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Parental Lock
With Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, inc
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

http://thumbnails104.imagebam.com/26888/27229b268872565.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/27229b268872565) http://thumbnails108.imagebam.com/26888/627300268872710.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/627300268872710) http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/26888/539be4268872612.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/539be4268872612)

As silly as it sounds I was actually looking forward to spending some time with Olivia as it had been too long since we had spent any quality time together. Between her public appearances and various television commitments, I barely saw my big sister and genuinely missed her.

Fortunately for us our folks soon announced that they would be going out to celebrate their wedding anniversary, giving Liv and I a chance to stay home and have a "movie" night together.

Any time we were left to our own devices, there was a good time to be had. Junk food, bad movies, and just wide ranging fun in general.

We bid our folks goodbye, waving to the car as it disappeared out of sight. Olivia slung her arm over my shoulder, squeezing me tight before she rubbed her knuckles against the back of my head.

"You're it!" she teased before I chased her inside.

We ran around the living room playing tag for several minutes before my sister stopped to catch her breath and suggested that we order a pizza. The restaurant that mom and dad frequented was about a 45mins away, so we figured they'd stay about two or three hours and return home around midnight.

This gave us just enough time to watch the movies we had selected, plus lots of buffer time for conversation and stuffing our faces. And so the night began, as ordinarily as any other night.

We ordered our food and settled in for the first movie, laughing and cracking jokes at all of the worst parts. Our pizza soon arrived, and we stuffed our faces, then went right into the second film.

Near the end, we were growing a little bored and our occasional conversation grew more and more steady.

Olivia talked about her future projects and filled me in on the latest gossip around the Disney set. On and on we went, bonding more deeply than when we were younger and seemingly fought all the time.

When the movie ended, we laughed as she disentangled herself from the large blanket we had been sharing: both of us sitting on either ends of the small sofa.

It was only now as she got up to change the film that my eyes roamed over her body and almost got me in trouble. Olivia was used to the attention, especially from much older men, but she never purposefully flaunted herself.

Even now as she was casually clad in nothing more than simple tee shirt and gym shorts, she still managed to look quite fetching. The fact that she often liked to expose her midriff was an added bonus, which drove me insane.

"Press the eject button on the remote." she said, interrupting my train of thought.

I frowned when it seemed to have no effect.

"What's wrong with it?"

"Damn. I think it's stuck." she said while banging the top of the DVD player.

I laughed out loud as this only seemed to make things worse.

Olivia bashed the cheap device for a full minute before she finally huffed in frustration. The disc inside was jammed good and proper, and made an almost grinding sound which indicated it was good and dead.

"Err. That's not good." she remarked. "Dad's going to kill us."

"Screw it. We'll just channel surf instead." I suggested, before I gestured for her to come join me back on the sofa.

My famous sister frowned as this had thrown a wrench in our plans. Nevertheless she walked over to the wall and switched off the lights before she traipsed back to the couch where she buried herself back under the heavy blanket.

The TV flickered as the channels changed: infomercials, cartoons, news and sports. The same thing over and over again until one flash landed on a rather erotic scene and an accompanying moan.

I immediately blushed and changed the channel, but not before I felt Olivia poke her foot against my leg with a squeal.

"Whoa. Wait. Go back."

Her face lit up like we had just discovered treasure.

"What the hell is this?" Olivia grinned evilly.

"What's it look like. It's porn." I casually replied, even though inwardly I was more excited than she was.

"Wow. This is awesome." she giggled. "When did dad get porn?"

We both laughed then shifted around under the blanket as though trying to get comfortable before I grabbed her pestering foot to still her. This entire incident was horribly wrong (watching porn with my sister) but yet it was also incredibly thrilling.

"I think dad forgot to apply the parental lock on the cable box before they left." I remarked, not that Olivia was paying much attention as her concentration was clearly focused at the screen.

It was like those dark nights when we'd stumble across a steamy scene on one of the premium cable channels. We'd both fall quiet, studying the foreign material with such curiosity.

But things had changed since then. For one, My sister and I had both grown up and now knew what all the fuss was about. And this was definitely not a steamy scene from some B-grade movie. This was some hardcore, unadulterated smut.

