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Teenage Kicks
With Olivia Holt
Written by Hearsz
(Codes: MF, Teen, BJ, Finger, Cunnilingus, PTM)

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

You only get one chance with Olivia Holt. Well, that was at least the mindset of Eugene when he was presented with the opportunity to rehearse some lines with the popular teenage blonde.

He only had a small role in the new TV series, "I Didn't Do It", but under the insistence of Olivia, she asked Eugene to come over to her parents house one afternoon in the week to go through lines for an upcoming episode.

Apart from this major scene, Eugene had pretty much been an extra on the show. He may as well have been a stage prop, such was the infrequency that his speaking roles were.

The first time he met Olivia Holt, he was so blown away by just how unbelievably gorgeous she was up close and in the flesh. Pictures of her online or on TV didn't do her full justice. However, Eugene lacked a lot of composure whenever he was near her.

He was great at reciting lines, but knew that his mind would go blank whenever Olivia was in his presence. How he was going to be able to rehearse with her without losing his mind, he was unsure of. Yet, he was more than looking forward to having her all too himself.

He wasn't the most athletic bloke around, which was a problem as he knew that Olivia had a fondness for keeping fit, given her gymnastics and cheerleading background. This certainly attributed to the starlet having such a tight young body on her.

When he thought of her in a sexual way, there was the odd moment when Eugene would imagine what she would look like in just a pair of cotton panties and a bra. The thought alone made the nerdy guys' cock elongate in his pants, as he made his way over to her two storey Los Angeles home. His nervous demeanour was in large part due to his unsuccessful rate with the ladies. Some thought he was a geek, some said they wouldn't date him due to his lack of confidence. All these past memories were currently playing out in his mind. How could he possibly win over a girl like Olivia Holt?

He knocked on the door, straightening his glasses as he waited for her to answer. He was a huge bundle of nerves as you can imagine, but first and foremost he wanted to not make a fool of himself by forgetting his lines for the scene they were going to rehearse.

http://thumbnails109.imagebam.com/37391/3b9858373908421.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/3b9858373908421) http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/37391/ef829e373908804.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/ef829e373908804) http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/37391/93171d373908446.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/93171d373908446)

Like an angel opening the gates of heaven, Olivia Holt in all her stunning glory opened the door, looking as glamorous as ever, wearing a white dress, the hem of her skirt coming down to just above her knees. She was bare foot, which only made Eugene's mouth almost drool at seeing her pretty little toes.

He tried not to stare like an open-mouthed goldfish for too long, the Tennessee-born star nonchalantly inviting him in and directly him to the lounge room. She asked if he wanted a drink, to which he replied "water", needing to clear his throat so he could speak properly.

"My parents are out with my brother and sister at the moment. They should be back in a couple of hours. That should be enough time to get this done and you can be on your way", she said in a sweet tone of voice.

A half hour into rehearsing, Olivia showed she wasn't anything like she was at the studio. She lost her shit on more than one occasion, as she showed her own frustration at being unable to remember her own lines. Normally she was quite composed, at least on set, and she could make it look quite easy. But not this time. Eugene however, was doing better than he expected to. He remembered all his parts of the script, as though he had memorised a foreign language in its entirety the night before. He almost felt sorry for Olivia as the pressure would always be on her to not make mistakes, being one of the main characters on the show.

"Maybe we should take a break? Give you time to clear your head?" Eugene suggested.

"Yeah I guess we should. So what's your go? Are you planning on being an extra for the rest of your life?" she said in quite a snobbish way, a reaction to her inability to memorise her part of the script.

She really didn't mean to be like this. It's just that there were several other things she would rather be doing than rehearsing lines with a nerdy guy like Eugene.

"Well it's just a small time gig until I finish school and go to college. I don't know, maybe acting is the right way to go in the future. Especially if I have someone like you to look up to".

He made it obvious that he was sucking up to her, trying to win cheap points. Olivia however, wasn't completely buying it, but she did appreciate the compliment.

