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Lessons in Acting 2
With Hayden Panettiere and Kat Dennings
Written by MacedMan

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January 2014

It had been six months since I finished filming 'Timeless Love'. Six months since finding myself in a very hot and heavy, drug fueled threesome with co-stars Heather Graham and Aly Michalka. In that time I'd done many things, beach lounging, parasailing, scuba diving and so much more. One thing I hadn't done however, was act.

Now I found myself in a room with Tony Chase, the man who directed 'Timeless Love' on the set of that very same film. It appeared that as far as the production process went, the film would stay quite true to it's namesake. It seemed after extensive audience tests, the studio decided to put the film back into production with one goal in mind, give Hayden Panettiere and I more screen time together.

'So what you're telling me is people like the film?' I questioned, taking a sip of coffee.

'They love the film,' Tony said.

'So why are we here?' I asked.

'They love the film Stephen, but they just don't understand it,' he said with a chuckle.

'So what you're saying is, and let me get this straight, people love the film, they love me in the film, they don't understand it on first watch, so now we have to change the film, that they love?'


I took a large gulp and considered for a moment. 'Whatever.'

'That's the spirit!' Tony exclaimed.

'No Tony, that's Hollywood,' I said dropping the cup on the table before standing up.

'Did you read the new scenes?' Tony asked as he stood up.

'I memorized the new scenes?' I answered heading straight for the door.

'You didn't like the new scenes?' Tony questioned.

'Of course, I liked the new scenes, there's nothing wrong with the new scenes, I just don't understand why we're doing this!' I opened the door and stepped out, slamming it behind me before Tony could get another word in.

'What was that about?'

I turned to see Hayden Panettiere walking towards me, wearing a tight dress and a perky smile.

'Nothing,' I said as I glanced at her thought to be fake cleavage. 'Just the usual Hollywood shit.'

'Well is it nothing or just the usual Hollywood shit?' Hayden questioned as she walked passed me, giving me both a great look at her perfect ass and an implied suggestion to join her.

'To be honest, I'm not comfortable doing these reshoots,' I admitted, following not to far behind, my eyes now focused on her lush blonde hair as it lightly bounced off her shoulders.

She turned back. 'You think I'm happy? I have a TV show to shoot.'

'It's not about the scheduling, I'm a little bit worried about getting back into character after so long,' I said now having caught up to her pace.

'Oh,' she said.

'It's not a big deal, I'm sure it'll be fine,' I said, wanting out of the awkward conversation that might follow, the last thing I needed was anyone questioning my acting ability.

'Look,' she said as we reached our destination, a small classroom set with a few crewman around setting everything up. 'It can be hard, it's like how I come back after the break to work on Nashville, you just have to sort of... Relax, eventually it will just come back to you.'

'Thanks,' I said.

'No problem,' Hayden smiled.

'Alright, let's get down to business,' Tony exclaimed as he approached the set.

'Just relax,' Hayden whispered.


'Well that was fucking terrible,' Tony exclaimed after ending our tenth take.

'I'm sorry...' I said.

'Don't apologize to me, I get paid either fucking way, apologize to Hayden who barely has enough time to spare as it is without you fucking wasting it!'

I turned to Hayden, she looked down at the ground and then back at me, pity in her eyes. 'I'm so-'

'I mean, in what fucking world do you think that was the same character? It was a fucking impression if you ask me!'


'I don't want to hear another fucking word out of your mouth unless it's you not fucking this scene up!'

'Tony!' Hayden exclaimed.

'Yes dear?' Tony's entire aura did a complete one eighty.

'How about I take Stephen and we rehearse for a little bit and then we come back to this huh? He's never done a reshoot before,' Hayden lightly grabbed my arm.

'Whatever, just make sure you get him back here before Kat shows up, it's one thing to waste my time but I'll be damned if you're going to waste hers,' Tony said.

'Thank you Tony,' Hayden said gripping my arm tighter. 'Let's go Stephen.'

She dragged me far away from the set towards her trailer. We walked in complete silence with her hand gripped around my arm for the entire time it took for us to get there.

'Alright,' she said, pushing me inside and slamming the door behind her.

'Aright?' I questioned.

'You need to relax, and I think I have an idea,' Hayden said as I sat down in her couch.

'And what's that?' I asked, memories of the last time a blonde actress wanted to help me to relax rushing through my mind.

