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05-14-2014, 10:13 PM
Community’s Last Class
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrities: Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs
Warnings: Cons, M/F, M/F/F, F/F, threesome, oral, blowjob, cunnilingus, big tits, tit-fuck, doggy style, handjob

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January 2014

It was an annual tradition on the Community set. This was the third straight time we came to the last day of filming for a season, without knowing if we’d get to come back late that summer.

Two times, I had thought I might be in my last day working as Gillian Jacobs’ personal assistant on the show. Two times I somehow got to keep my job.

Would the third time prove to still be a charm, though? Even with Dan Harmon back and critics and fans breathing sighs of relief already? At least over the first few episodes that aired? Then again, if NBC brought us and Dan back after Season Four, what could they cancel us over now?

Nevertheless, I stuck around at the end of the last day of filming, taking it in if this was the end. This feeling worked out well before, so there was no need to mess with tradition.

So maybe it was a bad sign that Gillian came into the empty Greendale cafeteria set as well.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“What are you doing here?” Gillian repeated. “Whatever your answer is, I probably got it too.”

“Even if it was….taking the study group lunch table?” I deflected.

“See, I knew I needed another pair of hands for that! You always think of everything for me,” Gillian played along. I liked to think that last part wasn’t just a joke.

Then again, she had let me work for her on this set for five years. Or at least her bosses did. It wasn’t as unlikely as Community’s constant survival, but it was just as improbable to me. The TV gods blessed the show – most of the time – and I guess the goddess Gillian played a part in blessing me too.

She came up to me with a perfect, closed lip smile and bright, amused blue eyes, as I saw her now wearing a black dress with white straps. Once again, I had to block out thinking of her as a goddess while I was in here.

“Going out to celebrate our next brush with death? Or Greendale somehow surviving in a fictional world again, at least?” I asked.

“Eventually. My ‘brush with death’ mental photos were running a bit low. Had to fix that before I called it a night,” Gillian stated.

“We should compare mental photo albums sometime,” I offered.

“I gotta warn you, mine’s on par with the real prop binders for Annie. If they’re that good, you might want to tread lightly,” Gillian kept playing.

“I’m not that intimidated. Annie and her props are just my co-favorites here,” I let slip out.

Not being on the clock, and the possibility of never being on the clock again around here, must have made my lips looser. Perhaps that was a worse analogy.

“But until we settle that, do you need an escort out of here?” I kept going. “I’m not free from working for you yet. And I shouldn’t start getting rusty now. We’re already getting the next few months off as it is.”

“At least around here,” Gillian reminded. “But yeah….giving you one more task should fill my nostalgia quota. So I order you to take me out. Like I need a man to help me walk a few blocks.”

“I got to see your last Britta moment. Of the season. That’s enough nostalgia for me,” I agreed.

We left the cafeteria set, going through the rest of the Community lot one last time. But when we got to the set of the infamous study room, we saw something we didn’t expect on the couch.

Or someone.

“Alison?” Gillian went into the ‘study room’ and saw Community’s other Goddess, Alison Brie, shoot up from the couch.

“What are you guys doing here?” she asked us.

“What are you guys doing here?” I repeated, although it made less sense.

“Well….same thing I think you are? Only I was smart enough to find a couch?” Alison guessed.

“Being lazy at the end, I see. You trying to take Joel’s part? It’s a little late for that,” Gillian responded.

I almost said it’d be one way to get Jeff and Annie closer together – but this wasn’t the best day to actually complain about the show. And I didn’t have the best audience. In every other way, I did.

“So, should we let you go back to looking back on your own?” I asked instead. “This is the best place to do it in.”

“It sure is,” Gillian realized. In Greendale, this was the study group’s home, so it was like one for their actors too. They probably stayed on this set longer than the characters stayed in the study room each day, at least when there weren’t bottle episodes.

When Gillian sat down next to Alison, I realized we’d be staying a while longer now too.

Instead of entertaining my boss one more time, I was basically a third wheel as Gillian and Alison looked back on today, and on the last five years. They were co-stars and I wasn’t, so I couldn’t add that much to everything.

For a moment, I was almost resentful of Alison for cutting in on my last moments – in this season or more – with Gillian. Once I saw how ridiculous that was, I felt something more ridiculous – jealousy.

When that got ridiculous, I upped the ante further. Maybe I was jealous that Gillian was hogging Alison, not the other way around.

