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The Noises Next Door
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrities: Alison Brie, Emma Stone
Warnings: M/F, cons, M/F/F/M, M/F/F, F/F, M/M/F, threesome, foursome, oral, anal, blowjob, cunnilingus, handjob, fingering, masturbation, lesbian, voyeur, doggy style, big tits, tit fuck, facial

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This is being posted on the three-year anniversary of my first celeb smut fic. While thanking everyone who read and supported me, I’m also honoring it by using the two celebs I have used more than anyone else in the last three years, with seven stories apiece – and now they each get to star in their eighth together.


April 2014 – Paris, France

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone barely had any down time to themselves in the last several weeks. But with the world premiere tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally winding down, and with an extra day until they had to fly back to America, the two took advantage as best they could in Paris.

Given Emma’s recent experience filming there for Woody Allen, she was able to guide Andrew along. And she knew of a hotel to stay in that wasn’t extravagant, but was out of the way enough that the paparazzi wouldn’t stake them out – unlike last night at their first hotel.

When they got in, however, they realized they could have stood to go a bit more in the way. It wasn’t as fancy as the earlier hotel, of course, and the bed wasn’t quite as big. In addition, the walls looked a little thin and in need of more paint.

But it was still a Paris hotel room at night. It was still a night to themselves before they had to go back and tour the parts of America they hadn’t reached yet. It was still a night of privacy that they wouldn’t get again for a while.

As such, Andrew and Emma were content to lie down in bed, after a long day of sightseeing and getting tired from all their relaxing. Still, they both hoped to themselves they wouldn’t fall asleep yet, before….anything else could happen.

Yet they didn’t feel like they were in a hurry, however. This was Paris, after all. There was no need to rush and no need to be quick and dirty, like they could be anywhere. This deserved more care and romance and….


Perhaps Emma thought differently. Andrew couldn’t really argue with that – he wasn’t that weird. However, the more he thought about it, the more that sounded….too squeaky to be Emma. He knew all of Emma’s little moans, and they were usually huskier and hotter than that. That sounded kind of hot too, but….

Of course, Andrew realized he could just make it easier by asking Emma if that was her. Yet the next little high pitched moan he heard answered that question.

“You hear that too?” Emma asked out loud first, after all that silent pondering. Before Andrew could finally answer, though, a different voice was heard. A male one this time.

“Oh fuck….oh, there it is….” they both heard, way too clear for comfort.

Andrew and Emma were quieter in looking around their room, hoping some perverts hadn’t broken in. But before they actually got out of bed to check, the noises returned. They sounded too close to be hiding in some closet, or from the balcony. In fact….

“Oh, take it off….” The female voice uttered. Emma heard it even clearer when she pressed her ear against the wall.

“You gotta be kidding me,” Emma whispered. “This is next door….these walls are so thin, we can hear….porn movies next door!”

But as she and Andrew listened in further, it didn’t sound like a porn movie. For one thing, they were speaking English, so they weren’t watching it on a TV. For another, this probably wasn’t a hotel big enough to offer ordering porn movies.

These people could be watching it on a laptop, but it sounded too clear. Then the male said, “Oh yeah, here I come….that’s what she said in four minutes.”

“Not three, huh? Trying not to set hopes too high?” the female said back.

“Nah, it’ll just make it a more pleasant surprise,” the male responded.

Okay, porn movies didn’t have that kind of high minded dialogue. Even Andrew and Emma weren’t always that witty, and they loved running their mouths in bed.

Now it seemed they could spy in – at least vocally – on another couple who loved it too.

However, although they could hear them pretty well, they couldn’t make out who they were. As far as they knew, they were just a regular, American sounding, horny tourist couple.


Alison Brie didn’t want to groan so loud as her boyfriend, Dave Franco, started to prove he might pull off his ‘pleasant surprise’ in three minutes after all. But as his tongue burrowed into her pussy right away, she threw her head back on the bed and swore she felt him grinning against her.

In a way, it was her own fault for egging him on. It was also partly her fault for going along with the idea to go to Paris now, a day before the rest of his “Neighbors” team arrived for their Paris premiere event.

Getting in this one day of sightseeing and privacy before the latest press barrage seemed like a good idea at the time. So did picking out this hotel to get more privacy in, even if both of them weren’t big enough for that kind of attention yet.

On the off chance one of the press recognized them and asked for face time with Zac Efron or Seth Rogan tomorrow, though – or even James Franco sometime later – it was probably best to be safe.

The two of them didn’t feel like being safe right now, though. This was Paris and this was a rare night to themselves, with the “Neighbors” premiere tour and the latest “Save Community” cries going on now. They were going to take advantage of the private time they had while they could.

Dave was certainly taking advantage right now – or at least his finger was now as well.

“Fuck….oh, that’ll speed it up,” Alison told him, clenching her thighs.

“Take off that shirt and I’ll get faster,” Dave promised. Alison knew he probably would, and knew damn well why. Nevertheless, he made it easier for him by throwing off her grey t-shirt anyway – revealing nothing underneath.

Nothing to cover up her Internet/cult TV famous, ample breasts, anyway.

“Oh, fuck, babe,” Dave groaned, as if he hadn’t seen her tits a hundred times before. There was something flattering in a crude way about that. It was even more flattering when Dave fingered her, then reached up and rubbed his wet finger on her right nipple while sucking her pussy off.

“Oh Jesus, baby….” Alison moaned right back. “You’re…..fuck, sucking me like you wanna suck my tits, huh? Yeah, I know that sucking….” After Dave started using his teeth, she added, “Oh, and that nibbling….”

Dave looked up hungrily as the bottom half of his head buried itself into Alison, all while cupping her tit and watching with an enraptured stare. “Grab that other fucking tit….I’d do it myself, but….” Dave finished by putting his right hand on her pussy, instead of the rest of her chest.

Alison obeyed by cupping her other breast, as her and Dave rubbed them together and each squeezed a nipple while Dave ate her, sucked her and rubbed her down below. He soon inserted his right index finger into her as he sucked the left side of her opening, but managed to bounce around her breast anyway.

