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First Class Ass
With Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
Codes: MF, handjob, oral, finger
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.
A/N: Decided to do a little airplane tribute to the hottest TEEN in Hollywood.

http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/33735/1f5f74337346305.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/1f5f74337346305) http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/33735/271fbc337346399.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/271fbc337346399) http://thumbnails110.imagebam.com/33735/02275d337346359.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/02275d337346359)

In the short time I had worked in the telecommunications industry, I had racked up quite a few frequent flier miles. In fact my job took me on long distance trips all around the globe on a regular basis.

While most of these flights could be considered mundane and uneventful, one particular flight from LA to Sydney would be etched in my memory for years to come.

It was only the second time I had been fortunate enough to fly in First Class accommodation and was booked on a sold out flight which was scheduled to leave around ten in the evening.

As luck would have it I had checked in earlier than expected and found myself in a window seat, anxiously surveying the passengers flooding through the cabin, hoping in hope that the most unpleasant looking travelers were not going to be my immediate seatmates for the long trip home.

It wasn't long before I discovered my seat neighbors were to be an attractive looking mother/daughter duo: a blonde MILF in her forties, who was accompanied by her equally sexy teenage daughter.

The daughter seemed to be in her mid to late teens, with long sun-streaked blonde hair and the most gorgeous brown eyes I'd ever seen. She appeared to be clad in a white vest-like top and a pair of blue jeans that stopped halfway up her calves.

Right away I thanked my lucky stars to have such a delicious companion for the Australian-bound flight, who to my delight took the seat immediately next to me, since her mom apparently preferred to be seated on the aisle where she could stretch her legs.

This was going to be an "interesting" flight to say the least, I thought, seated next to this gorgeous young creature for the next few hours.

We smiled a polite hello as they took their seats and got settled in, and although she didn't seem too bothered by me, her smile successfully melted my heart.

I soon gathered from their conversation that the teenagers name was Olivia Holt, while her mom was Kim.

It also appeared that Olivia was apparently some kind of celebrity in her own right, with two of the flight attendants coming over and asking for an autograph which she was only happy to supply.

While I was initially tempted to say something and use this as an opportunity to start a conversation, I decided to give her a break and figured she was probably sick about answering questions about her career and fame.

Being the frequent flier that I was I also knew the importance of wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothes, so I'm embarrassed to say that I was dressed quite casually in nothing more than a t-shirt and jogging pants. This definitely did little for my confidence.

After twenty minutes or so of pre-flight rituals the plane was finally up in the air, with the passengers being offered something to drink before they dimmed the lights in the cabin and began showing a movie.

It was at this point that the gorgeous girl beside me appeared to be having issues plugging in the flimsy headphones to access the in-flight entertainment.

Thinking quickly I valiantly (but casually) came to her rescue and showed her how to attach them to the power input on the arm of her seat. Olivia was clearly embarrassed and smiled a grateful smile.

"Oh. Right, right, right." she blushed. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it," I replied as I couldn't help but note just how pretty she was despite her young age.

In fact it almost seemed like this vivacious young blonde was blissfully unaware of the sexual allure that virtually dripped from her.

As I sat there quietly contemplating her beauty it was only now that I noticed the proximity of her bare arm to my own which was painfully close as she fiddled with the radio stations on the inside of her seat.

A short while later I too slipped on my headphones and began to watch the movie but ultimately drifted off to sleep. It must have been at least 2am when I awoke and realized where I was, and that someone was staring at me.

Opening my eyes I looked over to see that Olivia was playing with her cell phone while covertly glancing down at my lap, a subtle grin on her face.

For a moment I was confused, wondering what she found so intriguing before I quickly realized that the teen starlet was staring directly at my fully-charged erection, which was so blatantly apparent it was bordering on obscene.

Blushing with shame, I quickly reached over to my side and covered myself up with the blanket, pulling it up to my neck from underneath. Olivia caught my eye and grinned back at me. It was a knowing grin. An appreciative grin, that only a flirtatious blonde teenager could give.

There was now no doubt in my mind what the devious little blonde had been doing with her phone, most probably text-messaging a friend about the lewd boner seated beside her on the plane.

The notion alone make me laugh and caused my cock to twitch with pride. I smirked back with an embarrassed smile and closed my eyes again.

But it was a few minutes later while I tried to get some shut eye that I felt some movement beside me and I carefully glanced to the side to see Olivia check that her mom was still asleep, before she leaned over and slipped her right arm under the side of my blanket.

My heart sank when I realized what she was attempting to do. Was this girl fucking insane? Was she trying to get me arrested?

I opened my eyes sharply and looked straight at her. Her eyes showed the sexiest mix of excitement and wonder. We continued to keep our eyes fixed on each other for most of what followed.

