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American Threesome
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrities: Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence
Warnings: M/F, M/F/F, F/F, cons, oral, blowjob, cunnilingus, anal, big tits, threesome, fingering, doggy style

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April 2013

Contrary to most sound bites, not everyone knows right away that they’ve signed onto a great film. But in some weird way, I felt like the exception.

I wasn’t an actor or screenwriter, and I wasn’t even an assistant on the set. My boss was costume designer Michael Wilkinson – the one who actually signed on to do the wardrobe for “American Hustle”

Yet with David O. Russell as director, the premise of con men and the FBI working together in the 1970s, and with the likes of Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence fitting into wacky 70s clothing – well, even if the film itself tanked, there’s no way the costumes and clothes would.

This was a virtual playground for Michael, and by extension myself as well. We worked to create eye popping 70’s fashion – at least eye popping by 70’s fashion standards. But even if it was terrible by today’s standards, it didn’t matter, which gave us a lot of margin for error. Then again, there wasn’t much these actors couldn’t make look good in some way.

And it certainly wasn’t hard to make Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence look eye popping, in any era. Yet Michael still put in an extra effort, as did I when I was needed.

Together, we created outfits that were sure to be iconic by this time next year. Amy had at least two dresses with some of the lowest necklines I’d ever seen, going almost down to her bellybutton. Her side boobs were only halfway exposed, however – this was an R-rated film, but not that R-rated.

Still, the amount of skin these dresses showed, and the way they clung to the parts that didn’t, would show Amy in a whole new light. Of course everyone knew her as talented, thanks to those four Oscar nominations, beautiful, thanks to that irresistible face and pretty red hair, and even sexy – thanks to some notable moments in her last film with David. But this was another seductive level.

It even helped fill the plot hole of why Christian Bale would have her as a mistress, when the No. 1 it girl in the world right now was playing his wife.

Or at least it would until they saw Jennifer in Michael’s tight, revealing white dress during her big moments.

Like I said, some movies are obviously great right away after all. At least some aspects of them are.

Michael showed his greatness designing and making the outfits, and Amy and Jennifer filled in the rest when they came in to try them out. They came in one at a time, so I didn’t see them next to each other in Michael’s clothing. That embarrassment of riches would be saved for the set.

For that reason and others I put together, I made my case to be sent to the set in Boston, Massachusetts. I’d watch and make sure the costumes worked perfectly, especially in the big party scenes. These were some of the most fashionable sequences in the movie, so I would report back to Michael and assure him it all looked good.

It also gave me an excuse to watch a more intimate moment set in a bathroom. Not in that way – although many dirty minds would fill in the blanks when the movie came out. But this particular moment had Amy and Jennifer in a heated confrontation, while dressed to the 70’s nines in the bathroom.

Jennifer had on the aforementioned white dress that showed off a good deal of her breasts, and the rest of her sinfully curvy body. Amy had one of those aforementioned plunging dresses – the sparkly one – along with unruly curly hair instead of her usual straight style. Jennifer’s blond hair was still straight and long, but pinned up for this moment.

With this setup, these looks and these two actresses, there was no doubt fireworks would fly. I had read the script and this scene, yet I knew that wouldn’t do it justice. And it didn’t.

Especially in the one moment that wasn’t in the script. The one where Jennifer planted a full on kiss on Amy before leaving the bathroom.

Well, those dirty minds would sure fill in the blanks now. Somehow, I knew they would.

I tried to ignore my….knowledge until I could leave the set. When shooting was done for the day, I got my stuff together and started to make my way out of the building. But before I got too far, I barely stopped myself from bumping into someone.

That someone being Amy, of course. Her hair was straight and flowing again, while her dress was green and her neckline was normal. “Sorry for….almost doing something to be sorry for,” I babbled.

“Then apology almost accepted,” Amy played along. She looked pretty chipper, although this wasn’t out of the ordinary for her.

“Least I have a preview of how happy Michael will look,” I responded.

“Of all days for him not to come himself, huh?” Amy said.

“You said it, not me,” I preemptively defended. “When did David come out with that….last minute rewrite?”

“He didn’t have to. I did it for him,” Amy surprised me.

“Is that what you’re gonna say to the press? Should get a good laugh,” I checked.

“The funniest things are true,” Amy still insisted.

“You’re not conning me?” I tried to still be funny, in spite of my shock. “You do know why it’s hard to believe….a man didn’t come up with that.”

“I sure saw why today. I mean, she’s so cute,” Amy joked. Not everyone could be cutesy while talking about a sexy moment like that – although it was technically more funny than sexy. But that was just another crazy, cutesy, sexy layer on this whole thing, and on Amy in general.

“Yeah, that’s the first word coming to mind,” I had to quip, now able to walk down the halls with Amy. “Well, no one will forget your costumes now. Michael will be pleased about that.”

“Yep. Now that his clothes will be the enemy of straight men everywhere,” Amy kept joking. “Okay, I see the ego and sexism there.”

