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Film Buff 8
Written by MacedMan
With Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Salma Hayek
(MF, BJ)

DISCLAIMER: None of this story is true, I own none of the films featured, if you are under 18/21 or easily offended stop reading.

Red Hair.

Pale Face.

I awoke with a start.

I glanced over at the screaming phone and contemplated whether it was worth picking it up or not. I decided to risk it and pick up the phone; I was in a good mood after having fucked so many gorgeous celebrities yesterday.

'Hello,' I answered.

'It's your sister!' I recoiled from the phone slightly.

'Oh... yes?'

'What the fuck is wrong with you?' She questioned.

'A great many things, which in particular are you bringing to my attention this morning sis?'

'I can't believe you messed up that date last night! She was a nice girl and perfect for you!'

'Perfect is a bit of an overstatement...'

'Whatever man, I hooked up with an interview for a job today.'

'Job? Today?'

'Yes! So get your act together.'

'Sis I can't-'

'Don't want to hear it, I'll text you the details.'

The phone clicked, she hung up. I had no idea what I was going to do. I was very happy working at the lab, to the point where maybe I wasn't that interested in getting another job in film journalism. This was going to be a very tough decision...

I pulled up to the lab bright and early, just like Hal had suggested, with the thought of going to a job interview later still on my mind. Something was weighing me down as I walked up the familiar steps to enter Hal's office, the rest of my life lay in the palm of my hands, was I going to squeeze or was I going to let it get away?

'Ah, you made it... and on time today,' Hal said. 'This is a nice change.'

'Hal, I have a job interview today... do you think I should go?' I asked.

'I think you should do whatever it is you want to do,' he answered.

'Yeah but, do you think it's a good idea?'

'Well, honestly I would prefer to have you here today, there is a lot more I'd like to test out, and you leaving early would put that at risk... if you do then I might have to start looking for a new subject...'

That was all the convincing I needed.

'Strap me in Hal, I'm here for the full day!'

Before long I found myself standing in front of a hotel room door, what was on the other side I didn't know. I did know that it was pretty likely going to be some incredibly hot film character who was keen to have sex with me. The fact that it was a hotel room door doesn't really narrow it down for me, it turns out a lot of sex scenes happen in hotel rooms.

The door opened not long after I knocked on it, revealing the gorgeous mid-2000s Angelina Jolie standing in it wearing nothing but a bathrobe. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, I had fucked a lot of actresses at this point, but none as iconic as this. The fact that she was in her prime too, was a dream come true, this was clearly the film 'Taking Lives', a pretty shitty film if you ask me, but one with an incredibly hot sex scene with Angelina Jolie, so that justifies it's place on my DVD shelf.

She just stared at me, a beautiful smile appearing out from her amazing lips. Thank God I didn't have to say anything, because I don't think I could have. I started to walk towards her as she made her way backwards. I just openly gawked at her body the entire way back, her perfect breasts, her figure; it was truly something to marvel. She blinked, her soft luscious eyes fluttered for a moment, I could take it no more.

I threw my arms around her and kissed her deeply; she then grabbed the back of my head and reciprocated with enthusiasm. I couldn't control my hands as they felt all over her body, quickly rested on her nice ass. Our tongues swirled together, doing a dance of passion, soon I pulled my hands away from their resting place and pulled back to get another good look at her.

I slowly pulled her robe off, revealing her pert breasts, they were big and had just the right amount of sag. They certainly live up to the hype surrounding them, these were the breasts I had jacked off thinking about for most of my life. Not just me, but I can't imagine any male out there who's heard of her who hasn't jacked off thinking about these tits at least once. And here I was, the film journalist who gave her latest mainstream release a horrible rating, staring right at her famous boobs.

I kiss her again, this time making sure to keep my hands touching her now fully exposed breasts. She seemed to enjoy the attention I was giving to her tits because she was now moaning into my mouth, although this could be because my covered erection was resting quite nicely against her sopping wet pussy.

