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The Casting Process
With Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl
Written by MacedMan
(MF, anal, alcoh, BJ)

DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

I hated my job. Plain and simple, I hated the fact that I was a film producer. I didn't always think that way though, when I first started in the business I thought that it was all about art. I naively thought that money wasn't the most important thing; it was all about how good the film turned out. I was wrong. Proof of that fact is the film I was casting for on that fateful day, that day when it all changed. I was casting for yet another horrible and boring romantic comedy, not only that but the two people the studio had sent to audition for it were Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston. It almost felt like they wanted it to bomb critically, not to mention financially.

Yes I hate my job, but that was before this day. No it's not like that on this day the studio system suddenly changed and I would be able to make whatever films I wanted. Nothing like that, I would learn to love the job as it is, mostly because of the perks that come with it. I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit here… I was sitting in an empty audition room, on the phone to my then co-producer.

'But this is ridiculous!' I said.

'Sam, it's not ridiculous, it's what's financially viable at the moment,' my co-producer said.

'Financially… do you realise it will bomb in the box office with either of these women!?' I asked.

'Of course it will bomb in the box office; it's the DVD sales we're after.'

I was stunned. 'You don't even want-'

'It's not about what I want, it's the studio Sam, my hands are tied,' he said right before I heard a knock on the door.

'I gotta go Barry, one of them showed up, I'll call you later,' I said as I hung up the phone. 'Come on in!' I yelled.

The door opened and Katherine Heigl walked in. 'I'm not late am I?'

'No…' I was stunned by her outfit; she was wearing a tight button up white blouse with most of the buttons undone, showing off her huge tits. '…you're right on time,' I finished.

'Great!' She said. 'When should I start?'

'Start uh… start whenever you want.' I managed to get out.

Katherine smiled and turned around, stretching her arms and legs. She bent down to touch her toes, her short black brown skirt tightening up against her ass as she did it. I just gawked at it, it was pretty much right in my face, it was like she wanted me to stare at her body. She turned back around and lightly bounced to signify that she was energised, this made her tits jiggle just a little bit.

She performed her surely well prepared monologue for me, but I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't catch one word of it, nor did I catch any expression on face. My eyes were focused entirely on her large tits, they would jiggle with every movement she made, it was getting to a point where I was getting hard. Luckily though when she finished her monologue, she shouted the word finished to signify that she had done so.

'Wow Ms Heigl, that was brilliant,' I lied as she walked closer to the desk I was sitting behind.

'Brilliant?' Katherine said. 'Thank you Mr Chadstone.'

'You have only yourself to thank, that was a fantastic audition,' I said as she put lent over the desk revealing a massive amount of cleavage to me.

'Do you think I'll get the part?' Katherine asked as I continued to stare into her breasts.

'We still have one more audition, but I honestly think you're the breast- uh- best for the role,' I said managing to pull my eye line to match her own.

'Thanks Mr Chadstone that really means-' There was a sudden knock on the door behind her.

'That must be the other woman auditioning,' I said as she straightened up. 'Come right in!' I yelled.

'I'm sorry if I'm a little bit early…' Jennifer Aniston started as she walked in before noticing Katherine. 'Oh my god, I'm not interrupting an audition am I?'

'No no, that's quite alright I had just finished mine up,' Katherine said as she walked towards the exit, before shooting me a sexy look back. 'I'll be leaving now.'

'I'm sorry about that,' Jennifer said as Katherine walked out the door.

'It's really no problem,' I said as I examined Jennifer's outfit. She was wearing a simple black tank top, with skin tight jeans.

'So when did you want me to start?' she asked as I my eyes reached her face.

'You can start whenever you like,' I said as she nodded and closed her eyes.

Jennifer performed her audition piece, but I could not for life of me focus on her, I was too busy thinking about Katherine. She seemed to be really flirting with me back there, and in what world was that a proper way to dress at an audition, with her tits practically bursting out of her top like that. She was clearly trying to get me to cast her based on sex appeal alone, the sad part was that I cared so little about the movie I was casting for that I probably would have.

Before long my attention drew back to Jennifer, who was very actively performing her monologue. She had a beautifully athletic build, with a sexy tan to go with it. She was quite a bit older than we were shooting for to cast, but I still felt like she could draw in the teenage boys we so desperately needed attend this film. I especially thought this once I got a decent look at her tight ass, which was being held together very nicely buy her skin tight jeans.

