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Gnutella Nights
With Debby Ryan and Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, blowjob, drugs, public, exhibitionism
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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I hadn't seen my siblings in quite a while, not since my folks had kicked me out of the house and I had been forced to move to San Francisco for a few months.

So a year later when I found my way down to Los Angeles to attend a friend's wedding, I was somewhat surprised that mom and dad had agreed to let me stay at the house (temporarily of course) for a few days.

This predictably came with several conditions in which I had to promise not to distract or interact with Luke and Gracie, since I was still deemed as being a "bad influence" on them.

Considering I had next to no money in my pocket I reluctantly agreed to their terms and took up the offer of free accommodation.

It was later that night around the dinner table that I was introduced to Luke's girlfriend Olivia Holt, who was somewhat impressive to look at. Still. As hot as she was she seemed quite smug and phony and I didn't get along with her well.

Nevertheless Luke later claimed that Olivia had arranged for us to go out on a double date over the weekend since one of her friends was recently single and looking for some much needed company.

In fact I was surprised when later that same evening the girls called me out of the blue and Olivia made the official introductions over the phone, introducing me to her BFF Debby Ryan.

Debby and I spoke for almost an hour and right away we got along really well. So much so that it was during this initial conversation that she readily admitted that she had cheated on her boyfriend with a married man.

She also claimed that she now just wanted to "let loose" and have some fun, making a point to say that she was determined to get a few more "experiences" under her belt by the end of the year.

I was naturally sympathetic to this since I myself was only in town for a few days so it didn't take long for the two of us to connect and our phone conversation to get rather steamy.

"—You know I really can't wait to meet you on Sunday." Debby commented at one point. "I haven't been this excited in ages."

"I suspect we're going to have a lot of fun together."

"Oh. You can count on it buddy." she added. "In fact I'll be thinking about it as soon as I hang up this phone."

"You will huh?" I grinned. "Don't hurt yourself over there."

"Why not?" Debby giggled. "Maybe I like it a little rough."

"I guess we'll find out on Sunday."

"I guess we will." she teased back in her sexy, husky tone. "—if you play your cards right."

"Where's your friend right now?" I asked referring to Olivia.

"She's in the shower—" Debby grinned. "And the way I feel right now I'm half tempted to go join her."

"So why are you still talking to me on the phone?" I told her. "Get your ass in there!"

"I know right." she laughed. "I dunno. Something tells me Luke wouldn't like me taking advantage of his sweet little girlfriend like that."

"Don't worry. Give him time." I replied. "He's young. He's still selfish and jealous about shit like that."

"That's precisely what I was saying earlier." Debby exclaimed. "That's why I love older men. They know exactly what they want, they appreciate it more, and know how to control themselves in the moment."

"If you say so." I joked. "I'll keep that in mind."

"You do that." Debby winked through the phone.

A few days later I took Luke's car out of the garage and picked up the ladies and was immediately blown away. Both Liv and Deb looked incredible as they were dressed for the LA heatwavetwo piece bikini's under sheer white outfits and short-shorts.

But just as we were about to head off and pick up Luke via the Disney studios, he called to tell us that he couldn't make it due to work commitments.

"Sorry guys." he apologized. "—but they're making me work back late tonight."

The girls were naturally disappointed with Luke and Olivia arguing over the phone for the next twenty minutes. Of course Debby and I were much more bummed as we had been looking forward to this day all week long.

The three of us then debated what to do with Olivia insisting that Debby and I go on ahead without her. But Deb felt guilty about leaving Liv all alone at home and insisted she tag along regardless.

Amusingly enough when we finally convinced Holt to ride along she insisted that she bring her dog "Scout" for company, who incidentally wouldn't stop barking from the backseat.

With that settled the three of us headed out onto the highway and drove up the coast as I soon found just how distracting it was to be seated beside Debby Ryan and that incredible rack of hers.

Things where then made increasingly difficult when halfway during the trip the ladies decided to strip off their shirts and were left to sit in nothing but their short-shorts and bikini tops.

