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With Chloe Grace Moretz
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, inc, porn, handjob, voy, mutual masturbation
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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Growing up in a house with several siblings meant that I had to pick and choose when I could mess around and have some fun. Fortunately for me, my sister's acting career had taken off in recent years making everyone in the house preoccupied with her latest projects, leaving me home alone for the most part.

I guess being alone in the house led to me developing some bad habits, like going down to the den each morning and beating off to porn with the door wide open.

Everything seemed to work out great until the day Chloe returned home from her latest assignment. Having my sister home was great, even if it did kind of cramp my style.

I was initially concerned that her return might impact on my private "activities" but soon realized that there was nothing to worry about as Chloe had begun working with a personal trainer during the week, and didn't get home until later in the afternoons. This of course allowed me to continue with my morning "rituals."

Thus, after sleeping in on Wednesday, which I was prone to do, I came down the stairs and grabbed a cup of Joe, before wandering into the den for a little "relaxation" time.

As usual I placed a towel on the chair, proceeded to strip off my clothes and grabbed a bottle of baby oil from the drawer. Amusingly enough, I was in the mood for some teen porn that day, and explored several of my favorite websites where I watched clips that peeked my interest.

My cock responded accordingly at which point I applied some lotion and began to beat off. But just a few minutes into my daily routine I sensed something strange, and looked over in shock horror to find Chloe standing by the door!

"Busted." she said with a smug grin on her face.

"Whoa. What-the Chloe!"

"Ha. You're so busted right now!" she giggled before coming over to confront me.

In my panic to explain I barely had time to cover up much less shut down the browser, allowing her to see just what kind of perverted shit I had viewed. Chloe glared at the screen before turning her gaze down towards my pulsing member, which I was still holding in my hand.

"W-What are you doing home!" I hissed. "—aren't you supposed to be at training!"

"It was postponed. But I'm kinda glad now." she laughed. "So this is what you do when nobodies home."

I was absolutely mortified, and knew I'd never live it down.

"Jesus. Get out of here!"

"Ha. No way. This is hilarious. I caught you red handed."

"Chloe. Please."

"Ugh. Stop whining Ethan." my sister groaned. "Just be glad it wasn't mom who caught you down here."

There was a long pause before I looked up and realized Chloe was still glaring directly at my cock.


"Wow. I mean. Wow." she grinned appreciatively. "I'm actually impressed."

"Will you get out of here!" I snapped defensively.

"What are you getting all worked up about anyway. We all do it."

At this point I didn't know whether to be relieved or shocked, but then Chloe surprised me with her next comment.

"What are you watching. Can I watch too."

"Are you insane!"

"Why not." she argued. "No one's home right now. We've got the whole house to ourselves."

"Yeah-well. That's what I thought a minute ago!"

My sister chuckled at my humiliation.

There was another long pause.

"I promise I won't tell."

"You really want to watch porn together?"

"Sure. Besides. I'm the one who bought this computer remember."

"I know but—"

"—and I do the same thing when I'm down here too."

"You do?"

Chloe giggled at my naivety as she grabbed the mouse on the desk.

"What were you watching anyway. I wonder if we visit the same kind of sites."

Before I could respond, my smug sister pulled up a chair beside me and proceeded to go through the History tab. I don't know what was more embarrassing, having her see my cock for the first time or viewing my surfing habits.

"Wow. You're pretty kinky Ethan."

"Ha. Says the girl who just offered to watch porn with her brother."

It was only now that I stopped to appreciate her sleep attire or lack thereof, as she appeared to be clad in nothing but a tiny t-shirt and panties. Her sheer nakedness and close proximity to me made me feel a little uneasy, although it clearly didn't seem to bother her.

Instead, Chloe went on to boast about the porn sites she liked to frequent and the kind of smut she was into.

"Oh! Have you been to this one yet—"

I was a little taken aback when she showed me a link to a site that was dedicated solely to gangbang videos.

"It's kind of hot the way they turn these girls out."

"Err. You go here?" was all I could think to say, while trying not to sneak glances at her legs. "Looks like a pay site."

"It is. But they give free preview clips ever other day." she claimed. "Trust me I know. I check daily."

"How do you know about this stuff." I asked without thinking, to which my sister flashed me a mocking look.

"I'm not a kid Ethan. I'm a Millennial. Porn is just a part of everyday life."

