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Pool Party 2
With Olivia Holt and Paris Berelc
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, blowjob, squirting, oral, rim, fingering
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

https://t10.pixhost.org/thumbs/70/43352911_tumblr_niwwdugm2z1sqnewio1_1280.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/70/43352911_tumblr_niwwdugm2z1sqnewio1_1280.jpg) https://t10.pixhost.org/thumbs/70/43352948_tumblr_niy5k1xq201tmglzoo6_1280.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/70/43352948_tumblr_niy5k1xq201tmglzoo6_1280.jpg) https://t10.pixhost.org/thumbs/70/43352977_tumblr_niy5k1xq201tmglzoo8_1280.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/70/43352977_tumblr_niy5k1xq201tmglzoo8_1280.jpg)

As I stood watching my daughter frolic in the pool from the second floor window I grabbed my swimming trunks and decided to join the festivities. After all I reasoned, it couldn't hurt to mingle and get to know her best friends a little better.

It was only when I emerged from the house that I recalled that I had left the barbecue unattended and suddenly wondered if all the food had been burnt to a crisp.

But as I rounded the corner I noticed that one of the girls had everything under control.

"Thanks for taking over." I directed at the bikini clad teen.

"No problem." she smiled. "We wouldn't want any of that to go to waste."

Right away my eyes bugged out of my head as I noticed the ample cleavage she flaunted in her skimpy costume. To her credit the striking teen noticed my ogling but didn't seem to mind in the least. In fact a warm smile spread across her face.

"I don't believe we've been introduced." I said. "I'm Mark. Olivia's father."

"Yeah I know." she beamed. "I'm Paris. But my friends call me MaryJo."

Suddenly a lewd thought crossed my mind. "...I've always wanted to go to Paris."

As the actress and I eased into some polite conversation one of the other girls wandered over to check up on us who I immediately recognized as one of my daughters co-stars Piper Curda.

Without missing a beat Piper and I immediately proceeded to flirt up a storm (as we normally did) which helped ease some of the sexual tension between myself and Paris.

"Err. Paris." Piper teased. "Are you done playing with those wieners yet?"

"I'm not playing with them." she replied. "I'm just making sure they're ripe and juicy, the way you like them."

Both girls giggled at the sexual innuendo before they speared one of the hot dogs with a long fork and put it on a paper plate.

"Aw. Look what you did." Piper pouted. "You made all the juice run out. I wanted to do that."

"You snooze you lose." Berelc replied.

There was a long pause before the ladies burst out laughing again. Paris then interrupted the giggle-fest to ask if I could show her where the rest of the charcoal was stored for the grill.

At first her request went right over my head and I merely pointed at the garage. But to her credit she persisted and asked me to show her precisely where to go.

"Um. Do you think you could give me a hand?"

There was another long pause as the three of us suddenly realized what Paris was implying. She apparently wanted me to go with her to the garage so we could flirt some more and have some privacy.

"I'm sorry." I apologized to Piper. "I'll be back in a minute."

The cunning teen simply flashed me a wink.

"Don't take too long." she teased. "The girls and I are pretty hungry too."

I led Paris aka MaryJo towards the side of the house. We exited the pool gate and as we neared the side door leading into the garage she suddenly reached down and grabbed the tent in my pants—giving my cock an appreciative squeeze.

"Whoa." I almost jumped out of my skin.

"Mm. Is that for me?" she said while curling her tongue over her top lip.

I immediately panicked and checked to see if anyone had seen us. Fortunately for me the coast was clear as everyone was preoccupied with enjoying the party.

When we reached the garage door the exotic beauty went through first and immediately turned around and dropped to her knees. When I entered the dark space Paris immediately began tugging at my trunks and left little ambiguity as to what she wanted.

"Quick. We don't have much time." she said as I barely had time to shut the door before her small mouth stretched wide to take half my length down her throat.

"Wow." I sighed at the girls enthusiasm for cock. "...well you certainly don't waste any time do you."

Leaning back I let out a contented moan as I watched the stunning teen polish my rod like a god damn champ—her brilliant hazel-green eyes glaring up at me as she worked me over with those succulent lips.