"Why thanks, I work pretty hard at it but it takes something extra to get to where I am".

Eugene knew she was basically saying to him, "Give it up loser, Hollywood doesn't need you".

But she let her guard down for a second when she saw the look of dismay on his face.

"But hey, what do I know, I'm just a teenager like you, just about anyone can make it in this industry if they really wanted to."

This just about balanced out the snide comments she had made up until this point. The afternoon hadn't gone as bad as Eugene thought bit might, and as they continued to rehearse, he took the time to just stare at her pretty face, committing these moments to memory. And as she began re-reading her lines on the script she was holding, he couldn't help but leer at her sexy crossed legs. That looked so smooth, like she had lathered them up in some moisturiser that would give them that wonderful sleek effect.

He didn't know if he'd get this kind of opportunity again, and seeing as the session had gone pretty well, he figured he'd have nothing to lose from this point. Eugene just wanted more than anything to make Olivia his girlfriend, and he'd hoped he done enough to convince her to let him at least take her out on a date.

Once they had wrapped up rehearsals, they still had a full hour or so before Olivia's family were due home. It was now or never. He had to see her again, or give her any reason to want to see him again.

"Ok, that should just about do it then", Olivia said, a little relieved that she was able to get the rehearsal out of the way.

Eugene to her seemed like a nice enough guy. And unlike some of the other guys whom she had rehearsed with before, he didn't even try & hit on her. She definitely wouldn't have a problem if he had to rehearse lines with her again. Eugene stood up, a huge bundle of nerves, his body shaking. He had played this out in his head a thousand times, not just with Olivia in mind, but previous girls before her. He kept telling himself that he had nothing to lose, yet he didn't know how he'd handle rejection from her of all people. Looking down at the floor, he found it hard to look directly at her as he spoke,

"So I was wondering, um, if you're free sometime, ahh, maybe you'd like to go out for milkshakes, or, err something sometime", he said, a stutter in his voice.

And there it was. "Just like every other guy", she thought to herself.

Olivia gave him somewhat of a blank stare, not a bit surprised that yet another guy thought they had a chance with her.

She had to admit that she kind of admired his courage, even though Eugene didn't have a hope in hell with her. But she had been so stressed out of late, she didn't hesitate in trying to mess with him, the arrogant side of her taking control in the most deceiving way possible. She was going to make him believe she might actually take him up on the offer.

"What, you mean like on a date?" she said so innocently, really playing up her interest in his proposal. She suckered the poor guy in when her gorgeous brown eyes looked directly at his.

Eugene was taken aback when she said that, foolishly believing that Olivia might be on the verge of saying "Yes" to him.

"Yeah, I guess" he said nervously. He prayed to the almighty that this wasn't going to be yet another rejection.

"Haha, you're kidding right?" she said with a mocking kind of laugh.

Eugene's heart sank. Her reaction hurt more than any of the girls who had rejected him before. He just wanted the world to open up beneath him and swallow him whole.

"No offence Eugene but, girls like me don't go out with guys like you", she said as she sat on the couch next to him, trying to soften the blow by explaining her reasons up close, rather than at distance.

"I mean seriously. You're not the most confident guy on set, you stutter when you talk to me. Sure, you were great today, but, girls dig a guy with confidence, all the time. I have needs, I have standards. You know how many guys ask me out on a weekly basis? More guys than you can count on all your fingers and toes put together."

In a last ditch effort, Eugene looked into her eyes and saying,

"But I am confident Olivia. I can fulfil your needs, just give me a chance to show you".

He was starting to sound like every other desperate loser that tried to chat her up, and Olivia didn't have time for it.

"Look Eugene, you're a nice guy. But the fact of the mater is, when I say I have needs, it's not just your basic needs. I'm a young girl looking for adventure. I have sexual needs, I have desires that need to be fulfilled.

