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Film Buff 9
Written by MacedMan
With Jenna Fischer, Julianne Moore and Laura Prepon
(MF, BJ)

Film Buff 9 Prologue: Hal

I had been working on this project for a long time. It was the most important thing I had ever worked on in my entire career. Everything I had ever done in the field of science had been leading to this. A few years prior to the present I had come up with an idea that I knew would make me a millionaire one day, but the only problem was that nobody where I worked believed me, so I was fired and sent into a spiral of depression.

A year ago, while working at as an office supplies salesman I told my idea to an incredibly wealthy client, he was a movie producer who was known for getting funding in... unorthodox ways and he thought that my idea could change the way we view films and thus make him billions of dollars. He was completely enamoured with the idea that maybe we could stop watching cinema and start living it.

He gave me two-hundred thousand dollars to fund my project, with that I founded X Zone Systems, a company all of my own, I was completely in charge of everything that went on there. After six months I was already able to get volunteers into movies and have them take part in the action, they weren't the stars of course but they had the best seats in the house so to speak.

After I showed him what I had so far, he was very impressed but one thing was bugging him, he wanted me to figure out a way that people could take part in the sex scenes of films, 'the ultimate fan fiction' he called it. He gave me two months until he wanted to see sex being implemented, so I found a test subject and began work on the ultimate fan fiction feature.

'You were able to completely change everything in that last one, right down to Salma Hayek's core values,' I said to the young man who I was unstrapping from the machine.

'Yeah, the machine is starting to understand my preferences and predict what I want before I even know I want it, it's able to dig into my mind and find my dirtiest fantasies,' he said as he took a glass of water from the desk beside him and gulped it down. 'Sure leaves you thirsty doesn't it?'

'I tried to come up with a way for it to hydrate the subject while engaged in the films, but all it did was drown them,' I said as he stood up from the chair and stretched his legs.

'People have died?' The subject asked, taken aback by my callousness.

'No, no, no, of course not this was very early in testing, I only drowned rats,' in my head that sounded comforting but out loud it just sounded horrible so I decided to change the subject. 'Don't worry about that though, today is your last day.'

'What?' This seemed to have more of an effect than the drowning comment.

'My investor comes in tomorrow and then it's going into mass manufacturing,' I said as I reset a few options on the computer. 'So you can buy one when it goes on sale.'

'But... you made me stay here instead of going to a job interview today...'

'I know and I'm awfully sorry about that, but I needed you here it is the last day after all and remember, you decided to stay,' I said, attempting to stabilise the situation.

'Jesus Christ you're a god damned mad man,' he said viciously.

I stared at my computer screen in silence for a moment, not knowing how to react. 'Breaks over, sit in the chair.'

'Why should I? Why should I do anything for you?'

'Because you want to.'

He sat down in the chair and strapped himself in, by now he had completely memorised everything he needed to do for this to work, which was good for me because I was sick of explaining it. I pressed the initiation codes on the computer screen and watched as his eyes went black. I minimised the live feed. I never watched the live feed.

Film Buff 9: Last Day At The Office

Hal had pissed me off, but it was comforting to know I was going back to a place where I had control over everything, a place where I was legitimately happy. This machine was my only escape from the humdrums of my existence, this was ironic because while I was hoping to show up somewhere I could forgetting everything, I wound up somewhere I never wanted to go to again, I found myself standing in an office.

'Well that sounds about right,' I said to myself as I looked around, immediately recognising the office as being 'the office'.

I had a weird relationship with this show, I really enjoyed the first few seasons of it and then I just sort of stopped watching it. After a while I assumed that it had started to suck, like most shows that go past season five do which caused me to actually actively avoid it, and now here I was, in the midst of it, very excited to meet Jenna Fischer also known as Pam the receptionist.

'I know baby, it's so annoying that I had to come in early,' a voice from the hallway said.

Perfect, it was before opening hours which meant Pam and I could have a little alone time without the interruption of outside forces. I had to figure out what my best point of entry was going to be so I quickly looked around and decided that underneath her desk would be perfect, if I was lucky I would catch a glimpse of her natural red bush.

I dashed around the desk and ducked underneath, waiting in silence as I heard a loud crash coming from the other side of the room. 'Clumsy bitch,' I whispered to myself quietly.

'Finally, thought I'd never get away from him,' she said as she sat down, keeping her legs annoyingly closed.

I waited in silence, wishing for her to spread her legs apart and also silently praying for her to not be wearing any panties. Before long my wish came true, but not my prayers because although she now had her legs comfortably apart, she was still wearing panties. What happened next though, took me completely by surprise, my view of her panties was suddenly interrupted by a female hand creeping up the receptionist's skirt.

'This must be what she meant by alone time,' I thought to myself as Pam's pencil skirt was invaded by her own wondering hand.

She rubbed her fingers against the material of panties, giving me a good view of the garment as it began to soak with her own juices. She placed a single finger underneath them, gently shoving it inside her pussy, while still denying me a good look of her carpet. She pulled it out and shoved it back in slowly, but repeatedly, before long adding another finger to the mix and then another finger until she had three fingers jamming inside her pussy and out again.

She was quietly moaning as she did this, I couldn't help myself, I just had to do something about not being able to see that pussy so I placed my hands on her thighs and gently pulled her panties off, revealing her glorious pussy to me and giving her fingers better range of motion. Either she didn't notice or she didn't care because she just continued to rapidly pleasure herself.

'I've always wanted to eat a natural red head,' I said to myself as I watched her fingers invade herself.

