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Q&A: with Jennifer Hawkins
Featuring Jennifer Hawkins
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DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL interview was written for entertainment purposes only.
A/N: I guess I've always had a fantasy about interviewing Jen so this is probably how I imagine it going down

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SYDNEY Australia—With the hotly anticipated new season of "Australia's Next Top Model" fast approaching, Australian Supermodel Jennifer Hawkins stopped by the CFF offices to chat to me about her past, present, and future projects.

Hawkins, who won the Miss Australia contest back in 2004 went on to Win the Miss Universe pageant in Ecuador later that same year, and has appeared on several dozen magazine covers including "Ralph" Magazine, FHM, "Maxim" and "Harper's Bazaar" just to name a few.

In recent times the stunning 29-year-old has signed with such household brands as Mount Franklin Water, Myer, and Range Rover, and has taken a thoughtful, responsible approach to her new career as spokeswoman.

So there's been a lot of buzz around you in recent weeks. Mind telling us how you got into modeling?
Well. When I left school I wanted to have my own money, so I got a job as a receptionist at a law firm in town and worked part time as a NRL Cheerleader for the Newcastle Knights. I also did some promotional work at a local nightclub where I met some great people and ended up getting more print work in Sydney.

One time when I was working at the Sydney Car Show over at the convention center, I met a fellow model by the name of Lauren Lillie who I struck up an instant friendship with and we ended up moving in together a few weeks later.

Anyways, to make a long story short Lauren convinced me to accompany her up to the annual Miss Indy Pageant up on the Gold Coast a few months later and we both entered the competition and made it to the finals—with her winning the event outright. Boy did we celebrate hard that weekend. I still have the scratch marks to prove it.

What were you like growing up? Would you fame shock people back in Newcastle today?
Oh. Absolutely! Growing up I had a few boys who liked me but I never put out. I was still in high school so I didn't want to have sex with anyone, too afraid that it might start some rumors. Ultimately though I ended up in a serious relationship for several months and we both lost our virginity's to each other.

But even today I frequently read the comments section of my Facebook account and it's a big shock for some who knew me back then that I won the Miss Universe competition. I guess they just can't accept it.

Were you the shy girl in school or the popular one?
Believe it or not I was a real tomboy in my teen years and covered up my body all the time. But I think people that knew me behind closed doors knew I could get pretty wild. Really wild. Not many people know this but I was the only girl in school on the snowboarding team and was ranked nationally at one point.

I've always been into nutrition and fitness too—anything to do with sports, really. I love cars and even hooked up my own stereo system with sub-woofers in my Mitsubishi Mirage. What girl hooks up her own 12-inch Rockford Fosgate's in her car? This girl!

Didn't you feel a little awkward with all those guys around you?
Not at all. In fact I really liked it. I loved being just one of the boys and getting to know just how dirty minded and horny they all were. They were downright perverts, and would constantly talk about sex and experiences, and the things they wanted to do to some of the more popular girls in school.

It was especially interesting when we'd fly down to Canberra for the weekend to represent our school and we'd all sleep in the same cabin. It was actually kind of fun to sleep in a room filled with boys. I actually had a crush on one of the guys which definitely made our time together interesting to say the least.

How does he feel about missing an opportunity to bed a future Miss Universe?
Nah. I was too terrified back then. However I did have my own fun. I mean sleeping alone and between several over-stimulated boys can get a girl pretty worked up at night—if you get my meaning. I'll let you use your own imagination on that one. *winks*

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Were people surprised by your Miss Universe win?
Definitely. My mum now Google-searches me every day. She doesn't approve of some of the more revealing shoots I've done since then. Meanwhile dad doesn't really pay much attention to it all. As far as he knows I'm just another struggling model in Sydney—and I'd like to keep it that way.


In truth I've lost most of my school friends over the years. I don't know if it's merely a case of jealously or whatever. But when I won that event and became world famous overnight a lot of people stopped talking to me. Of course the upside to it is that all the guys back home want to fuck me now.

How do you feel about having all those guys beat off to you daily?

Sure. Why not. I can live with that. I have to admit I kinda get a thrill out of knowing that they all want me—but can't have me. It's a great place to be.

