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True Justice
With Victoria Justice
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, inc, voy, fingering, anal
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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I hadn't seen my cousin in over two years, when our folks and I travelled out to San Diego to attend a family wedding, where I suddenly found myself sharing a single-sized bed with Victoria Justice.

"Jesus, lucky our folks aren't sleeping nearby." I remarked as I tried to cover my ears.

Victoria and I both blushed as we listened to her sister Madison, have wild and unadulterated sex with her new boyfriend in the very next room.

"I don't understand it," Vicky whined. "—how is she so loud!"

"Gee, I wonder where she gets it from?" I snickered.

"Not me! Trust me, I'm never that loud."

As it turned out, Maddy and Ryan had been seeing each other for almost two whole months, and were so in love with each other that he had followed her down to San Diego for the weekend and arranged to stay at the same motel, without our folks knowledge of course.

This allowed them to hook up during the day and spend the night in the same motel room together, all the while as our families stayed on the opposite side of the villa, where they assumed I was protecting the girls.

"They couldn't possibly keep this up all night, could they?" Victoria wondered.

"I don't know," I answered. "but you know what your sister is like,"

"Yeah, she's a total nympho! The girl watches more porn than the two of us combined."

"Well I don't know about that,"

We both laughed before Victoria suggested we do something to distract ourselves from the erotic soundtrack, and take a late night dip in the pool downstairs. Considering the stifling heat that night, it sounded like a great idea.

"I'm game if you are," I shrugged.

"Great," she chirped. "cause if I have to sit and listen to those two FUCK any longer, I'm going to lose my mind!"

Just hearing her cuss in this way sent a shot of adrenaline up my spine, particularly since Victoria wasn't known to be very crude or outspoken.

"What's wrong Vee, getting a little frustrated?" I chuckled.

"ugh, you have no idea." she answered as we looked for a change of clothes and then snuck out to the pool.

Ten minutes later and we were both relaxing in the hot tub, which turned out to be rather nice as we relaxed under the stars, especially with the backdrop of the pacific ocean around us.

Most of the lights were off, but we could still see each other under the moonlight where Victoria wore a one-piece bathing suit that clung nicely to her body and showed off her hour glass figure.

Having polished off another bottle of Chianti, we ultimately stumbled back to our room where we were thankful to hear that the hyper-horny couple next door had finally passed out – that, or they had fucked each other to death!

Thanks to wine and our late night swim, we were both pretty hammered and quickly stripped down into our sleepwear and called it a night. In fact thanks to her little swimsuit show, I was feeling rather randy myself but was so tired I didn't have the energy to beat off and just fell asleep beside her.

Up until that point the late night drinks and hot tub had definitely been the highlight of the trip, that was until a few hours later when I awoke in the morning and the first thing I noticed – aside from the throbbing headache – was that Victoria and I were spooning each other in the middle of the bed.

"whoa," I mused, realizing how close we were. "—she's going to freak if she wakes up right now,"

In fact to categorize what we were doing as simply "spooning" would be an understatement, as my entire body was pressed up against her petite figure with my hard cock nestled firmly between her buttocks.

To make matters worse, my arm appeared to be draped over her waist, with the palm of my hand casually resting across her right breast. Thankfully it was over her loose-fitting top, but the intention was clear.

I froze with fear, not knowing what to do. I didn't want to wake her up but we couldn't stay in such an intimate position, particularly since I didn't know who she was going to react.

As I tried to decide on the next course of action, I suddenly realized I could feel her pebble-like nipple press against the palm of my hand, and the contact made my cock throb even harder.

Even though I knew it was wrong, I couldn't make myself pull away. But it wasn't just the physical contact that drove me nuts, but the alluring scent of her body, and her long brown hair.

Just the smell of her skin turned my thermostat up several degrees. I was barely able to function properly, as her wonderful perfume fogged everything else in my mind. We were so warm and snug in that position, it was like we had melted together during the night.