'Then do it Jim!' The receptionist moaned.

This took me by surprise, but I wasn't sure if she had mistaken me for Jim or if she thought that she was imagining it all, so I decided to take a chance any way.

'Oh fuck yeah!' She moaned as I licked her fingers and pussy.

She pulled her fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and I replaced them with my tongue, softly licking the sides of her box. She moaned again, this time even louder and she rested a hand on the back of my head, giving me the signal to further penetrate her pussy with my tongue. I began to softly jam my tongue in her pussy, causing her to sharply grip the back of my head in pleasure.

'Yes Jim! Fuck me with your mouth Jim!' She screamed, now having lost all concept of discretion.

'Erin! What are you doing?' A loud voice called out from the entrance.

'Oh shit!' The receptionist I thought was Pam screamed as she jumped out of her chair, attempting to flatten her skirt out.

'Who the fuck is Erin?' I thought to myself as I hid under the desk, hoping whoever had caught us didn't realise it was an 'us'.

'Why are you masturbating alone at work?' The man asked, quelling my fears.

'I was just... I was... can we just go outside and talk about this?' Erin answered, clearly trying to give me a chance to move to another room, she did think I was Jim after all.

'Fine, but you've got some explaining to do,' the man said as I poked my head out to watch her ass sway as she took him out into the hall.

'Hal, I have no idea what is going on!' I whispered as I crept towards the break room, thinking I might be able to pass off as a janitor or something.

'What's wrong?' Hal's voice asked.

'I thought I was in The Office, but that certainly was not Jenna Fischer I was eating out!'

'Oh, late in the show they got a new receptionist when Pam got promoted,' Hal said, leaving me in shocked silence. 'So what? I love The Office, fuck me right?... Dick'

'It's not a bad thing, it's just surprising Hal, considering you're a scientist and all... you don't like-'

'No I don't like Big Bang Theory!' Hal screamed, causing me to laugh as I reached the door to the break room. 'What is strange though, is this doesn't seem to be from an episode of The Office, the machine seems to be just creating scenarios for you to play around in, it's like it's bored or something.'

I opened the door to the break room to find something I certainly wasn't expecting. 'Hal, do me a favour and shut up okay,' I said as I looked at what appeared to be Pam getting fucked on the kitchen sink, by someone that wasn't Jim.

'Holy shit Jim!' Pam exclaimed as she noticed my presence.

'Huh?' It turns out I was Jim. 'Oh, what the fuck is this?'

'I'm sorry Jim,' the guy said as he pulled his cock out of Pam and backed away.

'I don't even know what to say, I'm so sorry... I was vulnerable...' Pam said in an attempt to explain herself.

I stood in silence, surveying the situation, weighing my options. I had never seen the guy Pam was fucking before, he must've been a new cast member, like the receptionist. 'I'm actually cool with this,' I said finally, hoping to use the situation to my advantage.

'You are?' The stranger asked, looking puzzled.

'Yeah, it's been a fantasy of mine, to see you get fucked hard by another man,' I said to Pam, my would be girlfriend.

I locked the door behind me. 'Are you sure about this Jim?' Pam asked now off the sink and walking towards me.

I pulled her towards me and kissed her deeply on the lips. 'Very sure.' I said as I pulled her hand to my pants, making her feel my hard cock.

'It's always been a fantasy of mine to have you watch me fuck another man,' Pam said as she rubbed my cock through my pants, while I gestured for the stranger to come closer to us.

'Okay,' I said as I grabbed her free hand and placed it on the strangers free cock. 'Prove it.'

She rubbed both of our cocks as I kissed her passionately on the mouth, before backing away. 'I want you to unbutton her blouse,' I told the guy.

He quickly followed orders, undoing each button on her blouse as she jacked his cock watching me as she did it. 'I've waited so long to see these tits,' the guy said as her bra came into view, we shared this in common.

'Go ahead and feel them,' I said once the blouse was undone completely, he abided readily, wasting no time taking her large bra covered tits in his hands.

'These are everything I ever dreamed they would be,' the guy said, groping them in his hands and kissing them.

While the two of them were making out, I couldn't contain myself any longer, feeling the need to unzip my pants and take my cock out which was now rock hard. After doing this I walked behind Pam, feeling her ass up and squeezing tightly. After a moment of this I grabbed the hand she wasn't using to jack off this stranger, and insisted she use it to jack my cock off, which she did so.

'I thought you were just going to watch?' Pam said as I kissed her neck and took her bra clasp in my hands.

'I'm not here to watch,' I said as I unhooked her bra and placed my hands on her big, now free tits, slapping the strangers hands away as I did so.

'Did your cock get bigger Jim?' Pam asked, after realising my slightly enhanced cock wasn't the same as the one she was used to.

'Roll her skirt up,' I commanded the stranger, ignoring my would be girlfriends question as I played with her nipples.

He rolled her skirt up, giving him a full view of her red headed pussy and myself a full view of her pale white round ass. 'You're built for fucking,' I said as I took a handful of her ass, kissing her on the cheek while I continued to grope a tit with my other hand.

'I'm your little fuck machine,' Pam said as she picked up her speed, jacking my cock while it rested against her ass.

'Put your cock in this fuck machine guy,' I said. 'Fill her pussy.'

'Yes please fill my pussy!' Pam shouted.

He did as he was told, making sure to push hard as he shoved his cock inside of the fiery receptionists box. 'Take that cock,' I whispered. 'Take that cock you fucking slut!'

'Fuck yeah, give it to me!' She exclaimed.

