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The Babysitter's Friends
With Paris Berelc, Kelli Berglund and Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MFFF, BJ, Alco, Voy
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

http://i.imgbox.com/tAIFg55s.jpg (http://imgbox.com/W7MnCMeM)

Once again, the first date had been a complete disaster. When I arrived home alone feeling pretty shitty, I had no idea the failed date was actually a blessing in disguise as it led on to one of the best nights of my life, starting with me walking in to find my babysitter, Paris Berelc, stood in the lounge like a deer in headlights.

"Err, Mr An-" she started.

"What's going on?" I interjected, immediately suspicious.

Looking around, the room was a mess, Paris seemed to be trying her best to clear up but it was obvious she'd broken the rule and had friends round. I was about to just send her home and worry about it tomorrow when I heard laughter coming from the next room.

I sighed and made my way into the kitchen to see two girls who I immediately recognised as Paris' friends Kelli Berglund and Olivia Holt. It was plain to see the three girls had found their way into my drinks cabinet and were already pretty buzzed.

"Whoa Paris, this is your employer?" Kelli said, raising her eyebrows, not at all worried at my arrival. "He's pretty cute!"

"How old are you two?" I asked angrily, ignoring her compliment as they both openly eyed me up.

"Nineteen, she's eighteen," Kelli replied with a shrug and a nod towards Olivia who gave me a flirty wink.

"Great," I muttered realising I now had three underage, drunk teenagers in my house.

I left them to it for a moment and headed upstairs. It was hard to stay too angry at Paris since my kid was fast asleep and it was fairly obvious she hadn't had much choice in Kelli and Olivia coming round.

"Right you three. Home. Now," I told them, finding them making themselves comfortable in the lounge.

"But it would be irresponsible to drive, sir!" Olivia pouted doing her best good girl impression, "We've been drinking."

"Well I'll call your parents then, they can come get you."

Kelli shrugs nonchalantly but my threat seemed to have an immediate effect on Olivia whose attitude disappeared and eyes widened.

"No, you can't!" she exclaimed, slurring her words as I pick her phone up from the table.

"What's the big deal, Liv?" Kelli asks, "You're eighteen, what are they gunna do to you?"

"It is a big deal!" Olivia insisted. "Mom said they're taking my car away if I get in trouble again!"

I mostly ignored their trivial teenage bickering while I scrolled through Olivia's phone to find someone to call.

"Well, you'll just have to blow him or something then," Kelli shrugged before taking another swig of beer.

That got my attention. I glanced up to see Olivia's and Paris' shocked faces at their friend's brash comment.

"What?! Don't tell me neither of you have blown a guy to get something before?"

"Yeah but not a complete stranger," Olivia replies defensively.

Paris simply kept silent, sitting nervously beside Kelli, probably worried about getting fired.

"Say goodbye to your car then," Kelli concludes.

"Jesus, fine! If that's what it takes," Olivia takes a final drink of wine straight from the bottle before passing it to Paris and approaching me.

"Uhh…hold on a sec," I stammer as she drops to her knees in front of me. She was pretty drunk and I didn't want to get caught taking advantage.

"Don't call any of our parents; let us crash here for the night and I'll suck you off, deal?" Olivia said.

Kelli and Paris were both settled in to watch the event unfold; it seemed we wouldn't be getting any privacy.

"I'm really good," Liv promised.

I made my decision known by switching her phone off and putting it down. With her looking as good as she did and already on her knees, it wasn't exactly an offer I could refuse. Olivia beamed excitedly before reaching to unbutton my jeans.

In a flash my cock was quickly growing in her small, warm hand. The fact that Kelli and Paris were both avidly watching their blonde friend stroke me made it grow even quicker.

"Damn Paris, you've been holding out on us!" Liv exclaimed, impressed once I'd reached my full, menacing size.

