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It's Showtime
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrities: Emmy Rossum, Lizzy Caplan
Warnings: M/F, cons, M/F/F, F/F, oral, threesome, lesbian, blowjob, cunnilingus, masturbation, fingering, sixty-nine, handjob

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The Showtime network was holding a gala party, with many of its stars in attendance. Somehow, I had the connections to attend as well.

After some polite, courteous small talk with the friends who got me in, I went star gazing. Given that most of the stars were already talking to others – and probably tight lipped on spoilers – there wasn't much else I could do. Yet there were two notable exceptions.

I managed to talk for a minute or two with Emmy Rossum from 'Shameless' for starters. I don't know how well I came across, but I didn't do too much gaping at her silver dress, her big brown eyes or her bigger smile, so I counted that as a victory.

I used the same standards, almost down to a tee, when I had a few words with Lizzy Caplan from 'Masters of Sex.' The main difference was that she had a purple dress I managed not to gawk at, and the eyes I managed not to get too deeply lost in were green.

I snapped out of it and hung around for the next several moments, not finding any more famous people in my section of the crowd. Yet when I looked over to the section nearby, I saw Emmy and Lizzy fairly close to each other, although they hadn't noticed it.

On impulse, I went over to get their attention.

"Excuse me!" I called out to the both of them. When they noticed me, I could talk quieter. "Sorry to bother both of you again. But do you mind if I get a picture of you two together?"

Now that it was too late to take it back, I started to actually think it over. "I mean….I don't know if you actually know each other…."

"Oh, we've met. Showtime makes it hard not to," Lizzy informed.

"Well, in any case, if I'm bothering you….more than I already have," I offered a way out. But I also added, "I mean, you two are my favorites here. Even before I officially met you. It'd be that way even if you weren't the only actors I've spoken to here." I wondered if that spoke worse things about me than I wanted.

"Well, we were gonna do it anyway, but now you took out the wiggle room," Emmy said. Once she laughed and I saw Lizzy's own blinding smile, it made me more relieved.

Not pressing my luck, I got my phone out and set it up as Emmy and Lizzy stood side by side. I didn't need to give them any instruction to smile, so I snapped it as soon as I could.

"One down. Who should we get to snap the next one?" Emmy asked. Addressing me, she said, "You wanted to come between us for a shot too, right?"

"Um, well, if you've got time," I answered, brushing past the unique way she phrased it. Lizzy got someone to take my phone, setting it up as I stood in between her and Emmy. I wasn't sure if I could or should try to reach out and touch them, though.

When they each went up against my shoulder, however, I took a breath and lightly put a hand on their backs. I smiled and they didn't break their smiles, as my phone froze them all in time.

Once I saw it was frozen perfectly, I let the ladies take their leave and headed away. I spent much of the rest of the party looking at those pictures, remembering them, and filing them in my personal memory bank. But I wasn't quite ready to do all that at home when the party died down.

I walked off and went down the streets of L.A., stopping at the first nice bar I tried to look for. I got in and sat at a table, not bringing myself to order anything yet. Instead, I took one more look at my pictures before vowing to put them away until I got home.

Perhaps it had a greater effect than I thought, though. When I put the phone, I could have sworn when I looked at a nearby booth….

"Oh hey, what do you know?" I thought I heard at a nearby booth. "Look who's there!" I thought it looked and sounded like Lizzy Caplan, with Emmy Rossum sitting next to her. But….wait, I hadn't even taken a drink in here, and I didn't stumble out of the party. So then….

I managed not to stumble as I made my way to their booth. "What are you two doing here?" I asked, perhaps with less decorum than I should have.

"Well, for once, I'm not here for character research," Emmy said.

"If it was me doing some, then….ah, it's easier if you come up with the obvious sex joke. There's still too many for me to choose from," Lizzy joked.

"It's not like you're more naked than I am. I'm sure someone's done the research to prove it. How far sex research has come from your show's day," Emmy retorted.

"Have you been making fun of your shows for long in here?" I got back into the conversation.

"We did more than that at the party after you left, I'll have you know," Lizzy declared. "But you can't hold us accountable for that. Not just because we're celebrities, mind you."

"What she means is, after you left with your pictures, we didn't leave each other," Emmy said. "You pretty much set us up, and we've been hitting it off ever since. Ironically, that led us all here, it seems."

"Hitting it off, huh?" I repeated. Before they could take that the wrong way, I added, "So that's my fault?"

"Well, being fellow Showtime actors loved by critics and nudity lovers helped too," Lizzy qualified. "We just didn't spend much time comparing notes at other parties until this one. Probably would have at some point, but you sped it along, so thanks."

"Anyway, least we can do is let you help us close this place down. You left us hanging at the last one, so you technically owe us. The pictures are a good guilt trip too," Emmy reminded. I couldn't argue with that, so I stayed put.

