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Bad Girls
With Olivia Holt, Paris Berelc, and Dove Cameron
Written by TPG
CODES: MFFF, BJ, anal, handjob, rim, voy, squirt
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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It was just after midnight as I prepared to lock up the store and count the days earnings, when the three ladies in question wandered in.

Right away the girls acted suspiciously as they whispered amongst themselves and loitered around the alcohol section of the store, before one of them finally came over to the register to ask me a question, and proceeded to flirt and make small talk with me while her friends continued to act peculiar in the foreground.

While I was naturally suspicious of their strange behavior, it was the sassy blonde who quickly introduced herself to me as Dove, and attempted to distract me while her friends grabbed a bottle of Bourbon from the shelf and approached the counter.

It was only now as they approached the register that I realized that one of them was in fact "I Didn't Do It" star Olivia Holt.

Right away the teen star attempted to sweet talk her way into purchasing the bottle, but to her chagrin I immediately shot her down as I knew she couldn't possibly pass for a 21-year-old.

"Look mister." the sexy asian girl chimed in. "—we're in a rush."

"I'm sure you are." I countered. "But I can't sell you that bottle of Bourbon."

"Why not?"

"Because all three of you are underage."

In truth, they were three of the most attractive young teens I had ever laid eyes on. But there was no way I was going to risk going to jail for selling them hard liquor.

"—what makes you think we're underage?" Dove replied.

I flashed her a sarcastic look before looking back at Olivia.

"Didn't you just celebrate your birthday a few days ago?"

"Huh?" she panicked while looking back at her friends.

"God dammit." Paris hissed. "I told you we should have waited outside."

"It was all over the news sweetheart." I chuckled. "Who are you trying to kid?"

It was at this point that Dove reached into her pocket and handed me what appeared to be her "ID." I had to laugh at her enthusiasm as the card was obviously fake.

"I think you've got us confused with someone else." she claimed smugly as I took the card.

As I held it up to the light to examine, I proceeded to ask her several questions when Olivia suddenly chimed in and declared that I had no right to interrogate them or seize her friends card.

"Give it back!" she hissed as I threatened to cut it in half with a pair of scissors.

"So you admit it. It's fake. You girls are under age."

"No!" Cameron snapped back defensively. "—she didn't say that. We're just saying you can't destroy other people's property. I need it."

After several minutes of squabbling back and forth I finally warned the girls that it was in my legal right and duty to call the cops and have them deal with their bratty behavior.

"What! You wouldn't dare." one of them challenged.

"Ha. Really?" I chuckled. "—you obviously don't know who you're dealing with."

With that said I picked up the phone and began to dial the number when the ladies began to panic.

"Screw this." Paris quipped before grabbing at her friends arm. "Let's just go someplace else."

"—but what about her ID!" Olivia whined as the ladies now seemed adamant about negotiating with me.

After several moments of silence Dove finally spoke.

"Okay look. How about we make a deal."

"I'm listening." I said while being put on hold with the authorities.

"Do you have any plans for tonight?" Dove inquired.

"Dove!" the others immediately objected, knowing full well what her friend was insinuating.

"Actually I was just about to lock up and go home for the night when you three showed up." I explained.

"Well. How would you like to join us for a few hours?"


"Sure." the blonde starlet offered. "—back at our motel room down the road."

"ohmigod." Paris remarked at her friend. "You can't be serious."

"—what?" Dove shrugged. "Why not? You guys said you thought he was cute."

I had to snicker at her comment as the ladies visibly blushed and then stepped back to confer with one another, discussing whether or not I was worthy in joining their "private" party down the road.

As the girls debated I couldn't help but stop and admire all three of them and their outfits. Despite being casually dressed, the girls looked as though they had spent the day down at the beach and appeared to be wearing their bikinis underneath their clothes.

"So let me get this straight." I interrupted. "All you guys want is some alcohol?"

"Yes." Olivia replied looking back. "Can you help us out?"

"We just wanted to get a bottle of Jack between the three of us." Dove added.

"So you're not going to sell it to minors?"

"No. Of course not." they all replied in unison.

"Hmm." I pondered out loud while looking around to make sure it wasn't some kind of sting.

