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Cross Country 3
With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, finger, sleep, inc, text
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Can't take much credit for the scenario since TPG originally suggested it but hopefully I did it justice, enjoy!

http://i.imgbox.com/lTayr2zu.jpg (http://imgbox.com/lTayr2zu)

After staying up half the night skinny dipping in the hotel pool with my sexy younger cousin, Chloe and I were understandably exhausted the next day. This of course made it tricky to show any kind of fake enthusiasm when Chloe's brother, Trevor, and their mother, my aunt Teri, announced they'd be joining us for the next stretch of the journey.

While I was naturally horrified by the prospect, they quickly clarified that they had flights booked to fly home from the next city tomorrow morning so it wasn't as bad as I'd first assumed.

We couldn't exactly argue against it without raising suspicion so Chloe and I reluctantly climbed into the back while her mom took a turn behind the wheel.

If I'm honest I was actually grateful for the break, especially with how tired I was and it was obvious Teri and Trevor were eager to have a go driving the Benz themselves. If only they knew the real reason we hadn't got much sleep last night.

Even a few hours into the drive, I couldn't stop thinking about Chloe sitting innocently beside me, tapping away at her phone. Since we were on the road all day, she'd dress for comfort with an oversized hoody and plain sweatpants. Even so, knowing the body under those layers and what I'd done to that body just last night was enough to get my imagination running.

Thinking of the devious things I wanted to do, I had to stop myself looking at her in case Teri or Trev glanced back and caught the lustful look I no doubt had in my eyes.

I decided to take a leaf out of her book and pulled out my phone to distract myself but almost immediately came across the naughty texts she'd sent me last night. After reading through them again, I started typing out a new message.

"So what happened to riding me in the backseat while your family's in the car?"

I glanced to the side to see the notification flash on her screen a moment later. She didn't look at me as she read it but I saw her lips curl into a slight smile before she tapped out her reply.

"Haha. I knew you'd bring it up!"

"So you've been thinking about it too?"

"Of course I have, all morning! I just don't have the energy for it, someone kept me up all night…"

"Huh, weird. I didn't get much sleep either. I'll have to catch up tonight I suppose."

"I wouldn't count on it..."

"Oh? And why's that?"

"Because I've practically flooded my panties already. Or at least would have...if I were wearing any."

Chloe still had her eyes glued to her phone but as soon as her latest message came through I couldn't help but look over with the hope of getting a glimpse at some hot cameltoe but the teasing minx took that exact moment to smirk and cross her legs.

"Jesus Chloe, I swear you're more desperate than I am sometimes! Is this married dude not taking care of you enough?"

"Man, if only you knew what I get up to with him. You ain't seen nothing yet…"

"Go on…" I encouraged.

"We need to sneak around a lot, meet in shady hotels, call in when the wife is out, y'know?"

"So you like the risk then?"

"Hmm, I love it. I wonder where I got that from."

"Hey you corrupted me as much as I corrupted you!"

"It just makes me cum so fucking hard knowing how bad it is. How we could get caught at any moment…"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Chloe start to fidget in her seat, clearly getting a little worked up and trying to use her thighs for a bit of relieving friction.

"Not been caught yet?" I messaged.

"Came close this one time. His wife was working so I stayed the night. We ended up losing track of time though and he was still fucking me in the shower when she got back the next morning!"

"Damn there's an image. Now I wish I'd taken you in the shower last night."

"You're not going to get jealous now are you?"

"I'm sure I'll manage."

"Even if I told you I let him fuck me in the ass?"

Chloe looked straight at me after that to gauge my reaction. Regrettably, that sweet teen ass was one hole I'd yet to fill and while I'd once fantasized about being the one to take her anal virginity, the mere idea she was an experienced little anal whore almost made up for it.

Before I could reply I jumped when Trevor suddenly turned back to speak to us, I'd almost forgotten they were even with us in the car. Fortunately he didn't notice the guilty look on my face and just wanted to inform us we were stopping for a bit.

