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10-13-2013, 03:37 AM
Bad Girl Boogie 2
with Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez
By Deadshot
(codes: MF, FF, Cons, Oral)

DISCLAIMER: All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it ever occurred.

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It had only been a scant week since Victoria had had her fun with Tommy Farano, and she already felt so much better about herself, more confident. From the experience with Selena, the sex show that Selena, Ashley and Tommy(who wasn't in on it which somehow made it hotter) she got to view and finally her own one on one time with Tommy, it was like a mental block had lifted. She saw things differently.

It wasn't like she was instantly so much more mature than she had been, she knew that. However, she felt a lot more comfortable in her own skin, and was ready to go after what she wanted, make sure she read for the parts she wanted and make the music she wanted to make. She was on her way, and it felt great.

On the subject of her music, Tommy, her partner in song-writing(and recently much more) was due to be by any minute, and the slim songstress couldn't be more excited. They were going to much more than writing songs if she had anything to say about it. With good reason, Victoria doubted Tommy would mind her ideas.

As soon as those thoughts entered Victoria's head, her doorbell rang. "Mmmm, punctual," she muttered to herself, licking her lips. She hopped from her bed and glided down the stairs, walking on air as she reached the door.

With none of the trepidation she might have once had, Victoria gleefully opened the door, greeting Tommy with her beautiful smile.

"Hey Tommy," Victoria coyly said. Tommy nodded in response and and walked through the door. As soon as he set down his guitar case, Victoria was on him, kissing him savagely. His arms embraced her, roaming her body and squeezing her tight little ass.

"How about some pleasure before business?" Victoria asked, playfully licking his lips. "Then some pleasure after business?"

"Works for me." replied Tommy, all too eager for Victoria's offer. She jumped up on to him, wrapping her legs around his body, his hands still gripping her butt.

The two continued to make out as they headed to Victoria room, the movement of their lips and tongues priming them both for what was going to come.

As soon as they were in her bedroom, the two wasted no time. Not that there was any worry of interruption as Victoria had the house to herself for the rest of the day. When those two hit her bed, the clothes were already coming off.

Victoria seemed to be more eager than her bed-mate, tugging animalisticaly at his shirt before the troublesome garment finally came off. Victoria carelessly tossed it to her floor.

Tommy was a bit more meticulous with his movements. He bunched up her shirt just enough to reveal her flat tummy. He kissed and licked his way up the tone surface of her stomach, kissing her navel and circling it with his tongue.

Teasingly, Tommy worked his way up Victoria's body, bunching her shirt up until he finally removed it, exposing the lithe young woman's perky breasts to the air. Wasting no time, his mouth went to Victoria's breasts, the young woman loving the contact of his lips to her nipples.

"Yes," she hissed, pressing Tommy's head close to her chest. "Suck my tits...oh yeah..."

Tommy had no thoughts of stopping. The last time he was with Victoria, backstage at his show, he didn't take the time to appreciate her fully. He sought to rectify such a large oversight.

After giving some more attention to her breasts, Tommy began to work way back down her body, caressing every curve of Victoria's body. Tracing a trail down her body with his tongue and fingers Tommy finally got to her jeans. Victoria looked to down to see his smirking face as he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, planting one last kiss at the hem of her jeans before grasping them, and her underwear, and tugging them down.

Soon, Victoria was complete nude and Tommy drank in that sight for a few seconds before grasping her legs and began to work on them as well, working his way up from her ankles to her calves slowly, tasting every inch of Victoria's body he could before getting to his main target.

And from her calves he worked his way up her thighs, his slow approach driving the twenty year-old starlet wild with anticipation.

He kissed and nibbled at her inner thigh, and before too long(for either of them), Tommy was at her glistening slit, and seeing how ready she was did nothing but spur Tommy on more than he already was. He took a few moment to admire her pubic hair, shaved closely into a nice landing strip. He always liked that on a woman, and it somehow seemed perfect for Victoria, like she couldn't have anything else.

He ran his fingers up and down her engorged lips, making Victoria shiver and moan. After that slight bit of tease, Tom put his mouth the Victoria's wet cunt, loving the taste and the sounds Victoria was releasing from her mouth.

"More," she gasped. "Eat my pussy...more..." She clamped her thighs around her ears and arched her back.

Victoria's moans were soft, restrained. The sound of it, the restraint in her voice turned Tommy on more and more, his mouth attacking her clit while his digits worked inside Victoria, grazing her g-spot as he worked them in and out.

"So close...a little bit more...come on Tommy...give it to me..."