For all I knew the entire incident could have been staged, like some kind of episode of Punk'd.

"Well in that case—" I remarked. "Maybe I can help."


"Sure. If it's just a bottle of Jack we're talking."

"—and some cigarettes too." Dove added.

"Dove!" Olivia hissed. "Don't push it."

"I'm just saying." Cameron grinned. "Throw in a packet of smokes and you've got yourself a date pal."

I paused to contemplate her offer.

Even though the store was situated smack bang in the middle of Los Angeles, and I had had my fair share of run ins with various celebrities over the years, it wasn't every day I was offered a night of pure debauchery with three teenage starlets.

"You know I could get in a lot of trouble for this." I reminded them. "They could shut down my store."

"Yeah but think of it this way." Olivia smiled. "It could also turn out to be the best night of your life."

"Absolutely." Paris added. "How many times do you get invited back to a motel room by three girls?"

She had a point. The same point that had been screaming in my head.

"So do we have a deal?" Dove asked. "You provide the drinks, smokes, and give my ID back. And we'll provide the entertainment, so to speak."

"Okay. Fine." I answered. "You girls have yourselves a deal."

I laughed as Dove then squealed with delight and high-fived her friends.

"Let me just lockup the place and grab some supplies." I stated. "—and then we can get out of here."

Over the next few minutes I went over the usual routine, as they amused themselves with various snacks and knick-knacks before I finally grabbed an empty cardboard box and filled it with several cigarettes and a dozen or so bottles of alcohol, ranging from Vodka to Tequila, to Bourbon and Sambuca.

"ohmigod." Olivia swooned as she noticed the loot. "This is going to be awesome!"

"—I figure if we're going to do this." I explained. "We might as well make it worth our while."

With our supplies in order I then handed Dove her fake ID and the girls led the way across the street and back to their quaint motel room where we wasted little time blasting some music and throwing back the drinks two at a time.

In fact I was actually surprised at how well the teen stars drank, particularly Paris who seemed to be the youngest in the group, but more than a competent booze hound, even giving me a run for my money.

It was around this time that I took off my jacket, and in the process produced a hefty blunt which I had procured a few days earlier. To my amusement Dove immediately shrieked with excitement and seemed eager to smoke it with me.

"Oh. Hell. Yes!" she exclaimed as she watched me light it, before we passed it around.

"I knew there was a reason why I liked you." she claimed through bloodshot eyes.

The party now seemed to go into full swing with the girls growing more and more vocal and brazen by the minute. In fact the ladies resorted to pulling a few pranks, and called various friends on their phones not to mention sharing a few of their friends bad habits.

Like in the case of Bella Thorne and her sisters, who were apparently having sex with each other under everyone's nose.

"Ew. Really?"

"I know right." Olivia giggled. "If the fans out there only knew how nasty she really was there'd be a huge scandal."

"Meh." Dove chimed in. "I've heard that rumor before. But I don't believe it."

"I didn't either—" Paris countered. "Until that night I walked in on them during a sleep over."

"Are you serious?"

"I swear!" Paris vowed. "I caught them making out with each other in bed."

"So. Doesn't mean they have sex." Dove replied. "—maybe they're just really close."

"They were both naked!"


It was at this point that Olivia and I stopped to enjoy a few tokes from the joint while Dove and Paris now danced provocatively to the music, holding each other close and grinding on one another as they enjoyed their high.

"I don't know if I should have any more." Olivia giggled.

"Hey. Pass it over!" Paris interjected as she leaned over to take another hit. "—I fucking love weed. It always gets me so wet."

"—I know right!" Holt agreed before giving her friend a high-five. "Oh. God. I thought I was the only one who got super horny when they were high."

Meanwhile as this conversation went on, Dove and I went over to the counter to share a drink and got to know each other a little better.

"So what's your story anyway?" I asked her bluntly. "Are you single or what?"

"Why. Do you want to fuck me or something?" she snapped back even more bluntly, before we both laughed.

"—well aren't we confident."

"Hey. You're only laughing cause you know it's true." she added mischievously. "You're dying to stick your dick in me."

"Excuse me?" I laughed. "What makes you say that?"

"Just from the way you look at me." Dove smiled. "The way you undress me with your eyes. Like you're doing right now."