Considering how good they both looked (particularly Debby's and her deep cleavage) I'm surprised I didn't crash the fucking car!

Thankfully we soon found a secluded place to park where Debby and I immediately lit up a joint.

Meanwhile Holt took this opportunity to take her puppy out for a walk on the beach while Deb and I finally found some alone time together and listened to the radio as we enjoyed our high.

Fortunately for us the air-con kept the car temperature relatively cool—which was evident from Debby's obvious pokies. I also noticed how increasingly flirtatious she was and how she now claimed she could easily overpower me if she wanted to.

"Trust me. I might look like an average girl but I can throw down with the best of them."

"Yeah. I'm sure you can." I grinned while blowing the excess smoke out of my mouth.

"—You don't believe me?"

"In that outfit?" I snickered. "Please. I can't take anything you say seriously in a bikini like that."

With that said Debby and I soon began to play-wrestling in the cabin with her ultimately straddling me in the drivers seat.

It was there that I pulled my seat back as far as it would go and we shared our first kiss followed by a very hot and steamy make out session—my hands running up and down her buxom body to squeeze her firm ass and grope her luscious tits.

As incredibly hot as this was I was then floored when she suddenly reached down between us and unzipped my fly. Before I could object I felt Debby take out my cock and rub the head against her sex.

To tell you the truth I don't know what was more shocking: her sheer brazenness to have sex in pubic or how incredibly wet she was.

"—It's okay. Really. I'm on the pill." she insisted as she carefully wiggled her hips in position and slowly impaled herself.

Strangely enough the setting turned out to be quite romantic as we slowly screwed each other under the Californian sun—with her panting into my ear as she dictated the slow, sensuous pace.

In fact at one point I observed a single tear run down her cheek before she suddenly climaxed violently in my arms.

Noting this I reached up and bundled her hair back with my hand and kissed her hard on the mouth as my cock churned inside her pussy and she utterly creamed all over me.

"Did you feel that?" she whispered erotically as we continued to screw. "Yeah? —can you feel how wet I am right now."

Amusingly enough this was about the time Olivia returned from the beach and found us sharing a "moment" together. I could tell from the expression on her face that she was not impressed and watched her roll her eyes at us.

Fortunately for us Debby's outfit concealed the fact that we were actually having sex—as it merely appeared as though we were simply "canoodling" in the drivers seat.

Nevertheless Olivia was sweating profusely so she climbed into the passenger seat to get out of the sun.

While I expected Debby to cease what she was doing she instead continued to grind her sex into me which, considering the company was torturous.

At one point Olivia's dog began to lick and bite my face from the backseat while the ladies giggled and Debby continued to grind her pussy down on me.

While I tried my best to "play it straight" I couldn't help but whimper under Debby's impressive prowess.

But as it turned out Olivia was more preoccupied with her own issues and now claimed that she wanted to break up with Luke but didn't know how to go about it.

I now found myself in a strange predicament as I casually had sex with Debby (surreptitiously) while giving advice to Olivia about my kid brother.

But as strange as this was, things were about to take a turn for the surreal when we watched Holt grab the blunt we had smoked earlier and insisted that she wanted to get high with us.

Judging from the look on Debby's face I could tell this was something new.


Over the next few minutes Liv smoked the hefty blunt all by herself and soon giggled uncontrollably before she turned her attention towards us.

With blood-shot eyes she then claimed that we didn't have to stop on her behalf, admitting that she knew full well that we were actually having intercourse right in front of her.

"What makes you say that?" I chuckled. "Are we really that obvious?"

"—Wait. What gave it away?" Debby blushed as she sat up straight above me, my cock still nestled inside her.

"Are you kidding. The car reeks of weed and sex." Holt scoffed. "It isn't that hard to figure out."

With her approval Debby and I continued to casually screw each other while Olivia busied herself with her phone.

Funnily enough it felt strangely liberating having sex within arms length from Olivia Holt and judging by the perpetual grin on Deb's face it was just as thrilling for her too.

