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Rodeo Drive
With Kim and Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, voy, inc, dirty talk, texting
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.
A/N: Saw a pic. Got inspired (again)

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When the phone rang just after 5:32am, I almost didn't answer it.

"—trust me. It's an easy assignment." my friend claimed over the phone. "All you have to do is follow her around town for a few hours, and then escort her home. Simple."

Had I known what lay in store for me later that day, I probably would have jumped at the chance.

But as it was, it was way too early in the morning to talk about work, and I had been feeling sorry for myself all week long. Besides, I wasn't in the mood to babysit some young, up and coming Disney star.

"Come on Max." Ron insisted. "The job pays five-hundred bucks. Are you in or not."

Fortunately for me Ron always had a way of convincing me to do things I normally wouldn't do. So a few hours later I arrived to the address to pick up my client, only to be greeted at the door by a gorgeous blonde MILF.

"You must be Max."

"—in the flesh." I quipped back, while pulling my sunglasses off. "Is Olivia ready."

The woman then introduced herself to me as Kim Holt, before inviting me into the house to wait for her daughter.

There, the two of us proceeded to chat and get to know each other better, with her ultimately explaining how she currently had the whole house to herself as she had recently separated from her husband.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"—don't be." she replied. "It was for the best. Besides. I'm having the time of my life."

"Yeah. I guess you're making up for lost time."

"You have no idea." she grinned playfully.

At first I assumed Kim was simply being polite, but I soon realized she was more than a little interested in me by the amount of questions she asked, everything from where I was from and if I was single.

At one point she even used the old line. "—are you sure we've never met before."

I assured her that we hadn't, otherwise I would have remembered the encounter. Amusingly enough, Kim seemed quite flattered by my compliments, and she threw them right back at me.

It was only later that I realized just how obvious it was that we were attracted to one another.

Unfortunately for us Olivia finally emerged from the stairs, and I was immediately floored by her beauty. Kim then made the introductions, but Liv seemed unconcerned and arrogant.

"What happen to Ron." she remarked while rummaging through the kitchen cabinets for something to eat.

"Err. He's sick." I explained, but the temperamental star seemed un-impressed.

"Max is going to be taking you to your appointments today." Liv's mom clarified.

"Meh. Whatever."

There was a moment of awkward silence before Kim then asked if there was room in the truck, and suddenly seemed interested in tagging along with us for the day.

Judging from the look on Olivia's face, I could tell this was unusual. But I didn't object. In fact maybe it would give me a chance to get to know Kim a little better.

The schedule that day included taking Holt to a local radio station for an interview, followed by a quick photo shoot across town. This would then be followed by an hour or so of shopping, before bringing her home in one piece.

With Olivia's permission, Kim quickly rushed upstairs to get changed before the three of us set out on the trip, with Olivia seated in the backseat while Kim and I sat up front.

Amusingly enough, any doubts I had about Kim being interested in me were soon realized when we briefly found ourselves alone in the car, and she straight up hit on me.

"You know, if I was my daughters age I'd probably come on to you." she grinned mischievously.

"You would huh."

"Absolutely. You're a very confident and charming young man Max." she claimed. "That's quite rare, and sexy."

Feeling bold I teased back.

"Well who's stopping you." I smiled. "Besides. How do you know I don't prefer older women."

"Do you."

"Let's just say there are benefits to dating someone more, mature."

"So you have dated someone my age before."

"Well. I wouldn't call what we did...dating."

Kim smiled.

By now, the sexual tension in the car was palpable as we continued to take Olivia to her prior commitments around town.

In fact at one point, Kim remarked how much Olivia appeared to like me (not that you could tell) and how she was going to make a call and make this new arrangement more "permanent."

Hearing this I responded in kind.

"Thank you for saying that. But you don't have to do that. Besides. I wouldn't know what to say. I wouldn't know how to thank you properly, miss Holt."

The blonde MILF simply placed her hand on my knee and smiled. "—I'm sure we could figure something out. And please, call me Kim."

"Sure thing, Kim."

Ultimately Olivia was done with her obligations, and claimed that she now wanted to hit up Rodeo Drive. I then drove the ladies to Beverly Hills, while the two whispered to each other in the backseat (no doubt talking about me).