She finished up and I lightly clapped. 'That was very good Ms. Aniston.'

'Please call me Jennifer,' she said walking towards my desk.

'Okay Jennifer, I really enjoyed your take on the character,' I said as she sat up on the desk, looking down on me.

'Yeah, I think I really nailed it, I'm good at that,' she said as she moved her face closer to mine.

'Good at what?' I asked.

'Nailing things,' she said as she gently bit her lower lip.

'I'm sure you are,' I said, not really knowing what I was supposed to make of it.

'Keep that in mind, are you coming to the Milton party tonight?' she asked moving away a little bit.

'I don't think so,' I said as I stood up. 'Those things really aren't for me.'

'I really think you should try to get there,' Jennifer said standing up also. 'I have some character things I want to talk to you about.'

'I guess I could pop in for a moment… if it's for work,' I said putting my arm around Jennifer's waist as I walked towards the door.

'Exactly,' she said as she walked out the door. 'It's for work.'

I watched her ass as she made her way out to the car park for as long as I could before I turned around to walk to my office. Certainly an interesting day at work if there ever was one, two girls who seemed to be flirting with me, one who seemed to be actively setting up a fuck session. The film fan in me made me feel disgusted that this is the reality of how most films are cast, but the green producer in me felt turned on at the prospect.

I had to be quick in my office, I would have to get all my paperwork done quickly if I wanted to get home and get ready for the party by a decent time. All I could think about though was what would happen if I went to that party and Jennifer was true to her word. That would surely mean that I would have to cast her in the film, Katherine Heigl wasn't offering anything nearly as good as that. I turned the corner and opened my office door to find Katherine Heigl herself sitting with her legs crossed on my desk.

'What can I do for you Ms Heigl?' I asked as I walked over to my desk.

'I need you to give me that role Phil,' Katherine said as I sat down at my chair.

'No no please, call me Phil,' I said sarcastically.

'My career hasn't been so amazing lately, this role could change all that,' Katherine said as she swung her legs around to hang off the desk in front of me.

'That's not really a good enough reason to cast someone Katherine,' I said.

'Please, call me Ms Heigl,' she said sternly.

'Alright Ms Heigl, why are you even doing this? I told you that you pretty much had the role,' I asked.

'That woman is going to let you fuck her, then you're going to cast her, trust me, she's damn infamous for it,' she said as she opened her legs a little bit.

'Really?' I asked hopefully. 'I mean, that's not how I make my casting choices.'

'You say that now,' she said as she leaned forward, exposing her cleavage and opening her legs enough to feasibly allow me to see her panties if I leant back. 'But when she's got her cunt wrapped around your cock you won't know what to think.'

'So if that's true,' I started as I sneakily leant back to see she wasn't wearing panties at all, giving me a clear look at her pink pussy. 'Then what's the point of you being here?'

Katherine leapt down from the desk and fell to her knees grabbing my cock through my jeans. 'It's called a pre-emptive strike.'

I was speechless. 'Don't worry,' Katherine started as she unzipped my jeans and took my half erect cock out of my boxers. 'I'll show you why I'm perfect for the role.'

Without a moment's hesitation she took the head of my cock in her mouth and stroked the shaft. 'You're certainly showing initiative,' I said as I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair.

'Well I know the competition is stiff,' she said as she pulled my dick out of her mouth and licked the head like a lollipop.

'That's not the only thing,' I said as I rubbed the actress's cheeks.

'Shh!' Katherine hissed as she lowered her mouth deeper onto my cock.

I moaned. 'Yeah baby,' I placed my hands on the top of her head. 'That feels so good.'

When I wasn't talking, all that could be heard was the sound of sucking. 'You're doing a really good job baby,' I said as I pressed my hands on her head harder forcing her to suck lower down my cock. 'But I still don't know if you're right for the part.'

She pulled her head up. 'I think I know a way to prove it to you.'

Katherine unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and threw it to the side, revealing her huge tits encased in a bra. Their entrapment didn't last long though because Katherine took her bra off almost immediately, which released her nice big breasts. They sagged a little bit, but this was only natural for her size, to top it all off she had beautiful pink nipples that I just wanted to shove in my mouth.