While I continued to pay an extreme amount of attention to her tits, she made the move to finally take my jeans off. Starting with the zipper, it seemed like she couldn't get them off fast enough. Finally she removed my belt and pulled my jeans down far enough that I could wiggle them off completely. As I stood out of my jeans and kicked them to the side, she pulled my boxers down exposing my cock, now hard as pure steel.

I don't think I could ever describe the feeling I experienced as I shoved my cock inside Angelina Jolie's vagina, but I think I'll still try. It was like the first time I had ever entered a vagina, it was like losing my virginity all over again except this time it was with Angelina Jolie. If this was the last pussy I ever got to fuck, if this was the last moment I could spend on earth, I would be happy knowing that I at least got the tip of my cock inside Angelina Jolie's glorious pussy.

I managed to get quite a bit more inside than just the tip though, I quickly shoved my entire cock inside of her, slamming to her hard against the wall we were standing by. The moment I penetrated her I shoved my tongue into her mouth as well, forcing her to moan loudly. She moved to the side a bit so as to rest herself onto a nearby bench.

I silently thanked her for this because it made my range of entry that much more larger, which increased the rate and depth I was able to fuck her in. Before long she was sitting on the bench entirely, she was grabbing onto the sides for balance as I now leaned in closer in order to shove my face in her tits while I pounded her.

As this continued I also was able to inch my way onto the bench with her, making sure to check that it could handle my weight little by little before fully committing to each move. Before long I was completely on top of her slamming into her pussy harder than ever. She grabbed the back of my head and forced me down to kiss and like her tits yet again; I had a feeling that this was something she was particularly into.

Her fondness for having her tits felt gave me an idea. I pulled out of her vagina and crawled up her body so that I was now straddling her stomach. She seemed to understanding instantly what I was going for because she squeezed her tits together without having to be told. I grabbed the sides of the bench and started to fuck her tits with great purpose.

She seemed to be an expert on the procedure because she automatically opened her mouth when my cock got near it which allowed my swelling cock to enter inside it without any hesitance. On the way back out she even made sure to give it a sloppy lick. This is something she was able to repeat each and every single time I fucked her breasts.

I could feel that this wasn't going to last much longer so I stopped fucking her tits and rebalanced myself so my cock was inches away from her mouth.

'Pucker up!' I shouted as I started to jack my cock off, aiming now at her puckered lips.

Instantly cum started shooting out of the tip of my cock and all over her awaiting lips, it was easily the sexiest thing I had ever seen. As she licked around her lips taking in all of the cum in one go, I wondered if anything was ever going to top this. Had I reached my peak of celebrity sexiness too soon? For a moment I hated Hal for forcing this on me so quickly, but it was only a short moment, because I realised that there was no way this was the peak, there were still so many impossibly hot women in incredibly sexy films that I had yet to fuck.

I couldn't ponder too long because before I knew it I was standing in a bedroom staring at Kate Hudson who was wearing a white shirt and brown panties, and looked like she was just about to throw me onto the bed and have her way with me. Which she did so, almost instantly, it looked like this was going to be another easy ride with little effort to bed.

She climbed on top of me, I instantly took action and grabbed her famous ass. It was just as great as the rumours had implied. As I felt her ass up, she took that time to remove her top, exposing to me her small breasts caged in an almost redundant bra. That was okay because the main attraction with Kate Hudson wasn't her chest, it was more her tight, round ass and her come-fuck-me smile.

Speak of the devil, she gave me that famous smile right after helping me to remove my shirt. In an attempt to continue her mission to get me completely naked she unbuckled my belt and threw it across the room. After that she managed to pull my jeans down far enough for them to fall on the floor and ripped my boxers off revealing my cock.

Following suit I took her panties off and shoved my hard cock inside of her awaiting pussy. She starts to ride up and down as I pound her vagina in an upwards motion, which creates a wonderful force of pleasure in us. She digs her nails into my chest as she rides my deeply penetrating cock.