“Fuck, is that….three minutes?” Alison asked.

“Fuck that. You hold on as long as you want….I don’t mind the overtime,” Dave muffled into Alison’s pussy.

“Oh….well, if you’re gonna get lazy….” Alison teased. With that, she started moving her hips up and down, grinding against Dave’s mouth and finger herself. She even put her left hand down to start rubbing above them too.

“Fuck, fine, have it your way….you want to fill me up with cum, go for it,” Dave conceded, swirling his tongue and finger around and inside her.

“I do….I wanna see that mouth swallow my cum….” Alison urged. “Fill it with my pussy and then make me cum….oh, I’ve wanted to cum here so bad….”

Dave stopped talking, using his mouth for better concerns. His finger tweaked Alison’s nipple and rubbed her pussy lip too, while Alison scratched herself above them, arched her hips and grabbed her left breast.

They cupped, sucked, rubbed, tweaked and humped each other without words – only grunts and louder moans. Yet Alison broke that kind of silence by chanting, “Fuck me, fuck me….you make me cum hard for you….maybe you’ll cum hard for me too….”


By the time Emma heard that, she was starting to think about making that kind of deal herself.

Before she knew it, she stepped back from the wall as Andrew kept listening in. They were loud enough so that they didn’t need to listen so closely, though. Yet Andrew still concentrated as much as he could, feeling free to do so only because Emma was doing it too.

If she was willing to spy on them like a pervy MI6 agent, then it was okay for him too, right? If she wasn’t mad about him being turned on by another woman’s sex noises, he shouldn’t be mad if she was getting hot hearing another guy eat someone out.

Yet it took him by surprise when he felt just how hot Emma had got. At least if the hand on his pants was a sign.

“Emma?!” Andrew gasped before catching himself. Then again, it wasn’t like they were too bored to hear him. They were getting hot and bothered and they could do something about it….in fact, the only one who wasn’t now was Andrew.

Emma was doing her part by leading Andrew back to the bed, then sitting down on the left edge of it. She sat in front of the front of his pants, putting both hands on it before long.

“I do a good enough job, you can cum as loud as you want and they wouldn’t notice,” she said, despite how that explanation took up a lot of time.

Still, Andrew had no reason not to believe she could follow through. Between what he was hearing and what he was feeling right now, he was somewhat stunned she was trying. Yet she succeeded well enough to lower his zipper and pull his equipment out.

Just in case, Andrew prepared himself to try and be quiet. But on the first touch of Emma’s lips on his tip, the first little hum on his head and the first little squeeze on his shaft, it was almost a losing battle – one he didn’t normally win anyway.

“Oh yeah, get that whole mouth in there! I’m gonna drown it all!” Andrew heard that other woman squeal. “Oh, grab both those titties and suck me dry!”

Andrew didn’t know this guy or his technique. But he still knew that no one could cup two big, round, sensitive genitals and suck someone dry like Emma. That much he was reminded of then and there.


Dave sucked and cupped Alison to his heart and cock’s content. Finally after a few more moves, Alison was content to unload into his mouth.

“Oh…..fuckkk!” Alison squeaked her orgasmic little cry right on cue. Dave stopped sucking her clit, then placed his open mouth over her pussy, stuck his tongue out and collected his reward.

He narrowly remembered not to swallow then and there, as he let her fill him up before lifting his head for her. Once Alison stopped moaning and could look at her boyfriend again, he showed what she’d left in his mouth and then gulped it down. For good measure, he went back down to lick up the spare stuff.

“Jesus….” Alison thought she heard Dave praise. For some reason, he was doing it in a British accent, though.

“Not quite, but thanks,” Dave said normally. Wait….

“No, that was….wait a minute,” Alison frowned as Dave came up. After that, he began to hear something too.

“Well, that wasn’t quiet, was it?” they both thought they heard an American woman say.

“Fuck it, just keep doing that and go from there,” the British accented man pleaded.

Dave sat up and got next to Alison, both of them leaning against the wall and wondering what was happening. Aside from the voyeuristically obvious.

“Oh, that is good….oh, your mouth is so good in every fucking way….” the man broke the silence.

“I guess I should believe you by now,” the female said, although she was harder for Alison and Dave to hear. She was husky, yet what they could hear from her sounded quite enticing. Even Alison had to agree with that.

They heard the man hiss and gasp from obvious pleasure, and even heard the woman hum and moan herself. The man was reduced to saying, “Oh God” and “Oh yes,” when he did talk, but it was more than enough to tell them what was going on, and how well it was going.

Dave and Alison didn’t talk themselves, and not just because it was obvious how thin the walls were. If they thought more about that, they’d realize they’d been that thin for the last several minutes too – and be properly embarrassed.

And yet between Alison coming off her orgasm, the sounds next door making her horny again and Dave still being rock hard, both of them were too far gone now.

Once Alison’s hand drifted towards the front of Dave’s boxers, they went further down in more ways than one.


http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/36191/1a27dd361907441.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/1a27dd361907441) http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/36191/c79d91361907443.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c79d91361907443)

Meanwhile, the sounds next door were long gone from Andrew’s mind. He was too consumed with Emma’s warm, wet mouth on his tip, her delicate but strong hands on his shaft and balls, her perfect voice humming on him, her gorgeous, sly eyes watching him squirm, and the feel of her soft, once more red hair in his hand.

“You are….fuck,” Andrew expressed as Emma sucked him down. She took her hands off him and then quickly took the rest of him in, then popped off as soon as she went all the way down. Andrew was gob smacked, yet Emma was calm enough to grasp him again, stroke his wet shaft and gently start kissing his head.

She was gently making out with it, looking so sexy and almost sweet at the same time. It was perfect on her. “Fuck, I love you….” Andrew got sappy enough to say.

Although the setting wasn’t ideal for it, he didn’t regret it – especially when Emma hummed extra low and rubbed her lips over his head before kissing it. “I love you, too,” Emma said, then looked up at Andrew. “You’re okay too, I guess.”

