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Girl Talk
With Dove Cameron, Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MFF, FF, toys, inc, BJ
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: A quick something that all came about thanks to this (probably) innocent Tweet... (https://twitter.com/olivia_holt/status/669236901065412608)

https://4-t.imgbox.com/0rkrzgGd.jpg (http://imgbox.com/0rkrzgGd) https://1-t.imgbox.com/jBwM6F3a.jpg (http://imgbox.com/jBwM6F3a) https://2-t.imgbox.com/VFz6jU2i.jpg (http://imgbox.com/VFz6jU2i)

"My sister told me you're pretty much set for life if you can give a good blowjob," Dove Cameron announced matter-of-factly.

"Well I need the guy before I can do that bit," Sabrina argued having just been on a long, frustrated rant about her single life.

"Yes, but before the guy you need the practice!" Dove explained followed by a pause while she rummaged through her belongings. When she produced what she had been looking for, the other girls gave audibly shocked gasps.

"Wow! How big is that thing?" Olivia giggled.

"Hmm, about eight inches I guess?" Dove shrugged followed by the sound of her planting a wet kiss on her toy. "Why, how big is yours?"

"Mine?! I don't have one of them!" Olivia retorted.

"Bullshit! You go weeks, months without seeing your boyfriend. You mean you don't get off in all that time?"

"I didn't say that," Olivia grinned before opening her drawer to show off her favourite toy.

"Ooh, more of a vibrator girl? I wouldn't mind seeing you put that to use Livvy," Dove teased.

"Dove! What the hell?!" Olivia blushed with another shy giggle.

"Hey, if that's what you're into I've got something else in my bag you'll fucking love," Dove started before Sabrina suddenly cut back in.

"How deep can you take that thing?"

There was a pause in conversation as Dove seemed to think about it before ultimately deciding to show off to her curious friends.

"I'll show you…"

Of course, with my ear up against our shared paper-thin wall, I had heard everything my sister Olivia and her hot friends had been saying. Frustratingly I couldn't see them though and had to simply listen to the barely audible wet, slurping sounds as Dove Cameron proved her cock sucking and deepthroating talents.

The other girls seemed to be silently watching in awe until Dove finally ran out of air and was forced to pull the dildo out with a lewd gag.

"Wow!" Sabrina stated. "That was impressive!"

"Pfft, easy! I could do that!" I was shocked to hear my sister say in her familiar, competitive tone of voice.

"Well let's see it then," Dove challenged.

Living with a sister as hot as Olivia Holt definitely wasn't easy and knowing I was about to miss out on witnessing her attempt to deepthroat an eight inch cock, real or not, drove me absolutely crazy.

From the get-go, Olivia seemed to struggle more than Dove and, like always, it sounded like she'd bitten off more than she could chew, so to speak.

"Gaah-fuck…" she gasped, panting heavily after a minute of trying.

"Not so easy I guess," Dove teased.

"I'm just warming up, I'm just more used to a real cock," my stubborn sister replied defensively before going for another attempt.

A minute later she suddenly coughed and spluttered loudly while Dove cheered and I had to assume she'd succeeded in taking the dong down her narrow throat.

"Wow, I should get one of these," Olivia said breathlessly. "I love sucking cock too much…"

Hearing this admission from her almost made my erection punch a hole through the wall while the two older blondes turned their attention to their less experienced friend, Sabrina.

I could just about picture the nervous look the petite girl would have on her face, her stunning blue eyes looking over the huge toy that was probably the size of her forearm and still covered in Dove and Olivia's combined saliva.

"Just suck it a little to start with," Liv encouraged.

"Yeah. Just like that, don't worry about making a mess, guys love that!" Dove added as I heard Sabrina nosily suck on the fake cock.

"This is pretty hot," Olivia admitted quietly after a few minutes.

"I know right? Try to take it deeper Sabrina."

"Oh my God!" the two older girls exclaimed in unison a moment later.

"How did you do that?!" Olivia demanded.

"Uhh, I dunno…I just pushed it all the way down. I guess?" Sabrina replied plainly.

"Fuck, do it again!" Dove begged excitedly.

I heard Sabrina slurp it down again followed by a series of rapid obscene throat-fucking noises as she seemed to confidently display her apparent lack of gag-reflex to her wide-eyed friends.

"Damn...I wish I brought my strap-on, I really wanna fuck your face right now," Dove sighed absent-mindedly.