"Sorry." I apologized. "Didn't realize I was being so obvious."

"No. Don't be. I like it."

A minute later the ladies then proceeded to do shots off each other's bodies, with the girls instructing Paris to strip down to her bra and panties and lie down on the counter where they licked tequila from her legs and tummy.

This soon escalated with Olivia ripping off her own shirt and pouring alcohol all over her neck and chest, only to watch Dove slowly swipe her long tongue between her friends cleavage before the two giggled and shared a playful kiss.

Watching them carry on like this made me wonder if the ladies had ever fooled around before. But before I had time to contemplate it, the starlets dared me to join in on the festivities and insisted that I take off my shirt and strip down to my boxers so they could use my body to do several body shots.

"Come on." the girls cheered. "We won't hurt you."

Unfortunately for me this suggestion lasted all of several seconds before the girls literally ripped my boxer-briefs clean off my hips, and laughed loudly as I was suddenly left to stand there without a single stitch of clothing.

"Err. Okay. Enough fun." I said while recoiling by the counter. "Can I have my boxers back please?"

"Oh. Wow." Olivia smiled. "Look at the size of his cock."

"Wow. Impressive."

While I briefly whined about my sudden state of undress, Paris took us all by surprise as she suddenly slipped off her bra and panties and now stood there as naked as the day she was born. Judging by her willingness to strip the girl was a bonafide exhibitionist and quickly drank up the attention.

"There. Happy?" she snapped back at me. "Now you're not the only one who's naked around here."

While I found it hard not to stare at her flawless body, the ladies then followed suit with Olivia taking off her skirt and Dove peeling her bikini right over her head, leaving me in the presents of three exceptionally beautiful, naked teenagers.

Each body was sexier than the next, with Dove possessing the best set of tits, Paris acquiring the sweetest little ass, and Holt having the most magnificent little cookie I had ever seen.

"Oops." Dove giggled as my eyes roamed their bodies. "—I think we're making someone hard over there."

The women then proceeded to openly admire each other's bodies before the conversation turned towards sex, debating about what they thought was the best way to give a blow job.

"The secret is to take as much of it into your mouth as possible, and let your tongue do all the work." Olivia claimed between drinks. "That always drives my boyfriends crazy."

"Nah." Dove responded. "I find the best thing to do is to tease them. I usually grab the base with my hand and stroke it while I gently suck the tip, and just leave it nestled between my lips. That always makes them pop in my mouth."

"Wow." Olivia laughed. "Do you actually do that. Do you swallow?"

"Of course. Don't you?" Dove replied before Olivia admitted that she had (on occasion) and the two laughed hysterically.

"—what about you?" Holt then directed at Berelc who simply grinned.

"Err. I don't really like to talk about what I do or don't do." she answered shyly, annoying the others.

"Oh come on Paris!" Olivia insisted. "Don't be such a prude. Tell us what you like to do. You must have sucked your fair share of cock by now."

"Well if and when I do decide to give someone head—" she confessed. "I like it nice and slow, and messy."


"—she means sloppy."

"Yeah. I like to spit on it and get it nice and wet." she explained. "My motto has always been, the sloppier the better."

"Yeah. I know what you mean." Dove agreed. "That's so hot."

"—but to tell you the truth." Paris added. "I'm more into giving hand-jobs than I am about sucking dick."

"Really?" her friends seemed surprised. "Why?"

"There's just nothing like the feel of a hot, fat, hard cock in your hand." she grinned coyly. "—it gives you a sense of power watching them squirm. Knowing you have them where you want. It really turns me on."

While the ladies giggled it was Dove who then dared Paris into action. Suddenly the leggy Asian was put on the spot and told to show us exactly what she was talking about, to which Berelc was only too happy to oblige.

"Would you mind?" she asked politely.

"Mind what?"

"If I show them my technique." Paris beamed. "—if I use you as an example."

"Err. No. Not at all." I stammered nervously as the others snickered in the distance.

"I don't even know why you're asking him." Dove chuckled. "As if any guy would refuse."

With that said Paris slowly reached down and gently grasped the end of my cock with her hand, and gave it a little twist for added effect.

"See. Like this." she said looking back at her friends. "This is how I like to do it. Nice and slow."