In spite of how hard and horny he was – how both of them likely were – it didn’t stop Andrew from laughing. Yet the feeling did give him a horny realization. “I need to taste you, too,” he decided. “I need you to sit down on me and ride me.”

“As long as this doesn’t go anywhere,” Emma agreed, patting Andrew’s cockhead.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Andrew assured. “I do like dreaming of cumming in your mouth after you cum in mine.”

“Even with my head start?” Emma asked, before taking half his cock in and sliding her tongue all over his slit.

“Oh fuck….you just get that gorgeous ass of yours on my face….” Andrew moaned, getting on the bed the moment Emma popped off.

“Oh mother fuck….” both Andrew and Emma thought they heard from the wall. But they had much more pressing concerns right now.


As Andrew and Emma got into the 69 position, Alison was content to just stroke and rub Dave’s cock as they listened in. Dave was feeling content with it himself too.

He still kept his mouth shut so he and Alison could hear the other couple. He did his best to keep his groans quiet, even as Alison squeezed him and rubbed his tip just right. Yet it was rewarded when their neighbors got loud again.

“Oh, ride me….” the foreign man groaned. “Rub it all over my face….”

“What do you think I’m doing?” the sexy sounding woman replied, before Alison and Dave heard some clear cut sucking.

“Oh, fuck me….I need to fuck you,” the man announced. “Can you handle that?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” the woman repeated, with the man letting out a big moan a moment later. Alison guessed she was squeezing him extra hard to finish that pun. It inspired her to slowly and deeply slide her hand down Dave’s shaft, until she held his balls.

“Jeez, Alison….” Dave got out.

“Fuck, baby….” the other man said. “Okay, here we go….”

The noises next door got muffled after that, but it was all clear to Alison. The woman was likely writhing her supposedly gorgeous ass all over her man’s face, as he fucked her face with equal vigor. They were shaking and devouring each other and so eager to have their faces covered with cum….

Why should they have all that fun?

With that, Alison got Dave onto his back, then put her face onto his crotch before he knew what was going on. The second her mouth surrounded his cock, he couldn’t keep so quiet anymore.

“Motherfucker!” Dave yelled, the rest of his words and breath caught in his throat as Alison stuffed her own throat. She bobbled on his cock, then licked him from his balls up to his tip, all as the couple next door seemed to groan in unison.

“You wanna fuck my throat, too?” Alison was courteous enough to ask. When Dave couldn’t answer, she rephrased, “Or maybe you want to make love to it? That’s sweet,” she credited before her lips slowly slid down his head.

After torturously but gently sucking him, Alison came off and wondered, “Or maybe that’s not what you want to fuck.” She proved it by sliding up and wrapping her generous tits around his shaft.

“Oh God!” the other woman spoke again. “Oh, your cock is so nice and thick in my mouth….”

“You always fill my mouth so good too….” the man said. “Oh, that’s it….oh fuck, that’s it, I gotta get in there. Get over there and bend over, please….”

Dave knew it wasn’t smart, or sane, to picture being that man while his own gorgeous girlfriend was fucking him with her gorgeous tits. But the more Alison’s breasts and mouth covered him, the more he knew that just covering her face with cum now wasn’t enough. He had to take a page from his noisy neighbors.

“Oh, I gotta get in you….I need you to ride me now….” Dave pleaded.

“Huh? That’s not what you usually say when I’m doing this,” Alison recalled.

“You want me to really fuck you or not? We’re kinda pressed for time here,” Dave tried not to say too impatiently. “Sorry, it’s just….”

“Oh….yeah, you had the right idea,” the other woman called out.

“I know….now help me fuck you,” the man said. After hearing them start doing just that, Alison was ready to be filled herself.

She took her chest and face off of Dave, sitting up and letting her pussy hover over him instead. Once she started taking him in, Dave grabbed her hips and tried to help them go up and down. Yet Alison was doing a good job of that herself as she began riding him.

Dave then focused on her bouncing breasts, quickly cupping them and fitting as much of them in his hands as he could. He jiggled them while his hips arched up into his girlfriend, knowing instantly he had the right idea too.

“Oh, that looks so good against me….” their male neighbor called out, likely referring to his girlfriend’s ass bucking back against his hips. “It’ll look even better when I cover it with cum….”

“Just like your cock,” the woman responded. “Took….the words outta my mouth….just like your cock.”

“Oh, is that what you want?” the man gasped. “Maybe you could see it….see all those juices all over me….then suck it down before turning around….

“If you think you can last till I turn around….go ahead….” The woman groaned.

“Oh, I doubt it….oh, I want to try, though….I want….oh, fuck, I just want you….” The man panted.

“Then stop talking and fucking take me,” the woman demanded. “Cause I’m taking all that cum out of you….one way or another….”

“Oh, fuck, me….” the man spat out, then just groaned as the sounds of their fucking got louder. At last, Alison recovered enough to speak back up to Dave.

“Good advice,” she said, then slammed her hips down and prepared for the riding of her life.


Andrew was kneeling on the bed and barely holding on as Emma pushed her round ass back against his hips, fucking him as much as he was fucking her. He grabbed her hips for a few moments, then went down to rub her, but he felt he could still do more.

Even with his mind blinded and barely coherent, he still got an idea – which had to mean something good. “Sit up, sit up, come on,” he got up, hoping Emma could hear him and agree.

Emma exhaled and managed to do what he said, sitting up on her knees while Andrew was kneeling behind her and still inside her. In this position, he also had room to put his left hand over her chest and his right onto her filled pussy, rubbing her all over while his face nuzzled itself against her hair and ear.

“God, I love it….” Andrew breathed out as he breathed in her beautiful hair, rubbed her pussy while fucking it, and cupped her handful sized breast as well. He went over to kiss and suckle her ear, moaning quietly this time as Emma did the same.

But the others weren’t slowing down quite as much.

“Oh, Jesus, fuck, that’s so tight!” the man next door called. “Oh, I gotta cum now, huh?”

