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Prom Night Reunion
With Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, BJ, Oral
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

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Being a low paid maths teacher, I was short on cash and reluctantly agreed to stay late at work and help supervise the school's senior prom. Being stuck in a hall effectively being the fun police to a group of hormonal teenagers wasn't my idea of a great night. Fortunately I got out of the hall early having managed to get myself stationed at the front door to check tickets.

The students quickly rolled in in their flash cars and limos. I know it was wrong as their teacher, soon to be ex-teacher, but I quickly found myself staring at some of the barely legal girls as they stepped out of their cars in tiny, tight dresses.

After an hour or so, things started to slow down with almost everyone having turned up. I quickly scanned down the list of attendants to see who had yet to arrive. With most names crossed off, my eyes eventually fell upon one name in particular which stood out to me, 'Olivia Holt'. She'd left the school a few years back to move to LA and become famous on the Disney channel. My frustrated cock twitched as vivid memories of our last meeting came flooding back.

During the last few days she attended this school she'd been acting up, clearly wasn't worried about punishments or repercussions, she knew it and the teachers knew it so they didn't bother. Until I did. After a particularly stressful day, she'd whined me up and I gave her detention. Looking back now, it was probably the best decision of my life as barely an hour after giving it; Holt was on her knees, furiously jacking me off into her mouth to get out of it.

I found myself smiling at the memory. Despite her age; she'd given a damn outstanding handjob. I was now very much looking forward to her arrival, I'd seen her on TV recently and I was well aware that she'd turned into quite the stunning young lady.

As if on cue, a large car appeared and a sizable group of dateless girls came pouring out, giggling hysterically. I didn't get a good look but I saw most of them were crowded around a blonde in a blue dress. Soon enough, this blonde stepped to the front and began to lead her group to the door.

As I thought, Olivia really had turned into a young beauty. It wasn't until they were right up close that Olivia finally seemed to notice me standing there. Her wide smile instantly dropped, replaced with a mortified stare. It seemed she also hadn't forgotten our previous encounter, she probably didn't expect to see me here tonight at all.

"Evening, girls!" I said cheerfully, "And Miss Holt, it's nice to see you back," I gave her a knowing smile.

After a chorus of greetings from the other girls, Holt managed to compose herself, putting on a brave face, "It's nice to be back, sir." She smiled sweetly to keep up appearances before she was hurried through the door.

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A few hours later, I was back inside and the prom was starting to slow down. I had spent much of the night shamelessly watching Holt from across the room and I spotted several other boys in the room doing the same. Her group of friends were perfectly attractive but Olivia was in another league.

Various groups were starting to leave, heading off to after parties around town. I watched as Olivia glanced in my direction before quietly slipping away from her group and approached me.

"Sir, can we talk? Y'know, in private?" she asked apprehensively.

I looked around, nothing was happening and none of the teachers would miss me so I nodded and Olivia quickly led me out into the corridor, hoping no one would notice her strange behaviour.

Once she knew we were alone in the dark corridor, she turned to me. "Sir, what happened before, it was bad." She said in a hurried whisper.

"Bad?" I shrugged speaking normally. "Felt pretty great to me."

"Shh!" she panicked. "Look, sir, you can never tell anyone about it, this would ruin me!" Holt pleaded.

I considered it for a moment. I decided not to mention that telling anyone would have far worse consequences for me than it would her.

"Fair enough, Miss Holt," I said finally, "but what's in it for me?"

Olivia remained silent, staring up at me with her large doe eyes in the gloomy corridor.

"I bet you've learnt a lot up in LA," I continued, "you were good before, I can't imagine how you are now…"

The teen starlet attempted to feign ignorance. "I, uh, don't know what you mean, sir."

I decided to just be forward with her. I explained my meaning by taking her hand and placing it firmly on the bulge in my pants. She gasped but made no attempt to pull her hand away. I watched her consider her options for a moment, biting her lips as she struggled.

"OK, fine," she whispered, "but not here."

I immediately took her hand again and led her down the corridor before stepping into an empty classroom. With us both inside, I locked the door and perched on the edge of the teacher's desk. Holt stood by the door, still unconvinced about the current arrangements.

