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Legally Blonde
With Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: Mutual Mast
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Another Holt story I did a while back (with another two parts to follow). Hope you like it!


To say I was floored when I first laid eyes on my college roommate's long distance girlfriend would be an understatement. As far as I was concerned, on looks alone, Olivia Holt was a perfect ten which made it all the more frustrating when I had to deal with them cuddling and messing around on his bed just a few feet away from me when she'd visit and sneak in to spend the night.

I pulled a pillow over my head as a futile attempt to block out the sound of their whispers and giggling. To put it plainly, I was jealous. There's not much I wouldn't do to get that girl in my bed. I hadn't exactly been unlucky when it came to girls since starting college but, with her looks and up and coming celebrity status, Olivia was simply on another level.

I woke late the next day to find the room empty. This had been Olivia's third weekend visit since the semester started two months ago and being Monday, I assumed she'd be flying home today. I was briefly annoyed with myself for sleeping in and missing my chance to say goodbye.

In fact, the longer I lay there, lazily contemplating a shower, the more I thought about her until I felt myself getting hard. Ultimately I concluded the best way to get her out of my system was to jack off now and continue with my day, ignoring how sad it may seem to masturbate to thoughts of my roommate's girlfriend.

A few minutes later I was fully hard, cock in hand as I imagined Olivia on her knees, teasingly licking at my swollen head until she'd eventually stretched her lips wide and suck me properly. In my head, the blonde was an expert cocksucker, swallowing my sword and taking it down her throat with ease.

My mind drifted to thoughts of her bent over on my bed. Her pretty face pushed into the mattress with her cute little ass sticking up while I tagged her from behind. I imagined her begging for it harder, deeper, and rougher until she's scream and cum over my cock, soaking my thighs in her squirting pussy juice. I wouldn't let up though, thrusting through her climax until I-

"What the fuck?!"

I practically jumped out of my skin, immediately grabbing the bed sheets to cover my indecency. I looked sheepishly towards the door where Olivia stood, eyes wide in shock. Thankfully she was alone but that didn't exactly help the embarrassment.

"Caught you at a bad time it seems," she smirked, closing the door behind her.

At least she seemed to find the situation amusing rather than disgusting. I doubted she'd think the same if she knew what was going on in my head.

"Uhh-do you mind letting me get dressed or something?" I asked awkwardly, nodding towards the door she'd just closed.

Olivia simply shrugged while brashly walking into the room and sitting on the bed opposite. "I already saw everything, what's there to be shy about?"

I was bewildered, I couldn't understand this girl. I was briefly distracted admiring her legs when she crossed them. When I looked back up to her face, she was looking at me so there was no doubt she'd caught me leering.

"Where's Ray?"

"He's got class all day, my flights not for another few hours so I just went out for a coffee," she replied completely naturally, as if I wasn't still naked and hard under my sheet. "You could have put a sock on the door or something."

I could tell she was teasing me so I tried to turn things round on her. I was already naked in a room with her, this was my best chance. Or so my twisted logic told me.

"Since you've seen all of me, I think it's only fair I see all of you," I suggested.

She immediately frowned and turned her nose up at that, "Uhh, wha-"

"Unless," I interrupted, "you want me reporting Ray for letting you sneak in. People have been kicked out of college for less."

I had no idea if that was true but it seemed to have the right effect, her face immediately dropping, surprised at how quickly I seemed to turn against her.

I watched as she finally gave an angry huff and stood up before stalking to the door. To my delight, rather than leaving, Olivia turned the lock, ensuring no one would interrupt what followed.

She went back to stand beside Ray's bed, my eyes widened as she began unbuttoning her shirt, clearly not happy but going along with my demands anyway. I almost immediately began stroking my cock again as inch after inch of sunkissed skin was revealed.

"Hey, slow down a bit, what's the rush?" I commented.

Olivia narrowed her eyes at me but did as I asked, unfastening each button teasingly slow. I almost groaned out loud when she finally dropped the shirt to the floor. Her modest chest supported by a lacy, pink bra which I'd guess would match her panties.

"Happy?" she asked irritably.

I simply gave her an incredulous look which prompted her to roll her eyes and continue her little strip tease.

http://6.t.imgbox.com/91tB8Yv3.jpg (http://imgbox.com/91tB8Yv3) http://9.t.imgbox.com/6wW9BU7H.jpg (http://imgbox.com/6wW9BU7H) http://3.t.imgbox.com/nXo6SzCO.jpg (http://imgbox.com/nXo6SzCO)

"I bet you've wanted this ever since you first saw me," she said as she undid her skirt.

"Yep, pretty much," I admitted. "Turn around, yeah bend over a little."

I bit my lip as she obediently did as she was told, turning and bending slightly, sticking her ass out as she pulled her skirt down, leaving her in nothing but her sexy underwear.

"God damn it, Liv!" I muttered, admiring her flawless body.

That seemed to cheer her up, smiling at the compliment as she turned back to face me. Her grin immediately disappeared however when she spotted my hand moving under the sheet.

"Oh my God, are you beating off to this?!" she exclaimed, stepping over to pull the sheet away, completely exposing me.

I didn't bother hiding this time, my proud manhood rock hard under her disapproving eyes.

"Well you did interrupt me earlier, and how can I not?" I said defensively, waving my hand at her body.

Olivia was blushing but I could tell she was trying not to smile and doing her best not to stare straight at my dick.

"You guys are all the same," she said, reaching back to unhook her bra.

It fell away to reveal her small breasts and her bite-sized, rubbery nipples. I had to hold myself back not to lunge on her and suck on them then and there. My gaze dropped and I gulped as she finally started wiggling out of her lacy thong panties.

A drop of pre-cum escaped just at the mere sight of Olivia Holt's pussy. She was perfectly shaven and somehow just by looking at it, I knew how ridiculously tight she was. It was just about the most beautiful cunt I'd ever laid eyes on and to top it off, she was visibly wet.

"Looks like I'm not the only one getting off," I said, finding my voice.

"Happy?" she asked again, hands on hips.

"Relax a little Liv, why don't you sit down?"

She rolled her eyes but sat on the edge of the bed behind her.

"Spread your legs again," I instructed. She did as I asked, separating her knees to show me her moist slit again. "Why don't you touch yourself a little?"

"What? No!" she protested.

"C'mooon, I know you want to," I urged with a grin, "it'll help you relax."

Fortunately it didn't take much more encouragement for Olivia to finally slide a hand down her body and graze a finger over her groove. I squeezed my cock tighter at the quiet sigh she let out at the contact.

"Show me how you get off Liv. I wanna see."

Her dark eyes flicked up to mine. She was horny and we both knew it. After the brief moment of eye contact, both our gazes dropped back down to her pussy where she slowly slid a finger inside. As I'd predicted, the girl was tight. I could see her lips cling to her small finger, trying to suck it back in as she pulled it out.

Olivia cooed and her eyes closed as she began slowly fucking herself. I simply watched, frozen and entranced as she used her other hand to rub at her clit just as slowly.

After a few minutes, Olivia added a second finger, stretching her tight hole out. I found myself matching her pace with my own hand, wanting nothing more than to walk over there and really stretch her out by fucking her senseless.

"Uhh, fuck," she gasped, her head rolling back. I thought she'd completely forgotten I was even there so I decided to speak up and remind her.

"That feel good?" I asked quietly.

"Uh-huh," she nodded, brow furrowed.

"You look so hot playing with yourself like that. I wanna see you cum."

Olivia smiled and her eyes fluttered open to look at me.

"Yeah? I bet you wish you could fuck me," she said erotically, spreading her pink lips making her already inviting pussy even more irresistible.

"Hmm…so fucking hard," I found myself whispering my reply.

"Is that what you think about when you jack off? Fucking me with that big cock?"

"Yes," I admitted, she obviously already knew.

I watched her raise her wet fingers to her mouth, wiping her own juices on her tongue. She let out a satisfied hum at her own flavour while she reinserted her fingers.

"God, I want to taste you so bad," I told her, pumping my cock even harder to match her own rapid thrusts.

"Heh, well if you did that, I'd have to taste you to make us even," Liv smirked, she was getting breathless. "And that would be far too naughty. Swallowing my boyfriend's room mate's load..."

The images going through my head along with the image in front of my eyes was all getting too much.

"Fuck Liv, you're gunna make me cum," I grunted.

"Ugh-fuck, I'm close too," she whimpered, her fingers wrecking her cunt at a blistering pace while she furiously twiddled her swollen clit. "Cum on me, I want it!"

"Uhh…what?" I stammered, sure I must have misheard her panting voice.

"Cum on me! Spray that hot fucking load over my body, I know you want to!" she hissed.

I didn't need telling again, eagerly getting to my feet while Olivia lay back on the bed as her hips jerked into her hand all while I jacked off above her. Her wet cunt was making lewd sploshing noises as she started creaming over her fingers.

"Ugh. Fuck!" she moaned.

I was dangerously close but determined to last until we could cum together. Thankfully, with a final guttural groan, Liv wailed her release, her entire body convulsed as she came on her own hand.

A second later I joined her, blasting my hot load over her thrashing body, shooting over her stomach and chest.

"Nggh. Yessss!" she panted hotly.

I couldn't believe how much she relished simply being covered in spunk but it seemed to get her off more than anything else so far. In fact the dirty girl wasted no time slamming her fingers back inside her sopping pussy and fucking herself to two more smaller orgasms until she was a panting hot mess on the bed.

The room fell silent as we both caught our breath, not entirely sure what to say to each other until Olivia lazily turned her head and caught sight of the time.

"Oh, shit! My flight!" she gasped, sitting upright.

I got myself dressed as Olivia panicked to get herself cleaned up and presentable before pausing at the door in her rush.

"Not a word of this to Ray," she warned. "I'm back in a few weeks, I'll see you then."

"I'll look forward to it," I replied with a cheery smile.

She gave me a final wry smile of her own before hurrying to catch her flight.

To be continued...


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Holy fucking hell that was hot! Loved, Loved, Loved it! Such a great scenario LemonTalk. You really painted a beautiful picture. Wasn't just sexy, but very realistic too. Just wow!


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