“Not before I cum on you….” his woman answered. “You’re gonna jack off with my cum and then fucking spray me….”

“Oh, you better hurry up and cum then, huh?” the man gritted, then did something to make the woman gasp and squeak.

“Oh, that’ll help….” she said with a higher pitch, then kept moaning for some time.

As Andrew and Emma listened in, they didn’t match it with their own dirty words. All Andrew did was put his hand onto Emma’s crotch and rub hard, while his cock fucked her slower. He hoped it would help him hold off while she got closer to cumming.

“Come on, Em….you’re almost there, aren’t you?” he asked quietly into her ear, as their neighbors cries nearly drowned them out. “Squeeze me when you’re close…..cum for me when you’re closer….make them hear you….”

In response, Emma did indeed squeeze his cock and get louder. Andrew came back with deeper finger rubs, then suddenly got his cock back into it and gave her some sudden, hard thrusts. It made Emma call out loud enough for their neighbors to hear her again, but they were still making their own noise and getting too close themselves.

Both Andrew and Emma almost started to wish they could see how close they were. If they were as close as them…..God, if only….fuck, if only….

Then Emma beat all of them to the punch.


http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/36191/9a1cc2361907266.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/9a1cc2361907266) http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/36191/e5f7db361907268.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/e5f7db361907268)

As their female neighbor cried out a clearly orgasmic moan, Dave grabbed Alison’s hips and arched his own higher and harder than ever. Alison’s words finally failed her, as she just tried to hold on and not fall over before Dave made her cum.

But she did muster up, “Fuck, I’m cumming….oh, take it, take it all….ohhh, fuck yes!”

Alison arched her back and hips, her gasps coming out in spurts, just like her cum. Dave made himself stop and stay still as she let her cum cover up his cock.

Eventually, he was able to breathe quietly enough that he could hear his male neighbor say, “God, suck it off now….” Unfortunately, Dave doubted he could hold on long enough for that. That other guy must have some stamina.

His own got one final test as Alison came off him, revealing his wet, somehow still throbbing cock. She backed up and sat in front of him, watching while Dave grabbed his well lubed cock and started pumping.

“Oh come on,” they heard the other man say. “I won’t last if you….” he trailed off, obviously getting sucked off far too good.

“She’s gonna get cummed on soon,” Alison said. “I wanna feel what that’s like, k?” Dave grit his teeth as Alison sat up eagerly, her body a willing and sexy target.

“Oh God….fuck I’m gonna drown you,” Dave promised.

“Oh God….face, mouth or ass? Just tell me where and I’ll do it….” The man next door groaned out.

“All over that body….” Dave beat Alison to the answer before she repeated the question. “I want it all over….”

“Then you’d better get to it,” Alison said simply, smiling and leaning down over Dave’s groin. Nevertheless, he couldn’t look at her body too closely, or it’d be over in two more seconds. But as he looked up at her smiling, pixie-ish yet still sexy as hell face, he thought it might be closer to one.

“Fuck, just….just bat those fucking eyes at me. I just wanna fucking explode every time….” Dave panted and pumped.

“Like this?” Alison asked, cutely but with a hint of sultry seduction. She stuck her chest out, smiled and batted her amazing, big blue eyes at her desperate boyfriend.

He always lost everything when those eyes sucked him in. In this case, he lost any ability to stop himself from cumming as well.


As the cries got louder still from next door, Andrew was pumping himself right in front of Emma’s face. She merely gave him that sexy little smirk he loved so much, zeroing her sexiest little stare right on his cock, urging it on with her eyes.

“God, fucking gorgeous….oh, open up, baby….” Andrew called out right as their neighbors finally quieted down.

It was just in time for them to hear Andrew gasp out, as Emma’s lips suddenly went onto his head. On that touch and suck, he unloaded right into Emma’s open mouth, as she didn’t let a drop drip out.

She opened her mouth to let Andrew see his strands go into her, then closed her lips back around near the end. When the end finally came and he stopped cumming, she came off, swallowed everything she hadn’t swallowed yet, and exhaled deeply.

Andrew did the same and collapsed onto his back, with Emma crawling over to lay on him. They stayed there and held each other, everything being surprisingly quiet at that moment.

Then of course, they had to hear their male neighbor say, “So messy….”


“Whose fault is that?” Alison teased as Dave started wiping up all the cum on Alison’s body with tissues. However, she decided to rub the cum on her tits herself.

“You really have to ask that?” Dave groaned as he saw her tits get worked over. In spite of being completely drained, and in spite of how his own cum was being rubbed onto her breasts….they were still her breasts.

So Dave found the energy to pounce, putting his mouth on Alison’s breast once his cum was no longer visible. Stunned, amused and still kind of horny, Alison just giggled as Dave showed some resilient enthusiasm.

“Aww, come here….” Alison pleaded. Dave went over to suck her other formerly coated tit, before finally going up to kiss her lips. They enjoyed each other’s taste – no matter what else was now coated on it – and did it quite audibly.


Andrew and Emma could only be amazed as they heard their neighbors groan again, even after all that. Who were these resilient, horny people anyway?

Before Emma knew it, she found herself saying, “We gotta see them.”

“What?!” Andrew sat up in shock.

“Babe, they obviously heard us. They know we heard them. And we all obviously got off either way. Might as well see if they’re as hot as we imagined them,” she reasoned as she got dressed again. “We can always go back to the other hotel if they’re not. Or if they’re mad, whatever!”

Despite all the energy they just spent on each other, Emma was springing back into action – not that kind, though – like the whirlwind she was. As usual, Andrew was scrambling to keep up, although he rationally shouldn’t have in this case.

Yet being rational was harder to do or to care about when it came to Emma, even when they weren’t in bed. Or even when they were getting out of it to meet a couple that they just heard having sex, apparently.

Andrew willed himself not to actually think about it as he and Emma left their room, then went right next door. Emma knocked five times, then waited along with her boyfriend for anyone to answer. They were almost surprised the door was thick enough that they couldn’t hear anything.

