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Sibling Seduction 2
With Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, oral, inc
DISCLAIMER: This fictional story was written for entertainment purposes only.
A/N: Any similar actions by her in real life are by pure coincidence. hehe

http://img239.imagevenue.com/loc531/th_786256351_275509789_OliviaHolt06122014NintendoWiiUStationatE3inLA7_122_531lo.JPG (http://img239.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=786256351_275509789_OliviaHolt06122014NintendoWiiUStationatE3inLA7_122_531lo.JPG) http://img162.imagevenue.com/loc191/th_079395923_755139368_OliviaHolt06122014NintendoWiiUStationatE3inLA14_122_191lo.JPG (http://img162.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=079395923_755139368_OliviaHolt06122014NintendoWiiUStationatE3inLA14_122_191lo.JPG) http://img239.imagevenue.com/loc72/th_786266980_755086698_OliviaHolt06122014NintendoWiiUStationatE3inLA5_122_72lo.JPG (http://img239.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=786266980_755086698_OliviaHolt06122014NintendoWiiUStationatE3inLA5_122_72lo.JPG)

Just minutes after my encounter with Olivia, our folks arrived home and we soon found ourselves seated on opposite sides of the dinner table discussing our day. But as it turned out my sister didn't appear to be in one of her jovial moods which immediately alerted mom that something was up.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Mom commented. "You don't seem yourself today."

"Meh. It's nothing." Olivia replied dejectedly while avoiding any eye contact with me.

"Are you sure?" dad chimed in.

"I just don't feel well today." Liv claimed. "I think I might have the flu or something."

"Maybe it was something you ate?" I added with a wink, thinking back to the moment I had filled her mouth with spunk and watched her swallow my load.

"Yeah. Maybe that's it!" she quipped back sarcastically.

"Well why don't you go to your room and lie down." Mom suggested. "Your brother will bring you some tea."

"Sure I will." I scoffed while digging into my plate. "I'll bring it right up your majesty."

Olivia glared back at me, then mom, and seemed to contemplate something before she finally huffed and left the table. After dinner our folks decided to visit our neighbors across the street - which usually meant they'd be preoccupied for at least an hour or so.

"Sweetheart. Try not to bother your sister too much tonight." Mom said before leaving the house. "I think she's having boy troubles again."

"You don't know the half of it." I felt like saying but instead I bit my tongue.

"Don't worry mom. I'll just bring her some tea and give her some privacy."

As soon as my folks crossed the street I took the tea to Olivia as promised and found her lying on her bed watching TV while casually text-messaging a friend.

Liv simply flashed me a look of disgust as I casually strolled into her bedroom and set the tea down on her night stand. Feeling bold I then made myself comfortable on the edge of her bed while she tried her best to ignore me.

We sat in silence for some time before I finally reached over and proceeded to pull the bed sheet down her body - implying that I wanted to "play."

"Cade!" she objected as I quickly discovered that my shrewd sister had in fact changed into her sleepwear - which apparently consisted of nothing more than a tight tank top and shorts.

While I now amused myself Olivia rolled her eyes and attempted to ignore my antics as she continued to text with her phone friend.

"Stop it." she quipped every now and then before pulling the covers right back up to her chest. "Ugh. You're such a pain in the ass!"

"Not yet I'm not." I chuckled (insinuating anal). "-but I could be if you let me."

This double-entendre caused her to giggle but her good mood didn't last for very long.

"Cade. Stop it! I'm not in the mood."

"What are you all depressed about!" I challenged. "Are you still feeling weird about today?"

"Listen." she suddenly snapped. "I can forgive you for what happened earlier. But it can never happen again! Do you understand? You know that right? You know it was a onetime deal."

While a part of me understood that another part just ignored her words completely and desperately wanted to look at that magnificent body of hers again.

"Fine. Whatever you say." I agreed as I lifted up the bed sheet and peeked inside. "After tonight. Never again."

I guess I was just feeling exceptionally horny seeing her lay there with her pinkish nipples protruding through her braless top.

