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Kaley Cuoco was excited to go to the "Get Smart" movie premiere. She had
managed to score a pass when she had run into the director, Peter Segal, at
a restaurant. She had trouble deciding what to wear, as she wanted to make
a good impression on her favourite actress, Anne Hathaway. She finally
decided on a cute little black dress.

At 5'6" and 150 lbs, Kaley is a beautiful woman. She has shoulder length
blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. She had always dated men, but some
part of her wanted to know what it feels like to be with a woman. She knew
that Anne was straight, but the thought of the two of them together
suddenly made Kaley very excited. She started thinking of what it would be
like to caress Anne's supple ass and suck on her nice, 36C breasts. Kaley
couldn't help but start stroking her own pussy at this thought. She pulled
her hand away pretty quickly, however, thinking, "I shouldn't be having
these thoughts. Anne is a beauty, but straight." With that, Kaley finished
getting ready for the premiere and left.

That night, at the premiere, there were so many people. Kaley had never
been to a premiere this big before. Just after she had gotten out of her
limo and taken in her surroundings, someone tapped her on her shoulder.

"You look a bit lost," a voice said.

To Kaley's surprise, it was Anne Hathaway herself. Kaley was at a loss for
words, but managed to get something out that resembled "yeah, there's lots
of people here."

"Well, I'm Anne," said Anne. "And you must be Kaley Cuoco. I watched `8
Simple Rules' all the time. And I absolutely love `Big Bang Theory.' Wow,
listen to me gush. I'm sure I'm kind of scaring you off."

"No, no, it's ok, really," said Kaley. "I'm used to people doing it to me
all the time."

"Well, it's because you're such a beautiful and talented actress," said
Anne. "I'm sure lots of people just adore you. A lot of people are
attracted to blondes, too."

`Is Anne hitting on me?' Kaley thought. `No, it's probably my imagination,
running wild. Maybe I'll flirt back, just to see what happens.'

"Thanks, Anne," Kaley said. "Lots of people are attracted to sexy
brunettes, like you, as well. I'm sure there's going to be lots of people
going to see this movie just to see that cute smile of yours."

"Thanks!" Anne replied, smiling.

"Yes, that's the smile I'm talking about. It's so very attractive," Kaley

"I really like you, Kaley," replied Anne. "But please, call me Andy. All of
my friends do. Hey, you must come to the after party with me after the
movie today. It'll be more fun with you there."

"Sure, I'd love to," Kaley said.

"Hey, you should come sit with me in the theatre, so we will have an easier
time finding each other after the movie," Andy said.

"Ok, let's go in," Kaley replied.

So, Andy and Kaley went down the red carpet and into the theatre, with Andy
stopping along the way to talk to a few reporters. Once in their seats,
Kaley and Andy couldn't stop talking. They talked about everything under
the sun, from the different projects they both had been working on to men
and dating.

"I always try to keep my relationships out of the public eye," Kaley was
saying. "That's one part of my life I like to keep private."

"I hear you," Andy replied. "I value privacy in my relationships as
well. Why do you think no one has heard that Scarlett Johansson and I slept
together last year?"

Kaley's mouth just dropped. Before she could respond, the movie
started. Kaley couldn't concentrate on the movie. She was too busy thinking
of what Andy had just said. Kaley's mind drifted to the same thoughts she
had when she was getting ready for tonight. She imagined herself sucking
Andy's beautifully big tits and fingering her seemingly glorious pussy. All
of a sudden, Andy excused herself from her seat to head for the
bathroom. When she didn't come back for a while, Kaley went to go

She quietly went into the bathroom, and could hear someone in one of the
stalls. She snuck into the stall two doors down from the other woman in
order to not be seen. Kaley could hear this other woman moaning and what
sounded like fingering herself.

All of a sudden, she could hear this woman screaming, "KALEY!!!!!!!! FUCK

`OH MY GOD!' Kaley thought. `That's Andy!'

Kaley couldn't help but feel a bit turned on, putting it mildly. She
suddenly had the courage to walk down to the stall where Andy was. Kaley
opened the stall door and saw the most glorious sight. Andy had her dress
pulled up around her waist, her panties around one ankle, and had her legs
spread nice and wide with a huge dildo in her pussy. "Oh, hi," Andy
said. "I was just thinking about you."

"Oh really?" Kaley said sarcastically. "You look like you might need some

And, with that being said, Kaley closed the stall door, turned around,
knelt down, and started eating that wonderfully wet pussy. She loved
it. She couldn't stop. With every lick, Andy pussy became more and more
wonderful. Kaley was intoxicated by the smell. With every lick, Andy
screamed louder and louder, not seeming to notice they were in public,
which turned Kaley on more and more. Kaley found her own pussy was just
dripping wet after only a few seconds. After what felt like a lifetime to
Kaley, Andy pushed her away and told her they should get back to the movie
before people wonder where they are. She promised Kaley they could finish
up at the after party. With that, their lips met in the most passionate
kiss either one had ever had. Their tongues danced as their hands explored
each others hot, sweaty bodies. Soon after, they returned to their seats in
the movie theatre and watched the remainder of the movie.

After the movie was done, Kaley and Andy walked out to Andy's sporty little
car and sat got in.

"Ready for the ride of you life?" Andy asked. Kaley had a feeling that she
wasn't talking about the car.

They got to house where the after party was being held. Kaley recognized it
as Steve Carell's house. She had seen it on MTV's Cribs before.

"Nice house," Kaley commented.