But their surprise was wisely saved when the door actually opened. And Andrew found he had more than enough left when he saw the man who opened it. “Dave?”

The current Spider-Man and the brother of the old Spider-Man’s best friend/enemy. Fucking next door to each other.

“You gotta….” Emma spoke her surprise first, then stopped when the woman she heard so vividly all night came forward.

“You?” Alison Brie asked as she laid eyes on Emma Stone. “And you?” she added when she next noticed Andrew Garfield – the foreign guy that spurned her to fuck Dave extra hard.

“And her,” Dave pointed out as he laid eyes on Emma – the sultry, cum loving girl next door. Literally.

It was all they could take to get Andrew and Emma into the room before anyone saw this. Not that they couldn’t hear about it, apparently.


Although Alison and Emma didn’t know each other and hadn’t worked together before, they were aware of each other. The same went for Andrew and Dave. Nevertheless, their legions of Internet fans would certainly point out the similarities between them.

Emma and Alison could both be the cute, quirky, sneaky pretty girl next door, or the sexiest siren any man would be lucky to lay eyes on, in their various special ways. They were both big nerds at heart, could use humor to deflate just about any situation, could be pretty dirty minded despite appearing so innocent at times, and had the same love of funny, quality movies.

Andrew and Dave were more laid back by comparison, but were still more approachable than the average actor on the rise. While Andrew came into the comic book business under the shadow of Tobey Maguire, and Dave was still getting out of the shadow of brother James, they’d managed to carve out their own fanbases – even if Dave wasn’t as prestigious as his brother and Andrew’s movies weren’t as acclaimed as his predecessor.

It all went a long way to say that this foursome was a lot alike. Therefore, it was a lot easier for them to laugh off that they heard each other having sex – and got turned on by it.

As they tended to do, they broke the dramatic awkwardness with a lot of jokes and humor about it. As they tended to do, they tried not to take it too seriously – for the other couple’s benefit and for their own. And in their fashion, they were down to earth enough to make a connection in spite of everything.

About a half-hour in, Andrew and Emma were even ready to joke openly about what happened. To do that, they came together and shared a comical kiss in front of Dave and Alison, joking that now they knew what they missed out on.

Dave and Alison laughed and comically kissed as well, leading Andrew and Emma to try and upstage them with a really bad, open mouthed, incompetent kiss. It wasn’t the same kind of incompetent kissing they wound up using on Saturday Night Live a few weeks later – they made extra sure it was different.

But they laughed it off and kissed like normal people, intending for that to be that. However, after all the hotter kissing they did a half hour ago, they had recovered enough to feel….a bit more than funny again.

Yes, they had an audience that could see them this time. Yet knowing how they’d heard them before and had no right to object….and how they didn’t sound like they were objecting anyway….and how they couldn’t keep ignoring how hot everything had been, spying or not….or maybe more because of it….

“No, no!” they said as they broke away, trying to get their heads on straight. They laughed more awkwardly at each other, then briefly at Dave and Alison.

“You know, it really is closer to the airport at our old hotel. And the walls are pretty thick there. I think we’ll be good,” Emma babbled.

“Yeah, sorry to disturb your….sex time things,” Andrew tried and failed to get out gracefully. “God, where are my way with words without writers? Or without being naked with you? I mean….okay, you guys can think it means whatever you want!”

“Yep, there’s our parting, fully clothed gift to you! Enjoy! Six seasons and a movie! 22 Jump Street and beyond!” Emma concluded. With that, they were ready to actually get up and escape.

But before they could retreat, Alison got their attention by jumping onto Dave’s lap on the couch. He joined in and eagerly started making out with her, regardless of the audience. In fact, he trailed a hand over Alison’s shirt and over her covered chest, regardless of who could see him groping her.

When they stopped kissing, Alison grinded herself over Dave’s lap, then pressed her clothed chest harder against him. Dave kissed down her neck and rested his face against her breasts, then placed his hands right on her ass.

That was finally enough for them, as they broke off and looked back at a gaping Andrew and Emma. “There. Now we’re even,” Alison said with pep, as if this was normal.

“I….I’d say you’re ahead on that one,” Emma got out.

“Exactly. And you heard us do a lot worse. So what difference does seeing it do?” Dave proposed. “Look, we haven’t got a lot of time to do….stuff like that lately. I’m guessing it’s much worse for you two. So you gotta take what you can get, am I right?”

“You know we are, but we can keep humoring you,” Alison offered. “Guys, this is Paris! This is the last break we’ll all have until our movies finally come out! Well, all of you guys’ movies, but whatever!” she corrected. “If hearing each other didn’t stop us from finally getting our loved ones off….there’s really nothing else that can, is there?”

There was some sound logic there. Even with a new round of horniness affecting Andrew and Emma, there was probably some regular old logic there.

“Look, I for one have my second wind back,” Alison stated. “You do whatever you want, wherever you want. It won’t stop me either way. And I think I can speak for Dave too.”

“If I wanted to keep talking, you could,” Dave added. “Failing that….”

On that, Dave pulled Alison back over, kissing her as she settled on his lap again. They seemed to be blocking out Andrew and Emma, or could at least ignore them. If that’s what they really wanted.

What Andrew and Emma really wanted…..was getting cloudier. Or maybe it was just harder to ignore now. Andrew was starting to accept it, but he didn’t want to put himself out there first, in case he couldn’t speak for Emma.

Emma began to clench her thighs, as she watched Dave get handy with Alison again. Just like they made it sound back there. And the way it sounded certainly gave her some ideas….so seeing it now….

Dave and Alison were on the left side of the couch, leaving the right open to sit on. But first, Emma started small, turning to Andrew and saying quietly, “Kiss me. Just kiss me and….we’ll let whatever happens happens. Even if it’s nothing. But….at least kiss me first.”

Andrew could never pass that up, under any circumstance. There was a bit more unease than usual as he leaned in this time. Yet as usual, once his lips connected with Emma, the rest didn’t matter.