The others now watched in fascination as the "Mighty Med" star proceeded to stroke my cock in her hand and spoke in great detail about what she liked and the way it turned her on. Suffice to say I could only stand there moaning like an idiot as the teen harlot pleasured me with her exquisite fingers.

"How does it feel?" Olivia directed at me. "Is she doing it right?"

"God yes." was my only response as I had to use all of my energy not to moan out loud.

Stroking me to full length, Berelc then proceeded to pump her fist a little faster while she looked directly into my eyes.

"You like that. Huh?" she asked rhetorically, her lips just inches away from mine.


"—you like my fingers wrapped around your big cock." she teased. "Mm. You're so hard right now. I can literally feel it throbbing inside my hand. Feels like you're going to explode."

"D-Don't stop." I heard myself whimper as my hips moved with her hand.

http://2.t.imgbox.com/pwnBn1Yx.jpg (http://imgbox.com/pwnBn1Yx) http://4.t.imgbox.com/XKJqkxDN.jpg (http://imgbox.com/XKJqkxDN) http://8.t.imgbox.com/FhFwfWxX.jpg (http://imgbox.com/FhFwfWxX)

As Paris jacked me off she leaned forward slightly to gently kiss the edge of my mouth, never allowing us to actually make full contact.

"God damn you're a tease." I moaned with glee.

"Hmm. You have no idea." she purred. "I could do this all night. You think you could handle me stroking this cock all night long?"

"God-yes." I moaned. "Just as long as you give me those lips eventually."

"Mm." she cooed. "You like my lips huh."

Just then, as I looked over her shoulder to gauge her friends reaction, the stunning asian suddenly leaned over and drooled a long strand of spit all over the shaft of my cock, bathing it in warm saliva.

"Whoa—" I let out as her hand quickly smeared the substance all along my meat stick and made her fingers extra slimy.

The girls now stood glaring intently at my cock as the lewd squishing sound of her hand filled the room.

"Jesus." I grimaced, knowing it wouldn't be long now.

In truth, I'm not even sure what was more of an aphrodisiac, having Paris jack me off or having her drunk friends watch us the entire time.

"Wow. Look at the way it throbs in her hand right now." Olivia remarked before she looked over at Dove who licked her lips.

"Imagine that thick juicy cock sliding between your lips right now." Dove teased.

The ladies giggled before Olivia then dared Dove to act out on her lewd thoughts.

"Well go on. I dare you." Holt encouraged. "Show us the way you like giving head."

Hearing this remark almost made my heart sink. Did I just hear Olivia Holt dare Dove Cameron into sucking my dick?

"—trust me." Olivia added. "Look how hard he is right now. I don't think he'd mind."

"Okay." Cameron chirped. "I'll do it. But on one condition."

With that said she then reached into her bag to produce a set of fluffy handcuffs.

"Whoa. Wait a minute." I objected before the ladies giggled and pulled me towards the bed.

In a matter of seconds I was soon shoved onto the mattress (without a stitch of clothing) and cuffed to the bed, leaving me to lie there completely and utterly exposed, my raging boner still standing proudly from between my legs.

"Um. Is this absolutely necessary?" I stuttered as the others poured themselves another round of drinks and proceeded to toast to their success.

"Here's to hard cocks around the world!" Paris proclaimed before helping themselves to several shots.

With my hands now tied, Dove immediately took control of the situation and pried my legs apart so she could settle between my spread knees.

"Comfy?" she asked before slowly running her fingertips up the length of my thighs.

I gasped at the contact of her cold hands.

"Oh man. I can't wait to see this." Olivia chuckled as the ladies watched my cock twitch with anticipation.

"I think he likes that, Dove." Paris commented.

"Of course he does." she replied. "Just wait till he feels my mouth."

I now began to harden to her words, as her fingers slipped between my legs and slowly massaged my balls.

But a second later another set of hands, somewhat cooler than Dove's, suddenly snapped me out my daydream, and I looked up to see that Olivia had come over and was grinning widely.

Her hands circled around my chest and then closed in around one of my nipples, pinching and pulling the bud until I groaned in pleasure and panted with need.

"Ugh." I sighed. "You girls are so cruel."