Since I worked for Gillian, I had to be around her by default. I had less of an excuse to be around Alison for long periods of time. I could only watch her, her timing, her talent, her beauty, her body and her gif-worthy cleavage shots from afar.

And on those moments back in the early seasons where Alison and Gillian had….gif-worthy shots together….

“You know, every year I wish I did….a few things in here,” Alison broke my daydreaming. “And then when we come back, I don’t do them anyway. Then I start wishing all over again.”

“The downside of still having a job,” Gillian replied.

“Yeah, but come on! One of these days it’ll be the last day! And all the things we wish we did around here….all the things we kept joking about and even talking about….we won’t ever get that chance,” Alison reflected. “If this really is the end, what’s the point in holding back? We kind of asked that in the finale too!”

“You guys had Jeff and Britta force themselves to get engaged. Out of fear and hopelessness,” I blurted. “I think you two can live by a better example. Not just by default.”

“Yeah,” Gillian admitted. “We do talk a big game, don’t we? Even we gotta shut up. Before NBC makes us.”

She sat back and further reflected, “You gotta admit, it’s tempting. I mean, this might be the last time we’re all here together. So it’s not like we need things to change beyond that. And even if we come back, a few months is more than enough time to put it behind us.”

“I almost thought so enough two years ago,” Alison said. “It didn’t feel the same last year, though. But this time….it feels right again.”

“Do I need to be here for this?” I checked.

“You’re one of the best possible people to be here,” Gillian answered. “I don’t tell you that enough. But why hold back now? Even if we have to hold back later after all.”

“She does have a point,” Alison agreed for some reason. “That’s what I gather from what she tells me about you.”

“You tell people about me?” I was surprised. “You tell other actresses?”

“I have time to tell this one,” Gillian informed. “That’s usually due to you on good days.”

“And we do have lots of time on our hands sometimes,” Alison went on. “Like we said, we joke about things….talk about crazy things we should do, think about doing them….then we don’t do them at all. Even if thinking about it feels…nice on a few nights.”

“I can tell you, it does,” Gillian spoke.

“You can? Thought so,” Alison smirked. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I wasn’t the only one who felt a shiver from that. But what did I know?

“But how many more chances can you get?” Alison recovered. “The show can’t give us excuses by coming back forever! And even if it does it again?”

“Yeah,” Gillian said. “Britta technically did it in here four years ago. But I didn’t have to. And God knows Annie hasn’t gotten any anywhere! In our last acts here….we should fix that while we can.”

What did Britta did four years ago in here, and hasn’t done since? And what hasn’t Annie ever gotten….


Then came Gillian’s lips onto mine.

Fuck me.

Oh, fuck me….

But instead of getting that request fulfilled, another….long dormant wish from the back of my mind came true. The wish of Gillian putting her lips on Alison’s next.

As the whole conversation up to now finally started making sense, I had to make myself stop thinking. Unfortunately, Gillian and Alison broke off just two seconds later.

“One more combo,” Alison said, as if she didn’t just kiss her female co-star and friend in front of another man. But if that didn’t faze her, then it seemed kissing me wouldn’t either. And it didn’t.

Myself, on the other hand, could and should have been better. If this was going….where it improbably seemed to be going, I’d have to show a lot more.

But keeping up with two of the most gorgeous, funny actresses on Thursday night television….any man could fall short in that task. Yet only one was here with the chance now.

While my libido caught up, I used my head – while it was still active – to get up and shut the blinds, as well as each door on the set. This was a fake study room, but people could still see into it, if they were here. Now other people seeing us wouldn’t be a problem.

Hearing us might be different. Or just hearing me. Especially when I closed the door on the right, and turned to see the ladies standing in front of me.

Gillian’s outfit and Alison’s flowery dress weren’t revealing in themselves. But I saw enough photoshoots, screenshots, Community episodes and the like to know what Alison had under there. All the ample, curvy, sexy flesh she teased her little cult with for years – but now I might be more than teased.

Yet I already knew what Gillian was hiding – at least with the top half of her, thanks to a little indie Sam Rockwell movie called “Choke.” Although Alison had the more famous chest and figure, seeing Gillian’s – and being close to it on every work day – really closed the gap for me.

But their faces really put them over the top. Two pairs of gorgeous smiles, stunning big blue eyes, perfect blond and brunette hair, seductive glares up top….that and the twin killer pairs of legs down below was….well, wow.