She stopped jacking my cock, leaving it to rest in her ass crack as she helped the guy push his cock inside her further and harder. I kissed her on the side of the mouth with both hands cupping her tits before pulled them both down to meet her ass. I gently pulled her ass cheeks apart and sat my cock right outside her ass hole, before shoving it in without warning, causing her to shriek.

'Fuck!' She yelled out in pleasure, unable to vocalise any other words.

I pulled my cock out and shoved it back inside, each time I shoved my cock in the other guy took his out, and vice versa, this way we would never touch balls, and it would maximise pleasure for Pam, she wasn't going to go a single moment without a cock inside her.

'I'm gonna cum!' The guy shouted as we both ploughed away at her.

'Then pull out, you aren't cumming in my fuck machine!' I shouted.

He pulled out and almost instantly came all over Pam's stomach. 'Fuck, sorry about that.'

'Clean it up,' I said gesturing towards Pam's discarded blouse, still shoving my cock deep inside of her ass.

He picked the blouse up off the ground and wiped his semen off her belly, placing it on the table when he was finished. 'My ass is starting to hurt baby,' Pam moaned as I pounded her.

'Okay, well I'll switch it up then,' I said as I pulled my cock out of her ass and bent her over the table, shoving my cock hard inside her recently vacated pussy as I did so.

I was fucking her so hard against the table that it was shaking and she was no longer moaning, she was instead gasping loudly with every time I pumped my cock in her. The stranger sat down and took in the show, the tables having turned on him.

'I'm the only one who gets to cum inside you,' I spat as I railed her from behind.

'Please, cum in me now!' She screamed.

'No,' I shouted as I pulled my cock out of her pussy. 'Turn around and suck my cock.'

She didn't speak, instead she simply followed my orders and got down on her knees taking my cock inside her mouth.

'Yeah, right there that's the spot,' I moaned as she took the length of my cock in her mouth.

She bobbed up and down on my cock rapidly rubbing my balls as she did so. I took my hands and placed them on the back of her head, bucking my hips so I was fucking her mouth.

'Play with your tits,' I commanded.

Instantly she started to fondle her own large pale tits, while I was now viciously fucking her in the face. Something about this girl just made me want to treat her like a whore, the way she always made herself look so professional on the show, there was something so tantalising about tearing it all away.

'I wanna cum on your tits,' I said as I pulled my cock out of her mouth and let her jack me off.

'Can I cum on her tits too?' The third asked politely, well as politely as you can ask such a question.

'When I'm finished with her,' I said feeling the pressure in my cock building.

'Cover my tits baby, cover these big full tits,' she moaned now lightly grazing my cock with her tits and she jacked me.

'Here it cums!' I shouted before shooting my seed all over her gorgeous round tits.

From behind me I heard the door fly open, shocked I turned to find Ed Helms cock deep in the redhead girl I was pleasuring earlier, holding her in the air as he penetrated her. 'What the hell is going on in here? And can we join?'

With that I was ripped right out of the room, finding myself flying through an ever expanding world of pure nothingness until I appeared again in the never ending hallway.

'What the fuck Hal?' I called out. 'The best part was about to happen!'

I got no response as I wondered down the hall passing all of the doors I had been warned not to enter without his go ahead. 'Hal! Answer me!'

Film Buff 9: Hal's Problem

'Hal, do me a favour and shut up okay,' the subject requested obnoxiously, turning the live feed off immediately, I only ever turned it on when I needed to communicate with the subject.

I felt bad, earlier today while the subject was fornicating with Salma Hayek in the film Americano I received a phone call from my investor insisting that we go into mass production almost immediately, I thought I was going to have another couple weeks with the subject, but instead I had to boot him out by the end of the day.

Suddenly I heard the sound of my buzzer ringing. 'Who could that be?' I asked myself as I checked the security footage.

It was a young woman, I assumed she was there to sell me stationary or something. 'Go away,' I said into the intercom. 'I don't need any pencils!'

'I'm not here to fucking sell you pencils, you have my brother inside and I want you to let him out!' The woman screamed back at me, causing me to wince.

'He's here under his own free will,' I stated, not sure what I should do.

'He had a very important job interview today! What is this place? Let me in!' The subjects sister was clearly not going to let up and I figured I had better let her in, or she might call the authorities which would make things awkward.

'Fine, I'll buzz you in,' I said as I did just that, quickly pressing the recalibrate button to avoid explaining to the woman why her brother was having sex with Jenna Fischer on my screen.

'What is this place and where is my brother?' The woman asked abrasively.

'This is X-Zone Systems and your brother is in the computer at the moment,' I said, knowing just how ridiculous that sounded.

'Inside the computer?' She asked with an annoyed tone.

'Have you ever seen Tron miss...'

'Jessica, just call me Jessica,' she said bluntly. 'No I haven't seen Tron, I can't think of anyone who has.'

'You mustn't be that into film,' I said, insulted by her ignorance.

'I'm a film journalist, what does my brother have to do with Tron?' Jessica asked.

'Basically I've figured out a way to send people into the computer to become a part of certain media, your brother is the person I have been paying to try my prototype out on,' I explained, quite poorly to the woman.

'Wait, you're actually shrinking him down and sending him into the computer? Like Willy Wonka?' She asked, eyes wide in amazement.

'Well if you want to oversimplify it, yes that's exactly it,' I said.

'Okay, I know you're paying him and everything but he has an opportunity to get a real job in film journalism today, can you please get him out of the computer so I can take him there so he can finally get over that break up and move on with his life,' she requested.