So growing up would you say you were open minded. Did you watch any porn?
Well, sort of yeah. But I never really got to see as much of it as I would have liked. Growing up in Newcastle we only had two sex shops in the area and one of them only sold VHS tapes. This was a huge pain in the neck (collecting tapes) so I got in the habit of buying DVDs at the other more expensive place and throwing away the covers and hiding the discs in my car.

There were a few times I was caught out by friends who would riffle through my "music" collection only to find compact discs with titles like "Dirty Debutantes" and "Girls Gone Wild." My folks used to wonder where I'd go for most of the afternoons when I first got my license. Truth was I was either in the local adult store down the road perusing their video library or simply playing with myself in the car. Yep. Now that I think about it I spent a lot of time parked by the side of the road just playing with myself. If people only knew, right?

So wait. You'd just stop by the side of the road and masturbate constantly?
Well not exactly. Most times I'd drive up to the local lookout and chat on my phone and play with myself—right there in the driver's seat. It probably looked a little suspicious considering the windows to my car would steam up almost immediately but anyone watching from outside wouldn't have a clue that I was alone (tinted windows) so they'd simply assume I was with a boyfriend or something as it was an infamous place for couples to have sex.

To tell you the truth it always turned me on to be around others having sex in the car park. I used to get really turned on if I'd hear or see a car rocking back and forth nearby. It used to drive me nuts. But every once in a while I'd be rewarded with the sight and sound of one of the local sluts getting utterly railed by her boyfriend. It was so hot. I dunno. Maybe I'm just super kinky like that.

Before you were "famous" did you have many sexual experiences?
It definitely did. Before I was "famous" I didn't have sex with many people—I could probably count them on one hand. I was also only ever "strickly-dickly." But now I can totally appreciate a beautiful woman in the room. In fact I usually get caught checking out other girls all the time. Also, back then I guess I masturbated a lot! Almost three or four times a day without fail. Hell. It was like my hand was fused to my crotch 24/7.

My taste has changed a lot too. I used to like bad boys but now I'm more open and not as fussy. I think fame helped me in that way. I used to be a real bitch in my teen years. That's probably one of the reasons a lot of people disliked me in school. I was kind of the stuck up princess in class, and totally conceited. I also had a bad reputation for stealing other peoples boyfriends but that's another story all together.

Speaking of which. What are the biggest misconceptions people have about you?
That I'm a bitch. Everyone thinks that apparently—people who don't even know me. I don't know where they get that from. Just because a girl is confident and attractive doesn't make her stuck up! If anything I'm the complete opposite. Jake (boyfriend) always complains about how overly friendly and naive I am, especially after a few drink. He reckons I'm too gullible.

I dunno. I don't see it. But he constantly tells me how it's a miracle I didn't get into much more trouble than I did growing up. He's probably right. Then again there's a lot about my past I haven't told him. What can I say. Women have secrets.

Describe your ultimate fantasy?
Wow. So many. The problem is my tastes change so often that it's hard to pick just one. If you had asked me this same question a week ago I probably would have told you that I really want to get gang-banged or something crazy like that. Like by six or seven guys. It's always been a deep seeded fantasy of mine. I've always pictured a cock in my mouth, one in my ass, and one inside my pussy—with me trying to jack off the other guys who are watching at the exact same time. I think it'd be fun.

But today. Hmm. I'm probably going to say that my ultimate fantasy involves something to do with public sex. I've really been getting a kick out of that stuff lately. I've also enjoyed going to exotic destinations to shoot stuff for Myer and my Cozi range. I love having sex on the beach—and I've always wanted to have sex on a train travelling across the outback. I want to do crazy things like that. I'm planning a trip next month actually. So yeah I'll probably say that's my favorite fantasy at the moment.

Would you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
Absolutely! For as long as I can remember. Well. I'm probably half and half—part exhibitionist and part voyeur. Because I really get off on watching people have sex too. I could watch people fuck all day long, and have in the past (porn). As for my exhibitionist side. What can I say I like being the center of attention. *giggles* It really excites me. Always has.

In fact it's probably one of the main reasons why I don't wear any underwear anymore, especially at red carpet events. It just really excites me knowing I'm totally exposed in front of everyone—without them even knowing it. In Sometimes it's even obvious that I've gone commando, and in those cases I love making men squirm and feel uncomfortable. I just like pushing buttons in people.