And I'm sorry, but you're hardly the kind of guy that can do that for me. Unless of course you have a big cock or something..?" she again laughed at the absurdity of her own question.

She was clearly putting herself up on a pedestal so high, that most guys wouldn't get anywhere close to reaching. It was true she had sexual needs, but she probably over emphasised the point, as she'd only had sex a handful of times, each time less memorable than the last. She just wanted to paint a picture for Eugene so he realised just how unattainable she was for him.

Without thinking, Eugene shot back, not liking how Olivia was treating him,

"But I do, I do have a, umm, a big c-c-cock".

"Hahaha… Sure you do Romeo. Look, it's best that you leave", she said, raising her arm and pointing toward the front door.

Eugene didn't want to leave without one last shot at this.

"No seriously, I do", he said, trying to convince her.

Wanting to see how much she could humiliate him, Olivia played the game. The guy just wasn't getting the message, even when she gave him the opportunity to leave and not make a further fool of himself. Arching her brow she said,

"OK fine. Prove it then".

She'd had enough of this. "There's no way he has a huge dick", she thought to herself. More than anything she was hoping he would leave with his tails between his legs so she could put an end to this.

Reaching towards his belt buckle, he untied it, then unbuttoned his jeans, reaching into his underwear and fishing out his seven inch cock. He slid his pants down to his knees, waggling his semi-hard shaft, much to the surprise of his popular co-star. Olivia was in shock. She had never seen a guy her age with suck a huge dick before, and it wasn't even at full stiffness yet. The thing is, Olivia Holt really was trying to be the wholesome Christian girl that people believed she already was.

But ever since one of her now ex-boyfriends convinced her she was missing out on choosing to not rush into having sex (then allowing him to be her first), the more intrigued she became in doing it again. The more popular she became and the more guys that asked her out, the more she realised that she could have any guy she wanted. Though lately she found she had to pretend to act tough so guys like Eugene would hopefully leave her alone. And most of them would, but then they would tell others that she was just a prude and not worth the effort.

Although she didn't care, she knew it was giving her an unwanted reputation in the TV Studio. She wasn't sure how to react when this seemingly harmless guy called her bluff and unveiled his slowly hardening monster.

"OH..MY..GOD… You weren't lying. You do have a big cock", she said in awe, her disbelieving eyes and mouth watered as she eyed his meaty python.

Confidence surged through Eugene's body as he watched the gorgeous blonde's pearly white's show, gazing lustfully at his thickening member. He stroked it slowly which only made Olivia feel even more giddy inside.

"Ohhh..My…God" she said as though she was whispering to it, the blonde teen in sheer disbelief that this unfit, nerdy guy could be so well endowed.

Although she only had sex a few times, Olivia's more experienced friends had told her how much size did matter with guys in their age bracket. This was mainly because it usually made up for their lack of experience. This intrigued the gorgeous blonde greatly, and she knew that she had to investigate Eugene's large member more closely.

She felt like she had stumbled upon buried treasured, as no girl would ever think this nerdy guy would be packing this well down below.

"So, do you mind if I play with it?", she asked. She normally wouldn't be this forward with a guy but the sight of Eugene's throbbing dick before her made it really enticing to touch.

"Of course you can", he replied without hesitation. It was only when she was reaching across to take his throbbing tool in her dainty little hand, that he came to the realisation that THE Olivia Holt was going to have his hard naked cock within her soft palm.

Olivia grabbed a hold of his thick cock, barely getting her soft fingers around his throbbing flesh, stroking him slowly up and down. Eugene could feel his cock pulse and knew it would not take much to make him blow his load, such was the surrealism of the situation. And if this teen goddess fondling his manhood wasn't intense enough, her next move was the stuff he'd only imagined in his dreams.