"You know." I quipped. "You really shouldn't watch this sis."


"You're a Disney girl after all."

"Ha. Blow me." Olivia snapped back. "I've probably seen things you can only dream about."

I didn't doubt it.

We grew quiet as the explicit scene played out in front of us. It was a little unsettling, but eventually the only sounds that filled the room were the moans and grunts of the lovers on screen and our increased breathing.

In fact I was a little unnerved by how aroused we both were, and surprised to realize that in all the commotion my hand was still clutching Olivia's foot. I swallowed hard as she shifted slightly to lie back with her feet in my lap, fully aware of her heel which was now pressing lightly against my erection.

It was at this point that I heard Olivia catch her breath, but I dare not look at her. In fact I dare not take my eyes off the screen as the scene was so erotic.

The performers were young, both filled with enthusiasm. My sisters foot shifted experimentally as the girl began to choke down her lovers cock: treating him to a very wet and sloppy blowjob.

I felt Olivia respond to this by moving her toes and sliding her foot gently against my erection, in time with the action on the screen. Why was she doing this? I wondered. This was crazy. We needed to stop. But I could make myself do it.

Instead, it took less than a minute for my fingers to cautiously slip around her shifting foot, walk along her ankles and glide up towards her knees.

Several minutes had passed since I had made the bold gesture, but caught up in the moment I soon found myself absentmindedly caressing her flesh: drawing little circles on her knees as her foot continued to massage me.

This went on for some time before me fingers crept even higher still, along the inside of her smooth thighs, and ultimately stopped when I reached the hemline of her shorts.

I hesitated briefly as Olivia squirmed and shifted onto her back: in the process parting her knees and almost inviting me to continue. We both kept our eyes glued to the television, as eye contact between us was not needed.

My hand ultimately inched forward, and traced along her teenage sex, caressing her pussy through her cotton panties. The gym shorts she wore were baggy enough to allow me plenty of room to "fiddle" so to speak, but I almost gasped when I realized just how wet she was.

Fuck, I thought. This was not good. I'd almost certainly had no justification to touch her like this, and would no doubt have to excuse myself soon to run off to the bathroom and beat my cock like it owed me money.

In truth, this wasn't the first time Olivia had driven me to masturbation. In fact I had jerked off to her so many times over the years that I guess I began to feel less and less guilty about it.

At any rate, my sister didn't seem to mind the "close" contact between us so I continued to leisurely massage her sex as she did me, both of us enjoying the mutual stimulation.

While I now stopped to question the morals of what we were doing, Liv lifted her hips temptingly, quickly dismissing any reservations I might have had.

I then hooked my fingers into the elastic band of her underwear and make direct contact with her sex. My sister sighed as we both realized just how utterly wet she was.

With our eyes still focused solely on the screen, I covered her mound with the palm of my hand before I finally slipped a single digit along her lips.

This caused her to gasp out loud before I proceeded to tease her clit, tracing small clock-wise circles around it. Her pussy was flaming hot, so much so that it made my fingers dance effortlessly: like a knife through hot butter.

As I slowly collected and smeared her wetness all around, she let go of a big puff of air. Her cheeks were suddenly rosy, while we were both essentially panting beside one another.

Not a word was spoken as I made sure to caress every inch of her pussy, quickly discovering what she liked. When I finally found a pattern she approved of, her entire body seemed to shudder.

Olivia stared at the TV spellbound as I tried to get her off with my fingers. With all the activity going on under the blanket the room was soon filled with the scent of damp pussy, as my mind was flooded with things I wanted to do to her.

http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/26761/b21c9e267606899.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/b21c9e267606899) http://thumbnails101.imagebam.com/26761/561fa3267606879.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/561fa3267606879) http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/26761/c9d5e5267606844.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c9d5e5267606844)

I wanted to kiss her everywhere. I wanted to bury my face between her legs and make her grab my hair. I gulped hard as I now rubbed the tips of my fingers along the groove of her wet cunt and smeared her juices all around her pea-sized clit.

I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger: causing her to close her eyes and acknowledge the pleasure I was giving her for the very first time.

Whatever was happening on screen was now not nearly as hot as this. The pleasure almost seemed to intensify exponentially in just the last few minutes, causing her chest to rise and fall and her legs to tremble.