It was at this point that we heard some commotion going on outside, which caused me to wonder whether or not she was actually asleep. I waited to hear her giggle at the amusing argument in the parking lot, but when she didn't respond I started to convince myself that she was indeed asleep.

I decided to test this theory by skimming the tips of my fingers across her bare hips and belly, and pulled her body even closer to mine. I half expected her to object or squirm away, but she never did.

I gently squeezed and caressed her ultra smooth skin while I shifted my own hips to angle more of my cock between her firm cheeks, and in the process managed to grind my helmet even harder into her butt.

When Victoria finally groaned in her sleep, I panicked briefly before I build up enough courage to move again and proceeded to repeat the action of "bumping" the head of my cock against her ass again and again, which elicited several more moans.

At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but when I finally felt her grind her butt back against me it was just about the most mind-blowing experience of my life. It was a miracle I didn't blow my wad right then and there, as we proceeded to gentle rock back and forth in unison with each other for what seemed like an eternity but was probably twenty minutes.

I eventually began to apply more pressure to her hips, pulling her body back to me before slipping my hand further inside her shirt to gently fondle her bare breasts.

At this point we were essentially dry-humping each other on the bed as I took the tips of her dark nipples between my thumb and forefinger, twisting and pinching them fondly. This seemed to have the desired effect, with Victoria moaning and arching her back to my touch.

It was only when I reached down to adjust my aching cock that I realized she wasn't wearing any underwear beneath her loose-fitting shorts, allowing unfettered access to her butt. Victoria cooed as the back of my knuckle briefly brushed against her most private area, before I maneuvered my penis against her defenseless sex, and gently rubbed it against her.

To her credit Victoria still refused to acknowledge the fact that she was awake and well aware of my actions, which I guess allowed her to excuse the entire sordid affair. Not that I cared of course as I now openly fondled her fantastic boobs while actively rubbing me cock along the lips of her pussy.

I took this lack of resistance as permission as I played with her bullet-sized nipples, and ultimately leaned over to gently kiss and lick the side of her neck – leaving a long trail of spit. The bed creaked from side to side as we dry-humped each other, while the contact between us only intensified as my pre-cum leaked and merged with her own cunt juice.

The entire bed now reeked of sex as I attempted to readjust my position without trying to wake her up, but for my troubles the only thing I managed to do was end up with the head of my cock pressing firmly against her asshole.

At first I thought I may have crossed the line, but judging from her languished moan I realized this really turned her on. Noting this, I tapped the head against her puckered bunghole again, and really seemed to get off.

I suddenly grew both thrilled and terrified that things were about to escalate to the point of no return. In fact we were both panting so loud that we didn't initially hear the knock at the door, which ultimately frightened me to death.

"—fuck!" I hissed as I immediately rolled back and hopped up to answer the door.

I was both surprised and annoyed to see it was Madison, who still fashioned some very messy and disheveled hair from her wild night of unbridled passion.

"You guys up yet?" she quipped before inviting herself into the room. "Ryan's in the shower, so I figured I'd drop by in case our folks got suspicious."

I simply shrugged and glanced over at Victoria and noticed just how "awake" she actually was. I guess we'd both been "up" for some time.

It was later that same day that we joined the rest of the family for the rehearsal dinner. It was an awkward affair to say the least, with Victoria clearly avoiding me for most of the afternoon. Thankfully, by the time dinner came around everyone appeared to be in high spirits, and it seemed to rub off on my cousins.

We ultimately made our way back to our rooms after my aunt wished us all a "goodnight" and reminded us about the early morning she had planned.

Victoria and I both groaned as we realized that we were in desperate need of a good night's sleep. Meanwhile as soon as our folks left, Maddy and her boyfriend made a beeline for the exit but Victoria stopped them dead in their tracks.

"oh-no, you don't!" she snapped. "You two kept us up half the night."

"—but you guys said you'd cover for us,"

"And we have, but we need to get some sleep," I chimed in. "—why don't you two go mess around in a car or something like everyone else."