The two actresses were aware enough not to get drunk, in case there were TMZ spies or bloggers on a late stake out near tonight's parties. I helped make sure we didn't consume much, but they were level headed enough to look out for themselves. Much like their characters, when their writers don't need to put them in downward spirals.

We stayed out of big trouble by playing darts and other games, getting caught up in Emmy and Lizzy sharing gossip with each other from their sets, and sharing non-spoilery gossip with me. I didn't have as much dirt on my own life, yet they were nice enough to listen anyway.

It wasn't surprising, really. They always gave the appearance of being classy, level headed, smart and sweet people – which made them ideal for playing some of the most dynamic female, brassy, admirable female characters on cable TV. Who happened to share the same network, the same night of television on different season, the same handful of sex scenes per year – and the same gifts in those scenes.

The same stunningly beautiful eyes and faces, same chests that looked like more than perfect handfuls, same lithe, irresistible bodies and figures….how they'd likely move around and sound when….

"Excuse me a minute," I said, seeming like I was calmly headed for the bathroom. Going there wasn't suspicious in of itself, at least.

When I got into the nearest stall, I pondered my options. I could just pee and go back like a normal person. But unfortunately, a normal person would be getting way too distracted by….inappropriate thoughts right now. I certainly proved that just now.

Perhaps the best option was to….purge those thoughts. Then go back there with a better chance of enduring the rest of the night. And put aside the guilt for when I got home.

So I put my hand on my erection and risked it. Risked feeling even more embarrassed about facing these great ladies, after what I….was doing because of them now. But facing them while being this built up would be marginally worse. At least that's how I gave myself permission.

Permission to imagine kissing Emmy, while slipping her out of that dress. Permission to imagine doing the same with Lizzy. Permission to remember all of their nude moments on cable – which certainly helped hurry things along.

Permission to imagine myself in those positions with them. To imagine myself pressed on top of Emmy's nude body. On Lizzy's. On both of them.

Emmy's mouth on my cock, with her glorious eyes gazing up at me. Lizzy doing the same. Both of them doing it at the same time. Putting their lips on my cock and balls, and then on each…..

And there it was, pouring out of me.

I trusted that I kept my orgasmic growling to a minimum – both from the ladies and from anyone actually in this bathroom. But in a break, it seemed like it was still empty once I zipped up and left the stall. After thoroughly washing my hands, I was ready to face the aftermath.

I went back to the booth, and wasn't overcome with shame when I saw Emmy and Lizzy, moments after jacking off to them. That was a good sign – for the rest of the night, if not my moral character.

"We didn't close the place down, but I think we're ready to go," Emmy told me. "Lizzy's hotel room is closer. Mind if we drop her off first?" Even if I wasn't taxed out by my fantasies, I would have had to say no anyway.

So the three of us got to Lizzy's hotel, then went up to her room door. At this point, I expected her to say good night and head in to rest up alone. However, she got the both of us to come in instead.

She didn't look too drunk or tired, but said she needed to go freshen up in her bedroom. We let her go in alone, leaving me and Emmy alone in the living room. There, we stood around until Emmy broke the silence.

"So, getting back to earlier. Me and Lizzy were really your Showtime favorites, before tonight. Right?" Emmy asked, though it took me a second to call back to it.

"Oh, right! Yeah, that's about right," I re-confirmed. "You can keep your Danes, Homelands, Baccarins, Nurse Jackies, Californications. Nothing against them, just…."

"You just look up to the two of us more," Emmy said. "And you happened to get into a party with us, and talk to the both of us. More than that, even. And it got us to see our….various things in common more clearly, too. All that sure is something."

"I suppose it is," I agreed. "It all came naturally, though, trust me. I didn't stalk anyone or set this up," I perhaps stupidly felt the need to stress.

"I sure wasn't expecting this tonight," Emmy echoed. "But I like how it turned out. How it's turning out. She does too. I can only imagine about you."

"I have no reason to complain," I said. "Why would anyone? In my position, I mean. You can complain if you want."

"I don't have much reason to either," Emmy assured, patting her hand on my shoulder – and keeping it there. I looked right at her now that she was closer, and nothing on her face said it was by accident. Even after I confirmed that, I still lingered.

My God, she was gorgeous. Her smile got bigger to confirm that. Or rather, it was because I actually said the first part out loud. The face she smiled about it was the only reason I didn't stammer or break eye contact.

When the initial internal panic died down, and when Emmy's hand went down my arm, I did ask, "Is Lizzy really coming out of there? Maybe she's asleep."

"Maybe. Or she might be back here any second," Emmy predicted. "If that's the case….it doesn't leave us much alone time." No it didn't.