"In fact, I'd rather see you do that to a real cock!" she continued more excitedly. "Liv, where's your brother?!"

I didn't know if she was being serious or not but just hearing her mention me made me jump and my cock twitch hopefully. But unfortunately my older sister quickly shut her down.

"What? No! no one's sucking off or doing anything with my brother!"

"Ugh. You're no fun," Dove sighed.

"Whatever, what else did you bring?" Liv asked, quickly changing the subject.

Dove giggled and went back to her bag again while in the background I could just about hear Sabrina continue to suckle on the fake cock.

"Oh wow! Is that what I think it is?!" my sister yelped, unable to keep the giddy excitement out of her voice.

"Yep, figured you'd like it," Dove said proudly as I heard her plug whatever it was into the wall socket.

"Errr, what even is it?" Sabrina asked innocently.

"A Hitachi, I've always wanted to try one!" Olivia explained briefly. "Quick, go close the door."

I almost kicked myself then as Olivia inadvertently revealed the door had been open this entire time and I could have casually strolled past during their deepthroat challenge. It was too late now though as Sabrina clicked the door shut and Dove ordered my sister out of her nightwear.

Thanks to the internet, I was of course familiar with the Hitachi and knew it was capable of turning any woman into a quivering wreck. Despite the fact I regularly heard the buzzing of Olivia's pocket vibrator at night, I'd never imagined her using something like a Hitachi but now knowing they had one next door, seeing Olivia or any of her hot friends put it to good use immediately jumped to the top of my wishlist.

"Look at you! You're so wet already!" Dove grinned.

"I'm excited," Olivia giggled shyly.

"Well just lay back and let me do all the work."

"Umm, okay…I guess."

I was actually surprised that it seemed my sister had never gone this far with another girl before. Even though she was still unsure now, she didn't want to miss her chance with her dream toy so just went along with it while a no doubt wide-eyed Sabrina watched from the side-lines.

A moment later I heard the loud buzzing when Dove flicked her toy on immediately followed by my sister's loud gasp.

"Oh! Ooooh fuck! Yeah tease it a bit, I like that..."

I was definitely feeling slightly conflicted now as I listened to my own sister getting pleasured by the device but found it impossible to step away from my bedroom wall.

"Oh my GOD! This is-fuck-this is amazing…" she groaned, her voice already shaking.

"I'm going to turn it up a bit," Dove warned.

"Wha-what? This isn't it?" Liv grunted.

"You've been on the lowest!" Dove laughed before turning it up.


"Wow I think she's gunna cum already!" Sabrina said.

Following that, Dove cranked it up again and my sister almost immediately lost her mind.

"UGHH! FUCCKKK! Aaah-" Olivia wailed.

She was lucky our parents were out because she practically screamed the house down when she had the most powerfully intense orgasm of her young life. I heard her thrash around and caused the bed to repeatedly knock against the wall.

As she screamed and cussed something in my head told me this was the perfect chance to dash into her room as the 'concerned brother checking if his sister was okay' and before I knew it I was down the hall and opening her bedroom door.

The sight before me was even better than the one I'd created in my head.

https://0-t.imgbox.com/OzmOlTxv.jpg (http://imgbox.com/OzmOlTxv) https://0-t.imgbox.com/sd4dg7mm.jpg (http://imgbox.com/sd4dg7mm) https://4-t.imgbox.com/vfZxzav8.jpg (http://imgbox.com/vfZxzav8)

"More! I want more, don't stop yet!" Olivia was panting almost deliriously, tugging Dove's Hitachi holding hand back between her spread, shaking legs.

Sabrina had been the only one to hear the door open and glanced at me but instead of calling out, she simply gave a knowing smile. Dove noticed my presence a moment later after firmly pressing the vibrating toy back onto my sister's sopping cunt. She also grinned wickedly while Olivia's eyes and head rolled back onto her pillow.

"This feels so fucking incredible," she moaned unknowingly.

Despite my inability to take my eyes away from my naked sister with her perfect tits and pristine cunt, I was acutely aware of Sabrina eyeing me up, no doubt noticing the rigid tent in my shorts.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dove and Sabrina exchange a silent look and after a nod from Dove, Sabrina smiled and crawled off the bed and began to slink towards me on all fours.

Those beautiful blue eyes looking up at me was enough to draw my attention away from my sister, especially when the owner of those eyes eagerly yanked my shorts down.

"You gunna cum for us again Liv?" Dove whispered, pressing the device more firmly into her pussy.