"Or a hot tub," VJ suggested, instantly making me think about the previous nights events. "There's a really nice pool downstairs where you can mess around to your heart's content."

Hearing Victoria suggest this immediately made me wonder if the thought had crossed her mind the night we had spent a few hours getting drunk there.

"Just try not to be as loud as last night," I joked. "You'll wake up the entire motel."

"We just need a few hours of sleep," Victoria added. "At least give us a chance to pass out first."

With that said Maddy dragged her boyfriend off to the private pool while Victoria and I prepared for bed. Despite the awkwardness, neither of us dare speak about the mornings events. Like before, VJ changed in the bathroom and emerged in her sleepwear, which tonight appeared to consist of noting more than a knee-length shirt.

We lay next to each other in relative silence, yet we clearly had something on our minds and couldn't fall asleep. Finally in a fit of frustration I turned on the light and spoke my mind.

"—this sucks,"

"What does?" she replied from her side of the bed, not bothering to look back.

"You'd think we'd be able to control ourselves and sleep in the same bed without it being weird,"

"Yeah, you'd think so."

"Look—" I sighed. "I know this morning was weird, but for what it's worth it was a total accident. It was just a spur of the moment thing. I didn't plan it, I swear."

"—suuure it was," she replied playfully. "That's what they all say."

"Victoria, I'm serious."

"Look. Don't stress about it," she reasoned. "What happened, happened. Just forget about it. I have."

For a moment there I actually believed her, but something about the tone in her voice told me otherwise.

"I mean, we almost had sex!"

"but we didn't," she countered. "—we were close, but nothing happened! Don't think about it."

Victoria flashed me a sly grin knowing that her suggestion to stop thinking about it was almost impossible. It was only now that I realized that everything would be okay as she really did seem fine with it.

I always hated fighting with her, especially as her natural disposition was happy and pleasant. But now, not only did she seem fine with that had happened, but she was happy to put it behind us.

http://i.imgbox.com/WvIQLWTl.jpg (http://i.imgbox.com/Ih8KFnCJ.jpg)

"Just go to sleep and we'll talk about it tomorrow," she added. "If you want. Otherwise, it never happened."

Amusingly enough I barely closed my eyes when we heard Maddy and Ryan enter their room next door.

"oh-god," VJ groaned. "—that was barely twenty minutes."

Thankfully, they remained reasonably quite for a while, but soon we heard that familiar sound of the headboard banging against the wall, which strangely enough only prompted more flashbacks of the mornings events.

"ugh. Seriously?" Vee groaned. "We have to get that girl a ball-gag or something,"

I laughed despite my anger.

"Yeah, but knowing her it'd only turn her on."

This time we both laughed before Victoria reached back and punched me in the arm.


"—that's my sister you're talking about!"

"okay, screw this." I said sitting up. "Let's go break them up,"

"Meh. Forget it," Victoria conceded. "Just let them have some fun. They're bound to finish up eventually."

I switched off the light and tried to sleep, but the moaning from Maddy only seemed to get longer and louder. I don't mind admitting that the excessive noise caused my cock to swell as we were forced to listen them fuck eacho ther senseless.

"Ah-yeah! ...pound me baby! Fuck the shit out of me!"

"Jesus," I remarked at one point. "He's really giving it to her in there,"

"I know right, sounds kinda hot."

Victoria tossed and turned as she listened to her sister climax again and again. I could tell by her excessive fidgeting that the x-rated sounds were having an effect on her.

"ugh, screw this!" I finally said in the dark. "I need a drink. Want one?"

Victoria and I then sat up in bed and decided to finish off another bottle of Shiraz.

"Seriously though," I told her during a drunk heart to heart. "You guys mean the world to me."

"Yeah, I noticed that this morning," she giggled at my expense, referring to the mornings incident.

"God damn it Victoria," I growled. "Am I ever going to live that down?"

"I'm only kidding," she laughed. "You know how much I love you right?"

I actually felt myself blush.

"We both do, you know that." she assured me. "In fact my sisters always had a huge crush on you,"

"What about you?" I asked boldly.