'We're going to rehearse the scene,' Hayden said forcing the blowjob fantasies I was entertaining to leave as quickly as they came.

'Oh,' I said, unable to avoid letting my clear disappointment show.

'What's wrong?' Hayden asked, sitting on a wheelie chair in front of me.

'Nothing,' I lied, it's not like I could tell her I was upset by the fact that she didn't want my dick in her mouth.

'Seriously, what's wrong?' Hayden questioned with a skeptical squint.

'Nothing, it's just.... Rehearsing? Really? That's your big plan?' I said, hoping the outrage would cover the true issue.

'Oh, well you didn't let me finish,' Hayden said, a mischievous smile coming across her face.

'Oh well go on,' I said.

'In the scene you're supposed to be seducing me right?' Hayden said.

'That is correct,' I said.

'So how about this,' Hayden started. 'If you can seduce me, in character, then you will be rewarded.'

'Rewarded huh?' I asked.

'Greatly,' Hayden said with a sexy glance and a knowing smirk.

I crossed my legs in hopes that my faint erection wouldn't show. 'Let's get started shall we!'

'I'm ready when you are,' Hayden said.

'Hey,' I started. 'You look cold, why don't come sit next to me?'

She looked at me. 'It's not that cold, I can manage.'

'Are you serious? You're practically shivering, a pretty girl like you shouldn't freeze like that,' I said, taking her hand.

'Well,' she said smiling. 'If you insist.'

She stood up and sat down next to me, just in time for me to wrap my arm around her shoulders, pulling her in tighter. 'How's that?'

'I do feel a lot warmer now,' she said.

'That's good,' I said. 'Can I be honest with you for a moment?'

'Of course you can,' Hayden said, smiling and forgetting for a moment we were acting.

'I had an ulterior motive for asking you to sit next to me,' I said.

'Oh?' Hayden said, catching on.

'I just had to get a closer look at these gorgeous eyes of yours,' I said, staring deeply into her green eyes.

'Was it worth it?' Hayden asked.

'Total value for money,' I said. 'Besides your green eyes, I get to look at your beautiful lips and pretty nose.'

'A good deal then?' Hayden smiled.

'I didn't even mention the value of being so close to... Well,' I lightly placed my hand on her waist and kissed her on the cheek.

She smiled as I pulled away from her. 'Alright.'

'Alright?' I questioned, letting my hand slide further down her waist until it was practically resting on her ass.

'You win,' she said kissing me on the lips.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the soft sensation of our lips touching, combined with the feeling of her soft ass cheek in my hand. It had been so long since I had been with a woman in a romantic way, of course on my vacation I fucked a lot of girls but it was never as nice as kissing a woman you actually like.

She slid her legs over mine quietly as we opened our mouths and let our tongues get involved. Slowly she found her way in my lap, her hands wrapped around my back and mine still in very much the same position they were in before, now with more access.

'Wow,' Hayden said simply as she pulled off and looked in me in the eyes.

'Is this real?' I asked.

'I'm not acting,' Hayden said.

'Thank god, neither am I,' I said before kissing her hard on the lips.

We were now involved in a passionate make out session, no clothes were off and already my cock was rock hard. I moved my other hand down and grabbed both her ass cheeks, tightly squeezing them as she grabbed my face and jammed her tongue in my mouth.

'Fuck,' she moaned as I pulled her dress up slightly, letting me fit my hands beneath them.

'Not yet,' I moaned before she dove back into kissing me.

We continued like this for a few minutes, her grinding against my hard cock and myself attempting to fit my hands underneath her panties. She was clearly the more dominant one, taking charge of the situation and forcing her tongue into my mouth, a role I was more than happy for her to undertake.

'Let's get the whole gang together,' she said, placing a hand on my cock and rubbing it.

'I like the way you think,' I said as I kissed her neck.

She unbuckled my belt and attempted to pull it out completely, but stopped when she found one hand wasn't enough, content with just having it out enough for her to unzip my jeans. I kissed down her chest onto her cleavage while I grabbed her bare ass cheeks, having managed to finally get underneath her panties.

'You ready to come for me?' Hayden questioned as she pulled my cock out of my pants, the pre-cum staining her dress as it sprang out and hit it.

'Are you?' I asked as I jammed a finger into her pussy from behind.

'Oh fuck!' She moaned in shock as she tightly squeezed my dick.

'How about a race?' I suggested as the two of us got into the swing of pleasuring each other.