"Uh-huh, it feels so good Dove," Olivia sighed lovingly.

Meanwhile, with my shorts pooled around my ankles, I waited with baited breath as Sabrina enjoyed an eyeful of my large, fully erect cock. Before she went any further, she crossed her arms and pulled her top off revealing her cute, pert tits.

With no risk of messing up her clothing, Sabrina brushed her hair back and leaned forward to drool a long line of spit over the length of my cock before gently rubbing it in with her warm hand. For someone who had claimed to be inexperienced, she seemed to know exactly what she was doing and I found myself moaning out loud.

"Shh!" she hushed me urgently with a glance back at my twitching sister who was lost in her own world but would still no doubt disapprove.

I nodded my understanding and Sabrina rewarded me by staring up with her wide blue eyes and taking the head between her soft lips, poking her tongue out to lap at the underside on my cock.

I let her simply bob on the tip for a few moments but secretly knowing what she was really capable of, I was eager to see her skills first-hand. I hinted at this by running my hands through her messy, dirty-blonde hair and gently pulling her down on my cock.

Sabrina didn't resist and opened her mouth a little wider. I saw her smile proudly as inch after inch disappeared until I had to suppress another groan when I entered her narrow throat and her tongue stuck out to flick against my balls.

I held her there for several glorious moments and caught Dove watching, noticeably impressed until I let her up for air. While Sabrina caught her breath as quietly as she could, Dove caught my eye and made me follow her two fingers as she licked up before moving them to Olivia and easily sliding them into her gushing hole.


Olivia gasped loudly and jerked as Dove added her fingers to the mix and started to relentlessly finger blast my sweet sister. At the same time she turned the Hitachi up to the highest and the double onslaught caused her to explode for a second time.

We watched Olivia's whole body spasm and arch off the bed as she cried out in rapture, soaking her bedsheets with her free-flowing juices. It was without doubt the hottest thing I'd ever seen and I found myself gripping Sabrina's hair and fucking her pretty, willing face that little bit harder.

"This is perfect Dove," Olivia sighed, positively glowing as she came down from her second high, staring at the ceiling. "Don't stop yet though…not yet…"

"Fucking hell Liv, you want to go again?" Dove asked, shocked by my sister's insatiable energy.

"Please!" she begged, "Just one more time, I've never felt like this before..."

"Fine but I'm getting a taste first," Dove told her with a wink in my direction.

"Uhh…wait wha-" Liv started before Dove cut her off by leaning in and spearing her tongue straight into her hot peach. "-ugggh! Ohmigod-ugh-I can't believe you're doing this!"

This clearly wasn't Dove's first time eating pussy and she quickly got my sister on board with it to the point she was lifting her hips and flicking her mound against Dove's talented tongue, urging her to feast at her very core.

It wasn't until Dove started nibbling and wrapping her plump lips around her swollen clit that my sister suddenly gasped erotically, sat upright and shrieked when she saw me in the doorway with my cock down Sabrina's throat.

"Cade! What the fuck?!" she shouted, immediately trying to cover up and close her legs.

Dove was too quick though and grabbed her thighs, pinning her in place and never stopped lapping away and gulping down her delicious nectar for a second.

"Dove-ughh stop!" Sabrina what are you doing?!" Olivia stammered, completely bewildered by the turn of events.

With both of their mouths otherwise occupied she got no answer and a moment later our eyes met for the first time. Her face was flushed red and sweating slightly after her first two intense orgasms while Dove was eager to bring her to a third.

Olivia grit her teeth though, glaring at me and seemed determined not to cum again while I was in the room but it was while staring into my sister's dark eyes that I suddenly grunted and pumped a thick torrent of cum into Sabrina's well-deserving mouth and down her throat.

Dove turned to the sound of Sabrina spluttering and choking on my spunk.

"Yeah! Swallow it all!" she smiled as Sabrina gulped it down and opened her empty mouth. "Good girl...now get up here and get a taste of this."

"Alright Cade, now get the fuck out!" Olivia fumed while Sabrina crawled onto the bed to kneel beside Dove at my sister's creamy cunt.

"He's already seen this much, what does it matter?" Dove reasoned while Sabrina joined her in licking at her juicy pussy. "Fuck you taste so good Liv, seriously."

"Ngh. Shit. This is fucked up," Olivia whined, letting her head fall back as her two BFFs licked her into submission.

With her reluctant permission to stay I was eager for more, starting with seeing her two hot friends fully naked.