Tommy worked Victoria's cunt harder, the slower, keeping her on her toes. And as Victoria inched closer and closer to her orgasm, Tommy kept her guessing until she let out a deep moan and flooded Tommy face with her cum, the young musician loving every second of it, but clearly not as much as Victoria was. He couldn't help but smirk at himself as he felt her shake and watched as her hair thrashed about.

He pulled back and stood up as Victoria came down from her high. He began to undo his pants, taking them off in a flash. As much as he enjoyed taking his time with her, he couldn't wait to actually get inside Victoria again.

Fortunately for him, she couldn't wait either. As soon as her eyes were open, she gazed straight into his eyes, licking her lips and signaling him over with her finger.

Tommy happily accepted the invitation, getting on top of Victoria. The two kissed deeply, Victoria reaching between them to line his hard cock up with her wet opening. When he was lined, she broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, biting her lower lip seductively.

"Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me, now." And Tommy did just that, entering her to the hilt. "That's it..." Victoria wrapped her tone legs around him tight, keeping him as close as she could while he began to build up a rhythm."

"Every inch, Tommy...every inch... I need it...."

"Take it, Vic," growled Tommy. "You fucking love it, so take it all...fuck yeah..."

Her arms pulled him close, her nails digging deep into his back, tighter and tighter until the skin broke. The tighter she held, the harder he thrusted, Victoria's headboard now hitting the wall in rhythm with Tommy's thrusts.

Another sound being added to the mix was Victoria's own voice. Where as it had been restrained while Tommy was eating her out, as soon as the two began fucking, she let loose. Loud moans, groans and pleading for more echoed throughout the empty house.

The two rolled over, Victoria now on top. The young star wasted no time in building up her own rhythm, riding Tommy hard and fast. The young man happily let Victoria take over the pace, grasping her firm ass as she happily rode his hard rod.

"Ride me, Victoria," Tommy said. "Ride my fucking dick."

Victoria did just that, throwing her head back as pleasure coursed through her veins. "So fucking good....so good."

Victoria leaned forward, her chest pressed to Tommy's, kissing and biting his lips while she ground her cunt on his cock. Tommy breathed deep at the sensation, almost losing it at that moment. The way her pussy flexed and squeezed his cock was amazing. As much fun his first time with Victoria was, this time was definitely a step up for him, as well as Victoria.

Victoria rose again, bouncing herself on Tommy's dick, a sheen of sweat covering her, matting some of her hair to her fit body. Tommy craned himself up, placing his mouth back to her breasts, sucking them eagerly.

"That's it" hissed Victoria. "Suck my tits...suck them...oh God yessss...."

Tommy rose up again, pulling out of Victoria and getting her on all fours, a position Victoria eagerly took. She flipped her hair back, looking at Tommy over her should. "Give it to me Tommy...fuck me as hard you can...give it to me...every last fucking inch..."

Tommy did jsut that. With one thrust, he slammed himself hard into Victoria's sopping slit, Victoria releasing a loud yell of pleasure. With a firm grip on her hips, Tom gave her everything he had; nothing slow, nothing tender. She wanted to be fucked and he wanted to fuck her.

"YES!" roared Victoria in a tone that would have surprised her if she was thinking about that instead of how good she was feeling. She had never had sex like this before...so fun...so pleasurable. Nothing had felt like this had, and she was addicted. She couldn't imagine how it could get better, but she was more than willing to find out.

Victoria leaned forward, her face down while her ass was up in the air. The new angle let Tommy penetrate her deeper, sending new chills up her spine. She reached a hand between her legs and began to work her clit, the young woman now careening towards a bigger, more explosive orgasm. It was just on the horizon, building and building...

"More...more....more...yes....yes....YES...FUCK YES!!!!" Victoria cried out and came, hard. Much harder than her first one. Her legs gave out from under her, making her lie flat on the bed, Tommy still giving her everything he had, pounding into her tired, quivering form.

"Don't stop," Victoria moaned, still riding her orgasm out. "Keep going."

Tommy was doing just that, but the spasming of her pussy got to be too much for him. As Victoria was coming down, still feeling the afterglow of her orgasm, Tommy was reaching his.

"I'm cumming Victoria!" Tommy alerted her. "Where do you want me to..."

"I want to taste you," Victoria dreamily said. The thought would have shocked her if she wasn't so drunk on pleasure. "Cum right in my mouth...let me taste you, Tommy. Every last bit you have...I need it."

Tommy wasted no time; he pulled out of Victoria's dripping snatch while Victoria flipped onto her back, raising herself up on her arms and taking Tommy's cock into her mouth, sucking him to his own explosive finish.