“Maybe. It’s kind sexist I’m surprised you came up with….that, though. So we’re even,” I offered.

“Yeah. I don’t know, with something like this, and with David and Jennifer…..you kind of want to push the envelope, you know?” Amy reasoned. “That’s been working out pretty well for me lately. And I felt it working today. Still feeling pretty pumped right now, really.”

“I can see that,” I commented, wondering if I shouldn’t see it that much. But as Amy said, pushing the envelope from her earlier, sweet, good girl characters had been paying off. If that scene was the next step, it was hard to argue she shouldn’t stick with what was working.

Of course, so many younger actresses went too far going from sweet to sexy. As someone with more experience, more talent and more of a winning personality, Amy seemed to know how to straddle the line. Both in her career and other areas.

Jennifer was younger and flasher with more….developed body parts all over, and the talent and personality to match them. Amy’s beauty was the kind that slowly got under the skin, until you couldn’t get your mind off it.

It would be hard with that modest but still stunning body – even by late 30’s Hollywood mother standards – that sweet, subtly seductive face, all that luscious red hair surrounding it, and a demeanor that could probably switch from girl next door to total vixen in a split second.

Anyone that pumped over thinking up and acting out a kissing scene with Jennifer Lawrence….well, it sure backed up the vixen theory.

“You know what? We might as well take care of it now,” Amy offered. “I’ve got the outfit for tomorrow’s scene in my trailer. You see me in it now, it should save you a trip.”

“You know I’m not just here to check on your outfits,” I qualified.

“I know. But you’ll have one less thing to worry about tomorrow. You helped make us look this….unique. Least I can do is make you bored for your trouble,” Amy figured.

“I don’t think that’s possible here. But if you wanna try, be my guest,” I agreed, as there was little point in saying no to her. With her looking that eager – to model a dress for me in her trailer, no less – the point was completely lost.

I brushed aside any nervous, suspicious feelings I should have felt. Amy’s company should have made that harder, but it was the direct opposite somehow. Besides, no one – especially a married mom – could be that pumped from getting kissed by Jennifer Lawrence to do more with another guy.

Another guy who already helped make whatever she was trying on. Therefore, there was no need to feel anything. Even if Michael and the crew wouldn’t be around this time.

I tried pushing that aside as I sat in Amy’s trailer, waiting for her to change. “So what scene is this for, exactly?” I asked.

“You’ll know it when you see it,” Amy called from behind her door.

“My boss made it, so you got me there,” I shot back. Those words became pretty accurate when Amy came back.

I recognized the white bra, panties, and strings and pearls attaching them together. I already knew Amy would have nothing else on with this outfit. I’d seen drawings of how she’d look with it on, and I’d even seen pictures of Amy herself in it. This….was different.

“Looks in order,” I tried not to croak. When Amy spun around, I found it best not to say anything. After that, I had only one safe idea left -- kind of.

I took out my cell phone, set it up like I needed to, and prepared to take Amy’s picture. I did forget one step, though. “Oh, this isn’t for me!” I remembered to say. “I, um, I’m sending it to Michael. In case he sees something I missed. Not that I missed anything.”

“I believe you,” Amy answered. Before I wondered what exactly she believed, she smiled and put a hand on her mostly bare hip. Taking the cue, I snapped the picture of her, then went over and showed her I was just e-mailing it to Michael. Once I finished, I prepared to delete the pic, proving I had no other motive for it.

“Keep it. Call it a souvenir,” Amy offered.

“I’m calling it a lot of things. That’s just one more,” I accepted.

“Well, thanks for proving you’re on the level anyway. I knew you were, but it’s nice you didn’t want me to forget,” Amy praised. I nodded, keeping the thought that I might be more on the level than her to myself.

“And then came the idea you should kiss me and storm out, like Jennifer did to you,” I said, rolling my eyes and sounding extra sarcastic. If I turned my dirtiest thoughts into a joke, that’d probably make it easier. Besides, leaving the married part aside, she couldn’t well leave the trailer in that costume.

That was my last thought at all before Amy grabbed my face and kissed me. It was hard at first, but she made it softer and seductive before breaking off.

She chuckled, like it was just a regular gag, and smiled as if it was just a regular kiss. I was more at a loss, until I blurted, “So now comes the storming out, right?”

“I can’t leave in this. I can just go to my dresser. If that’s what you want,” Amy proposed.

“You’re the star here. And the pumped up one,” I reminded, ignoring how….pumped up I was getting. “I technically work for you. So what do you want me to do?”

It was unfair to put it on her, but she started most of this. Still, I was getting ready to crumble and back out, until Amy made her decision.

Once her lips glided over mine, I gave in and glided back. Once I put my hand on her bare waist, I was just about gone. When I felt those pearls that my boss designed – which I had felt before, but just not on Amy’s body – that was the clincher.