"Not as nice as your tongue before, my dear," Andy replied. "We must carry
on from before."

And, with that, Andy led Kaley inside.

Once inside, they made the obligatory rounds. Andy had to say hi to all of
the people that worked with her on the movie; people like Steve, as he was
the host, Peter Segal, the director, Alan Arkin, one of her co-stars. The
list went on.

After about an hour or so, Andy whispered to Kaley, "Steve said there's a
room we can use upstairs, where no one can hear us, for getting to know
each other better, if you know what I mean. Do you wanna go?"

Without even saying anything, Kaley took Andy's hand and ran upstairs. Andy
led her into a room with a nice, queen sized bed and some very romantic
candles lit.

"Wow, Steve thinks of everything," Andy said.

Without responding, Kaley turned and locked the door, took Andy by the
hand, and threw her down on the bed. Kaley jumped on top of Andy and
started kissing her passionately as her hands moved freely up and down
Andy's beautiful body, exploring. Andy rolled over on top of Kaley and
broke off the kiss.

"Wait right here," she instructed Kaley. "I have something for you."

Andy went into the bathroom, which had a door connected to the bedroom. A
few seconds later, Kaley could hear Nora Jones music being played. Out came
Andy, wearing nothing more than her black lacy bra and matching panties.

"Hello, Kaley," said Andy. "I have a show for you."

With that, Andy started walking slowly over towards Kaley, who was sitting
on the edge of the bed. While she was walking over, Andy slowly undid her
bra and took it off. She started caressing her tits, which drove Kaley
crazy. Kaley so desperately wanted them in her mouth. Andy walked over to
Kaley, and knelt down on her lap.

She put her tits in Kaley's face. "Suck them," she instructed Kaley.

Kaley did as she was told. Kaley started with the right one. She loved how
Andy's nipple felt on her tongue. She started lick the nipple faster and
faster. She could hear Andy start to moan. She then took the whole end of
Andy's tit in her mouth and started sucking. She also bit down on it

"Yeah, bight my boob, you dirty girl," came Andy's voice.

Kaley couldn't believer what she just heard, but it turned her on, and she
kept going, harder and faster.

"Oh, you slut! You love my boobs. You love sucking them and bighting
them. You whore!"

This talk only made Kaley more turned on. She could spend all night sucking
Andy's boobs.

"Eat me out, you slut!" Andy said, getting off of Kaley and laying down on
the bed.

Kaley didn't need any invitation. She was quickly down on Andy. She quickly
took off Andy's panties, which were soaking wet, and started her
feast. Kaley's tongue slipped inside of Andy's slit and started moving up
and down. This was cause enough for Andy to start moaning again. With each
lick, Kaley got more and more turned on, and licked faster and faster.


Kaley couldn't be more turned on. She couldn't help but to lick and suck
Andy faster and harder, her tongue moving in and out of Andy's beautifully
shaved pussy lips.


Andy started to cum. Kaley licked all of it up lovingly. It tasted so

"Come up here, my little slut, and give me a taste," Andy said.

Kaley joined Andy and started kissing her passionately again, their tongues
dancing inside each others mouths.

"You need to be taken care of," Andy told Kaley. "Get those clothes off."

Without missing a beat, Kaley had her clothes in a nice little pile beside
the bed.

"Get on your back, you little slut," was the order from Andy.

Kaley's pussy was dripping wet in anticipation. Andy went right for Kaley's
pussy. Andy's tongue was more than Kaley could bear.

"YES!!! FUCK ME, ANDY!!!! THAT'S THE SPOT!!!! OH, FUCK!!!" Kaley screamed
in shear excitement.

"Oh, you like me licking your hot little cunt, don't you, you little slut?"
Andy said, as she licked between the folds of Kaley's pussy.

"I'M GOING TO CUM!!" was all Kaley could respond with.

She came, and Andy licked it up with great excitement.

"I have another treat for you," she told Kaley. "Get on your hands and

Kaley was a little apprehensive, but she liked where the night had been
going so far, so she got on her hands and knees. Andy pulled out a strap-on
dildo, put it on, and lubed it up.

"I'm going to butt fuck you now, my little whore," Andy told Kaley.

Kaley didn't know how to feel about this, but decided to go along with
it. She was completely under Andy's spell by this point. Andy went ahead
and started the butt-fucking. She started off slow, as Kaley was very
tight. "Andy, yes. Yes. That feels so good, I'm going to cum!" Kaley said
as she came.

This only caused Andy to start pumping harder and faster, faster and
harder. She kept putting her "cock" in and out of Kaley's tight
asshole. Kaley came four or five more times. After coming for a six and
final time, Andy took out her cock, took it off, and gave it to Kaley.

"Put it on," she ordered. "I want to ride you."

Kaley quickly put it on. Andy climbed on top, and started riding Kaley like
a cowgirl.

"Yeah. That feels amazing in my pussy! You know how to work a cock, you
little slut," Andy exclaimed as she rode Kaley.

This went on for what seemed like forever. After coming a good dozen times,
Andy finally climbed down.

"How was I?" Kaley asked.

"Fantastic," Andy replied. "Was that your first time?"

"With a woman, yes it was," was the answer.

"Well, fuck woman, you were alright," Andy answered. "Wanna come home with
me and have a sleepover? We can stay up late and make some waffles in the

"Only if you tell me about you and Scarlett," Kaley replied.

"It's a deal," Andy answered.

The two cleaned themselves up and went to Andy's apartment for their

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8 simple rules indeed. I liked that... Kaley is sexy as hell.