"Look, Liv, once this is done, no one's ever going to find out. I promise. We'll probably never even see each other again after tonight."

This seemed to put her at ease slightly, "We don't have long," she was still whispering, "They'll wonder where I am."

"Well you better get to it then," I replied bluntly.

With that and a roll of her eyes, Holt stepped towards me and obediently dropped to her knees. I let her unbuckle my pants and pull them down, allowing my semi-hard cock to spring free. Her eyes grew. With a cock in front of her, her demeanour seemed to change.

"Mmm, I'd forgotten how big you were, sir." She sighed, taking a firm grip at the base of my shaft.

Hearing her call me 'sir' made my growing dick twitch in her hand which she noted with a small smile. Holt quickly got to work, stroking me with one hand until I was at full strength. After a few minutes, I decided to try and step it up.

"I'm gunna need more than a handjob this time, Miss."

Her eyes flicked up to mine and I was pleased to see her immediately lick her lips. Wordlessly, she gathered up spit in her mouth before leaning forward and carefully drooling a long line all the way down the top of my shaft. She used this to stroke me harder and faster than before.

Next, she edged forward on her knees and pursed her lips, planting a wet kiss on the very tip of my head. It seemed she'd completely forgotten she wanted this done quickly as she continued to tease me rather than attempt to finish me off as fast as possible.

Her lips opened and she let me slide an inch into her hot little mouth. "Mmmm, you taste good sir!" she commented to my delight.

"Fuckk Liv, take it all, I wanna see it disappear…"

I was shocked when she almost immediately did as she was told, obediently opening her mouth and sliding my cock inside. She got almost my entire length inside before I thrust involuntarily and she gagged, coughing warm spit over my meat. Pulling back, she gasped for air, drool running down her chin.

I was worried she was going to be pissed at me but instead she swallowed hard and smiled. "I love a challenge, sir" she panted.

She dove back down, her eyes squeezed shut as she forced inch after inch into her mouth, this time she held back her gag reflex and kept going until her nose was pressed firmly into my groin and my balls brushed against her chin.

I had no words to describe the sensation. I just tried my best to keep my eyes open to watch and get the vision locked in my memory.

Olivia managed to hold the position for a few seconds before yanking herself back, heaving for air but with a triumphant grin on her face. I was more than happy to let her sit back and catch her breath as it allowed me time to calm down too. As I watched her, I spotted another opportunity.

"Maybe you should take that off," I pointed at her dress which had drops of spit dripping down it from her chin.

Liv glanced down and gasped, "Oh, shit!" before immediately stripping off.

Soon enough I was faced with a completely naked Olivia Holt. I was fairly sure the sight alone made my cock grow an extra inch or two. My eyes roamed hungrily over her perfectly proportioned young breasts but I soon fell upon her shaved pussy which, even from this distance, I could see was practically dripping wet.

"Come here," I instructed, taking her hand and placing her in my spot on the desk.

She hopped up and it was now my turn to drop to my knees. I grabbed her ass and scooted her to the edge of the table leaving me face to face with her pristine cunt.

Just as she had done to me, I started by simply stroking her, getting my fingers nice and wet before moving them to my mouth and tasting her for the first time. I knew immediately that I could happily spend hours down here lapping her up if we had the time.

Since we didn't have time, I decided to just dive in tongue first. I licked at her hungrily, occasionally forcing my tongue into her tight hole which would make her gasp in excitement. Her legs fell to rest on my shoulders and quickly wrapped around me, pulling my head in closer.

"Oh wow…" she whimpered above me.

"You like this?" I asked between licks. "Like getting your pussy licked by your teacher?"

"Oh my god, yessss!" she moaned erotically, her hips twitching, egging me on.

I stopped. "Yes, what?"

"Ugggh, yes, sir!" she growled without hesitation.

I rewarded her by poking a finger inside her.

"Uhhhh-shit!" she grunted while I marvelled at how tight she was, even with just one finger.

Soon enough I was going at her with everything I had; licking her up and down, teasing her clit with my tongue and teeth all while relentlessly fingering her with a single digit. It was practically non-stop but never quite enough to make her cum, always leaving her on the edge. It was driving her wild.