I felt Olivia's arm move around underneath the blanket and slide down from my chest and locate the large bulge on the outside of my jogging pants. At this point I was as hard as a rolling pin as a delicious grin crossed her face when she discovered this fact.

Even though I knew this was wrong and I should have yelled out or informed her mother, I just couldn't move. In fact I think my expression must have been an interesting combination of fear and arousal.

Olivia's hand pressed down on my erection and she caressed it a couple of times through my pants. It was almost like she was in awe of my penis. Worshiping it. Paying homage to it. Thanking me for the show I had given her.

As wrong as it was to have this gorgeous young teen actively idolize my cock, I just couldn't make myself stop her. I just...couldn't.

Meanwhile as I continued to debate the morals of what she was doing (what I was allowing her to do) I felt her fingers fumble to loosen the string-tie around my waist before I suddenly felt my pants loosen.

You'd think by now I would have thought of something clever to say, but instead I simply gulped as Olivia's fingers finally meet my skin and she slid her hand beneath the waistband.

Still looking intently into my eyes, she took hold off my naked cock-flesh and began to move her hand up and down slowly.

I couldn't believe it was happening. On a crowded airplane at 30,000 feet, being jacked off by a teenage stranger while her mother slept in the very next seat!

I'd always heard rumors about child stars from Hollywood and how they were wild and unpredictable, ticking time bombs if you will, but this was something on a whole new level. This was extraordinary behavior. I'd never done something so risque in all my life!

I mean the absolute gall of this girl to simply offer me her hand, while her very own mother lay sleeping beside her? The entire affair was just too much for my feeble mind to comprehend.

After a minute or so of just playing with my boner, Olivia stopped and pulled her hand out from under the blanket. The disappointment must have showed on my face because she immediately smiled, and this time provocatively raised one of her eyebrows.

"Would anybody like a drink?" one of the friendly stewardesses offered.

We both declined and eagerly waited for her to move onto the next row of travelers before I watched Liv reach down for her own blanket and pull it up over her body until, like mine, it concealed her lap and torso like a bed sheet.

I'm not exactly the sharpest guy but I cottoned on pretty quickly as to what she was inviting me to do, so I slid my right arm across from under my own blanket until it found the edge of hers.

Olivia took this opportunity to turn her body more sideways to face me and stared back at me with the most intense look of concentration. My hand found its way to her vest and I began to run my fingers along the thin material, feeling the fabric and the contours of her body.

I could feel the warmth of her skin beneath. Her lips parted and although no sound came out, I sensed her breath was now coming deeper and faster.

She had the first sign of trepidation in her eyes that joined the look of excitement and wonder that remained. Noting this, I ran my hand in a straight line up the center of her vest until I found her bare shoulder blades, and I trailed my fingertips across her breasts.

Her tits felt firm and heavenly, as I grew more confident with each passing moment and gave each one of her boobs a firm squeeze before finding the entrance to her bra strap, and wormed my way in.

It was a tight fit but I was able to take one of them in the palm of my hand. The nipple was smooth and warm and caused my cock to literally throb in my pants.

After exploring the flesh of her breasts in this way, I let my hand stray downward to the waist of her jeans. I found the skin of her hot, flat stomach and caressed it a few times, causing her to inhale sharply and squirm in her seat.

With each motion of my hand I allowed my fingertips to stray a little farther under the waistband until they were brushing the top edge of her underwear.

It was at this point that Olivia's eyes acquired a look of fierce concentration as though powered by an electric current being generated by my touch.

After a short time I un-popped the top button of her jeans, praying to god that no one in the near vicinity (especially her mom) would hear it over the soft humming of the plane, and slowly caressed her abdomen again.

This time my fingers were able to reach the first inch or so of her pants. I un-popped a second button and now I could feel delicate curls of hair from under the soft material.

One more pop and I was able to reach right in and feel the flesh of her thighs where they met her panties. It was so soft it felt like skin that had never been touched.

The young she-devil let my stroking fingers come to rest between her legs, as I quickly realized just how wet her panties were.

Still keeping my eyes fixed on hers, I carefully peeled back the gusset of her pants from the top of her thighs and let two fingers come into gentle contact with the damp entrance to her pussy.

It felt as warm and wet as the inside of a mouth, and caused her to make the sexiest little groan while looking at me adoringly, as though she would be at my mercy forever. I think at that moment I may have fallen in love with her.

Holding the crotch of her panties away with my thumb, I rubbed my fingers along the length of her slippery folds, feeling it grow wetter by the second.

Olivia responded by sliding her own hand back under my blanket and into my trousers, taking hold of my erection again. She began to jack me off once more, her hand mirroring the rhythm of my own against her tight little cunt.


We focused our attention to the movie playing on the screen as we slowly and carefully masturbated one another in the dim light. In fact, Olivia was so wet that I was able to insert my entire finger quite deep into her pussy, while rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand.

