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"Like Father, Like Son, pt.2"
Featuring Ariel Winter
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Author: JFscribe
Celebs: Ariel Winter
(Codes: BJ, MF, Oral, Feet, Finger)
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains Sexually Explicit Situations. It's totally made up and in fact some of these people don't even exist! If you're underage or easily offended STOP READING! In fact, due to its content, it should not be read by anyone.

Ariel knocked on the door to her boyfriend's house for their Friday evening date. She was dressed in a form-fitting, sleeveless, black-and-white dress that came to mid-thigh and black strappy 2-inch heels. She paused briefly to note to herself that Jason's car was missing from it's space in the garage. So far, so good.

Ariel couldn't help but have butterflies in her stomach as she knocked again, firmer this time. It was two weeks since she and Jason's dad had had their impromptu session, and she couldn't help but think about it daily since. It was just so hot and intense, not to mention illicit, which just compounded the excitement of it all.

She'd even messed up a couple lines on camera, at work, while thinking about the overpowering sex she'd had. She kept calling Jason's house hoping Mr. Leonard would answer so that she could possibly meet up again while Jason was out. The first few times she called Jason answered, which disappointed her, and the next two times Mrs. Leonard answered, which totally flustered her, but she managed to ask for Jason.

Ariel was sure calling the house phone in this day and age would raise suspicions, but Mrs. Leonard was still old school and was polite as usual and even managed to chat up a small conversation with Ariel. Which made it more awkward.

It wasn't until the tenth time Ariel had called in about a week did Mr. Leonard finally answer.
"Um, Hi, Mr. Leonard. It's Ariel,…I uh…was wondering if…umm..." she felt herself start to chicken out.

He quickly let her off the hook: "This Friday," he said in a lowered voice, "Jason'll be out until 6:00. Mrs. Leonard won't be home until about 6:30. Schedule something with Jason around that time--a dinner date out or whatever--if you want to meet, get here around 4:30. Got it?"

"O-okay." she responded, confused but excited.
"Hi, Ariel. How are you?…Okay hang on," he said immediately in a normal cadence. It was then she figured out someone walked into the room on his end.
Speaking with Jason, she'd planned a Friday date night as instructed. Unbeknownst to Jason, possibly a date with both him and his dad. She wasn't even sure, it had happened so fast. But it sure was exciting.

So once again, she was in shock when she knocked on their front door to find Mrs. Leonard standing there. Ariel's heart dropped as Mrs. Leonard wore some old jeans, and a worn green t-shirt. Ariel took this to mean Mrs. Leonard was probably staying home for the rest of the evening.

"Hi Ariel. C'mon inside. Don't you look nice."

http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/25293/6eafaf252926062.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/6eafaf252926062) http://thumbnails104.imagebam.com/25293/098157252926052.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/098157252926052) http://thumbnails101.imagebam.com/25293/1b2e25252926101.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/1b2e25252926101)

Ariel looked briefly down at her black and white striped dress. It took awhile for her to figure out which outfit to wear. She wanted it to seem tame and casual, so it wouldn't arouse suspicion, yet form-fitting and low cut enough to be sexy for Mr. Leonard. It hugged her form nicely and her hair was down around her shoulders while her strappy shoes hugged her feet.
"Uhm, oh, thank you, I wasn't sure what Jason had planned so I wore something casual." Ariel smiled nervously while holding up a small dufflebag. "We were going out this evening, and I got out work early because--"Shut up, Ariel! You're talking too much! "--um, we just finished quickly."

"Oh, Jason's not home yet. But you're welcome to wait. I'm not sure when he'll be home." Mrs. Leonard turned slightly, "James? Do you know when Jason was going to be home?"
Ariel saw Mr. Leonard look up from a set of papers he was pretending to look over. Confused, he shook his head, "No. He didn't say."
His eyes met Ariel's and the young actress saw a quick look of guilt mixed with apology. "Hi, Ariel. Good to see you again," he said warmly. They exchanged brief glances like a pair of friends sharing a secret. Ariel found herself warm in the face.

"Hi, Mr. Leonard," Ariel smiled back. She turned away quickly to look at his wife, not wanting to linger too long on his gaze, or else she might feel more guilty or more horny than she already was. "It's okay, Mrs. Leonard, I don't mind waiting if it's okay with you."
"Not at all. In fact why don't you sit down with us for a bit. Have some scones or muffins that I picked up after work. We have some tea or coffee? Maybe juice or something?"
"Uhm…tea is fine, I guess." Ariel didn't know what to do. She sat across the table from Mr. Leonard who had the folder of papers in front of him and a laptop open, trying to seem busy. He looked up briefly and again, gave her another quick look of apology accompanied by a half-shrug.
Mrs. Leonard didn't seem to notice, pouring a cup of hot tea from the hot pot. She sat at the head of the table, adjacent to both her husband and her son's girlfriend.