Twenty minutes later, having stopped at a gas station for a fill-up and bathroom break and adding 'dirty gas stop bathroom' to the lists of places to bend Chloe over in, I returned to the car. There, Teri was adjusting the backseats and laying out a blanket to create a makeshift bed while her daughter stood behind and watched.

"I hope you don't mind," Teri said as I approached. "Chloe's got a bad headache and thought a lie down would do her good."

"Yeah, sorry cuz, I hardly got any sleep last night," Chloe added with a sly look.

"Right, sure it's not a problem," I shrugged, not really knowing what her game was.

"Are you sure? I'd lie back here with her but my back's playing up again," Teri continued.

"Really, I don't mind," I insisted. "I didn't get much sleep last night either so I could do with closing my eyes for a bit as well."

As Teri finished fussing, I couldn't help but feel a little guilty as Chloe's very own mother unknowingly set up a bed for her horny daughter and nephew to share.

http://6.t.imgbox.com/kZUENzbI.jpg (http://imgbox.com/kZUENzbI) http://2.t.imgbox.com/d35eAy0H.jpg (http://imgbox.com/d35eAy0H) http://2.t.imgbox.com/duwwZhvQ.jpg (http://imgbox.com/duwwZhvQ)

It took all of a few minutes back on the road for me to start regretting my decision to lie in the cramped space effectively spooning my younger temptress of a cousin under the blanket.

Even with her mother a few feet away in the passenger seat and her brother at the wheel, I'd gotten harder than steel almost immediately and it wasn't going to go down anytime soon with Chloe's warm, round butt nestled firmly against my groin.

Chloe didn't seem fazed at all with her eyes closed and breathing slow. I couldn't tell if she'd set this all up and then actually gone to sleep while I lay here in restless discomfort.

I tried my best to close my eyes and ignore the warmth of her lithe young body against mine but it was a losing battle.

Sometime later, the confused logic in my fuzzy head told me that if she was going to make me horny and uncomfortable, it was only fair I do the same to her.

I opened my eyes and kept them fixed on Teri and Trevor in the front seats. With them both facing forward, I moved my arm under the blanket to wrap around Chloe's waist before I deftly slipped my hand into her pants to immediately feel the burning heat of her sweet teenage cunt.

Judging from the lack of reaction to my bold action, she actually was asleep. Like she'd said, she'd forgone underwear today and was still almost dripping wet.

I used the exact same moves I used on her the last time I touched her like this a few days ago only this time I was far less concerned about her waking up, in fact I almost wanted her to.

She quickly drenched my hand as I slowly and leisurely played with her delicate lips. All the while my eyes never stopped flicking between the three unknowing people in the car; Teri and Trev to make sure they weren't looking and Chloe to make sure she didn't make any telltale noises in her sleep.

I could feel my cock was now wedged firmly in the crack of her ass and I wanted nothing more than to rock my hips a little for some kind of release but didn't dare move too much in such close proximity to the rest of the family.

In fact, the only thing I did move were the two fingers I currently had massaging Chloe's pussy which was now so utterly soaked I didn't want to even move them too much through fear of causing some lewd, wet noise.

It was a sudden bump in the road which escalated things by causing me to inadvertently slip my fingers inside her juicy box, immediately making Chloe wake up and grunt loudly.


I froze in place and closed my eyes when I saw Teri turn in her seat at the noise while Chloe fortunately seemed to have her wits about her and managed to cover it up by pretending to clear her throat.

"Feeling better sweetie?" her mom asked softly.

"Uhh. Yeah yeah, much better…" Chloe murmured while I still had two fingers inside her up to the second knuckle.

"Aww good, well you might as well try catch up on sleep, Trevor and I can drive the rest of the way tonight."

"Okay, thanks mom," Chloe said trying to keep her voice steady.

I heard the squeak of the leather as Teri turned away and I dared to open my eyes again. I was greeted by Chloe's green eyes glaring at me in disbelief.

Even after all the teasing and texting, I don't think she ever expected me to actually risk messing around with her mother in the very same car. In truth, I never expected to either but here we were.