I could feel her whole body go rigid and still, as though the slightest fluctuation in her position might halt the pleasure that was steadily building. Amusingly enough, she was still chewing gum but had to take breaks now and then as she was panting involuntarily.

We continued in this fashion for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably about twenty minutes before her mom suddenly sat up in the seat behind her!

My blood turned cold as I slowly pulled my arm away from between Olivia's legs and tried to act like I was asleep. We were both still well concealed by the blanket but I was so startled by the sight of her mother that my hands trembled with fear.

"Are you okay sweetie?" her mom asked softly, noticing her daughter was turned away from her.

Kim placed her hand gently on Olivia's shoulder, as her jerking-arm froze, as did my previously bucking hips.

The teen star glanced back to her mother, a picture of complete innocence, as I felt my cock twitch and begin to unload a hot stream of spunk all over her hand (which was still gripping my shaft) ...coating the inside of my jogging pants with cum!

The pleasure was so intense I almost passed out, and yet fear prevented me from letting anything show in my face. My cock continued to spasm for what seemed like a blissful age as Olivia and her mom briefly conversed.

"I'm fine, mom." said Olivia in what could have been an Academy Award winning performance.

I mean here she was jerking my cock to completion, while holding a perfectly innocent conversation with her mother! That alone was some diabolical shit if you ask me.

Liv ultimately let her hand slip from the drenched confines of my trousers and returned it carefully to the safety of her own blanket.

"I'm going to stretch my legs for a few minutes," her mom said before getting up from her seat.

The cunning teen smiled as we finally found ourselves alone for the first time. In fact we were both so excited at the prospect we could hardly contain ourselves. It was only now that Olivia chose to say something.

"I wish we weren't on this plane," she remarked after a while, raising that devastating eyebrow once more as she did so.

"I know what you mean," I agreed.

Realizing the mess I was in (literally), I figured I ought to go to the restroom to clean up. So I stood up and wrapped the blanket around me like a Sarong and slipped by Olivia's seat and headed off down the aisle.

It was on my way there that I passed Kim coming in the opposite direction. She smiled sweetly and looked down at the blanket I was wearing and in my paranoia I blushed and blamed it on my over eagerness to drink some coffee.

There were four toilet cubicles grouped together on opposite sides of the airplane galley. I put myself in one of the vacant compartments and surveyed the damage.

I used paper towels to pad myself dry until I finally felt clean and comfortable again. But as I attempted to leave I opened the folding door and looked up to find Olivia standing out in the aisle directly opposite me!

I assumed she had been waiting for a toilet to become vacant, but before I knew what was happening, she was pushing me back into the toilet cubicle.

The small space felt even more cramped with the two of us inside, with Olivia having some trouble trying to lock the door behind her. Once the lock was in place she pressed my back to the rear wall of the toilet and began to kiss me.

It was a deliciously na´ve kiss – all tongue and no subtlety – but it was terrifically erotic. Her lips were warm and wet and she still had a ball of gum inside her mouth that made her lips taste like raspberry.

I instinctively placed my hands on her hips and reached down to squeeze her ass as we tongued and slobbered all over each other mouths.

Next thing I knew, Olivia was kissing her way down my shirt until she reached my pants and unzipped me promptly, my stiff cock springing out, having proudly prepared itself for battle again.

I barely had time to register the fact that she had whipped out my cock before she bent over and took its head into her hot little mouth, blowing me furiously in the cramped space!

"Jesus," I gasped out loud as my boner slipped between her luscious lips and filled her mouth.

I paused for a moment to admire the scene in the long mirror, watching as I was reclined against the wall with Olivia bent over, my cock sticking straight up in the air like a microphone which she hungrily slurped.

After a sublime few minutes of sucking me, she broke off and came up to kiss me again, her hand never leaving my cock. I decided I wanted to see more of the beautiful body and directed her to switch places with me.

I positioned her back to the wall and stuck my hands up her top to play with her adorable tits. Olivia let me pull her vest and bra-top up until they were fully exposed to my eyes and I immediately clamped my mouth around her soft nipple, sucking on each tit until it became a thimble in my mouth.

She was panting audibly as I left her tits and kissed my way down the flat of her belly until I reached her pale blue jeans. Un-popping the buttons one by one, I kissed southward until I arrived to her tiny cotton panties.

Holt shuffled her little ass out of her jeans and displayed her panties in full glory. The word "JUICY" was printed on the front in a retro-seventies font.

I dropped to knees and kissed along her soft thighs, causing her to giggle sweetly to the action.

My lips worked up around the waistband of her underwear before I slowly and carefully peeled it down to reveal a dainty little strip of light blonde fuzz and the plump lips of her teen cunt.