Both my hands went on Amy as our mouths opened and got faster. I alternated between feeling her soft skin and the almost as soft costume. I merely touched the side of her panties and between her bra cups, but I didn’t go further yet.

Before I could, I figured this had to be more even. I took my hands off Amy to try and get my clothes off, yet she broke and had to help me. I got my suit and shirt off and had my belt flung off as well, leaving us both with a lot of skin on display. Now I figured it was my turn to help Amy show more.

I turned her around and stood behind her, reaching for her bra strap as my face went into her hair and neck. “Trust me, I’m going to be careful with this,” I assured her.

“You really should know how to do this, so I trust you,” Amy said. Moments later, I rewarded that trust. Her bra cups fell off, leaving them and the strings dangling between her legs, since they were still attached to her panties. I shook off how it reminded me of a penis and moved forward.

I didn’t turn Amy around, as I kissed down her back and reveled in her soft, firm shape. I soon got down to my knees and put my hands on her hips, sliding my fingers into her panties. Finally, I slowly pulled them down, making sure not to hurt the integrity of the costume.

After Amy stepped out of it, I went forward with debauching my own integrity.

I kissed up her right leg and stopped just shy of her rounded ass. That seemed like the right time to get up and spin her back around. Before I let myself take the front of her naked body in, I led her to the couch and sat her down, then got on my knees right between her legs.

Without giving either of us time to get ready, I dove my head in and started licking. If she wanted this and set this up for me, despite everything, I was gonna make it worthwhile – at least in the moment.

I started by circling my tongue around her opening, then diving it right in and wiggling inside her. My hands followed by sliding up her waist and grabbing onto her boobs. They held on tight while my mouth and teeth worked on her pussy, right as my thumbs teased her side boobs and nipples.

Amy let out some sweet little moans, perhaps needing to be quiet. They got deeper when I teased her clit, then louder when I sucked on each of her lips. My entire face rubbed her while she lifted her legs up and rested them on my shoulders, before putting a hand into my hair.

I looked up and finally appreciated her completely bare front, chest and aroused face. As I cupped underneath her breasts, Amy looked down at me with a fire matching her red hair. There was the sweetheart turned total vixen stuff I was thinking of. “Well?” Amy dared me in that spirit.

I answered by sticking out my tongue and showing Amy how I licked her out. To follow up, I took my left hand off her chest and slid my forefinger into her, pumping away. At that point, I licked the top of her pussy and took my right hand down to lick my forefinger and thumb – before having them go back to tug on her right nipple.

They wet and teased Amy’s nipple and breast while I finger fucked her and tasted her below. Amy let out a deep breath and tightened her legs around my head, pushing my head down deeper between them. I kept up by licking her and rapidly swiping my thumb beneath her pussy, despite my finger slowing down inside her.

“Fuck me harder,” Amy asked while gasping. Instead, I took my finger out of her and lapped up her open space. Meanwhile, my wet finger and thumb rubbed together, before I reached out and put them on her left breast. With her left perky flesh being coated and rubbed, I took my right hand off her right breast.

Now I would use my right thumb to rub up and down her pussy, without going in. My tongue then did the same, much to Amy’s frustration and pleasure. But I did get my thumb into her for a few seconds, though I took it out and let my tongue go in next.

Eventually, I just let my thumb stroke the right side of her pussy while I ate her out harder. Amy put both hands on top of my head and grinded herself against me. Her sounds and taste consumed me – enough so that I brushed off another suspicious sound. One that sounded like a knock.

When I started hearing it again, Amy drowned it out by asking, “You gonna make me cum for you?” in that sweet voice of hers. I did want to do that, and my rhythm was getting good enough to make it happen – hopefully. I didn’t want to stop the momentum now.

“Go on, make me cum for you,” Amy said, passionately and lovingly. I couldn’t ignore that combination.

My mouth, teeth and tongue devoured Amy in one more burst, as my thumb rubbed what I couldn’t eat. Amy groaned and called out “Fuck” – but then I heard another “Fuck” A different sounding fuck. One that sounded like it came after the words “What the”

Yet Amy pushed my head down harder, all but holding it so I couldn’t look up. It seemed the only way out was to make her cum. And I was planning on doing that anyway.

Despite the sneaking suspicion that I had a larger audience, it didn’t make me run away like it should have. I at least wanted something for my efforts first, so I licked and rubbed her all over to get it. I thought I heard “What the fuck?” again in the background, only even more shocked.

I just heard Amy say, “Watch me cum,” and I chose to assume she was talking to me. Once I sucked on her clit and lips, then tugged them with my fingers, I got to see it.

Amy thrust herself up on my face as she came on it, leaving me to lick and collect it up. She moaned enough to drown out anyone else who might be there. But when she got quieter, I heard another voice say again, “The fuck….”

This time things were quiet enough for me to recognize that other voice. Recognize, but not believe who it sounded like. She couldn’t have….

The minute Amy’s hands left my head, I turned and realized she had.