I might have even said wow out loud. But I finally found a better use for my lips – on Gillian.

Now that I was in on the kiss this time, Gillian deepened it along with me. I stepped back and leaned on the door, so Gillian pressed me against it as we got more heated. Just as my mouth opened, I felt another pair of lips on my right ear.

That took the rest of my breath away, to go along with Gillian’s open mouth and tongue. My left hand reached to actually touch her, resting on her shoulder and brushing her dress strap. I got the courage to pull it down just as Gillian pulled away.

I looked at Gillian’s pleased face and knowing smile, until I felt Alison’s smile engulf my ear. I turned my head, in time to feel her lips move on to my own.

Alison went deeper a little faster than Gillian, so I had to keep up. I was distracted when I felt another pair of lips on my left ear, though. My right hand rested on Alison’s waist, unsure if I could go higher or lower yet.

Yet when Alison and Gillian left me alone, they may as well have forgotten about me.

I watched….closely as they started kissing again, more passionately than last time. Then I remembered what they did to me while I was kissing.

As their tongues attacked each other, I got closer to Alison’s ear and gave it a little kiss. When she didn’t stop, I went deeper, putting my hand on her back and enjoying the feel of her neck and hair on my face.

I broke off and had to move away as Gillian pinned Alison to the door – a different dynamic than I might have imagined. But when she kissed down to the left side of Alison’s neck, I went to cover her right. When her left hand slid down to her ass, I put my right hand on the other side, as we both started squeezing her firm behind while suckling her smooth neck.

“Oh, fuck me….” Alison groaned. “I need a wardrobe change….”

Alison made us take a step back as she tried to slip her dress off. Gillian beat me to the punch in helping her, as it soon dropped down to the floor. Once she got her shoes off, Alison was merely in a simple but revealing white bra and panty set.

Gillian wasted no time in dropping to her knees, her attention on Alison’s underwear. Mine was on her other piece of clothing, as Alison could tell. “Predictable, I guess,” I acknowledged before Alison could.

“She beat you down there. Oh, yeah she did….” Alison moaned as Gillian’s tongue traced the front of her panties. “So what else can you do?”

I could stand on Alison’s right and put my hands back on her. I could drift my right one to her panties, pulling the side of them down and helping Gillian see more behind them. When she got the rest of them down and put her head between Alison’s legs, I laid my left hand on the back of it.

Feeling Gillian’s hair seemed less intimidating than feeling Alison’s….body parts.

But maybe I didn’t have to feel with my hands at first.

Gillian seemed to be hard at work already, causing Alison to groan. I took that opening and planted my face in the opening between her breasts. I breathed in and savored the softness on both my cheeks, then licked up and down her cleavage while holding her ass and Gillian’s hair in my hands below.

Impatient, Alison pushed her own chest up, her tits spilling halfway out. I nibbled on the exposed side boobs, as I helped bury Gillian’s head deeper between Alison’s legs. Finally, Gillian took a breather, giving me the chance to slide a finger across Alison’s opening.

As I finger-fucked her, my mouth went to her cups and started nuzzling them. Gillian came back and licked alongside my pumping finger, adding to Alison’s growing buildup. “Fuck….come on, just take ‘em out already,” Alison seemed to tell me.

Getting the idea, I took my finger out of Alison, letting Gillian take over again. I took a quick lick, but then Alison licked the rest of it clean – clean of her. That being the final straw, I reached around and started getting her bra off.

Once the hooks were taken care of, I gently peeled it off and let it slide off her. I was then met with two of the Internet’s most worshipped tits on Thursday night comedy. On NBC, anyway.

When I finished gawking, I put my face back between her breasts, only I pushed them up this time. Gillian’s tongue work picked up, as I pretty much fucked my face with Alison’s plump breasts. At last, I covered her left nipple with my mouth, although my fingers covered up her right.

I jiggled, suckled and rubbed her chest while Gillian suckled and rubbed her pussy, causing Alison to arch into us both. My mouth went back and forth on each breast, swirling my tongue around her nipple, as Gillian was presumably swirling over her center.

“Fuck! Fuck me…..five fucking years….” Alison reflected. “Oh….who’s gonna make me cum first?”

“Why tell you, when….” Gillian indeed didn’t finishing telling. Instead, she pinched her pussy lips and licked them up in a big show.