"We're cousins!"

"But it's okay for your sister to like me?" I countered.

"We're cousins," she repeated, as though trying to convince herself.

"If someone walked in on us this morning, they wouldn't think so."

The look on her face was priceless, she was clearly drunk and in a very flirtatious mood.

"You're so bad,"

"Well, I hope we can keep that little incident between us," I said, finishing the bottle. "No one has to know."

"You know, you're the first guy I've ever shared a bed with," she slurred. "It's probably why I didn't stop you. I suppose we just got a little carried away."

"Yeah I guess we were both a little worked up, no thanks to those two next door."

We both stopped for a moment to see if the noise had dissipated, and rolled our eyes when we realized they were STILL having sex with each other.

"I can't believe they're still going at it,"

"God damn it, I'm so horny right now!" Victoria blurted out, surprising me.

"You are?"

"—between the wine and the commotion going on next door, I think it's all gone to my head."

"Just go take a cold shower or something,"

"I wish it was that easy, that only makes my nipples hard and I get even more worked up."

I swallowed hard at the image in my head, and couldn't think back to the way I had toyed and teased her nipples just a few hours earlier.

"You must thing I'm a total slut,"

"Not at all," I sympathized. "I can't remember the last time I was this hard, for this long."

"Well, don't let me stop you." she countered. "If you need to beat off then go right ahead."

"Yeah right—" I chuckled. "I'll just take out my cock and rub one out in front of my hot cousin. No problem."

Victoria looked at me seriously.

"Why not? It's just the two of us here. Why should they have all the fun?"

"Yes, but—"

"But what? You think I've never seen a guy do that before?"

"What are you suggesting?"

"I dunno," she shrugged. "—maybe we could, help each other out or something?"

At this point I didn't know if it was the wine talking or just plain horniness, but whatever it was I was seeing a totally new side to my famous cousin.

"Look," she added. "You're probably going to think I'm just saying this because I'm drunk, but we both need to sleep right now and neither one of us is going to get any rest until we get off."

I had to agree.

"So—" she insinuated. "Why don't we do something about it?"


"We could spoon each other again," she giggled. "I really liked it."

I felt my heart drop.


"Come on!" she quickly quipped self-consciously. "You can't tell me you didn't like it?"

"Of course I did, I didn't want to stop!" I admitted. "We only stopped cause of Maddy, the bitch!"

Victoria laughed.

"Well maybe we can pick up right where we left off this morning," she said. "—but only on one condition,"


"We have to leave the lights off, cause I don't want you to see my body."

I happily agreed to her demands before we finished our glasses, switched off the lights and stripped down and climbed into bed together. It took us a few minutes to settle into a comfortable position for both of us, but when we did it was pure magic.

Unlike the precious night our bodies were both cold so it took a little time for us to get warmed up again.

"Now go ahead and do what you were doing this morning," she said over her shoulder.

With her permission, I took hold of my cock and gently tapped it between her legs, then rubbed the head against her pussy while I placed my hand on her hips and we proceeded to grind together.

In the meanwhile Maddy and her boyfriend were still fucking loudly in the next room, which only seemed to intensify in the dark.

"Wow, they're really going for it in there huh,"

I almost felt a little disappointed as Victoria seemed more interested in what they were doing next door to what we were doing in the bed.

"Lift your knees up a little more," I suggested, allowing me more access to her butt.

Victoria happily complied but didn't seem all that enthused until, I reached up to brush her long hair to one side and began to kiss the side of her neck. The actress immediately melted in my arms as I then reached around to play with her nipples. This seemed to set her off, and had her moaning and squirming uncontrollably.

"ah-fuck, I love it when guys do that," she purred.

At one point I licked my fingers and placed them around her dark nipples, covering those in saliva. Victoria moaned to this action and tilted her head further to one side, offering me her entire neck.

When I initially heard her moan out loud I didn't think anything of it, until during one of my forward thrusts I felt the tips of her fingers brush against my cock and realized she was now masturbating as I fondled her.