"Come on sis. Just relax and have some fun for once." I said as I pulled the covers all the way down her body again.

"Ugh." she grimaced with frustration as I had obviously ignored everything she had said.

"You know what you're problem is?" I added. "You're just way too uptight. I think someone needs to get laid!"

With that said I casually reached over and proceeded to pull at the drawstrings of her shorts as she lay there looking at me indifferently, glaring back at me like I was some kind of pest.

Nevertheless I untied her shorts and began to heave them down her legs, as she suddenly yelped out loud in a playful tone and attempted to resist me.

"Cade! Get your hands off my shorts!" she giggled loudly before I proceeded to tickle her into submission.

But despite her best efforts it didn't take much to peel her shorts down to her ankles and for the second time that day I was greeted with the sight of her completely shaved pussy.

"Oh. Wow." I let out. "What. No panties again sis? You're such a slut!"

"Fuck off! Leave me alone." she blushed as she tried to turn her back to me and continued to text with her friend.

"Hey. Turn around. Let me see. Please."

"Go away." she snapped over her shoulder. "I changed my mind. I want you to leave."


"Yes. Really."

"okay. But I wonder what your fans would think." I chuckled. "You strutting around the house without any panties on?"

Knowing how irate she was I pressed on.

"—if they only knew how pretty your pussy was." I smirked. "It's a shame they can't see it up close like I can right now."

My sister seemed to ignore my remarks as she slowly rolled onto her back and found herself lost in deep conversation with her text-friend. For a moment I wanted to snatch the phone and throw it out the window but then I thought better of it. This way was probably better for me anyway as her mind was elsewhere and I could now have a little more fun of my own.

"By the way." I remarked. "Not that I'm complaining or anything. But why do you shave all your hair off like that?"

Olivia blushed and turned her hips away as her shorts still pooled around her ankles leaving her legs somewhat bound.

"That's none of your business."

"No seriously. Why bald?"

"It's just easier to maintain." she claimed. "—and guys seem to like it better that way anyway...when they go down on me."

"Go down on you?" I repeated. "You mean you've actually had guys do that to you?"

"Ah. Duh. Yeah. Of course." she answered matter-of-factly, her eyes burning in a mixture of amusement and annoyance.

"Girls too." she added softly.

"Whoa. And you like that?" I quizzed. "You like being eaten out?"

"Well don't you like it when girls suck your dick!" she replied venomously.

"Yeah. I do actually." I admitted. "I like it a lot. Couldn't you tell?"

In truth I had only experienced a handful of blowjob's and those were from a select number of girls that Olivia knew.

It was only now that it occurred to me just how irritated she would be if she ever found out about how I had screwed around with some of her famous friends including Bella Thorne and Debby Ryan.

But seeing her lay there like this and hearing her openly talk about blowjob's and eating pussy made me kind of hard.

So I got up and moved to the foot of the bed and playfully grabbed at Olivia's feet, freeing her legs of her short-shorts and then manipulating her limbs so that she'd lay there spread for me.

"Cade!" she whined while still playing with her phone. "What are you doing now? Stop it."

Despite her objections I pried her thighs apart by the knees and dove forward to position my face directly over her teen cookie.

The scent of her sex was absolutely intoxicating and drove me crazy with lust. I then slobbered out a long drool of spit and swiped the tip of my tongue along the full length of her pussy, causing her to gasp instinctively before she jumped out of her skin - as the seriousness of what I was attempting finally registered.

"JESUS!" she yelped. "Cade! What the hell are you trying to do?"

It was a good thing our folks weren't home since she yelled so loud I was sure the neighbors next door heard her.

"What's it look like I'm doing." I answered casually. "—or at least I was trying to before you flipped out."

I didn't move from the bed as Olivia got up and now paced back and forth in her room, covering her modesty with a single pillow.

"I just told you. We can't do that again!" she exclaimed.

I lay back on her bed and shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah-Yeah. Whatever."


Olivia paused for a moment before she spoke again.

"Look. I know you have a crush on me or something."

"Excuse me?"

"It's sweet. It really is."