What's the sexiest or most perverted thing you've ever done?
Hmm. There have been a few. I've definitely had some fun in my time. Well. There was this one time that comes to mine, when I let a complete stranger jack off to me. Does that count? Just a few years ago when I had a place up at Coogee I would routinely run a few miles a couple times during the week and the route would take me all the way to Bondi Beach and back again.

Well over the course of a few weeks I would see this homeless guy who would live up near one of the rocks just off Bonte Beach. At first I'd see him checking me out and pleasuring himself discretely. But as time went by there were times were he'd just openly whack off to me and any other female runners that would pass him by. So one day I decided to have a little fun and I intentionally stopped just a few feet away from his little "man-cave" and gave him a real eyeful. I pretended to have issues with one of my shoes and while I bent over to do up my laces I gave him a great shot of my arse.

Mind you I was wearing spandex at the time so it left little to the imagination. The poor guy literally drooled all over himself and began to whack off right in front of me—just as I had hoped. Naturally I acted all shocked and offended and ran off but the truth was it really turned me on. Like. A lot.

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Was seeing someone pleasure themselves shocking?
No. Not at all. In fact it was kind of exhilarating. Especially when I realized just how "big" he was. I was genuinely surprised. He had to have been at least eight or nine inches long! It was just about the biggest dick I had ever seen. With that said I kind of panicked in that moment and took off but for the rest of the run I couldn't stop thinking about his huge cock and strangely enough discovered that I was kinda wet. I mean. I was actually wet from the encounter.

So over the next few days I found myself constantly running passed his little base camp there hoping to catch sight of him and that magnificent cock again...until one day I noticed he wasn't there. His belongs where there but he was nowhere to be found. So I looked around and realized that he was in the public bathroom (whacking off again) and decided to act.

Really! So you actively sort him out? Care to elaborate on what actually happened next?
Well. As you can imagine I was really nervous. But funnily enough that only added to the excitement of it all. I know-I know. I'm a freak. I have a screw loose in my head or something. But anyways. I quietly stepped inside and found him standing in the corner beating off quietly.

When he realized he wasn't alone he just stopped pulling his dick and pretended to pee while I casually slipped into one of the public stalls behind him, and without saying a single word I let him watch me casually pull down my running shorts and g-string and relieved myself. I felt so dirty doing it in front of somebody (particularly a complete stranger) but it was strangely liberating. He just stood there staring at me dumbfounded before his hand seemed to have a mind of its own and he began beating his cock at me.

I finally told him to turn around completely and come closer so I could watch him stroke it, which is precisely what he did. It was just so mind blowing to watch him manhandle that thing...that massive tool.

Think he recognized you from earlier?
Yeah. I'm sure he did. And yes I was nervous. But at that point I was running on pure adrenaline. We just played with ourselves until I finally told him that he could cum on my tits if he promised not to tell anyone about the encounter—and a minute later that's what he did. In fact he came so hard I thought he was going to leave a mark on my skin. His load was extremely hot and thick and struck me with some force. He squirted his load all over my chest and belly and almost ruined my entire outfit.

Fortunately for him I had been sweating so much that it wasn't too obvious. I ended up running the rest of the way home that day with his thick load dripping down into my shorts and all over my hips and thong panties. When I got home I was so worked up that I climbed into the shower and finger-banged myself so hard that I almost passed out! I mean here I was. Miss Australia. Miss Universe no less.

One of the most sexy and sort after personalities in the entire country...letting some strange homeless guy not only beat his meat in front of me (while I in turn masturbated) but allowed him to shoot his thick creamy load all over my tits—literally covering me in the stuff.

So I assume you masturbate a lot. And if so how often?
Honestly. Nowhere near as much as I used too when I was younger. But in saying that I probably still do it at least once or twice a day if I can find the time. I usually do it in the mornings when I wake up. I just love the feel of my silk sheets against my naked body. Yes. I sleep naked for the most part. Just used to it I guess.

No morning sex then?
Nah. Unfortunately for me Jake works in construction so he's up early and out the door before I get up. So usually I just lie around in bed and take care of business myself—except for weekends of course when he wakes me up with some morning wood.