'Have you ever done this before?' Katherine asked as I took her tits in my hands.

'No… of course not,' I said feeling the soft skin of her breasts. 'Have you?'

'This is my first time as well, I usually try to get roles on my own merits but that cunt Jennifer always takes them by fucking! I just had to do something,' Katherine ranted on about Jennifer Aniston but I couldn't keep focused on anything besides feeling her beautiful breasts in my hands.

'Hello?' Katherine said, pulling me back into the real world.

'Huh? What?' I asked, sort of annoyed.

'Dude, I just asked you if you wanted to fuck my tits,' Katherine said, bewildered.

'Oh uh sorry! Yes… yes of course! Please!' I said as a look of desperation struck my face.

She simply smiled. 'Then fuck my tits you shall, but only on one condition, that you give me the role you know I deserve anyway,' she said as she wrapped both hands around my cock.

'Yes! Yes! Anything! Please just wrap your tits around my cock!' I yelled.

Katherine moved her tits closer to my cock, until they were right on top of it. She looked up at me and smiled as she wrapped her fun bags around my hard dick. She pressed them together and gently moved them down my cock, before lifting them back up again. The way her tits felt around my cock was unimaginable, they were so soft and huge that it was like my dick was right at home.

'You like that Mr Chadstone?' Katherine asked as she picked up the pace.

'Yes Ms Heigl I like this a lot,' I responded as I placed my hands on her tits, giving her a slight hand.

'I love it when I get my tits fucked, it makes me so wet!' Katherine shouted at me before I took control of the tit-fucking, allowing her to shove one of her hands in her wet pussy.

'Your tits are so soft; I could fuck them all day! I need to feel your tongue Ms Heigl!' I yelled down at the star of 27 Dresses, who was now playing the role of my personal whore.

Katherine started to lick my cock as every time it poked through the top of her tits. 'You're dick tastes so good!' She said. 'I can't wait to taste your cum!'

That nearly set me off so I quickly let go of her tits, knowing I'd be remiss if I didn't fuck her. She looked at me confused as I simply patted my lap, a clear gesture that she should climb on. She smiled at me and pulled her fingers out of her pussy and stood up. She stared down, deeply into my eyes as she made to pull her skirt off.

'No!' I said putting my hand over hers. 'Leave the skirt!'

She nodded in agreement before she climbed on top of me, making sure to slowly lower her sopping wet cunt over my cock. I held onto her thighs, guiding her pussy over my cock so as to maximise the combined pleasure. Before long her pussy was now completely covering my cock and she rest comfortably sitting on my lap facing me.

'Yeah, that's the stuff,' I said as Katherine commenced lifting her pussy up and down on my cock, holding onto my shoulders for leverage while her floppy tits waved in my face.

'Your cock is so big!' Katherine moaned.

'Your pussy is so tight!' I exclaimed as she steadily moved her pussy up and down my cock.

'What and that's a surprise?' Katherine asked.

'Shh!' I hissed before picking Katherine up by the ass and laying her against my desk.

'What the-' I covered Katherine's mouth with my hand and proceeded to fuck her hard against my desk.

'Take it, yeah fucking take it you slut!' I yelled as I railed into her soaking wet pussy.

She just moaned in pleasure and bit into my hand as I continued to fuck her. 'I'm gonna cum soon bitch!' I yelled.

My free hand was focused on feeling up her right breast; I also used that as leverage while I pumped my cock into her harder and slower. My pace continued to slow down as my cock went deeper inside of her. After a few more pumps I blasted cum all up into her and let go of her mouth. I pulled my cock out of her and left her lying on my desk as I pulled my pants back on.

'That was hot,' she said as she sat up. 'Really fucked up and out of nowhere… but I came.'

I nodded as I thought about what had just occurred. 'I don't know what came over me.'

'It's okay, you're just lucky you were with me and not some posh bitch, you wouldn't be able to pull that sort of shit with Jennifer Aniston I'll tell you that,' she said as she put her bra back on and buttoned up her blouse.

'Well, you definitely have the part,' I said as I fixed up my clothing.