Still, I had to make it look like I had something to offer. So I cupped her tits, rubbed her nipples and suckled her neck while Gillian suckled her pussy.

“Kiss me….” Alison breathed out huskily. “Eat my mouth out….” When I realized she was talking to me, I lifted my head up.

With a few extra rubs on her nipples, I kissed her lips, trying to lick and penetrate them like Gillian was doing to her lower lips. I swirled my tongue around in her mouth and tried to lick her own up and down, but Alison pulled back to catch her breath and moan.

Her left hand was in Gillian’s hair, pushing her head deeper onto her center. Her right reached up and held the back of my head, as she attacked my lips this time. She moaned into my mouth, and I just tried to keep up and hold onto her breasts.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum….” Alison whimpered when we broke. “Watch her make me cum….”

We both looked down as Gillian fingered and licked Alison close to the edge. Now that I could watch Gillian eat her out, watch how turned on she was and watch her squirm in her own constricting clothes, I felt constricted myself.

I could only squeeze Alison’s breasts harder as I saw Gillian slowly, teasingly and seductively lick her up while her finger got faster. “Yeah….shit, fuck, that’s….ohh!” Alison squeaked out, finally giving in and going over.

Gillian buried her face on her, so I couldn’t see her swallowing her release down. I did watch Alison’s perfect face crumble flawlessly, as I helped out with one more squeeze of her perfect boobs. At last, Alison quieted down and caught her breath, and we had to give her room.

When I let go of her breasts, Gillian got to her feet. She went to me as Alison bent down, then walked over to one of the couches. She laid down flat on her back, leaving us to admire her naked form, flushed from its intense orgasm. It was a sight to see.

But taste was the next sense to overwhelm me, once Gillian kissed me – with the taste and juices of Alison fresh on her lips. It took a while, but I started to taste Gillian before long too.

It became harder to ignore that we were the only ones with clothes on. I had tried to help Gillian with that earlier, but I’d probably get somewhere this time.

I lowered both her dress straps, then stopped kissing so I could fix my own clothing problem. I got my shirt off and exposed my upper body, just as Gillian exposed hers. She still had a bra on – a black one, ironically enough. Her matching underwear was exposed just as mine came into view as well.

Alison was getting a show out of this, and so was I. I hoped Gillian considered my….display to be a worthy show as well. I also hoped she knew her own display was damned impressive to me as well, even after what Alison showed.

“Let’s go sit down,” Gillian said instead. I figured we’d go on the other couch, but Gillian led me to the study table instead. She got me to sit in Jeff Winger’s chair at the head of the table, while Gillian sat in Britta Perry’s chair at Jeff’s right – now my right.

Gillian scooted her chair over, and I scooted mine closer to her in return. Now that we were closer to each other, Gillian could slide her hand over and place it on my underwear. I could reach my hands over to handle both her bra-covered breasts, so they could get the same treatment I gave Alison. Although Alison had more to work with, Gillian’s were a perfect handful – and that was with a bra on.

I got to work getting it out of the way, right as Gillian reached in for me. She briefly grabbed my erection, before pulling away to throw her bra off. I only had a second to admire her bare breasts before she kissed me, so I settled for just holding them.

She went back to my underwear, as I felt her pulling me free and into the open. She stroked me while my hands stroked her chests, and our tongues stroked each other. Our mouths were slower than our hands, which made it all the more sensual.

When we broke, I looked down at Gillian’s hand on mine, then saw my hands on her tits, then saw her knowing, perfect smile and the glint in her pretty blue eyes. She kissed me slow and sweet once, then twice, then got up on her feet and let my cock go.

Gillian climbed into my lap, leaving my erection right up against her stomach. The friction was one of the many things taking me aback, until Gillian kissed me quickly again. I took the lead next, dipping my head down to kiss and suckle her breasts, as my hands went on her waist.

We started grinding on each other while I worked on her tits, and I also rubbed my cock against her skin for good measure. When I brushed the center of her underwear, Gillian moaned and asked, “Mmmm…..you’ve been waiting to do that, haven’t you?”

I wasn’t in a position to lie, so I said, “You’re not the only one who’s waited for someone around here….”

With that, Gillian pulled her chest back and got on her feet. I was briefly afraid I’d gone too far – although that would be a hypocritical position for her. Instead, she got into position on her knees, right in front of me.