"I guess." I shrugged, as she pressed play and we watched one of the extremely graphic scenes.

After the clip finished, Chloe proceeded to take control of the mouse and quickly went in search of more porn.

After finding a clip with a good looking couple she turned to me, looked down at my crotch and with a sad face noted that I was still flaccid and needed some inspiration.

"okay. What about this next one."

I laughed at her enthusiasm.

"Trust me. It's not the porn." I pointed out. "I don't think I can get hard with you sitting here beside me."

"Bullshit." she quipped, almost taking offense before reaching over to take the bottle of baby oil and drizzling out some of its contents all over my cock and abdomen.

"Chloe!" I gasped. "What the fuck. That's not going to help."

"Just try it." she insisted. "For me."

While I was still in shock over what was happening, my hand unconsciously went to my dick and started stroking it, bringing it back to its previous state. Chloe then took the baby oil and squirted some on her hand before slipping her fingers into her panties and rubbing the substance along her lower lips.

"—and here I thought I was the only one who knew about the baby lotion down here."

For reasons I can't explain, the notion that Chloe and I used the same bottle of oil to get off turned me on immensely.

When the clip on the screen ended, my sister searched for another one she wanted. I was surprised when she started looking through the various categories and zeroed in on a wincest clip that featured a drunk niece and her uncle.

"Err. What are you doing."

"Dare me to click it."

"Chloe. This is already weird enough."

"I bet you can't handle watching that without getting hard."

Never one to back down from a bet, I called her bluff.

"okay go ahead then. Put it on."

"I knew you'd say that."

Unfortunately for us, the scene appeared to have a very long build up. I was about to complain and tell her to change it when I noticed her slide her panties to the floor and flick them at me.

"What the—"

"—there. Much better." she remarked. "I need to get more comfortable."

I don't know what shocked me more, seeing her tight-teen, hairless pussy, or the strong musky scent it gave off. Judging from the bashful expression on her face I'm almost certain she too had noticed the overwhelming scent.

As though reading my mind, Chloe seemed to sense that I was about to say something crude, so instead she quickly interrupted my train of thought by taking her panties and rubbing them in my face.

"Here you go." she giggled. "Something to help you along."

"Chloe!" I huffed. "You really think I need those to get off."

"I dare you to use them."

"Wait. You want me to use your panties while we both watch wincest porn."

"Are you chicken."

I didn't need to be asked twice.

"Fuck it. Give them to me." I answered before bringing them up to my face to inhale her musky scent.

"Grr. That's so hot." Chloe commented as she watched me sniff her panties.

"Wow. They're pretty fresh."

"I was wearing them all night." she smirked.

We then returned our attention to the screen to watch the unfolding scene.

At this point my cock was aching as my attention was drawn between the uncle-niece sex on the screen and Chloe's pussy beside me, as she spread her knees slightly apart and casually rubbed her tiny clit.

"You're missing all the action." she said referring to the video, after noticing me stare at her pussy.

We watched the clip in relative silence for the next few minutes before I finally found the courage to speak again.

"Why don't you take off that shirt."

"What for." she shrugged while flashing a sly grin. "You just wanna see my boobs."

"Well it's only fair since you've already seen my cock."

Without missing a beat my sister sat up and peeled the cotton shirt right over her head, leaving her to sit completely naked beside me.

In an instant I grabbed the baby oil and poured its contents all over her body, causing her to yelp with surprise as I squeezed the bottle and struck her in the neck and breasts. The slimy substance quickly oozed across her belly, and down between her naked legs.

"Ethan!" she barked as most of her body was essentially basked in oil. "Stop. You're making a mess."

"—look who's being uptight now."

This seemed to shut her up and stopped her from whining.

"Ugh. You're such a dick."

"I dunno sis. Looks pretty good to me." I snickered as her entire body now glistened in oil.

"Ugh. You're such a perv."


Despite her current state, Chloe and I returned our attention to the screen where we both seemed to forget our surroundings and proceeded to casually masturbate to the scene.

It was at this point that she soon felt confident enough to raise one of her legs and place it over my knee, as she sat back and continued to twiddle herself to the video.

"Comfy, your highness." I asked sarcastically.

"uh-huh. Very."

Looking over at her I could see she was more than enjoying herself, which was evidenced by her pebble-like nipples. I almost found myself captivated by her body as she slowly worked her fingers over her pussy.

