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Halloween Holt
With Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
CODES: MMF, blowjob, oral, voy
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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The night had begun innocently enough, when my kid brother barged into my room and asked if I'd be interested in joining him to a house party across town. Naturally I declined, claiming that dressing up for Halloween was beneath me. But I quickly changed my tune when he took out his phone and showed me a photo of his date, Olivia Holt.

"Bro. Trust me—" he grinned. "You won't regret it. She gets real wild when she gets drunk."

"So this is the girl you've been telling me about eh."

As it turned out, Olivia and Jordan had apparently been messing around for months, despite the fact that she already had a "steady" boyfriend. While initially doubtful about my brothers claims, I soon noticed the way they interacted together, the way she touched his arm and held his hand throughout the night like they were an actual couple.

In fact everything he had claimed over the past few weeks appeared to be true, with her becoming quite "friendly" towards all of us the more she drank. It actually became quite frustrating watching her prance about in that pink Power Ranger suit, the entire time flashing everyone that deep, succulent camel toe.

At one point during the night Olivia even whined about the costume being too itchy, and how she wished she had worn underwear under the outfit. This of course caught everyone's attention before she laughed loudly. The little tease clearly loved to press everyone's buttons, and was quite skilled at it too.

Whether or not she was actually naked under her costume I wasn't sure, and to be honest it didn't really matter, since the image she had painted was all we could think about.

As expected the party turned out to be pretty cool, with everyone drinking quite profusely. But seeing as I was the designated driver I had to control myself, sadly.

"My brothers mad." Jordan told her. "He's the only guy here tonight who isn't drunk"

"Aw. I'm sorry." Holt apologized sweetly. "I'll make it up to you somehow I promise."

"Yeah. Sure." I chuckled.

"Do you have a girlfriend."

"Err. Yeah I do actually." I laughed.

"Girlfriend—" Jordan interjected. "My brother's engaged, dummy."

"—because I have two friends I think you'd really like." Olivia added, before discussing it with Jordan. "—don't you think he'd get along with Paris and Kelli."

"Um. Sure. Yeah. I can see that." my brother agreed. "Bro. Her friends are really hot."

"In that case, remind me to get your number later." I directed at Holt. "And we can stay in touch."


Ultimately the night wrapped up, and as I drove everyone home they all seemed worse for wear, except for Olivia and Jordan, who simply huddled in the corner and giggled among themselves.

I could tell from the look on his face that the two were messing around, right under everyone's nose.

If I was to guess, I'd bet even money that she was grabbing his cock, while the others around them spent most of the ride home being sick and trying not to vomit in the car.

Ultimately we dropped everyone home, leaving Olivia and Jordan in the backseat.

The drive home was a solid ten minutes, so I turned up the radio and focused my attention on the road, only to see some movement in the mirror and catch the two "best friends" making out!

While Olivia seemed to hesitate briefly, the two whispered among themselves before Jordan kissed her again.

The two teenagers quickly resumed necking, only this time I actually heard myself gasp when I saw her head slowly disappear into his lap, causing Jordan to roll his head back and shut his eyes.

"Mother fucker!" I thought. "—little bastard is actually getting a blowjob while I drive them home."

Watching this, and knowing that the little slut actually had a boyfriend, really turned me on. In fact I couldn't help but reach down and stroke my hard on as Holt blew Jordan in the backseat.

I'm actually surprised we didn't get into a wreck, as I found myself watching her more than the road, and the way the top of her head bobbed up and down. Judging from the moans I could hear, Olivia seemed to be quite skilled in the art of fellatio.

The real kicker was when one of the tracks on the radio suddenly ended, leaving a brief moment of silence which was filled with the sound of her slurping mouth.

"Holy shit." I thought. "Now that's fucking hot."

When we finally arrived home, Olivia and Jordan went right to his bedroom while I made myself a stiff drink in the kitchen. Considering the show I had been put through, I figured I deserved it.

I waited all of two minutes before I made my way back to my room, only to look into their room, and see Olivia sitting on the bed alone, playing with her phone.

"S'up." I said looking around. "—where'd he go. Why are you sitting here alone."

"He said he had to take a shower."

I had to laugh, as Olivia suddenly noticed my drink and insisted I give her a sip. We tussled briefly, with me holding the glass way over her head, and her trying to reach up on her toes to grab at my wrist.

Amusingly enough this had the added benefit of causing her breasts to rub against my chest, and prompted two hard nipples to poke through her outfit. Just seeing those two erect pencil erasers, pressing through the fabric of her pink and white costume, drove me crazy.

"Don't make me get evil on your ass." she slurred playfully.

"oh-yeah. And what's your super power young lady."

Olivia then took my breath away as she quickly responded by reaching down and placing her gloved-hand on my cock.

"Cum—" she teased. "That's my super power. I can make any man cum."

"You know I'm engaged to be married right."

The teen starlet simply grinned.