“It’s a wonder this never happened,” Gillian commented, as she settled underneath the study room table. I scooted forward, until Gillian put her hand back on me – and her mouth followed after that.

A blowjob underneath the study table, received to someone sitting in Jeff Winger’s chair. Yeah, this was undoubtedly from that character’s deep, dark fantasies – about both Britta and Annie most of all. But I was real, I wasn’t as cowardly as he was, and Gillian was performing better than any fictional character could – even her own.

Once again, I threatened my fingers through Gillian’s hair as she performed oral sex, only with me in Alison’s shoes. But she was letting me sit down, she was licking me up and down and she was moaning right onto my shaft. So there were differences.

Gillian looked so beautiful with her mouth and face full of….myself. Her eyes opened and looked up, showing how pleased and pretty she was. She popped off my shaft, licked down and briefly worked on my balls, suckling them for a second each before going off and suckling my head for a second.

Then she left everything high and dry.

Before I knew it, she crawled out from underneath the table, getting back on her feet. I was too paralyzed with blue balls to notice as she tried to pull my chair back, with me in it. But I did slide back, giving her room to stand in front of me, take off her panties, then go up and sit on the study table – with her legs parted in front of me.

“Your turn,” Gillian made clearer. But with my cock now alone in the breeze, I had to get my head on straight.

If she was going to work on me and leave me early, I could do the same with her. But maybe if I didn’t, it’d be another way for her to learn a lesson.

So I made myself the better man – not to mention the luckier one – by putting my head down and licking her up. After everything done to Alison and me, this was Gillian’s first oral treatment tonight. She must have been on edge worse than me – so lesson learned for me after all.

Lessons like how this probably wouldn’t take me too long.

Gillian put her legs over my shoulders, as I held her hip and shook my head and mouth on her. I slid my tongue in as far as I could, then pulled back and teasingly licked her lips lightly. A sudden, deeper lick made her groan and press up against me.

I went on long enough that Gillian’s moans, encouragement and taste made me put my erection aside. Until another hand went on it.

I stopped working on Gillian, looked down and saw that Alison was back in action – under the table and on my cock, no less. She then had room to suckle it back to life, bobbing quickly and lathering me up with vigor. This made me forget about my other work for a while.

“Okay, leaving me high and dry makes us even. But don’t rub it in any harder like that,” Gillian reminded me.

With that, I had to bend back down and resume work on Gillian. However, there wasn’t as much room for Alison to suckle me, so she had to use her hand again. But it was her thumb on my head that did much of the work.

As much as I tried to focus on licking Gillian, Alison’s tongue and mouth still haunted me. There had to be a way to split the difference in time. Finally, I could think well enough to find one.

I sat straight up, which gave Alison room to suck me down again. To make it up to Gillian, I put my left hand on her to tease, finger and rub her. It went harder as Alison sucked me faster – and then went into overdrive with her next move.

Alison licked me up and down hard and wet, lubing me before covering my wet cock with her huge chest. I could only squeeze between Gillian’s legs as my cock was squeezed between Alison’s tits, before she moved them up and down.

Without thinking, I pumped my cock into her breasts, while pumping my finger into Gillian at the same time. My thumb also rubbed her, but the multitasking was a bit much and overwhelming after a while. I had no choice but to slow my cock down, letting Alison pump me so I could focus on pumping Gillian.

When my finger and thumb got tired, I stopped and focused on fucking Alison’s breasts again. When I felt too close to cumming, I stopped fucking her and went back to fucking Gillian. “Oh yeah….this is way better than paintball sex….” Gillian actually called back to the show.

“It does feel nice to get fucked in here, doesn’t it?” Alison agreed. “Or to do some fucking,” she finished, while moving her chest on me to finish me.

“You cum on her tits. I’ll cum on the table. Give them more to clean up before they pack it forever….” Gillian called, then let out a long moan as my thumb rubbed her.

“Mmmhmm….but you clean me up first. Deal?” Alison asked, presumably to Gillian.

If she could have answered, I took care of that by finger-fucking her faster. If I could have commented on it, Alison took care of that by tit-fucking me harder. That was the final pattern we settled on as we brought each other – well, me and Gillian, really – to oblivion.

I thought I felt Gillian cum on me first, but I was too distracted by Alison’s tits and tongue on my cock. Not long after she took all of them off, I started coming apart. The remains went all over the top of her chest, as she seemed to want.