Chloe then settled on a clip of a young brunette who looked very similar to one of her friends.

"Wait. Doesn't she look like—"

"Liana!" she finished my sentence, before leaving us to watch the clip.

"Wow. She's hot."

"Pft. You wish she'd fuck you."

"I wonder if Liana has ever done anything this naughty before."

"Oh. Absolutely." Chloe claimed. "She's a little slut behind closed doors. She only acts all sweet in front of the cameras. But when we were on set she was literally blowing half the crew."


Just hearing this account was enough to make my cock twitch, and without realizing it I began to beat of more intently. Chloe seemed to notice this almost immediately and giggled.

"That really turns you on doesn't it. Knowing she's a little slut."


"Close your eyes."

"What. Why?"

"Just do it. Close your eyes."


Despite my better judgment I shut my eyes and wondered what Chloe was up to. A moment later I gasped when I felt her hand come down on my cock and proceed to squeeze and stroke me.

"Chloe. What are you—"

"Just keep your eyes closed." she insisted as she now stroked my cock slowly. "Imagine if this was Liana."

"You're insane!" I hissed, before pushing her hand away.

Truth be told I regretted my actions the moment I dismissed her.

"Err. Okay! You don't have to be a dick about it!" Chloe pouted. "I was just trying to help you out."

Feeling bad I apologized, before we both looked back at the screen and looked up some more smut. We soon found it in the form of a very hot, interractial blow-bang scene staring Adriana Chechik.

There was another long silence before Chloe spoke again, and this time asked for permission to play with my cock.

"Can I touch it."

"Err. I don't think that's a good idea."

"Just for a minute. Please!" she almost begged. "Just close your eyes and pretend I'm someone else."

"Chloe. This is fucked up."

"I know." she shrugged. "But I just want to know what it feels like in my hand. It's so big and thick."

I had to admit that hearing such praise gave me a bit of an ego boost.

Not wanting to disappoint, I gave her permission and moved my hand from my hard shaft. Chloe then wrapped her delicate fingers around my pole and slowly began stroking it up and down.

"Fuck." I let out as my eyes rolled into the back of my head. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this."

Her other hand moved to my balls and began playing with them.

"This is so cool. I've wanted to do this for the longest time."

"You have?"

As my sister leaned over my chair her small breast pressed against my arm. I couldn't help but take this opportunity to cup and squeeze her young boobs. As I held her tits, my fingers began to toy with her hard nipples. I squeezed and twisted them, and heard a little gasp escape her mouth.

"Stop. Don't do that."

"Why not." I snickered.

"They're really sensitive." she claimed. "I can't handle it when guys play with them."

Noting this only encouraged me.

"How sensitive."

"Sometimes I can make myself cum just by playing with my breasts."


With that said, I played with her nipples for a few more minutes before I finally let my hand slide across her belly and towards her honey pot. I actually waited to hear her protest to my bold actions but it never came. Instead I felt her hand grip me tighter and move more rapidly.

I took this as permission and let my fingers explore down between her legs where I dipped a single digit between her slimy cunt-lips. Chloe gasped to the action and only renewed her efforts on my cock.

"God damn you do that well." I complimented her. "You've obviously done this before."

"You think you can cum like this." she asked in a seductive tone, her face just inches away from mine.

"Keep that up and I will." I answered.

My sister was only too happy to oblige.

"I could do this all day." she teased.

"I could let you." I replied.

It was at this point the my cheeky sister stopped to spit in the palm of her hand before returning it to my shaft.

"Spread your legs more." I suggested before playing with her wet mound some more.

Chloe and I now mutually masturbated each other as we periodically looked at the scene playing out on the screen.

"Are you getting close." she grinned.

"Just a little longer. I promise." I told her. "Actually. You know what would be great. More lube."

While my sister immediately looked around for the bottle of baby oil I snickered and told her not to bother, as I had a better idea.

"Wait a minute." she looked at me cynically. "I'm not stupid Ethan. And I'm not sucking your dick."

"I didn't say that!" I retorted. "But. Maybe if you spit on it."

"But you've already got oil on it."

"Trust me. If you spit on it now it'll really help."

Despite her hesitation Chloe spat on her hand and then returned to beating me off.

"Not like that!" I hissed. "Lean closer and spit directly from your mouth."