When I was in my fantasy jack off world, I didn't have to pick one girl or the other. Gun to my head, if I could only be this close with one of them, even then I might not decide fast enough. But it seemed the decision was being made for me now.

Once Emmy's soft lips slid against mine, I didn't mind too much.

The lingering taste of the drinks we had were on her lips. Yet between that and their seemingly natural sweetness, it was a spicy, delicious blend. Seemed fitting, really. I savored it and hoped she felt the same way – and the signs pointed to yes when her whole body pressed against mine.

The kisses stayed slow and steamy as I let my hands finally hold her. They slid up the smooth fabric of her dress and the smoother texture of her skin, until they rested on her shoulders. Emmy let out a soft groan against my lips, which made mine proceed with more vigor.

Somehow, I still heard a door open, and could guess what that meant. Yet before I could react, Emmy's hands went onto my head and kept me from turning towards Lizzy.

I could have gotten away, asked what that was about and checked on Lizzy, in case she minded – for whatever reason. However, Emmy's grip – from her hands and her lips – was too much for me to handle. When her tongue started poking my lips, it was the last straw.

Regardless of our audience, I figured I should up the ante while I could. Therefore, my hands moved from her shoulders to her face, cupping it as my own tongue slid into her. The feel of her mouth around my tongue, her groans against my mouth and her face against my hands nearly did me in.

So unclogging myself in the bathroom really was for nothing. Or….maybe it would be later. But at the rate we kissed, I might not make it to later.

I tried to slow down, leaving my right hand on her cheek while my left slid back to her shoulder, and her dress strap. I toyed with it as I felt her two hands on my chest – and one on my shoulder.

Before I did the math, I felt another pair of lips on my ear.

They briefly nibbled it and then whispered, "My turn."

Emmy released her hands and lips from me, allowing me to finally breathe and open my eyes. But that barely did any good once I turned my head.

In an instant, my breath was figuratively lost, once I saw Lizzy standing next to me in a black nightgown. It was officially cut off when her lips went on mine. Like Emmy, she put her hands on my head so I couldn't break away, or ask questions, or catch up with any of this.

Lizzy further put me into submission by rubbing her lips against mine, and taking turns suckling on each one. As that won me over, I felt Emmy kissing my right ear this time. She then lightly bit down and whispered, "Don't worry. We got this."

With the little brain power I had left, I guessed they worked out….whatever this was when I was in the bathroom. It would certainly be the most ironic explanation. The little vixens….if they only knew. Or maybe they guessed.

But when Lizzy broke off from me, and I saw her and Emmy standing side by side in front of me, with clear desire on their beautiful faces – both of which I might actually be able to satisfy – I put all questions aside.

My impulse was to get my shirt off, perhaps to set an example. When it was off, I turned to see the open door to Lizzy's bedroom – and perhaps to avoid seeing if they were that impressed or not. Before I got too self-conscious, I went to sit on the front of the bed.

The two actresses followed my lead and walked in, standing in front of me. I gawked anew, until Lizzy started to lift her nightie up. Given how little I saw of her in it, she could have just come out naked in the first place and cut out the middle man. Maybe she wanted to ease me into it first.

Either way, the mission was certainly accomplished when she removed her nightie – and I saw she didn't have to remove anything else. Emmy followed Lizzy's lead by starting to slip out of her dress. With a little help from Lizzy, she let it slid to the floor, then pulled down her panties to get in the same state as her.

I'd already seen these naked bodies on TV. So had at least a million devoted viewers of both their shows, and perhaps a few more online. However, this really did it all justice.

Their bodies weren't exactly identical – but their lovely legs, already wet centers, shapely backsides, trim waists, full, perky, perfect breasts and eager faces were as close to twin perfect visions as I could figure.

Emmy's vision was the first to press against me and lie on top of me on the bed. She resumed kissing me slow and sweet, while her naked chest rubbed against my flatter one. I wanted to flip her over and kiss her bigger chest, but I indulged in putting my hands on her naked back and sliding them down first.

Before I could reach her ass, she kissed down my neck and went towards my chest, pulling off my move first. Emmy was getting closer to my pants, but just as she put her hands on my zipper, Lizzy got my attention by lying next to me on my left.

She put her hand on my cheek and kissed me, taking my attention away from Emmy. As much as I wanted to see her unzip me and pull me out, I could still feel it just fine. Feeling Lizzy's kisses at the same time, and then reaching over to feel her breasts, just enhanced it further.

Once I put my left hand on top of her breast, Lizzy put her hand on top of it. She then glided it down her stomach, making sure it fit between her legs – just as I felt Emmy's hands between mine. By then, she had me exposed, beginning to stroke me almost like I was stroking Lizzy.