'You're on,' she said, now rapidly jacking my dick.

'What are the stakes?' I asked as I pumped my finger in and out of her cunt.

'First one to make the other cum gets oral,' Hayden said squeezing two fingers lightly over the head of my dick.

'Looks like I'm eating pussy,' I laughed, as it was clear she was going to win.

The race went on and on, neither one of us giving in in the hopes of getting tongue pleasures from the other. Hayden in an attempt to beat me jammed her free hand into my jeans and took a hold of my balls while I switched to two fingers in her pussy, all the while the two of us were still passionately kissing.

I could feel a tingling sensation in my balls, so I knew I had to act quick. With one sweeping motion I used my free hand to finger her asshole, the shock of which caused her to climax. And she came hard.

'Oh fuck yeah!' Hayden moaned hard, biting her lip as she did so.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head slightly as she came. 'Did I win?' I questioned as her hand relaxed around my cock.

'No fair,' she said kissing my chin. 'But yeah, you win.'

'Now for my prize,' I said as I pulled my hands out of Hayden's dress, bringing them up and onto her shoulders.

'Between you and me,' Hayden said. 'I let you win.'

Whether or not that was true didn't really matter to me. I was far too pleased with the sight of her crawling down onto her knees while she brought my jeans down to mine. She looked up at me and smiled after pulling my jeans completely off, a sight that somehow managed to cause my cock to get even hard than it already was.

'Just lick around it a little,' I said as she licked her lips and smiled at me.

'Like this?' She asked running her outstretched tongue up my inner thigh.

'Perfect!' I exclaimed, afraid I would cum right in her eyeball.

'And this?' She questioned, doing the same to the other side.

'Yes!' I said, feeling an immense pressure build suddenly hit my cock.

'I think I got it from here,' she said, licking around my cock, letting the tip graze her cheeks as she did so.

Content with her judgment, I simply laid back and watched as she rubbed her cheek against my cock, lightly tapping my balls with her chin. She looked me in the eye and simply breathed on the tip of my dick, causing pre-cum to ooze out in anticipation. Hayden was quick to suck the fluid off my dick like a melting ice cream, not wanting to let any of the flavor escape.

'Holy fuck!' I moaned as she licked up from the base of my cock, all along to the tip and back down again.

She repeated this action several times while she massaged the other side of my dick with one of her hands and my balls with the other. I closed my eyes as she finally took the head of my dick in her mouth, blowing softly onto it as she let her mouth take more and more of it in.

'Fuck yes Hayden suck it!' I moaned as I placed my hands in her hair, gently guiding her as she lowered herself onto my cock.

Hayden wasted no time in showing off her blowjob skills, deep throating my cock in what for me was record timing. She didn't pull back up right away either, she lingered wanting to show me just how good she was at sucking cock, almost as if she was competing with somebody. When she did pull up though, she did it slowly and while sucking, the control she had over her mouth was unbelievable.

'You're a goddess!' I moaned as she came up for air.

'Practice makes perfect,' she smiled before taking my balls into her mouth and giving them a hard suck.

'Jesus!' I moaned in shock as she rapidly jacked my cock.

'You have a choice,' Hayden said, taking my balls from her mouth. 'My mouth or my face.'

'As if I would want to end the greatest blowjob of my life,' I said, stroking her hair.

'Better than Heather then?' Hayden questioned before taking my cock back in her mouth.

I had no idea how she knew Heather Graham had sucked my cock, but I was damned if I was going to try to find out then and risk not cumming in her mouth.

'A damn sight better than Heather,' I said as she bobbed on my cock, sucking and blowing as she went up and down.

I could feel that I was mere moments away from finishing, so I resolved to just relax and let Hayden do her job. I was rewarded for my trust by Hayden manually bobbing so hard on my cock it was as if I was fucking her mouth.

'Oh my god Hayden!' I exclaimed as my eyes rolled. 'I'm gonna shoot right in your mouth!'

True to my word after a mere moment I came hard in Hayden's mouth, the shock of which caused Hayden to choke a little. It didn't last long though because she quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked the semen out as if it was a straw.

'What the fuck?' A shrill female voice exclaimed from behind me.

http://thumbnails109.imagebam.com/31232/dc0a2c312310019.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/dc0a2c312310019) http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/31238/b8c3f4312374194.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/b8c3f4312374194)

I turned around to see Kat Dennings staring at us from the curtainless window behind us. 'Jesus Christ,' I groaned, more because Kat was already here and I was no closer to getting my character down rather than the fact that she caught us.