At this point I was so hard I thought I was going to pass out, while my hand started to cramp up to the awkward position I had forced between her legs.

Her quiet, short moans became louder as I sped up accordingly. When the time was right, I finally slipped in a single finger into her pussy, and she moaned a deep, throaty moan.

We were both breathing faster now, as her muscles stiffened and her back arched sharply. Her face was flushed and she tossed her hair to the side. I still couldn't believe it was happening. I had probably fantasized about it a hundred times.

Judging from the expressing on her face it was an overwhelming, delicious, and utterly disarming experience. And one I had no doubt could make her come.

With that said, I tentatively dipped my finger back inside her again and curled it up against her G-spot before it was joined by another.

I now sat there in the dark on the living room sofa, with two of my fingers buried inside my famous sister, gently pumping them in and out her dripping wet hole: fucking her right there on the couch as we watched porn together.

It goes without saying that it was one of the most erotic experiences of our lives. But just as quickly as the moment had come, it suddenly ended with the loud interruption of the phone.

The sound itself made such a loud racket that it almost made us both jump right out of our skins.

We both jerked back from what we were doing as I scrambled to grab the remote, muting the pornographic soundtrack. Olivia cleared her throat and reached to answer the call.

"Err. Hello? Oh. Hey mom." she stammered out of breath. "Nothing."

Like her, I felt my face blush with shame. It was just about the worse possible call to get. Like she knew what was happening, and she had to stop it before it went too far.

"No. We're fine." my sister answered. "We're just watching some movies. Yeah. We had pizza. Uh-Huh."

Olivia finally dared to look at me as she conversed with mom, and I felt my cock twitch back to life when she rolled her eyes and smiled.

Maybe there was something in the pizza we ate, I mused. Maybe the entire thing was just a figment of my imagination. But as I attempted to readjust the blankets above us I suddenly smelt the heady scent of her cunt juice all over my fingers.

In fact my fingers reeked so bad that there was no way she couldn't smell it too, causing her to blush even more.

Olivia looked flustered, her skin dewy and pink. Her gaze was dark, yet full of desire. She looked drop dead gorgeous in that moment and if it wasn't for the fact that she was talking to mom you could swear she was thinking about sex.

Funnily enough I didn't care about the awkward one-sided conversation, that was until she spoke again.

"No. You guys have fun tonight. We'll hold down the fort here. Besides. We don't have to be at the Warner Bros set till midday. Yes I'm sure." she finished, before she glanced at me at last.

Wait. Was I hearing that correctly. Our parents weren't coming home tonight?

Olivia swallowed hard as she said goodbye before hanging up and clutching the phone to her chest. There was a long pause as we both seemed to stop and appreciate the twist of fate.

Meanwhile in the distance the porno continued to play, this time showing two very attractive blonde girls 69'ing each other by the side of a pool.

It was at this point I knew I had several decisions to make. But before I could decide, my sister leaned over to place the phone on the table, and without warning leaned back and kissed me hard on the lips: shoving her wet tongue down my throat.

In an instant my reaction was to reach up and grope her breast. Her eyes grew wide, and yet she didn't resist and merely let out a small gasp of pleasure.

I began to twist and pinch her nipples a bit harder, causing her to moan with short whimpers, her breath quickened again. My sister responded to this action by straddling me on the couch, almost pinning me in my seat.

I didn't even push her away. I didn't try to rationalize or remind myself of how wrong it all was, much less apologize for what we had started. Instead I just moaned into her mouth as Olivia threw off her shirt and quickly unfastened her bra in front of me.

For a moment I panicked and wondered about just how far we were going to take this, after all, despite the sudden turn of events, anyone could come home to catch us in this compromising position.

But this seemed to be the furthest thing from her mind as she hungrily kissed me again.

My sexy sister now lay on top of me completely topless and exposed. Her bare, pert breasts puckered from the cool air and from her aroused state. I gave them a lingering look, then leaned forward to latch on to one of her pink nipples.

She moaned in pleasure as her hips began to buck against me and she sought that pressure against her groin again. Her hands slid down between our bodies where she grasped the stiff organ in my pants.