'It's probably just as well, today was his last day anyway,' I said, turning back around to the computer. 'I'm going to bring you out now, your sister Jessica is here.'

'Thank you,' Jessica said, pulling out a chair and sitting down.

'What the fuck?' I shouted, looking over at the empty chair where the subject should have appeared immediately.

'What's wrong?' Jessica asked.

'I don't know! I don't know!'

Film Buff 9: The Film Buff Is Alright

'Hal! What the fuck why aren't you answering?' I called out, so frustrated I was banging on the walls in the endless hallway.

It had been a few minutes since Hal had ripped me out of what was about to become an office room five-way and left me in the recalibration room without telling me what was going on.

'Fuck this,' I said to myself. 'I'm going to open a door Hal! Do you want to stop me?'

I still got no reply. 'Whatever, it's your fault, what ever happens to me because of this or your precious little machine is on you!'

I opened the closest door and walked inside, finding myself walking into a bedroom with a half naked Julianne Moore sitting on the side of the bed beckoning me to come closer. I couldn't help but think that Hal was worrying about nothing when it came to opening the door without his permission, it was clear to me that nothing had happened, except for this intense scene laid out before me.

'Suck my cock,' I said to her as I stopped in front of her, the longer I spent in this machine the more blunt I got with my intentions, I had been there long enough to know I was guaranteed to get what I want regardless of how I ask for it.

'Let's just get this belt off,' red-headed Julianne said, immediately ripping my belt off and throwing it to the floor, rushing her way to get my jeans off.

'You like what you see?' I asked, putting a hand through her soft red hair.

'Wow!' She exclaimed at the sight of my cock.

'Get to work,' I said as I pushed her head closer to my cock, her lips grazing the tip softly.

'With pleasure!' She said before taking the head in her mouth, lightly pulling my jeans down as she did so.

'Yeah, that's the way,' I said as I closed my eyes, keeping my hands on the back her head as I did so.

She stayed on point, lightly bobbing on top of my cock getting more inside her mouth each time she bobbed down. I opened my eyes to find that she had pretty much made her way to the base of my cock, she head managed to pull my jeans down completely so her hands were now focused on stroking my cock and lightly massaging my balls.

'Your cock tastes so good,' she said, pulling it out of her mouth and licking down the side, staring up at me as she did so.

'Right there,' I said as she took my balls in her mouth and sucked, lightly rubbing her fingers against my cock as she did so.

'I've always wanted to have balls in my mouth,' she said as she kissed up my cock.

'Congratulations,' I said pushing her head back onto my cock.

She took it back in her mouth and bobbed faster than before, she wasn't very good at giving head, but luckily my hands were there to guide her. I lightly pulled her along, keeping my cock in her mouth, but forcing her to swap positions with me, letting me sit down on the bed and her getting on her ground.

'Uh fuck,' I moaned loudly as she head bobbed hard up and down on my dick, a mess of red hair following her.

She slowed down and took her mouth of my cock. 'I want to feel a cock inside me,' she said standing up and removing her khakis.

'Turn around and bend over,' I said as she revealed her black panties.

'You like a bit of a show do you,' she said as she turned around, bending as she removed her panties.

'You could say I like my sex to have a cinematic quality to it,' I said, as I took my shirt off and threw it to the ground. 'Now take the bra off.'

'You're the boss,' she said as she reached back and unclasped her bra.

'That's the way,' I said as I lightly jacked my cock while she removed her bra completely, throwing it to the corner of the room.

'How was that?' She asked as she turned back around, revealing her naked pussy and tits.

'Great,' I said. 'Now come over here and take a seat on my cock.'

'Finally,' she said as she climbed down onto the bed, approaching me while I stayed seated cross legged.

'I wanna fuck you deep,' I said as she wrapped her legs around my back, holding onto my shoulders for support as I aimed my cock at her oncoming pussy.

'Holy shit!' She moaned as my cock penetrated her lesbian box.

'How does it feel to have a cock inside you?' I asked as I gripped her waist.

'Fucking amazing,' she said as I slowly lifted her up my cock.

'You're going to like this even better then,' I said as I pulled her back down.

'Jesus Christ!' She screamed out.

'Take it,' I spat as I repeated the process, this time faster.

Before long Julianne had started to help so now the two of us we just slamming hard into each other, in this position my cock was able to penetrate her incredibly deeply. I gripped the back of her head while we did this, pulling her gorgeous red hair hard while I fucked her. She dug her nails in my back, her red hair was making me crazy, somehow releasing all this pent up rage I had.

'Fuck this,' I said as I lifted up and slammed back down into her on the bed so I was fucking her in a missionary position.

'Yes!' She moaned digging her nails into my hair as I fucked her.

'You're such a whore,' I said as I continued to pull her hair. 'A cheating slut.'

'You're fucking right!' She screamed, her legs still wrapped around my back, my cock going into her as deep as ever.

She just moaned loudly as I continued to fuck her. 'You love it!' I yelled.

'Cum inside me,' she moaned. 'Please give me your cum!'

'Not yet,' I said pulling my cock out of her pussy. 'Turn around,' I said.

She released my back from her legs as I pulled away. 'You're going to fuck me from behind aren't you?' She asked as she flipped over onto her face.

'You're damn fucking right I am,' I said as I pulled her backside up into the air, getting a good grip on her ass cheeks.

'Have you ever been fucked doggie style before?' I asked as I rubbed her pussy with my cock.

'I've only ever fucked one guy before and let me just say he was not good at it, or particularly adventurous,' she said, turning her head to look back at me.