Unlike me, Emmy could use her mouth too. And she used it to take almost all of me into hers. I barely remembered to use my fingers on Lizzy at the same time. However, I could feel Lizzy was using hers on herself as well.

While me and Lizzy were getting her off, Emmy was doing fine on me on her own. It occurred to me that no one was helping her, until I saw her move her hand down towards herself. Her other hand stayed on my cock, as she jacked it off while fingering herself all at once.

Emmy put her mouth back into it a short while later. She popped off and slid her tongue up my shaft, then slid it down and briefly engulfed each of my balls. She then licked back up and suckled my tip, licking the underside while her eyes looked up and practically dared me to cum.

If not for my bright idea in the bathroom, maybe I might have. "Not bad," Emmy said when her mouth was free. Why she thought I was holding out this long, she didn't say. I didn't want to correct her either way.

"I'm still going to make you cum really hard," Emmy said, to which I didn't doubt. "You're gonna make Lizzy cum. If she doesn't beat you to it. Then you're both gonna make me cum. If I don't beat you to it," she punctuated by settling her fingers inside herself, before going back down on me.

Focusing back on Lizzy, I helped her finger herself anew. She grinded against her hand and mine, while I tried not to grind myself too hard on Emmy's face. I watched it swallow my cock, then turned back to kiss Lizzy's face, and went back and forth between gazing at Emmy and Frenching Lizzy.

She turned over and maneuvered herself so she could put her breast over my face. I reached up to suckle it, while my hand went onto her firm ass and dipped below it, fingering her from behind. I tried to finger Lizzy and suckle her at the same pace that Emmy bobbled on me, but she was a little faster.

"This is how I want you to fuck me," Emmy said over my cock. "And fuck Lizzy when I'm done. I need more of a taste to know you're up for it, thought," she teased before taking me back in.

At that point, Lizzy made her move and laid herself on top of me. She rested her center on my stomach, just above Emmy's head – which I couldn't see now. "Hold on a minute…." I gasped.

"I'll get off before you get off, don't worry," Lizzy promised. "You and Emmy just speak up clearly. If you can."

"Ha ha," Emmy took my cock out long enough to comment, then went back to licking my tip. In the meantime, I could only see Lizzy riding my stomach, as my hand and hers worked on her pussy. I put my free hand up on her chest in the meantime.

Her wetness and her tits somewhat distracted me from Emmy's licking, and the sad fact I couldn't see it. Yet Emmy stopped licking soon after, and placed my shaft right up against Lizzy's ass. She rubbed it against one cheek at a time, then placed it right between them.

Whether Lizzy moaned more from that or our fingers, I couldn't tell. In any case, Emmy trapped my shaft between her hand and Lizzy's crack, and I couldn't help but thrust forward. In some weird way, this was the closest I could come to fucking them simultaneously.

However, the only one being penetrated was Lizzy, thanks to my index finger. Between that and my cock rubbing on her, Lizzy was bucking her hips any which way. "Fuck me…." she gasped. "You should make him cum now, so he can fuck me quicker…."

"This doesn't count?" I teased, pumping my fingers harder.

"Oh fuck….good warm up…." Lizzy trailed off. Emmy then took my cock off her ass, only to lightly swat it with my shaft. "Oh, is that how you like it?" Lizzy seemed to ask Emmy.

"Wouldn't be the only one, huh?" I heard Emmy ask behind her. I added a few groans as she used my dick to swat and rub against Lizzy's ass. "Okay, let's speed this up….get him in you."

"What?" I asked. "You sure that'll last long?"

"You guys do it right, it will," Emmy said. "Don't come off him until you cum," she addressed Lizzy, before letting go of my cock and moving completely aside.

Emmy sat herself down on my right, as Lizzy backed up and hovered herself over my cock. She slowly took me in, as I hoped it got her closer than it was getting me – which would say something. To help along, I put my left hand back against her filled center and laid my right on her hip.

"Main event, huh?" I called back.

"Oh yeah…." Lizzy groaned, tightening on me. "You better make me cum quick, for your sake….and Emmy's…."

My only response was to give her a rapid series of thrusts, which I could barely stop on my own afterwards. With all the self-control I had, I slowed down even as Lizzy kept riding me and helping me rub her the rest of the way.

I watched her enjoy herself, then looked over to see Emmy enjoying the show too – with the help of her own fingers. "Come on….hold on with me a while longer," Emmy encouraged. "That doesn't apply to you, Lizzy. You can spray that cum on his cock any time now…."

"What the fuck do you think I'm trying…." Lizzy didn't finish. She called out incoherently, then Emmy reached up with her free hand and fondled her right breast. With my free hand, I took her left breast and followed Emmy's lead in jiggling it.

Between that, all the fingers and one barely contained cock, Lizzy was set to blow. She finally fell on top of me as she did just that.