"Ha. You're such a tease." I commented at Debby as we shared a kiss and I felt her pivot her hips in a circular motion.

"Err. Shut up." she quipped back while pinning my wrists up behind the headrests. "—this shit turns you on too."

"Does it now?" I teased while giving her a quick flick of my hips.

"Oh. Don't you dare do that now." Deb whispered hotly in my air. "If you do then I'm not responsible for what happens next."

"Go on then—" I taunted. "Show me. Let lose. Ride my cock hard right in front of your best friend."

"Don't tempt me." Ryan panted as she continued to churn my cock. "I'm so close to just riding you into the seat right now."

But suddenly the two of us were startled when Holt yelped out loud and found a jar of Nutella stashed away in the glove compartment. I explained that Luke had put it there the night before since it was her favorite condiment and he wanted to surprise her.

Olivia fawned and quickly helped herself to a serving, using her finger as a spoon. I don't mind admitting that merely watching her lick her fingers like that only caused my cock to twitch inside Debby.

Amusingly enough Holt suddenly seemed to be in a very playful mood and began to smear some of the chocolate on Debby's shoulder. Thinking quickly I licked it off and we started to play a game where Olivia would smear Deb's body with Nutella and I'd lick it clean.

At one point Debby finally rolled her eyes and dared Olivia into action.

"Hey. You little shit. Next time you do that you better be prepared to clean it off yourself."

"Is that a challenge?" Liv smirked and immediately smeared the back of Debby's neck before leaning over to lick it off herself.

I then snatched the jar from Holt's hands and smeared Nutella all over her face and neck and watched Debby clean her off. This caused the girls to giggle out loud with Olivia happily repaying her BFF in kind.

"Here. Make that tongue of yours useful and lick this off." I directed.

Olivia keenly licked the affected area until I boldly exposed one of Debby's breasts and smeared some chocolate across the surface of her nipples.

"ohmigod." Ryan giggled. "That's so funny. She wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I?" Holt answered before leaning over and taking one of her large areolas into her mouth.

"Jesus." Deb gasped. "I can't believe you just did that!"

Wow, I thought. This girl is fucking stoned. She's definitely up for some fun right now.

With that said I quickly repeated the process and followed suit, the two of us now licking and sucking Debby's boobs at the same time.

"Oh. My. God." Ryan fawned with a giggle. "What the hell are you two—ohh. That feels amazing guys. Don't stop."

Olivia and I shared a wink as we both suckled Deb's natural breasts.

Amusingly enough it never even occurred to me that Olivia would be into girls much less this "playful" and free-spirited. But there she was right beside me feasting on her friends boobs. My opinion of her changed in an instant.

Judging from Deb's reaction she too was visibly shocked by Holt's "carefree" attitude, her lack of inhibitions no doubt due to the amount of weed she had smoked.

It was at this point that the ladies finally pecked each other on the lips for the very first time before Debby grew more animated and smeared extra Nutella on her lips and neck, spurring Holt on.

"So go on. Smart ass. I dare you to kiss—" but before she even had time to finish her sentence Holt crushed their lips together and shoved her tongue down her throat.

I simply lay back and watched the action unfold in front of me (my cock still embedded inside Debby) as the ladies made out lustfully and French-kissed one another.

Caught up in the moment I finally interrupted their kiss and pulled Debby down to me while I grabbed her ass with both hands, and proceeded to pump into her, taking her breath away.

"Ugh—Fuck. Ugh—God. Yes." the busty "JESSIE" star moaned as Olivia licked her lips and watched us enviously.

But as incredibly hot as this moment was I suddenly had reservations about messing around with my brothers girlfriend.

I could see Olivia was contemplating the same thing as she watched us fuck, and now wondered if either one of us would have the gall to make the first move.

But as I weighed up my options Debby suddenly climbed off my lap and without warning slipped my hard length into her wet mouth. I couldn't help but blush as my penis was suddenly exposed to Olivia's eyes.

"Mm—such a big cock." Ryan moaned as she slurped me hungrily. "Look at it. Just look how big he is."

