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01-21-2014, 10:51 PM
Pub Crawl with Natalie Portman
By Deadshot
(codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, exhib)

DISCLAIMER: All of the following is completely and totally fictional in nature. Not a single word of it ever occurred.

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As she walked down the street to her first destination, Natalie Portman could not help but have a spring in her step. It was her first night solo in a while. Not that she didn't enjoy having a family, but everyone needs some time to themselves. Natalie certainly needed that. And tonight, she was going to have the kind of fun she used to have. She was honestly astonished it stayed so hush hush over all these years. In the end, that was a big blessing she loved to take advantage of on occasion.

She took a deep breath as she stopped in front of her first destination. It was a rather garish bar that wanted to pass itself off as an Irish pub but was far too trendy to be believable. Perfect for her first bit of cutting loose.

She walked through the doors of the bar, decorations reeking of inauthentic nature abound. It was also not too crowded, but not too dead. Just the right amount for what she wanted. After doing a quick scan of the pub, Natalie went to the bar to get a drink and get a better look at the crowd to find her first playmate.

Natalie ordered her drink, a basic martini, then began to really hunt for a good target. She wasn't going to be with him long, and tonight she didn't want anyone's name.

Fortunately for Natalie, the target came to her. She caught him out of the corner of her eye, a younger man, couldn't be more than twenty. T-shirt, jeans, hair spiked...and eager. Perfect.

He took a seat next to her, acting like Natalie was his prey when she had him right where she wanted him.

"Shush," Natalie said before the young man could get word one out. "I don't care what your name is. I don't care about your lines. I don't care about your interests." She turned to face him, her face sultry, seductive. "I can tell you exactly what I do care about."

Natalie reached her hand to his crotch, firmly grasping his cock through his jeans. "I care about this. I care about making this mine for just a bit. I care about tasting what you have to give me. So you should meet me in the men's room in about two minutes if you care about that as well."

Natalie got up and confidently strode to the men's room, knowing the stunned young man would be following her, probably sooner than her two minute deadline. Once inside, she struck a seductive pose, leaning against a sink and waiting for her prey.

Just as Natalie had predicted, the man arrived quickly. "Very eager," she said with a smirk. "I like that." She pounced on the young man, animalistically kissing him, pushing him until he was back against the sink. "Remember...no fucking names, got it?"

He nodded.

"Good." Natalie pecked his lips, licking them as she slowly descended to her knees. She could feel the man staring down at her, watching in awe and anticipation as she undid his pants and yanked them down to his ankles, exposing his dick to the air.

Natalie grasped the fleshly stalk in her hand and began to stroke feeling the girth harden in her hand. She gazed up at him, her look just increasing his arousal. Natalie loved this effect, what she could do to someone with so little. The time for small actions, however, had passed. now it was time to give the man what he, and what Natalie, wanted.

The sex-starved brunette began her appetizer for the night and took the man's cock in her mouth. He growled in response, gazing down as the brown-eyed beauty went to work on his cock.

Natalie was enjoying herself, but not to the same degree as her partner. Still, this was just the beginning of the night for her. She did not begin slow, but not particularly fast either. Her pace was medium, her teeth grazing his sensitive cock head. Onje hand fondled the man's balls, massaging and squeezing while the other jacked whatever slick flesh was not engulfed by her hot mouth.

"Oh fuck," the man said. He looked down to Natalie and brushed the hair from her face. "Look at me...look at me while you suck my fucking cock...fucking look at me..."

Natalie did as she was told, loving the man's tone of voice, authoritative, yet desperate. She gazed up at him, her eyes combining sensuality and sluttiness, cutting the man down with just one look.

"Oh fuck, that's it...fuck this is amazing..."

"Mmmhmm," Natalie hummed, the vibration sending the man down the point of no return. Usually, popping this early would not be something Natalie would want, but this time, this night, it was exactly what she wanted.

Natalie pulled her head back, leaving only the head in her mouth. She sucked on it hard, twirling her tongue around the head. It was such a quick, small action, but it was all it took.

"Shit!" growled the man as he began to shoot his load into Natalie Portman's waiting mouth. This was exactly what Natalie had wanted, swallowing every shot the man in her mouth had to give.

When the man was left as nothing more than a quivering bit of flesh in her mouth, Natalie released him, kissing the tip then putting it back in his pants. She then got to her feet and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks, sweetie," she said, and walked out the door.


Much more at ease after her last stop, Natalie walked into her next stop of the night. It was a far more traditional bar than the last one. Not corporately owned, it felt very organic. She looked around for the next man on her list. Well, maybe list was inaccurate, as every man would be stranger. But she did have a quota for the night, and she was determined to meet it.