My hands went to her head where I bunched her hair into a pony tail and began fucking her mouth, pivoting her face to the side so I could drill her cheek.

"Good. Good Girl." I praised her. "You suck cock well."

Paris moaned affectionately and in a final push managed to bury her nose into my pubic hair. Had I not cum just a few minutes earlier I might have shot my wad right then and there.

As it was my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I began pumping my hips against her slobbering mouth. This went on for several minutes—with her drooling all over herself, before I finally reached down and pulled her up off my turgid cock.

"Aw." Paris pouted while wiping her chin. "...but I wanted you to cum in my mouth."

"There's plenty of time for that." I answered. "First things first. I want to taste that pretty little peach of yours."

I picked her up and sat her down on the hood of Olivia's Jeep. I then hauled her bikini bottoms down her smooth legs. Paris assisted by lifting her butt a few inches allowing me to strip her completely bare.

She was now left to sit on the hood of Olivia's truck as naked as the day she was born.

As expected her body was magnificent. Cone shaped tits with large puffy areolas ending in hard little nipples. Her areolas were almost transparent, just barely a few shades darker than her tanned skin.

Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a small triangle while her lips were completely waxed clean. Everything about this girl was pure perfection.

I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders as my mouth zeroed in on her sweet honey pot. The scent of her sex was intoxicating. I could smell how excited she was even before we made contact.

"Oh—Yesss." she cooed as I filled her teen clam with tongue.

As Paris leaned back onto the hood her hands found their way to my head and she flicked her hips, essentially fucking my face as I had done to her just moments earlier.

My mouth found the button of her clit and I took it between my lips and sucked it like a hoover. This drove the "Mighty Med" star absolutely bat-shit crazy.

https://t10.pixhost.org/thumbs/70/43352616_parisberelc_thorthedarkworldpremiere_hollywood___1_.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/70/43352616_parisberelc_thorthedarkworldpremiere_hollywood___1_.jpg) https://t10.pixhost.org/thumbs/70/43352693_parisberelc_thorthedarkworldpremiere_hollywood___3_.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/70/43352693_parisberelc_thorthedarkworldpremiere_hollywood___3_.jpg) https://t10.pixhost.org/thumbs/70/43352803_parismaryjoberelc_thordarkworldpremiere_hollywood___6_.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/70/43352803_parismaryjoberelc_thordarkworldpremiere_hollywood___6_.jpg)

Her fingernails dug into my scalp as she shoved her pussy hard against my face. Despite her grinding I stayed with her until she wrapped her legs around my neck in some kind of death lock.

This pinned my face firmly against her sex as she locked all of her muscles and held me there for what seemed like an eternity.

I could now see where her gymnastic prose came in handy as she held me (a man twice her age) pinned down without any hope of breaking free. Her strength and stamina was impressive to say the least.

I was beginning to worry that I'd soon pass out when she suddenly exhaled and released the tight hold she had on my head. This allowed me to reach up and add a finger to the mix as I directed all of my attention on getting her off with my mouth.

At this point Paris was absolutely beside herself. She was thrashing around wildly and making high-pitched squeals as I probed her cunt with two fingers and suckled her clit at the same time.

When I finally stopped to spit at her pussy and pushed my fingers up to their second knuckle that's when it happened. A loud guttural moan of agony signaled her peak, and she yanked my hand away as the first gush of cunt-juice streamed from her pussy.

The stream arched high from her twat and struck me directly in the chin before it splashed across the hood of Olivia's vehicle. At first I was dumbstruck. Absolutely astonished. Shocked at the sudden turn of events.

I genuinely thought Paris had accidentally urinated all over me but quickly realized that the warm sticky substance wasn't pee.

Little droplets of nectar now dripped from her outer lips which I eagerly lapped up—savoring her tangy essence and sending her body into the stratosphere.

Paris just about lost her fucking mind when I shoved my tongue deep inside her squirting pussy, and caused yet another gush of fluid to surge from her cunt which filled my mouth with her zesty goodness.

I swallowed hard out of shock surprise and necessity, gulping down a mouthful of her fluid.

"Ugh!! ...fuck."

"ohmigod. ohmigod." she cried. "...fuck-fuck-fuck!"