I watched Olivia smack her Nutella-coated lips together and could tell she was more than impressed with my package.

Even so I was then doubly shocked when she suddenly scooped up a large dab of melted chocolate and smeared it directly across the tip of my dick, inviting Debby to lick it off with her tongue.

Just the swift feel of Holt's fingertips brush across my bell-end made me squirm with delight and caused the ladies to giggle.

Noting this Olivia repeated the action only this time she let her fingers linger there a little longer, and slid them down the length of my shaft while Deb noisily slurped at the tip.

I simply lay there dumbfounded as Olivia gripped me tightly in her fist and slowly stroked me up and down.

"Holy-Shit." I let out as the ladies worked in unison.

"Whoa." Holt murmured under her breath. "He's so hard right now."

No-shit Sherlock, I thought. That's what happens when two bikini-clad girls are sucking and stroking you in a car by the side of the beach at the same time. What did she expect?

"Mm. I think he likes that Liv." Debby teased. "Keep doing that—Jack him off while I lick all the chocolate."

It was at this point that Debby stopped sucking me and smiled at her blonde friend, almost pausing for a moment to offer her an opportunity to suck my dick. There was a long pause as Liv contemplated her next move. Was she going to go through with it?

She finally brushed her hair to one side and leaned over to suck my dick, but at the very last moment stopped just an inch from my organ and sluggishly slobbered out a long drool of spit.

This immediately mixed with the chocolaty substance and lubed me splendidly.

Debby instantly jumped into action and gobbled me down in one go. In fact she went from polishing my rod with her long tongue to all out deep-throating me, making me groan out loud as she gagged audibly and her nose nestled against my pubes.

Caught up in the moment I finally reached over and grabbed Olivia by the wrist and pulled her to me. The blonde starlet had a smug expression on her face as she wiped the saliva from her chin and once again pulled away, this time refusing to kiss me.

"Wait. We can't." she whispered hotly, no doubt referring to my brother.

But despite this set back I was riled up good and proper and forcefully grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard on the lips. Olivia responded by breaking the kiss and buried her face in my neck instead, where she proceeded to give me a love-bit while Debby sucked me.

I now found myself moaning even louder than before as the two temptresses worked me over, sucking and licking various regions of my body without mercy.

Without realizing it I let my hand snake down between Olivia and I and abruptly slipped it inside her bikini bottoms. In all honestly I didn't even know I had done it until it had already happened.

The teen blonde responded by moaning into my neck and parting her stance, while I thought I was going to blow my wad when I quickly realized her pussy was devoid of any hair whatsoever.

Without thinking I plunged two fingers inside her young cunt and felt her teeth latch around the side of my neck. Truth be told the stunning starlet was so tight I almost wondered if I had slipped my fingers into the wrong hole.

Unfortunately for us I didn't have time to find out as a moment later I spotted some movement in the corner of my eye and noticed a large vehicle move by us. It was a park ranger.

"Shit. Company." I panicked as the girls immediately looked up and straightened themselves.

"Fuck." Debby hissed. "Did he see us? —where did he come from?"

I couldn't answer but suspected that he had as he slowly backed up and now moved to park just a few spots away from us, his windows heavily tinted.

Thinking quickly I didn't wait around to see what he wanted, so I pulled up my chair and started the vehicle and peeled away as quickly as possible, back the way we came and out onto the open highway.

The ladies giggled the entire time as we made our getaway and looked back to see if we were being followed, all three of us still high as fuck and somewhat turned on.

"What the hell was that?" Olivia hissed from the backseat. "Was he spying on us or something?"

"I have no idea."

"Maybe we should stop." Debby suggested. "—pull over at the next convenience store you see."

I looked over at my passenger and could see a cheeky grin on her face. It seemed that despite the interruption Debby was far from satisfied and eager to continue where we had left off.

"Are you sure you want me to pull over?"

She responded by reaching over and grabbing my erection through my pants.

Noting this I smiled back.

"In that case. Yes ma'am."


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