"What are you…oh God.." he groaned, as Olivia leaned forward and swirled her tongue around his swollen knob. Eugene's innocent world was spiralling out of control. With her soft pink lips wrapped around the tip, Olivia looking up at his agonised face and smiled.

http://thumbnails110.imagebam.com/37391/fe3735373909321.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/fe3735373909321) http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/37391/10eaf8373909385.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/10eaf8373909385) http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/37391/fbf068373909354.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/fbf068373909354)

"You're going to love this Eugene."

Pulling her silky blonde hair back, Olivia opened wide and plunged her lips down his shaft, taking his cock deep inside her warm mouth. The teen starlet kept her hand wrapped tightly around the base as she bobbed her head up and down, slurping and sucking on his throbbing meat. Spit drooled down his shaft and over his balls, Olivia closing her eyes as she did this. Eugene could feel his dick punching into the narrow opening of her throat again and again.

Just as a surge of cum was about to explode up his shaft, Olivia pulled her lips from his cock and squeezed the base so tightly, stopping him from a premature release. Eugene was seeing stars, but he soon felt the urge to cum slowly pass. Olivia licked the small trickle of pre-cum that leaked out from the tip, and then plunged her lips back down his shaft.

Eugene no longer felt so vulnerable. His thoughts were now replaced by a desperate need to empty the huge load of cum churning in his balls. Everything he thought he knew about Olivia was wrong. This was no well mannered Christian girl before him. This was a horny little slut, and he was going to treat her like one. He looked down and watched Olivia slide her velvet lips down the length of his huge cock again and again. Saliva drooled down his shaft and over her fingers which was still wrapped around the base. She looked up at him with hungry brown eyes, whilst his cock was buried deep in her mouth.

"Unghhhhh…oh shit!!" he moaned, lifting his weight off of the couch as he started to cum.

Olivia kept her lips clamped firmly around his shaft. The first surge was so powerful that she almost choked. But her mouth never stopped it's suctioning action as stream after stream of hot cream erupted into her mouth. She reached down and pressed her fingers against his scrotum, forcing even more love juice out of his spewing cock.

When he was finally drained, Olivia slipped her lips from his spent member. She sat next to him as he began to recover, tantalisingly pulling up her dress, and shoving a hand inside her white cotton panties. Eugene saw her looking lustfully at him while she fingered her pussy. His seed glistening on her lips, whilst her fingers were digging around inside her moist knickers, her digits flicking across her horny clitoris. Her moans became more desperate, and her eyes were wild with lust.

"Ohhhh... oh... oh fuck... gggghhhhhhh... aaaarrrggghhhhh..."

Eugene watched her twist and squirm against her fingers as her warm cunt sap soaked through her cotton panties and coated her succulent young thighs. Olivia finally pulled her fingers away from her gushing pussy. She brushed the tips across his lips and pushed them into his mouth. He could taste the musky flavour of her inner juices.

"Do you like the way that tastes, Eugene?" Olivia asked as she tantalisingly slid her drenched panties down her smooth flawless legs.

"I hope so because I want you to get down there and eat my pussy", she demanded, spreading her succulent looking thighs apart and using her digits to spread her sticky labia, revealing her inner pink.

Her legs and specifically her inner thighs looked incredibly sexy when splayed wide like this, her fingers rubbing at her inflamed pussy.

"Don't look so worried, it's easy. Just put your tongue inside me and wiggle it around. Make sure to lick my clit. I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Eugene was still in a daze from his huge orgasm, as he willed himself to kneel onto the floor and station his head above her enticing looking vagina. He looked down at her swollen pussy, completely shaved and waxed of all hair. Her pink folds glistened with her secretions and he could see her throbbing clit poking out from its sheath like a tiny button. The musky aroma filled his nostrils.

Olivia, through impatience put her hand to the back of Eugene's head and pulled it down to her dripping sex, so his mouth could devour her tasty peach. Eugene did the only thing he could do. He stretched his lips around the swollen mound and plunged his tongue into her steamy chamber. She squirmed against him like she was trying to drive his tongue even deeper, wiggling it around inside her as she had suggested.

"Lick my clit Eugene, and use your fingers. Slip them into my pussy."