"I'm not sucking you're dick Ethan!"

"I know! Jesus. Just trust me okay." I insisted. "Just lean down and drool all over it."

Chloe did as she was told and I watched as she slowly drooled a long spit of saliva all over my cock. The friction between her spit and the oil seemed to do wonders, and now allowed her hand to pump quickly.

"Told you."

"Are you going to come." she urged.

But despite the added effort, I still found it hard to relax enough to come.

"Wait. Stop. I have an idea."

The expression on her face was priceless as I got up from the seat and directed her to stand in front of me and bend over the desk, imitating the scene playing out on the screen.

"Wait. We can't have sex!" she objected. "You can't put it inside me Ethan."

"I'm not. Relax." I explained, before pushing her forward and rubbing my cock against her ass. "Just bend over and let me rub it against you."

"Mm. I like the sound of that." she remarked over her shoulder. "Just tease me. Rub it against me."

"That's the plan."

Chloe happily conceded the point and leaned over the desk while grinding her hips back against me. We both moaned as the head of my bell-end suddenly brushed directly against her hairless mound.

"Ugh. That feels good." she purred. "I wish I had a boyfriend right now."

"—that oil is making your pussy feel so wet."

Chloe agreed as she reached under to cup my balls and glanced over her shoulder to tease me.

"Fuck me Ethan...I mean. Pretend to fuck me. Please."

We moved our hips in unison as I gently rubbed my shlong against her pussy.

"Slow down sis." I directed.

"Mm. Yeah. I like it nice and slow." she agreed. "It's so hot. So sexy and sensual."

I grabbed her hips and slowly pumped against her sex, making sure not to enter her while using the length of my rod to caress her velvet-like lips. My sister finally arched her back, allowing her ass to open up and give me an uninterrupted view of her asshole.

That tiny puckered orifice was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen. I actually had to use all of my strength not to reach up and stick my finger inside it. Instead I carefully grasped my hard cock and smacked the head against her butt.

"Ugh. Fuck." she purred erotically. "Don't tease me like that."

"Do you like that sis."

"Ugh. I love it." she panted. "I love how hard your cock feels right now."

"God you've got such a great little ass."

"I know. Maybe you should kiss it."

I chuckled as I continued to slap my cock against her firm backside before pointing the head directly at her wet opening.

"Ethan—" she trembled. "Don't."

"I'm not. I'm just teasing you."

"—I can feel how hard you are right now."

"You don't know how tempted I am."

I pulled back just a fraction, and then pushed in slightly, nestling the tip between her super-soft petals.

"You have no idea how divine your pussy feels right now." I told her. "I could FUCK you so easily right now."

"Yeah you could...but you won't." Chloe commented while standing up and leaning back against me.

With her back arched sharply, my hands instinctively wrapped around her lithe body where I cupped her breasts and pulled her hard against me. My sister moaned into my shoulder as we quickly discovered that in this current position it caused her ass to rub directly against the head of my cock.

"Oh-God." I groaned at the mere possibilities.

"Hehe. Don't even think about it mister." she chastised. "—the only guy that gets this ass will be my husband."

"Sure. Whatever." I quipped, while still teasing her backdoor with my cock. "Whenever that'll be."

I gently pushed a little harder so that my rod now burrowed firmly against her tiny starfish. She initially giggled to the lewd act before her laughter was soon replaced with several soft moans.

"Ugh. You're so cruel." she whispered. "You really like teasing me huh."

"Who's teasing who right now."

"Yeah. You'd really do it too. You'd love to take my ass huh."

"I could. You know." I growled while fondling her breasts with both hands. "Right here. Right now. And there's nothing you could do about it."

I could tell from the way her body trembled that the idea of being "taken" really turned her on. It was just another part of her "submissive" nature.

"But if you did that. I'd scream."

"Yes. You would." I hissed in her ear. "But I'd still have my cock buried in your ass sis. Deep in your ass."

"Ugh-Fuck." she concurred. "That big hard cock would be in my ass."

As Chloe spoke we both moaned at the sensation of her asshole tightening and unclenching against my cock. For a moment I actually thought it was going to happen, as her body seemed to be doing everything in spite of her words.

It was almost as though her body was willingly me into action. Daring me to do it.

When I reached down to grasp my cock, Chloe bent over the desk again and this time raised a knee, granting me full access to her sex. I immediately stepped forward and rubbed the head along the entire length of her slimy taco.