"So how's work at that TV show you're on? Must be fun."
"Yeah, it is." Ariel said, trying to sound casual. Well, as casual as you can sound talking to the wife of the husband you had sex with a couple weeks ago. "We've got some great guest stars this season and some funny storylines coming up."

"Oh, that's so great. We try to catch it every week it comes on. Don't we, James?"
"Every week. Susie just loves the guy who plays your father on the show." James added.
"He's so hilarious!" Susie countered.
It was then that James nearly spit out the tea he was sipping at.
"You okay?" his wife asked.
"Yeah, didn't expect it to still be hot," he said, indicating the tea cup.

What he actually choked on, was the fact that there was a pressure against his crotch. It was a soft pressure at first, then he felt it fully when it began to move.
"So what do you do, Mrs. Leonard?" Ariel said, looking at the older woman.
If it weren't for the tablecloth, Mr. Leonard was sure his wife might've seen Ariel's barefoot in his lap, toes pressed against his burgeoning member. Ariel wasn't even sure she'd reach him from her position across the table, but the narrowness of the table and the presence of a tablecloth tempted her to try.

For some reason, James couldn't focus on what the two women were saying. His mind was on the fact that the younger woman's foot was stroking him off through his pants not a meter away from his wife.
His side of the tablecloth was draped fully over his lap, and he dropped his napkin over that just to be safe.

James couldn't see it, but he could definitely feel her toes and the ball of her foot massaging along the shaft. He was fully hard a minute into Ariel's footjob. He pretended to stare at the computer screen and papers in front of him, but he couldn't see or read any of the words. All the while, he noticed Ariel's refusal to even acknowledge him or what she was doing to him. The only clue was a tiny little upturn at the corner of her mouth. That little minx!

Ariel's pedicured toes pressed and rubbed as he sat there, trapped. He could feel himself throb as he tried to be nonchalant. James shifted in his chair slightly, trying to push his crotch into her teasing little toes. He struggled not to moan at the delicious friction that was going on under the table.

She rotated her ankle, sliding her foot along the growing bulge she could feel with her toes. She knew she was doing it right when she thought she heard him grunt, and then cover it up as if he were trying to clear his throat. That'll teach him to get my hopes up.

James didn't know what to do. If he said something casually, he wasn't sure he wouldn't sound funny jumping into a conversation he had no idea was about. So he sat there silently, in his own pleasant torture, trying just to breathe normally. He forced himself to take slow, deep breaths as the young actress worked him under the table.

It didn't help that he was saving himself up since they last played, so he was fully hard now and if she didn't stop, he felt he might have to go change his underwear in a bit.

He slid forward in his chair, now feeling her entire foot against him. Her bare heel against his sac and base of his cock and her toes near the head, wiggling away. Even with two layers of clothing between them, he could feel himself getting more and more turned on. Yep, she was definitely getting even with him. And apparently, she was going to push it all the way and see if she could make him cum right then and there.

He glanced semi-dazedly at Ariel, but she was still in conversation with his wife. He was a bit glad that they didn't look toward him. He wasn't sure how his face looked at that moment.

That's when his wife unwittingly helped end the torture.
"Well, I've got work in the garden to--you okay, James? You look a bit flushed."
Mr. Leonard felt Ariel's foot slip back out of his lap and off his member. He breathed a sigh of relief and one of frustration as well.
"Oh yeah, just trying to figure these numbers out. Plus, this warm weather outside; Make sure you put on some sunscreen."
"Thanks for reminding me."

"Oh, here, let me help take some of this to the kitchen with you," Ariel offered politely.
"Thank you. You're so sweet."

Ariel casually slipped her sandal on under the table and reached over to take his unfinished tea, without even meeting his eyes. She walked with his wife to the kitchen with the dishes. That mischievous smirk was still on her face.

http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/25574/a9290a255732810.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/a9290a255732810) http://thumbnails106.imagebam.com/25574/a80712255732843.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/a80712255732843) http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/25574/a528f3255732837.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/a528f3255732837)

Susie smiled happily, "I can't believe everyone is here so early today. I expected when I got home from work, I'd have the house to myself."

"Yeah, everyone must've wanted to get home early and enjoy their weekend," Ariel chuckled and shot Mr. Leonard a glance that spoke volumes.

"Must be," Mrs. Leonard replied, "Well, make yourself comfortable. Drinks and snacks are in the kitchen. TV's over there, or you can wait in Jason's room if you like, and I'll see you in a bit when Jason gets home. I'll just be out back in the garden, and Mr. Leonard is probably going into the den to work on some stuff."

Ariel smiled, and nodded, as she watched the older woman leave through the kitchen sliding door. Ariel watched through the kitchen window as Mrs. Leonard fixed her sunhat on her head before she snatched up a basket of garden tools and paraphernalia and headed about 50 feet out into the backyard. The garden lined the rear of the property along the back fence, where she set up a little mat to kneel on before digging into the soil.