"Jesus." I countered. "You seem to think pretty highly of yourself."

"I won't tell mom and dad about any of this okay. But you have to leave."

Suddenly. Something inside me snapped. Did this bitch just give me an ultimatum? Did she just attempt to blackmail me? I was going to have to remind her just who was in charge, and who she was talking to.

"oh really? I don't think so sis." I quipped back. "Do I need to remind you about how this shit got started!"

Liv didn't respond and returned to her text conversation. Fortunately for her this pause in dialogue gave me a moment to calm down and redirect my focus.

"Look. Just come back to bed before I get mad." I told her.

I gently padded on the mattress with my hand encouraging her to lie back down.

"No Cade. Get out of my room." she insisted. "If I tell mom and dad about what you just did you'll be in trouble."

"Err. No. I won't." I answered. "Not by a long shot. Because then I'll have to tell them about this afternoon."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I." I grinned. "I'd love to see their faces when I describe in great detail about how I came home and caught you having sex with some guy in your bedroom."

"That never happened!"

"Yes but who do you think they'll believe sis, you or me? I mean you don't exactly have the best track record of late."

Olivia knew I was right as my credibility was considerably better than hers in recent months, especially in light of her recent behavior in which she had been caught sneaking out of the house to meet up with "friends."

She now stood there contemplating this before she finally moved to sit back down on the bed.

"Ugh. Screw it. I give up." she huffed before tossing her phone aside. "Do whatever you want. I don't even care anymore."

"—really?" I stated a little too enthusiastically.

Realizing how dejected she was I then tried to cheer her up as the last thing I wanted to do was depress or displease her. Truth was I hated to see her unhappy.

"Come on sis." I urged. "Don't be like that. You know I can't stand to see you like this."

"Then why are you doing this to me!" she shouted before laying back and covering her face with a pillow.

Of course, being the horn-dog that I was I took the opportunity to reach down and gently caress her legs. At first she didn't respond which only emboldened me.

Despite having honorable intentions I soon gave in to my dark side and reached down and slowly spread her knees apart with my hands. Amusingly enough this actually made her giggle from beneath the cushion - no doubt frustrated by me stubbornness.

"Jesus Cade. You're unbelievable you know that." she laughed with frustration. "Why can I not say no to you?"

"Probably cause of the same reason I can't keep my hands off you." I answered.

"Ugh. This is so wrong." she groaned as she still lay there with her legs spread wide - her teen pussy on full display.

Noting this lack of resistance I immediately positioned myself back between her knees with my face hovering over her sex.

"Well. If this is wrong—" I muttered while staring directly at her hairless mound. "I don't want to be right."

Like before my mouth now lingered mere inches away from her magnificent cunt, but this time she made no visible effort to stop me. I took this as permission and leaned forward and pressed my lips against her mound - causing her to gasp with surprise.

"Oh...Cade." she sighed. "—are you sure mom and dad are still across the...ohh...street."

"Just relax." I said from between her legs. "We'll hear them come home long before they made it up the hallway."

"I know but..." she faltered. "Ugh. This is so...ohh...wrong."

Thinking quickly I immediately responded by giving her flawless cunt another generous lashing of my tongue, which quickly had her singing a different tune.

"Oh. Fuck." she purred above me. "That feels so good."

I immediately felt her body relax, as I proceeded to eat her pristine cunt in earnest.

In truth it was without doubt the sweetest pussy I'd ever ravaged, and to my amusement she bucked and thrashed about wildly on the bed before we soon heard her phone buzz with a new incoming message.

"Shit. I have to get that." she said while trying to stretch over and reach for her cell.

"Don't. You. Dare. Answer that phone." I hissed between licks.

"I...I have to." she moaned. "What if it's mom or dad?"

I now placed my hands on the inside of her thighs, pinning her smooth legs back to the bed as I licked her cunt enthusiastically. I could tell from the response it generated that she was awash with mixed emotions.

While her brain was telling her one thing, her body was screaming another. In fact Olivia's entire body trembled as I hungrily devoured juicy pussy. For added effect I slowly raked my fingers along the inside of her thighs which really seemed to turn her on.