"You wouldn't be the first married guy I've fucked." before leaning forward to kiss me on the lips.

"Wait." I suddenly said, wracked with guilt. "—do you know what you're getting yourself into."

Olivia's response was to squeeze my cock while shoving her tongue down my throat. This was all the permission I needed.

We were now kissing heavily as our hands began to wander. I put my hand on her breasts and toyed with her nipples through the paper thin fabric, which really seemed to turn her on.

While Olivia stroked my cock over my pants, I reached back and simply unfastened the zipper which began at her shoulder blades and finished below her ass. I quickly pushed the teen star back onto the bed, and as she fell back with her legs dangling in the air, slipped the costume over her knees, leaving her totally naked from the waist down.

Most of the latex outfit was still dangling around her chest as I grabbed her thighs firmly with both hands and buried my tongue in her sweaty pussy.

"Ugh-Fuck." she moaned as I licked her cunt intently.

I placed my fingers on each side of her pussy and spread her lips wide, before diving in. I licked the squirming starlet up and down, enjoying the way her legs trembled uncontrollably, before firming my tongue and fucking her with it.

As I pleasured her sex, Olivia pulled the rest of the outfit over her head, leaving her to finally lay there totally naked on my brothers bed. I took this opportunity to reach up and play with her hard nipples, twisting and pulling them between my thumb and forefinger.

My tongue slowly caressed her slick, swollen lips. I teased her pussy just like I like to do, before lowering my face and licking her ass.

"ohmigod—" she purred erotically. "I like that."

A moment later, Olivia and I were interrupted by my brother, who to his credit didn't seem surprised by the scene, and simply walked back into his room slowly and calmly.

In fact he didn't say anything, and just walked to the head of the bed and leaned over to kiss her hard on the lips. I watched as she reached over to caress his member through his shorts, while he squeezed her breasts as they kissed.

My tongue slowly ran over her pussy and back into her asshole, taking her breath away.

"Grr. You've got a sweet little ass Olivia." I hissed as I replaced my tongue with a single finger.

She moaned as I proceeded to slowly probe her backdoor with my digit.

"Spread your fucking legs!!" I suddenly snapped, before swatting her hairless pussy with my hand.


Olivia yelped with surprise, but immediately spread her legs wide on the bed, and held that pose firmly. I rewarded her obedience by spitting at her cunt, while I carefully added another digit to her ass, now filling her precious backdoor with two fingers.

"How's that feel, you little slut." I growled up at her, before suckling at her clit.

Amusingly enough the rougher I was, the more she seemed to respond.

"Good girl..." I grinned evilly as I watched her keenly take two of my fingers into her ass.

The sheer heat and pressure around my digits was so great that I actually had to resist pulling them out. Thankfully my urge to make her come prevailed. I quickly returned my lips to her cunt and sucked the juice-sweat from her peach, as my eyes followed the actions of Olivia and my brother above.

I watched her take his hard cock out of his shorts and stroke it with her hand. Her hand jacking him off as he played with her nipples. She squirmed over to the edge of the bed so she could take him into her mouth, and moaned lustfully as she sucked his cock.

I continued to lick her pussy and teased her pea-sized clit, causing her to moan out loud while sucking my brother. To her credit she never stopped blowing him, and kept his cock buried deep in her mouth.

Just seeing her right cheek bulge around his pumping helmet, was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. As I resumed sucking her slippery cunt-lips into my mouth, her entire body began to shake and I felt her muscles tighten.

The moment she came, I immediately sucked up all her juices, which made a lewd slurping noise in the process. Amusingly enough the more vulgar and loud I was, the more it seemed to turn her on.

In fact she was so riled up by the experience that she didn't object as I keenly smeared some of her sweet essence around her puckered asshole. Once her body began to relax, Olivia pulled me up to kiss her, while she jacked off junior.

She pulled me on top of her and I took the hint. I spread her legs wide with my knees and watched as my cock pressed against her sex, gently splitting her nether-lips.

As I slowly pushed forward and impaled the little slut, Olivia went right back to sucking Jordan's dick. I then pulled her legs up and held onto her knees as I picked up the pace gradually.

The audible moaning and slurping sound that emanated from her mouth, as he fucked her face, was enough to make any mere mortal come. This encouraged me to fuck her even harder than before.

The bed began to rock back and forth as I pounded her tight cunt, and felt myself approaching the point of no return. I finally pulled out and came all over her pussy and stomach, surprising us both.

"Fuck-Yeah!" I howled loudly as I bathed her slick body in spunk.

Impressingly enough, the pint-sized harlot didn't miss a beat and continued sucking cock, as though determined to make us both come. But once I covered her in my load, I tapped the head of my shlong against her cream-filled clam, and slammed myself back into her again, continuing to fuck her until I felt myself harden once more.

"ohmigod. Fuck. ohmigod. Fuck-Yeah." she chanted as her pussy tightened around me like a tight glove.