"Do you think you could cum like this?" she asked, as I felt her fingers reach out and caress my bell-end.

Victoria now pressed the head of my cock against her mound, making sure that there was direct and constant contact between our organs. I rewarded this action by licking and sticking my tongue in her ear, which really seemed to set her off and drive her crazy.

"oh-god, don't even do that!" she groaned. "I'll fucking lose control and mount you right now!"

"I'd like to see that," I teased.

"Yeah I bet you would," Victoria moaned. "We'd fuck so hard we'd make Maddy blush."

As the actress moaned and warned me of her androgynous zones, we could feel how wet she was, to the point where just a single slip could result in full blown sex. Feeling bold I took my hand and spat onto my fingers, before sliding them down between our bodies to lubricate my cock.

However, my hand seemed to have a mind of its own and before I knew what I was doing I proceeded to play with her pussy directly, smearing my spit and her juices all around her cunt.

I only stopped to reposition my hand around the front of her body so that I could play with her clit while my cock rubbed and teased her from behind. What I didn't know was just how aroused she was, and while my initial intentions were to play her cunt, my cock inadvertently and repeatedly bumped against backdoor – thrilling her to no end.

I proceeded to tap the head of my cock against her bunghole until an accidental shove caused the head to gently press against the opening, taking our breath away.

"ugh, don't even think about it," she attempted to breath over her shoulder, when suddenly our lips fused.

In an instant we were making out like absolute lunatics, as our tongues swirling and probed each other as my cock gently burrowed its way into her rectum. Even though we weren't technically having "anal sex," the head of my cock now nestled firmly on the rim on her butt as our motions threatened penetration.

When I used my free hand to pinch one of her nipples, I felt her moan into my mouth while her sphincter muscle relaxed briefly, allowing me to dip my wick inside her backdoor.

I almost came right then and there when I realize that not only did I have my cock buried in my cousins sweet ass, but it was totally bare-back and with her full permission.

"Please, Wait, wait." she panted between kisses. "Just the tip, yeah? No deeper. Just the...oh-fuck!"

I eased out slowly then pushed back in, surprised to feel her ass actually open up and accommodate me. We kissed each other with renewed ferocity as I groped her tits and noticed her nipples were as hard as diamonds.

Truth be told we probably would have stopped what we were doing and come to our senses if it wasn't for the fact that Maddy and Ryan were still screwing loudly in the room next door. It was like having an erotic voice in the back of your head urge you on, dare you to perform.

Without realized when or how it had happened, she shifted her weight and I felt the head of my cock pop into her rectum, piercing the invisible wall between us to enter her unceremoniously.

"ohmigod," she yelped as her hips never stopped moving. "—you're inside me."

I slowly buried a few more inches of cock inside her and gently pumped away. The Nickelodean star moaned out loud as I moved my hips back and forth and now stabbed her with my penis again and again. For all intents and purposes were now having sex, either thought we still didn't want to fess up to it.

"Ugh. God. Fuck." she moaned as she sank her nails into my forearm, "Deeper. Oh. God. Deeper."

I took this opportunity to roll her forward so that she was forced to lay face down with her ass up in the air, where I remained embedded inside her backdoor.

I used my body weight to hold her in down as I then proceeded to pound her into the mattress, giving her magnificent butt the drilling of its life. She began to grunt and trembled with each concussion as I fucked her within an inch of her life, stretching her already tender sphincter and slapping her ass for good measure.

It was almost like a lifetimes worth of teasing was finally released, and I was intent of fucking her as hard and fast as I was able, at least that's what I thought until Victoria suddenly snapped and turned the tables on me, rolling us over and trapping my hips with her surprisingly strong thighs.

"Wait. Wait—" she panted erotically. "Let me get on top. Please. I have to do this,"

I didn't argue as this allowed me a moment to catch my breath and watch her do all the work. As incredible as it was to take her in the ass, nothing could have prepared me for the moment when she grabbed my cock and slowly sank herself down to impale herself.