It was while they got out to go clothes shopping that I was instructed to stay in the vehicle, as per standard operating procedure.

The ladies then flashed me one final flirtatious look before they wandered into one of the more exclusive boutiques in town, leaving me to sit and ponder just how my day was going to end.

I mean at this point I was almost certain that something was going to happen between me and Kim. I just had to make sure that Olivia wasn't around, and that happened while I was off the clock, otherwise I'd risk losing my bodyguard license.

While I now sat there debating what to do, my daydream was interrupted by a text message from Olivia, who took it upon herself to send me a very revealing picture.


I just about fell out of my seat when I opened the file to find Olivia Holt standing topless in a fitting room, clutching her breasts while posing to the camera with a duck-face.

"What do you think of this outfit." she wrote.

"Nice." was all I could think to say.

I now braced myself as she spent the next twenty minutes sending countless messages, including several half naked pictures, each outfit more revealing than the last.

"Holy shit." I heard myself gasp at one point, turning my phone to the side to enjoy the image.

"—be honest." she typed. "Do you think my boyfriend would like this."

"I can't see why not."

"What I mean is. Do you think it'll get me laid tonight."

I had to agree before the next photo suddenly showed Kim posing in a very sexy, elegant evening dress. In fact the outfit exposed most if not all of her back, and featured a good portion of side-boob.

"Hey. Mom wants to know if you like her dress." Olivia asked. "FYI. I think she has a crush on you!"

Without thinking I immediately wrote back.

"Tell her she looks incredible."

Olivia added. "The only problem is you can't really wear any underwear in that dress."

"—sounds good to me. You're moms a total MILF Liv." I replied, almost regretting it the second I sent it.

Fuck. I thought. Now I've gone and done it. My job is as good as gone. I had definitely crossed the line between employee and client.

I now sat there sweating bullets, and waited for the inevitable. But instead of being upset, the ladies seemed inspired by my comments, and the texting and photos only increased.

Ultimately the mother/daughter duo sent me a new series of photos, with the two blondes dressed in hippie-inspired dresses, accompanied by the hashtags #SummerOfLove #NoPanties

Even though it was an innocent reference, I couldn't get the idea of having a three-way with them, and I'm sure this wasn't lost on Kim.

"Who looks better." Olivia asked.

"Can I have you both." I replied.

"You wish."

If only she knew, I mused.

"Hey." Olivia typed a minute later. "Can you come into the store please. I think there might be a situation."

At that point, as randy as I was, I immediately jumped into action and marched into the boutique store across the street, only to find it deserted.

I then rushed to the back of the clothing shop to find a secluded fitting room area, where I called out their names and peered into one of the rooms, only to find Kim standing in front of a full-length mirror completely naked, save for a pair of thong panties.

"oh-shit. Sorry." I began to apologize, as my eyes roamed over her womanly figure and those long, thick nipples.

But before I could respond, Kim immediately pulled me into the small space and kissed me hard on the lips!

As it turned out, the girls had apparently been drinking complimentary champagne from the moment they had arrived. This was abundantly evident from the strong taste of alcohol on Kim's tongue, which she promptly buried in my mouth.

I could tell from the way she was kissing me, that it had been a while since she had messed around. While a part of me found this sweet, another part of my brain found it off putting.

Maybe it was the alcohol that was making her such a sloppy kisser?

"Wait. Kim. Wait." I panicked as I *tried* to pull her off me. "—where's Olivia. Is she safe."

"—don't worry about her right now." Kim said while kissing my neck and reaching down to squeeze my erection.


"Where is your daughter Kim."

"Relax. She's in the bathroom texting her boyfriend." she slurred. "She'll probably be a while."

I was then floored by her next action, and watched the blonde MILF slowly drop to her knees and fumble with my fly.

"Err. Kim. Get up!"

"Please. I have to know." she pouted. "—it's been driving me crazy all day."

Despite breaking protocol, I simply stood there and allowed her to fish out my cock and blow me right there in the fitting room!

Amusingly enough the blowjob itself wasn't anything to write home about, but the entire seedy affair more than made up for her lack of skill, particularly since this was Olivia Holt's mom who was drunk, on her knees and swallowing my sword.