Her eyelids fluttered as I slowly pulled my fingers free of her gripping hole and returned to simply stroking her lips. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment more before she slowly smiled and turned back to her original position, seemingly happy to let me continue having my way with her under the blanket.

I grinned as I started to tease her with more purpose, I don't think I could ever get bored of playing with her perfect little cunt. The whole thing was actually very educational and over time I started to learn what she liked, what she didn't like as much and what really got her motor going.

With this knowledge, I had to be careful not to push too many of the right buttons. Chloe was capable at muffling or covering up the occasional gasp, grunt or groan but I doubt she'd be able to disguise the ecstatic scream if I made her cum after working her over for so long.

http://t1.someimage.com/2WDUfZG.jpg (http://someimage.com/2WDUfZG)

Before I knew it, over an hour had passed of me simply rubbing away at her sex. I could barely look away from Chloe's flushed red face, her eyes clenched shut, biting her lip as she did everything in her power to fight her body's natural urge to explode and cum.

Suddenly she came the closest to losing herself yet when her whole body jerked and she let out the loudest gasp yet. I quickly retracted my drenched hand while Chloe twitched beside me.

"Uggh-uhh-cramp…" she lied to her concerned looking mother who'd turned at the noise.

It was while her own mom was looking at her that Chloe reached under the blanket to act as if she was massaging a muscle in her leg when in actual fact she went straight for a muscle of my own, shoving my shorts down to grab my erection in her sweaty hand.

"You two could probably sit up now anyway, it's getting late you won't be able to sleep tonight," Teri suggested.

"No!" Chloe exclaimed a little too urgently. "Uhh-it's just way more comfortable like this, right?"

"Yep-yeah, definitely," I nodded in agreement, trying to not let the fact Chloe was now stroking my dick show on my face.

"Suit yourselves, but no funny business under the blanket!" Teri teased.

"Mom!" Chloe exclaimed, blushing in shock.

Teri simply turned back to the front, laughing at her own dirty joke. If only she knew.

With no one looking, Chloe was able to settle back into our spooning position but this time took the opportunity to quickly peel her pants down to her thighs before bending one leg slightly and carefully guiding my cock into the space between.

I immediately felt the heat and dampness of her scorching, teased to the limit cunt against my shaft. The teen was so turned on she was feeling much more daring as she ever-so-slowly began grinding herself against my pole, slathering it in her juices.

She couldn't move too much without drawing attention but even the slight friction on my cock was enough. Now it was my turn to suppress my groans as she skilfully worked me over in what appeared to be a well-trained manoeuvre.

It didn't take long for her to bring me to the point where I felt I could explode at any moment if I wasn't careful. I closed my eyes and concentrated on literally anything else while I gripped her thigh as a sort of warning. Chloe didn't stop for a second though and simply continued to have her little revenge on me.

With my pre-cum covering her hand and the juices from her dripping pussy, we were now practically lying in a puddle as I came to the realisation I wasn't going to be able to stand much more of this.

This torture seemed to drag on and on all while my head was telling me that this was it. I was going to cover the blanket and Chloe in spunk and we were going to get caught. I'd probably be kicked out to the side of the road and disowned.

Blessedly, Chloe seemed to read my mind because she suddenly stopped moving completely letting me breathe out a long sigh of relief. My breath immediately caught in my throat a second later when she gripped me again and actually directed my cock straight into her pussy!

I stayed rigidly still as she wordlessly wiggled her hips back slightly to swallow me whole, taking my length deep into her sopping hole. I simply couldn't hold back any longer and almost the moment her soft ass was pressed against me, I felt my cock pulse as I finally unloaded deep inside her.

I swear I probably passed out for a second as I filled her cooch with spunk for the very first time, all while staying completely motionless and silent. Chloe drew in a sharp intake of breath and her body trembled at the sensation.

We lay there frozen, still melded together while her mother and brother continued their mindless chat right in front of us. As I took long, slow breaths to compose myself, I was just starting to think it was over and we'd actually gotten away with it when I felt myself harden yet again inside her hot, vice-like cunt.

