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Grounded Teens 2
With Piper Curda & Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, MMFF, BJ, Anal, DP, Inc
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: You might be able to tell by the tags that I decided to just fuck it and go all the way on this one, so enjoy...

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It had been two weeks to the day since my seedy encounter at the Holt household and so far, I'd suffered absolutely no consequences so it seemed everyone involved had kept quiet, much to my relief. I had just started to relax about it, quietly smug about getting away with fucking two perfect Disney starlets when my phone buzzed and, according to the caller ID, it was none other than Kim Holt.

I almost decided to ignore the call but after a few rings, I braced myself and answered. Little did I know this turned out to be the best decision of my life since Mrs Holt was simply phoning to book me for another night! I tried my best not to sound too excited when I agreed to the task, apparently I was a good influence on her kids.

The house was much calmer on my arrival this time around. I had just stepped up to the door when it swung open, Kim and her husband all ready and waiting to go, apparently they were running late and in a rush.

"You know the drill," Kim said as she hurried past. "Good luck!"

With that they were gone so I stepped into the mansion-like house and locked the door behind me. Walking further into the house, I entered the lounge to find Olivia relaxing on the sofa, a sly grin on her lips.

"Evening," I said cheerily. "Grounded again, eh?

Olivia gave an exasperated sigh. "I guess I'm just a naughty girl," she pouted in an over-the-top innocent tone.

Before I could respond, Cade appeared on the stairs. He gave me a brief nod before heading for the kitchen.

"How's Piper?" I called after him.

Cade immediately threw a panicked glance between me and his sister to which Olivia rolled her eyes.

"Did you really think I didn't know what that slut was doing?" she said playfully. "She's not good at keeping quiet," she paused briefly. "You sound like a good lay, bro." Olivia teased him with a wink across the room.

"What the fuck, Liv?" Cade couldn't stop himself turning red, avoiding eye contact.

During the brief silence that followed, as if on cue, we hear a loud crash followed by a familiar, "Oh shit! Damnit!" from upstairs.

We all glance at the ceiling simultaneously but Olivia is first to her feet, dashing past her brother and up the stairs.

"Perfect timing, Pipes!" she called.

Cade simply huffed and reluctantly followed his sister up. I decided to follow as well in case any arguments broke out about this teen relationship drama.

As we reached the landing, we were intrigued to see Cade's door was shut but we could clearly hear Olivia and Piper quickly whispering, giggling and scheming behind it. Cade swung the door open and the two girls immediately fell silent. Piper gave both Cade and I a cheery smile as we stood in the doorway. Before anyone could say anything however, Olivia stunned us both speechless by suddenly leaning over and kissing her co-star on the lips, a kiss that Piper immediately reciprocated.

The kiss seemed to go on for hours; their soft lips crashing into each other as they swapped saliva with their wet tongues, probing into each other's mouths. Occasionally, they'd glance over at us and smile when they saw the effect their kissing was having their two spectators. I had no qualms staring at the sight but I imagine Cade probably had mixed feelings watching his girlfriend making out and moaning into his own sister's mouth.

http://5.t.imgbox.com/rptiaeCp.jpg (http://imgbox.com/rptiaeCp) http://8.t.imgbox.com/vNO2PSXG.jpg (http://imgbox.com/vNO2PSXG) http://0.t.imgbox.com/A4Lz14uj.jpg (http://imgbox.com/A4Lz14uj)

Finally they broke apart and turned to us, smug smiles plastered on their faces. Cade and I just stood in the doorway gawking but, again, Olivia made the first move. She met my eyes and approached me, placing one hand on my chest; she began pushing me back while her lips collided with mine. I eagerly kissed her back while she led me down the corridor and into a new room. A few more steps back and my legs hit the edge of a bed and I sat down over the edge. Olivia quickly mounted my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist while she kissed me. I took a look around the new surroundings and quickly worked out she'd led me into her parent's bedroom. I was surprised to then see Piper pulling Cade into the room to join us.

After a few minutes of making out with our respective partners, Piper gasped for air and turned to Liv.

"Wanna swap?" she asked with a wink.

"Absolutely!" Olivia responded.