Somehow holding on myself, I wrapped my arms around Lizzy for all that she was considerably worth. Feeling her ride through her orgasm in my arms, and feeling her naked body in general, wasn't much of a deterrent to cumming. Yet as Lizzy began to catch her breath, I was still hard.

I looked over and saw Emmy finish masturbating, then get up on her feet. "Okay Lizzy, roll over. I got it from here."


I had to let go of Lizzy, who managed to roll over to my left. Emmy promptly kneeled down in front of the bed again, resumed fingering herself with her left hand, and stroked my cock with her right. Now that it was more lubricated with Lizzy's cum and juices, it was that much easier.

But Emmy soon swallowed me down and licked it up herself, moaning extra hard on me – either at tasting me and Lizzy, or at her own finger work. Whatever it was, she was fucking herself harder and vibrating and sucking on me at the same pace.

"Watch me make you cum," Emmy said after popping off. "Watch me take all your cum…." She then took her hand off her pussy, put it over on Lizzy's, and lightly stroked it before using it to pump and lube up my cock. Before long, she went back to fingering herself and licking me clean.

She could probably taste herself, Lizzy and me on my shaft. To be sure, she swallowed down and licked each part of me that she could. Right before I felt ready to burst, she popped off, stuck her tongue out and slowly slid it over my head.

At that point, she showed me all the desire in her gorgeous eyes, wrapped her lips around my head and provided one last suckle and lick. With that, I watched her take all my cum like she wanted.

Emmy effortlessly swallowed it all, as it felt like she would leave my entire body hollowed out when she finished. But when I finished, my body was still solid and hard, even if my cock probably wouldn't be for a while. Of course, I assumed that in the bathroom and look what happened.

Look what happened to top any bathroom fantasy on my resume.

Emmy finally freed her mouth and let herself breathe again, after finishing her swallowing. She got up long enough to lay down on my right, as her, me and Lizzy were on our back and faced with a post-coital silence. Usually the most awkward time of coitus.

None of us said anything to break it. However, I did start to hear Emmy breathe a little harder, which shouldn't have been the case. Unless she was….

"Oh, right!" I realized as Emmy resumed pleasuring herself. "You said you wanted both of us to finish you, remember?"

"If you could," Emmy reminded. "I think I got it from here….."

"Well….just in case," I offered, getting on my knees in front of the bed and Emmy's open knees, like she did with me. She still had her own finger pumping her, but she made room for me to put my head next to it and do some extra licking.

In the meantime, Lizzy went next to Emmy, seemingly unsure of how to help. She settled on groping Emmy's breast, which did make them even. Between that grope, my tongue and her fingers, I hoped she was ready to pop.

And after grinding against me and my hand for a while, she finally got to popping.

I licked up as much of her as I had room to, and she even let me dab on her wet finger. However, she quickly licked the rest of it up herself. Once she did, I got myself back on the bed, with Emmy and Lizzy each at my sides again. The silence then settled back over all of us and didn't break for any more masturbating.

I started closing my eyes at that point. The next thing I knew, I felt something on my ear again. I didn't know if I'd actually slept before then – but it seemed enough time went by for someone to get a second wind.

I woke up to see it was Lizzy, as she moved on to kiss down the left side of my neck. I didn't check to see if Emmy was still on my right, since Lizzy had all my attention now. I figured she was due for it.

Lizzy broke from my neck to look at me, somewhat sleepy eyed. But the look still really worked for her. Without a word, I brought my lips onto hers, as she kissed back in slow, alluring movements.

Maybe the last round took a lot out of us, making us both go more leisurely. Whatever the reasoning, I really liked it, and it felt like she did too. Yet everything felt good as Lizzy laid on top of me, while my hand trailed down her back and over to her ass.

Our tongues kept stroking each other while I maneuvered my fingers down to her ass, then went below it. I finally got to feel her pussy again, all as her body rubbed up against mine.

But there was still room for someone else to join in.

Once again, Emmy kissed the other side of my face and my ear while I kissed Lizzy's lips. Soon enough, I broke off and turned my head to kiss Emmy's. Soon after that, I was switching back and forth between the two of them.

Sooner still, all our lips and tongues seemed to be against each other. It all culminated in Emmy and Lizzy turning their heads to kiss right above me.

I avoided outright squealing over it, and just watched their serene, aroused, flawless faces pressed against one another. Taking a page from their book, I kissed Lizzy and Emmy's cheeks as they continued to kiss each other steamily.

When they stopped, they tried their best to kiss me at the same time, as I tried to with them. In addition, I had my hands on each of their asses while my fingers went over to their pussies. This gave me the idea for our next position.