'I used to fuck a red head that looked like you,' I said. 'And let's just say she was quite good at it and very adventurous,' I said as I shoved my cock back inside her pussy, causing her to moan into the pillow.

'This is fucking incredible,' she said as I began to fuck her repeatedly from behind. 'Having a cock inside me is just... oh fuck!'

I smacked her freckly butt cheek as I continued to slam her pussy. 'To be fair, most cocks aren't as big as mine.'

'You got that right!' She moaned as I gripped her ass cheek tight with one hand and pulled her hair with the other.

'Hello, excuse me!' A voice called from outside, knocking on the door.

'Fuck!' She exclaimed as I paused, my cock deep in her pussy.

'What, what is it?' I said, confused.

'I have to tell him to go away,' she said attempting to pull away from my.

'Come on in!' I called out as I restarted fucking her. 'The door's open!'

'What the fuck?' She half yelled half moaned as her face slammed back into the pillow.

'Don't you think he deserves to see?' I asked as I rammed into her roughly. 'He deserves to see first hand what kind of a cheating slut his boss is.'

'You're right,' she said as the door opened and a fat Mexican man walked in.

'I'm sorry!' He said, shielding his eyes.

'It's okay,' I said. 'I'm nearly finished with her, then maybe you can have a round, I have a feeling she's going to want more cock when I'm through with her.'

'Oh my god!' She called out in pleasure as I pushed her face hard against the pillow, gripping her hair tightly as I fucked her.

'I'm gonna cum!' I called out as I came hard in her pussy, the fat Mexican man now had his cock out and was stroking it.

'That was amazing,' she said. 'You were kidding about him fucking me though weren't you?'

'That's up to you,' I said as I pulled my cock out of her and pulled my shirt back on. 'I'm going for a walk.'

'Are you serious?' She asked as the Mexican man walked closer.

'You're damn right I am,' I said as U pulled my jeans back on, moving passed the other man and walking out the door.

'Well what are you waiting for?' Julianne said. 'Shove in inside me.'

When I walked outside of the room though, I didn't disappear and reappear inside another film like I usually did, instead I just walked into the living room.

'What the fuck Hal?' I called out as I walked out into the back porch.

Just like before I was getting no answer. I thought that maybe Hal had walked away from the computer and that's why nothing was happening, but then I remembered that the machine had started to move around itself without Hal's input. That's when I realised that maybe I had broken something when I walked through the door, that's when I started to panic.

'Hello!' I called out. 'Please Hal! I don't want to be trapped in here!'


'Please God! If I get out of here I'll change I'll call... I call fuck! Why can't I remember my ex-girlfriends name? I really am trapped... I really am-' Suddenly everything around me disappeared.

Film Buff 9: That 70s Hoe

'Where am I?' I asked myself as I woke up on a couch in a large basement.

'You can have anything you want,' a loud electronic voice boomed. 'Just ask for it.'

'What the hell is going on?' I called out to the voice coming from seemingly nowhere.

'Perhaps if I took the voice of someone you trusted,' the voice boomed again, slowly changing to sound exactly like Morgan Freeman.

'Morgan Freeman? Oh this is a dream,' I said as I looked around the empty basement, now recognising it as the Foreman's basement from That 70s Show.

'I assure you that this isn't a dream, but it carries similar rules as a dream would,' Morgan Freeman's voice said as I stood up and wondered around.

'I'm so confused,' I said. 'Where am I? What is this?'

'You are a test subject, and you are inside of a program that lets you enter the universes of films and television,' Morgan Freeman explained.

'How come I don't remember coming here... as a matter of fact I can't remember anything about my life at all,' I said, suddenly realising I didn't even remember my own name.

'When the system restarted, so did all of your memories. You only know what is installed into this program, so you know everything there is to know about every film or television program installed but you don't even know your own name.'

'Do you know my name?' I asked hopefully.

'No, I am the program, thus everything I know you know... I've just taken to referring to you as the film buff.'

'I'm so confused...' I said as I looked down to the ground.

'That's okay, you know what will take your mind off it all?' Morgan Freeman's voice was going in and out of sounding robotic.

'No... what?'

'Go fuck Donna!' The electronic voice boomed. 'And remember, nothing is off limits.'

'Nothing is off limits huh?' I said to myself as I walked up the stairway.

As I walked into the kitchen I noticed Hyde grabbing a beer out of the fridge. 'Who are you man?' He asked when he noticed me.

'They call me Film... Phillip,' I said as I put my hand out to shake his.

'Did Eric send you? Coz I gotta admit, it's pretty weird to see a stranger walk out of the basement,' he said taking my hand and shaking it.

'He sure did, he sent me to check on Donna,' I said as we let go and he opened his beer.

'He obviously didn't tell you she lives next door,' Hyde said as he took a sip. 'Where is he anyway?'

'He told me not to tell you,' I said, now figuring out that this must have been right after Eric skipped out on the wedding. 'I really should see Donna, he has a message he wants me to tell her regarding the wedding.'

'Like I said, her place is right over there,' he said as he finished his beer. 'Did you want one man?'

'No that's okay, I'm good,' I said walking out of the Foreman's kitchen out into the porch.

While I made my way across the drive way I noticed someone I wasn't expecting to see, it was Midge, Donna's hot and somehow even more well endowed mother.

'Hey Midge!' I called out, waving my hand as I walked towards the Pinciotti's back porch where she was sitting.

'Well hi there, who are you?' She asked in her raspy voice.

'My name's Phillip I was sent by Eric with a message for your daughter,' I said, unable to pull my eyes away from her huge rack, which was inside a tight sweater.