He has sex with you while you're asleep?
To be fair I do the same thing to him all the time. Some nights the poor guy comes home from work and he just passes out on the sofa but that doesn't stop me from straddling his hips and getting off. Fortunately for me he has this knack for staying hard even when he falls asleep. Which is fine by me cause sometimes I can go for a while.

I think my record is like 45mins (after he's passed out). The trick is to tease him long enough to keep him hard, but not too much to make him cum quickly. Sometimes I've even been known to wake up before he does in the mornings and treat him to a nice blowjob too. He really seems to respond to that. Especially when I play with his arse.

What three personal items would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?
Probably water. People think I'm a fish because I drink so much H20—hence my deal with Mount Franklin Water recently. Err. Tanning oil, because there’s nothing else to do. And probably my vibe. A girl gets lonely out there, ya'know.

How would your best friends describe you in three words?
Naughty. Nice. Responsible.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I like working out and hanging out with family. I love going to different restaurants. I love food. I love seafood and I definitely enjoy a glass of red. In fact my friends think I'm a drunk cause I drink so often. I could probably drink you under the table I'm so immune to the stuff. I probably have a glass every second night. But trust me. You don't hear Jake complaining. Especially since drunk sex is the best sex. In my experience anyway.

If you weren't famous what would you be doing?
I used to have so many pets growing up. So knowing me I'd probably be a vet or something. At one point I had a Kangeroo, a possum, even a horse. And that was fun. In fact there were a few days there that I was a total mess and panicked when I broke my hymn on that thing. Fortunately for me I later found out that this was normal. But for a while there I was worried I'd have to explain to people that I lost my virginity to my horse. Now there's an image. But yeah. I dunno.

Maybe if I wasn't a vet I'd probably be a business woman of some sort. Hell. I'd probably find a way to work in the fashion industry in one form or another. I mean I've got my businesses and I've got my modeling and TV career, and they're totally different things. It's good to go beyond your boundaries. Sexy, fresh, and free, with no limits or inhibitions, is my philosophy right now. I'm kind of spontaneous like that.

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What would be a good way for a guy to approach you in a club?
Don't try so hard. I hate one liners. Just be yourself. I once had a guy approach me and my girlfriends and he was such a dick. We ended up making out with each other just to piss him off, and it worked. He ended up getting into a fight with some other dudes and was kicked out of the club.

Do you often make out with your girlfriends to make the boys jealous?
Not nearly as much as I should. I guess I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a thrill out of G-ing up some guys. Especially when they seem like wankers. It's kinda fun actually.

How would you spend your last day on earth?
Probably fulfilling every red blooded male's dream out there—and do that gangbang that we talked about earlier. Me versus seven guys. Mm. Yummy. *giggles* Hmm. Maybe with some girls around too. I like girls.

Which do you prefer sexually. Guys or girls?
I'd say I'm probably 60 percent boys, and 40 percent girls. Even though I haven't really experimented with girls that much. I guess nothing can really compare with the feel of a hard cock - especially after some red wine.

I think you mentioned earlier about having scratch marks from your roommate. Care to elaborate?
Oh. Yeah. But that was more of a group arrangement. Like me, Lauren really got a kick out of having more than one partner during an evening, so the night she won Miss Indy we invited back a few boys from the show and had some fun. Now that I think about it, it was so dangerous.

We didn't even know these guys from a bar or soap. And yet there we were scattered all over the apartment getting fucked by them. As crazy as I was, Lauren was even worse. At one point I passed out and woke up to find her getting tag-teamed on the floor in the hallway. She really knew how to have fun that girl, and frequently indulged in three-ways and gang-bangs.

Have you ever experienced anything like that?
Nah. I wish! I never really got that nuts. I'd usually just hand pick the boy(s) I wanted and I'd ride them hard and long before I'd move on to the next guy. With that said, I think the most amount of guys I've ever slept with in one night was four. But mind you they were all super cute. I definitely wouldn't give this up to just any average Joe. I'm not a complete slut.

Where do you prefer a guy to ejaculate on you. If at all?
Hmm. Probably on my tummy. Or my arse. Anywhere but the face. I just hate it when it gets in my hair. I'd much rather the guy shoot his load all over my bum and back—if we're doing doggy. That's so hot, and kinda turns me on just thinking about it. I really like watching a guy cum.

