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Sleeping Beauty
With Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: M/F, drunk, sleep
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will.
A/N: This is just a quick idea I had the other day for a short story after seeing Holt tweet about her panto coming to an end. Enjoy!

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It had been a successful month of performances but we'd finally reached the final night of Sleeping Beauty at The Pasadena Playhouse. My housemate, who had a small role in the panto, had gotten me a job working back stage, it was my responsibility to make sure all the props were where they should be, when they should be. It wasn't a bad job but I was certainly looking forward to it being over which is more than could be said for some of the tearful cast and crew members as the curtains closed for the last time.

One aspect I would miss however was the company of the pantomime's leading lady, Olivia Holt. Unlike young actors and actresses I'd worked with in the past, Olivia was more than happy to mingle with the lowly crew and we got on well with our own share of in-jokes and playful flirting. That wasn't saying much though since I'd noticed she got on well with practically everyone and seemed to flirt with half the guys on set, no matter how old they were.

Since we only lived a few minutes down the street, my housemate had offered to host the afterparty there. I watched the long procession of cast and crew head off to make a mess of my home while I stayed behind to sort through the props and put whatever might be needed back into storage. The task took a couple of hours and when it was all done, I was exhausted and would have liked nothing more than to go home and go to bed. I knew these party-goers however and this was undoubtedly going to be a long night.

As I suspected, the party was in full swing when I arrived, music was playing, drinks were being passed around and there was the distinct smell of weed in the air. I spent an hour or so wandering around chatting to people, I was surprised to hear that Olivia was the talk of the party for all the wrong reasons. It seemed she'd got herself practically blind drunk in less than two hours and had been left passed out somewhere to sleep it off. I moved through the party, trying to get the full story. The majority of the girls seemed to relish the gossip and were more than happy to dish the dirt on her and take her down a peg, seemed there was a reason most of her friends were guys.

Apparently Olivia had acquired the taste for alcohol at a new year's eve party and, having downed several bottles and shots, she made quite the scene. She had thrown herself at several of the guys who obviously had to deny her advances what with everyone watching before flashing a few times and storming off, screaming how she'd get dick from somewhere else. It was after this that her friends calmed her down and put her down to sleep.

How much of this was true and how much had been exaggerated by her jealous female co-stars I wasn't sure but either way, I was bitterly disappointed that I'd probably not get a chance to see her again and even more disappointed that I'd missed her flashing.

I decided to spend the next hour following her example and drowned my disappointment in alcohol before quietly excusing myself to slip off upstairs. Fortunately, everyone had followed the unspoken rule that upstairs was off-limits so it was fairly quiet up here, maybe I would be able to get some sleep afterall.

Entering my room, I dropped my phone and wallet on the desk before turning on the light, the moment I flicked it on, I almost jumped out of my skin after seeing the figure on my bed. After the brief scare, I composed myself and was surprised to see it was none other than Olivia Holt fast asleep on my bed.

I stand awkwardly in the middle of my room, unsure of what to do next. I spent the time looking her over. She was wearing simple, black leggings and a black dress which reached down to her thighs. Her hair was a wavy, blonde mess around her face which was tilted to the side in my direction.

I eventually came to the conclusion I wouldn't be sleeping in my bed tonight so decided to at least pull the covers over the girl. It was as I got closer however that I realised how loose her dress was, in fact, it seemed it had been unzipped at the back and was now simply laying over her chest. I paused then and realised the opportunity I'd found myself in. Stepping back, I hurried across the room to close and lock the door. Turning back, I approached Olivia again; she was still sleeping peacefully which I confirmed with a prod in her arm and a small shake, it seemed the drink had really knocked her out.

With a gulp, I reasoned that if everyone else got a glimpse, it was only fair I got mine too. I slowly took hold of her dress and lift it away from and down her body. I keep my eyes glued to her face for any sides of her waking up.

With her top exposed I stand back in awe and simply admire what could be the most perfect set of tits I've ever clapped eyes on. Without thinking, my hands go into autopilot as I kneel down and grab them both, giving them a gentle squeeze and feel their firmness. I immediately recoil when the action causes the sleeping girl to moan in her sleep. I hold my breath, waiting and praying she doesn't wake up. Luckily it seems the moment has passed and I eventually reach forward and take them back into my hands, feeling their weight as they lay proudly on her chest.

After a few minutes of fondling her, I grow bolder and flick her stiffening nipples before leaning forward and taking one into my mouth. She moans again but this time I don't pull back, instead leaning over and giving the second nipple the same treatment.

http://1.t.imgbox.com/nUYXgMq5.jpg (http://imgbox.com/nUYXgMq5) http://0.t.imgbox.com/HpXhAV7e.jpg (http://imgbox.com/HpXhAV7e)

At this point my cock is now pushing painfully against the inside of my jeans, begging to be released. Standing up, I quickly unbuckle myself and pull my cock out, gently stroking it over the topless teen. Stepping forward, I gave her tits a brief slap with my cock, grinning when I see how they jiggle to the action.