She finally pulled Jordan's dick out of her mouth, just in time to scream she was cumming. Her entire body thrashed wildly as she held on to the sheets for dear life.

I withdrew from her pussy only to be replaced by Jordan, who pulled her over to the edge of the bed where I watched them go at it. The poor bastard had been teased beyond belief the past few months, so I couldn't help but feel a strange sense of pride as I watched him finally score that pussy.

Olivia and I kissed as Jordan fucked her. I toyed with her nipples and leaned over to suck one of them into my mouth, which really seemed to drive her wild.

Her nipples seemed hard enough to cut glass.

Jordan was now pounding into her with quick, short thrusts, causing her to squeal out loud and arch her back sharply on the bed. I could see the sweat (and cum) dripping from her body as she was drilled within an inch of her life.

"Yeah. Give it to her." I encouraged. "Give this little slut the fucking of her life."

"God damn—" he grunted back between thrusts. "She's so damn tight."

"Good isn't she." I winked.

Olivia's moans grew louder and louder. I knew it wouldn't be long before she had her third orgasm of the night. I reached down and rubbed her clit to help her along, as my brother hammered in and out of her pussy.

Her arousal was evident by the white goop which covered his dick and her lips.

"Ugh. Fuck." she cried. "Fuck me Jordan. Harder. God Yes!"

"You little tease." I whispered into her ear as I rubbed her clit. "You like that cock. huh."

"Yes! —god yes." she grunted. "Please."

"Me and my brother are going to fuck you till you scream. Do you hear me Olivia."

By this time Olivia was stroking me hard again. I knew she wanted more so I slammed my cock into her pretty mouth, causing her to gag briefly.

"God-damn bro." I snickered. "—this little cunt has quite the mouth on her."

"I told you." he laughed while thrusting into her rapidly. "She gives the best head man."

"I don't doubt it." I hissed. "Probably all those years of practice, sucking that Disney executive cock."

Suddenly, Jordan's body began to twitch and jerk as he screamed his orgasm. He filled Olivia's hole with his seed just as she shouted she was cumming again!

This time however, her whole body convulsed more than all the previous times combined. We gave her a few moments to recoup, as I stood over her twitching body and jacked my wood, chuckling at the fact that she had already climaxed four times in a row.

After she rested, I pulled her to the other side of the bed and got her on all fours. Olivia was clearly exhausted at this point, so much so that she couldn't even resist me if she wanted to.

I helped her out by propping her ass up in the air, and buried my sword inside that well-fucked cunt. She felt absolutely divine as I slid home, taking that sweet teen pussy doggy-style.

I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her well. She looked back and smiled at me dumbly, no doubt showing her appreciation and pleasure to this new position.

"Jay, get over there." I directed. "Let her suck your cock again."

Jordan got up onto the bed and waved his cock in front of her face. Even though he wasn't as hard as earlier, he still enjoyed watching her mouth work him over.

I could have fucked her all night long. As pretty as she was, the little cunt was born to be taken from behind.

Her gooey cunt now formed a creamy ring around the base of my shaft, as I slipped in and out of her tight pussy. I now varied my pace from long, slow strokes to short, hard thrusts. The moaning starlet really seemed to enjoy this variation.

I pushed my thumb deep inside her ass as I fucked her. Her body shuddered as I filled both holes.

"Nnnghhh-Fuck." she grunted as I began to work it in and out of her tight shit-pipe.

"You ever been fucked in the ass before." I grinned. "huh baby."

Olivia shook her head.

Jordan's cock was now rock hard and ready to explode again. It appeared that just the notion of me taking her virgin ass really seemed to set him off. For her part, Olivia bobbed her head furiously over my brothers sword, working it in and out of her drooling mouth as he swept his fingers through her hair and fucked her face harder and faster.

"Fuck-Liv." he hissed. "—I'm gonna cum. You're gonna make me cum in your mouth!"

He finally gripped her hair as he exploded in her mouth. I watched as she attempted to swallow it, but drools of semen leaked out from the corners of her mouth.

Watching her gag on this mighty load, just about pushed me over the edge, causing me to pump wildly with my hips before pulling out myself, and shooting all over her perfect ass.

Spurt after spurt shot across her sweat-glazed spine, absolutely bathing her body in jism. We finally collapsed on the bed with Olivia laying between us, all three of us trying to catch our breath.

"So what's the story." I asked. "She spending the night here or what."

Jordan chuckled.

"I guess so."

Olivia then got up from the bed, her head spinning, barely managing to find the strength to stand much less walk.

"Wait. Where's my phone—" she rambled.

"I dunno." Jordan replied. "Over there somewhere."

"I have to call Ray." she slurred incoherently. "He's probably worried about me."

"Who the fuck is Ray." I laughed.

My brother shrugged.

"Ray's her boyfriend."

"What the fuck. Is she for real."

"Afraid so."


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