I looked down at Hayden as she looked up at Kat. 'Come on in,' she called out after swallowing my cum.

A still in shock Kat nodded and quickly made her way around the trailer and to the door, which she promptly opened. 'Are you fucking kidding me?' Kat exclaimed after slamming the door behind her.

'Yes?' I said halfheartedly.

'Shut up,' Kat said, before turning to Hayden as she sat back up on the couch, putting her hand on my soft cock. '

'Look,' I started. 'I'm sorry, I know it's not professional to do this on set, but I'm nervous. I swear this is the first and last time.'

'First of all,' Kat said. 'Bullshit, I know you did the same shit with Aly and Heather last year.'

'Oh,' I said.

'Secondly,' Kat continued. 'Shut up.'

I stayed silent as Kat glared down at Hayden. 'So what the fuck Hayden, I thought I had dibs?'

'Oh, okay it's my turn to talk now?' Hayden questioned sarcastically.

Kat simply glared.

'It's like he said you know, he was nervous and... It's not like we fucked or anything, I just sucked him off,' Hayden said.

'Can I just say,' I started.

'No,' the two girls exclaimed.

'Fine,' I said as Hayden took her hand off my cock and stood up.

'Besides,' Hayden started. 'He's a human being, you can't just call dibs.'

'Oh come on,' Kat rolled her eyes.

'Also, you're the one with the boyfriend,' Hayden said.

'So what, you don't have a fucking fiance?' Kat said.

'Shut up,' Hayden said. 'It's clear from his choice to fuck Heather, then Aly and now me that he has a thing for blondes anyway.'

'You think he wouldn't rather have these,' Kat exclaimed grabbing her humongous tits. 'As apposed to your fakes?'

'Alright, alright, alright!' I shouted while springing to my feet, my flacid cock's movement catching both pairs of eyes. 'Can we all just calm the fuck down?'

They just looked from my exposed cock up to my eyes in silence and shock.

'As much as I would love to sit here and watch the two of you fight about which one gets to fuck me, I actually have a fucking job to do, so whether Kat fucks me, or Hayden fucks me, or shit, even if neither of you fuck me and you fuck each other, make a decision soon because the clock is ticking.'

Both girls just stared at each other, unable to comprehend the situation.

'Well?' I questioned.

'Well I don't want to be the only woman in this movie that didn't get to fuck you, from the way Heather talks about it was amazing,' Kat said, looking down at my cock.

'Especially after the week the two of us spent together,' I said, somewhat longingly.

'I guess, I can share...' Hayden said, looking in my eyes and smiling.

'I can share too,' Kat said.

'Okay,' I said, sitting back down. 'Now apologize.'

'I'm sorry,' the two girls said in unison before engaging in a warm hug.

They lingered in the hug for a little bit longer than one would expect, Hayden, the shorter of the two, seemed to find resting her head in Kat's ample bosom too comfortable to resist.

'Now kiss,' I said daringly.

They pulled out of the hug slightly, Hayden instantly closing her eyes and puckering her lips while Kat shot me an amused glance. The look didn't last for long before Kat too closed her eyes and puckered her lips, slowly kissing Hayden. My cock instantly sprang to attention at this moment, enjoying the girl on girl make out session beginning before me.

Their hands started moving around each other's bodies as they pulled back into an embrace. Kat's experienced hands found Hayden's perfect rump almost immediately, while Hayden's slender fingers ran through Kat's lush brown hair.

I couldn't help but rub my cock while watching the show they were giving. You'd be hard pressed to find two girls more different than Hayden and Kat, it was sort of like the cheerleader and the goth chick from highschool meeting and making out, basically one of my most common teenage jack off fantasies coming to life before my very adult eyes.

All good things must come to an end though Kat and Hayden eventually split apart, leaving one clearly more satisfied than the other. 'Your tongue, how did you do that?' Hayden asked.

'Secret recipe,' Kat said, putting an arm over her co-star's back and groping her shoulder.

Hayden hugged Kat again, this time putting her face in her tits. 'These are so amazing.'

'Thank you,' Kat smiled, giving me eye contact and smiling while she attempted to lift Hayden off her cleavage.

'Kat can you do me a favor and call Tony to tell him we're going to be late?' I asked, while pulling my shirt off.