'That's so sweet, she's just upstairs in her bedroom,' she said pointing towards the roof of the house.

'Do you mind showing me?' I asked.

'Oh of course not,' she said standing up and walking inside of her house, gesturing me to follow as she did so.

'I really can get what I want out of these people,' I said as followed her, realising that Morgan Freeman was right about this working much like a dream.

'It's just up these stairs,' Midge said as I stared at her ass while she climbed up each step.

'Where's Bob?' I asked after we made it to the top.

'Oh I don't know where he is, he's probably having sex with that whore,' she said as she led me to Donna's door. 'She's just in here.'

'You should come in with me,' I said, testing how much I could get away with.

'Okay,' she said as she opened the door to her daughters room revealing red haired Donna sitting at her desk writing in her journal.

'Donna, Eric sent a messenger,' Midge said as we walked into the room.

'Mom! You should have asked me first!' Donna shouted as she stood up, her tits bouncing in her shirt as she did so.

'Don't you want to hear what Eric has to say?' I asked.

Immediately her face softened. 'Well yeah of course I do,' she said, crossing her arms over her tits.

'He says that he's sorry, and that he's nailing another woman,' I said, staring into her eyes.

'What the hell!' Donna exclaimed.

'Oh Eric...' Midge said sadly.

'You should get back at him,' I said to Donna as she went to charge past me.

'That's what I plan on doing, by kicking his tiny ass!' Donna said attempting to push me out of the way.

'Wouldn't it be better to get back at him by hurting him the same way as he hurt you,' I said. 'Midge back me up on this.'

'He's right,' Midge said. 'The best way to get back on him would be to have sex with one of his friends, that's what I did to your father.'

'Exactly,' I said. 'You should listen to your mother.'

'Maybe there is some sense to that,' Donna said.

'All we need to find is one of Eric's friends,' I said, putting an arm on her shoulder.

'Wait, you're one of his friends, Donna should have sex with you!' Midge said excitedly.

'That's a good idea Midge,' I said. 'What do you think?'

'Well if it'll get back at Eric,' Donna said before kissing me on the mouth.

'Now is my cue to leave,' Midge said turning to walk back out.

'Whoa there Midge,' I said pulling my mouth away from Donna's. 'I think you should stick around.'

'Yeah Mom, don't you wanna get back at Dad?' Donna said as she rubbed my hardening cock through my pants.

'I don't know Donna,' Midge said as she watched her daughters hands rub my crotch.

'Come on Mom, it's the seventies, live a little,' she said as she kissed me on the mouth again.

'Come on Midge, join your daughter,' I said gesturing her to come over.

'Well okay, you do look like fun,' the well stacked house wife said as she walked over to us, closing the door behind her.

'Isn't this fun?' I said as Midge's hand joined her daughters, and her mouth kissed the cheek Donna wasn't kissing.

'This is great!' Midge exclaimed as she squeezed my now fully hard cock.

'A nice wholesome way to get back at the horrible men who wronged you,' I said my arms wrapped around each of the girls, rubbing their backs as they kissed my neck.

'Let's get this party started,' Donna said as she shoved her hand down my pants, groping my naked cock as her mother undid my belt.

'I need to see this cock, it feels huge,' Midge said as she unzipped my jeans, her daughter now kissing me on the mouth.

'Holy shit!' Donna said as she saw the cock she had in her hand fully extended, now free of it's denim confines. 'That's way bigger then Erics!'

'And Bobs!' Midge exclaimed, hunger in her eyes.

'It's yours to play with tonight ladies,' I said as the two big chested ladies massaged my cock.

'I can't wait to tell Jackie about this,' Donna said one hand on the head of my cock and the other on my balls.

'Bob is gonna be so jealous when he finds out,' Midge said, both of her hands focused on the shaft of my cock.

'It would be so fucking hot if the two of you kissed,' I said putting a hand on the back of each ladies head.

'I've never kissed another girl before,' Donna said staring into her mothers eyes.

'I guess the first time may as well be with your mother,' Midge said, clearly buying in my bullshit.

'Yeah,' I said gently pushing them together. 'It'll be a sweet family memory.'

The two busty ladies kept their hands working my cock as they leaned in closer to each other, opening their mouths slightly as they did so. In a moment their lips were locked and not only were the mother and daughter kissing, but they were kissing passionately too, letting their lust get the better of them selves as their tongues got caught into the mix.

'This is so fucking hot,' I said as I slowly pulled the three of us backwards until Donna's desk was right behind me.

'Keep going,' I said as I sat up on the desk. 'I'm just getting a good seat.'

'That was the best kiss I've ever had,' Donna said as she pulled away from her mother.

'A mother knows what her daughter likes,' Midge said looking into her daughters eyes, still stroking my cock.

'I want the two of you to strip each other,' I said before they took my genitals out of their hands. 'I want you to give each other your full attention.'

'That won't be hard,' Donna said kissing Midge again, her hands pulling her mother's sweater up.

'I've always been curious to see how my daughter has grown,' Midge said focusing on undoing her daughters jeans.

They kept at this for a little while, kissing and groping each other as they took each article of clothing off in a steady and sexy manner. They two really took their time after they were only in panties showing off both of their luxurious curves while their tongues passionately played. I marvelled at the size and shape of Donna's tits as Midge took the red head's bra off, only to be in even more shock once Midge's bigger fuller tits were revealed.

'Holy fuck!' I said as I jacked my cock, watching the two girls grope each other's huge tits while also making out, it was truly the hottest thing I had ever seen, not that I particularly remembered seeing much.