With a growl, Tommy flooded Victoria's mouth with his cum. He held her head still as he shot stream after stream into her mouth, Victoria swallowing everything he had to give her like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.

Even after he had stopped shooting, Victoria continued sucking, sending a few shivers up Tommy's spine as well, her eyes piercing his. Finally, she let him free, a sexy smile on her face as he fast down, both of them catching their breaths.

"Well, I don't know about you," Victoria said, a sly smile on her face. "But I think today's going to be very productive."

After a round of working on songs and another round in the bedroom, Tommy left Victoria's home. Victoria was as high as a kite on the experience. Tired and sore, but the most rewarding and good kind she could think of.

She was wearing only a short terrycloth robe when her doorbell rang again. She went downstairs and answered it to find Selena Gomez behind the door.

http://thumbnails106.imagebam.com/28129/fc8fab281287660.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/fc8fab281287660) http://thumbnails104.imagebam.com/28129/112f45281287667.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/112f45281287667) http://thumbnails101.imagebam.com/28129/428dee281287713.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/428dee281287713)

"Hey there, Vic," Selena said brightly. "Catch you in the middle of something, or someone?"

"Oh, no. Actually you caught me just after something with someone."

"Sounds like fun. Was it the good Mr. Farano?" Victoria nodded in response, blushing a bit. "Excellent. May I come in?"

"Sure, I was just about to take a shower though." replied Victoria.

"Oh, it won't be long, just wanted to touch base a bit." Selena walked in, Victoria closing and locking the door behind her. Selena leaned her back again a wall. "While it's good to see you having so much fun, has that helped your professional life at all?"

"Yes," Victoria happily nodded. "You were right. I feel different and I guess it shows. I landed a show I don't think I would have gotten a month ago. You were right."

"Sometimes, you just have to kick back and have a little fun. Speaking of which, I think you need to celebrate. I'm having a party tomorrow at my place. Kind of a big blowout before I go on tour. You should come by, we'll celebrate your new show."

"Sounds like fun."

"Tommy will be there."

"A lot of fun."

"I like your attitude," giggled Selena. "I think with all this going on, you should turn the dial up tomorrow. Expand your horizons."

"With Tommy?"

"If you want, sure." replied Selena matter-of-factly. "Just do something you didn't think you could, again. It's fun and healthy for the mind."

"Okay," responded Vitoria. "What did you have in mind?"

"Remember what me and Ashley did with Tommy?"


"Well, why don't you and I do that with him?" suggested Selena, a wicked grin on her face.

"What? I mean...I'm sure it'd be fun, but I don't know Selena..."

"No one's saying you have to do it. What I am saying is maybe broaden your horizons. You liked the show, you liked it when I fingered you...so why not take that next leap?"

Selena watched as Victoria debated it. While she was confident the Puerto Rican cutie would say yes, the waiting got to be too much for her. Selena made her approach, and before Victoria knew it her lips were locked with Selena's in a deep, tongue probing kiss.

At first, Victoria was shocked, but the shock melted away into a welcoming embrace, pulling the Latina seductress closer to her.

Selena slid Victoria's robe off, leaving her nude. She then broke the kiss, her deep brown eyes staring into Victoria's. "How about we take that shower you were talking about?"

Victoria nodded absentmindedly, slightly dazed over what was going on.

"Then please, do lead the way."

Selena followed Victoria up the stairs, shedding her clothes on the way up. By the time the two were in Victoria's spacious bathroom, Selena was now completely nude herself.

"Nice shower Vic," remarked Selena. "Very spacious. This is gonna be fun."

Victoria opened the shower door and turned the water on, then the two got in. And as soon as the two entered, Selena was on Victoria again, her kiss much more rough and eager, as was Victoria's response.

Steam filled the room as the hot water cascaded off the two gorgeous young women's bodies. Selena's hand ran down Victoria's bodies, exploring the wet flesh. Her mouth did the same, moving from Victoria's mouth to her neck and to her breasts, nibbling her erect nipples.

All the while, Selena was slowly moving Victoria towards the built-in seat in her shower until the seduced woman was sitting down. Selena licked at Victoria's mouth, her tongue gliding over the lips and planting a kiss. "Sit back and enjoy Vic."

Victoria nodded and Selena began her work, her lips on Victoria mouth and her fingers entering her cunt.

"Ohhhh," shuddered Victoria, the reaction making Selena smile. The sexy instigator worked a rhythm with her fingers, knowing just the right spots to hit, her thumb on Victoria's clit while her index and middle fingers were inside.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Selena asked, bowing her head down to lick Victoria's nipple. "You're so fucking hot Vic...no wonder you have Tommy's attention. The look on your face right now is so fucking sexy...soaking wet in the shower...."