"Sit up," I reluctantly said, taking one more kiss from each of them before they had to move back. I sat myself up on my knees, with Lizzy and Emmy doing the same in front of me. This allowed me to put each of my hands on their centers, stroking, rubbing and burying my finger inside both of them.

Meanwhile, I bent my head down to start kissing Lizzy's chest on my left. I sucked on a tit at a time, wishing for a second I could hold them too. Yet my hands were too busy right now, leaving only my mouth to savor how full and soft Lizzy's boobs were.

It went on to do the same with Emmy's tits, nibbling one and then the other. As my fingers went deeper into the women, they began rubbing up against them on their own. While they got into it, I kissed up Emmy's neck as I felt and heard her breathing heavier.

Yet I felt something that made me breathe heavier myself. Namely, Lizzy's hand on my cock.

I pulled away from Emmy to see Lizzy stroking me. All I could do was try to finger them faster in return. Emmy then reached over to me and took over for Lizzy, then Lizzy took her turn – and then both of them worked on me at once.

As I fingered Emmy and Lizzy, Emmy's hand stroked my tip and shaft while Lizzy held my balls. A few seconds later, Lizzy went to my tip and Emmy cupped my balls. We were all breathing loudly at once from our mutual jobs, until I exhaled and almost fell on my back.

Doing that would require removing my hands from Emmy and Lizzy. Reluctantly, I took them away and laid down, hoping they weren't too upset. I felt their answer before I looked down to see it – and burn it in my memory forever.

Emmy was sucking my cock and lying her body to my left, leaving room for Lizzy to lie on my right. When Emmy came off, Lizzy sucked me down herself. When she was done, Emmy licked down to my balls – right as Lizzy licked my tip. But Emmy got my whole head down on her next trip up, leaving Lizzy to take my balls in.

It was right out of the bathroom vision that pushed me overboard, as Emmy and Lizzy both sucked me off and had their faces in my crotch. Four soft lips and two smooth tongues lathered each inch of me, as four deep, bottomless doe eyes watched me enjoy it all.

"Oh, fuck…." I barely got it. If I hadn't already cum twice, or even once, I might have already gone off. As it was, they merely got me ready for one more round. One more chance to fit in what I hadn't before. One thing came to mind first.

"Emmy….Emmy, come here," I asked. Lizzy was the only one I fucked with my cock last time, so it was time to even it out. Emmy crawled up to me, and I promptly laid her on her back to give her the message.

"Okay then….now fuck me," Emmy smoldered. I settled myself into her slowly and got started on my task.

After a few steady thrusts, I went deeper and started kissing Emmy's face. I got to her ear by the time I got my whole cock into her. "So good…." I moaned into her. "God, you're so hot…."

"You said something like that already," Emmy reminded. "Don't let Lizzy feel left out…." I then looked over to see Lizzy enjoying herself to us, just as Emmy enjoyed herself to me and Lizzy earlier.

While Lizzy fucked herself, I watched her grind against her hand, saw her tits slightly bounce and watched her face lock onto ours. "Fuck, so beautiful…." I made sure Lizzy could here. Now we were about even, although I probably owed her one more flattering truth.

Deciding to save it for later, I went back to fucking Emmy and making sure Lizzy had a good show to watch. My mouth went down Emmy's neck and back to her tits, with my hand pushing up her right breast before I tried gobbling it down.

"Fuck me…." Emmy groaned. A few suckles and nibbles later, she added, "Sit up and fuck me harder…."

Getting back up on my knees, I settled back into position and looked down on Emmy's writhing body as I fucked her. "Lizzy….Lizzy, get over here," she said after a while. This made her stop playing with herself and come right back over.

I looked down and put my finger on Emmy's pussy, making sure she didn't forget about me. When I looked back up, Lizzy was facing me and sitting above Emmy's head. After her ass and pussy were settled over her, Emmy began eating away.

This left me in position to watch Lizzy slowly moan and enjoy beating eaten by another woman. She didn't look too fazed by it, yet I avoided wondering if this was new for me. Instead, I focused on putting my free hand on her breast, hopefully giving her an extra level of pleasure.

I figured out it would help more if I let my hand go lower. So I slid it down her stomach and landed it at her pussy, trying not to run into Emmy's tongue when I got there. But I tried to help rub it along, just like I was doing on Emmy.

Once more, I was rubbing two pussies at once, although I wasn't in any of them. Still, with that and actually fucking Emmy, it looked like everyone was taken care of.

We all looked relaxed and lost in bliss, or at least that's how I assumed Emmy looked under Lizzy's ass. She did sound okay enough, though. With everything settled in, I leaned in to kiss Lizzy, taking my hands off the ladies' pussies and onto Lizzy's tits.

I held them up as I leaned down to kiss them, then kept a nipple in my mouth as I went down to cup Emmy's breasts below. I gripped them while fucking her, with Emmy moaning more on Lizzy as a result, giving her one more reason to sound ecstatic.