Ariel stood there for a moment, trying to get over her initial scare. "You said she wouldn't be home!"
"I know, I'm sorry," he said as he stood there next to her looking out after his wife, his erection still in his pants at least at half-mast now. "That was evil, by the way."

"That's what you get!" she pouted playfully. "She could've come home while we were--you know." Ariel tried to sound angry but he was already leaning into her, planting kisses on her neck. He felt his kisses were already getting to her as she leaned back slightly against him. She was waiting eagerly the whole week and was already wet thinking about it.

"I know. I'll make it up to you. I promise." As he massaged her shoulders, he pressed his body against her.
"What?! You can't think we're going to do this now!" she replied, aghast.
"She can't can't see us. The house is backlit by the sun at her angle. Plus, it's brighter outside than inside, so she can't see anything inside the house. Besides, the windows are double glazed, so a lot of the sound can't get through." He continued to kiss the actress's neck and ear.
"I…I don't know--"

"You're right. Maybe we shouldn't do this now." He pulled away suddenly.
When he did so, Ariel felt that she didn't like the sudden lack of kisses on her neck.
"Uhm, yes."
"Maybe I shouldn't press up against you like this." he said, pushing his still-pulsing groin against her bottom as she stood there at the sink. He could feel her trying to fight herself from grinding back. She was failing.

"Ohgod, you're bad." she remarked.
"Look who's talking!" he replied, his hand slowly going down her left leg and bypassing the hem of her skirt before traveling back up her bare thigh. He could feel her tremble slightly with anticipation.

James' eyes went wide for the second time in as many minutes. "You're not wearing any panties!"
Ariel went sheepish. "That was when I thought you had your family's schedule figured out! I removed them in the car when I got here."
James smiled as his hand was still under her dress and traveled instinctively to where it was most needed.
"Mmmmmm…You're all ready to go, too," James commented.
His fingers massaged at her lips, helping to spread the wetness already forming. Her hips reflexively gyrated against his probing fingers.
"Ohhhhhh…yeah, that's it Mr. Leonard…"
He smiled. They'd already shared an intimate afternoon together a couple weeks ago, yet she never called him by his first name. James liked the way she called him 'Mr. Leonard.' It accentuated their age difference and that just turned both of them on even more.

Ariel shuddered slightly as her boyfriend's dad fingers pressed into her from behind. Her hands on the counter's edge near the sink as if hanging on for balance. She parted her legs reflexively, his exploring fingers turning her on. Fingertips slid along her labia, and tickled her clitoris and inner lips. She sighed, her eyes half closed with pleasure, seeing Mrs. Leonard still crouched over in her garden.
"You're so…fucking…bad," she sighed.

James didn't answer as he withdrew his fingers and positioned himself behind the teen starlet, pressing the bulge of his cock against her ass. She reached back to tug unsuccessfully at his belt. He helped her out with his free hand as the other hand fingered at her moist center from the front. It only took a few seconds for him to free himself, pants down around his knees. He gently raised the back of her dress skirt over her hips, marveling at the creamy twin globes of of her buttocks. His throbbing cock ached as he pressed it bare against her ass. She sighed.

Ariel widened her stance and leaned forward slightly, hands on the counter's edge for support. James stood behind her and with one hand on her hip and the other on his cock, he placed his member against her opening. When he was positioned correctly, he held Ariel's young hips, and without hesitation he began to work his cock into her.

"Unnngghhh fuck," he groaned, his balls and penis throbbing and twitching with pleasure as he could feel her take him in. When he hit a dry or tight spot, he worked himself in and out until her wetness increased and spread.
"Oh shit, you're so big…" she groaned over her shoulder.

The feeling of Ariel's tight teen pussy was indescribable. It was as wet and warm as he remembered. He still couldn't believe that the person he'd watched a couple days ago on TV was pushing back on his erection right now.

After a few long, slow thrusts, Mr. Leonard's was sure that his cock had evened out the wetness in Ariel's pussy. Her dress lay over the top of her ass-cheeks as she stood there in her shoes, rump pushed back against him. His hips moved, and rocked back and forth. He pushed into her and slowly picked up speed. His hands were on her bare hips, as he stood slightly between her legs while he moved his hips.

"Unghhhhhh, ohgod…yessss..." Ariel moaned, as she felt Mr. Leonard's cock start to move in and out of her a bit faster. He stared down between them to watch her juicy little butt jiggle as he rammed his cock into her. Ripples of her flesh shaking her ass as their hips collided. The motion was almost hypnotic.

"Oh yeah, that's it Mr. Leonard…you like that don't you… I'm such a naughty girl! We're so bad for doing this, I hope you know that…mmmmm…" she teased over her shoulder.
"Oh god, I know…so fucking dirty…"
"Behind your son and your wife's back," she grinned evilly. "So naughty," the young brunette groaned as she pushed her hips back at him.
He didn't care if it was wrong. When would any man--married or not; son or no--get a chance to get a piece of ass this fucking awesome?