During this I start to slowly turn her around, until I am able to face her in a reverse cowgirl position, she seems to take this as an invitation to ride my cock even harder. There is something so sexy about watching a girl's back as she rides your cock. The cherry on top came as she turned her head around to shoot me that same smile as I continued to pound her pussy.

I took her bra off and threw it to the ground beside me, I couldn't really understand why a woman with such small breasts would even need a bra in the first place. My train of thought was cut off when she started to bend down, prompting me to sit up, positioning me to fuck her even deeper. She screamed in orgasm once this happened, and something inside me could tell that this wouldn't be the only time she would cum tonight.

She placed her hands on the ground and her legs up over my own, prompting me to stand up while holding her legs in the air. I continue to penetrate her from behind as I fucked her full on wheelbarrow style. She seemed to really enjoy this because she came again, this time squirting on my cock a little. I started to walk forward while she mimicked my movements while I continued to fuck her. This girl had really damned good balance all things considered.

Once we were a safe distance from the bed I placed her legs on the ground and she followed suit with her arms as I pulled my cock out of her. I bent down onto my knees taking her nice plump ass cheeks in my hands, slowly separating them. She started to say something but I couldn't hear her, I shoved my cock inside her asshole and she moaned loudly.

I slammed my cock hard into her asshole, pushing one hand onto her head and keeping the other firmly on her ass for leverage. It didn't take long for me to cum hard inside her asshole, but it felt like an eternity, it was pure bliss; her ass was so perfect that it was a joy to fuck. I thought about this as I stood up, leaving her on the ground to roll over and think about what had just occurred.

I waved her goodbye as I left the room and entered a long hallway filled with doors. This was strange, was I in 'The Matrix'? No way, what could I possibly want to fuck in 'The Matrix'? Carrie-Anne Moss? Maybe, but it didn't seem likely, I realised soon enough that anyone of these doors would take me to any film that I chose, I seemed to have stumbled upon the inner code of the machine itself.

'Hal, what's going on?' I asked.

'Sorry about this, I'm just recalibrating something, I should be finished soon, just walk down the halls until I tell you it's okay to walk through a door,' Hal's voice replied.

'What happens if I walk through one without your signal?'

'I don't know, and I don't want to find out.'

Fair enough, I didn't want to rock the boat, who knows what could happen if something went wrong. I passed the time by thinking about how the machine was changing, it seemed like it was taking less and less convincing to bed these girls, and they seemed to be quite willing to fulfil my desires. Angelina Jolie somehow knew I wanted to tit-fuck her, well more, the machine knew I would want to tit-fuck her so it made her tits sensitive.

I had a feeling that the machine was somehow able to calibrate itself to my specific desires, which meant that it was learning what turned me on. This made me start to wonder about artificial intelligence, was this machine starting to think? What did this mean for humanity? What did this mean for me? I was trapped in her now, with a machine that seemed to have acquired a small amount of sentience. What if-

'It's ready now!'

I instantly lost my train of thought. This didn't matter because I had a brand new door to walk into, and inside was another bedroom, but instead of Kate Hudson staring back at me, it was Mary Elizabeth Winstead, with dyed pink hair and a black bra.

'Dude, I'm changing!' She said.

I covered my eyes to be polite.

'I was cold.'

'Are you cold now?' She asked.

I opened my eyes and she was standing right in front of me, still in her bra and now with her skirt removed. I held her in my arms.


I took my shirt off as we moved closer to the bed, I laid back down and removed my jeans while she licked her lips. Once my jeans were completely removed she climbed on top of me and started to kiss me on the lips. She was so pretty, and her lips were so soft, I couldn't help but gently caress her cheeks. Something about her made me not want to be too rough with her like I had been with the previous girls; there was an aura of innocence that I wanted to protect.

