly brushing me – all over. Somehow, I was contained enough to answer, "I, well….you could say that," hoping she would say that and much more.

"I'd like to," she almost purred, flashing me a tart, knowing smile as her deep green eyes glazed down at me. I followed her eyes down, then raised them up and didn't bother to hide my ogling at her.

I stopped at the sight of her beautiful red hair curled over her bare right shoulder, which fueled me to make my move and cup her hair in my hand. "That's not all you want to do, is it?" Emma deduced.

Before I could even shake my head no, Emma closed the small gap between our bodies, put her arm around my neck and put her lips on my ear. "You gonna fuck me now, handsome?" she whispered sexily, almost making me finish before I even started as she kissed my earlobe.

"You're real convincing for a beginner," I stammered out, trying to do anything but go off. Emma pulled back, making me worry that I defused the mood, but she laughed like she was more flattered than turned off. Somehow, seeing her laugh like the regular, sweet Emma after that sexy show calmed me down – and made me ready to do my part for the show.

With that, I got a tighter grip on her hair before moving my hand to the back of her head. After I settled it in and Emma settled her lips over mine, my other hand finally went over to touch her dress. It landed on her waist and roamed around from there.

I was so consumed by touching Emma's silky hair, lips and dress all at once, I nearly missed the feeling of her hand on my shirt – and drifting down. But there was no missing the feel of her hand drifting into my pants. I nearly flinched in more ways than one, yet Emma broke the kiss and gave me a reassuring, aroused grin.

I wasn't exactly calmer, especially when a few of her fingers got into my pants and underwear. Yet I had time to will myself to prepare, hoping I could last long when she got lower. That confidence was shattered when Emma's hand wrapped around its rock hard destination, however.

She only jacked me off for a few seconds, which left me confused and on edge when she pulled her hand out. But when she used both hands to unbuckle my belt and lower my zipper, it helped me feel better. And when my cock came out and Emma smiled down at it, I was cured.

Emma kept a hand on my cock and put the other on the back of my head, leaning in for another kiss. My hands would have gone around her, but they froze up when Emma rubbed my erection against her dress. She glided my shaft up and down over the fabric as she kissed me, and I thought the sensation would make me stain it then and there.

Yet Emma broke our kiss again, only to kiss down to my neck. After working over my Adam's apple, she lifted my shirt up, bent down and kissed my stomach while I frantically pulled the rest of my shirt off. When I discarded it, Emma stood up straight again, held my cock, rubbed it over her dress again and pressed her body right against mine. As such, when she sunk down to her knees, she made sure to rub my cock all over the top of her dress.

She glided it over her chest, then slid it up the strap that led to her neck. That got it within range of her mouth, but she placed it back on her covered breasts instead. Before I could take that in, Emma snuck up on me and finally put my cock into her mouth.

The surprising way she did it, the velvet feel of her red lips and mouth on me, and the sight of her eyes looking up at me made me thrust into her on instinct. Emma moaned onto my cock as a result, and the sensation sounded just as good as her regular voice did. So I put my hand back on her hair and fucked her mouth hard for a few moments, letting her know how out of control she was making me.

It was a miracle I didn't cum already, and it was an equally great miracle that I stopped thrusting into her. I gave her time to pop off my mouth and catch her breath, then when she recovered, she put her tongue on my cockhead. She slowly slid it down my shaft until her tongue got to my balls, briefly licked them, and then licked back up my shaft in the blink of an eye. I barely recovered just as she wrapped her lips around my head and started suckling hard.

Emma leaned back, letting me ogle her dress and figure again as she devoured my cock head. Her tongue slid all around my head as her lips vacuumed it down, moaning all along the way. One extra deep suckle was followed by a long moan as she batted her eyes up at me, which just about finished me off.

I was finished off for certain when Emma's tongue went over the underside of my head. My eyes shut and my head froze in what was surely a comical fashion. Hopefully Emma was too busy swallowing my cum to laugh, but I didn't hear any laughing on my cock. And when I opened my eyes, Emma looked more satisfied than amused.

With that settled, I slumped back down into my chair once Emma popped off me. My pants hung around my ankles and my drained cock and balls hung flaccidly as well. Nonetheless, Emma got up on her feet and happily stated, "So much for that drink, huh?"

I almost stated that I didn't have to pay for that drink after all, but I wisely stopped myself. To get that out of my head, I looked back at Emma standing over me, and her right leg soon caught my eye yet again. "Okay, now I have to do something about that," I declared.

On the off chance I would get to do more to Emma, this would distract me – and hopefully give me a better chance to do more. Before Emma could ask what I was talking about, I put my hand on her tempting leg and stroked it up and down. After savoring its creamy texture for a few moments, I remembered to take my pants off all the way before getting on my knees this time.