'Can do,' she said, pulling her phone out of the pocket of her shorts while Hayden continued to rub her cheek against her enormous jugs.

'Hayden,' I started. 'I think now would be a good time to help Kat out of her clothes.'

The sexy blonde shot me a mischievous grin. 'I couldn't agree more,' she said before giggling and getting onto her knees.

'Hey Tony,' Kat said while Hayden unbuckled her belt. 'I took Hayden and Stephen out to lunch.'

Hayden threw the pale beauty's belt away and started to undo her shorts. 'Yeah I know, but I figured seeing as we all came down here on our own time.'

'Leave her panties on,' I said, stroking my cock while Hayden pulled down Kat's shorts, revealing black boy shorts.

'I dunno, maybe an hour,' Kat continued while looking into my eyes. 'Maybe two.'

Hayden started to pull up Kat's low cut dark gray blouse just as the latter hung up, throwing the phone onto her shorts.

'Like what you see?' Kat asked me, as Hayden ripped off the blouse, revealing two incredibly large tits encased in a black cotton bra.

'Boy do I!' Hayden exclaimed as she groped Kat's two big girls.

'I love them!' I said, jacking my cock harder now.

'Hold your horses boy, they aren't even out yet,' Kat said as she attempted to stop Hayden from motorboating her titties.

'Now take off my dress,' Hayden smiled, turning around and pointing out a zip on her back.

'Yes, shockingly I know how a dress works,' Kat said sarcastically as she unzipped Hayden's tight purple dress from the back.

Kat attempted to repress a smile as Hayden's wonderful slender body was slowly revealed.

'Very nice,' Kat said as Hayden turned to face her, the dress falling off to reveal her black lace panties and bra.

'Really?' Hayden questioned. 'Even the tits?'

'You're gorgeous,' Kat genuinely said as she lent down and kissed Hayden on the lips.

'Bring that action over here,' I said, letting go of my cock to gesture that the kissing friends join me on the couch.

'Don't mind if I do,' Hayden said, the most radiant smile on her face as they walked over hand in hand.

'This is what I like,' I said grabbing Hayden's perfect ass and pulling her onto my lap.

'I'm a pretty big fan of this personally,' Kat said as she grabbed my cock and stroked it.

'Fuck!' I said, lurching in pleasure.

'Me first!' Hayden exclaimed as she kissed me on the lips, grabbing my hands and using them to pull her panties down.

'Alright,' Kat said smiling as she kissed my neck.

I threw Hayden's panties away as she readjusted her self into a cowgirl position. 'Stick it in me,' she said, pulling away from our kiss.

'All aboard,' Kat said as she shoved my cock into Hayden's pussy, just in time for her slide down on it.

'Uhh fuck!' Hayden moaned.

'Mmm,' I sighed as her cunt took the length of my cock.

'Yes!' Hayden exclaimed, smiling broadly as she placed her hands on my chest for balance, moving her pussy up and down my cock.

Kat kissed me deeply on the lips, making sure I didn't forget about her as she positioned her self next to me on the couch. 'Remember, she's just the warm up,' Kat whispered into my ear before kissing me again, running a finger along my chest.

My hands were firmly placed at Hayden's waist, groping her sides as she lovingly bounced on my cock, the sexiest smile on her face as she did so. 'Fuck me, fuck me!' She moaned.

I bucked my hips hard, forcing power upwards as she slammed down, an action that caused her to groan with pleasure. Not to be one upped, Kat quickly grabbed Hayden's arms and put them on her pale white shoulders before leaning in to kiss the sprightly blonde on the lips.

The sight of Kat's full red lips, playing with Hayden's small pink ones, combined with the fact that Hayden's shockingly tight pussy was wrapped around my dick was enough motivation to somehow get me even harder inside the 'Heroes' star, which in turn caused me to buck even viciously.

'Ride me!' I exclaimed, gripping her ass cheeks tightly as I rammed her from below. 'Ride my fucking cock!'

Hayden moaned as Kat separated their kiss. Clearly not content with her overall involvement, Kat turned around to face me, forcing Hayden to hold onto her shoulders for balance. That's what Kat did something unexpected, she actually wrapped her leg over and climbed on top of me, forcing my hands onto her hips as she straddled my stomach.

'Fuck yes!' I exclaimed finally placing my hands on her tits as Hayden went back to bouncing on my cock.