Ariel, herself, couldn't believe she was doing this again. She considered herself a relatively good girl, but this…for the second time in as many weeks, was fucking a married man! Worse, it was her boyfriend's dad! The first time could've been a mistake, an act of passion, but this second time was becoming a habit. Albeit an intense, core-shaking habit. It was inexcusable! Part of her told herself she shouldn't. But another part of her --the part with a cock going in and out of her-- wasn't really caring at the moment.

"Oh yeahhh," she groaned, "Right there, Mr. Leonard…mmmmmm…" Her knees went weak at the feel of his cock hitting deep.
James felt her wobble slightly.
"Slip out of those heels, babe. Last thing I need is for you to twist an ankle."
With his cock still socketed deep inside her, she managed to shake one foot and then the other, the shoes falling to the kitchen tile floor with a soft clack.

When she got back down to standing on the kitchen tile in her bare feet, James groaned. This new 2-inch height difference caused a new pressure on his cock. She was already turning him on, and this new angle of entry into her pussy just increased his pleasure. She felt it too.

"MMMMmmmmmm…that feels different," she remarked.
James just grunted as he continued to work into her at this new height. She leaned forward again, hands on the countertop, back arched and ass pushed back against him.

His hips began to gyrate and grind into her now. She was fully wet and he was getting into it. Ariel widened her stance on the floor, rose up slightly onto the balls of her feet as her boyfriend's dad pushed deep into her. In and out he went, both of them occasionally glanced out the window to see if Mrs. Leonard was still out there. She was, and she was oblivious to what the two of them were doing in what would've been full view at any other circumstance.

A staccato of squeals, grunts and moans escaped her lips as he continued to thrust into the young actress: "Ungh--yeah--ahh--ahh--mmmm--Yesssss--ohh--gahh--yesss."

Hearing Ariel make these wonderful little noises turned him on even more. Using his hips in a scooping motion, he bent his knees slightly, pushing forward and up against her young rump. Instinctively she pushed back against him, feeling his cock push deep. His hands were on the counter's edge next to her hands, he straightened his legs slightly as his hips were under her. James managed to lift her up ever so slightly, evidenced by her barefeet going up on tiptoes on the kitchen tile.

"Ohhhh shit that feels good…" she groaned, feeling his cock hit at a deeper spot.
He let her down slowly and slid back out before he did it again, feeling her body lift itself up on her tiptoes.
Lift and push. Lift and push...
Once in awhile he'd get the angle and the timing of her thrusts right. He could feel her ass on his cock and hips fully, and he'd have her bare feet leave the tile ever so slightly and briefly. She would squeal excitedly when he did this and before she would get thrown off balance, he'd let her down back on the tile.

They both gripped at the counter as he pistoned in and out of her pussy. The teen starlet was so wet and it allowed James to pick up speed as he fucked her faster. His groin slapped up into her pussy in a quicker rhythm. He gritted his teeth and began thrusting harder, glancing occasionally to the unaware Mrs. Leonard out in the garden. Groaning, he felt his scrotum tingle with sweat as the familiar feel of an impending orgasm loomed. Mr. Leonard quickly slipped his shaft out of Ariel's pussy.
She groaned in disappointment as any woman would, having that kind of pleasure stop suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Ariel asked catching her breath.
"I--I almost came," he said, closing his eyes to calm himself, his cock damp with her wetness and still throbbing hard.
"And that's a bad thing?" she responded.
"I'm not gonna let you off that easy."
"Oh jeez, not again. We don't have time for another triple header…your wife is home this time!" she said in a mock-scolding whisper.
"Tell me that it doesn't turn you on just a little more because of that," he smiled.
She struggled to hold back a smile of her own. "That's not the point! Besides, it seems to be turning you on a little more." she countered, stroking at his moist erection with her fingertips.
"I don't know what you're talking about, Miss Winter."

http://thumbnails108.imagebam.com/28625/7aa61f286245590.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/7aa61f286245590) http://thumbnails101.imagebam.com/28625/4213a2286245644.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/4213a2286245644) http://thumbnails108.imagebam.com/28625/792928286245701.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/792928286245701)

"That reminds me," she said, slipping her hand into a hidden pocket in her skirt. She pulled out a condom. "No excuses this time."
Mr. Leonard looked disappointed. "Aww, you know you enjoyed it last time."
"Hey! Who's the adult here?" she giggled. "We were lucky this last time and I got my period right after."
"Okay, okay. Fine." he sighed. He had an idea. "What if I promised to pull out?"
She looked at him suspiciously. "I'm serious. We were risky last time but we have to be safer."
"I promise; If we go bareback I'll pull out. You know it feels better without one."
She still looked reluctant, but before she could argue the point, he playfully slapped at her ass. "C'mon, upstairs--to my bedroom."