Her sex was pink and swollen and soaking wet, as I lowered her panties to meet the jeans and buried my face in her pussy and tasted the sticky honey that was oozing from her slit.

I literally moaned like a man possessed as I molested her cream-filled cookie. Sliding my tongue inside, I lapped away at her core with the hunger of a man who had not eaten for days.

"Ugh. Shit." Olivia gasped at my enthusiasm, while gripped my hair and pushed my face into her, parting her thighs as wide as she could, to allow me closer access.

I paused for a moment and spun her around so that her pert little ass was in my face.

"Bend that shit over," I growled as I stopped to admire her derriere.

To my delight her butt was tight and firm...absolutely exquisite! I separated her ass cheeks with my fingers and dipped my face into her pussy again, slobbering all over her sex before lapping away at her tight little bunghole.

This caused her to moan out loud, and I could see she was watching the whole scene in the mirror and getting off on the vision. And what a vision it was: Olivia Holt's top riding up over her perky little tits, pants pooled around her ankles while she arched her back and stuck her ass in my face.

I had to crouch further down in order to get unhindered access to her cunt, which was awkward with my own trousers around my ankles but it was well worth it.

However, for in my new position I was able to tongue-fuck the young beauty's ass with all the passion and fervor I desired.

"Oh. God." she muttered at one point as I explored her backdoor with my tongue. "Fuck."

"That's precisely what I'm going to do," I snickered as I stood up behind her and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy.

"Do it!" she hissed back as I pushed forward and gently eased a few inches into her teen cookie.

I rocked my hips back and forth, pulling in and out of her tightness. Olivia was trying quite frantically to grip on to something in the bathroom, as I impaled her from behind and the fucking became more intense.

She ultimately pressed her hands onto the wall, pushing the weight of her upper body forward to grind her pussy back against me. Within a few moments she was whimpering and whispering something under her breath.

I took this opportunity to reach up and pull on her long blonde hair. All of a sudden she grew animated and began to yelp, reaching her hand up to stifle the involuntary sounds escaping from her mouth as she suddenly approached a violent orgasm.

"Yes. Pull my hair!" she hissed. "I like it! Fuck me hard!"

I happily obliged and now pounded her pussy for all it was worth, tugging on her hair and cocking her head back insistently. Her whole body shuddered and jerked violently against me, jolting in delicious spasms as her orgasm finally overwhelmed her.

Olivia watched me in the mirror as I too could no longer hold back and reluctantly pulled out, fucking up against the oily cleavage of her ass-cheeks until I felt confident enough to slip back inside her incredibly tight cunt.

But just as the two of us had all but lost ourselves to my energetic fucking, we suddenly froze at the sound of someone knocking on our door!

Fortunately for us this was quickly followed by the sound of a flight attendant interrupting the passenger and explaining that the toilet appeared to be occupied and that she should use another.

The woman then apologized before we heard her open the door to the cubicle next door. Olivia and I froze in silence, her heart no doubt thumping to the same rapid tune as mine.

At that premise moment Liv was still pressed up against the wall with her breasts exposed and my cock nestled up against her tight ass like some kind of deranged pervert.

Thinking quickly I went over to check the lock was firmly in place before Olivia pounced on me again, kissing me hard on the lips while throwing her legs around me.

I responded by picking her up and placing her on the very edge of the sink, the head of my hard cock tantalizingly poised at the entrance of her pussy.

We both stopped for a moment as I moved my hips forward and teasingly rubbed the head against her bare naked sex, smearing her wetness all over her sex.

"Quick," she insisted. "We don't have much time!"

I kissed her hard on the mouth before feeding my manhood to her.

With her legs now spread, I reached down and placed her ankles up above my shoulders and proceeded to fuck her over the sink as her head bounced against the mirror behind her.

"Yeah. Yeah. Fuck me." she grunted hotly, apparently eager to make me cum as soon as possible. "Fuck this tight little pussy!"

Just hearing her speak this way was enough to make me pop, much less the sight and scent of her dripping wet pussy. A moment later the first string of thick white semen shot out from the end of my cock and flooded her fertile womb.

A second jet was interrupted as I pulled out and it blasted across her belly, startling her, as a third spurt splashed directly across her cum-filled pussy and utterly decimated it in jizz!

The orgasm was so intense that I almost lost the power in my legs, while Olivia could only lay there and moan in reverence.

"Ugh..Fuucck!" she moaned erotically. "You came all over me!"

Shortly there after we collected our clothes and waited to leave the bathroom separately so as not to rouse any suspicion.

As I watched Olivia kiss me on the cheek and make her way back to her seat I glanced at my watch and realized we still had almost eight hours of flight time until we reached our destination.

Suddenly, I couldn't help but wonder if I'd get another chance to glaze her pussy in semen again.


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