In no time at all, she had her mark. He was a more handsome man than the last, slightly older and dressed in a business suit. Probably an accountant or something along those lines; she didn't care. Whatever his job was, or who he was, it didn't concern her. She had her next mark, and he was in the corner booth.

She made her way towards him, making sure her eyes caught his, and some hint of her sexual intent was clear to him.

"Mind if I take a seat?" she asked when she arrived, her tone casual but expecting.

"Please do," the business man said as Natalie slid into the booth. "Excuse me, are you...."

Natalie silenced the man's question with a kiss, her tongue snaking into his mouth. "I don't care if you know who I am. I don't care who you are or about the ring on your finger. All I care about is your answer to my question." She moved her hand to his crotch, rubbing and massaging his cock though his pants. "Is this seat taken?"

"Well, uh..."

"I'll take that as a no," Natalie giggled. She scooted back a bit and gave the man a clear view of her body. He stared, almost breathless as Natalie began to remove her tight jeans.

Natalie first slid off her shoes, then unbuckled her belt. She knew they didn't have time for a striptease. Despite the fact they were in the back of the bar in a corner booth, she was aware anyone could see them. That was all part of the thrill for her.

"Take your cock out," Natalie ordered, making her way back towards her next target. The man did it, almost instantaneously with the command‎ .

"Nice," Natalie said, licking her lip at the sight. While the man's cock was already hard and average in length, it had a nice thickness that made Natalie's already wet cunt throb with excitement.

Natalie straddled her business man, then grabbed his rock hard cock and sunk down on it, her eyes rolling in the back of her head at the sensation of being filled with something so wide.Mr. Suit & Tie's hands went to Natalie's ass as the gorgeous woman began to build up a tempo.

"Like that?" Natalie whispered. "Nice tight ass in your hands, hot wet pussy around your cock...best night you've had in a fucking while, huh?"

"Oh God, yes..." Natalie smirked at the man's breathless response. He wasn't going to be much of a talker. That was fine though. She had no problem doing the talking for both of them.

"That's right...take this pussy...never going to have one this good again. Enjoy it...enjoy fucking a strange woman's pussy. Fuck yes, you know who I am...no one will believe you...just for tonight...give me all you've got..."

The business man grasped Natalie's ass tighter and began to pound into her, the two of them trying to stifle their noises as much as they could. Natalie opened her blouse to him, revealing her breasts. He eagerly went to them. Natalie knew she didn't have the biggest pair, but she also never heard a single complaint.

"That's a good boy," Natalie moaned, pressing the man's face closer to her breasts, biting her lower lip as the man sloppily licked and sucked at her nipples.

Unlike with the man at the faux Irish pub, Natalie was looking to get off this time. It's why she was fucking this man right in the bar...knowing she could get caught heightened everything. The man knowing who she was added more to that. The fact that this guy seemed to know what he was doing and was hung well was just icing on the cake...that and the knowledge that she still wasn't done for the night.

The two had built a sweat, both getting closer and closer to their final releases. Natalie's business man launched off first, pulling her down on his cock as he began to shoot inside her, moaning into her breasts as he shot his hot cum inside of her.

"Fuck," Natalie hissed, her own orgasm triggered by the man in the suit. It wasn't the biggest one she ever had, but it didn't need to be. Besides, it still felt good.

As Natalie and the man both came down from their highs, Natalie removed herself from the man. He was moving to say something when she shushed him. "Don't say a word. We're done. I had fun, hope you did too." Once Natalie was re-clothed, she left the business man without another word.


The bar was dirty and scummy. The filthiest dive bar that ever was. And for Natalie Portman, that was perfect. it was her last stop of the night, and it was going to end exactly the way she wanted it to.

Like she had done at her previous two stops, Natalie scanned the bar. This time, she saw so many prime candidates; some in flannel, some in leather...all looked rough, right at home in this sawdust and peanut shell bar. Even the smell of alcohol and smoke of various kinds made her ready for her last round of the night.

"So many choices," Natalie muttered to herself. If she had more time, she'd select the whole lot of them. "Maybe next time..."

Soon though, she had her man. He was a man in jeans and a leather vest. Some rotty old band t-shirt on as well. He reminded her of the kind of one night stands she used to have in college, five o'clock shadow, unwashed, rough around the edges. In other words, he was perfect.

For the third time of the night, Natalie made her approach. The perfect guy for the perfect ending of her night out.

"Hey there," Natalie said, tapping the man on the shoulder. He turned around to face the brunette vision. "Can I ask you a couple questions?"

"Whatever," the grungy man said, taking a swig of his beer.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Okay. You wanna fuck me in the alley behind the bar?"

"What?" the guy asked, nearly choking on his beer.

"That's not an answer. I'll ask again. Do you want to fuck me in the alley behind the bar?"