She gathered up her shoes, and James pulled up his pants and they both climbed the stairs eagerly to his and Mrs. Leonard's room.
Ariel looked around at the modern decor, the matching bedsheets and pillow sets with drapes at the windows.
"Over here." He led her up onto the king-sized bed, on the side nearest the window. He looked down toward the backyard, where, through the gauze curtains, he could fully see his wife.

He undid his pants, and immediately, Ariel brought her bare foot up to playfully stroke his still-erect cock.
"Ohjeez, you're bad. Mmmmmmm...so fuckin' hot." he groaned, letting her foot move against him for the second time that day.
Ariel giggled as she pressed her foot against her boyfriend's dad. Her toes moved along the full length of his shaft, and slid it up and down and wiggled her toes on his cockhead. Similar to what she did under the table downstairs, but this time bare skin underfoot.
"Ariel, you're makin' my cock so hard, hon."
"Really? I haven't noticed," she said with a mischievous smile. Her toes lightly traced the veins along the shaft, causing Mr. Leonard to shudder with pleasure. He grinned back, pulled her to the edge of the bed. His cock twitched at her continued footjob. James let her play with his cock as he lifted her other foot to his lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmm." Mr. Leonard swirled his tongue around Ariel's big toe and started to suck on it.
"Ooohhhhhh, Mr. Leonard....so kinky," Ariel cooed as she felt his lips kiss each one hungrily.
"For you? Always. Shit, you're so damn sexy." He ran his tongue along the bottom of her feet around the arch, behind the heel, and back to the toes.
She couldn't help but giggle, ticklish.

"Oh jeez, I'm as hard as a rock now," he sighed.
"I can see that."
"Hmm. What to do, what to do…" he remarked, coyly.
Ariel responded by opening her legs a little while lifting the hem of her skirt, exposing her bare pussy to him. Her dark, trimmed bush framed her pink lips. She glistened with moistness and he saw a droplet of her juices drip down her taint and disappear near her wrinkled brown anus.

"Good lord, if Susie knew we were doing this, she'd hate me forever."
"You can still see her, right?" she asked.
From his position, he looked out the nearby window where the figure of his wife was still hunched in the garden. "Yeah, we're fine."

James was immediately down on his knees on the floor.
He knew he couldn't be down there too long, because neither of them could keep on eye on Susie, but he had to taste her again. He'd dreamt about eating her out again and as each day went by after their initial encounter, he'd grown hungry for the taste of her.
"Ohhh!" she gasped in surprise.

It was sweeter than he'd remembered, and his lips and tongue mashed and rubbed every which way against her moist pink pussy. Licking at Ariel's clit, he tasted her juices and stuck his tongue in as deep as he could. He couldn't get enough of her. He slathered her from clit to taint with his saliva, swirling around her most sensitive areas.

"Uuunnnghhhhh…" Ariel moaned.

Her knees were drawn up high, porcelain thighs spread apart. Her eyes closed as her back arched. She loved the feel of his warm mouth on her most private parts.
"Oh fuck that feels good!" she gasped down to him.
Ariel's hand pulled his head into her pussy, fingers running through his brown hair. She couldn't help but grind her hips into him. The young actress raised herself on her elbows and stared down between her thighs at the older man's face pressed against her groin. She watched him pleasure her, her mouth agape in pleasure and surprise at how good it felt.

James saw her big brown eyes staring at him as he lapped between her legs. Her expression was that wonderful mixture of pleasure, confusion, and lust. He could feel her thighs tremble on either side of his head. She was definitely ready for it again.

"Turn over on your hands and knees, babe," he told her.
She obeyed, and flipped over. He was torturing her on purpose; getting even with her for what she did under the table. Stopping and starting. And stopping and starting. But she loved every second of it. She got down so she was on her elbows with her ass up high. He nudged her knees apart as he knelt between them, his eyes staring at her ass and everything in between.

His cock immediately pointed at her pink wetness like a divining rod. She wiggled her ass at him, impatient.
He slowly pushed forward, and his cock glided in without help.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…" he groaned.
Ariel's pussy enveloped him like a tight, wet, velvet glove.
"Aiiiiieee…" she squealed in response.
James gasped for breath. The teen actress turned him on so bad.
He froze briefly, letting her young body rock back and forth on his cock. He let her control the speed and depth. Watching and studying how she moved and enjoyed herself on his member.

Her body tensed slightly in pleasure, and she grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed. It wasn't lost on him that she grabbed his wife's pillow, tucking it under her chest for support as she rocked. Occasionally, she's squealed or moaned into the pillow so she wouldn't be too loud.