"Oh wow," moaned Victoria. Selena laughed, the sucked on Victoria's other nipple. Slowly but surely Selena moved down Victoria's wet body until she was on her knees, eye level with Victoria's slit.

"Now that looks tasty," remarked Selena. "Mind if I have a taste?"

"Oh yes," Victoria said. Selena moved her head forward and got to work, licking up Victoria's pussy lips before settling on her clit softly licking and sucking on it.

"Oh wow," shuddered Victoria. She bit her lower lip and moved her hand down to Selena's head. Their eyes locked as Selena ate her out, the vision of Selena on her knees, the hot water of the shower running over her body, her dark hair slicked back did just as much to turn Victoria on as what Selena was doing. Well, almost as much.

Victoria reached her hand down, fingers going through Selena's hair while grinding her cunt into her face. "That's it Selena....right there..."

Selena continued working on Victoria's pussy, sucking harder on her clit and working her fingers in her slick opening. Up until this point Selena had also been working her own pussy with her free hand. Now though, seeing how close Victoria was, a new thought entered her head, one that would have made her smile if her mouth wasn't already very busy.

Selena moved her hand from her own pussy and glided it over Victoria's thigh to her firm ass, Victoria too drunk on her own pleasure to figure out what the mischievous seductress had in mind.

"OH!" yelped Victoria, Selena having surprised her by inserting a finger into Victoria's virgin asshole. "Ooohhh...."

As Victoria's voice trailed off, Selena new she had made the right move and began to finger the woman's anus. IT was only a matter of time now, and Selena turned up the heat as much as she could.

"AHHHHHHH!" moaned Victoria, cumming hard all over Selena's face. Selena continued working over Victoria, letting the slim woman ride her orgasm out. When Selena pulled back, Victoria descended on Selena, kissing her just as savagely and aggressive as Selena had her.

Now Victoria was the aggressor, Selena on her back in Victoria's expansive shower. Victoria moved down Selena's body, her kisses ravenous, hungry for Selena's body and everything she had on display.

She bit playfully on the slightly older woman's plump lips, Selena letting out a shocked sigh of pleasure mixed with pain. Wasting no time, Victoria movie down Selena's body, sampling everything before reaching Selena's bald cunt.

This sudden reversal of roles pleased Selena a lot. Who knew Victoria Justice would be such a hellcat when given just the right push? And she had only begun to reap the benefits.

"That's it," growled Selena the moment Victoria's mouth met her pussy. Victoria, though inexperienced with women(unlike Selena) was purely going on instinct based on what Selena had done as well as what Victoria that she liked herself, Selena didn't seem to mind. She was still enjoying it, both for the feelings and the show a sex-crazed Victoria just was putting on.

"Fuck yeah Vic, suck that clit...finger me too..." Selena was already moaning with Victoria's movements. Victoria's eagerness more than made up for any inexperience. Besides, it was always fun to play teacher and see what someone could do on their own.

So far, Victoria was doing very, very well. Any trepidation she might have felt burned away as soon as Selena had made her cum. She gripped Selena's hips tight as she worked on Selena's pussy. Victoria savagely went after Selena's clit with her tongue, lapping at it quickly, then sucking on it hard. She never let up her treatment; Victoria was a woman possessed.

However, just because she was possessed didn't mean she didn't have something on her mind Selena hadn't done. Taking a momentary break from Selena's pussy, Victoria reached up and grasped her shower head and brought down to her.

Victoria finger fucked Selena hard and fast, Selena arching her back and crying out loud in pleasure. Victoria then did her own notch raising and aimed the showerhead directly at Selena's clit, the warm water hitting the sensitive nub and making Selena scream even louder.

"Cum Selena...fucking cum for me!" growled Victoria.

"OH GOD FUCK YES!" Selena screamed, her body writhing on the shower floor and her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

While Selena crashed into her orgasm, Victoria rushed up to her face and kissed her deep, Selena moaning into Victoria's mouth while the now-dominant young woman continued to work her fingers in Selena's pussy, loving the feeling of the spasming around her digits.

As Selena came down, Victoria's movements became more tender, the kisses softer. Her hand moved from between Selena's legs to her face, caressing it before their kiss finally broke.

Victoria then rolled onto her back, staring straight up at the ceiling. "Wow," she said. "I...I've never done anything like that before."

"Fun, huh?" Selena knowingly asked.

"Oh yeah. Nice change of pace. Can't wait to bring Tommy into this."

"Well," Selena said, catching her breath. "I think you're ready for the party."