I kneeled down in front of her, put both hands on her leg and began to kiss her upper thigh. Emma started to moan again, but without my cock in her mouth, it was clearer and just as hot. My fingers trailed down her slender leg and then slid back up as I kissed the top of her exposed skin. But her leg wasn't all I could get to from this position.

After kissing her thigh again, I spread open the slit of her dress so I could see her panties. They were clearly damp, although I wasn't going to see clearly for long. To give Emma an extra thrill, I ducked my head underneath her dress and placed it in front of her crotch. It made it harder to see, but I knew I was right where I needed to be.

I put my tongue on the front of her panties and teasingly licked it around. My hands went onto her ass as I pressed my face against her center, then felt Emma's hand on the back of my head. I shortly placed my tongue on her thigh and dipped it underneath her panties, but there was only so much I could do in that scenario.

I had to remove my hands from Emma's ass and put them under her dress to take down her panties. Although it was still dark, I could make out more than enough of her bare pussy and how dripping it was. I immediately started to kiss, lick and suckle it as my hands massaged both her legs. Once my tongue got inside, Emma groaned louder and grinded herself against my mouth.

I started to wonder if I should slow down, before she got loud enough for people to hear her. With that in mind, I circled my tongue slowly around Emma's clit, then took my hands off her legs and placed them on her waist. As I licked her out, I felt up as much of her dress as I could, finally stopping at her chest.

I felt Emma shudder as I put my tongue back in her and dug in deeper. I also felt myself get stiff again, just as I hoped for. Putting the noise issue aside, I started nibbling on her and going faster, which made Emma whimper.

"Oh fuck it, let me see," Emma pleaded, but didn't wait for an answer before she spread her dress slit open, uncovering my head. She saw me eat her out and bring her closer to climax, then I put on a bigger show by inserting a finger inside her. I added another finger to collect her juices, and when I had enough, I brought my wet hand down to my cock and stroked it.

After a few seconds, I put my fingers back in and added my tongue, and just went non-stop until I thought Emma was on the brink of cumming. "Yes, yes, almost!" Emma growled to confirm it, but that was when I stopped my work.

"You need something bigger to finish you off," I was inspired enough to offer. I got back on my feet and then sat back down on the chair, patting my lap as a signal to Emma. She walked forward, unable to help touching herself a bit along the way. But that was just as well, as I reinserted my own fingers when she got there.

After enough prep, I had Emma sit on my lap and hover over my erect cock. She lowered down to accept the tip, which instantly made her tighten around it. But I wanted her to hold off from cumming until I was all the way in, if she could. I carefully had her take a few inches in, then she lifted herself up and began to fuck me slowly.

She kept tightening around me as she accepted more of me, and I began to thrust deeper in her before long. I put my hand back to work on her as well, just in case, yet she eventually sunk all the way onto me. Once that happened, she rocked herself on me and I fingered her enough to finish the job.

Now I had to make sure this didn't make me cum too soon, although Emma's cries and her release on my cock made it hard. She soon laid herself against me as her orgasm washed over the both of us. With her dress still on, some juices had likely stained the inside of it, but that was hardly our top concern at the time.

Emma was finished and panting heavily, and I wasn't quite finished yet, so things looked good. I removed my hand from her crotch and licked it up, then put it on her back when it was clean enough. My other hand went back to her hair as Emma finished catching her breath, then she pulled back to look at me.

"Well, I'd say we're more than even," Emma counted.

"Only at 1-1 so far," I teased. I gently thrusted back into her, hinting that the score wasn't final yet. Emma took another few seconds before meeting my thrusts, then we began to settle in.

Once we established a rhythm, I got to clear my head and take in the sight in front of me. I probably should have removed Emma's dress by now, but seeing her ride me in it was too much. I just watched her for a few moments, burning the imagery in my head.

"What's wrong?" Emma broke my concentration by asking. Apparently I got too lost in savoring the moment to take part in it. I quickly resumed thrusting until I figured out what to say and do next.

"Sorry. I was just thinking what position to try next," I covered up.

"They must have been good ones, then," Emma rationalized.

"Get on the couch and we can start testing that," I proposed. Emma looked reluctant, but she bounced herself deeply onto me a few times, then brought herself to get back up after that parting gift. It did make me even more eager to resume – and made me more inpatient when she merely sat down.

"No, not like that. On your hands and knees, please," I clarified. Emma looked curious, but she seemed to think about it and began to smile. That would make it harder to just look at the back of her head in this position, yet I still wanted to get this in before the end.

Emma turned and got on her hands and knees, which gave me room to lift up the bottom of her dress. I draped it over her body, so that I could see her bare, fully round ass sticking up at me. The contrast between her pale, peachy backside and all the red she still wore above it was as hot as I hoped for. But it got even hotter when I went behind her and pushed myself back in.