'You're damn fucking right I do after that,' she said as she walked out the door.

As I drove home I still was unsure on whether I was really going to go to this Milton thing. On the one hand I had a lot of work to do and I hated parties, but on the other hand I got the impression that Jennifer Aniston would probably fuck me for the role if I went. That raised another dilemma entirely though, if Jennifer fucked me for the role then it would be difficult to fire Katherine in place of her or difficult to just lie and keep Katherine anyway.

Once I got home I found myself automatically changing into my going out clothes without really thinking about it. It seemed that my brain, or more likely my cock had made the decision for me. It didn't really matter to me what the consequences would be, all that mattered was that I got my dick wet, with sexy celebrities. All of a sudden that's what my job had become entirely about, a new world opened up where the job I disliked actually gave me power over some of the most attractive women on the planet.

I didn't drink so I drove my Mercedes to the hotel, it wasn't a very long drive I lived pretty much in the city. Once I got there and looked at all the people walking in through the front entrance I decided to pull into an alleyway and go through the back. I passed by a limousine that was emitting a whole heap of smoke on the way in, but I thought really nothing of it, it was common knowledge that most limo drivers smoked weed on the job.

Walking through the back entrance proved to be much more trouble than it was worth, annoyed bartenders and cooks were abound. They kept giving me the stink eye until I eventually found myself out onto the floor where I bumped into none other than Amanda Bynes, who was on her way to a table to meet some guy.

'I really enjoyed that film we worked on together!' She shouted over the music.

'Yeah, it was really great, we should work together again!' I yelled in hopes that she could hear me.

'There's actually a role you're producing I might be interested in!' She yelled.

'You look really nice!' I pretended I misheard her previous sentence, Amanda was a nice girl and everything but she was a real pain in the ass to work with.

'Thank you!' She shouted, it was then I noticed just how slutty she actually looked, wearing a short dress with a very tight bust.

'Why are you so dolled up?' I asked.

'See that guy over there?' She pointed as a guy sitting alone sipping a beer.

'Yeah?' I replied.

'His girlfriend just dumped him,' she started. 'So I'm going to suck and fuck his brains out!'

I was shocked and didn't know what to say, luckily I didn't have to say anything because she walked away, not without “accidentally” grazing her hand on my junk. 'Bye.'

I shook that awkward moment off and glanced around to see if I could find Jennifer Aniston somewhere. It didn't take me long because she was making a very loud ruckus over at the V.I.P. area. She noticed me looking at her so she smiled and gestured with her hands for me to make my way over towards her.

Once I made it over there I was instantly stopped by a security guard. 'It's fine, he's with me,' Jennifer said.

The guy waved me through. 'Thanks for this; I've never been to a V.I.P. section of a club before.'

'It's pretty much the same as any club really,' up and coming rapper Jay Cult said from the corner of the room.

'Except you can get away with more,' his apparent date Zoe Kravitz said as she took a drag from a fat blunt.

'It's pretty fucking awesome!' Some drunken guy said as he put her arm around Blake Lively.

Blake lively whispered in the guy's ear before getting up to leave the V.I.P. area with a mischievous look on her face.

'What do you think?' Jennifer asked as I sat down next to her.

'I think I love it here,' I said as Jay Cult looked back and forth between me and Jennifer before giving me a knowing grin and patting Zoe on the shoulder to leave.

'All alone,' Jennifer said as the Jay and Zoe left.

'Not quite,' I said, gesturing towards the drunken guy on the couch.

'Hmm…' Jennifer pondered before leaning into my ear. 'Meet me in the ladies bathroom,' she whispered.

'Okay…' I said, making sure to watch her tight ass as she walked away.

After a couple seconds I looked at my watch and got up, I quickly rushed out of the V.I.P. room, passing Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood as she walked inside, clearly in a drunken stupor. I made a beeline for the ladies bathroom which was inconveniently on the other side of the dance floor.

'About damn time,' Jennifer said as I opened the bathroom door.

'I got here as quick as I can,' I said as we walked towards the empty cubicles.

We entered into a cubicle. 'Alright,' Jennifer said as she locked the door. 'Let's get down to business.'

Jennifer planted a passionate kiss on my lips. 'So far so good,' I said.

We kissed each other passionately. 'I am the best person for the role.'