So now Jennifer Lawrence was watching me emerge from Amy’s legs, with traces of her cum on my lips. That’s all I missed earlier. “The fuck?” I asked this time.

“You want a straight answer, get in line,” Jennifer replied, somehow still quippy despite all this.

“I think I started the line and then some,” I retorted.

“Did you get here before Amy invited me here?” Jennifer asked, pulling out her cell phone and showing such a text from Amy. Which seemed to be sent a few minutes before I ran into her. If that’s what it really was.

“You actually have me there,” I admitted, then turned to Amy as she took her legs off me. “Why does she have me there? Were you….planning to put on a show for her?”

“You didn’t seem to object when she came in,” Amy reminded me. “And she didn’t either. Not once she saw what you did.”

Jennifer didn’t have an answer to that yet. It was pretty rare when this chatty, red hot force of nature didn’t have words for something, so this was rare if nothing else. As if I didn’t know that already.

“You haven’t seen something like that in a while. Or been part of it, probably,” Amy appeared to be saying to Jennifer. “With the Oscars and the on-off thing with Nicholas, how could you? Yet you still had enough energy to tear my ass up today. That kind of power shouldn’t burn out. Not without some relief.”

Amy slid down the couch, getting closer to a still stunned Jennifer. “Look, I’m just coming off the Oscars and jumping back to work too. I’ve done this four times in eight years, and I still need stuff like this to give me relief. And I’m older than you and I still haven’t won yet! So what are you gonna do?”

“I, um….I hadn’t thought ahead that far yet,” Jennifer settled on answering.

“Right. As freakishly loved and level headed as you are right now, there’s still some things you need to learn,” Amy laid out. “Since I have the experience, and I’m technically the leading lady around here….I figured I could help you learn.”

“That’s what kissing her and fucking me was about?” I chimed back in, getting back on my feet.

“Well, I’ve only done one of those so far,” Amy pointed out. “I haven’t even seen what I’d be fucking yet. So before I forget….”

Amy slid back over to me, now sitting in front of my crotch. Just as I realized that, she worked fast to unzip me and pull my cock out – still erect despite the little break and Jennifer’s presence. Not that her being around was a boner shrinker.

“There we go. See, this is a good place to unwind,” Amy told Jennifer, before going back to me and licking my head. As if she hadn’t, she continued, “Working off the stress of a busy schedule and big movie….with a guy who had to study your body very close, before he could make costumes that fit it. The parts they covered, anyway.”

“That was Michael. I just double checked,” I stupidly reminded Amy.

“Well, you had to do that stuff too, just to make sure he got it right. Right?” Amy asked, licking down my shaft before I could answer. “And you were very adept at getting them off me just right. She’s not wearing Michael’s stuff now, but I think you could make due. I’ll bet she could make due with a lot of things too. I know I am.”

With that, Amy slowly slid her mouth down my shaft and started sucking. This did take my mind off the other issues for a while. Especially as Amy slid her tongue on me and looked up, her gorgeous blue eyes and lovely face mixed with a seductive hunger.

I enjoyed that for several seconds, until I remembered to check Jennifer’s own lovely face. It wasn’t quite as hungry yet, though she was standing next to me and watching the show instead of running in disgust.

Still, as freakishly mature, level headed and bouncy as she was, she was still only 23. Maybe this was finally the one thing she couldn’t handle. “This wasn’t my idea,” I told her through Amy’s suckling.

“I know,” Jennifer spoke up, shyer than I’d ever heard her. “It has been a while….maybe I do need a breather. Obviously she knows what she’s doing,” she gestured to Amy. “You seemed to know a few things too.”

“She lured you at the right moment,” I said, impressed with my ability to talk while Amy sucked more of my cock in. “It’d be hard to show you now, though.”

“But not impossible,” Jennifer said. With her mind apparently made up, she got bold again and took my right hand, guiding it to the top of her jeans. Although I could slide my fingers in, they wouldn’t be in the ideal place to stroke her. Nevertheless, she unbuttoned her jeans to give me a better fit.

Amy hummed her approval on my shaft and licked it up and down, removing some key bits of doubt. With that, my hand went into Jennifer’s jeans and the back of it brushed the center of her underwear. I still tried to rub it and give her some friction, and it did seem to work after a while.

“Okay, I can see it now,” Jennifer commented, stepping over to stand in front of me and next to Amy. Therefore, when she lowered her jeans and showed her purple panties and long legs, I had a better position to work on them.

My right fingers brushed the center of Jennifer’s undergarment, while my left hand went onto Amy’s hair. It took a handful of that silky surface, as my right hand got acquainted with Jennifer’s. I got a finger into her panties and into her, as my thumb brushed her below like I did with Amy.

Jennifer made it easier – but not at first when she got my hand off her. Yet when she lowered her panties and exposed her bare pussy and voluptuous hips, it got pretty easy. Particularly when I put my finger back in and started pumping her, curling into her pussy while my thumb went up top this time.