Her hand started to travel down my body as my tongue penetrated her mouth. I was so content with simply kissing her that I didn't even notice her hand rubbing the outside of my boxers. My dick started to harden underneath the gentle guidance of her stray hand, this was when I noticed. There was truly something special about this girl, something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

I felt sad as she broke away from our kiss, only to feel immense happiness as she began kissing down my chest. Her pink hair danced as she kissed her way down my body, it started to move upwards as she pulled her hands into my boxers, removing them with one quick manoeuvre. My cock was exposed and she looked back up at me and smiled, before poking her tongue out and licking my erect dick.

She was a girl who really knew how to take her time, she licked up and down the shaft of my cock with great care. She licked tiny circles around the tip of my dick, in order to maximise the pleasure I was feeling. She grabbed my shaft and started to lick the head of my cock fast, every now and again placing it on her mouth and sucking. Before long she had removed her hands from my cock and placed them underneath my balls, she slid my cock inside her mouth deeper as she did this.

I marvelled at her skill and the fact that she was able to keep complete eye-contact with my the entire time, it was truly something to marvel, as she did this, I realised what it was about this girl that was so special, the fact is, this was the type of girl that I could see myself with one day. If I had met her on the street, she's the type of girl who I would stop and talk to, before long I was imagining my entire life with her... I realised that this was just a fantasy though, and decided to take full advantage of my situation.

I gently lifted her head from my cock and looked into her eyes. She could see what I wanted, and she instinctively sat up and spread her legs out as I leaned my head down and made to remove her panties. Her vagina was beautiful, I couldn't contain myself as I dug right in, shoving my tongue deep into her pussy, containing absolutely none of the subtlety she had shown my cock earlier.

Evidently this seemed to be exactly what she wanted from me because she had placed her hands on the back of my head so was to prevent me from straying too far away from my mission to lick her pussy. After a moment though she lifted my head up and stared deep into my eyes again.

'Lay down,' she said.

Who was I to complain, I did so and she turned herself around, backing over me on all fours, stopping only once she could feel my face with her pussy. She rested it down directly into my mouth and I continued to eat her out as she took my cock in her hand engulfed a majority of it between her lips. My focus was primarily on getting her to cum with my tongue, but I couldn't help but get distracted by her blow-job, especially when she pulled it out and jacked it a little against her puckered lips.

We continued this until sooner rather than later she removed my cock from her mouth to let out a loud moan as she squirted a little on my face. Satisfied with her orgasm she began to work double time on my cock, sliding her mouth down further onto it until she was just about deep-throating it, being sure to massage my balls at the same time.

I knew I wouldn't last any longer at this rate, and I also knew I would regret it if I didn't put my cock in this amazing girls pussy at least once. So I motioned for her to stop sucking my cock and get up, which she did so. She turned herself around again until she was now facing me with her ass in the air, her pussy mere inches away from my cock. I let out a soft moan as she slid down onto my awaiting dick.

She drove it all the way inside her and rested on it for a moment while she took her bra off, finally revealing her beautiful tits to me. They weren't exceptionally large, but they were perfectly round and full. I grabbed them in my hands as she began to slide up and down my cock, slowly at first but picking up momentum as she went on.

I let go of her tits and instead brought them down to her ass, using them to help lift her pussy up and down my cock as she picked up the pace immensely. She brought her body down to touch mine and started to passionately kiss my on the mouth as I continued the process of helping her slam her pussy hard on my cock.

Suddenly it was coming to an end; I felt a strong pressure in my cock as she her pace slowed down to a crawl. She lifted herself up, before slamming her pussy down on my cock one last time as I came hard inside her. She rested her pussy over the top of my dick as rope after rope of semen spurted out of my dick into her awaiting pussy. We sat and cuddled as my cock softened inside her vagina, this continued for some time before I closed my eyes drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken by an obnoxious pat on the back.

'If you're too drunk to stay awake then you better beat it buddy!' The back patter yelled at me.

'No I'm not drunk, I just dozed for a second, sorry,' I said to the guy. He walked off shaking his head as if I was crazy.

