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Jungle Tom Ch2: Christina Aguilera
unknown author

As you may remember from my previous story, I am a thirty-something Englishman who lives in the rain forest.

I live in a secret tribal village that is occasionally visited by wealthy celebrities.

The next visitor whose pleasures I experienced was a minx of a young lady by the name of Christina.

I'm sure that you've all heard of her.

She arrived one sunny morning and the first thing she did was insist on meeting the Chief of the village. She seemed unimpressed by this noble figure and turned her attention to some of the hunky young native men by his side.

I think she may have had designs on one of these beefcakes but as it is forbidden for local men to keep company with foreign women, her desires would not be satisfied.

It was then that she noticed me and asked what a white man was doing living in the village. I told her that I had moved here for a rest. She asked my name, which I told her and she insisted that I call her "Miss Aguilera."

The next day she asked me to her hut, the very same hut that Britney had stayed in. She told me that she hadn't been able to sleep the night before as the noise of the jungle had kept her awake.

Back at home in the U.S.A she had a comfort assistant that stayed by her bedside until she had fallen asleep. She asked me to be that comfort assistant.

I did as she asked.

"Tom," she said to me, shortly after nightfall, "Tom, I can't sleep unless you hold my hand. Would you do that for me?"

"Of course, Miss Aguilera," I replied.

She took off her outer clothes and climbed onto her bed. There was no need for her to climb inside the covers. It was too hot and sticky.

"I'm keeping my underwear on," she said, "I'm not in the habit of stripping in front of strange men."

I found this difficult to believe, knowing her reputation, but I said nothing.

She insisted that I read her a bedside story too. There was a book by her bedside about squirrels or teddy-bears or something. So I started reading it to her.

I sat on the bed next to her as she tried to sleep. I held her hand and she seemed content with this.

After a few minutes she opened her eyes and sat up.

Still holding my hand, she said to me,

"It's no good, I still can't sleep. I can't just hold your hand, there's something else that I need to hold."

She ordered me to remove my shorts and my underpants. My cock was already stiff and she seemed pleased with that.

She took my dick in her hand and gripped it tightly.

"That's better," she said, "I need a comfort stick to help me sleep."

She lay herself down again and shut her eyes but I noticed that her free hand had moved to her face and she had started to suck her thumb.

She looked like a sweet little girl.

Now with two hands free, it was easier for me to read the book so I continued with my story.

After another two minutes or so I could not concentrate on reading aloud and also my cock was aching.

It was great to have Christina Aguilera's hand gripping it so tightly but I longed for a little hand movement, so to speak.

I felt sure that I was going to explode.

She opened her eyes again and looked at me.

"No, I still can't sleep - and why have you've stopped reading?" she asked.

It was then that I decided that I would make a suggestion.

"Miss Aguilera," I said nervously, "by the way you suck your thumb, I think that that you need something in your mouth. Wouldn't it be easier if you were to stick my penis in there instead of you simply holding it in your hand?"

She scowled at me.

"How dare you?" she snapped, "I know your game! Don't forget who I am! I don't stick just anybody's dick in my mouth, especially a mere nobody such as yourself!

Besides, I'm a good girl!"

Realising that I had spoken out of turn, I decided to change tack.

"I'm sorry," I spluttered, "I didn't mean it like that. I just thought it would be easier that's all.

I can still hold your hand, but if I lie next to you and you put my cock in your mouth, it would be more comfortable for me. It really is making my poor back ache to sit up like this."

She looked at me for a few seconds.

"Well, I suppose so, she said, "I expect I can give you the benefit of the doubt."

She let me lie down with my crotch next to her face. I took hold of her hand and then she let me slip my cock into her mouth. It felt so good as her luscious lips slithered over my purple head.

At first nothing happened, her mouth did not move, but then sure enough, like a little baby, her sucking reflex took over and she started to gently nibble away at me.

It was not exactly the blowjob of the century but I found it incredibly thrilling.

After fifteen minutes or so she fell asleep and the sucking stopped.

I took my throbbing penis out of her mouth and decided that the only thing to do was to satisfy myself.

It did not take long as I was already worked up to exploding point. I finished the job by shooting my load all over her face and hair.

I got dressed again and then left her hut. I didn't want to hang around in case she woke up and discovered the mess that I had made on her.

The next day she saw me in the village and beckoned me over. She had a very angry look on her face.

"I'm very angry with you, Tom," she snapped. "You made a sticky mess all over my face last night. Please explain yourself, or I'll go back home and send back some very nasty men who will destroy this village."

I felt ashamed but did not want her to see me like this so I said,

"I'm sorry, Christina, but I heard that semen is good for the complexion. I had to get rid of it somehow and seeing your pretty face lying there I thought that I would do you a favour. The Sunshine and humidity in a place like this can be very aging."

She paused for a second but seemed satisfied with my answer.

She smiled at me.

"Well if you're right about Man's milk then perhaps you can come back to my hut tonight and do the same thing again."

I laughed but it was more a laugh of relief more than anything.

"Just one thing, Christina," I added, "it is really difficult for me to remain aroused enough in order to force an ejaculation. A little visual stimulation might be helpful. Do you mind sleeping naked for me tonight?"

She looked me up and down with an expression of surprise on her face.

"Well, I don't know," she mused, "why should I?"

"Oh go on," I pleaded.

"Well if you think it will help," she said, "I might even let you have a little nibble on my pussy first if you think it might help to brew your complexion milk"

With that I gave her a big grin and walked off feeling as pleased as man can possibly be.

Christina stayed in the jungle for another week and for the next seven days she kept her word, experiencing a healthy shot of my load on her face just before going to sleep every night.

She left me a note when she left.

"Dear Tom,

Thank you for being my comfort assistant. I hoped you enjoyed being with me.

Now I have to go.

If we meet again then I would be pleased to use your dick as a thumb to suck on and I sure do adore your Spermy face cream.

Yours lovingly,

Christina "

Oh, and before you ask, yes I did get chance to taste her pussy and very pleasant it was indeed!

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