"Fuck yes."

"Good," laughed Natalie. "Follow me." She grabbed his hand and lead her rough and tumble lover out the back exit.

As soon as they were out the door, Natalie took her position. She faced a chain-link fence, her hands grasping it. "Pull my pants down," Natalie said, anticipating the action.

He didn't need any encouragement as the bad ass was already well on his way to her. His mouth went to Natalie's neck, licking and kissing it as his hands went down her pants, fingering her wet slit before beginning to take her pants down to her ankles.

"Now that's an ass," the man said, slapping it hard, watching the cheeks ripple as Natalie through her head back at the sensation. She began to shiver as her man began to lick at her pussy.

"Mmm, eat it...eat that pussy..." The man in the dirty rock shirt slapped her ass in response, rubbing the firm peach as his mouth worked on Natalie's cunt.

Natalie ground herself into the man's face, looking over her shoulder at the dirty man on his knees, eating her out from behind. Her hands grasped the fence tightly, she was close to being ready for what she wanted to end the night, but needed just a bit more.

"Eat my ass," Natalie gasped. "Eat my asshole you dirty motherfucker!" The man just smirked, and shook his head. She really wanted it. And who was he to refuse Natalie Portman? He moved his mouth to her anus and began to give it a similar treatment, licking the tight little rosebud.

"Oh fuck yes," moaned Natalie, her eyes shut at the sensation. "Get it nice and wet, baby...get the asshole nice and ready for your cock."

"What?" the man said, shocked at what he had just heard.

"I want you to fuck my ass. You got a problem with that?"

"Not at all." replied the grungy man, laughing at his luck. It wasn't often a woman asked to be fucked in the ass, let alone demanded it. And when that woman was Natalie Portman, you give into such demands.

"Good...not keep going and get me nice and ready for what you're packing."

The dirty man did just that. When he had determined that Natalie's ass was lubed up enough with his saliva, he rose up behind her and took out his cock, pushing his own pants down just enough to expose his hard pole to the air.

He grasped her hip hard with one hand and lined his cock up with her anus. Natalie breathed deep and looked at him over her shoulder. "Do it...fuck me. Fuck my tight little ass until you fill it all the way up with your filthy fucking cum."

"You got it." The man the began to insert himself inside her anus, slowly letting Natalie get acclimated to the girth.

"Shit!" hissed Natalie. He was big, damn big...and she loved it. "More..."

He kept pushing forward until her ass was pressed against his pelvis. Natalie was unbelievably tight, and he knew he'd have to play it just right or he'd blow way too early. She may have wanted full speed ahead right off the bat, but he had other plans.

"Oh yeah..."groaned Natalie. The man had reached a hand around and began to frig her clit and he began to withdraw from her anus only to re-enter. "Fuck my ass...every inch...I fucking need it...."

Natalie began to breath deeper and harder, licking her lips as her lover for the moment began to build up his speed to a pace she really wanted all along.

Soon, the man was slamming into Natalie's ass, her grip on the fence tightening, the fence itself shaking with ever thrust. Natalie herself was now topless, her blouse tosses to the dirty floor of the alley, her bare skin forming a sheen of sweat as the action goes on.

The man's hands were both grasping her hips tightly, his cock almost a blur in her asshole. "Take it you fucking slut...famous fucking cunt..."

"That's right, fuck this celebrity whore's ass...I'm making you cum, aren't? You fucking want to shoot in my tight little butthole? Huh? HUH?"

Her lover answered by yanking Natalie's head back by the hair and forcefully kissing her, Natalie's laughing and moaning at the action.

He pulled Natalie up into a standing position, pressing her entire body against the fence she had been holding onto so tightly. He wrapped one arm around her tight waist and moved his free hand to her clit, working as he pounded her at top speed.

Natalie lost all inhibitions then, moaning loudly into the night. "FUCK ME YOU BASTARD! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK!" She was so close, she didn't care if the whole world could hear her and knew exactly who she was. Natalie Portman was getting exactly what she wanted, and so was the filthy man she was fucking. With every thrust, Natalie got closer and closer until it was too much.

"OH MY GOD!" Natalie cried, shivering in her lover's arms as she came, leaning her head back to kiss him deeply as her orgasm rocked her body.

And Natalie's orgasm triggered his, her asshole tightly clamping down on his cock. With a grunt, her rough lover came deep into her bowels. After a few afterpumps, the man removed himself, falling on his ass as Natalie slowly slinked to the ground, a look of complete satisfaction on her face; three bars, three men, three shots of cum. Her night was complete in the best way she could have imagined. Once she had regained her composure, Natalie got up, kissed her man of the hour good bye, pulled up her pants and began to head home. If the smile on her face was any indication, she might make this pub crawl a regular occurrence.