I finally threw my head back, in time to see Gillian finish cumming to pieces. I was more conscious of her juices on my hand now, and I presumed some did drip on the study table. It couldn’t be dripping more than Alison’s breasts were, though.

I took my hand away from Gillian and started licking it clean. Yet when Gillian and Alison got on their feet beside me, Gillian did a far more thorough job of licking Alison’s chest clean of me.

I had no words for that. But as actresses, they were trained to be more vocal – a handy skill right about now.

“So that’s what you could have done to me a year ago. Or the year before that,” Alison told Gillian. “That’ll teach me not to shut up.”

“Like you need lessons on that,” Gillian said, with a mouth that had now tasted Alison and me. A mouth that was now back on Alison’s.

Despite that effort, I was probably going to be drained for a while. Like Alison, I would have to watch and recover while two other went at it. Like Alison, I probably wouldn’t mind. I’d be hard pressed to think of a way to come back like Alison did, though.

But that became secondary when Gillian spun Alison around and laid her on the table. She then hopped on and laid herself in the middle of it, with Gillian coming on after her. Soon, she was on top of Alison as they kissed on the table and worked each other up all over again.

“You like it?” Gillian asked. “Saved the best for last, huh?”

“We’re not done yet,” Alison said. “I still haven’t got a real taste….”

“Oh yeah….tasting him on me doesn’t count eh? You wanna taste something from the source?” Gillian asked. “You want the kind of pussy I got, don’t you?”

“Uh huh….that and some other things,” Alison agreed.

“I gotcha….you got more holes to fill with his cock, right?” Gillian got my attention back. “Your tits weren’t enough, huh? I bet they weren’t enough for him either. As weird as that is…”

Gillian stopped talking and moved her mouth down to Alison’s breasts, tasting them although they were clean of cum. “Oh, these things could turn anybody….they’re just as good all natural. That’s not the only thing….”

She went down further, getting another few licks in on Alison’s pussy. When she finished, she looked over her shoulder at me. “That’s the bar you gotta set. Sorry if I made it too high. But I know you’ll give it your best shot. That’s my final order for you.”

Gillian sat up on her knees, giving room for Alison to get off the table. As Alison walked back over to me, Gillian laid on her back and parted her legs, right as Alison turned her back to me and bent over. After Gillian got closer, Alison was now in position to eat her, as she was bent over in my direction.

“Come on, you can guess what I want from here. Just like what I want….” Alison trailed off, then put her head between Gillian’s legs. Muffled, she then said, “But I want more soon. I want my ass to get treated like my tits for once….”

That was something I had to wrap my head around. But Gillian was wrapping her legs around Alison’s head now, so I had to get moving myself. First things first….

I knelt down behind Alison’s ass, realizing it did need to be appreciated like her tits. But it was her pussy I started with, teasing it with my tongue as she did to Gillian. My hands soon went on her ass while my tongue went deeper, working on her from behind as Gillian grinded on her in front.

Alison was pushing herself back against me, and I assumed Gillian was pushing herself onto her. We were all but double teaming her, with everyone’s genitals getting worked over except for mine. That could certainly change, though.

Now that I had Alison warmed up, I could find another hole to fuck her in. She said she wanted her ass to be treated like her tits….but I’d already warmed her pussy up, so that had to be taken care of.

I stood up and lined her backside with my revived erection – but I also had to see the now clear view of Alison feasting on Gillian. I couldn’t see her face, yet when I sunk into Alison, I heard her approval just fine. Since her vibration were right on Gillian, I could see Gillian’s face approve as well.

Once I got the hang of fucking Alison, Gillian bucked herself onto her face at the same pace. “Mmmm, yeah, both of you fuck me….” Alison encouraged, her hands digging into Gillian’s hips.

I picked up the pace, fucking her hard enough to drive her deeper onto Gillian. For Gillian’s part, she leaned on her left hand and put her right one on Alison’s head, helping her bob on her. “Oh fuck….go on and fuck me too…” Gillian approved.

I looked away from Gillian and watched Alison’s ass jiggle, nearly as much as her tits could. I grasped her cheeks, trying to play around with them like I did with her breasts. Between her muffled moans and Gillian watching, I must have been doing something right.

“Oh, I gotta see those hands and that cock on me….” Alison said. “Get out and flip me, please….” Half of that didn’t sound good. But when Gillian made herself back away from Alison, I had no choice.