This just urged him to start thrusting into the young actress faster. Her moans got deeper as he hit deeper.
"Yesss…fuck, yes…" he heard her muffled groans. "Get it fucking in there…"
She reached back, hand on her buttock, pulling the at her cheek in order for him to get into her deeper.
"Ohhh…" she groaned.
"That's it babe, use two hands if you can.
Her other hand reached back, her body now balanced on her knees and the right side of her face as she spread herself for the older man.
"Ohdeargod…" he groaned, seeing her spread her ass cheeks for him as he plowed between them.
"AAAIIEEE…" she squealed as she felt him slide balls deep into her.

He watched as her ass cheeks jiggled as he pushed harder and harder into his son's girlfriend. his hips mashing her fingers on both sides between them. His right hand was on the small of her back, to keep her balanced and thrusting at a good rate. He heard her groan as he pulled at her hips and thrusted his own. Each time he pulled back, his thumb rubbed gently at her puckered brown anus, lightly tickling at it. She wiggled her ass at him, his cock embedded deep.

James let a wad of spit drip from his mouth which landed squarely in her ass crack. He liberally massaged his saliva with his thumb against her anus and taint, hips continuing to fuck her pussy at a good, even speed.
"Ohgawd…what…what are you doing?…mmmmmmmmmm…yeah, I like that…whatever you're doing, don't stop…"
His thumb rubbed at her back door, the saliva spreading down to where his cock was sliding into her. She groaned and shuddered at the multiple areas of pleasure being rubbed on her.

James figured if he could've reached, he probably would've stroked at her clit too while fingering and fucking, but his position prohibited it. He wondered to himself if it was possible to do all three. He shrugged and again, had to pull out to keep from cumming too soon.

Panting, he stood up off the bed, checked on his wife with a glance before flipping Ariel over on her back. Her face was flushed with sweat, and her eyes were drowsy with pleasure. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, and positioned himself at her moist opening. James looked Ariel in the eyes before he pushed into the young actress spread eagle on the duvet.
Ariel arched her back and spread even wider. His cock slid deep, and his back arched as well. It was like sticking his cock in a furnace.

"Mmmmm....now I know where Jason gets his libido from," she giggled.
"Damn, you're so fucking wet inside. Gonna make me cum too fast..."
Ariel bucked her hips up at him with a smile, seeing if she could push him over the edge. She nearly came twice already, and her nerves were on edge. She wanted to cum badly. It wasn't like last time at all. He'd had generously let her cum three times, but this…this was torture. Sweet, passionate, mind-blowing torture, but still…

Ariel had to admit, she was turned on by the riskiness of it. She wasn't experienced in the realm of sex, but here she was, breaking all types of rules. This older man was her boyfriend's dad and was teaching her all kinds of things in just the two times they'd done this.

If he wasn't before, James moved with a definite purpose now. He had his arms under her knees, and his cock stroked deep, full thrusts that made Ariel bite her lip in pleasure. Over and over in a steady rhythm, he pulled almost all the way out before slamming in deep. She squealed a little before catching herself and biting her lip again. He thrusted into her again and again, hearing her whimper and moan as he slammed deep into her.

Mr. Leonard lifted her legs wider, his thrusts slamming hard into her. He got on his knees between her spread legs. He could feel Ariel's thighs tremble and hips buck for more of him. He obliged.
"You like that? You like that don't you," he panted.
"Aaaaaaahhh," she writhed under him.
"Good lord you feel so good," he mumbled.

He started to fuck harder and faster while Ariel responded with upward thrusts of her own. Her petite body surprised him as it kept up with the force of his thrusts. Her dress still on, was now slightly damp with sweat and some of her juices. His cock drove in and out of her without mercy, pushed up and into her young body. She bucked up with her hips as best she could from her position. With energy and enthusiasm only someone younger could muster.
"Ohhhh, Ariel, you're so fucking wet....so tight...."
"Mmmmm…ohgawd…Mr. L-Leonard…ohhyesss…so f-fucking...ahhhhh...big...unngghhh..."

Mr. Leonard picked up the pace, fucking her tightness even harder and faster. "Ohhhhh, Ariel, babe, you feel so good… Ohhhh, yes…mmmm…I feel it cumming soon.... You ready baby? You gotta cum babe..."
He swallowed thickly, trying to take deep breaths so he wouldn't explode just yet. He wanted her to cum first, because he promised to pull out. "Cum for me baby... cum for daddy--mmmmmmm-- Mrs. Leonard needs to learn a lesson…ahhhhh…for c-coming home so early..."

"Ohhyeahhhh. D-don't forget you promised…aahhh…to p-pull out…" she mumbled in pleasure.
"Don't worry, babe, I promise," he said continuing to push up into the young vixen, "but you have to cum…I'm not going to leave you hanging. But your pussy--fuck-- is making it SO hard to do…"
"I'm close, Mr. Leonard," she began to squeal, "soooo close."
"OOOOOhhhhhhh. Shit, Oh yes. Oh Ariel. Cum on my cock, hon…" The two fucked as faster and harder, causing the bed to rock and squeak on its frame.