After removing my mouth from her breast, I put it right back on Lizzy, shoving a finger into her before Emmy got her tongue back in. While I didn't see what Emmy did next, I felt her hand brush against my crotch on its way to her pussy.

This gave me a signal to focus more on fucking her, which I did despite still kissing Lizzy. I started groaning on her mouth, which opened up to let my tongue in deeper. I tried to thrust in and out just like my cock, but I figured my cock was doing better.

"Yeah….oh, I wouldn't mind another big load. From anyone," Emmy said. I broke from Lizzy in time to hear Emmy say, "You want anything else from that cock, you better act now. While I'm being fucking generous…."

"Oh….is that so," Lizzy asked. "Well then, be generous and scoot…."

This probably meant I had to scoot at some point. Once Emmy took her pussy off my cock, I had no choice. I scooted backwards as Lizzy got off of Emmy, yet in no time flat, Lizzy crawled over to me and hovered her head over my cock.

Settling on all fours, Lizzy leaned her elbow right between my legs, held my cock and then went down on it. But it was a bit more than that. It was more like she tortured it, and me, in the best way.

Lizzy's tongue slowly danced over my underside, slid up and down my staff and then rested on it while her lips closed over my head. She hummed and suckled on me, drawing it out in a way that almost made me melt. All the while, she pumped the bottom of my shaft while licking and sucking practically everything on top.

As my eyes almost rolled back, Lizzy came off and started kissing down my cock. I could almost feel her smirk on my ball sack when she got down there, before her sharp, silver tongue brought it into her mouth.

She sucked my balls and rubbed my tip, all while Emmy positioned her face behind her. Lizzy groaned that much harder on my balls, as Emmy resumed eating her out.

Lizzy was giving me a scorching blowjob, while her full round ass was sticking out and covering Emmy's hungry, perfect face. By the time Lizzy got back up to suck my head, I felt spineless.

"Mmm….your cock and her tongue….what a combo," Lizzy all but purred. "But I guess….your tongue should have a chance to catch up…."

With that, Lizzy took my entire cock in her mouth, licked slowly, added a few suckles and then came right off. She pushed her ass back against Emmy, but then took it away from her too. In fact, she turned it around to put it over my face, settling herself and me into a 69.

When her pussy landed on me, I knew I had to prove my tongue was worth pulling away from Emmy's. It would be pretty tough, though. But I gave it my best shot, even with Lizzy's golden tongue distracting me again.

However, she came off it and didn't put it back for a while. I had to stop work and look over to see why. It seemed Emmy was sitting on her knees in front of Lizzy's face and my crotch, leaving just enough room for Lizzy to lean in and try to eat her out.

Her bottom went away from my face, but I still worked on her with my fingers. I still couldn't see everything Lizzy was doing, yet Emmy gave us the blow by blow.

"That's it….oh, come on, Lizzy. Oh, lick that fucking pussy," Emmy called out. "Oh, you are good with that tongue. Isn't she?" she addressed.

"I wouldn't know at the moment," I said, before her ass came back over and pressed against my face and tongue. When I used them on Lizzy, I felt her close her mouth back around me.

"That is a good cock. I would know," Emmy credited. "Didn't I tell you it would be? Aren't you glad you listened to me?"

"I'm glad he went to the bathroom so you could make me listen. Let's leave it at that," Lizzy said. Before I inquired more about that, she crawled back to munch on Emmy again, leaving me to finger her again.

"Fuck yeah…." Emmy called out. "A little more….oh, that's perfect." With that, I stayed quiet and kept using my fingers on Lizzy, while she was busy working over Emmy with her mouth. My cock wasn't getting much friction, but maybe it would help me endure longer. Assuming that….

"Do you need me for much longer?" I found myself asking. I would have slapped my forehead if my hand wasn't rubbing against Lizzy's juices.

"Right, right, sorry!" Emmy answered.

"You don't have to apologize," I backtracked.

"Actually, I might have to. Kinda," Emmy hinted. "Lizzy, sit back up. Give me room."

Lizzy did what Emmy said, sitting herself upright with her pussy back over my face. Once again, I couldn't see much beyond someone's crotch in my face. But I could feel Emmy sitting and sinking onto my cock.

Which meant I couldn't really see Emmy bouncing herself on me. Which also meant that when I started hearing her and Lizzy moaning and touching each other, I couldn't see that either. I heard soft kisses and softer moans, although they got louder when my tongue and cock went faster.

Still, I didn't quite have everything. Considering what I'd gotten already, though, it might be whiny of me to complain.

Yet as I listened to them kiss and likely rub and suck each other's tits above me, I figured it was okay to feel a little robbed.