I pulled my cock away and backed off, letting Alison turn herself over and lie on her back. Her legs were open and hanging off the table, so I could get right back in there. Only this time, Alison could see my cock go into her, and could see my hands work her pussy over as well.

At least until Gillian turned around, got on all fours and hovered her pussy over Alison’s face.

Alison lifted her head up and went back to work, licking her and occasionally taking a look back at me. My cock and fingers rubbed her thoroughly, as I could even see her tits moving around as well. I had to hold onto them for a few moments again, all as I pumped her faster.

“Oh, make me cum again….” Alison said into Gillian’s pussy, although it was directed at me. “She made me cum, you came on me, now you make me cum. Or I’ll make you cum and leave nothing for her….”

“You gonna leave something for me back?” I asked right back, since Alison was bringing Gillian close before I could have another shot.

“Oh, fine,” Gillian conceded first, lifting herself off of Alison. “I guess I could use a cool down anyway. Unlike some people….”

Gillian came down from the table, walking right over to me. Getting the idea, I moved over so Gillian could take her turn devouring Alison again. Yet she made room so I could lick her on the right, while she licked what she could on the left.

To drive it home, I reached my right hand up to grab Alison’s right tit, before her left was covered by Gillian’s left hand. We each held a breast, we each brought her closer with our tongues, and then we each let an index finger take over.

“Oh God….that’s an ending!” Alison called out. “That’s…..fuck, just let me cum on both of you!”

But by then, Alison was all but gone and Gillian was in range to take it first.

For the second time, Alison unloaded on Gillian’s face. This time, she made herself back off halfway through, so she could unload herself on me for the first time. I caught the rest of her release on my tongue, taking a few final gropes up top along the way.

When Alison started taking deep breaths, I took some last licks and lifted my head. Gillian was still kneeling down next to me, her own mouth still tinged with Alison – just like mine. This became even more obvious after we got back on our feet.

There was only one thing to do about that.

At first, we kissed furiously to get all the leftover cum off. When that rush wore off, we started to slow down and back up towards the nearest couch. I broke off and made sure we weren’t about to trip over anything, then led Gillian to the couch and laid right down.

Gillian laid on top of me, with our lips reconnecting moments later. Now we were firmly in control and savoring each other, as my hands went up and down over her fit body. She pushed her hips down against mine, driving me to grab them as mine rose up as well.

After a few moments of dry humping, I sat up and put my head on the armrest. Gillian rose her hips up, ready to sink onto me. As she came down, I captured her right breast with my mouth, moaning my approval on it.

Gillian took more of me in while I took my head away from her chest. I just watched her face and held her hips, squeezing them as she got me all the way in. She reacted beautifully, with a small but obvious smile and eyes that didn’t swell to Alison/Annie’s “Disney Eyes” level, yet still sparkled with lust and anticipation.

I pecked her after each of my first few thrusts up, then she kissed me longer during my next few. My hands went back up and held onto her tits, causing Gillian to push down faster on me. Nevertheless, we weren’t in a hurry.

“Did you want this for five years?” Gillian asked. I didn’t know how truthful I could be – or should be – at a time like this, though.

“Close,” I split the difference. “Worth it,” I added to be safe.

“Yeah….” she settled on herself.

She sat up straight while riding me, giving me a full look at her lovingly shaped body, firm bouncing breasts, exposed pussy, pleased face and swaying blond hair all at once. It helped me see we were both right.

Then the third member of our gang returned to view. Or rather, her fingers did.

With Gillian’s pussy in view again, Alison had come over to give it some extra attention. It wasn’t such a bad idea, so I put my left hand on her filled center as well. My fingers and Alison’s both brushed her lips, with Alison then going the extra mile to lick her fingers before putting them back on Gillian.

Alison knelt down beside us and the couch, while my next move was to put my right hand on her chest. It held her tits as me and Alison rubbed her pussy, all while I was fucking it. Gillian groaned her approval, putting her own left hand on her remaining breast and her right onto Alison’s head.

“Fuck me….I want the both of you to fuck me. Just like I wanted….” Gillian revealed. “Alison….finish me.”

I thought that’s what I was doing. Yet Gillian climbed off me anyway.