Ariel's legs were spread wide on either side of him as he held her ankles, bare feet flopping as he slammed into her. The slapping sounds of their body filling the room.
He did another quick take toward the backyard, but he had nothing to worry about.
The riskiness, nervousness and lust combining as they banged away, their impending orgasm just out of their reach.

Mr. Leonard hammered at her pussy. He thrusted in and out of her with the speed and force of a jackhammer. Pounding her harder and harder, yet as quiet as he could. Once in awhile his dazed eyes rolled. He would remember to glance the window but all he saw was his wife in the same position digging away.

His attention was on Ariel as he pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress. He needed to see those beautiful tits again. He pulled her dress down past her breasts, and they bounded free with a massive jiggle.

"Ohgawd, Ariel we may not have much time....we have to cum soon!" he whispered urgently.
Ariel nodded in agreement as she continued to buck into Mr. Leonard. He saw her face flush, her eyes rolled, and her nostrils flared. All in concert with his ramming.

James knew that look. She was close. He rammed harder, causing her to writhe in pleasure. Her back began to arch and her toes flexed as she tightened in the throes of her orgasm.
She hissed through gritted teeth, the muscles in her neck tensing as she threw her head back. Her body tensed and she squeezed her muscles on him like a vise grip.
"Go ahead babe, that's it…ride it…" he groaned down at her.
His body had a mind of its own as he began ramming into her hard and deep.
"Ohhhgawd, I'm cumming! I'm…I'm…" she didn't complete the sentence as her body seemed to explode under him. Thrashing and bucking up into him with a speed and force that surprised even him.
"Fuck-fuck-FUCK-FUCK-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…" Ariel whimpered, trying to contain her orgasm behind gritted teeth. Her body tensed and her eyes shut. Her fingers dug into his arms hard as her orgasm wracked her body. He continued to pound into his son's girlfriend to keep up, but she out matched him. Ariel's hips shuddered and thrusted against him twice as fast as he fought for his own control.

He took deep breaths, closed his eyes and held still while inside the young star.
Taxes, algebra equations, Phone bills, car needs to be fixed… His mind tried to overpower the sensations his body was giving.

He could feel Ariel’s orgasm causing her pussy to tremble and squeeze tightly on James’s cock. He hissed through his teeth at how intense it was and it was almost more than he could take. It was all he could do to slide his cock out of this young actress without exploding inside her.

At first, James decided he was going to pull her dress up higher and shoot his load on her belly. But his eyes drifted, caught sight of her beautiful tits, and he changed his mind. To Ariel's surprise, he pulled out of her quickly and positioned himself above her on the bed. His legs straddled her chest and she looked up at him, curious yet still panting and delirious from her orgasm. He laid his cock down in the valley between her tits.

"Ever try tit fucking any of your boyfriends?" James asked Ariel, pushed her tits together around his cock as she started to calm down from her orgasm.

"No…No I haven't.” Ariel said confused, feeling another rush as she looked down and saw James’ cock emerging from between her tits aimed right at her face.

"Use both hands, press your tits together around my cock," James urged her, feeling his balls start to churn. She folded her two hands together as she pressed both her tits against the older man's cock, trapping it. "That's it, babe." He began to slowly thrust so that she'd get the idea what he was up to. "Lick the head for me, Ariel."

Opening her mouth, Ariel lifted her head slightly and let the thrusting head slip into her wet mouth. She let her tongue swab at the head of his cock. She immediately realized what she tasted was her own pussy. She could definitely smell it on him and now it was rubbing all between her breasts. She'd never blown a guy after sex, and she realized it didn't taste so bad. She found that it was sexy to be learning something new and doing something so naughty.

His hands were on the bed, above her head as if he were doing push-ups. Ariel held her soft breasts together as best she could, her fingertips on both hands interlocked across her cleavage, her palms resting on her nipples. He could feel himself rising up, and looking down at the gorgeous young face of the actress just increased the sensation. Her lips on his cocked and his cock sandwiched in the between those teen breasts was only slingshotting him further along.

"That's it, Mr. Leonard…", she urged with a grin. His cock bumped at her chin and lips in his wild thrusting. She'd lick at his head when he was on target, licking and sucking at his cock as she smiled up at him. The TV starlet slathered his member with her tongue and soft pink lips. Saliva strings traveled from his cock to her lips and back again. Ariel looked so beautiful like that. She looked up at James with the top half of his cock embedded inside her luscious little mouth, his balls against the underside of her large warm breasts. Even with her inexperience, she found the act relatively intuitive, and Mr. Leonard wouldn't last long at this rate.

As she licked the top half of his cock, her fingertips stroked at the shaft, feeling the veins pulse and his cock throb. Ariel continued her sloppy blowjob, James couldn't help but thrust faster, causing her tits to jiggle even more.
"You gonna cum?" Ariel asked, while she stroked his long dick and flicking her tongue against the head of his pulsing shaft.
"I'm...So close," he panted, thrusting against the young actress as he hovered above her.