And so he did. His tongue flicked across her clit as he pushed a single digit into her warm wet hole, pumping it fluently in and out of her young body. Olivia moaned and squirmed against his face with more aggression as he finger and tongue fucked her simultaneously.

"Ohhh fuck… Now use two fingers."

Eugene pushed a second finger up her greasy tunnel, making squishy sounds when he pumped them in and out of her body. Her juices seeped out of her gash and over his lips and chin. Olivia leaned forward and continued to grind her pussy against his fingers and mouth. She gyrated her slender hips so she was fucking his face with her pussy. Eugene felt her thighs tighten around his head as he ate her out. His tongue was flickering against her clit whilst his fingers were plunging in and out of her loosened opening. Olivia could feel the explosion building in her loins.

"Oh fuck... ooohhhhh," Olivia gasped, squeezing her breasts through her top as her inner cunt walls began to convulse.


Another orgasm exploded from her pussy. Eugene pulled his fingers from her cunt and clamped his mouth over her gushing mound. Her thighs squeezed his head as her young body trembled. A muffled squeal preceded another spasm that sent more juices pouring into Eugene's mouth. He finally pulled away his tongue and slid up on the couch next to her.

"Oh my... oh my god...," Olivia gasped, grabbing at his still hard cock, stroking it firmly.

"Are all nerds as good as you?", she asked, not even realising she had addressed him as a 'nerd'.

The young man took no offence, as her satisfied grin confirmed to him that she really appreciated his oral and fingering skills.

"Yes, I guess we are".

"How come?" Olivia asked, wanting to know how such a geeky inexperienced guy could be so good at giving head.

"Cause the Jocks that you're probably into, all they ever do is think about is sports. Whereas us "nerds" deep down, all we ever think about is sex".

The honesty of Eugene's reasoning brought a huge smile to Olivia's face. She leaned in to kiss the no longer nervous guy, flickering her invading tongue against his. It was like he was an untapped resource. A nerdy guy, with a huge dick, with no ego about him whatsoever. And Olivia had him all too herself. Thinking about what her girlfriends had advised her about young guys with really big cocks being able to "do it better", she decided right then that she wanted to find out for herself if that was indeed true.

Sitting beside each other on the leather couch, Olivia looked at the clock on the wall, and said,

"Looks like we have about thirty minutes for this".

The dumbfounded nerd asked, "Umm, thirty minutes for what exactly?"

Almost annoyed at his dimwitted question, she replied in a serious voice,

"Thirty minutes for you to FUCK ME you idiot!"

http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/37392/2a0d47373915827.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/2a0d47373915827) http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/37392/c429c0373915164.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c429c0373915164) http://thumbnails109.imagebam.com/37391/b1ef47373908307.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/b1ef47373908307) http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/37391/711a12373909425.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/711a12373909425)

The young man didn't have enough time to criticise himself for his stupidity, as he watched the horny blonde goddess of his dreams stand up, lift up her skirt, and sit in his lap.

"Please fuck me Eugene. I have to have that big cock inside me!" she begged, turning her head back so she could press her soft lips against his again, showing him exactly how incredibly horny she was. Olivia continued to slide her lithe young body up against his, until she was grinding her tight little ass against his cock. She sat in his lap so that her back rested against his chest.

He removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, leaving him in just a pair of black socks. Eugene was mesmerised. It was like he was dreaming. His eyes feasted on her tight ass cheeks when she moved forward to adjust her position. Her swollen pussy that hung between her supple thighs was dripping with her love juices. He watched in awe as Olivia took a hold of his cock and guided the head in between the opening folds of her glistening cunt. It was at that point that he realised he was about to lose his virginity.

"Mmmm this is gonna be a tight fit", she gasped, already feeling his thick bulbous tip beginning to stretch her pink fleshy curtains wider than ever before.

Olivia's tight wet pussy painfully enveloped his knob, her lightweight teen body holding it's position momentarily.