Although Dave and Alison sounded like they were going at it, Andrew and Emma were content to go slower. They were easing their way into doing this with a live audience, without any sanctioned cameras – assuming there weren’t hidden iPhones recording this. However, it was easier with a willing, eager partner on the same page.

Andrew and Emma’s next page turning act was to sit on the other end of the couch, as their kisses got deeper. Emma parted Andrew’s lips in the way that always made him melt, and Andrew let his hand massage Emma’s hair and the back of her hand just the way she liked it. No matter what the setting, these were comforting and seductive constants.

A more easily seduced Emma broke off and trailed her lips over Andrew’s cheek and onto his neck. A more than seduced Andrew wrapped his arms around Emma, went to the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up, resting his hands on her bare skin. She arched her hips against him in response, as his fingers started to trace the top of her pants.

Finally needing to pause, Andrew and Emma stopped and turned their heads. By then, Dave and Alison were more than enraptured at their show. To get it going again, they took the initiative to inspire them by removing their shirts, with Alison’s revealing bra now on display.

Dave wasted no time in putting his face between her breasts, making a show of it – which he would have done even in front of 100 people. Nothing and no one was going to distract him from that special resting place.

As such, only Alison saw Andrew and Emma look hornier at their new friends’ display. In response, Andrew put his hand towards the front of Emma’s pants, slowly dipping his fingers in. Emma unzipped them and made it easier for him, which he took advantage of by slipping his hand into her underpants.

Once he touched Emma’s bare lips, Andrew went into default autopilot mode.

http://thumbnails109.imagebam.com/36191/baac7b361907517.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/baac7b361907517) http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/36191/ef0c8f361907520.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/ef0c8f361907520)

He had Emma sit up straight, then went down on his knees to slide her pants and underwear. Completely oblivious to the outside world, he placed his head between Emma’s legs and feasted away.

It helped blind him to how Alison was watching him go while Dave unhooked her bra. After he got it off, she didn’t let him enjoy it for long.

Mimicking Andrew, Alison went down on her knees and parted Dave’s legs, unzipping him for all to see. Yet Andrew was the only one ignoring it, with Emma being another matter. Between Andrew’s tongue and the way Alison used her tongue on Dave’s shaft, Emma was getting loud all over again.

Dave noticed it. Even with Alison getting to work on his cock, he noticed Emma. Even when Alison cupped his ball, he still noticed when Andrew inserted his fingers into Emma and licked her at the same time. And even during all that, Emma noticed Dave noticing, before noticing Alison swallowing him up.

When Andrew finally took his eyes off of Emma and her pussy, the first thing he saw was Alison sucking Dave off. He briefly saw that Dave’s attention was divided, but when Alison went down to his balls, she got his full attention back – and earned some of Andrew’s as well.

Andrew kept fingering Emma and licking beside her, yet he could now take note of Alison watching him work. When their eyes locked, Alison slowly licked up Dave’s cock, swirled the tip of her tongue over his slit, then very gently sucked his head. Once he was pacified, she suddenly took him all the way down.

Dave gasped and Andrew held his breath as well, but he soon remembered to put his mouth back on Emma. He curled his fingers into her, then pulled them out and shoved his tongue right into her. By then, he knew that Alison was watching him go.

However, Emma’s groans got his mind back on the primary task at hand. It also got her back on Dave’s mind as well, as he watched her writhe and take her shirt off. Andrew saw this and lifted his hands up to grasp her hard, pink nipples, which garnered Alison’s attention as well.

They all heard Emma groan out, “Bed….someone needs to fuck me on a bed….”

Ignoring the second word in that sentence, Andrew made himself come off her and get up, taking her hand to get her off the couch. It only took Dave and Alison a few seconds to spring into action, take the rest of their clothes off and follow.

When they got there, they saw Emma lying onto their bed on her back, completely naked and willing. Before they could work it out in their minds, they raced to the bed and actually beat Andrew onto it.

At that point, they did need to think out what they were actually doing, though. Dave ultimately settled on, “What happens in Paris?” It was corny – but they were getting too horny to think of clever excuses.

So when Andrew settled on top of Emma to kiss her, he didn’t stop Dave from lying next to them. And when Andrew rolled onto to Emma’s right, he didn’t stop Dave from getting closer on her left. And when he leaned in, Emma closed the gap.

Like with Andrew, Emma kissed Dave slowly and tentatively at first, with some inevitable awkwardness. Like with Andrew, it slowly started fading away as Dave enjoyed the feel and technique of Emma’s lips, and vice versa. And like with Andrew, Emma made Dave feel like he was melting into her mouth as she parted it for him.

As for Alison’s mouth, she had her finger in it, before putting it further down below. After Dave helped get her off to the sounds of other people fucking, she decided to get herself off while watching other people kiss. Including her boyfriend. But aside from that, this was logical enough.

Andrew stopped watching his girlfriend make out with another man, to watch that man’s girlfriend finger herself to it. Leaving that insanity aside, he went over to see if he could help out.

Alison parted her legs and inserted her finger deeper inside herself, but she left herself open for Andrew to work over the rest of her body. Naturally, he had to start on her chest.

After enjoying Emma’s smaller chest for so long, playing with a….bigger set would be weird to get used to at first. But he could easily get used to it again. As Andrew cupped Alison’s tits while she kept fucking herself, he found she was a quick study.

Dave broke from actually sucking Emma’s right nipple to notice as well. As Andrew rolled over to Alison’s right to suck her right tit, it left her left wide open. As such, Dave just had to tell Emma, “I really should help her….I’ll be right back.”

Shortly thereafter, Dave had himself set to suck Alison’s left breast while Andrew sucked her right. With both her tits being worked over at once, and with her still fingering herself, Alison felt pretty filled up. Of course, this left Emma as the odd one out.

Her best idea to fix that was to get closer to Dave, reach around and grab his cock while she suckled Alison’s breast. It helped him moan harder on Alison, so she was technically helping her too. But there was a more direct way she could help.

It was one she hadn’t tried before, even in a Hollywood party. But….what happened in Paris….