Olivia was getting really riled up above me. She'd fallen back to lie down on the table. Squirming and writhing as I had my way with her. I couldn't see but she was roughly playing with her tits, pinching her nipples, trying her best to just give herself some form of release.

"Sir?" she huffed finally.


"I want it… Please, just give it to me…" she panted desperately.

"Oh? And what's 'it' exactly?" I teased.

"Nnggh, your cock!" she grunted, clearly getting frustrated. "Just get up and fuck me! Fucking make me your slutty little schoolgirl! Or can you not handle this tight little cunt?"

With that I decided it was in my best interest not to tease her anymore. Standing up, I lined up and swiftly impaled her.
Holt pushed herself up onto her elbows to watch as I penetrated her, stretching her out, her mouth agape in soundless relief as she finally got what she wanted.

"Wow, sir! You're so big inside me…" her head fell back as I pulled out only to thrust forward with an extra inch.

"C'mon Holt, take it all," I demanded.

After a few more thrusts I finally pushed forward hard and went balls deep inside the blonde teen which made us both groan loudly in unison. It was then that Holt lunged forward and kissed me hard on the lips, forcing her tongue into me and swapping spit while I started to fuck her down below.

She moaned into my mouth as she got fucked until she eventually had to drop back down onto the table, panting heavily. Soon enough I was banging her with enough force to move the entire desk she was laying on. With a rock solid cock inside her, Olivia had grown even more animated, flicking her hips up to meet my thrusts and practically growling as she was fucked hard.

The vision of her writhing in front of my, her tits bouncing wildly was almost getting too much but I was far from done with her. Pulling out I instructed her to turn around and bend over.

She moved without question, bending all the way over, placing her face down on the desk with her ass sticking up for me. I wasted no time getting behind her and entering her again, quickly building up our rapid pace.

"Uhh, yeh, fuck me from behind!" she groaned over her shoulder, "Just like that, just like that!"

I gave her a sharp slap on her firm young ass which made her yelp.

"Ahh! Sir! Sorry sir," she corrected herself.

At this point the desk had now been moved half way across the room due to our fucking and I was beginning to tire. The pounding Holt was receiving was beginning to slow down much to her disappointment. Fortunately, she came up with a solution.

"Sir? Can I ride you?" she asked innocently.

I gave her fine ass a final squeeze and slap before pulling out. Once again we swapped places and I lay back on the desk, sighing with relief as I got a brief rest. Meanwhile Olivia quickly straddled me and impaled herself again, wrapping my soaked cock in her warm confides.

My ex-student was now in full control and I was more than happy to lie back and watch as she used me to get herself off. She alternated between squatting over me and slamming herself up and down as hard as possible and embedding my entire length inside her and simply grinding on it making it hit all the right places.

"I'm gunna cum, sir…" she finally panted, "Can I?"

I don't know why she asked for permission but I loved it.

"Do it." I said, "Cum all over your teacher's cock your little slut."

That did it. "NNNNGGHH…FUCK! Oh my god! Yessss!" Liv practically exploded on top of me. Her cunt clamped down on me like a vice, locking me inside as her entire body convulsed. She fell forward, catching herself on my chest leaving her face, contorted in orgasmic bliss, directly above mine.

It seemed to take a lifetime for her to come crashing back down to Earth. Once she did, she quickly climbed off me and fell to her knees again. I followed suit, getting to the edge of the desk where she quickly swallowed my sword again, tasting herself with a satisfied moan. Once she'd cleaned me up, she gripped my length with both hands and rolled her tongue around the head and started to jack me off. It seemed she intended to finish things the same way as the last time.

It barely took two pumps for me to pop. Holt was ready for it; her mouth opened wide and was quickly filled up with my hot cum. She swallowed eagerly and opened her mouth again for a second mouthful. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth, taking her by surprise but she took it like a professional, accepting my final few spurts straight down her narrow throat.

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This had me giggling like a little girl. Great work as always lemon. I can never get enough Holt. Keep that shit cumming.

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There needs to be another part to this story. Olivia is one naughty schoolgirl we need to see more of. Great story.

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