Hayden was clearly not phased by any of this at all, in fact it seemed like she even liked the new arrangement, taking moments to kiss Hayden's neck. 'Let's give him a show he'll never forget,' she whispered in Kat's ear as she undid the busty "broke" babe's bra.

'I like your style,' Kat said as she kissed Hayden on the lips.

'I like your mouth,' Hayden said mid kiss while finally undoing the clasp.

'I love your tits!' I exclaimed pulling the bra off to reveal the infamous boobs, and they were truly a sight to behold and to hold.

'I'm glad you like them,' Kat said, smiling as I groped her massive titties.

'I love them too,' Hayden said as she grabbed the sides of Kat's jugs, all the while still riding my dick.

'So much better in person,' I said, Hayden and my hand's touching as we felt up Kat.

'Oh so you've seen the leaks huh?' Kat said, leaning closer causing her tits to hang above my face.

'Seen them, jacked off to them,' I said as I squeezed her tits roughly, shoving my face between them. 'But nothing can prepare you for tits like this.'

'That's true,' Kat said, giggling as I licked and sucked on her nipples.

'Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!' Hayden yelled.

'To be continued,' Kat said, lifting herself up and turning around again to face Hayden, positionig herself on her knees so I can buck my hips again. 'Fuck her hard Stephen, fuck her hard!'

I did exactly that, propping myself up with my elbows and slamming my cock so hard into her falling cunt that the smack was as loud as thunder. 'Oh fuck me!' Hayden moaned.

'Mmmm,' Kat sighed, taking Hayden's mouth into hers just as she started to cum hard.

'Fuck!' Hayden's muffled voice attempted to say as pussy juice dripped down my cock.

'Holy shit,' Kat exclaimed as Hayden pulled herself off my dick and promptly pushed herself and Kat onto the couch, entering them into a passionate and mostly naked make out session.

I stood up to give myself a better view of the tangled pair, making it my job to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the unlikely couple. I undid Hayden's bra, freeing her supposedly fake tits and pulled the bra out from between the two set of boobs, throwing into the vague pile of clothes that had accumulated.

Just as I had set myself the task of pulling Kat's panties away the two girls changed everything by pulling me into their affair. 'Where have you been?' Kat asked as two sets of lips kissed mine.

'Sorry about that,' I said as two different sized hands rubbed my cock.

I quickly found myself laying down flat with the two sexy women above, each had two legs wrapped around one of mine. A hand a hand each from their navels, Kat's soft white skin, Hayden's tight tanned skin. A hand on each breast, Kat's huge right masterpiece and Hayden's left fakey.

'Kiss me,' Hayden begged, taking my mouth in hers.

I grabbed her shoulder with one hand and placed the other on Kat's skull. 'Suck my cock,' I said as I pushed her down.

'Finally,' Kat said, crawling backwards on all fours as Hayden and I tongue danced.

'Mmm,' Hayden moaned as Kat grabbed my cock, her huge tits grazing my thigh as she bent down to get closer.

'Hey Hayden, how about I return the favor?' I questioned as Kat stroked my dick.

'What are you talking about?' Hayden questioned.

'Sit on my face and let me eat your pussy,' I commanded.

Hayden smiled. 'You're a good boy, I like you,' she said before getting on her knees and straddling my face.

Immediately Kat gripped my cock and straddled my waist, taking Hayden's previous spot but facing the other way. 'Ready to feel my lips wrapped around your cock?' Kat questioned.

'Mhmm!' I said as I licked Hayden's dripping pussy.

'Jesus!' Hayden moaned as I tongued her pink hole.

'Oooohh,' I moaned as I felt Kat's mouth swallow my cock.

I grabbed Hayden's ass cheeks and put more focus into eating her pussy in an attempt to not cum too quickly as Kat's full lips touched the base of my cock. 'Where'd you learn this?' Hayden begged.

'Where do you think?' Kat called out after sliding my cock out of her mouth.

'Heather?' Hayden exclaimed.

'Duh!' Kat exclaimed before taking my cock back in her mouth.

I was in no position to agree or disagree, but they were right. One of the lessons Heather taught me in our week of straight fucking was how to eat pussy as good as she does, and she claimed that she was the best and judging from Hayden's reaction, it seemed that she was.

Kat deep throated my cock again, except this time she rubbed my balls with her thumbs and pressed her tits hard against my stomach.

'Ahh fuck!' I moaned, finding it harder and harder to not shoot right then and there.