With that excuse, Emma took her hand off of Dave’s cock and got up. She stood between Alison’s open legs as they hung off the side of the bed, giving her room to bend down and start stroking her pussy. Alison was still fucking hers, but Emma was rubbing the parts she wasn’t paying attention to.

Now Alison was really feeling it all over. She reacted by pleading, “Oh….I need to be fucked right now. One of you fuck me for real right now….the other one can fill the other end….the front one….” she added, hoping that made it more specific.

http://thumbnails109.imagebam.com/36191/c7cdd1361907596.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c7cdd1361907596) http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/36191/ed6908361907598.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/ed6908361907598)

Fortunately, when Alison got on all fours on the bed, Dave got up and stood behind her, and Andrew stayed on his knees in front of her on the bed – knowing what other hole Alison really wanted filled. And as she wanted, Dave began fucking her from behind while Andrew placed his cock against her lips.

Alison finally tasted her new friend’s cock, while her friend’s girlfriend sat beside them. As Andrew filled her mouth and Dave filled her pussy, Emma reached over for her dangling breasts. She cupped them and held her nipples to give her extra stimulation, as if she actually needed more.

It did help, although the two cocks in her holes did a bit more. Dave held her heart shaped, jiggling ass as it backed up against his hips, as Andrew cupped her almost heart shaped, wide eyed face while pumping deeper into her mouth.

He did have to break off and let Alison breathe, yet he soon found that it barely stopped her. She batted his cock head around with her tongue, stopping only to gasp and groan due to Dave fucking her harder. But she recovered to lean forward and suck half of Andrew’s shaft down, humming as Dave went faster.

Emma kept her right hand on one of Alison’s nipples, but let her left hand go towards her pussy. She rubbed whatever wasn’t being filled, tweaking her nipple at the same time. She knew it might only be a little effective in the big picture, but if it got her that extra mile….

Either way, Alison came off Andrew’s cock and moaned, “Oh, you’re all so….fuck me, I’m gonna cum already….” To the men on either side of her, it was quite a relief.

Emma clearly knew that Andrew was just hanging on, especially when Alison started bobbing lower on him. Dave didn’t look too stable behind her either. Therefore, Emma decided to get Alison the last mile of the day, before she got them there too – and before they could get her there next.

So Emma tapped Dave and made him pull out of Alison, then stood behind her herself. Before Alison could ask or object, Emma inserted two fingers into her and started pumping them. Alison just groaned out a few “fuck”’s, clearly surprised and clearly getting closer from it.

Now Andrew and Emma were fucking her together from both ends. The way they’d wound up working together on it didn’t escape them. It made them look at each other despite how busy they were bringing Alison to the edge.

With the extra fire they felt, her fingers and his cock pushed Alison right there soon enough. In fact, Andrew was even able to pull out of Alison’s mouth in time to stay hard. As for Emma, she kept her fingers in her pussy as it exploded onto her.

Dave had stayed quiet, and was especially speechless as his girlfriend came on Andrew’s girlfriend’s hand. She pulled it out, clearly overwhelmed by her fingers being wet with girl cum, likely for the first time. But Dave could help a bit with that.

He did so by going over and taking Emma’s wet hand, before bending his head down to lick it. Emma caught a gasp, or perhaps a moan, in the middle of her throat. As Dave got her hand clean – of cum, anyway – Alison rolled over and Andrew was the speechless man now.

But when Emma had Dave get back onto the bed with her, they both sprung back into action. Now all of them were on their knees and facing each other, with Emma taking action to kiss Andrew first, then Dave.

In fact, all their faces were close enough to kiss each other. Alison joined in by kissing Dave, then turned her head to kiss Andrew. That just left Emma next – and after what she did for her and every other boundary they’d crossed, this one seemed less daunting.

Andrew and Dave just watched Emma and Alison kiss, then eagerly kissed their respective girlfriends when they were done. The girls then kissed the other man, then went back to kissing each other.

Emma then got in front of Andrew and Dave and put her hands on their shoulders. “Kiss me,” she urged Andrew, and he promptly obeyed. When they broke, she went to Dave and said, “Fucking kiss me,” and he quickly did, getting his tongue in before Emma finished.

“Want me to go down on you?” Emma asked point blank. Dave’s answer was obvious, without really needing a word. He just laid on his back as Emma put her face down on him, kissing down his stomach towards his cock.

Alison and Andrew gave her room as Emma dragged her tongue over to Dave’s tip. She swallowed his head and circled her tongue all around it, then dragged her lips down his shaft. But she dragged them up even softer, until she could come off to give his head a soft kiss.

“Jesus Christ….” was the best praise Dave could muster in his position. Meanwhile, Andrew was nearly behind Emma as her ass was up in the air, giving him ideas.

He bent his head down to start eating Emma from behind, sliding his tongue all over her pussy. However, he was getting inspired to go a little higher. Nothing else had been off limits tonight, after all….and it wasn’t like she’d never let him do it before.

He still waited for any unpleasant noises as his tongue brushed Emma’s ass. But she sounded pleased, even with her mouth on Dave’s cock. So Andrew gave himself the green light to continue, letting his tongue brush her upper hole more and more, until he slipped the tip inside.

“Fuck, okay, that’s enough,” Emma popped off to say. “I know what to do now….” She sat back up and faced Andrew, telling him to, “Lie down.”

Once he did, Emma dropped her head onto his cock and quickly got it wet. She then got back up and turned around before hovering herself over him. Once she brushed her ass over his erection, she turned her head and assured Andrew, “Right there….”

With Emma’s hole already lubed up and Andrew’s cock more than wet enough, he started trying to slip his head into her ass. As he succeeded, Emma locked eyes with Alison, then looked down on herself and said, “Right there….” to her.

Alison soon understood, going over to place herself in front of Emma. She laid down and managed to get her head between Emma’s open legs, slowly placing her mouth on Emma’s open pussy while Andrew filled up more of her ass.

All that was left to take care of was Dave, who Emma told to “Stand over there.” Over there was in front of the side of the bed, next to the threesome. He stood close enough so that Emma could reach over and start jerking him off, all while being eaten out and fucked in the ass.