Piper quickly swapped places with her friend and began kissing me but I couldn't draw my eyes away from Olivia who now slowly approached her younger brother. Cade warily eyed his sister as well before she took both our breaths away when she mounted him like she had me and passionately locked lips.

Piper pulled away from me to turn and watch the incestuous act beside us. "Wow…that's hot," she sighed into my ear. I didn't say anything but I had to admit, it was.

Piper quickly drew my attention back to her when she pulled her shirt up and over her head, throwing it to the ground and letting me see those familiar, rock hard, pencil eraser nipples which I quickly dove down to suck on.

Hearing Piper's gasp, Olivia noticed her now topless friend and came to join me. "Lay her down on the bed," she instructed.

I did as she asked, laying Piper down on her back in the middle of the bed. Olivia quickly climbed over her and we both fell to her chest, teasing her mounds with our mouths, nibbling on her nipples which made the young actress squirm.

Meanwhile, Cade stood at the end of the bed where he yanked Piper's leggings and panties off leaving her completely naked on the bed and fully at our mercy.

"Lick her cunt Cade," Olivia demanded, a hard nipple held between her teeth. "Pipe says you're so good at it…"

Piper groaned in anticipation and obediently spread her legs wide while Cade got into position. Cade had barely got five licks over his girlfriends shaved cunt when Piper suddenly came from the triple onslaught she was receiving. She jerked on the bed, thrusting her chest and her hips upwards into the three mouths that had worked her over before she fell still, panting heavily.

With her friend satisfied for now and catching her breath, Olivia smiled and began to strip off. I watched her eagerly as she threw every item of clothing she had to the floor. Cade was also stealing glances but tried not to make it too obvious despite everything that had happened so far.

I found myself trying to force myself not to leap on Olivia. She really was perfect, from her landing strip above her pristine teen pussy to her round, pear shaped tits to the seductive look she was currently throwing me. With my cock now straining painfully against my jeans, I decided to follow suit and quickly added my own clothes to the pile.

"Mmmmm…" the blonde sighed when my cock sprung free.

She then leaned over Piper's heaving chest and took the tip into her hot little mouth, swirling her tongue around it. While she did so, she arched her back, pushing her delectable butt up into the air making me drool as I realised I'd be fucking that ass again tonight.

"C'mon bro," she said between sucks, "keep up!"

Cade got her meaning and began pulling his own clothes off. Meanwhile I bunched up Olivia's wavy blonde locks in one hand and began to push her head down, desperately wanting her to take me deeper. She hummed and tortured my shaft with her tongue but opened up her throat and took me further.

Piper had now recovered and scooted down the bed until her head rested directly underneath her friend's hanging tits. Olivia moaned around me when Piper reached up and sucked each one in turn, nibbling on the nipples like we had hers.

Cade was now naked at the end of the bed, stroking his thick cock against Piper's wet pussy. Without waiting, he impatiently stuffed his length inside his girlfriend causing her back to arch and emit a muffled grunt with a mouthful of tit.

Olivia turned her head to watch her brother stretch out her friend. This allowed me to push my cock into her cheek making it bulge out while she drooled around my head. Watching her brother fuck Piper seemed to turn her on to no end so she quickly turned back to me and bobbed up and down even faster and deeper than before.

Having coated me in her spit, Liv quickly lay down beside her friend and offered me her dripping pussy. I quickly pushed into her second hole. Her groan was cut off when Piper turned her head and kissed her again. I grabbed hold of the blonde's hips and soon enough, Cade and I were rapidly pounding away at the two BFFs while they gasped and moaned into each other's mouths.

"Shit! I need a break," Cade gasped suddenly, pulling out.

Piper didn't miss a beat, smirking at Olivia before whispering into her ear; "I wanna taste you. Lick you off his cock."

"Oh, fuck…" Liv gasped.

Piper quickly climbed on top of her friend putting them in a hot little 69 position. Olivia quickly got to work licking at her clam while Piper did the same, teasing her clit with her long tongue. After a while I indulged myself, pulling out of Liv and stuffing my length into Piper's waiting and eager mouth. I took several quick thrusts in each hole before switching back.

"Cade, get up here, fucking spit-roast me!" Piper suddenly said excitedly before I filled her mouth again. I had now slowed down considerably so as not to cum too early.

Having calmed down, Cade quickly got to his feet and knelt on the bed behind Piper, thrusting into her. He gripped her hips and pushed all the way in.