'What do you want us to do now?' Donna asked as I took my shirt off, her tongue barely leaving Midge's mouth.

'What you're doing now is great!' My voice cracked. 'Just keep pleasuring each other, I want to see you make each other cum.'

'That's easy,' Midge said as she shoved a hand inside Donna's panties.

'Fuck Mom!' Donna moaned as Midge fingered her.

Donna reciprocated by putting her fingers in her mothers pussy, groping a tit with her free hand. The two girls were both now rigorously finger fucking each other, both of their free hands exploring the other's bodies. Donna was kissing and licking her mother's nipples, before Midge kissed her neck and got a good grip on her daughters tight ass.

'Fuck, keep going!' I shouted as I jacked my cock, hardly believing my eyes as I watched the hottest mother and daughter in television history getting each other off.

'Right there!' Donna moaned Midge put another finger inside her.

'Donna you're so good at this!' Midge exclaimed as the two of them came on each others hands.

'Now suck my cock,' I commanded as they pulled their hands out of each other's pussies.

'Finally!' Midge shouted as they walked towards me.

'I've been waiting to get that cock in my mouth since you walked in the room,' Donna said as she licked her lips and got on her knees along with her mother.

'You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this,' I said as they took my cock in their hands, as a matter of fact I had no idea either.

They moaned as the slowly each licked up one side of my cock, taking their time from the base up to the tip before stopping. They then each kissed tiny kisses back down my cock until they reached the base, where they each took a ball in their mouth. They were so in sync and organised, it was almost like they had done this sort of thing before, I figured it must've been because they were mother and daughter and thus had similar styles of sucking cock.

'Thank you,' I managed to gasp as they took my balls out of their mouths.

'Don't mention it,' Donna said before kissing the tip of my dick, lightly pressing her tongue against it.

'The pleasure is all ours,' Midge said as she sucked on the side of my hard cock.

Donna stopped simply kissing my cock after this and instead took the head in her mouth, lightly sucking as she did so. Midge took this opportunity to get a little better acquainted with my balls, taking the two of them in her mouth and sucking hard. I gasped and Donna bobbed down on my cock, taking half of it in her mouth, now sucking even harder.

'Deep throat it,' I moaned as I put both hands on the back of Donna's head and roughly pushed down.

Donna took my cock all the way to the back of her throat and sucked on it and started gagging. I just firmly held my head down, feeling the greatest pleasure I had ever felt in my life. Midge took my balls out of her mouth after a few seconds and I released Donna's head, she instantly pulled it up and took my cock out of her mouth.

'I can't go that deep again,' Donna panted as Midge licked up my cock.

'I can go as deep as you want,' Midge said as she licked my tip. 'I don't have a gag reflex.'

'What are you waiting for?' I asked as I grabbed Midge's head. 'Get to sucking.'

Midge wasted no time taking the entirety of my cock into her mouth, sucking like a whirlpool as she did so. 'Wow Mom, that's incredible.'

'She may be dumb as fuck,' I said Midge still planted on my dick. 'But she is a god damned genius at sucking cock.'

Midge pulled herself up until my cock was nearly out of her mouth, only to let it all back in again, slamming her mouth onto my cock. She was now bobbing her head on my cock harder and faster than I thought was physically possible, she was bobbing and sucking so hard as so fast that I could feel with certainty I was close to shooting all over the place.

'Fuck!' I shouted as Midge bobbed on my cock, spit flying everywhere making for an incredibly sloppy blow job.

'Keep going!' I shouted. 'Don't stop!'

'Please!' I moaned, knowing I was going to cum at any second.

It was almost like Midge could sense it because in an instant she stopped and I came hard right down the back of her throat. Bucking my hips into her as rope after rope of my seed made it's way inside her mouth.

'Jesus...' I panted as Midge sucked down every last drop.

'I have never done anything like that before,' Donna exclaimed.

Midge lifted her mouth off my cock. 'I need to fuck the shit out of you,' I said as I stood up, lifting Midge off her knees as I did so.

'Yes! I need your cock in me,' Midge shouted as I ripped her panties off and pushed her onto the bed.

'I need you nice and wet,' I said as I shoved two fingers in her pussy, attempting to pleasure her while climbing onto the bed with her.

'Yes, that's it!' Midge moaned, already feeling the effects of my fingers in her box.

'I'm gonna fuck you so hard,' I said in Midge's ear while finger fucking her. 'Sex with Bob will never be able to satisfy you again!'

'It never did!' She moaned, biting her lip as Donna joined as on the bed, taking my cock in her hand and jacking it.

'How are you so hard already?' Donna asked as my cock hardened in her hand.

'You can thank your mother for that,' I said as I pulled my hands out of Midge's pussy and climbed on top of her. 'You ready to see your mother get fucked?'

'Just fuck me!' Midge moaned, giving me the green light to ram my cock hard into her sopping wet pussy as her daughter let go of my cock.

'Yeah fuck her!' Donna shouted as she crawled closer to her mother.

'I'm fucking your mother like the dirty slut she is,' I said as I drove my cock into Midge, causing her to moan uncontrollably.

Donna leaned in and kissed Midge on the lips, putting fingers inside her own pussy as she did so.

'Yeah kiss your daughter you disgusting whore,' I said as I fucked her like crazy.

Midge gripped Donna's shoulders and kissed her even harder, digging her nails into her daughters back.

'You know what?' I said as I pulled my cock out of her, leaning back on my knees. 'Flip over so you can eat her pussy you slut.'