After letting me wiggle around, Jennifer took a step closer to me. She studied me, quivered a bit once I got deeper in her, then lunged to kiss me. Between Amy’s lips below me and Jennifer’s lips on my own, it was a formidable double whammy.

My left hand couldn’t reach over to Jennifer, since it was still tangled on Amy’s head. I took a risk by taking my right hand off Jennifer’s center, so I could touch the top of her leg and go over to her ample backside. I squeezed and rubbed her round cheek hard to make up for it, but since she didn’t stop kissing me, it seemed I was okay.

My hand went under her striped shirt and slid up her back, until I found the surface of a bra. At that, I slid back down to her ass and returned to her pussy. Jennifer broke our kiss soon after, taking a deep breath before pulling her shirt over her head.

Once she threw it to the floor, I saw that Jennifer had nothing on but a purple bra. A purple bra with mouth watering cleavage, to go along with the rest of her bare, mouth watering figure.

Jennifer’s va-va-voom, eye catching curves were such a stark contrast to Amy’s more modest, demure but still heart-stoppingly gorgeous features. Yet such a contrast made everything even hotter at this point. Dropping my face between Jennifer’s breasts while Amy stroked and suckled me helped too.

To help Jennifer, my finger thrusted harder into her while stroking whatever it could. Amy took me in harder too, so I tried to sync up my finger’s movements with her mouth. We probably lost the sync up somewhere, but Amy’s mouth, the top of Jennifer’s breasts and her tightening pussy were handy distractions.

“Okay, we can switch up,” I heard Amy say. I felt her leaving my cock alone too, and feared Jennifer’s tits would leave soon after. “Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it,” I heard Amy sell further.

Taking her word for it, Jennifer backed away from me and my hand. Amy left the couch to stand where Jennifer was standing, then Jennifer sat where Amy had sat – on the couch and in front of my cock. Getting the idea, her mouth picked up where Amy’s left off.

Jennifer’s tongue slid on my underside and teased it, all as her mouth sunk lower. Like with Amy, I almost trembled at seeing Jennifer’s beautiful face taking my cock in, and at feeling her hot mouth cover more of it. Her hair wasn’t done up anymore, so I could put my left hand in it and play around like I did with Amy.

The same Amy who was already standing bare naked next to me. While I’d enjoyed the bottom part of her body, I hadn’t done the same with her top. And her’s was actually bare.

My head went down to cover Amy’s rosy nipple and rosy, firm breast. Meanwhile, my right hand went down Amy’s back to her peachy rump, sliding my middle finger below her cheeks. It played around with her pussy as my mouth went to her right tit, then up to her neck.

In the meantime, Jennifer was tonguing my slit while wrapping both hands on my shaft. She kissed and coated my head, but soon brought it down to her cleavage. She did slide it over her bra cups, so I hadn’t missed her taking off her bra – which made it easier to focus on Amy’s chest.

Yet I didn’t feel anything on my cock for several seconds after that. Even when I felt Jennifer’s hands back on me, they were on my pants. In all this, they hadn’t been unbuttoned or lowered yet, but she took care of that. After she did, her hands were right on my bare ass while her tongue slid up my staff.

Jennifer kept making me wet, before I felt something fuller on my cock. Two fuller things, actually. That made me finally turn from Amy to see Jennifer’s bare tits – which looked even better out of a tight white dress and on my erection. They pumped it thoroughly until Jennifer took them off, so she could all but deep throat me and then rub my wet shaft on the front of her breasts.

I had to grab them when she was done, rubbing her own saliva onto her ample flesh. She used her remaining saliva to wet my cock even more, making me forget Amy was still there. Until she came back into view and put her left hand between Jennifer’s legs.

“What-“ Jennifer started. But I instinctively pushed my hips forward, leaving my head on her lips. Amy slid a finger on her lower lips as my cock parted her upper ones. Eventually, Jennifer took it back in, although her focus was more on Amy than me.

She still looked stunned at all this – yet her moans on me when Amy dug deeper into her betrayed her. Amy sat next to her and placed more of her hand on Jennifer’s crotch, fingering her as Jennifer bobbled on me faster. I went back to holding her tits in the process, but the combined feels and sights were getting a bit much already.

As soon as Amy got more fingers into her, and Jennifer groaned on the bottom of my shaft, I knew my limits. “Oh God, this is too much,” I excused, pulling out of Jennifer’s mouth while it still seemed like a sane idea.

As soon as I backed away, Amy put her head across Jennifer’s lap. “Jesus Christ….oh, Jesus Christ,” Jennifer moaned as Amy made contact. If I touched myself to this, I would likely be finished. So I settled for going on my knees in front of Jennifer, kissing her breasts and putting my hands on her.

I pulled back and watched Amy work on Jennifer, then noticed her ass was almost up in the air on the couch. Therefore, I reached over and grabbed it with my right hand, just as I went back to Jennifer’s chest. The plan was to finger Amy to make her finger and eat Jennifer harder, while my mouth added extra support.