"Fark. You're so wet."

"Oh-Ethan. I want you inside me so fucking bad." she huffed. "I wish we could fuck!"

Feeling bold I suddenly stopped to steady myself and carefully nestled just the head of my meat stick between her the lips of her young pussy.

"Is that what you want sis." I growled while holding perfectly still. "—a nice hard dick!"

"uh-huh. You know I do." she answered back. "I need it bad Ethan. I need a good fuck!"

"Yes you do. Yes you do sis. You want this hard cock inside you baby."

"Please. Anything." she pleaded. "I'll do anything you want. You can call me slut. Pull my hair. Slap my ass. Anything. Just stick that big cock inside me already. Please!"

With her permission I then slowly pushed forward to bury a few more inches inside her pussy. Chloe sighed as I went deeper. When I was buried halfway, she then yelped and mumbled something about it being too big for her.

"Ethan. Please."

But at this point I was so riled up that her groans of despair only spurred me on and I persisted. As my cock finally sank all the way inside, Chloe's head sprang back and she flashed me the most intense glare.

"ohmigod. Ethan!"

With my hands placed firmly on her ass, I began to pull out only to piston back in, and now moved in and out of her sopping minge, probing her pussy again and again. My sister moaned in time with my thrusts and muttered something about how good it felt.

She then moved her hand down to her pussy and started to rub her clit, as I wrapped my arms around her and speared her over the table. We soon picked up the pace and began to hump like two animals in heat.

I pushed her face down into the desk and now slammed myself into her ass from behind.

"UGH! Fuck me Ethan!" she grunted loudly. "Gimme that cock! Fuck me."

I'm not even sure what made me do it, but before I realized what I was doing I suddenly and unceremoniously jammed a single finger into her puckered asshole, taking her breath away.

This suddenly action seemed to have the desired effect, as she immediately wailed at the top of her lungs and bucked back at me like a wild bronco.

Despite her antics I kept my cock and finger logged firmly inside both holes and continued to pound into her sweet cunt while my finger wriggled around in her shit-pipe.

Amusingly enough it only took another minute before her entire body convulsed and she squealed her orgasm. When she finally climaxed, her pussy tightened so hard around my cock it was almost painful.

"Fuck. Sis—" I grunted. "You're squeezing so tight you're gonna make me pop in your pussy!"

"Nnnghh-Ethan-Finger!" she cried. "Get you're finger out of my ass-you're making me cum!"

The pressure on my cock pushed me to the point of no return. I felt my balls force the spunk into my shaft before I finally exploded, shooting stream after stream of hot creamy jism into my 18-year-old sister.

With my cock well spent, I carefully withdrew with a wet pop only to watch my load dribble out of raw cunt.

I stood there wiping my brow, trying to comprehend what had just happened. I'm not sure either one of use were still in the right frame of mind. It was all just a haze.

I figured it was better if I didn't stick around and over analyze what happened, so I grabbed my clothes and made a run for the shower upstairs, leaving my sister to lay there limp and exhausted on the desk, naked as the day she was born and essentially cream-pied by her very own brother.

"Jesus. Did that just happen—" I hissed as I entered the bathroom and prepared to shower. "Did we actually just fuck. Did I just cum in her pussy!"

As I entered the shower and proceeded to lather myself up, I shut my eyes briefly only to feel a rush of cool air hit my face, which indicated that someone had opened the door and had joined me.

"Chloe. Wait—" I stammered while wiping the soap from my eyes.

"Why did you run off." she asked while cornering me in the shower.

"I-I wasn't sure what else to do." I shrugged. "Today's just been a really bizarre day for us."

My sister grinned evilly as she reached down and grasped my fat cock in her hand, stroking it back to life. The look in her eyes was spine-chilling. She wanted more cock and nothing was going to stop her.

"You think you can just fuck me and leave me like that."

"I didn't mean to—"

"I think we've got some unfinished business don't you."

As my sister spoke, I watched spellbound as she dropped to her knees and took my into her hot wet mouth.


"—this time I want you to cum in my mouth." she insisted.

"Err. Whatever you say."


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What a pleasantly dirty surprise. What a naughty girl she is... Well done as always mate!

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Well done! Great as usual
Part 2?

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Oh my, and that ending...