Do you have any fetishes?
Um. I have a few fetishes I guess. I've always had a foot fetish which has given me a great excuse to create and promote my exclusive JLH shoe line. Strangely enough I get a kick out of female feet and love it when other celebs post pix on my twitter and facebook account showing them wearing my shoes. I know its kinda weird but it really turns me on. It's like a fantasy of mine. I kinda get a thrill out of masturbating in nothing but my heels too. Weird huh?

Do you have any special talents?
I can do the splits! I did ballet for 16 years and I used to be a NRL cheerleader. You'd be surprised how limber I actually am. I can actually stand up and pull my leg up and do a standing split. I can also lie on my back and put my legs back behind my head. Which can prove to be pretty useful in the bedroom. Just ask Jake. He loves it when I do that. It's one of our favorites positions. I pin my legs back and he grabs the back of my thighs with both hands and just pummels me.

http://thumbnails101.imagebam.com/24758/f09628247575047.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/f09628247575047) http://thumbnails107.imagebam.com/24758/97a79b247575051.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/97a79b247575051)

Erogenous zones. What really turns you on?
I'd probably say my hips and thighs are the most sensitive parts of my body. Just the thought of having them teased right now gives me chills. As for something really specific. I guess I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it a little rough. Not so much being spanked but I definitely love having my hair pulled. Especially at the point of climax. That shit really gets my juices flowing, if you know what I mean.

If you could sleep with anyone famous who would it be?
JLO. Without a doubt. Jennifer Lopez. I just think she's such a cool chick and would be lots of fun. She's over 40 and still rocking it. JLO would be my pick for sure. I've had a crush on her for the longest time. Even before I was famous. And I'd totally rock her world. Trust me. I've done it in my mind so many times. She'd love it. She's come back for more and more. I'd make sure of it.

Any particular position that you'd want to try with her?
I always had this image in my head that if we ever hooked up I think the term is called "Tribbing?" or "Scissoring?" Well whatever it's called that's what I'd love to do with her—lock our legs together and rub each other until we both cum. Then maybe if she didn't mind I'd lie her back and drape myself over her body and we'd 69 each other for hours on end. Mm. Yep. I could live with that.

Would you ever consider a career in acting or up on the big screen?
I had some acting lessons way back when, but it was purely for TV. Acting isn't something I'm focused on and it really doesn't interest me. TV definitely interests me [hosting] but I'm concentrating on building my businesses these days. When it comes to being an ambassador, I only take on brands I really believe in, otherwise I think you can overexpose yourself. Besides. The whole casting couch process kind of turns me off.

I got a brief taste of it after I won the Miss Universe crown. I was supposed to feature in some film (Pink Panther 2) but one of the producers of the film propositioned me and insisted that I give him a blowjob. I couldn't do it. I stormed out of the trailer and a few days later they replaced me with Aishwarya Rai.

Define success?
Success is total happiness. Doing what you love and making a life out of it. In my case I'm an exhibitionist. So I model for a living.

OK. Time for the speed round. Try to answer with the first thing that comes to mind

Favorite band or artist

Favorite movie or TV show
Dirty Dancing. A classic.

Favorite alcoholic drink
Oh! Red wine or Vodka. Anything with Vodka really.

Cats or dogs
Dogs. I'm definitely a dog person.

Favorite junk food
Pizza. I wish I could have it every week.

Favorite quote or lyric
Hmm. I like... "Lust has no mercy."

Tattoos or piercings
Piercings. Definitely. I've got a few.

Have you ever had sex with a fan

Who is you celebrity hall pass
Mark Wahlberg.

How many times a week do you masturbate
Um. Daily.

Toys or fingers
Vibes. I love vibes.

Favorite sexual position
On top. Always on top and in full control.

Spit or swallow
Spit. Definitely spit.

Bush or shaved
Fully shaved. Waxed to be exact. Clean as a whistle. Always.

Oral: Give or receive
Receive. Frequently. As much as possible.

What is your favorite curse word
*giggles* Twat.

Spontaneity or stability
Spontaneity. Definitely.

Once again let me thank Jennifer Hawkins for coming in to sit down with me today. We look forward to tuning in to "Australia's Next Top Model" later this month.


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