Before long, I heard Amy’s muffled moans get louder, while Jennifer struggled to keep hers down. “You gotta be….oh, fuck me!” Jennifer cried, as her moans and body shuddered for obvious reasons.

I pulled back to see Jennifer’s orgasmic face and movements, as Amy drank her down out of my sight. Once Jennifer got herself still, I looked at her and she looked utterly stunned, drained….and a few other un-describable things. Amy lifted her head up and looked much more confident.

“I think we can give her a few minutes,” Amy told me as she backed away from Jennifer. “If it’s still not too much for you….” She trailed off, lying on her back on the couch after Jennifer got up.

I checked my cock, touched it to make sure I wasn’t that fragile, and declared myself good to go. A still distracted Jennifer gave me room, leaving me to get on top of Amy and settle myself between her. After Amy put her hands on my hips, I pushed them a little further.

After adjusting to Amy’s warmth, I slowly slid in and out of her, needing to prolong this. I then remembered to kiss her again too, while there was still a bit of Jennifer on her lips. Amy let me lick it off before sliding her tongue into my mouth, setting off another slow make out session.

I needed this to settle me down, though I knew Amy would turn this up before long. Therefore, my left hand made its way between us while I savored the sensual kisses. I got to her pussy right as I broke from her mouth, trailing my lips down her neck instead.

I couldn’t give her a hickey or any marks, so I still kissed her gently while I tried to finger and fuck her. My lips went over to her shoulder, allowing me to nuzzle her flowing hair too. My right hand went onto her shoulder to help me keep my grip on her, as my mouth went to her ear right while my hips and left hand went faster.

“God, you’re so sexy,” I whispered. Amy being beautiful and lovely was undeniable, but this took her to a new level of sexy – like the movie was already doing. I figured she should hear it now before everyone else told her in eight months.

“Oh, fuck, thank you,” Amy groaned a little louder, then promptly planted her hands on my ass. They helped move it faster while Amy tightened on my cock, so I just rested my head next to hers and prepared to hold on.

“Don’t finish her without me,” I heard next to me. I lifted my head up to see Jennifer kneeling down next to us, looking much more composed. “She did this for both of us, right?” she asked rhetorically.

Ready to play her part in this again, Jennifer started it the way it began, by kissing Amy. This time it wasn’t by surprise, it was unscripted in a different way, and Amy was able to kiss her back. When she broke apart, I leaned down to kiss Amy myself, then broke to give Jennifer a smooch.

“Okay, now that we’re all acquainted. Sit up, man,” Jennifer asked. It seemed she was much more confident and was ready to go all in, like with everything else she did. Taking her orders, I sat up on my knees and let Amy wrap her legs around me before pumping her again.

Now Jennifer had open space to put her hand on Amy’s pussy, while I was still fucking it. She teased it while I went over to tease Amy’s breasts again. I even tried to reach over and touch Jennifer’s right boob at the same time. Eventually, she slid closer to me and made that easier.

Soon I mastered jiggling two different breasts at once, while Jennifer played with Amy’s pussy and even her own. However, I saw her head inching towards Amy’s pussy. When I figured out what she was thinking about doing, I slowed my hips down in case they’d have company.

Before long, Jennifer took a breath and put her head above Amy’s center. I was able to fuck Amy slow so I wouldn’t bump into Jennifer, who took a tentative lick above her pussy. I pulled my hips back and just left my head in, giving Jennifer more room to experiment.

Her tongue circled the top of Amy’s filled opening, with neither actress noticing that my left hand left Amy’s chest. I did it so my finger could trace and lightly rub Amy’s pussy, all as Jennifer’s tongue was doing the same and my cock was still inside her.

When Jennifer had enough and pulled away, I slammed all the way back into Amy right as they kissed again. She moaned into Jennifer as she tasted herself on her, with more than enough juices going on me as well. “Oh, mother fucker….” Amy gritted her teeth after breaking the kiss.

I had to go slower after that, but it wasn’t by that much. Yet before I fingered her again, Jennifer said, “Let’s try something else while we still can.”

Jennifer made Amy sit up and get off me, which might have been for the best. We watched as Jennifer sat on the couch, before taking Amy’s hand and having her straddle her co-star. After Amy settled down and wrapped her legs around Jennifer, I checked to see that I still had room to get in.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get back into her pussy from behind her – not with her straddling Jennifer like that. This left one option to go.

Amy already started grinding herself on Jennifer, their pussies rubbing together. I dove my right hand in between, collecting as much wetness as I could. When I had enough to work with, I put my wet fingers right above Amy’s ass, though I hesitated to go lower.

“Mmm hmmm,” Amy muttered, although that could have been due to Jennifer. Just in case, I trailed my fingers down Amy’s cleft, and she didn’t protest. This gave me the green light to smear Amy’s juices over her own backdoor.