Ariel could sense the fragile state James was in, and decided now was the time he would loose. Pulling him out of her exhausted mouth, she jerked at his cock with her bare hand, urging him to blow the tension deep within his balls. She placed it back between her tits and gyrated her breasts on either side of his shaft. It was so hot between there, and she knew he was close.

"Gonna…gonna cum…Please, don't stop!…whatever you do, please don't stop!" James pleaded, as he enjoyed the feel of her breasts and fingers stroking him faster and faster.

Before Ariel had a chance to register what was happening, James leaned in higher. Pushing his cock against her mouth, he felt her tongue swirling around the shaft and he gritted his teeth. When she tilted her head just enough to look up at him with those exquisite brown eyes it was just too much for him.

With a grunt, James unloaded like a set of roman candles, letting the cum explode from the head of his cock. Ariel’s eyes shot open as the first blast hit the roof of her mouth, then her tongue, then somewhere on the inside of her cheek. Her tongue reflexively moved to the back of her mouth to block her throat to keep her from choking on the flood of cum he was sending out. She’d only ever been with a couple boyfriends before this and she’d never let them come in her mouth so it was another completely new experience. It was so warm, thick, and kinda salty. She watched Mr. Leonard's body convulse and the expression of pleasure and pain on his handsome face was intense.

James felt her gag and she pushed against his hips suddenly in alarm, and he knew he was unintentionally pushing too deep into her mouth. He pulled back and out, but his cock was still spurting. He stroked at the shaft with one hand, feeling the remnants of what was in his cock come dribbling out.

http://thumbnails109.imagebam.com/35704/c4fd8b357038132.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c4fd8b357038132) http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/35704/2be005357038143.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/2be005357038143)

"Unghhh, oh God, sorry", he grunted, his warm sticky load now dripping out of his cock tip and upon Ariel's lips. She just smiled, her face flushed and sweaty, eyes watery. Strings of cum dripped from his cock and connecting to her lips, cheek, and chin.
"Wow!" she said impressed. With her fingertips, she wiped away some of his seed that escaped from her mouth, and licked at her fingers as if cleaning them off after a particularly messy meal.
It surprised him even more when she swallowed right away without making a face.

"What?" she asked, "It's okay to swallow, right?"
"Definitely," he panted with a smile. He collapsed on his side next to her.
"Tastes like coconut water."
"Shit, that was hot." he remarked, still trying to catch his breath.
Her head turned and her mouth opened to take his semi-erect cock head in again, and slowly, with her tongue cleaned him up, and gradually brought him through his aftershocks.

He groaned.
After she had cleaned him up as best she could, James’s cock pulsed a couple more times before finally calming down. Sliding his cock from her mouth James rolled onto his back.

They closed their eyes, exhausted, drenched in sweat and fluids.
The sound of the downstairs backdoor closing broke them out of their daze.
"James?" called his wife.
In that instant, Ariel was up off the bed, panic on her face.
"I'm upstairs in our room!" James called aloud, hoping he sounded casual. "Have you seen that blue tie I bought? I have a presentation tomorrow."

James gestured urgently to Ariel to get to the bathroom down the hall to clean up. She obeyed and scooped up her shoes and darted quietly out of the room, some of his sperm still on her chin and lips.

He tugged at the sheets on the bed to straighten out any wrinkles, and threw back the curtains to open the windows as wide as they could to air out the room.

"Did you check hamper or the closet?"
"Oh…" he said, gathering up clean clothes from the drawer. "Never mind, I found it."
"Is Ariel up there?"
"I haven't seen her. She's not in the TV room?" He washed his face in their bathroom sink, wiping his face dry with a clean washcloth. "If not, I think she's in the hall bathroom or in Jason's room," he answered getting some dry clothes on. He wiped his brow, took a breath and slowly, casually headed downstairs.
That was way too close for comfort!


10-20-2014, 07:56 PM
That was hot. I really liked the sneaky element. I hope they have a few more secret adventures with each other where things get even kinkier.

10-21-2014, 09:29 AM

10-21-2014, 12:02 PM
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Fantastic follow up...
But with much pleasure, this story almost raised the bar that Part 1 set, with an equally intriguing opening, mixed with the "excitement of getting caught" factor later on.

The first part could have easily been left as a stand alone story, but having read this incredible sequel, I, like I'm sure several others, are well happy it's wasn't.

So where to now for the deceiving, sexually charged duo? Really looking forward to seeing how this adventure plays out... :D :good:

Aaaghh! The pressure! Yes, there's one more part to this particular storyline, and most people can already guess where it's going. But don't fret, because of the great feedback, I'm willing to do more, but leading into another set of stories with the buxom Miss Winter.

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