"That's funny, cause I thought we were doing you a favor."

"Yeah. Imagine how many guys out there would beg to be in your shoes right now."

After what seemed like an endless pause, I finally felt the warm breath of Dove's mouth waft against my bell-end. I gasped inwardly as her tongue gently slithered from the base of my shaft to the very tip.

The "Liv and Maddie" star spent a lot of time merely licking and teasing the head of my cock with her mouth, while her deep blue eyes glared up at me. It was one of the most sensual experiences of my life.

I gritted my teeth as she worked her tongue around the head, swirling it around before bobbing her head back and forth in short shallow strokes.

"Ugh. Fuck." I grunted involuntarily. "—god you've got a great mouth."

Suddenly, as quickly as it began it was over and Dove slipped my cock from her wet mouth which was now bathed in saliva. I was still panting from her efforts when Olivia suddenly hopped on the bed and moved to kneel between my spread legs.

"I bet I can do better." she grinned as I flexed my sphincter so that my cock would stand at full attention.

For her part, Olivia leaned forward and winked up at me while she playfully kissed the very tip of my penis.

"Oh. Shit." I let out at the mere look in her eyes. "Don't tease me Liv. I could pop at any moment right now."

"Mm. Promises, promises." she quipped, before sucking me deep into the back of her throat, until her nose rested against my lower abdomen and she gagged over a mouthful of meat.

"Fuck." I grunted as I felt her working her throat muscles around my length and began to slowly withdraw.

To my surprise the stunning teen didn't seem to have a gag reflux. In fact her throat was absolutely divine as I started to wonder just how many times Olivia had done this very technique in order for her to get so good.

I groaned again as she stopped to seize the head of my cock between her pearly white teeth, then began on another downward stroke, moving faster this time, more demanding and deeper than before until she suddenly and cruelly stopped.

"UUGHH!" I growled out loud as she took her slobbering mouth away.

Once again my cock was bathed in a generous amount of spit as I looked over to see Paris sitting up on the edge of the counter with her knees spread apart, her hand buried between her legs while she rubbed her clit furiously.

"Are you comfortable there Paris?" Dove quipped. "Are you sure we can't get you anything?"

"Someone should go over and sit on his face!" Berelc suggested. "—since he's all tied up and defenseless right now."

The mere notion caused my cock to twitch which was immediately noticed by the girls who laughed.

"Yeah. I think he likes that suggestion."

"Why don't you put your money where your mouth is Paris—" I hissed. "And come do it yourself."

"Oh." the others cooed. "I'd call that a challenge wouldn't you?"

With that said, the "Mighty Med" star peeled herself up off the counter, climbed up onto the bed and moved to place both of her feet on either side of my head, allowing me to look up and study her flawless cunt for a few seconds.

"You know. You're really in no position to make idle threats." she teased as her long dark mane fell over her face.

"—no?" I quipped back. "Well what are you going to do about it?"

"Do it, Paris." Dove encouraged from the side of the bed. "Sit on his face."

"Yeah." Olivia agreed. "That should shut him up."

A moment later the athletic teen lowered herself down onto my face, and in the process leaned forward to place her lips just above the head of my cock, placing us into an impromptu 69 position on the bed.

The rest of the world quickly faded into the distance as I wrapped my mouth around her flawless sex and licked her juicy box for the first time. To my delight the teen starlet was completely shaved clean, and moaned audibly as I tongued her cunt.

"Oh. Wow." Olivia purred. "That looks so fucking hot!"

The others now watched as all civility flew right out the window, and Paris and I proceeded to devour each other on the bed.

"Fuck you've got a succulent little cunt!" I growled from between her legs.

Berelc responded to this comment by spitting on my cock and sucking it into her mouth, causing my hips to buck up off the bed to the action. She then withdrew with a loud pop, repeated the process, and used her fingers to massage my balls.

"Ugh. Yeah—" she hissed over her shoulder. "Eat my cunt you fuck."

But as incredible as this was, a moment later I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt another mouth suddenly make contact with my nuts, and realized that Dove had decided to join the fray.

In fact, not only was Dove now bathing my balls in her warm spit, but her lips dipped lower between my legs and she now proceeded to lick my taint!