All I could do was remind them of my presence again – although Emmy certainly felt it now. So I hoped. To make sure, I put my right fingers against her pussy and fucked it faster, while my left hand went around to rub Lizzy as I ate her out.

Lizzy bounced her firm ass on my face and her wet pussy on my mouth, as Emmy tightened herself around me and uttered, "Fuck me, that's it." I counted those as wins. Even as I felt Lizzy's hand on Emmy's next to mine, and saw Emmy's hand reach over to help me with Lizzy's pussy.

We fucked, fingered, rode and rubbed each other for a good long while, or so it felt like. Yet at this rate, a few of us would have to give out. Emmy went first and said, "Oh, I'm getting ready to cum…."

"A little more and I'll be with you," Lizzy added. Taking the hint, I shoved my tongue deeper into her, then replaced it with two of my fingers.

"All right, let's do this," Emmy decided. She then decided to slam all the way down on me, swivel her hips and grind me into near oblivion.

"Fuck, fuck, fucking…." was all I could muster. Yet Emmy had enough self-control to get herself off me.

"Okay, get those fingers and tongue over here now! Fastest ones win!" Emmy ordered. She likely didn't want us to dilly dally, so me and Lizzy laid side by side in front of Emmy and worked towards finishing her off.

Lizzy's tongue worked its magic, and I tried to vaguely match the bar when it was my turn. As I did so, I put my left hand on Lizzy's ass and tried to work on her as well. My index finger wiggled in her pussy while Lizzy added a finger into Emmy's, and I added my tongue on her thigh.

"Come on….I want you both to make me cum," Emmy breathed out. "I want to cum all over your faces….then clean it off…."

"You know what? Tempting, but no thanks," Lizzy spoke, without getting my opinion first. "Once you're finished, he won't be able to fuck you till you cum. He did it for me, he might as well do it for you." I suppose that made a case for speaking unilaterally.

I sat up as Lizzy went down for one more deep series of licks on Emmy. When she finished, she bent down and licked all over my head while stroking my cock. With a last wet lick and suckle, she came off and said, "I think you're ready for her."

Not wanting to argue, I got myself in position and inserted myself into Emmy, who stretched on her back and took me in. She pushed back against me and I met her in kind, all as Lizzy stayed nearby and watched.

"Fuck her nice and hard….she talked me into this, you know. You owe her," Lizzy urged, as I saw her rub herself. "She's all good, you know…..you can cum right in her. Or you can make her cum on you and I'll clean it off, like she did for you. Your choice…."

"Well, how am I supposed to…." I couldn't finish, as Emmy fucked herself harder on me and rubbed herself. Taking over again, I rubbed her as well and went faster, although I now had to be conscious not to go that fast.

But our respective fingers were going fast enough, even if my cock wasn't. "Oh yeah, I told you this would…..oh, fuck, I'm gonna cover that cock…." Emmy gasped.

"Do it, then. Fucking cum for both of us," Lizzy demanded as her fingers moved deeper inside her. "I want it, you want it, he fucking wants it….give the public what we want…."

"What do you think I'm doing?" Emmy finished. Going back to me, she said, "Make me cum for you first….give her something else to lick up….unload on that big fat fucking….oh, fuck yes!"

Something either her or me did seemed to do it, as Emmy clenched on me and I made myself give her one more big string of fucks. She began cumming on me in no time, as I again endured and kept from cumming at the same time.

I lived long enough for Lizzy to make me not regret it, since I turned and saw her frigging her faster. After Emmy pulled her pussy off of me, Lizzy bent down, took my wet cock into her mouth and licked and sucked it clean, all during her own masturbation.

It was questionable if I would finish first or she would, especially when Lizzy held my cock with her free hand, came off and teased my slit with her tongue.

Finally, she hummed deeply on my head, bobbed a few times – and as far as I could tell, we were close to a draw a few seconds later.

Like Emmy, Lizzy swallowed every drop down. Like Emmy, Lizzy made me feel like she was swallowing me hollow. Like Emmy's first time tonight, Lizzy had her own cum on her hand when she finished, and was nice enough to let me have a taste.

Like Emmy then and now, Lizzy laid on her back when she finished up, too tired to do much else. Like Emmy and Lizzy, I laid down and caught my breath.

Last time, it seemed we closed our eyes for at least a while and got another burst back. This time, I doubted we would be so lucky.

But I had Emmy Rossum and Lizzy Caplan navigating themselves to lay next to me. To touch as I fell asleep, if not 'touch.' I'd settle for that luck any time. Any of the select million people smart enough to watch them on Showtime would agree with me.

At the least, this gave the HBO party in a few weeks a much higher bar to go over.


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God damn that was hot!! Those two make such good bad girls! Great read Robertdoc

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