I then realised why I must've seemed crazy because I had woken up inside of a fairly lively strip club, a place where no self-respecting straight man should be caught dozing off. I wasn't really sure what film I was in, it could be any film really, there so many that have strip clubs as settings.

I was sitting front row at an empty stage though, so I figured I would find out who was going to strip for me very soon. It could be Jessica Biel? I hoped not because I didn't find her to be particularly attractive. Maybe it was Lindsay Lohan? That also would be unappealing because the only time she played a stripper in a film was at a particularly disgusting phase of her career. A soft song started playing, and I refocused my attention towards the stage as the curtains pulled apart, revealing none other than Salma Hayek.

My eyes shot straight to her famously huge tits, they were being hugged in a layer of black lace which itself was contained in a tight black bra. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, I could only think about how lucky I was for a short time before I simply couldn't think at all. There was no time for thinking because Salma Hayek was performing a pole dance right in front of me.

She rubbed against her tits, and felt up her own ass, swinging around the pole as if she was made for it. She got down on all fours and presented her gorgeous ass for the whole room to see, before meticulously losing various layers of clothing. First went her bra, then soon after her panties, she would be completely naked up there if it weren't for the lace and the pasties on her nipples.

She spent a large portion of the show sticking her massive tits around the pole and moving up and down in a tit-fucking position. All good things come to an end though and when the music stopped she came down off the stage and sat next to me. I couldn't help but stare directly at her tits for the entire conversation we had.

'So? Did you like the show?' She asked me.

'Yes,' I answered, not moving my eyesight from her tits for a moment.

'Clearly you enjoyed one part of the show more than the others,' she said before letting out a chuckle.

'It really all was good,' I started. 'But goddamned it's hard to overshadow those tits!'

I was acting like a fool and I knew it, if this were normal circumstances, even in this machine I feel like I would have blown it by now, luckily this was a strip club.

'I give private dances,' she started. 'You know, for people who can afford it...'

'Will a thousand be enough?' I said pulling out a wad of cash from my magical refilling pocket.

'For a private dance?' She questioned. 'Of course!'

She didn't waste a moment before grabbing my hand and dragging me to the back. I couldn't help but feel the entire club was looking at us, I felt slightly ashamed of my extremely hard and obvious erection. Finally we find our way into a secluded back room and she places me on a comfortable lounge chair.

'Relax,' she said. 'Let me make everything feel better.'

I felt extremely safe with her for some reason, I got the impression that she knew exactly what she was doing. She had clearly done this sort of thing all the time; it was her job after all, so why shouldn't I feel safe? She began by gently grazing my cock with her ass, and turning around to rest her hands on my knees, exposing a ridiculous amount of cleavage to me in the process.

She continued to dance around me, carefully placing herself in positions that just barely touched my cock. She incredibly flexible as well, a skill she displayed by placing one foot on the arm rest on my right, and the other firmly planted on the ground as she shook her still lace covered breasts in my face. It was then that I made the fatal mistake, as she shook her tits in my face I couldn't help myself, so I reached out to grab them with my hands, before I could connect though she batted them away with the skill of a veteran. She shot me an angry glare.

'No touching,' she stated.

'How much?' I asked.

'Sorry? What do you mean how much?'

'How much more do you need for me to touch your tits?'

She stopped. 'I'm sorry, there's a strict rule, and it's not up to me.'

'Everyone has their price,' I said as I pulled a further grand out of my pocket.

'Woah,' her eyes lit up. 'How much money do you have?'

'Enough,' I said, knowing I'd won. 'How much do you need?'

'It's two-thousand to touch my breasts.' She said.

'Great,' I said as I pulled another grand and a half out of my pocket. 'I'll throw in an extra five-hundred if you call them tits.' She nodded and took the money.

'Are you ready big boy,' she said grabbing my wrists with her hands. 'Are you ready to touch my tits?' As she said this she pulled my hands over to her tits.