I looked up just in time to see Paris blush and lick her lips while she watched intensely as Olivia slowly kissed my swollen head. The wet contact alone was enough to make a drop of precum emerge which she promptly lapped up before opening her mouth wider and taking me between her pink, glossy lips.

For someone who had been so reluctant a few minutes ago, Olivia definitely gave me her all. She maintained eye contact throughout, letting me get lost in her wide, hazel eyes as she bobbed her head on my rigid member.

I found myself running my hand through her loosely curled, blonde hair as she slowly sucked on my pole, twisting her hand around the base while she licked up, down and all around the top.

"Hmm, that feels so good," I muttered when she pouted her soft lips and rubbed them along the length of my shaft.

I was distracted for a moment when I saw Kelli scoot closer to Paris and whisper something in her ear out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't until I looked properly that I realised Kelli was actually giving the younger girl a wet love bite. Paris was leaning back with her eyes closed, breathing heavily as Kelli kissed and sucked on her neck.

Elsewhere, Kelli had her hand on Paris' exposed leg, slowly stroking her tanned skin before inching up her inner thigh. Instinctively, Paris opened her legs giving me a brief peek up her skirt at her red, lacy underwear.

As Kelli's hand disappeared up her skirt, she started planting small kisses up Paris' neck before ultimately kissing her directly on the lips. Paris gasped and her hips jerked so I had no doubt that Kelli had touched both pair of lips at the same time.

My cock twitched in Olivia's mouth at the sight of the two other teens, lost in their own little world as they sensually made out on my sofa. Liv saw me looking and turned to follow my line of sight.

"Yeah, can't take those two anywhere," she smirked before licking her lips and getting back to the task in hand.

My mind was reeling at the fact this clearly wasn't the first time Kelli and my seemingly innocent babysitter had been this intimate with each other. I couldn't see up the skirt but the way Kelli's arm was moving and the way Paris was squirming underneath her, it was clear she was rubbing her in all the right spots.

"Mmm, you're so wet right now," Kelli whispered when they broke apart.

"Ugh-God," Paris sighed as she fidgeted.

"I think she's enjoying the show, Livy" Kelli continued.

Olivia gave a happy moan around my meat which sent a shiver up my spine. "Mmmhff, yeah? Well why doesn't she come down and join me?"

"Ooh, yeah I'd like to see that," Kelli purrs, turning back to Paris.

"Err-nggh-I dunno Kell," the younger girl groaned, sinking lower and lower into the sofa as she continued squirming under Kelli's rubbing hand.

"C'mon, I wanna see how you suck dick," Kelli insisted before deciding to lead by example, slinking off the sofa and crawling towards me on all fours, leaving Paris hanging.

My breath caught in my throat as she approached me. Olivia sat back for a breather and suddenly pulled her top off revealing the most delicious pair of tits I'd ever laid eyes on. I simply couldn't take my eyes off them as they jiggled slightly with every movement she made until Kelli abruptly took my wet cock straight into the back of her narrow throat, immediately deepthroating me and making me groan.

"Holy shit!" I gasped as she gagged, coughing spit all over my shaft.

"Wow Kelli! You gotta teach me how to do that," Olivia said, watching in awe as Kelli made my entire cock disappear again.

Kelli simply grinned smugly as she pulled back, leaving a trail of saliva between my dick and her wet lips. Before it had a chance to drip down on her shirt, she quickly joined Olivia in getting topless, proudly showing me another pair of equally incredible tits.

As I marvelled at her chest, I just about lost it when Olivia and Kelli suddenly attacked me in unison, slathering my pole with their hot little tongues. Looking down at them both staring up at me while they shared my cock, I had to immediately look away for fear of blowing and putting an end to this little affair.

Unfortunately, when I looked away I was greeted by an almost hotter sight. My sweet, bashful babysitter had pulled her skirt up, her legs spread obscenely wide and her red panties tugged to the side as she eagerly rubbed at her moist little slit, spreading her delicate lips with one hand and teasing her clit with the other while she enjoyed the show.