I held onto her ass and dug my fingers into her cheeks, making Emma groan and push herself back against me. The only downside was that I couldn't see her face and eyes get flushed as I fucked her deeper, yet there'd be time for that – assuming I didn't do too good here. I tried to contain myself and save some energy, but as her moans got huskier and her ass jiggled against my groin, my self-control was severely tested.

"This is hot. But it's not enough," Emma panted out. I had to agree, yet I wanted a few more seconds to savor her position and her bouncing ass. However, Emma got herself off me before I could really start.

"I'm the seductress here, remember? So if you're gonna cum, you're cumming my way, sailor," Emma vowed. I briefly chuckled at her attempt to use 40's talk, before she pounced on me and put me on my back on the couch. After that, it didn't take long for her to position herself over me, sink back in and start riding me again.

"I like your way so far," I conceded, taking in the sight of her riding me again, only in a different position.

"I do too," she backed up. "I like fucking you in any position, really. But this one….has real advantages," she backed up by bouncing harder on me, then slowing down and tightening around me. Along the way, she placed her hands on my chest to keep her balance, then squeezed it as she swiveled her hips against me.

"Just one more thing…." I gasped out when I could catch my breath.

"Yeah?" Emma breathed before laying her body on top of mine. I used that opening to put my hands on her ass, slide them up and rub her dress once more before finding her zipper.

"I think I'm ready to see you naked now," I revealed.

Emma sat up and looked at me, and I almost saw some reluctance on her face. Given that I had her keep the dress on the whole time, maybe she thought I'd be less excited with it off. Then again, I offered it and I wanted to see her naked before this was over. Ultimately, she agreed and began to untie the sash around her neck, then lowered the strap.

I helped lower the zipper, then Emma gave me a few more seconds to look over her clothed body. But she soon got off, lowered the dress, threw it away and let me look at her naked body. I instantly smiled at the sight of her small but erect breasts, her soft, smooth curves and her flawless skin. And seeing her smile and face light up helped me out as well.

Yet Emma's face went back from happy to smoldering as she laid on top of me again. With her naked skin rubbing against mine, the sensation was even hotter. As we started thrusting again, Emma looked down at me, smiled seductively and kissed me slowly.

The kisses got a little faster as my hands ran all over her bare back. We managed to slow down a bit even as we fucked faster, but our tongues got faster soon enough. Emma eventually broke from my lips and kissed across my face until she reached my ear, which she promptly kissed, nibbled and moaned into.

I gritted my teeth and put my hands underneath Emma to fondle and rub her nipples. I tweaked them until Emma bit my ear a little harder, then let my hands take opposite paths. One went up to hold her hair again, while the other went to her pussy to start rubbing.

Emma began to ride me more furiously, and even managed for one of her hands to reach mine on her crotch. Yet she focused more on rubbing my balls as they slapped against her ass. In return, I buried my face into her hair, which pushed me to go faster and closer to the edge.

"Oh, that's it, come on," Emma prodded. "Do it, make me cum, faster…." she babbled.

"Keep going and I will," I promised, wanting her thrusts and mouth to keep going all at once.

Emma seemed to be on the same page when she voiced, "I will if you will, fuck…." moaning as her insides squeezed my cock. She kept repeating, "Fuck me," "Come on," and "I want that cum," in some order for the next several moments, then settled on "I want to see you cum on me now."

To that end, she stunned me by climbing off of me, sitting in front of me and quickly jacking me off. I sat up in time to see her jack me off with one hand and pleasure herself with the other. That seemed unbalanced, so I had my hand help her out as we started jacking each other off. At this rate, it wouldn't last too long.

When my fingers pinched her lips and her fist squeezed my shaft, we were both set to go.

I went first when Emma's thumb rubbed my head and slit. She had my cock aimed so that it would cover her chest and upper body. The sensation made me squeeze her harder until she started to cum herself. Much of it went on the couch, but a good deal of it got on my hand like we both wanted. Still, we were hardly able to think that straight at the time.

Eventually, Emma focused enough to wipe my cum off her chest and lick it off her fingers. I then recovered in time to wipe the rest of it off with my free hand, and let her suck it off my fingers. At the same time, I lifted up my soaked hand and suckled Emma's cum off it. Once we were both done, I collapsed back on the couch and Emma laid back on top of me.

"Well, you never saw the old femme fatales do that," I reflected. "Not even the modern ones. Maybe the past isn't so great after all."

"At least the recent past has its merits," Emma mumbled against my neck.

I certainly couldn't argue with that one – even if I wasn't worn out and ready to dream about women in and out of red. Or at least one red hot, modern day siren.