While logic dictated that I try to resist her, I just about lost my fucking mind when she spat me out of her warm mouth and slapped me against her chin, while moaning erotically.

"—I want you to cum on my face."


I was absolutely gob-smacked.

"You heard me." she grinned. "—I want you to fuck my mouth and shoot your load. You think you can handle that."

This was the straw that broke the camel's back.

In an instant, before I knew what I was doing, I had Kim pinned up against the wall and was finger-banging her cunt with two fingers.

"Ugh-Yeah." she grunted hotly. "Choke me. I like that. I like it rough. I can handle it."

I was only too happy to oblige, as I added another digit to the mix and began to blast her trimmed pussy with three of my fingers, probing her knuckle deep.

"Stick out your tongue!" I told her, before spitting in her mouth and kissing her deeply on the lips.

Kim responded by sighing into my mouth as her pussy absolutely flooded my fingers. So much so that it actually made an audible squishing sound as I finger-fucked her.

"Please." she begged. "Please Max. Fuck me. Fuck me before she gets back."

Just the mere insinuation of Liv's presence caused my cock to throb in her hand.

"What. You don't want her to see you like this." I grinned. "Like a wanton little slut."

Kim didn't respond (cause she knew it was true).

"Yeah. You want this cock bad huh." I teased as she continued to stroke me in her hand. "—say it."



"Please Max. I want your cock." she confessed. "I need your cock inside me. It's been so long."

Without wasting another moment, I spun her around and pushed her face into the wall as I lined up my cock and carefully impaled her from behind, granting her wish.

I immediately grabbed onto her breasts with one hand while the other smacked her ass for good measure. It had been a while since I have savored some MILF pussy, and boy did I miss it.

"Yeah. Take that cock you little slut." I whispered into her ear, which really seemed to excite her.

But just as the two of us were getting into it, we were suddenly interrupted by Olivia.

If any of my previous behavior was enough to get me fired, standing there with my cock embedded inside her mom was surely enough to get me killed!

But strangely enough, not only did Olivia not seem shocked by it all, but she actually appeared to find the entire scene amusing.

"—see. I told you she had a crush on you."

While I attempted to stop and ask Olivia to give us a moment of privacy, to make ourselves decent, Kim reached back and insisted that we continue.


"No. Please. Don't stop." she panted. "Don't worry about her. Act like she's not here."

"Are you serious." I almost laughed in disbelief.

"Please. Don't you dare stop now." Kim implored. "I'm so close."

The entire ordeal was so surreal, I barely believed it was happening. As I now tried to back away from the oversexed MILF, Kim suddenly pushed me over to a small sofa that was littered with clothes, and abruptly straddled me.

We both moaned as her thick round rump encased me fully, while her strong meaty thighs pinned me in place.

"I need this." Kim chanted. "I need this. Do you hear me."

"Err. I know." I moaned sympathetically. "I want this too, but Olivia—"

But whatever preconceived notions I had about this being wrong, soon flew right out the window when Olivia began to undress in front of me, apparently wanting to change outfits.

My jaw almost hit the floor when the pint-sized starlet finally stripped down to her birthday suit and now stood just a few feet away from me, in nothing but her gold anklet.

If I thought I was impressed by her moms figure, I can't even express the emotions I felt when Olivia's body was finally revealed to me, including her fully shaved pussy.

I literally heard myself moan as Kim now bucked her hips against me, riding me hard as her (slightly drunk) daughter blissfully stood naked in front of us, casually flaunting her teen body.

"Oh-God, baby!" Kim moaned in her daughters direction. "—it's so good."

At this point, between the dirty talk and the fact that we now had an audience, I found myself approaching the point of no return.

"Fuck. Kim. Miss Holt." I stammered. "You're pussies so wet right now."

I wasn't lying. At that point she was so wet, that it almost felt like she had peed on me. My entire crotch and thighs felt absolutely sopping wet!

"Mm. Yeah. Give it to her." Olivia chimed in. "Give her that big fat cock. She deserves it."

"—she does?" I repeated while eyeing the naked actress up and down.

"uh-huh." Olivia smirked. "Who knows. Maybe if you do a good enough job, I'll let you fuck me too."

The mere possibility was enough to make my cock ooze pre-cum, something I'm sure Kim noticed immediately.