After playing with her tits for so long, I start to ponder what to do next and it's not long before my eyes fall upon her lips. Shiny, pink and slightly open, practically an invite I told myself. I was far less concerned with waking her up now, if she hadn't woken up yet, I was fairly sure rubbing my cock over her lips wouldn't either which is exactly what I did.

After smearing some of her lip gloss over my shaft, I changed angles and gently pushed the head into her mouth until it brushed against her teeth. Instinctively, she opened wider allowing me to put a few inches in and rest it against her wet tongue, her hot breath flowing over it. I dare not push any deeper so I remain mostly still, doing gentle thrusts into her mouth. I almost moan out loud when her tongue moves and inadvertently flicks right across my slit, after that I pull out, afraid her mouth might make me cum. As hot as shooting my load down her throat may be, I'm fairly sure it would wake her up.

I now knew there was one final thing to play with so, moving down to the other end of the bed I grabbed her leggings and pulled them down to her knees quickly followed by her underwear which left her lying nearly completed naked on my bed. I gently placed my hand on her bald pussy and felt its heat; I was surprised to discover she was practically dripping wet.

I wanted nothing more right now than to climb on top of her and fuck her but I knew that would be taking it too far. Just as I was about to remove temptation by covering her up, she suddenly started fidgeting in her sleep and ended up rolling over onto her stomach, her breasts squashing against the mattress.

I was now offered a perfect view of her sizable, round butt. Stepping forward yet again, I ran my hand down the arch of her back and up and over her ass, before squeezing gently. Next thing I knew, I was on the bed, straddling her, with my cock lying in her crack, mere inches from her wet pussy which I noticed was making a damp spot in my bed sheets.

Taking hold of my cock, I lowered it and began to tease her entrance, rubbing my head over her wetness. I could feel her heat washing over my shaft, there was nothing I wanted more than to slam it home but my conscious wouldn't allow it. Fortunately, my prayers were answered when Olivia stirred again and one groggy eye opened and looked up at me.

I didn't move, not wanting to speak first and somehow make the situation worse. Olivia eventually spoke first, uttering the best possible two words any guy in my position could hope for.

"Mmmm…don't stop."

Her voice was still slightly slurred but she seemed aware enough just by looking into her eyes which is exactly what I did as I slid my shaft over her lips again, judging her reaction. I decided I was safe when she bit her lower lip and smiled.

"I want to fuck you, Liv" I gasped suddenly, my cock had been tortured for long enough, I held it at her entrance, waiting for permission.

Instead, she smirked, "Say please,"

"Jesus…" I muttered under my breath. Despite being drunk, she was still more than capable at playing her little games. "Please Liv." I begged, not caring how desperate I might have sounded.

She grinned again and gave a small nod which I took as permission and immediately pushed forward, forcing my cock into her hole. Olivia's eyelids fluttered as she was filled, her mouth opening in a gasp and a quiet, "Oh my god…"

I relished in the feeling of finally being inside her. She was still lying on her stomach with her face in the pillow but she now raised her ass up slightly giving me the leverage I needed to start thrusting down into her which is exactly what I did.

Placing my hands on her waist I held her firm as I plowed into her from above. Olivia simply lay there and took the punishment, gripping the bedsheets in her hands and grunting erotically on every thrust which only encouraged me to push harder and hit deeper.

"Damnit, you feel so fucking good, Liv" I panted, slowing down after a few particularly hard thrusts.

"Yeaaah?" she sighed happily, "You like that tight little teen pussy? Feels good around that big cock?" she asked rhetorically. "I told them I'd get my dick tonight, didn't I?"

"Fuck, turn over," I demanded, quickly pulling out, "I wanna see those tits when I fuck you."

Olivia quickly complied, rolling over and spreading her legs wide. I wasted little time in getting back inside her, slamming it home and moaning at the sight of her tits swaying. I quickly started to build up to my previous speed but was starting to struggle to keep up, my stamina failing me.

"C'mon, harder!" the blonde starlet moaned, "don't you dare fucking stop now, I'm so close-" she cut herself off when her legs slammed shut and her cunt convulsed on my cock while she came hard. Her whole body shuddered and her hips lifted off the bed while her eyes fluttered and her mouth gaped open.

It was all too much for me and, after a couple more thrusts inside her cumming pussy, I pulled out, moved up her body and blasted my load all over her face; aiming several spurts into her panting mouth.

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Holy shit. That was awesome! LemonTalk. Thanks for sharing this.


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