'Please, oh fuck yes!' Hayden groaned, giving off every sign that she was ready to cum again, especially now that I was up to licking her clit.

'Mmm!' I moaned into Hayden's soaking cunt as she screamed, squirting juices all over my face.

Hayden fell off my face and onto the ground. 'Put a fork in me,' she said through heavy breathing.

This was when I noticed that Kat's big white ass was right in my face. 'Finally,' the voice that belonged to that ass called out as she took my cock out of her mouth. 'Now the real fun can begin.'

She immediately started bobbing hard on my cock as I pulled down her boy shorts, revealing her amazing bare ass in all it's glory. 'Ah fucking hell!' I exclaimed.

'Don't you fucking dare cum yet,' Kat managed between bobs.

I managed to pull her boy shorts down just far enough to enable me access to her untouched pussy, but before I could get near it she pulled my cock out of her mouth and crawled forward. 'Ready for the ride of your life?' Kat questioned as she crawled, taking of her boy shorts as she went.

'Fucking give it to me,' I said as she hovered her pussy above my cock.

'Give it to him Kat!' Hayden sighed from the ground as I shoved my cock deep into Kat's box.

Kat began riding me reverse cowgirl, giving me the option of resting my hands on her big white ass as she pumped her pussy on my cock. 'You like that huh? You like the feeling of your dirty cock in my cunt?'

'Fuck yes I do,' I said, glad that Kat liked to talk real dirty. 'Ride me you fucking slut.'

'Whoa,' Hayden exclaimed from the floor.

'Shut up Hayden!' Kat almost yelled, as I gripped her ass tighter, bucking my hips to fuck her harder.

'Take it, take this fucking cock,' I said, sitting up and twisting the two of us slightly so we were facing in Hayden's direction on the floor.

'I like the way you fucking treat me,' Kat said, looking back and smiling as I grabbed her tits and continued to pound her.

'Bend over,' I said, 'Bend down so I can fuck you the way you like to be fucked.'

'Yes sir,' she said, bending down and putting her hands on the floor as I pulled her legs out and wrapped them around my waist until I was fucking her wheelbarrow style.

'How do you like that huh?' I spat.

'I love it, I need it, fuck me harder,' Kat yelled as I stood up and rammed her.

'Get down,' I said as I dropped her legs to the ground.

'Fuck me hard,' Kat moaned as she got on all fours and I bent down to my knees.

'Don't worry about that,' I said as I shoved my cock into her soaking wet pink pussy.

'Call me a bitch while you fuck me like one,' Kat moaned as I fucked her doggy style.

'You fucking bitch, take my cock you fucking bitch,' I seethed as I fucked her harder and harder, slapping her ass while I watched her titties slam into her stomach and face over and over.

'Yes!' Kat moaned. 'Right there, right there like that!' I was gripping her ass tighter and fucking her harder than ever before, a red hand print had started to emerge from all the ass slapping.

'You fuck like a bitch!' I exclaimed as I fucked her harder, my dirty talk now becoming almost nonsensical.

'Flip me over and fuck me face to face!' Kat moaned.

I did as she commanded and pulled my cock out of her, giving her an opportunity to flip her self over before grabbing her legs and shoving my cock back into her pussy, this time fucking her more slow and deep.

'Yes, like that!' Kat moaned.

'You like this?' I questioned. 'You like this bitch?'

'No, call me baby!' Kat moaned.

'Sorry baby,' I said softly as I jammed my cock hard into her.

'That's nice, tell me you love me,' Kat breathed.

'What?' I questioned.

'Just fucking do it!' Kat moaned.

'I love you,' I said as I fucked her, feeling the both of us were close.

'I love you too,' she moaned, gripping my head and pulling me in for a kiss as we came at the same time.

'Whoa,' I said as cum spurted into her pussy.

'Holy shit!' Hayden exclaimed having crawled over to us by now. 'That was intense.'

'You're telling me,' I said as I pulled my cock out of Kat's soaked pussy.

'Fucking amazing,' Kat breathed heavily.

'What was that?' I asked. 'At the end.'

'I like what I like,' Kat said, smiling. 'Doesn't have to mean anything.'

'I guess,' Hayden said.

'I think I'm ready to shoot this scene,' I said, half jokingly.

'Good,' Kat said. 'Because it's going to be one hell of a premiere.'

03-10-2014, 12:12 AM
WOW... that was simply awesome.. What a combination.. lethal!