In fact she squeezed so tight I thought I was going to explode right then and there.

I continued to suck at her nipples, as Liv now ground her hips down against my cock and seemed eager to have me inside her. No words were spoken as she now hovered above my penis, begging to be impaled.

But as intense and perfect as this was, I wanted more. My hands gripped her ass cheeks, pulling her down closer until she'd slammed right down onto my cock and swallowed it whole.

"Ugh. Fuck." She grunted, as my own groan was muffled by the mouthful of tit I was devouring.

I filled her completely in one fell swoop, almost too much, and felt her cunt immediately clench tightly around my shaft, almost milking me.

Olivia paused for a moment to adjust herself, then raised her hips before sinking back down: impaling herself over her brothers hard cock again.

"Ugh...shit." I grunted as I popped her tit from my mouth. "Fuck. Liv."

My sister seemed to be lost in her own world as she ignored my words and now repeated the process several times, until she proceeded to ride me harder and faster.

The sounds of the porno earlier had been mild compared to this: her cunt squelched around my cock, and words tumbling from both of us promised an array of filthy things we were going to do to each other before the night was over.

"Fuck. I can't believe how wet you are." I muttered loudly. "You're so fucking wet sis. "

"Don't stop." she panted back. "Please. You're so hard right now."

Olivia bounced harder, feeling her climax draw closer before I sensed it too and suddenly turned the tables.

Without warning I grabbed her by the hips and rolled us over onto the floor. Her shoulders hit the rug as I immediately proceeded to pound into her hard and fast.

"OMG. Cade!" she panted continually. "Oh. Shit. OMG. OMG. Right there!!"

As soon as I lunged forward my balls slapped against her asshole and she cried out at the brutal angle, as I now proceeded to strike her cervix.

Her hips shifted upward as she grabbed at my thighs and buried her nails into my legs, almost drawing blood. I drilled that tight, teen, wet, cunt for all it was worth: pounding her again and again in that awkward upside down position.

Olivia could only moan out loud as I fucked her on our living room floor!

"Yes. Yes. Don't stop!!" she cried. "Fuck me. Fuck me Cade. Fuck me good!"

It only took several more thrusts before she finally came, harder than she'd ever come before.

The hot, flushing sensation around my cock quickly caused me to lose whatever control I had left and I abruptly spurted my seed deep inside her young womb.

The world grew quiet for a moment, our breathing slowly returning to normal as we took a seat back in the sofa.

"What the hell just happened?" I muttered as I watched her get up. "Wait. Where are you going?"

I'm going upstairs to take as shower." she grinned. "You can join me if you want?"

"But...But what about mom and dad?"

"I'm sure we can manage before they come back, don't you?"

"God yes." I replied. "Last one upstairs is a rotten egg!"

We then chased each other up the stairs.


08-09-2013, 07:00 AM
Awesome as usual TPG!
Since they have the night - are we going to see some more action?

08-09-2013, 07:19 AM
Awesome as usual TPG!
Since they have the night - are we going to see some more action?

I wasn't really planning on adding another chapter, but if there's more interest in it I might have to. :good:

08-09-2013, 11:10 AM
Awesome story TPG,
beat my cock like it owed me money made me laugh :good:

08-09-2013, 07:15 PM
Big fan of Olivia. long time fan of your writing. Put the two together and we get this story. That is ridiculously hot, well written, and worth reading again and again which I certainly have. Love the premise, the situation, and the build up just makes that moment when she jumps on him even better. Whether there will be another chapter or not this story is already a new favorite of mine.

08-11-2013, 10:17 AM
Long Live the King of Lusty Literature, TPG:hooray:

Olivia has really got a trance on me... at least after reading some of the excellent fiction regarding this beautiful Disney starlet. Keep it going with this gal, TPG. Her parents won't be home for awhile, I pray...

P.S. Love the closing gif on these new stories.Really leaves a splendid impression.

08-12-2013, 12:37 PM
Please tell me there is more of this coming. That was fucking great! Olvia is such a gorgeous girl and I love the incest angle of this story.

08-22-2013, 05:15 PM
What a great story TPG! She's only going to get hotter and hotter!! Guess that means more great stories like this one coming up!:happy: