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Beck and Call Part 3
With Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, Finger, Oral, Reluc
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Like most Holt stories, she looked hot in a pic and several hours later, here we are.


When I'd taken on the week long photography assignment at the Southern California Fair, the last thing I'd expected was to see my hot neighbour Olivia Holt on the programme.

Naturally I was over the moon by the revelation. The girl had managed to avoid me for weeks, jetting off on holidays or insisting she had work commitments. I'd been forced to let it slide but I was beginning to worry she might start calling my bluff when she worked out I really had nothing to gain from leaking her photos; I'd simply lose the chance of doing anything intimate with her again.

I took this as a sign though. This time I wasn't going to let her get away with a simple blowjob or quick finger-bang. Over the first few days of the fair, I couldn't stop thinking about how I'd be fucking that girl come Wednesday.

The crowd were getting restless on Wednesday evening, waiting for Olivia's show to start. Apparently the girl had a bit of a reputation for starting late, locking herself in her dressing room. Generally people said the nerves got to her but there were much more interesting rumours I'd heard that said otherwise.

I pulled out my phone and decided to send her a quick text.

'Your fans are waiting…'

'What the fuck are you doing here?!' she replied a minute later.

'So how many times do you get yourself off before a show like this?' I asked plainly, ignoring her question.

After a minute of nothing, I sent another one.

'I can come give you a hand if you need it?'

'I'm fine on my own!' I could almost hear her frustrated tone of voice but she confirmed my suspicions regardless.

With the images of her in her dressing room, furiously pumping her hand into her pristine pussy, I considered just heading backstage anyway. Instead, I sent her another message.

'Show me'

I waited a moment before my face lit up as a picture message came through. After a quick check over my shoulders, I opened it to see the divine sight of Olivia's creamy little cunt, her sticky fingers on her wet lips.

Before I even had the chance to reply, the crowd erupted around me as Olivia came confidently striding and singing onto the stage.

As Olivia sang and I photographed her performance, I couldn't get the image of her teen cookie out of my mind, knowing it was so close, hiding under her little white dress. After what felt like hours, I was relieved when she finally took her final bow before running off the stage, waving and beaming at the audience.

While the crowds dispersed, I quickly started packing up my equipment, I couldn't imagine how wet she must have gotten up there on the stage and I intended on taking full advantage.

Making my way backstage, I walked straight past her bumbling security guards to knock on her dressing room door. Unsurprisingly, there was no answer and the room was empty when I looked inside.

Luckily it didn't take me long to find her out in the parking lot behind the stage taking photos with fans. She'd had a quick outfit change and now wore a simple, thigh-length shirt and seemingly nothing else besides her ankle boots.

I approached her just as the last fan went hurrying off to rejoin her friends. Olivia's smile instantly turned to a frown when she saw me, crossing her arms over what I assumed to be her braless chest.

http://8.t.imgbox.com/fAYjREWD.jpg (http://imgbox.com/fAYjREWD) http://0.t.imgbox.com/pSMXYd3t.jpg (http://imgbox.com/pSMXYd3t)

"Uggh! I knew I shouldn't have sent you that picture," she huffed angrily.

"Hey, why are you being like that for?" I acting offended at the sour look she was giving. "I seem to remember you rather enjoying our last little encounter."

Her eyes dropped at that and she blushed.

"This looks a lot more accessible than that graduation gown though," I continued, admiring her fine, tanned legs on full display.

Olivia pointedly rolled her eyes at my less than subtle leering.

"We're not doing anything here, too many people," she told me.

I looked around the completely deserted parking lot as she stepped past me. I instinctively grabbed her round the waist, pulling her back. It felt good to be this close to her again and before I knew it I was leaning down to kiss her.

She gasped at the sudden action, but let it happen until she came to her senses and pushed me away, looking around in a panic.

"Anyone could have seen that!" she exclaimed.

"Fine, come on then,"

She looked nervous as I took her hand. I was confident there was no one watching us as I tugged her behind the large truck used to transport the stage equipment.

"What are you doing? Can't we just go back to the dressing room?" she whined.

I knew that made more sense but there was something thrilling about sneaking around with her, especially in public. Judging from how she'd been at her graduation, I suspected she felt the same, she just didn't admit it.

"Isn't this more fun?" I asked. "Any one of your fans could come round and catch you doing who knows what?"

With her back to the truck, Olivia flashed me an unintentional sultry look in the darkness which said it all.

Stepping forward, I kissed her again. Since we were now somewhere a little more private, she offered little resistance and kissed me back just as hard. While we made out, my hands got busy, running them over her body, feeling every curve through the thin material until they ended up on her silky smooth legs.

I still couldn't believe how soft her skin was as I gently squeezed her thighs before moving upwards, under her shirt, eager to get to her creamy pussy she'd shown me earlier.

After stroking up her inner thigh, I pulled back in shock when I discovered she wasn't even wearing any underwear.

"You little slut Liv!" I whispered in disbelief. "I bet you weren't even wearing any onstage, were you?"

She simply gave a coy smile at that - a smile I quickly broke when I shoved two fingers inside her.

"NHGGH-fuck!" she yelped, throwing her head back as I immediately began finger-blasting her wanton cunt.

Her body shuddered and spasmed as I caught her completely off-guard. No doubt she'd expected a bit of teasing foreplay but she'd blown me off too many times in the past few weeks and I wasn't wasting any time.

As I'd predicted, Olivia was already dripping wet and her pussy quickly drenched my hand, her juices running down my arm and her legs as she neared her release. As quickly as I started however, I stopped.

"Ohmigod, why-why did you stop?" she whimpered breathlessly, her legs quaking.


I answered by spinning her round and bending her over, pushing her shirt up revealing her sweet little ass to me as I knelt down behind her.

I'd seen plenty of photos but this was still the first time actually seeing her hairless pussy in all its real world glory. The pictures certainly didn't do it justice and I couldn't hold myself back from delving in and lapping her up.

"Hmm, fuck," she gasped above me, bracing herself against the truck as I shoved my tongue into her delicious fuckhole.

I sat there and simply feasted on her clam until my jaw ached. I even occasionally made her squirm when I teased her closed up butthole but found it hard to stop drinking down her flowing juices.

Eventually I stood back up and began fishing out my cock, fumbling in my overly eager state. When she saw what I was doing she turned as if to drop to her knees. While I admired her obedience, I stopped her and held her in place.

"You aren't going anywhere," I told her, placing my hand on her lower back.

"Wait, we can't actually have sex!" she said, looking back at me horrified.

"Why not?" I asked plainly.

I now had my cock in hand and gently began rubbing the head against her, smearing her wetness. I could feel the burning heat of her cunt and wanted nothing more than to ram it home but managed to resist.

"Uhh-because," she stammered, "I have a boyfriend…"

She sounded wholly unconvinced by her own argument and her eyes closed as I continued teasing her entrance and she tried to ignore her carnal desires.

"And where is he now?" I asked, knowing full well he was hundreds of miles away. "You may not admit it to yourself, but I know you love this as much as I do. You want this."

"Fuck, I don't," she mumbled under her breath.

I gently pushed the very tip in for a brief moment, giving us both a quick taster of what was to come. When I teased her again, I smirked when her body betrayed her and she pushed her ass towards me letting another inch slide in.

"I thought you didn't want it," I taunted, pulling out again.

"Uggh, Jesus! Just get it over with alright?" she grumbled in frustration.

"Tell me you want it," I ordered bluntly.

When she didn't speak I gave her sensitive twat a sharp slap with my cock which made her jump and gasp.

"Fucking hell, the others will get suspicious…" she faltered and started grinding her slick crevice against the length of my shaft.

"Tell me," I insisted.

"I want your cock, okay?!" she finally fumed.

"Yeah?" I smirked.

"Yes, now hurry up and fuck meee-AAH!" she ended with a sharp grunt when I finally pushed forward and embedded myself inside her heavenly, teenage pussy.

I only managed to get a few inches in on the first push. I pulled back and drove in harder, managing to get half of my length inside as her dripping wet fuckhole opened up to me.

"Holy fuck Liv, this cunt is amazing…" I grunted.

There was nothing on Earth that could beat the tightness of teen pussy. Her velvet walls gripped every inch of my cock as I began to fuck her with short, quick thrusts.

It was then that Olivia arched her back and threw me a seductive look over her shoulder that almost made me pop instantly. She was gasping and panting heavily as she looked down to watch my fat cock slide in and out of her young body. Seeing her watching, I upped the pace and was soon pummelling her from behind making her eyes roll back and her knuckles turn white as she gripped and braced herself against the truck.

"Oh God. I'm gunna cum," she sighed, unable to resist her body's urges.

"Do it, cum on my cock!" I grit my teeth, doing my best to hold out. "Show me you love it, let me feel it!"

"Unnghh-god damnit…" she grunted.

Olivia obviously wasn't happy about her body's betrayal but with permission granted she stopped fighting it and came. I grabbed her narrow waist and pulled her firmly on my dick as her body twitched and convulsed. She tried to keep quiet but she couldn't stop several yelps and moans escaping as her cunt tightened and tried to milk me for my own cum.

I did my best to fight the urges to unload inside but watching the reluctant blonde shudder and quake as her own orgasm ripped through her, I soon realised I was fighting a losing battle. Just as she started to come down from her high, I began sawing into her again, making her squeal loudly as I invaded her overworked hole.

"Ohmigod, it's so good," she sighed lustfully. Olivia was now pushing to meet my thrusts letting me probe deeper and deeper inside her. "Cum in me. Please!"

I had no idea if I misheard or not but the idea alone was enough to send me over the edge. I didn't hold back and happily exploded, firing spurt after spurt deep inside her. As I filled her womb with my hot jizz, she shuddered again and almost collapsed in my arms.

Regretfully I had to eventually pull out. I couldn't believe how wet she'd gotten; her thighs were practically drenched in her own sticky juices.

Olivia didn't move, simply taking deep breaths to steady herself. "I can't believe you just came inside me…" she panted.

"You asked for it!" I replied defensively.

"Yeah, but…" she hesitated, ashamed that she'd let herself get so carried away. "Umm-I gotta get back."

With that she quickly sorted herself out and dashed off without even giving me a second glance. I saw a flash of her face, flushed red as she passed but made no effort to stop her. I was feeling particularly smug as I made my way back through the parking lot, I'd gotten exactly what I came here for and more. How many guys could say they'd blown their wad inside Olivia Holt?

To be continued...


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U know. I really dont think she cares about the pics that much anymore. Little conniving slut using that as an excuse to get dick. :D Love how there was a question at the end. Indeed how many have came inside holt? Will we find out the answer in the future? will our guy invite a buddy to join in on the fun? Not like she can do anything about it. hehe Great work as always lemon. Would love to see where u go from here.


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Just. Awesome. Loved every second of it.


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We need to see more from this series. He is just getting started with her.

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Yep, holy shit is right,

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Heh, who knows? Don't want to go giving my plans away and ruin the surprise...

Master Bates
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Heh, who knows? Don't want to go giving my plans away and ruin the surprise...

Another great chapter, looking forward to the next 'surprise' already!