"Ohh, fuck!" he suddenly gasped when Liv flicked her wet tongue against his swinging balls.

"You like that?" Olivia asked, muffled under her friend. "Like getting your balls licked by your slutty sister?"

Soon enough, Cade was fucking Piper, occasionally holding position when he was balls-deep to receive an impromptu tongue bath from his sister. Meanwhile, I was pushing my entire length into Piper's drooling mouth, spit-roasting her just like she'd wanted.

"Stick it down my throat!" Olivia finally moaned from the other side of the bed.

Cade didn't hesitate this time. He pulled out of Piper with a pop and straight into his sisters moaning mouth. Olivia initially struggled with his girth, her lips stretching wide but she eventually took it all. With her brother's cock in her mouth, I thought it was only fair to spit-roast her as well so I slammed myself back into Liv's tight clam.

I fucked her cunt hard and fast while Cade began giving her mouth the same treatment. It didn't take her long to cum, moaning with her mouth full of her brother's cock while her cunt clamped around me like a vice. I had to quickly pull out and take some slow, heavy gulps of air to prevent myself exploding early.

"Good boy," Piper teased, Olivia still twitching below her. "Wouldn't want you too spent before the main event," she said cryptically.

Climbing off her friend, Piper looked down to see her panting heavily, eyes shut. "I guess I'll go first then shall I, Liv?"

Olivia nodded weakly, too breathless to speak.

Piper immediately began directing the next and so called, 'main' event. She patted the bed and instructed Cade to lay down there. She quickly mounted him in the cowgirl position, impaling herself with a grunt. She then bent forward slightly with her ass pointed in my direction. She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, displaying her winking asshole.

My eyes grew wide as I realised what she wanted. It seemed these girls really had no limits, not that I was going to argue since fortunately, neither did I.

http://4.t.imgbox.com/PhIzOJSC.jpg (http://imgbox.com/PhIzOJSC) http://0.t.imgbox.com/qUGnEItp.jpg (http://imgbox.com/qUGnEItp) http://9.t.imgbox.com/aWcRgPf5.jpg (http://imgbox.com/aWcRgPf5)

I stepped up to the task, spitting at her ass before pushing a finger inside to start with. I quickly replaced it with the tip of my cock, teasing her backdoor before pushing forward. Piper did her best to keep her breathing steady and relaxed as my head popped inside.

Olivia had now recovered and was sat up, watching her friend get slowly DP'd. When Piper whimpered at my penetration, Olivia quickly straddled her brother's head to get face to face with her friend and start kissing her again.

Cade quickly got to work licking at Olivia's delicious, well-fucked cunt while I slowly pushed inch after inch into Piper's impossibly tight butt. Finally, I bottomed out and Piper sighed into Olivia's mouth.

"How does it feel Pipes?" Liv asked, intrigued.

"Oh wow… So fucking good Liv," Piper gasped under her breath. "I'm soooo full!"

After allowing her time to accommodate, I made the first move, pulling out slightly before pushing back in. It was obvious Piper was far less experienced with anal than Olivia was so I took it slow. Below, Cade felt my movements and began thrusting up into his girlfriend.

Soon enough, Piper was taking the pounding of her young life. She was groaning and writhing as we roughly DP'd her, filling her with cock just like we all know she wanted. She was no longer capable of kissing Liv so her blonde co-star made do with whispering any and every dirty thought that came into her filthy mind.

"Take it you slut. Get nice and full with those big, fat cocks; let them split you open…" Liv spent most of the time with her eyes locked on mine. "Then you can watch them do the same to me."

Finally Piper exploded, shrieking so loudly the neighbours might have called the police. Her entire body convulsed and shook violently.

Olivia flicked her large, brown innocent eyes up at me. "Cum in her ass," she commanded bluntly.

I was barely holding it back anyway so with a guttural moan, I popped, shooting my cum straight up Piper's stretched ass. Below me, Cade followed suit and unloaded into his girlfriends abused pussy.

"Oh my gooooooodddd…" Piper gasped, the double shooting prolonging her orgasm even longer.

Eventually, Cade and I both pulled out leaving Piper to drop to the side, quivering on the bed to recover. Surprisingly we were both still hard but Liv dove down to make sure and to bring us back up to full strength.