"Jesus," I let out as this new position allowed me to strike a tight region of her pussy.

In an instant Victoria closed her eyes and proceeded to whip her hips back and forth and soon began to bounce above me, as I took this opportunity to reach up and fondle her magnificent breasts.

We shared another deep kiss as her sweat covered chest mashed against mine as she wrapped her arms around my head to hold me tight. I responded by reaching down and grabbing hold of her butt with both hands, and now jack-hammered up into her for as long as I could.

"Oh. God. Oh God—" she cried, as her sister made similar noises in the next room. "oh—I'm gunna come!"

The notion alone caused me to cry out loud as I thrust up into her as hard as I could, and instantly exploded. I started shaking as I slammed into her again and again, depositing more and more of my hot seed with each and every up stroke.

In fact Victoria was in such a dazed state that I was able to flip her over onto her back and spray the remainder of my load all over her belly and chest, covering her exquisite body in a thick sticky layer of spunk.

"So much for getting some sleep,"


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yeah i can see a part 2 in this story too :tongues:

03-02-2014, 01:19 AM
In a word: incredible. Really hope there's a part two as well.

03-02-2014, 12:34 PM
I Surrender, :surrender: you absolutely own a special skill to create incredible erotica that fully envelops my sense of control.

An absolute masterpiece, TPG. Victoria and Brian kinship throughout their sleeping arrangements and sensual environment {hat-tip to the unseen Madison} made the eventual surrender to passion all that more fulfilling and memorable.

Loved how they fought and resisted till the very end... loved the dialogue shift after the key line

You can never go far enough when you have the audience that captivated and titillated around the escalating fate of our related bedmates. Then I lost all control in the next quote:

Seriously, I mimicked Brian and just thoroughly let my mind fall into submission of the literary Ms. Justice... the results were indeed just as explosive.

Thank you TPG, for another wonderful entry in Vee's fictional resume. Personally, I hope we get to observe what occurs between the two lovers after this initial sexual encounter. Perhaps an impromptu fuck during or prior to the Wedding Day? Maybe Brian feels he needs to give the bride-to-be a more intimate gift?

P.S. I'm a little disappointed we missed Madison's intense pre-Wedding shenanigans with her beau. Still, I believe her loud love-making might require some retributions from her scornful and saucy cousins, Tori & Brian.

P.S.S. LoL, Not as difficult as trying to read the scintillating stories on this board in one session without stopping for a personal clean-up.


03-02-2014, 12:41 PM
Thanks Bone-Tzu, much appreciated.

Actually, I was thinking about having some fun with Maddy in the future (chapter 2?). Something along the lines of she may have heard them having sex...and with the stress of her own rushed wedding, she ends up blackmailing them both. But then somewhere down the line things get out of control and Brian ends up having BOTH sisters at the same time etc etc.

03-03-2014, 04:31 AM
Really hot story. Hoping for a chapter 2 with Maddy getting in on the action while her fiancee is busy elsewhere.

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great work as always.

Pessimism Man
03-07-2014, 06:46 AM
I finally created a profile just so I could tell you how much I liked this story. Brilliant and keep up the good work. lol

But please if there's a Part II don't involve the sister. It would just take away from what could be focused on Victoria. (which you did perfectly) If 2 stars are paired up that's one thing but a hot star and her no name, less attractive sister just detracts from the real focus. Maybe have her confront VJ and Brian about what she heard and them say it was them making the racket on purpose to shock and make her as uncomfortable as they were hearing her.

But that's just my opinion. Keep up the good work.

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I agree with TPG three some with mady and more one on one sex in risky places is behind coats in the coat room at the wedding under the table blowjobs
Any way thank u great great job love this story

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Amazing story, keep up the good work! I can't get enough of this girl

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Have read a lot of your stories without commenting before TPG, but had to post my compliments on surpassing your usual mega-high standards on this one. Whatever you choose for Chapter 2 I'm sure will be well worth waiting for.