I heard Chloe sigh quietly as her hole was stretched by my expanding cock but I couldn't stop it. In this position she felt even tighter than she had last night.

Fortunately, by this time it was getting dark so I felt slightly safer to risk slowly rocking my hips. No darkness could cover up the sound of her sloshing cunt or the squeaking leather though so we still had to keep movement to a bare minimum.

Even so, just being inside her in such a risky position coupled with the way her cunt would squeeze down on me at random intervals was enough to get me off.

"Aww, look at the two of you!" Teri suddenly cooed, looking back at us as we both froze, paralyzed. "You used to do this all the time when you were younger." she sighed, reminiscing to earlier days before her little girl was all grown up. "Here let me get a quick picture, your mom will love this!"

I gulped and glanced at Chloe who tensed up as Teri got her phone out and was moments away from immortalising this moment. Chloe decided we had no choice and decided to just go with it, shifting slightly to angle herself and smile for the camera.

In doing so however, she caused an even tighter grip on my bubbling cock and before I knew it, I was spurting a second load into her womb. That moment was a blur and I have no idea how we did it but somehow we managed to maintain innocent faces as the camera flashed.

I was pretty sure I'd never do anything as evil as to cum inside a girl while their own unsuspecting mother took a photo of the occasion again.

While Teri turned back to admire the photo, I had no idea how Chloe was staying so composed. I'd cum twice already and was still hard while she must have been teetering on the edge for the better half of two hours by now.

It wasn't until my cum started to leak out of her that I silently decided we'd gone way too far and were now definitely pushing our luck. Slowly, I began to pull away, sliding out until I was stopped by Chloe turning to give me one of her devious looks that told me she wasn't done just yet.

My eyes rolled back when she suddenly slammed her ass back against me, forcing my length to settle back inside her again. Chloe was making it perfectly clear she wasn't going to let me go without her getting off at least once so I figured it was about time I made her.

Remembering her earlier text messages, I reached under the blanket to feel the soft curve of her ass, grazing over it to dip lower and coat my finger with her own wetness before bringing it back to tease her puckered starfish.

Chloe tensed briefly as she realised my intentions as I gently rubbed at her tightest entrance, willing it to open up for me.

When she exhaled slowly and forced herself to relax, I took it as the go ahead and with a little force, I popped my finger past her rim and straight into her tight ass.

I pushed it as deep as I could in our awkward position, Chloe sucking air through her teeth as I explored her back door.

After a few calm minutes of gently probing and stretching her out, I was able to easily add a second digit and soon enough I was slowly and steadily fingering my cousin's perfect ass on the backseat.

I could tell by her body language that she was really close now and could erupt at any moment as she was filled in both holes. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to replace my fingers with my steely, thick cock and finally fuck her in the ass for the first time but figured I'd save that for another time.

Instead, I continued to persistently fuck her with the tip of my cock in her cunt and my fingers knuckle deep in her ass.

What finally did it for her was when I risked speaking for the first time all afternoon, leaning in to gently kiss her behind the ear before whispering a simple, barely audible instruction.

"Cum for me."

Chloe shivered at the hot breath on the back of her neck and finally let herself go with a small whimper before biting the blanket.

I was forced to hold her tight to prevent her from rolling off the seat as she fought to control her body's erratic jerks and her cunt literally gushed around my cock which, with a roll of my eyes, sent me off again giving Chloe her third creampie as her mind-numbing orgasm rolled on.

It probably all barely lasted a minute but it felt more like five before Chloe finally came to a quivering rest beside me, her eyes glazed and struggling to stay open with a blissful smile on her face and before I knew it I threw caution to the wind and kissed her soft lips while I finally slipped out of her spent, spunk-filled hole.

It was a miracle we'd gotten away with it as we finally stretched and sat upright, just in time for Trevor to drive into the city limits of our next overnight stop. Now all we had to do was get rid of the cum-soaked blanket and hope we could both walk straight...

To be continued...


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