Andrew just laid there, pumped his hips and watched Emma’s ass bounce on him. All he could do with his hands was go back between holding her hips and rubbing her ass. Meanwhile, Alison got a hand up to tug on Emma’s nipples as she got a hang of eating her pussy.

Emma partly held on by squeezing Dave, occasionally rubbing her thumb over his head. Before long, she took her hand off him to lick it, partly to taste a bit of him and mostly to lube him up. As she grabbed him again and pumped him faster and easier, she put her ass down and grinded it while squeezing Andrew’s cock.

“Oh, God….you just tell me where to cum,” Andrew moaned.

“You’re good right there….” Emma said. She then looked down at a busy Alison and said, “So are you.”

“Is that right?” Alison said into her pussy.

“It’s so right….” Emma groaned as Alison’s talented tongue quickly adapted to working on a girl. “So right, we’re all ready to cum….everyone other than Dave can go ahead and cum….”

“What’s so special about me?” Dave gritted out.

“You’ll see when we’re done,” Emma teased. She then went back to Alison and Andrew and ordered, “You go ahead and get done….I want me and Alison filled with cum now….it won’t be the last time….”

As Dave and Alison took that idea in, Emma bucked against Andrew’s hips and Alison’s mouth. They responded by going faster themselves, as Andrew drove his cock faster into her ass and Alison used her fingers and tongue on her pussy. She hoped that was good enough for a first time on a girl – or that Andrew would help cover it up if it wasn’t.

Either way, Emma was getting closer. The more she tightened up, the closer Andrew got too. As Emma pumped Dave with her left hand, he struggled not to get closer as well. But as Emma drove Alison deeper between her legs with her right hand, she felt herself getting there.

She mindlessly writhed her hips back and forth and up and down to finish the job, helpfully letting go of Dave. It did seem to fuel Andrew and Alison to go faster themselves. Finally, Andrew squeezed her bouncing ass and fucked her furiously until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh, here it comes….right in that brilliant arse….there….!” Andrew called out, grunting as he started spewing into Emma’s behind. Emma finally sat her ass still as she took it in, yet Alison wasn’t as eager to rest.

She rapidly licked her during Andrew’s orgasm, giving her an ideal combination to work with. Just as Andrew finished, Alison brought a finger into the mix so Emma would still get fucked. Between that and her tongue, it was just about enough.

Emma let out a series of cries without words, finally letting out one long one that told Andrew and Dave she was finished. Alison got the hint in a much more up close way, though – one that was filling up her mouth.

Andrew had managed to get out of Emma by then, who still stayed upright as Alison finished up. When it was over, Alison went back onto the bed, with Emma now having room to get off of Andrew. This left only Dave to take care of.

She sat on the edge of the bed in front of a standing Dave, now able to bend down and take him in her mouth. Alison sat next to her, now getting Emma’s earlier illusion about how they’d both be filled with cum again.

Alison started playing her part by licking the side of Dave’s cock while Emma sucked his head. When Alison took her turn on his head, Emma cupped his balls while licking his shaft. Then they just licked each side of his head and quickly took turns sucking it before kissing every inch of it.

“Jesus, God, the both of you,” Dave gasped, his knees nearly buckling and his cock barely holding it together. Andrew barely had anything left to watch them, so Dave could only imagine how long he’d be out of it when they were done.

No imagination could compare to this, though. Both Alison Brie and Emma Stone sucking his cock, at the same time. Covering him with their full, pretty lips, concentrating all four of their big, incredible, cute and sexy eyes. Their soft red and black hair flowing down, their sweet voices humming their approval on him, their luscious, lithe bodies still moving around….

Dave already knew intimately how fucking hot Alison was, especially at a time like this. If he was more familiar with Emma before tonight, he probably would have pictured her being this hot at one time or another too. But seeing her being this hot, alongside Alison….

He almost couldn’t imagine how Andrew could possibly let her go and do something like this – even if it was just to fuck Alison too. They were obviously quite secure with each other. If it was as secure as him and Alison seemed to be….

Alison reminded Dave why he could be so secure by taking over on his head. Even now, she was using her lips and tongue on his head just like that – even as Emma went down to tongue his balls. She was still going all out for him, even with another woman. Like she did while they were both listening to another woman and man earlier tonight.

If Andrew was anything like Dave, he would certainly worship the ground Emma walked on – more than usual – for allowing him to do that. Then he’d make sure she never had another reason to make another man cum so hard, just as she would make him unwilling to need another free pass.

Whether Dave could do that himself for Alison, he certainly had hopes. But if this could happen without him really hoping for it, anything was possible.

There was something much more possible right now, or at least sometime in the next minute. The way Alison and Emma were using their tongues, it would probably be closer to 30 seconds, at best.

The way their lips slid down each side of his shaft, then went up to his head, it was probably about 15 seconds.

After Alison deep throated him for a brief second, and Emma did the same, it was probably about five seconds away.

Then Emma took his head past her lips, suckled and tongued him, and gave him a low, sultry hum while her seductive eyes watched him crumble. It was shocking that he didn’t fill her up right that second.

He held on long enough for Alison to repeat the exact same move, though. By the time her own seductive eyes gazed up, he knew he was practically dripping already. Yet she came off and he stayed hard, leaving Alison and Emma to wait for the rest, side by side.

Dave Franco had a lot of perks over the last three or so years of fame. But the perks of being a rising star, and the brother of a bigger star, almost all paled at the chance to cover Alison Brie and Emma Stone’s beautiful, pale faces and mouths with cum.

Finally, as their mouths opened, that chance came all over them.

It was indeed everything that three years, and probably three lifetimes, were worth building up towards. He could only hope Alison and Emma were half as pleased.

The way they licked their lips and brushed the cum off their faces suggested it was close. That had to count for something.

It did count as an image that Dave would probably spend the next three years – and several three-year intervals after that – going over in his mind. Perhaps Alison would feel the same, and Andrew and Emma too.

For Dave’s part, he couldn’t wait to find out.