"Fuck—Yeah!" I drooled at the lewd action. "...and you squirt too?"

I was referring to the fact that "MaryJo" already ticked every box on my list. She was hot, tight, smart, and flirtatious...and now possessed the ability to squirt as well?

"Please." she panted with extreme shame. "...we have to stop."

"Not on your life." I stated with my chin covered in cunt-sap.

As her juices seeped down the crack of her ass I immediately dove in and lapped at the substance, giving her backdoor a quick tonguing.

Amusingly enough Paris reacted in such a visceral way that I doubt anyone had ever rimmed her asshole before. This immediately intrigued me and I redoubled my effects and began to eat her delicious ass with great zeal.

"Ugh. God. Please." she trembled uncontrollably on the hood of the Jeep. "...I can't take any more."


"...you're gonna make me squirt again!" she said while squirming herself out of reach of my incessant tongue.

But hearing this admission only encouraged me.

"C'mere." I hissed while pulling her hips back to the edge off the hood. "Gimme that sweet fucking ass!"

I avidly buried my tongue in her tiny little shit pipe causing her eyes to flutter.

"Wait...Ugh. God." she moaned begrudgingly. "Oh-God."

I finally stood up letting her legs drop to my sides and stopped to admire my handy work. Paris was still shaking visibly and her breathing was ragged as most of the hood was soaked in her cunt-juice.

"I can't believe I let you do that." she panted, while still laying there with her knees spread wide.

"Do what?" I grinned evilly, hoping she'd take the bait and describe in her own words what I had done.

"Your tongue...in my ass." she huffed out of breath. "I've never...I mean. No one's ever done that to me before."

At this point my dick was so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Without warning I stepped forward and slammed my cock deep into her sopping young cunt!

This brought on another round of moans and squirts from her as I pummeled her as hard as I could.

I now fucked Paris MaryJo Berelc on the hood of my daughters Jeep as hard as I knew how, her legs spread wide and her own hands pulling and squeezing her swollen nipples.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." she chanted under her breath. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Yes."

She was just about the sexiest French-Canadian teen I'd ever laid eyes on. The fact that she was a dirty little squirter behind closed doors only made her hotter.

"Cum." she finally moaned.


"I want your cum." she panted between thrusts. "...I want you to cum all over my face."

With that said I picked her up and carried her over to the work bench. I made sure to rest her perfectly formed ass right on the edge of the counter where she reached down between us and guided my pulsing member back to the entrance of her sex.

"Quick. Stick it back in." she hissed. "Fuck me. We don't have much time."

I didn't need to be asked twice.

A single hard push and I was buried inside her snatch again. Amusingly enough Paris wasn't as tight as Bella Thorne had been but she felt about a hundred degrees hotter.

I slowly began stroking my cock in and out of her churning cunt as our pace quickened. Soon my balls were slapping loudly against her backdoor as I drove my spear all the way to her cervix.

I couldn't believe I was ready to cum again, but the time had arrived.

"Fuck." I hissed with frustration. "I'm close."

"Yeah?" she moaned back erotically. "I want you to shoot your load across my mouth."

I simply responded by pounding her within an inch of her life.

"Please...Please." she pleaded between thrusts. "I want it. I want it bad."

In an instant I pulled my raging cock out of her sex as she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. No sooner had she brushed her lips against the tip of my cock, I erupted.

Rope after rope of hot gooey spunk splashed across her pretty face before she enveloped it with her mouth. To her credit most of my load disappeared down her throat. Even as my balls emptied "MaryJo" continued to suck me like a vacuum cleaner.

As I stood there catching my breath Paris wiped her mouth and got up. I could tell from the sweat on her face that she had had quite the workout.

"Good job." I sneered before giving her a high five.

"We better get back out there before the others notice we're missing." was her only response.

"The barbecue supplies are right over there." I said pointing to the bag of charcoal. "Help yourself."

Berelc rolled her eyes as she slipped her bikini back on and returned to the party with the hefty pouch, while I looked for a rag to wipe down the hood of Olivia's truck.

"Gotta admit." I snickered inwardly. "I'm really starting to like Liv's friends."

...to be continued.


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