I clenched down, not believing the amazing feeling in my hands. Her tits were so big, and damned if they weren't real. The fact that she was calling them tits was some kind of a miracle. The lap-dance continued as she moved around my body again, still only lightly grazing my cock, this time though my hands scarcely left her bosom.

She turned around and faced her ass at me, lightly grazing my cock with it. I grabbed her tits as she pressed down harder, I wasn't expecting this. I immediately came in my pants, not able at all to handle the lust I was feeling for this woman. Once she realised what had happened she looked at me disgusted.

'I am not being paid enough for that sort of shit.' She said as she got up and walked towards the door.

'Wait,' I shouted. 'What if you were?'

'Sorry?' She said. 'There's no way you have enough cash in your pockets to possibly pay for something like that.'

'Cards on the table,' I started. 'I have ten-thousand bucks in my pocket right now, and you can have all of it if you play nice.'

I swear her eyes turned green. 'Ten-thousand? That plus the three-thousand five-hundred you just gave me would make thirteen-thousand five-hundred, and for one nights work.'

'That seems like more than enough for what I want.' I said.

'And what exactly is it that you want?' She said.

'First I want you to lock that door,' she does so. 'Then I want to see you strip off completely,' she began to walk over to me. 'Then I want to be able to do whatever I want to you, until I see fit that we finish.'

'That does seem fair,' she said.

'Now,' I said. 'Strip.'

She did exactly as I said; she began to start dancing again, with a new-found enthusiasm, as she did this she ripped off the lace, revealing her huge natural tits to me. This left her only wearing the thong that she had had on since the start. As soon as I saw those tits exposed I pulled her towards me and started to motorboat those bad boys.

'I want you to unzip my jeans and jack me off.' I said to her, with my face full of tit.

She nodded and reached down to my jeans and unzipped them, making sure to pull them off completely before doing the same to my cum covered boxers. I started to lick her perfect nipples as she began to stroke my cock up and down. I couldn't help but squeeze her big titties and suckle on her areolas. As I was doing this she was getting her other hand involve with my hand-job, basically pumping it.

Eventually I pulled my face away from her tits and pushed her shoulders downwards. She complied and got to her knees, leaving her tits to drape my cock as she continued to jack it off.

'Rub it into your tits!' I demanded.

She started to aim my cock at her huge tits, making sure to pat them with it at every chance she got. She took a moment every now and them to spit into her hand and rub it on my dick. I wasn't sure why she was doing it, but it felt good. Then it became abundantly clear with the next words to come out of her mouth.

'Would you like me to wrap them around your dick?' She asked.

'That would be great!' I replied.

She picked her tits up and squeezed them together, slowly sliding my cock between them. I was in heaven, before long it got to the point where I couldn't even see my cock anymore, it was so buried in her tits. She started to bounce them up and down with a faster pace, twisting and turning them around my cock.

'Do you like fucking my tits?' She asked me whilst looking directly into my eyes.

'Oh god yes!' I yelled whilst arching my neck back in pleasure.

'Good,' she said. 'Because there's nothing that gets me wet like a huge cock getting shoved in my tits!' This line just about sent me over the edge.

'Suck my cock!' I shouted down at her.

'Oh yeah?' She said. 'Want me shove your cock in my whore mouth?'

'For love of god, yes!' I yelled.

She dropped her tits and instantly engulfed my cock in her mouth. I placed my hands on her head, and gently guided her up and down my cock; she made sure that she slurped the whole way. It was truly a sight to behold, ever since I knew what jacking off was, I had been jacking off to Salma Hayek. There was something about her huge tits that just pulled me in, I saw 'From Dusk Til Dawn' right at the age when I was starting to think about women, and it really made an impact on me. I mean, I even watched that piece of shit 'Bandidas' because I knew I would get a decent amount of her cleavage in it. Here I was now, years later watching her suck my dick like it had never been sucked before.

'Stand up.' I said.