Olivia took a cock in each hand and hungrily alternated between them sucking each one down in turn. The fact that one belonged to her brother and the other had just been deep inside her friend's ass didn't seem to faze the cock hungry blonde in the slightest.

Once she'd ensured we were both fully hard and ready to go again, Liv mounted her brother in the same position Piper had been before Cade spoke up.

"Turn around sis," he instructed, "I want to get into that sweet ass…"

"Ooooh, you think you can handle that bro?" Olivia smirked before turning into a reverse cowgirl position. She reached back and teased her backdoor with Cade's thick head. "Think you can handle your sister's whore ass?"

I was more than happy with the new arrangement since I now had a full view of Olivia's body and stunning facial expressions while Cade forced himself into her ass, penetrating her for the first time.

Olivia's eyes clenched shut and she initially winced when her brother's head popped into her tightest hole with a grunt. Once she grew accustomed to his girth she relaxed and sighed excitedly when her butt was full. The process had taken a couple of minutes but I was more than happy to stand back, watching this deprived, incestuous act unfold, waiting to swoop in and make it even filthier.

Olivia's eyes flicked open to meet mine. "Get over here. Fuck me!"

I immediately stood forward, lined up and impaled her in one movement. Her gasp was cut off when I leant forward and forced my tongue in her mouth. I felt her entire body shiver as the young teen was DP'd for the first time. She did her best to kiss me back but couldn't hold back her gasps and yelps when Cade started thrusting upwards into her ass.

Meanwhile, I started fucking her sweet, young cunt with long, slow strokes, occasionally giving her an extra hard thrust. This, combined with the short, sharp jabs Cade was giving her ass, was driving her wild.

"Oh my god. Oh my god…FUCK!" her brow was furrowed as she looked down and watched the two cocks penetrating her holes.

The blonde starlet lay between us, eyes rolling, and her entire body shining with sweat as she seemed to experience multiple orgasms to the relentless onslaught. Each time she came she grew even more animated, moaned louder but never seemed to tire.

"Fuck sis," Cade eventually grunted from below, "I'm gunna cum…"

"Yes!" She squealed, "In my ass! Cum in your sister's hot little ass!"

With a drawn out groan, Cade exploded, filling Liv with his spunk. All the while, she had her fluttering eyes locked on mine. Looking into the eyes of the girl's whose cunt I was balls deep in while her very own brother filled her asshole with cum; I knew then that this was, by far, the filthiest moment of my life and nothing was ever going to top it. Without warning I suddenly pulled out to prevent myself popping as well. A panting Olivia groggily rolled off her brother who was now practically passed out on the bed.

"That was so fucking hot," Piper said, breaking the brief silence.

We both turned to see her on the corner of the bed, rapidly fingering herself to the performance. Olivia smiled and crawled over to her friend, ducking down and making Piper groan with her tongue. The two girls really were insatiable.

"Get up here," I said after I felt rested enough. With the foursome now becoming a threesome, I had plenty of ideas forming in my head on how I wanted to finish.

The teens were quick to obey, getting into position by bending over the end of the bed, their backs arched and butts swaying teasingly. I took a moment to admire the sight and found myself licking my lips; two beautiful teen sluts and four tight, inviting holes to fill at my leisure.

I started with Piper's warm cunt. I gave her a few deep thrusts before pulling out and slamming straight into Olivia. I then moved up and filled Liv's abused asshole. Finally I gave Piper's ass a quick fucking again and started the heavenly cycle all over again. Up on the bed, the girls were kissing sporadically, swapping saliva while I used their holes. Watching their tongues wrestle I knew exactly how I had to finish.

After a final few jabs, I stepped back and watched the girls eagerly climb off the bed and drop to their knees. Looking down, this new vision may well have topped the last one. Having two teenagers, one an all-American blonde sucking my head and the other, an Asian-American brunette, slurping on my balls, I knew wasn't going to last long.

Finally, I relaxed and felt the sweet rush of relief as I unexpectedly exploded in Olivia's mouth with a low grunt. The first spurt went straight down her throat with the second filling her talented young mouth. The third shot across her face as she pulled back before she aimed me at Piper's face, plastering her with the fourth and fifth.


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