She went over to sit on the other end of the couch, her legs spread open. To her credit, Alison looked back at me with confusion and some guilt, yet slid over to sit in front of her pussy anyway. I got up and went over for answers.

Gillian started giving them to me by giving my cock a squeeze. I decided to stay still after that.

It worked well, as I saw Alison start going down on Gillian again. It worked really well when Gillian started going down on me again at the same time.

When she popped off me, she said, “Like I said….I want both of you fucking me here before I go.”

Alison did her part by sticking her tongue out and fucking her from below. It was up to me to fuck her up top. So I got to it.

I pumped into her mouth slowly, although Gillian still licked my shaft and teased my head anyway. Her left hand went on my balls, with her right going back into Alison’s hair. She drove her head down further, leaving me to match it on Gillian’s head.

Gillian kept me all the way down for just over a second, then came off with a flourish. She looked up at me and moaned, perhaps as much from Alison’s ongoing tongue work than anything. But I liked the outcome either way.

I slid my cock back between Gillian’s lips and fucked them steadily, pushing myself more than halfway in each time. Occasionally, I went deeper and then pulled away, both to help her breathe and turn her on. Alison didn’t seem to have troubling breathing against Gillian’s pussy, though.

Gillian was the one being double teamed now, at least as long as we all could last. Between my growing pressure and the obvious once-over Gillian was getting, it was anyone’s guess on who would go first.

But Alison took the guessing out of it.

Gillian came off my cock, moaning instantly at Alison’s rapid fire work. She finally came off of Gillian’s lap, put both her hands on her crotch and went back in to merely stick her tongue out. But between those hands, Alison’s seductive licking, the sultry look in her typecast as innocent face and Gillian’s eagerness, she wouldn’t take much longer.

“Fuck, you win….” Gillian panted for Alison. “I’ll cum for you first….”

Gillian focused on Alison and took her hand off me, leaving me to keep myself up with my hand. Of course, that wasn’t the best way to keep me from cumming early. But maybe it’d give them an extra push anyway.

“Cum for both of us,” I told Gillian, pumping myself once she looked at me again. “Or cum for any reason you want. Just cum….”

“You heard the man,” Alison said, getting right back on task. I was tempted to help, and probably should have -- but I had a feeling it would mean more if Alison finished her after all this time.

Moments later, we all had the chance to find out.

Gillian arched her hips up, with Alison not missing a beat. I watched her receive her reward and watched Gillian come undone giving it to her, driving me to grab myself again.

I’d be doing that to memories of this the rest of my life. But this was the only chance I’d have while those memories were in progress. I couldn’t take that chance for too long, though.

Then again, Alison’s mouth had been working enough and Gillian was obviously drained. Maybe I’d have to go at this last part alone.

However, Gillian reminded me she still had hands too.

Although she was still in a haze, she still had enough to pump me. Although Alison obviously had better things to do, she sat on her knees and watched. And although Gillian’s hand brought me right on the edge, she signaled Alison to come over.

“I had my taste, thanks to you,” Gillian reminded Alison. “You need to wash me out anyway.”

Nevertheless, Gillian took my cock down her throat one last time, coming off me and licking me up extra slow. It took all I had not to go off before Alison put her mouth on me.

Yet my resistance ended three seconds after she did.

Instead of having me unload on her tits, Alison let me go right into her mouth – where Gillian couldn’t lick it off her. But when I was done and she went off me, Gillian tried anyway, kissing a mouth that now had her own taste and mine on it.

However, it was Alison who raised an issue after they broke off. “Well….other than my ass being left alone, we covered just about everything.” So she was being literal about treating her ass like her tits, then….

“Next finale, then,” Gillian bailed me out.

Looking back, we probably did a lot more than that to jinx everything, so that likely wasn’t a last straw. And that’s not just me defending my former boss/lover.

I fell one position short of getting everything in – like the show fell one season short of fulfilling its “Six seasons and a movie” vow. But we all sure fit in everything else under the sun first.

At least my finale gave Britta and Annie more good action than Jeff ever would. And that was canon.


05-14-2014, 10:20 PM
Your best threesome yet. Reading this almost alleviates the eternal pain of losing Community...

05-14-2014, 10:31 PM
Thanks - any little bit helps.

05-15-2014, 12:03 AM
EPIC!! Simply. Epic!! A 3-way just doesn't get better than that.


05-15-2014, 12:06 AM
Thanks to you and your dropped jaw.