"ohmigod..." she muttered incoherently. "I can't believe...you're eating my pussy right now."

I responded to this comment by burying an index finger into her cunt and felt her tense up all over again.


Olivia arched her back sharply and moaned out loud as I licked and sucked, and slurped every nook and cranny of her magnificent cunt, saving her juices as they seeped down my chin.

"Ugh. Oh. Cade." she whimpered breathlessly as her hands fell to my shoulders and she ran her fingers through my hair.

"—do you still want me to leave?" I grinned between licks.

"Oh...No. Don't you dare stop now!" she moaned as I added another digit into her sweet, tight pussy.

I licked and sucked at her engorged clit drawing it out with my lips and biting it gently before swirling my tongue all around it.

It was only now that I noticed her hips began to move on their own accord, grinding against my chin, almost humping my face and encouraging me to consume her precious little peach.

"Oh. God. Oh. Cade." she hissed breathlessly. "You're gonna make me cum...you're gonna make me cum in your mouth!"

I kept gnawing on her hot little button as she thrashed about beneath me, grunting madly as I ate her fucking twat!

"—just hurry up and cum." I hissed at one point. "I wanna drink you up before mom and dad get home."

"Oh-God." she panted back, her mind wrestling with the severity of the situation.

Fortunately for me her body finally convulsed and she came abruptly - filling my mouth with her sweet, tangy nectar.

Her ass actually lifted up off the bed as I swallowed hard and gulped down her pungent goodness, my mouth and chin now smeared in her cunt-sap.

"Mm..." I sighed making Olivia blush. "Sweet Kim Crawford cum juice."

"Oh. God. You're so bad." she giggled shyly while still relishing her orgasmic high.

I looked down at her and noticed that the pillows were gone, knocked clear off the bed during the intense workout while her face was flushed red with shame. With a job well done I sat up on the bed and took off my sweatpants, eager to show her just how "effected" I was by the entire incident.

"Cade!" she suddenly gasped. "Put your pants back on! What if they come home right now."

"Take a look sis." I grinned smugly. "Look at the effect you have on me."

My cock pointing straight to the ceiling.


"Whoa." she commented softly (clearly impressed). "You're so hard right now."

But before she even had time to finish her thought, I quickly dove between her spread legs and pointed my erection at her pussy, causing her to yelp in horror.

"No-WAIT!" she screeched in panic while scooting up onto her elbows. "What are you doing? We can't have sex!!"

"Come on Liv." I whined. "Don't you trust me? I'm not that stupid. I'm not trying to fuck you just yet!"

"What then?" she answered somewhat confused. "What are you trying to do?"

"I just wanted you to jerk me off a little like you did earlier."


"Absolutely. That was probably the best hand-blowjob I've ever had."

As I spoke I shifted up so that I was kneeling right between her spread legs, my nuts pressed firmly against her slick cunt.

This position allowed for my thighs to press against hers which caused her knees to pin back against her chest - leaving my cock pointed straight out from between her legs and hovering directly over her belly.

With my balls resting just above her clit Olivia reached down and grabbed hold of my tool and proceeded to stroke me.

"Just don't ruin my top okay?"

"So take it off!" I suggested and she paused to think about it for a minute before agreeing.

"okay but, just hurry up before mom and dad get home."

In an instant my sexy sister now lay there naked as the day she was born, and proceeded to stroke my cock, one hand working the rod while the other roamed free to massage a breast or tweak a nipple.

"Damn. I can't believe how hard you are right now." she remarked between strokes. "—it's like a baseball bat."

"What can I say. That's the effect you have on me."

"Just hurry up and cum." she purred, which I found amusing considering I had demanded the same thing minutes earlier.

"Just keep doing that and play with your boobs."

"This is so messed up Cade." she whispered back. "What's wrong with us? How did you ever talked me into this."

"Err. Shut up." I replied. "Just admit it. This shit turns you on too. I can feel how wet you are right now."