The hot little blonde took a moment, before releasing her upheld weight against his turgid member, trying to embed more of his thick cock inside her warm fiery chamber. Eugene held Olivia by her slim hips, grunting as he felt her working pussy impale a further couple of inches of his meat. When she rose back up, he felt her greasy insides slide up to the tip, and with one fierce descent, Olivia plunged all the way down his rock hard length.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!! You're cock is just so fucking big!! she panted, almost crying tears of joy as her tight little cunt was filled by his huge manhood.

She felt like she was going to split into two, such was the the feeling of his thick cock stretching her inner cunt walls. It took a while for her to take the moment all in. But once she did, Olivia slowly began to ride Eugene's entire length, feeling the spongy tip graze against her g-spot time and time again.

Whatever Eugene thought it was going to feel like having Olivia's tight little pussy wrapped around his cock, it had to be ten, fifty... a hundred times better. Her vaginal walls clung tightly to his throbbing shaft, enveloping him in a sheath of pure bliss. He felt his penis move in and out of her body as she lifted up and plunged down on him again and again.

"Fuck me... fuck me hard... god I love your cock Eugene!"

Filth continued to spew from her mouth like never before. Her ass lifted and fell as she impaled her soaking box onto his stiff cock, rotating her hips in a clockwise motion. Olivia reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. She could feel his hard shaft sliding against her working fingertips. The pressure in her belly was building towards another orgasm, which only made her fingers move faster and faster.


Eugene felt her pussy clench against his saturated member. A white froth oozed from her cunt and dribbled down his length. Olivia leaned back against Eugene with his cock still buried inside her. She pulled his hands around her body and moved them under her top so that they could cup her soft supple breasts. She moved a finger to her clit, riding his cock harder when he started to pinch at her swollen nipples, and instinctively decided to lick the back of her earlobe.

Eugene thrust his cock up into her pussy, getting more into the moment now. The heaving blonde rocked her sweaty body against him trying to make him go even deeper. Her fingers flew across her clit, and she almost lost it completely when his hand joined hers to fondle her contracting pussy. Her body shook and bucked, convulsing along his thick shaft to the point she was going to scream out loud. Olivia squirmed against his thrusting cock as spasm after spasm sent her spinning out of control.

"Oh My God!!!", Olivia wailed as her pussy clenched one more time around his throbbing member.

"Your cock is incredible. I need to catch my breath before we continue."

She rolled over and kissed him on the lips. Without a word, Olivia reached down to the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head. Her pert naked breasts were there before Eugene, incredibly tempting for him to touch. He did so, holding her supple bosoms, squeezing at Olivia's delicious looking chest.

The young man couldn't help himself, as he leaned down to take Olivia's hard pink nipple into his mouth. She moaned as his teeth scraped against the sensitive bud. He did the same to her other breast, Olivia running her stiff fingers and manicured nails through his short hair as he worked his magic on her tits. Olivia was in heaven as he suckled on her pert mounds, the naked blonde beauty writhing upon Eugene in his lap, so the wet juncture between her legs rubbed against his hard member.

Desperate to give him some much needed attention of her own, Olivia slid down his body, until she was on her knees before him, taking his juicy cock back into her mouth. It didn't even bother Olivia that she was tasting her own juices, her lips and tongue savouring his mingled essence. It wasn't going to take much to make him shoot again, Eugene trying to hold in the pent up tension he could feel in the pit of his balls. With much relief, Olivia moved back up and straddled his cock, this time facing him. She teased him by letting his knob slide along her gash and over her clit as they kissed. Then she reached between her legs, to grab a hold of his erect staff.

"Okay. I'm ready for some more. You can cum inside me if you want? I'm currently on the pill".