"Are you coming down here or do we need to come to you?" Kelli finally asked over her shoulder while Liv wantonly gargled on my balls.

This time, Paris seemed to be riled up enough to approach without question, dropping to her knees in between her two friends. I gulped as she got closer. Being a single father, of course I'd done my leering and had my fair share of fantasies about my hot teenage babysitter, I'd never expected it to ever become reality though.

http://3.t.imgbox.com/1ChmgXIT.jpg (http://imgbox.com/1ChmgXIT) http://9.t.imgbox.com/KBHSIkwX.jpg (http://imgbox.com/KBHSIkwX) http://4.t.imgbox.com/qDKRR1rH.jpg (http://imgbox.com/qDKRR1rH)

Kelli and Olivia quickly worked together to pull her top off as well leaving me with three of the most beautiful teens Hollywood had to offer, topless and on their knees before me.

With her friends either side of her egging her on, Paris finally moved forward to tentatively lick my rod, tasting me briefly. The way she acted, anyone would have thought this was her first time sucking cock.

She quickly proved me wrong however by the way she lashed her tongue over me a few more times, licking my pole like a lollipop before finally wrapping her plump lips around the head, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and swirled her hot tongue around me. Not wanting to disappoint, Paris tried taking me further but quickly found herself gagging after a few inches and pulling away.

"Fuck, that's so hot!" Kelli sighed, biting her lip as Paris went down to try again.

Paris managed another inch before gagging but when she pulled away, Kelli grabbed her head with an animalistic growl and kissed her hard on the lips again, their tongues immediately began exploring each other's mouths.

Without missing a beat, Olivia moved in to take over cock sucking duty. I watched as she pushed my dick into the inside of her cheek making it bulge out before making a lewd popping noise when she pulled it out. She let me probe every inch of her naughty little mouth while Kelli and Paris fervently made out beside us.

After they finally broke apart, Kelli almost had to fight Olivia to get my cock off her and direct it back into Paris' mouth. It was lucky I had a wall behind me to lean back on because my legs almost gave way when Paris sucked on the head again and Kelli and Olivia immediately moved in to lick either side of my shaft. Seeing all three of them service my cock together, at the same time, was an image I'd never forget.

"Jesus girls, you're gunna make me cum," I groaned before taking control.

I took my cock in hand while the three girls, from blonde to brunette to jet-black, moved closer and opened their mouths nice and wide for me. I grit my teeth at the sight before starting with Kelli, sticking it in her hole for several deep pumps before pulling out to give Paris the same treatment and finally Olivia.

All three girls quickly got sloppy and messy, their chins dripping with their own and each other's spit as I continued to alternate back and forth between their three willing, moaning mouths.

"Come on, cum for us!" Liv teased, lapping at my tight balls while she waited her turn.

All of a sudden I lost control. I was in Kelli's mouth at the time and the first powerful spurt was sent rocketing down her throat. I quickly pulled out to aim and blast my pent up load over all three of their pretty faces.

I'd never cum so much or for so long in my entire life as I unloaded a seemingly endless torrent of spunk all over them, managing to give all three of the little sluts the coating they deserved. Being in the middle, Paris cringed and flinched as I plastered her the most, treating her to her very first facial.

"Holy shiiiiiit!" Liv laughed at the copious amount of cum I had had bottled up.

Kelli was the first to lean forward to lick my sensitive dick clean before turning to kiss Paris again while Olivia still seemed highly amused at the state they were all in, wiping jizz away from her eye and licking her fingers clean.

It felt like I'd run a marathon as I stood there gasping for air as the surreal series of events slowly sunk in.

"Lemme get some towels," I finally said, staggering towards the stairs. "And-err-some blankets, you can sleep on the sofas tonight, alright?"

I got no response. Paris and Kelli were still exploring each other's tonsils and Olivia was helping herself to another drink as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. I simply shook my head, swaying slightly at how lightheaded I felt before climbing the stairs.


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