In all my wildest dreams I never imagined experiencing such a wild three some, much less with two stunning creatures. The fact that Dove was just as dirty as she was beautiful, only made it that more special.

At this point I was panting like a dog, gasping for breath as I repaid the gesture and buried my tongue into Paris' tight little bunghole, my chin gnawing at her slit at the same time.

"UGH. Fuck—" Paris cried while arching her back sharply. "Yeah. Stick your tongue—ooh—in my ass!"

"Fuck-Yeah." Holt moaned to the lewd display. "Stick your tongue in her ass again. She likes that."

Hearing her voice, I then urged Liv to step closer to the side of the bed where I used my free hand to reach out and find her sex, and proceeded to probe her pussy with two fingers.

The four of us made quite the scene as I now lay there in a sixty-nine position with Paris Berelc, while Dove Cameron rimmed my ass, and Olivia Holt squirmed naked beside the bed with two of my fingers stuffed inside her cunt.

Looking up I could see the actress-turned-singer shut her eyes and loll her head back in ecstasy while she cupped her own breasts. She almost appeared to be in some kind of trance, when for a moment I thought she was going to lean over to kiss me. However, what she did next absolutely took my breath away.

I was taken aback when instead of kissing me, Olivia speared out her tongue and plunged it right into Berelc's twitching little orifice.

"Fuck-yes." I groaned approvingly as I watched Olivia, one of the prettiest and sweetest looking Disney teens I had ever seen, keenly lick her friends (gaping) bunghole right before my very eyes.

The onetime "Kickin' It" star diligently probed and prodded her friend's backdoor with her tongue which sent Paris into spasms. Thinking quickly, I then buried my own face back into Berelc's cunt and the two of us double-teamed her.

The moaning asian was absolutely beside herself, thrashing about wildly as we probed both her holes at the same time. At one point Liv and I even stopped to share a sloppy kiss, before we continued to feast on the young star.

Satisfied with her efforts, Olivia then moved down to join Dove on the bed where they shared in the cock sucking duties together, each of them taking turns to either lick, suck, or nibble at various areas of my organ.

I now lay there moaning like a man possessed while getting serviced by all three ladies at once, still restrained to the bed by my wrist as my cock throbbed at bursting point. Paris ultimately sat up straight over my face and proceeded to grind her sex as I drove her over the edge, stabbing her ass and cunt with my tongue.

"Yes. Yes. Eat my ass." she hissed through gritted teeth. "Get right up in there."

I happily obliged, and ate her shit-pipe for all I was worth.

A moment later the olive-skinned beauty exploded in orgasmic bliss and showered my mouth with her tangy essence, as I moved my mouth back to her cream-filled box and relished her juices, my mouth and chin utterly covered in her essence.

"Oh. Wow. Really?" Olivia remarked to the extraordinary display. "—is he really that good?"

"ohmigod...Liv." Berelc gasped breathlessly. "You have no idea. This guy knows how to eat some serious pussy."

As Paris dismounted my face and collapsed beside me on the bed, Olivia took it upon herself to find out for herself, and eagerly straddled my head.

"Go ahead." she challenged. "Eat my pussy."

I could only growl with joy as Olivia lowered her succulent cheeks onto my face and insisted I lick her to completion. But before she could object, I immediately changed tact and jammed the tip of my tongue into her asshole.


"He's good huh." Paris smiled.

Judging from the reaction I got, I suspect no one had ever licked Olivia's asshole before, which only spurred me on more.

"Oh. Fuck." Holt sobbed in glee.

"Rub your cunt." I told her.


"Play with your pussy—" I repeated. "While I tongue your tight little ass Olivia."

"Um. Okay." she happily chirped. "You've got a deal. But you better make me cum."

Meanwhile as this exchange continued, I suddenly winced as I felt Dove climb on top of me to impale herself over my cock. I now lay there moaning as both Olivia and Dove used me like some sort of recreational toy, riding my mouth and cock at the same time.

Without wasting another moment, Dove immediately proceeded to hump me hard and fast, her mouth agape as she moaned out loud and rode me like a bucking bronco.

"UGH. YES. YES. YES." she yelled out euphorically.

For a moment I actually panicked and wondered how the neighbors were going to react. God only knows what they thought was going on in the small motel room next door.