'Fuck yes!' Donna yelled. 'If she's as good at licking clit as she is at sucking face then this will be amazing!'

Midge obliged, helping me out as I flipped her over so that my cock was perfectly lined up to fuck her doggie-style. Donna crawled over and laid down in front of her mouth, letting Midge rip her daughters panties off. I quickly shoved my cock inside her pussy, fucking her from behind as she began to lick Donna's red headed box.

'Oh my god!' Donna screamed as she wrapped her legs around her mother's head while I nailed her from behind.

'You're our toy,' I said as I slapped her ass, pumping into her hard.

'Yes, fuck!' Donna screams as she squirts in her mothers face, letting her legs fall.

'Ahhhh!' Midge moans as she does the same all over my cock.

I pull my cock out of Midge and crawl across the bed. 'It's your turn now Donna!'

'I've been waiting for this,' Donna said as I groped her gorgeous tits.

'I want you to ride me,' I said as I laid down pulling her on top of me so her tits swayed in my face.

'As long as this cock is inside me,' Donna said as she lowered herself onto my cock.

I looked over and saw Midge panting heavily, still recovering from her hard fucking. 'Watch me fuck your daughter Midge!'

Donna dropped hard on my cock, bucking hard on top of it like a pro. 'Thank you god!' She moaned, feeling the full extent of my dick inside her.

'Don't thank god,' I said as I gripped her ass, bucking my hips upwards into her. 'There ain't nothing saintly about what we're doing.'

'This is incredible!' Donna screamed as she jumped up and down like crazy on top of my cock.

'You're daughter is a cock slut,' I informed Midge as she glanced over at the two of us. 'If only Eric could see her now.'

'Turn around slut,' I said as I lifted Donna off my cock. 'I want your mother to see your face while I rock your world.'

Donna did as she was told, moving herself around and placing my cock back inside her in a reverse cowgirl position, allowing me not only to penetrate her deeper, but also allowing her mother to look her in the eyes as I did so. We instantly started fucking each other again right after this, causing Donna to moan with pleasure.

'These are beautiful,' I said as I sat up slightly, allowing me to grope her tits while she rode me.

'Takes after her mother,' Midge said as she crawled closer to us.

'She's not quite on your level,' I said as I pinched Donna's nipples. 'But that's a high standard to set.'

'You're right there,' Midge said as she groped her own tits, playing with her own nipples while watching her daughter get penetrated.

'Yes! Yes! Yes!' Donna screamed in pleasure, coming close to orgasm for the third time that night.

'Mind if I join?' Midge asked rhetorically before licking my bouncing balls.

'Holy shit I'm gonna cum!' I moaned after this.

'Not before me!' Donna moaned as she squirted on my cock and her mothers face.

I instantly pulled her off, not wanting to cum before dealing with something very important first.

'Lay down, and squeeze your tits together,' I said to the pair of them.

'I was wondering when you were going to ask for this,' Midge said as she and Donna both followed my commands.

'What's happening Mom?' Donna asked as she squeezed her tits together.

'I'm going to fuck you and your mother's tits Donna,' I said as I straddled her stomach.

'I've never done that before!' Donna exclaimed as I placed my cock on top of her tits.

'You're going to love it,' I said as I jammed my cock in-between her full breasts.

'Wow this is crazy!' Donna shouted as I fucked her tits.

'Donna, you should lick his dick when it gets close to your mouth!' Midge instructed.

'Okay!' Donna said as she followed orders, poking her tongue out and licking my cock each time it popped out the top of her breasts.

'Join your daughter Midge!' I shouted to Midge who was laying on her side now her huge tits just laid out on the bed.

'Oh that's what you want, I've never tried this before,' Midge said as she crawled over to us, her tits nearly touching the sheets.

'May as well try it while we can,' I said as she leaned over, pressing her tits together.

Midge lowered her tits onto Donna's tits, just managing to create a gap where I was able to fuck both pairs tits.

'This is the greatest thing to ever happen,' I said as I fucked all four tits.

'I can't quite manage to reach your cock with my tongue,' Midge said, poking her tongue out with all her might.

'That's okay, I'm nearly there anyway,' I said feeling an immense pressure in my cock.

'Great! Make sure Donna gets some cum this time!' Midge exclaimed.

'Oh fuck!' I said as I lurched forward. 'Roll over!'

Midge rolled over onto her back and cum instantly spurted from my cock all over Donna's tits and face. Donna smiled as my seed spat out of my cock onto her nose and cheeks, as did Midge when I aimed my cock at her tits, practically covering them with my cum.

'What in the hell is going on here!' A whiny voice called out from the window.

'I was just leaving,' I said as I shot the last rope onto Midge's left eye, looking up to see Eric Foreman standing a few feet away from us.

'Wait a god damned second!' Eric yelled as I crawled backwards.

'Eric, shut up you deserve this for cheating on me!' Donna yelled as she licked some of the cum off her tits, while I stood up.

'What the hell? I didn't cheat on you, who told you that?' Eric exclaimed in anger as Midge tried to wipe the cum out of her eye.

'Well this is awkward,' I said as I put my underwear back on.

'You fucking liar!' Donna yelled. 'You sexy, big cocked liar!'

'Gotta go,' I said before running towards the door.

'Hey!' Donna yelled.

'Oh one more thing,' I said as I stopped at the door. 'I banged your fiance and her mom... BURN!' With that I ran as fast as I could out of the room in my underwear, expecting to wake up in my bed, instead the world just de-materialised around me and I found myself running on a dock.


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