It was true. Not only could I smell how hot her pussy was but every time my hips moved my balls rubbed against her wet sex, my pubes ticking her clit.

"Just. Just hurry up." she stammered.

"—or what?"

"Or mom and dad are going to come home and catch us like this."

"Maybe they should." I grinned evilly.

"huh?" she gulped. "Don't say that. No one can EVER know about this."

I could tell from the look in her eyes that I had struck a nerve. I'm pretty sure Liv herself didn't know why she was allowing all of this to happen. I guess it was true. She just couldn't say no to me.

"You really want me to cum...help me."

Olivia responded by grinding her hips against me - both of us now moving in unison. In fact I dare say that at this point you could probably describe what we were doing as "dry humping" on her bed, with her bedroom door still wide open.

"Fuck. I can feel that." she moaned. "The way you're rubbing against me."

"Reach under and rub your clit." I told her. "—while you stoke me off with your other hand."

"Ugh. This is crazy."

"Yeah. Crazy hot." I grinned. "Your nipples look so hard right now."

I could feel her fingers moving beneath my nuts as she now twiddled her clit - while still using her free hand to stroke my rod.

"Fuck—" she mouthed hotly. "I'm so turned on right now I might come before you do."

"We should try and come together."

"uh-huh. Shoot your load all over my body Cade."

"Right now. I'd come so hard I'd probably shoot my load all over your tits sis." I told her. "—watching you play like that."

"Mm. I like the sound of that." she teased before licking her lips and returning her fingers back to her cunt. "Cum for me."

With that said I was just about to release my wad when out of the blue we heard our folks arrive home in the foyer and slam the front door shut.

"Guys. We're home!" we heard mom announce.


Olivia and I immediately glared at each other with dread.

In an instant Liv squeezed me firmly in her hand and her hand became a blur over my rod - stroking me as hard and fast as physically possible - willed me to cum all over her belly before our folks entered the rest of the house.

"Cum NOW!" she growled hotly as she jerked me urgently. "Shoot it!"

"Fuck!" I huffed back. "I'm. Almost. There."

"Shoot your load Cade!" she urged through gritted teeth. "Shoot it all over Kim Crawford, please!"

Just hearing this tone from her made my eyes roll into the back of my head and I bucked my hips and proceeded to bust my nut for the second time that day - all over my filthy talking sister.

This time however the first spurt shot out like a geyser and landed directly across her chin, startling her briefly, before the second rope struck her squarely across the neck and was followed by several ropes of spunk which sprayed her breasts and belly in semen. For her part Olivia flicked out her tongue - urging more and more of my load out for her.

"Shit. Oh shit. Cade—" she gasped with each new dose of semen. "Fuck. I'm covered."

A moment later we heard one of our folks arrive to the kitchen as Olivia and I jumped from the bed like two professional gymnasts.

In an instant she reached for a towel while I stormed out of her room and rushed into the bathroom directly opposite her door. There I immediately started the shower as I heard mom make her way down the hall to check up on Olivia.

"Hey sweetie." I heard her say from the door a minute later. "How are you feeling? ...did Cade bring you some tea?"

"Err. Yeah. Yes he did." Olivia answered while huddled naked in bed.

Despite having the shower run in the background I stood close to the door to try and gauge the whereabouts of our parents.

When I realize the coast was clear I opened the door and peered out carefully, only to find Olivia standing naked in her bedroom with the most sinful grin on her face.

"They're down the hall." she mouthed before using her tongue and making a lewd hand gesture to imitate a blowjob.

Holy shit. I thought. Even at the most inappropriate times she can't help but be a fucking tease.

...to be continued.


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Great fucking series so far keep it cumming please. :D

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MORE ! LOL another fine Story !

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Bravo bravo keep it cumming I know I was seriously more more

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Awesome sequel dude!!

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Damn this is ridiculously great. This story and this entire series is fantastic and incredible hot. Love what you've done with it so far and the fact that it's Olivia makes it so much better. I know how big of a fan you are (I am too) and it really shows when you write about her. Like others have said and it's worth repeating, this series needs more! Well done TPG.