Eugene groaned when her moist little cunt enveloped his hardness again, sliding in with ease. Olivia rode him slowly and gently this time around. She kissed him softly as she rose up so all but the tip of his wonderful cock was withdrawn from her slick hole, violently dropping down so he filled her completely. Olivia looked like a little girl sitting in Eugene's lap, given he was over six feet tall and she was very petite in comparison. He soon found the right rhythm and pushed up into her as she was lowering her pussy down his length. Sometimes she would hold him deep and swirl his cock around inside her. Eugene could feel his balls filling with cum but she had a way of keeping him on edge. It was driving him crazy.

"Okay Eugene," Olivia said looking into his eyes. "Give it to me. I want to feel it Eugene. I want to feel you fuck me hard."

Olivia rode him increasingly harder, lifting all the way off his cock as she had done before, until just his bell end was inside of her. When she slammed down on him he drove his cock for what felt like deeper into her body than he had before. She could feel it bouncing off of her cervix again and again. Her head was shaking and her hair was flying. His fingers crushed her tits and pinched at her stiff nipples.

"Fuck me... fuck me... deeper... oh god... harder Eugene.. make me feel it... Unghhhh!"

Olivia threw her head back and bit her bottom lip. Her squeals were loud and non-stop as one orgasm after the next crashed through her body causing her pussy to clench in a series of spasms. Olivia continued to ride him recklessly slamming down on his shaft again and again. Eugene slid his hands to her ass cheeks and dug his fingers into the smooth skin, pulling her down on his cock each time he ploughed into her body.

When they rolled over and onto the soft carpeted floor, Eugene felt some uncontrollable force from his subconscious take control of his actions. He pushed her legs to her shoulders and repeatedly slammed his hard cock straight down into her snatch like a madman. Olivia was completely out of control with lust as her legs and feet were flailing wildly. Juices poured from her cunt and dribbled downwards across her tight little anus. Her fingers clawed at his chest in a desperate attempt to hold on to her sanity. Her squeals turned soon turned to screams, the insatiable teen almost blacking out from the wild pounding she was receiving.

Eugene had his hands on her breasts, his fingers crushing her tits as he railed into her again and again. Olivia looked up and saw the animal that had taken control of this nerdy guys body. His eyes were filled with lust. He was fucking her so hard that she could feel his cock almost punching through her cervix.

"Oh yess.... harder....aiiii...fuck me harder."

Eugene felt the blood pulsing through his veins. There was a power inside him that he had never felt. His hands moved to Olivia's wrists, pinning her down so he was in total control. Not too hard but hard enough for her to feel it. She looked up at him with tired eyes, almost begging him to stop, but knowing deep down she didn't want him to. He drove into her harder as his balls slapped against her taut little derrière.

Olivia curled her slender smooth legs around his waist, until her ankles were rubbing up against his ass. Everything swirled out of control. All his energy drained down to his loins.

"Oh Olivia! I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Unghhh".

"Ohhh.. Do it Eugene! Come inside me, nghhh!"

He clenched his ass cheeks and grunted as he came, her spasming pussy milking his spurting member.

"Unggh-ha-aaaah" the young man moaned, feeling the tension in his nuts finally release when he shot copious amounts of warm seed inside Olivia Holt's incredibly battered cunt.

She was barely conscious when she felt the warmth of his seed spreading inside of her. His grip on her wrists had tightened upon his climax. She screamed as she endured her own climax, whilst the nerdy guy on top of her pumped more of his cum into her limp young body. Eugene slammed into her again and again until at last he could no more. He collapsed forward on top of her, breathing hard, with his cock still inside the spent luscious body underneath him.

"Mmmmmmmm," Olivia moaned stirring back to life. "That's was incredible Eugene. I knew there was a man inside you. I'm glad I was able to help you find him."

"Mmmm, maybe you could make it in this business after all", Olivia said with a sexy little grin, wiping some sweat away from her forehead.

The pair were startled when they heard the front door open. Eugene quickly grabbed his clothes, as Olivia hurriedly escorted him to the back entrance. With a quick kiss, the blonde teen said to him, "See you on the set", before closing the door.



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