She obeyed. 'What would you like me to do now?'

'Take that thong off,' I said. 'I want to know what that cunt feels like.'

She turned around as she took it off, making a big show of bending down to expose her gorgeous ass. She threw it away and made to turn back around to reveal her pussy to me, but I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her down on to my lap. She moaned a little bit as my cock entered her vagina, she turned her head around to face me.

'Maybe a little warning next time would be nice?' She scorned.

'Shut up!' I said shoving my fingers in her mouth as I bucked my hips, sending my cock deep into her pussy.

I continued to slam well into her pussy while keeping my hands wrapped around her luscious tits for a fairly long time, to the point that my groin started to chafe a bit, once this started happening though I spun her around so that her legs were resting on my shoulders. This position didn't work for me too well because I wasn't able to keep a hold of her tits for very long without needed to let go to regain balance.

I got up and continued to fuck her as I carried her away from the couch and dropped her on the ground. She looked up at me, her eyes full of lust. I looked down on her, contemplating my next move. I decide to lay on down on top of her, smoothly placing my cock inside her pussy. Once I was positioned perfectly I started to roughly pound into her, which caused her to cum in no time.

She pulled my head down and brought my ear to her lips. 'I want you to fuck my tits.'

How could I resist? 'I could tell that's what got you off the most.'

I pulled my cock out of her and straddled her waist as she squeezed her tits together in preparation. Without any hesitance I started to fuck her tits, I would have loved for her to suck my cock at the same time but her tits were just too big. I could tell that this was going to be the final straw, lucky I came earlier or I would never have lasted this long.

'Treat me like a whore!' She screamed. At her demand I started to jack my cock off hard into her tits.

'Yes, like that,' she moaned.

It didn't take long before I was shooting cum into and all over her tits. She smiled as she started to lick up all of the cum. She took her time as she used her fingers to swallow every single bit of cum that had drenched her tits.

'Thank-' She started before I interrupted her by shoving my cock in her mouth.

'You're not done yet.' I said. 'Start sucking, whore.'

She started to wilfully suck on my half erect cock, it didn't take very long before she was able to bring it to a point of complete erectness again. I could feel my cock growing in the back of her throat, to my amazement I was balls deep in her mouth and full hard, and she had yet to gag on my cock, no wonder she became a stripper!

Once my cock was completely hard I slowly pulled it out of her mouth and stood up to walk over to the couch. I sat down and gestured for her to come over to me; she quickly stood up and walked until she was right in front of the couch.

'Stop,' I said. 'Now, I want you to lie on top of me, so that I can lick that pussy.'

She turned around and bent over, again exposing her ass to me as she stood on her hands and laced her legs over my shoulders so that her belly was touching my cock. She slowly inched her way backwards until finally her pussy was right in front of my face. I moved myself up further so that her mouth would fall nicely onto my cock. At this point, she began sucking it as hard as she could whilst rubbing my balls with her fingers. I shoved my tongue inside her pussy and started to lick all around inside, making sure to pay special attention to her clit.

I started to buck my hips so that I was fucking her mouth, she didn't seem to mind because this increased the momentum of my tongue in her vagina. Eventually I stood up, holding onto her body as she held onto mine, still fucking her face and licking her pussy. After a few minutes she moaned loudly whilst sucking my cock as she squirted a little juice into my face. After this she wrapped her legs around my neck, which let me place my hands on her head, which gave me better leverage to fuck her face.

It didn't take long after this for me to cum in her mouth, I held her there until she had slurped all of the cum that was now shooting out of my cock directly into the back of her throat. I turned around and dropped her on the couch; she just laid there, looking at me upside down.

'I almost feel bad for taking your money.' She said, through gasps.

'Don't feel bad,' I said. 'It's not real.'

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Both you and I seem to agree this is the best one....so far.

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That Salma Hayek finish is probably my finest hour.

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A start with Angelina Jolie.. ending with Salma Hayek.. It can't get any better..