I put my fingers back between their other holes to get more, dabbing it onto Amy’s behind. Deciding I had enough, I put some leftover lube on my head before lining it up. My head was all I put in, and all I could stand to put in as Amy’s perfect ass surrounded it.

Amy took some deep breaths, stopping her movement on Jennifer. Still, Jennifer fingered her pussy and massaged her breasts to settle her down. I put my hands around her waist myself, very slowly moving in and out behind her.

Before long, Amy was able to relax and lean against me. Jennifer sat up as well, making sure Amy was sandwiched between the two of us. I took over holding Amy’s tits, leaving Jennifer to stroke her pussy and Amy to play with Jennifer’s chest. All the while, I was speeding up in Amy’s ass and burying my face in her hair and neck.

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked Amy quietly. “Coming between us like this?”

“Not quite there yet,” Amy teased, even in her position. “Oh God….still can’t complain,” she cooed when Jennifer’s finger curled in her just right.

“You’d better not,” Jennifer commented. On that note, Amy bucked herself against my cock and Jennifer’s finger, as we sped up her double penetration. She kept it up even when she leaned forward to push up and taste Jennifer’s breasts, which only made me go faster.

“My God, you two….” I exclaimed. “Why haven’t I cum yet?”

“You gonna?” Amy muttered into Jennifer’s chest.

“Won’t take much now,” I admitted, holding onto Amy’s ass and getting ready for her go-ahead.

“Damnit, I still have to be the good girl,” Amy groaned, more frustrated this time. “That’s why I can’t let you cum until you have Jennifer. So….go on, get out before I change my mind.”

“You sure?” I asked them both.

“Well, some parts of me were getting lonely,” Jennifer conceded. “I could….use a nice balance with you guys.”

I thought it over, until my thoughts gave me the perfect mental image. A few more final pumps into Amy, and I was ready to get it out of my head.

After pulling out of Amy, I had her get off of Jennifer and sit down on the middle of the couch. Once Jennifer got up, I led her to stand in front of Amy. “Hands and knees, please,” I asked, and Jennifer didn’t object.

Once she was on all fours with her face in front of Amy’s open legs, I stood behind Jennifer. “If you wouldn’t mind helping Amy, I can help you out too,” I told her.

I looked down to admire her shapely ass, then positioned my cock head right against her pussy. After brushing my head on it, Jennifer got the hint and put her head down between Amy’s legs. This lifted her ass up further, giving me room to insert myself below.

“Okay, we’re set now,” I insisted, thrusting into Jennifer for the first time. Amy seemed to groan her approval once Jennifer resumed touching her.

This little chain of ours went slowly but surely in pleasing each other. I took it up a notch when I went faster, needing to see Jennifer’s heart shaped rump ripple. If I went hard enough to make Jennifer dive harder onto Amy too, so much the better.

I added on by grabbing Jennifer’s dangling tits while gyrating against her ass. It seemed to make her groan harder on Amy, who put a hand into her hair in return. She pushed herself deeper on Jennifer’s face as I pushed harder against her from behind, making her the DP recipient in a way.

“Fuck, what am I doing?” Jennifer said on Amy’s pussy, more out of amazement than confusion.

“Cumming soon, hopefully,” I answered, putting my left hand on her pussy. It rubbed her while my cock pounded her and my other hand bounced her tits, all as Amy tried to flood her mouth.

“Hopefully that’s going around,” Amy added. Jennifer got the hint right away.

She put her hands on the couch, but still stayed in position for me to keep going. Now that she wasn’t leaning on her hands, she could put her right one on Amy’s side, and use the left one to tug and rub her pussy. As she got a good grip on her lips and clit, she licked rapidly and deeply nearby.

“That what you’re talking about? Huh?” Jennifer teased, as Amy’s barely quiet moans answered her. In my own response, I fucked her faster in a big burst, causing her to lie her head on Amy and grip her harder.

“Right, something like that?” I got out while gritting my teeth. It was a miracle we were all quiet enough at this point. It was a miracle everyone assumed Amy and Jennifer had left – at least I assumed they thought that. If they were looking for them or me, I hoped they could wait a few more minutes.

Less than one might be all I needed to take care of Jennifer. She sounded closer when I put both hands on her pussy and tried to finger it, collecting some juices on my fingers. I put my wet left finger on her ass and rubbed the liquid on her cheek, before lightly slapping it. Jennifer groaned lightly, then did it again when I smeared my wet right finger onto her nipple.

I rubbed both ample body parts as Amy put her hands back on Jennifer’s head. She humped her face as both she and Jennifer hopefully got closer. To make sure Jennifer did, I squeezed her ass and tit one more time, then put both my hands on her pussy and rubbed mindlessly.

“Jesus, fuck, I’m gonna fucking fuck….” Jennifer babbled between Amy’s legs. Finally, she settled for exploding onto my cock.

I had been slowing down ever since my fingers got involved, out of pure necessity. I was almost still by the time she came, so I forced myself to freeze up. I was about there right around the time Amy arched her body and let out a deep cry of her own.