When I peeled down Sabrina's pyjama shorts, Dove took the hint and briefly sat up to remove her long night shirt leaving the two of them bent over on the bed, their creamy asses up in the air as they feasted on my sister's cunt and I didn't even know where to start.

I ended up sliding a hand between both of their legs feeling the wispy hair above Sabrina's cunt and Dove's puffy, wet pussy lips.

"Hmm, Liv...I think your brother wants to fuck us," Cameron cooed while I gently stroked at her dripping slit.

"Uhh, of course he does. Just lick me a bit more, I was close...please..." Olivia sobbed, trying to tug Dove back between her legs.

"Can he?" Dove asked plainly, ignoring her pleas. "Can your brother fuck us?"

"Why does it even matter what I say?" Liv argued, getting frustrated while Sabrina teased and kissed her inner thigh.

"Can your brother fuck us?" Dove repeated more firmly with an evil smile.

"Ugh. Ohmigoddd-" Olivia grunted, glaring at me briefly, stood silently waiting behind Dove. "Fine! I don't care anymore, just do it!"

"Say it."

"Jesus I hate you sometimes," she groaned, squirming on the bed. "Fine, you can fuck my brother, okay?"

"Tell him."

"Ugh-what the hell? Cade fuck her hard! Make the slut fucking scream!" my sister hissed at me.

Hearing that, I was absolutely rock hard and wasted no time grabbing the teasing blonde's soft hips and slamming my cock inside her in one swift motion.

"Aaah! Fuck yes!" Dove groaned happily before rewarding Olivia by joining Sabrina and going back down on her.

"Fucking hell," was all I could think to say as I held myself almost balls deep inside Dove Cameron, simply relishing how tightly her cunt gripped every inch of my cock.

When I felt ready, I slowly pulled out only to ram it back home, making her whole body lurch forward into Liv's pussy every time.

As I built up a steady rhythm, I didn't want Sabrina to feel left out so reached to the side to slide my fingers into her to find she was even tighter and maybe even wetter than Dove was.

Knowing I still had that hole to look forward to along with the vision of the two of them eating out Olivia with their long, mingling tongues was almost too much to handle and Dove only made it harder when she started to torment my sister further.

"Your brother's fucking me sooo good Liv! Hmm. Such a nice biiig cock..."

"You're so bad, Dove," Sabrina giggled.

"Hah, you love it! And so does she, she just doesn't want to admit it yet."

I'd always pictured Dove Cameron as one of Olivia's sweeter, more innocent friends but tonight I was seeing her true colours. That, combined with the way she spoke down to my sister seemed to bring out the defensive brother side of me and I suddenly wanted nothing more than to give her the fucking she deserved.

I withdrew my fingers from Sabrina, grabbed Dove's ass with one hand and placed the other on the back of her head and pushed her firmly into Olivia's cream-filled cunt before taking her breath away when I almost mounted her from behind and fucked her like my life depended on it.

"MMMGHHFF-FUCK!" she squealed as she drove me into a frenzy.

Sabrina watched, wide-eyed and began to eagerly finger herself to the scene while Olivia's back arched sharply as Dove's face was shoved deeper than ever into her wanton cunt.

I doubt Dove had ever been fucked quite like this before but it seemed to really get her off and it didn't take her long to cum all over my piston-like cock with a high-pitched scream.

I barely even stopped for breath when I pulled out of Dove's flooded, open cunt and immediately grabbed Sabrina who gasped as I flipped her onto her back and I impatiently impaled her.

"Jesus-FUCK" she yelped as I proceeded to give the innocent girl a similar drilling.

With a hard cock inside her however, Sabrina seemed to grow as animated and dirty as Dove, her nails raking my back as she glared up at me and encouraged me to fuck her harder.

"Ugh. Ohmigod yes! Fuck the shit outta me!" she hissed erotically in her sultry voice.

I was more than happy to give her what she wanted, pounding the lithe teenager into the mattress until she also came with a guttural groan. Alongside her, my sister couldn't hold back any longer and finally came for the third time that night, coating Dove's face with her juices.

"Fuck, I'm gunna cum," I muttered, feeling Sabrina's cunt constrict around my shaft.

"Go shoot it all over Olivia's face," Sabrina urged without missing a beat. "She deserves it!"

I practically came just from hearing the suggestion and without thinking about it too much, I pulled out, moved over my hot, sweaty sister and proceeded to blow what must have been the biggest load of my life all over her stunning, shocked face...


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