"OHHH—FUCK! EAT MY ASS!!" Olivia shouted over her friend moans. "MAKE ME CUM!"

I took my mouth away for just a moment to hiss up at the groaning starlet.

"Liv." I panted. "Get off my face right now, and on my cock you little slut!"

"—yeah?" she moaned back before I took her pussy-lips into my mouth and sucked hard.

To my amusement this action caused her eyes to flutter and roll into the back of her head.

"Get on my cock right now!!" I insisted. "—I gotta fuck this sweet ass."

Olivia sighed through half-slitted eyes as I chewed on her bottom lips some more.

"Ugh. God. Yeah?" she purred. "—you gonna fuck my sweet little ass?"

"You better fucking believe it!" I snapped back while resisting against the handcuff above me.

Fortunately for her I was still restrained, otherwise god knows what I would have done at that exact moment in time. I couldn't remember being so turned on in all my life.

In an instant Olivia hopped off my face as the two blondes agreed to swap positions. A moment later my view was obstructed as Dove took her place over my mouth and immediately overwhelmed my tongue with her butthole.

I couldn't help but grin as I was treated to the third teen derriere in as many minutes, each one as sweet as the other.

"Mm." Dove moaned above me. "—I've been waiting all night for this. Come on. Fuck my ass with your tongue."

I now rimmed the striking blonde as I felt Olivia grasp my cock and carefully guide me into her tiny sphincter. It seemed Holt was even more turned on that I previously imagined, because instead of offering me her teen pussy, she went straight to her ass!

We both moaned as my bulbous head slowly squeezed it's way passed her snug ring and finally nestled inside her rectum.

"Ugh. Fuck." the teen harlot let out as she crammed more of my needy cock into her hot chamber. "—so good!"

"God damn that feels good." I moaned out loud. "Such a nice, tight little asshole."

"Oh baby. Gimme that fat cock." Holt purred, as she slowly rose and sank over my rod. "I love it in my ass."

Just hearing this dialogue from her was enough to make me come.

"Oh. Yeah." Dove supplemented above me, as I opened my eyes to see her rubbing her clit wildly. "Oh. Shit. Oh. Shit. I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it!" I hissed from below. "Come for me Dove. Come all over my face."

A moment later I was shocked into silence as the "Barely Lethal" star not only came but suddenly gushed above me, and actually squirted her juice all over my face and chest, utterly bathing me in her essence.

"OH! You dirty little bitch." Olivia yelped before springing off my hips and watching as her colleague peed uncontrollably all over the bed.

"FUCK!" I recoiled with surprise while essentially being urinated on. "You nasty little slut."

"Please. Please." Dove whimpered breathlessly. "I can't—I can't help it."

"Whoa!!" Paris laughed uncontrollably. "That's so fucking nasty. You're such a dirty girl Dove."

"I-I couldn't help it." Dove sighed. "I couldn't hold it in any longer."

"Well you certainly showed him who's boss."

The ladies all laughed as I now lay there covered in the actresses cunt-sap, my entire chest and lower body completely saturated in her sticky substance. I watched dumbfounded as Paris stepped over and took a long, slow lick at my stomach with her tongue.

"Mm. Sweet."

"Holy shit." I muttered from the bed. "You Hollywood girls are fucking crazy you know that. Real bad ass."

"Fuck yeah." Olivia countered before sidling up to Paris and sharing a deep tongue kiss. "—and don't you forget it."


07-09-2015, 02:57 PM
Glad to see you put this story back up, TPG.

07-09-2015, 04:57 PM
Woot its back! Good stuff mate... no idea why you pulled it...

07-09-2015, 07:23 PM
Yeah, awesome read, nothing better than Holt being a naughty little slut.

07-09-2015, 11:33 PM
Ha! And u said u thought you were losing your touch. Man, u must be crazy. It's just as epic if not more so then I thought it was going to be. I mean the cast alone is A+ material. Great job as always.

07-10-2015, 12:44 AM
Thanks guys. Yep. I was just a little baffled since the story had been up for like 3-4 hours and literally had ZERO responses. Figured I had finally lost my touch with Holt. Lol


07-10-2015, 01:42 AM
contiinue please