My hands felt up her full breasts. 'I have a dedicated fan base that will see this film.'

Her hands felt around my stomach and both went down my pants. 'I am also a far more experienced actress than my competitor.'

Her hands groped my cock as my hands felt her tight ass up. 'Katherine's audition was very impressive.

She undid my belt buckle and pulled my jeans down. 'The script does sort of call for a chesty blonde in her thirties.'

I rolled her skirt up and felt her ass cheeks and thong. 'Your films lately have not drawn the box office one would expect from a leading lady.'

'I can dye my hair or wear a wig.' Jennifer pulled my jeans and boxers down completely and grabbed my cock.

'You know as well as I do that scripts can be rewritten for actors all the time.' She stroked my cock up and down as I pulled her top off revealing her bra encased tits.

'The reason my films haven't made any money is because they've been pieces of shit, that has nothing to do with me.' I took Jennifer's bra off, revealing her lovely full tits.

'Turn around and bend over,' I whispered in her ear.

She complied, holding her arms onto the toilet for leverage. 'Is this the way you like it?'

'This is the way I want it,' I replied as I pulled her thong down and let it drop to the ground.

I placed both of my hands firmly on her ass cheeks so as to gain as much leverage as possible while I lined my stiff cock up with her wet pussy. I groped around at her ass for a few seconds, leaning in close to her back to kiss it and feel her tits while I was there. I smacked her ass lightly, thinking about Along Came Polly as I did so before shoving my cock deep inside of her pussy.

'You like this cock huh Jennifer?' I asked her as I pulled my cock out and put it back in again.

'Yeah, oh boy it's so big!' She moaned out.

'Yeah take it all you slut,' I hissed in her ear as I impaled her pussy on my cock.

'Fill me up bad boy,' Jennifer yelled as a toilet in the next cubicle flushed.

'They all know now,' I said as I smacked her ass cheek. 'Everyone knows you're a dirty fucking whore now!'

'I don't care! Let them know! Let them all fucking know!' Jennifer started yelling at the top of her voice.

I quickly covered her mouth, afraid of someone outside coming in and stopping us. 'Shut the fuck up!'

'I'll give you something to yell about,' I hissed in her ear as I pulled my cock out of her.
I shoved my cock deep inside her asshole almost immediately with no warning. 'Ouch!' Jennifer exclaimed.

'Katherine Heigl told me you're a dirty slut? Is that true Jennifer?' I said as I filled her asshole up with my cock.

'Yes! I am such a dirty fucking slut, I crave dick, I need dick,' Jennifer said, trying to keep her focus on keeping her balance.

'I knew you were, I knew from the moment you walked into my audition room that you were a whore,' I said as I held her tits in my hands, shoving my cock in and out of her tight asshole.
'Please, fill my asshole with your cum,' Jennifer begged.

'Shh… Rachel,' I said, calling her by her Friends name. 'I'm going to cum in your slut mouth okay.'

Jennifer nodded. 'Thank you, I need your cum inside me one way or another.'

I pulled my cock out of Jennifer's asshole and she turned and got on her knees. 'You're going to drink my cum Rachel.'

Jennifer took my cock inside of my mouth and deeply sucked it. She moaned around my dick in pleasure as she did so, making sure to shove her well-manicured fingers in her own pussy as she did so. I was focused on keeping my hands on the back of her head, slowly guiding her skull on and off my cock.

'Yes!' I yelled out and I held her head down to the base of my cock, keeping it there as cum started spurting out of my dick and down the back of her throat.

Jennifer swallowed every last drop of my cum. 'So I think I earned that role,' she said with a smile.

'I think you did too Jennifer, I think you did too,' I said as I pulled my pants up.

'So you should call my manager in the morning,' Jennifer said as she started to put her clothes on.

'Sure thing,' I said as I left the cubicle.

I left that party immediately and headed back to the office. It was going to be a very tough decision which woman I had been inside would get the role in my film. I looked down at the official contract my lawyer had drawn up earlier that day and the two names appeared in my mind; Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Aniston. Before long I knew what the right decision was and put my pen to the paper.

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I like your choice of cast.. not the regulars.. and this irregular double casting adds a unique touch to it.. Look forward to more of it man!