"ohmigod." she purred, as my penis acutely twitched inside her wet pussy causing her legs to shake.

Noting this reaction, Kim then encouraged more dirty talk between the three of us, and even pushed for more incestuous notions.

"Liv. Sweetheart. Play with yourself." she urged her daughter. "He likes that."

"Yeah. I bet he does."

"Show him how you rub that sweet little pussy." Kim moaned. "Show mommy how you like to come."

To my delight, Olivia did not hesitate and immediately proceeded to flick her bean as she watched her mom ride me on the sofa. Caught up in the moment, I then grabbed Kim's thick, soft ass with both hands and slammed her down onto me.

"Mm. That looks so fucking hot." Liv commented, before taking her fingers from her cunt and bringing them over to my face. "—go ahead. Taste me."

I looked at her mom for permission who simply closed her eyes and moaned. I could barely breath as I accepted Olivia's fingers into my mouth, and savored the sweet taste of her young, wet pussy.

"How do I taste." she asked rhetorically, before leaning forward to kiss me on the lips.

I now reached down between us and reached for the source, sliding two fingers into her hot young minge as we kissed.

"You like that. Huh." I growled. "—watching your mom get fucked like this!"

Olivia responded by reaching over to cup one of her moms swaying breasts, and took her nipple into her mouth. As incredible as Kim felt riding my cock, nothing could compare to the feel of Liv's tight teen cookie wrapped snugly around my fingers.

"Grr. God damn that's hot!" I gasped, as the two blondes then slowly turned to look at each other and finally kissed for my benefit.

To my astonishment, I then watched the mother and daughter duo share a hot sensual kiss, which I assume was their first time. This caused me to pick up the pace and thrust up into my lovers quim.

"Ugh-God." she grunted aloud. "Yes. So good."

"Are you ready to cum yet." Olivia whispered into my ear as she twiddling herself. "—I want to watch you come."


"I want it."

"You want what."

"I want your load." she narrowed her eyes. "I want to taste it."

"Is that what you want Olivia." I repeated, wanting to hear her say it.

Not missing a beat, the blonde Disney star was only too happy to oblige.

"Fuck-Yeah." she snapped. "I want that hot load down my throat."

"Grr. Like mother like daughter eh."

"Please." Kim chimed in. "Not yet. I'm close."

"Fuck you, not yet. Haven't you had enough." I growled as Kim continued to ride my rod. "Greedy little bitch."

"Please Max. Don't take it away from me."

I then gave her thick round rump a sharp swat, causing Kim to yelp out loud.

"Eek! Please."

"Mom. Tell him to give me his load." Olivia asserted.

"Ugh—Fuck." her mother grunted back. "Liv. Please."

"Mom! Tell him."

"Max. Please. Give...my daughter...your load!"

A second later I suddenly pulled out, only to watch Olivia Hastings Holt, the star of many hit TV shows such as I Didn't Do it, and Kickin It, to drop to her knees and stick out her tongue!

At first I planned to simply jack myself off to her pretty face, but then, something inside me snapped and without warning I jammed my meat stick down her narrow little throat, gagging her briefly.

Olivia gasped with surprise as I filled her pie hole with cock, before I exploded a second later! ...sending torrents of cum to shoot past her tonsils and into her teen belly.

Holt gagged momentarily, as her pretty brown eyes grew to the size of saucers, before gulping deeply and accepting her reward.

"Good. Good girl." I praised her, as Kim watched on enviously.

Noting this I pulled her down to kneel beside her whorish daughter, where I prompted the sexy duo to kiss each other on the lips again, this time sharing my gooey load.

"God damn that's sexy." I quipped smugly. "You know what. I think I'm going to enjoy working for you guys."

"Me too." Kim agreed.

"Me three. Olivia winked before the ladies giggled among themselves.

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Oh my, guess we now know where Liv gets her slutty side from. Nice one

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Ok. Finally got around to reading this and Holy shit. So good. Who would've thought that mama Holt was so nasty. Im telling u tpg when it comes to Holt especially u dont seem to hold anything back and I fucking love that. Still dont like her personality but no doubt she's hot and I LOVE yours and Lemons stories about her. Keep up the epic work. :D

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We need more of this.

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Very good if I may say