It seemed both Jennifer and Amy beat me with their second orgasm before I reached my first – and maybe last of my life, at this rate. To prolong it at least a second more, I pulled out of Jennifer. She immediately dropped her ass to the floor as she caught her breath, removing her face from Amy’s wet surface.

I risked walking over to them for a better look, my wet and erect cock still standing up. Jennifer rolled out of the way, with some traces of Amy still on her lip. Amy saw the traces of Jennifer on my cock, then looked up and noted, “Still nothing, huh?”

“Don’t know how,” I sighed, both relieved and annoyed.

“I know why. You couldn’t go without letting me be the one to taste you. As a thank you for all this,” Amy predicted, before putting me back in her mouth.

“Yeah, let’s go with that,” I hurried along. Amy hummed her approval and practically Frenched my head, before popping off and stroking me. Given that I’d been in Jennifer after going into Amy’s ass, this wasn’t technically ass to mouth. Amy was still going back and forth between stroking and blowing me anyway.

I put my right hand back on her shoulder and hair, right as Amy took me all the way down. She swallowed me and slowly slid back up, only getting halfway before she bobbled me and licked my top half all over. When she made it wet enough, she came off and stroked me again, the extra lube getting me closer and closer.

“Oh God,” I was reduced to, although it made sense. Amy held the bottom of my shaft and licked the top, her mouth open the whole way.

I pictured shooting into that hot mouth, then on her lovely face, her creamy neck and upper chest before it dripped down her perky tits. Between that and the actual image of Amy kissing and licking my head, that was the ball game.

I tried to keep my groaning down, though it was enough of a warning for Amy. She pulled back and opened her mouth, but when the first spurt came out, she pulled my cock down and aimed it at her chest. The neck and upper chest fantasy came true, at least.

When the first few drops landed on Amy’s body, she opened her mouth again and caught the next few. Right before I finished, she closed her mouth around my head to get the rest. I could have sworn she swirled my cum around in her mouth and let it go on my head, then she came off and swallowed it after all.

“Jen? Did you want some? Sorry I didn’t ask, but you looked busy,” Amy casually asked Jennifer. Now letting me cum on her chest made more sense.

Jennifer looked at me and Amy, then shrugged and said, “Fuck it. Yeah, yeah, I know,” before any of us made any puns. But we were both quiet when she started licking my cum off Amy’s chest and neck. She didn’t lick the parts that dripped down her tits, yet she rubbed those instead.

After Jennifer licked Amy’s neck clean, Amy took her face and kissed her suddenly, almost like she was kissed on set. Of course, this time had a more private audience, along with less clothes and something extra between their lips.

Jennifer eagerly kissed back for a few moments, which I caught right before I sat down next to them. My head laid back and caught them getting on their feet, as it all seemed to hit Jennifer. “Whoh….finally found something off limits for interviews,” she joked.

Amy just chuckled and helped her gather all their clothes from the floor. I lifted my head back up, taking my first and last chance to see them actually standing side by side while naked. Even after being fully exposed to Jennifer’s luscious shapes and sizes, along with Amy’s stunning, siren-like beauty, seeing it all again now would have made me rock hard -- if it was biologically possible.

Well, it was still one more image to file away for solo use later. Jennifer broke it by getting dressed first, since she came in with her regular clothes on. I took my last glimpses of her private naked parts, ignoring that Amy hadn’t gotten dressed herself.

Once Jennifer was fully dressed – and the only one of us wearing clothes – she looked at both of us and laughed nervously. However, her laughter got fonder somehow as she took it all in. We locked eyes and I would have joked about her not having words for once, yet the silence and her smile was too nice to break.

My little farewell moment with Jennifer stopped when I caught Amy in the corner of my eye. Now I noticed she was still naked, though she could go in her dresser and get her regular clothes back on at any time. Instead, she lingered on me as I got on my feet, then went over for one last, firey kiss.

The one last kiss turned into a few more, especially as our naked bodies pressed against each other one more time. “Okay, this time I know when I’m not wanted. At least I can handle being passed over for Amy in real life,” I heard Jennifer say before I broke off and saw her leave the trailer.

“Cheerio,” Amy called out, using her intentionally cheesy English accent from the movie. It was something that she had the mindset to do that, given the circumstances and what she’d just done.

But perhaps it wasn’t surprising she took so well to a character like Sidney after all, despite what everyone would say in eight months. The lines further blurred when Amy kissed me again and then turned away to her dresser.

My eyes didn’t leave her swaying, apple shaped backside, at least when they weren’t on her bare legs, back or her hair. When she went in the other room and took those sights away, it took everything not to go in there and take one last ‘view.’

If only to bow – so to speak – in the presence of a real hustler.

12-17-2013, 11:53 PM
This is your best one yet. Love the combo of Amy and Jennifer. :happydance:

12-18-2013, 12:02 AM
Thanks - I'm sure others will too in the weeks ahead.